Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 13, 1972 · Page 37
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 37

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1972
Page 37
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Rial Eitale 48 Real EslaH Mobil* Hornet 4S-A H I L L S I D E -- J tearoom brick Full luirmtnl. M.ln flour u l l l l t l ^ N e . v l v mn b " ·"""-"' S( ; 01 7 , S , clK ? 1 ""· * btdroom II- le«l. 2 lathi n| r condllioneJ, double .B"W. S52-(?25. No tcenls pleajf. EXCELLENT Iraprored home la p v ·ru. Lame fenced jnrtl, ihmle i;n t ..., pita lirgo 20,40 fl. wotkifcS,, un rremUej. All modern heatlnir inrlnk] Intt ai-tlem, etc. 356-0310. VA A P l ' K A I S K I ) , IZu.CDO. Thli lovely J bedroom trl-lcicl with h o l ' w n t e r not. fnnt«tle covered inilk, cm to tmin on VA or t'HA terms .nil no .waltliiK'or woniletlnu about npiintli- ·I. Liill now. Nona I'.nrlll, 3S2-SOC8 : Opdylie Agency. :S2-5747. S ACRB lr.ct ,vtth , eooj m o u n t a i n view, 4 bedroom home, fireplace 2 " r .*""««· Windsor School li !lt '[ c t. ' H I G H L A N D HIM, _ s^chTM ranch tyle home IcMurinn 3 bedroom, up, 3 bedrooms d o w n ; 3 baths; lore I y familr room; 2 car Bornte; ten- · tral a i r . eondllloninz; phn m a n y ··: more featurea. Call toilny, 35C-1331. : BROADVIEW Acres is 1 vhere you w i l l find Ihu nica 2 tinlrcxirr, brick home with eleclr.c kilchen, full ln, B ciW imele. attached Earaac anil fenced . yard. Call Barbara Mock, 35C-32B?' Opdyke Agency, 352-57J7. ' H311 SALE by owner In La Salle. 5 grooms. 2 Oaths, family room, li- Wary, sewInK room. Also laree 2 bedroom basement njil. Easily convertible to 3 scpnrnto IMnjt units If wanted for Income property. Shown by apiilnlmcnl. Call Z54-6345. FOIl SALK--G acre tract. Idea] allow- place for rcKistored livestock or suitable for oilier business. 4 bedroom, 3 bath home, corrals nnd fully equipped outbuildings. All city utilities. Must nee to appreciate. Immediate possession. Call 3G3-6S4 to fcec- at anytime. Would consider rent- Ins;. Attention Veterans Duplexes--4-Plexe« No down, 01, Reply to FRONT RANGE BUILDERS 218 B. 6th Ave. Loveland 660-1177 Mobile Home! 48-A NEW 12 w1df3, jsm. 14 *-;!e5, . Muiser Sile. 1034 K. Hlivar 34. FOR SALE or renl -- 3 lieiln bile home. 7SS-2164. FOR RENT OR SELL New 3 bedroom, full basement, one car garage, Cully carpeted and range included. Call 352-2279. FOR RENT OR SELL by April 15th Nearly new 2 Ijedroorri, single car garage and fenced - y a r d , llrapes and range included, $186. Will take 2 children, no pets, Call 3C2-2270. Need references Mobile Homes 4B-A 1659 12xEO FLEETWOOD 2 htdro Irnlsed front kitchen, new ccriyet. conditioner. 3j3-6?Ba. lEI'OSSESSIONl IS ft. M-Wc, like new. rick up baek payments nnd ns- Bume loan »t 590.C-9 per month. Northern tfoblle Ilomu. 