Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 4, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1951
Page 4
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- .-., »AOEFOVH LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Wediwtdty Evinlng.-AprlUl-'IISl b.:-:""' -News Founded.In ,1881; published dally, except JSuturd;iy--weekday aflcr- noonn nnu Sunday morning--by. Iho Sunshine Press, Inc., at 211 N, W*tor St., lias'Cruccs, N. M. Entered a t . Las Crucga poutofflcc aa Stanley Gallup, Advertising ManaKcr brviiir, T5," Priestley, Editor nnd Publisher : Nitlonal Advertising representative: inland Newspaper lleprcficnta- UVCB, Inc., ChlcciKO, New York. St. Louis, Kansaw City, Omtilui, Atlanta. Member of tho Awsociuted PrenH. The Associated Press is tn- tlUed exclusively to the use for rtpubllcatlon of n i l local news printed In thifl newspaper, as well aw all AP news din patched, . TELEPHONE 33 This newspaper Is a member of the A u d i t U u r e n u of Clrcul- ntlona. A.ilc for a copy of our latest A. B. C, Report giving audited facts nnd flgun-H about our circulation. A.B.C. -- Audi! Burtau of Circulations FACTS as a measure of Advorlining Value SUBSCRIPTION HATES; Dy currier Jn Las CruccH and .lUrhurban ureas, 18t; per wuck or 75c per momn; Ijy motor j o u t u dullvury In ·Dohfi Ana cminly, 58.5(1 per yenr or SOu per m o n t h . By mall in New Mexico 7Gc } C1 " monlli or $7.00 per ycnv, OuUlile of Slate B5c nionth or $8,00 per yeiir. M a l l NUbscrlptlons nro jjnyuble In advance. OFFICIAL ARRIVAL OE THE SPRING FEVER SEASON Music Festival More-lhaii ],ODO hiyli school itudcnts from Ihc SouLliwosl- crn 'part of Uie stale are expected to be here on Saturday for the a n n u a l Southwest district music festival. At this lime the finest of the school musicians will be here for Ihc various events to he held and [hen w i l l join in a concert lo be presented at K o'clock on Friday night, April (i, in Hadley Hal] at AM college. Tickets for the enlire two days' program are being sold for 50 cents each. Since half of the proceeds from the ticket sale will go to the music department oT the Las Cruces U n i o n high school and the other h a l f to defray t h e expenses, an active ticket campaign is now underway. . Hopes are entertained t h a t a record n u m b e r of tickets cnn and will be sold not only lo aid the cause b u t to insure a large audience for the concert on Friday n i g h t . Las Cruces citi/ens are i n v i t e d and urged to p l a n lo be present for tin's concert. The music f e s t i v a l is growing each year and indications arc t h a t It w i l l c o n t i n u e to grow w i t h the fine progress being made in musical lines in our high schools. There will be n total of 12 high school bands, four or- · chcstras and some 10 choruses p a r t i c i p a t i n g in the program at AM college. Jt is requiring some five judges lo conduct the a f f a i r this year. A year ago only two were required There will be as many as five events under way at one time this year. Cecil Garrison, director of the Las Cruces Union High School band, ppinls oul thnt splendid cu-operalion is being given by the music d e p a r t m e n t of AM college as well as the college for the event here. The event, of course, is not only fine for the high school students and the young musicians but U !s splendid for New Mexico AM college. As we h.ive'polnted out before, we do not know any finer wuy to emphasize aiid.rjubHcizc the opportunities which New Mexico AM college