31(5 S. 61 h Ave., 553-6760. (South ot lOmidn Inn.) IIEDKOOM IZsCO VnnDyke. Carpet, furiiisbctt. -Heal nice. M u s t be joU this week Hi I3S55. We finance. Northern Mobile Homes {south of BB- mnc!a I n n ) . MOVING--MUST SELL bedroom, f u l l y carpoted, mobile home, disposal, range, re- "riKcralor, 20 tt. porch, with 24 ft. awning over porch, skirted ind set u p in park. Very beauti- "u!, must, see to appreciate. Call 353-7310 Evenings 353-7517 WOODBURNING FIREPLACE s t a n d a r d in the FABULOUS M a r k V. Double oven dishwasher standard in tho FANTASTIC MARK V. King size beds, shaft carpets, am/fm ra dio w/intercoin standard in the LUXURIOUS MARK V. Al liouse type construction. We have the largest selection o MARK V MOBILE H O M E S Mark V Mobile Homes, 400 X College Ave., Ft. Collins. Ph 482-0411. 2«=.«r'^6=c = F»!i = cpx c _^ GIANT SPRING CLOSEOUT 14x70 .FT. 3 BEDROOM $5995 SAVE THOUSANDS mt- ..-.".-. ... T ^ . v ^ At Drastic Reductions. '01-68 used dO 12 Wides, Also Several Repos. WOF, WOA, FOB. MOBILE WORLD OF GREELEY 3737 W. 10th St. 353-6618 Mobile Hornci 48-A OU SA1.K - 1871 2 htdroom ir.obtle llmnc. Call S53-517C. 069 CAMK1.OT 12xCO ft. 2 led room fnrriishtJ. Washer/Jrycr. Call nftcr i, 'Mobile Homes 48-A FLEETWOOD Ivnllcr, 1070 12»6S fl. n f t t r 6. M P I I O V E D lot nt «00 Gr«ml Tcloti RoiJ In HIM N l'*tk. for »!t. Oil Fort_Collini. ^S4-S!92. 070 11ILLCKKST roobito lioine. 12iCI ft. 2 bctlroum, furnished, l^nryo F HKC ihol. Pnrkid, tklrtc?a in mo 1'nrk w i t h svvinmiiiiK iool. 363-13CG. · W N K B S I w v I n K -- Must icll 1971 Schuil nmbile home. rnrkt-O. bil Stiuli muity. tnkc over 5110 m o n t h l j l-.iyn:ciitJ. 3SS-22Q7 a f t e r C. \ N E R I C A N llomednlc 2 bcJroom, pnrl- ly furnlshnl. Parlie.1 nnd sklr ' Spnc* Si. Country Estate. Asic for key al space 05. FFICE mobile home. Designed am set up for office. 12x65 fl. vvilh cool er. 3 offices In unit. Make offer .·"i 3-7310. DOUBLEWIDE . Under $10,000 'nrnlsbed, cariiet, washer, dry ir, double insulation, 4 incl vails arid deluxe decor. Bull or this c l i m a l o by F L A M I N G O n G r a n d Island, Nebraska. Northern Mobile Homes 3155 S. 8th Ave. (S. of Ramada Inn) 353-67GO 1967 CONCORD TRAVEL COACH 8x32 with J bar hitch. Air conditioning, real shiirp. Also 10 and 12 wide used coaches. COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE HOMES 124 22nd St. (across from Central factory) 14 WIDE SALE Bedroom FLAMINGO Carpeted, Double Insula ;ion, Beautiful Decor, 4 iValls. Normally Priced a §7,995. Now ONLY $6,875 Northern Jlobile Homes ·3155 S. Sth Avenue 353-G7GO DISCOUNT MOBILE HOMES H i g h w a y 85 So. of Oroolcy features the BELLA ViSTA with 4 in. walls and 1 year warranty. VA APPROVED OR SALE -- 1011 1X»» 2 bedroom, f r o n t VltehL-n mobile hume, fiirn1ihel, ikirted. .RiniediHtf occupancy. 553- 2S02 or 353-C3?