offers Ihe sludenls of Ihc slale lhan by these personal visits ol the .students lo tlic campus ot the college here. We feel-sure that Las Cruces citizens w i l l join in helping in every way possible lo make the music festival an outstanding success. Human Life Is Cheap Most of us are rather considerate and n"l near as hard hearted as some of the criminals or those g u i l t y of c o m m i t t i n g serious offenses against society. The result is t h a t loday as a n a t i o n the number of b r u t a l murders are on the incrcuso because we have failed lo hand oul punishment in keeping wilh the crime- Only recently we saw a splendid example of this; in Texas. Two brutal slayers were given sentences [ five years nnd f i f t e e n years for murders, which Ihey a d m i t t e d . One ol 1 these probably will serve from one to two years and he will be eligible for parole. The oilier w i l l probably serve only two to five years. We I h i n k t h a t is plucing h u m a n life r a t h e r chenp. We realize t h a t it is not easy to .sit on a j u r y and send people lo death for slayings. And yet 'I has reached Lhc' point where those who want lo murder can do so and be assured they will only have to serve a short lime in prison for the crime. We have created lh;il situation Vv mir failure to punish those who have taken a h u m a n life. We have become soft in handing down verdicts of death for utr slayers. And murder appears to he on 'he Increase. We can f u l l y appreciate Ihc fact t h a t it is not easy to take the l i f e of Ihose who have taken t h e l i f e of others. We become sympathetic and try to be understand. 1 !!); and so we give l i g h t scnlenccs for our slayers. And as a result the tlaycrs increase. Those who lake h u m a n lives, of course, have not given much consideration or sympathy to Ihose whose lives they lake. They hnvc not given much consideration lo Ihc members of the family of the i n d i v i d u a l they k i l l , They have not cared w h a t society t h i n k s (if them or society's efforts In curb their .desire to kill. Thai is, they do nol t h i n k about t h i s . u n t i l they ore being tried for the'r crime. Then they want consideration extended lo Ihem which they did nol extend lo others. They w a n t kindness shown when they refused to display kindness lo others. And today sl.iylngs are becoming more nnd more common. People are .slain for the flimsy excuse and no one seems lo care very much about it. Nol only are the murders and slayings on the increase but we as citizens seemingly arc becoming more callous aboul them and just tuku them as a mailer nf course. We know t h a i Ihese slayings are nol "being committed by Individuals of alt classes mul groups. They nvc being carried out by those w i l h l i l l l c education and those w i l h plenty of education. Family training, of course, as well as church training, lias and does teach us It Is wrong to kill. Dili t h a t has had l i t t l e effect up lo the present time. Apparently Ihc only answer to reduce Ihe number of killings is to hand out more death penalf'cs to those win: want lo take" the law in their own hands and who deal out death lo others. This position is going lo have- lo be taken by those who servo on our iurles. They are the ones who return the ver- dlcls and who hand out Ihc puimhmi'nl. Ellher we set the examples and mnkc examples of those who kill others or Ihe killings w i l l c o n t i n u e to Increase. PRIVATE OPINION Mr, OrvlLta K PriPKlluy Publisher SUM-NCWH, LIIH Cruets, N. M. Dcur Mr. Priestley: I wunL lo t h a n k yon, more formally than I luivc donu orally -and, through you, Llic nii:ml;ern of your TICWK .'ilnlT--for tho Hc-ncrous cooperation ynn jjavc in tho recent N a t u r a l l y , u newspaper expects -- nnd l.q expected - Lo cover vhe IICWH of imy emnimmlLy-wlde cmn- piiifin. For RH leudera hnvc ;i rlylil 'lo luiow H i n t mich n campaign If) In progi(J:;H and how It is proprcuHhig-. Dp to a ccituln point, It 1.4 ncwii- Natu rally also, (i newnpuper n I'XpiTtnil to ^o HOincwhiLl hcynml the news frontier In the morn important ciimpalKiiii and lend It mural HUIIUOLU :ii well. Sometime. 1 ! 1 think ton much la uxpeetuil of 11 publisher. For no m u t t e r what the promotion -- nml their are plenty of promotion*) -the publisher no! only Id cxpenled LQ open hlh columns to publicize IL but lo duniito n:i much money iiH any Ulu'-iiitoil buHincH.H -:ntcr- lu buy liclci't.s though Llic culei 1 - t u l i i m c n L offered in 9! nn interest to him whnlflver. : In tlllH ycnr'H lied Cross campaign, yuli nnd your J i l n f f nut only Knvt! llbmilly, riimnclally. but H|;h synii:R -- in liolh iimvs anil crM.HliiR columns -- t h a t , if paid for, tlli: flpnce alone wnukl be worlh at Iciiut two hundred ikiJ- H wuij an effective HRCHL'.V m Ihc ucenH of our c a m p a i g n - - UH .?ur as IL WUH juiticeHsful. A m i I 1 want you lo know that tlie o f f l c u i H and Ijuurd member*) of Hie Uoiia Aim county clmptcr deeply appreciative. .Sincerely. 1P51 Fuml Chfiii-imm Ni^t.Aj, MOOI;F, uiwii). VI3ST POINT, N. Y.. April I /Ti -- MiiJ, CIun, Uryunt K, Moon 1 , wlm illud In Korea, wns burlril »vRh m i l i t a r y honorn ye.iLorduy ill Iho II. K. Military AiMuliMny wliuvc ht WIIH f (i i 1 in i* i' 1 y supei-lnlunilent. Mourn. Mi. dlnl uf it hcurl atUck In F r h n m i y a f l e r u helicopter I'raiih. Mc i (;licin Crilicizcd For Voicing Bond Election Measure Funeral Services Are Planned For A. J. Robertson Funeral sei'Vlcea for A. J. "Jack" Robertson, veteran pence arriccv' who died in El Paso Tuesday, arc slated at 3 p. m., Thursday, in i Graham's Chapel. Kev. John H. Panqtt, pastor of Ihc Fir.nL HapList church, will officiate with aci-vjcea under the direction, of Lhc~ Masonic Lodge. Burial will be In Masonic cemetery. Mr. Robci'tHon, a justirc of Pence at the time of bis death, was horn in Arkansas In 1883. He had been a resident of Lhe iVew Mexico- West Texas urea for about 30 years. He served ;is Chief Deputy Sheriff, Chief of Police, TCXQH Rnnger, Port of Entry officer and as a detective on the El P/iso police force during -Ills lav/ cnlorcrmcnt work. Surviving are the widow Nnlnlia, a son Arliu, L\vo KialerK, Mrs. .3. W. Payne, DwllaK; Mrs. Ruby Jtl- lum, Houston, and a brother, Dan C. Robertson, Cushing, Okla. Graham's jiuiL-ral home i.s in clwrffc of nrrangemcnls. PallbcaT'er.-i will be Louis Chap- nian, Olin Ciindlci 1 , Wesley Pickai'd, Jeaale Isfjucks, E. J. Slo-n nnd Dan Williams. Those wlio violate tho laws of country and kill others ' their acts. Wo itro holding 11 fo loo cheai away wilh only having to sorv fi frllljw lilllll, »·"-"· . ' ' ^mtm and of their me penally T foi --net !, April 1 t/P)-- Calvin Horn, apcnker uf the SULc HOUHO of IlepmscnUitives, l:ist n l f f h t criticised Gov. Edwin Mo- cliem for vclolnp a. bill to n u L l i u r Ize a J^.500,000 bond election. The money would have been used for new buildings aL sonic fit ale h i u L i f u U o n s . Horn said $2,- IMIO.OOU h;iU bet-n ciirnmrkcd foi