-S «ft?r 6 p.m. 060 N A S H U A tuiler, 10x50 ft. 2 bedroom, f u l l y furnished. J27CO. I n quire |L Mobile Manor, 1107 30lr St. Iload. A-31. Grcetex. ARM Inboi I 3 bedroom 12xC5 ft., 1^ baths, ncu 1 punt, earpet. $1495. Sve f i n a n c e ! Northern Mobile Homes, 3155 Saulh bill Av«., aoulh of Ha- CLOSEOUT irand new Valiant 12 wide for nljr $4850 Northern Mobile Homes 3155 S. 8th Ave. (S. of Rarrmda Inn) 363-6760 DO IT NOW! TRADE UP AT /^ /^s^-rt-s ft /* A MOBILE HOME SALES (15 yrs. uf cxi. pays) 353-2S02 So. l l l w n y S5 Mobile Homei 4S-A 970 S K Y I . I N B . IZxto 11. assume loan. No clown. ' U K N l S H K b 1Z««(I ft., parked and tklrlctl. 1'rivBlr owner. MSOD. Call 3ii-08l2 a f t e r l p.m. 072 LIBBJffY 12*52. \Va. J6737. Now JJ2T9. O n l r J32.60 per month. Uel u x t »pace available-. Call 3S3-3SII. 'OK SALE -- 10x55 fl. mobile home. flood ronditkin. Sec at 1107 30th St. IM. l)-g. 352-13S5. vblilLK home, 1370, 14xJ3 ft. Great Northern. Tartly furnished, stove, refrigerator, washer nnd dryer. 353- 7ISS. 371 C A M F L O T do-.ible ivlje, I be.!- roonu. Skirted. Friendly V i l l a g e of Crcclcy. 200 North 35th Ave. No. 2, 35G-30S7. FOI{ SAl.K or r e n t : 2 mobile homes, one nt Itoynl 1! Court, and one in !'l«lteville Cotirt. Phnnr J.53-4364 nf- Icr 6 for more information. FOP. SAI.K~~^- 1961 2 Mrra. mobile home, excellent condition. Available J u n e lit. Call 303-1)057 after ( p.m. OxSO FT. 1964 Victor. New water heater, furniture, drnpe* nnd car- ret, ill 1V4 yfar» o!:i. Eklrlcd. 3SS- 17S1. NEED A HOME? SHOUT ON CASH? We have 20 linnies to choose rom. 2 ft 3 hodrooms avnil- able. Priced as low as $4095. If yon have $100, a steady joh and -i l i t t l o credit, you may n n a l l t y . M A R K V MOI1ILB HOMES 400 N. College Ave., Ft. Collina Ph. -1S2-0-I40 F a r m E q u i p m c n r 50 UNITS John Tin-re 24H flex eorn iitanler on with fertilizer n U n c h m e n t . Call 352.0730. Mobile Komei V- * HX MOBILE HOME ROOM ADDITIONS Patio covers, trailer skirting, instant portable storage buildings, all sizes, free delivery, financing available. Charge it to your Master Charge. ECONO PORTABLE BUILDINGS S. Hwy. 85, Wiittorset Exit, or call 350-0907 for free estimates. 48-A Shopping for a Mobile Home? Before you b u y , Eton at Comitrysldo Moliilo Homo factory out let. A large (selection to cliooso i r o m at n e w low iirlcea. C e n t u r y Magnolia and Central Homes. Our finance plan Is tailored t meet your income. COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE HOMES 124 22nd St. on the By-Pass tQ 0 0 B CONTINENTAL MOBILE HOMES at HOLIDAY VILLAGE ANNOUNCES THIS IS IT! Final Closeout of ALL Models on Display in Park CHECK THESE VALUES: Name ATLANTIC ATLANTIC ATLANTIC LIBERTY LIBERTY CONCORD -CONCORD CONCORD LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY · LIBERTY LIBERTY ALLEN Ser. No. 22-1751 22-1708 22-1722 KD01840 KD01865 34-1526 34-1636 34-1654 KO1772 K01894 K01857 K01811 K01849 K01801 K01853 K01847 JK582 Size 24x50 24x50 24x50 24x60 24x44 12x65 12x65 12x60 14x65 12x65 14x65 12x65 12x65 12x60 12x65 14x70 12x60 Data 2BRFK 3BRFK 2BRFK 2BFD 3BDFD SBRFRlVzB 3BRFR1%B 2BRFLR 3BRFBRA 3BRFKDPRA 3BRFKRA 2BRFKUTRA 3BFKDRA 2BCKRA 3BFBRA 3BFBRA OFFICE Was $11,040 $11,550 $11,611 $14,350 $10,570 $ 8,403 $ 8,265 $ 7,590 $ 8,650 $ 8,870 $ 8,930 $ 8,325 $ 8,285 $ 7,475 $ 8,425 $10,275 $ 7,950 Now $ 8,540 $ 9,150 $ 9,111 $12,350 $ 8,870 $ 6,803 $ 6,655 $ 6,040 $ 7,050 $ 7,270 $ 7,330 $ 6,825 $ 6,785 $ 6,075 $ 6,925 $ 8,575 $ 6,450 SAVE! $2,500! $2,400! $2,500! $2,000! $1,700! $1,600! $1,600! $1,550! $1,600! $1,600! $1,600! $1,500! $1,500! $1,400! $1,500! $1,700! $1,500! GREELEY 5 STAR MOBILE HOME PARK JUST $45 ?- LIMITED OFFER SPACR R E N T A L C I U A K A N T B E n P I I H C I I A S K F O R O N B Y E A R SPECIAL 1972 LIBERTY 12x60 $3995 STOCK REDUCTION SALE N ^^^mKmm ^··Hva--i*,,.,y j --j:r^i^*--sfe-Kf ALL SIXKS "T-^-^Ew."", ALL MODELS "'iX.-.M-f NOW $3995 (I!:iK:) LOW FINANCING _]-/^'······*'], OF GREELEY "'· . ' . : · . ' 200 N. 35th Ave. Greelcy - · ' · · · - · 358-3781 HUNTER MOBILE HOME SALES CO. hurs., April 13,1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE S7 Blcvcloi-Motor Bikct 50-A ANTED -- 6 row l V V I I A]]U C 20 Ji. l cultivator for t.. S34-Z12S: EH- K SALK -- AC Irntlor model C. 6 !t. mower nnd pliuvs, miow b]ad«. Kims KoiKl. rSOO. 3J3 25lh Avf. . It SALE -- '63 David Urown 1200 tractor, tmbo. 12 M'eeil; 3 IK.MOIII low. 1'lmne 2M-752S n f l e r S. )II SA1.K -- Ford S-N tractor: IH 4b5 com phnUT, finmly nml fertil- i r r r liiielteta ; :t TKJinl cultivator: \vecd burner on t r a i l e r ; 111 11-5 Klex planl- er. 6S7-2123. Bicyclsi-Motor Bikci 50-A 1071 Y A M A H A 175 Enduro. Like ner,'. 680 miles. 353-1853 after 6. '60 S U Z U K I 12S. 353-35gO. 136'J J1ONUA SiO CL. Good condition. 352-2531 a f t e r 4 lOO p.m. FOR SALE -- Huhelaw J rail rr.otnr- _ eyclejrailer. Cnll 353-6W3. ·58 1)50 BSA -Mark 4. J700. 4S4-3SJ7 after 5. FOR SALE veep iilows, High Cloarnnce lex Chisels. Flex Miller neml- tlsole, OfC-sct Disc, G" ft S" tiKcis nnd .Molors. Will T r a d e . C;ill -137-2555 Schmccckle Cons't Supply Inc. ot. I l w y 14 52, Now Raynior, ColorniJo ·71 H O N D A SL-100. Good condition. ;300 or best offer. 352-4279 a f t e r 5. 1571 Y A M A H A KTIMX 360 cc. New. Cull S53-ISSS. , Used Cars and Trucks 51 flOOn e!e«n 1067 Chcv. Jlel Air. I,mt ilfnKe. S73S. Ph. 62S-20H. 50 I r OPn \vai:on. lluns well. $76. 3211 Bicycles-Motor Bikoi 50-A 71 Y A M A H A 200 twin. 5503 mile!. JVr^e^t nlui]e. ESJ-MIS a f t e r b:JO. itCrsUztlrTl 2iO ce. 552-3120 or 353- AN'S Collrulale Scliwinn fi i p t . Kxrellcnt c i . n i l i l i o n . .New. $Si, tell for Hi-si (CO. M2-C72S n f l e r S. 571 Y A M A H A SCO, for both dreet atid trnlt. Like nexv. COS miles. Ft. Collins, 403-3025 lifter 6. OU SAI.H -- lloy's 21 in. hirjh svecil S t i n u i i i y bike. Gaoil eondilionj !25 85:1-2*28. 0 HONDA, 1071, lirnvs-n w i t h only 3.COO ]»itca. Absolutely perfect. 352-7355. I I 7 . U K I motor bike like new, |,li» 2 helmets. Conlnrt Snm nl 11 and II l.liliiur. M2-0027. fTY'S Erlnvlim SlinnTM)- fnBlback, rill (!en 1 summer, l . i k o new. (50. 