the, stiilc menial liosjiital at'La. 1 Horn suid tiic veto prevented the people from voting on whether Lu bond LlieniaclvcH lo i m p i o v c the husplLals u n d other state in Slalc Dcpat'lnicJiLal Ap])rojriaLions Are Cul By 5 Percent SANTA FE, April 1 f/Pi --An n cross-thc-fooiird 5 per cent cut was made ycslcrilay by tliu SLuto I Finance Board on 1051-52 appro- j prlatlons lor a IB In ilrpnrlmcnls. The lilnrjh won applictl nlso Lo oil-college Institutions which pet money from the gliite'.i general Cuiul. · " Only the Supi-cim- Court'H allocation of ?0'I.-I33 WJIH l e f L Intact. TJic lubor conunlKsion Look a 25 per rent t r l m m t n f j ivhlch. cut ,2fiO from its 5-15,000 appru- priaLlon. Drought Aid - . (Continued from, page one) $25,000,000 IHHL year,", he said. .Farmcra In Lliu area planned lo plnnL' more cotton thin year but luwc been informed they'll get only oncrlhird as much water. ' The weather bureau holds out EcnnL hope for help from nalurc- Thc Jong range summer irrlguLlon prediction is for "much below normal" runoff In the Hio Grande. The filale hud hoped to get fumlB for immediate construction of parts of Uic, Middle Rio Grande Flood Control and Reclamation Project authorize.d Ho\\'evev, Mr. Truman wrote the Governor that "funds and authority available to me under the President's emergency fund would b'c entirely inadequate to even Initiate the necessary lon^-range construction required for. a permanent solution." Mccncm had no immediate com- menL. Government- Wanls WASHINGTON, April '.4 l/Pl -- " The government wnnts to toikc the' woiil "liver" u u t of Carter'fi Little Liver Pills. ' Carter's Products, Inc., of New York, the manufacturer, objects und says the company will test, in courts an. order issued yesterday by Llip Federal Trade Commission. The commission also ordered the company lo stop wnut il" .called misleading 1 advertising- claims do the effect Uml Uie pills ave, Jin effective treatment, for a sluggish liver. "Carter's little liver pills were and are nothing more than an irri- tative laxative compound," the commission nakl. Issuance oC the order climaxed a commission case which has been dragging for years. New officers of tlic La.B Cniceal Elks. Lodge .were installed Tuea-I day evening:, by 'members or-,lllc| El Pus'o Elks lodge. Officers installed were: cxalUOJ ruler; Glenn F.' Panlener: ; leadind knight, James A., Balrd; loyal khight, Put V. "Campbell, Jr. 1 k n i g h t , ' K . I?. Davis; diqilirc,'Prl| mitivo Valenqucla;' Inner ' Wade Bines; 'Ij-ler. Carlos secretM-y, David; Bvorisoii:. tvustcl Pat F. Campbell, Sf.; treasure?, William B. Shelley:. chupjaln;..W. F. Denney. ' ' I . Frank Carnihan is ! the Past Exalted Ruler. ' . 1 .Local officers arc going .to El piso, April 12lh, to liiitc-ll'officers there. Used Cars U. S. had the greatest, n u m b e r or horses on her farms in J!)I5-- 21,4^0,000. . (Continued from page one) compromise: to require used cnr dealers to past a $10.000 bond with the slnte which will cover them on all vehicles they handle. BrossiSau said Atty. Gen. Joe L. Jlurtinc? will be ashed whether tliu 1037 law should be-, enforced as it stands, the compromise readied yesterday can be put in- lo effect or some other action 13 inrlii-iited. Western Diploma Is Await Russian Keply On MinislcrsMeel PARIS, April 1 !