3r3- 3021. A M A 1 I A . U.S.A.. and (Juilmian. An llmrlml .lenler. Franklin Cycle Snlei 2S'2ri ii. l « t Avr. 352-G91U. Un 1 niini.cycle--3imw moMlp.i, rislc*/ Service. Kcotiomy llody Sliuti, I t t w n y 65. Service IW.. Kvnn,. 352-602S. KI'T for ierrlcc. iv.nt to sell I f C S COO T r i m n i i l i Tiser. Kxlcmlcil f n i k s . .See nl 2 U 5 24lli St. Idl.. 352-1CSC. ·fill SAI.K -- 1017 Chcv. 4 Joor hard- toji. Cnll 352-2703. 19G8 MALIBU '1-DOOK SEDAN Kntlin, h e n l c r , power s t e e r i n g 1964 PAIRLANE 4-DOOR SEDAN Ilitdlo, hcrtlcr 1966 WESTCOASTER 3-WHEEL JIA1L SCOOTER Heater, dofroBter nnd morel WINOGRAD'S 431 Ctlt St. Used Cars and Trucks 51 1969 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON r conditioned, 327 engine, 2 barrel, standard I r a n n . , low mile- m;e, a way tail gale, 4 new tires (886x1-1) Ian color with tail i n t e r i o r . Astro ventilation, lloadretits ])lus m a n y other ox- Iras. W i l l f i n a n c e . ?13fiO. Emery A v i a t i o n Inc.. 3B2-S-12I S-E p.m. Auto Discount Center For This Area IT'S NO SECRET WE SELL SO MANY '[HAT'S THE REASON WE SELL SO CHEAP Low-Low Overhead Over 175 New Used Cars Pickupa To Choose From · Wheeler The Dealer Hi-Way 85 at IGtli St. Phone 352-7000 Harold Croissant Hurry Wooldridge Bud Wooldridiic · Jack Wheeler, SalcF, Mgr. WE SELL GREMLINS ALSO CAKS, BENDER AUTO SALES 125 8th Avo. 3(52-4358 36 w WAGON DAYS W\K CloRC-Oul Sale On All "71 Fiats Thoso bi-and iicw cars arc priced "clown to tho bone" for some Real Honest "CLOSE-OUT SPECIALS!" NEW 124 STATION WAGON: ,'{ spend automatic Kfifliiil tiros 'I wlii'ol fliwc brakes Rnclininn bucket scats Only 2 left! AS $2800 NOW $2382 Form E q u i p m e n t FARMERS Farm Equipment WE HAVE SORRY-- NO VA LOANS AVAILABLE DEALERS ARE WELCOME 3102 17th Ave. (2 Blocks South of Hwy. 34 By-Pass) ^ ^MJUJLMAMAUAiJLAJLtJ^^ Model M-M. 302 Super Tractor, New. Model M-M. "Z" Tractor, jjoort condition. Rnsiloader pit Silo Loader. Gehl Feed Grinder, good condition. Model 2GO, 12 ft. Hesston Wind rower. Model 400, Versatile 32 ft. Wind rower, with Pickup Reel and Ford Engine. Manure Loaders and Spreaders, Used and New. 6 to JO Ton Wagons. 3 and 4, M-M. 16" Spinner Plows. 12 ft. to 30 ft. Field Cultivators. Western Land Rollers and Mulchers. Lindsay Harrows, Used Disks and New Evcrsman Disks. ARMCO CULVERT PIPE. WALKER FARM IMPLEMENTS Ph. Loveland 667-3605 Located al; Kelim Other Ocal Ruys On All New FIATS NOW AT McArthur Olds-Cadillac. Inc. r08 ] 970 Ambassador 4 l)v. . . V-t, F i i i l o m . ' i L E r , p o w e r H t c c r i i i K f i n i ' v i n y l r f j f i f . ]968 American 2 Door ... r, cyHii'lor, B l a n t f n n l l r n n » . , low mllc $2495 $1095 .iso. 1965 Dodge Convertible .... ........ $ 395 1963 Rambler St. Wgn ............... $ 395 Mint Kcc. BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, MATADOR, AMX GREMMN, IIOUNKT, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG. 125 Sth Ave. 352-4858

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