/l't -- Western l)jlomatn today awaited Russia's nply to their In test suggestions n » jiniRvnin for n meeting of l.llj; Four foreign minljjteiH. Soviet Deputy FurclRii- MinlHter Andrei ("iromyho yrstcrilny nl Uie WPS tern proposal because U. did not mcnllon the A t l n n t i c Pad, Trieijic and American h;^TM In Kuruin;. R was apparr.nL, Uow- cvcr, that Oromylio hail nut rernlv- cd wuril from Moscow tin the mat- Lcr. Hrllish d f l o ^ a t c Krncsf Davics Inlil ycHtevtlay'a iiivetin.ii nf -;hc dopulli's H wns tibvlnus the H u u - slan delegatidii w n n t o i l ninni ^ime, Tlio Savlcl.-i, he added, could huve II. D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D AC'KOKS SI. YniilliH mmrri'lii HCllHCH G. Kslcnlof cnnvii.i 10. Kjcct Ji. At 0110 time 1'J. River tCliln.) J-I.Trlponnm-' otvy t«rm (pi.) IS. Weird 21. OppfWltr or imwN J. Or the uneieiiL -I'. Kcmovoa, G u t l l H IIS ClUSt 2. Hewlilp Lonl "b. A slron/;, ;(. Hunch cotton cl«th IS.Klcrlrlllcil parllcln ]fi. Cloielo 17.Wnlorclf fTcut, my tb.) 19. Nurlh Dnkoln (ublir.) iO. Snlcinn niximlsv 22.Tooh dlnni-r 24.Clly (Okln.) ^C. Sceonil ITJUb llf |i 1 1- tu res 2£». Umly of waicr 31. Fiber of iiRiivc plmil .'^.VltMurMtiiK 1 ;i4. Spirit Iniup ;iB.TIir**liolili» :i7. Tho lioft\vn.i 40. Viciunla 4S. Electrical 4.1. Mnntti: comb, form ·IB. Title of rrs^tcl 40. Compnrallvo ini(!l\ ^CnpHnU Norwny ILCTOSfl 1. Uultcwnnn li. 7. Kerl-liilloil cuckoo 8. Sacred picluro 27. TroiiscvJi mitdeof j'olluw clnlh 2B.KIIlpr 30. Vcxos IIP. One or the bc;irs f.iatron.l 41. DrliitlcllUc jirocoas ·l-l. Auclcnt. ·IH, Hone (mint.) TfO, Wciilcr pronoun m N O T I C E I wish io announce to all my friends whom I have served in the past, that I am now connected with the Ace's Certified Motors at 438 S. Main. I will do body and fender repair and painting. Free estimates on private or insurance adjustments. MIKECROTHERS · ·) , ACE'S CERTIFIED MOTORS 'OB'S'.'Main Day Phone 1074 Nile Phone 0388-Ja I N S U R A N C E FIRE -- LIABILITY -- PROPERTY DAMAGE WINDSTORM -- HAIL -- AUTOMOBILE -- BUILDING CONTENTS -- PERSONAL PROPERTY- LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL -COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO, INC. J17 East Griggs Phone 968 Western M/ai| Welcome I got the story on and changed to New Conoco Super Motor Oil" /"MANY OF MY CUSTOMERS have actually pono on I. of their way to lli:inlt me forscrvic- inu I heir ciira with new Conoco SuiKl Motor Oil, ll^c;ulS[^ it luis reduced I heir repair bills liv a K° ( 'd m:irfiin p " anv.s T, R. Younj;, Younp I^lolor Company, Wnlscnburn, Colorado. "I know COWH-O Siliiti. i3 tUe Ancsi motor oil on Uio inarkitL." "50.000 MltES-NO WEAR!"- PROVED HERE'- After a punLshinr 50,000-mile^ood test, f , with proper crankcasc drains and regular * * * * care, engines lubricated with nuw Conoco ' t Super Motor Oil showed no lucarof anv coiiscoiicncu . . . in fact, nn average of less tliun one one-thousandth inch on cylinders nnd crankshafts. AND Rosolino milcnjre for tlic last 5,01)0 miles was actually 99.777S as Rood ns for Ihc first 5,000! This test proved that new Conoco SllIHir, with OiL-l J [.ATi.NG, cnn make your car last longer, use lew i;nsolinc and oil. Ask Me About- '50,OOOMiks No Wear.'" *TM ON CAU 24 HOURS A DAY nnd my car must bo rrmlv lo roll ovor Iho rouchcat roads [n nny weiitliiT," shUca U. P. Hrynnt, Oil Virlil Kncinour, Ahilcno, r l'r\na, "Th:it'n why 1 chunked to m-iv Conoco SllPTT Molor Oil, NOVIT linvft I had avicli (jai ' mul cost-rrco opcrntion. ©i95i C O N T I N E N T A L OIL COMPANY CONOCO SERVICE STATION NO. 1 CONOCO --:-- GOODYEAR Wash. Lubrication and Polish Jobs :-305 N. M«In Phon. 10S-W

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