Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1961 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1961
Page 9
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Many block Workers Assist United Fund Residential Drive Block workers (or lire United Fund Drive ba\e been announced by Mrs. Robert {Jummings chairman of the residential drive, in the campaign. The residential Henry, Ray Reufro. Arthur Hoi- brook, W. Allen Clark. Dowcll Thomas. Mmcs. Fredri'-k Ixis, Carl Estrcick. It a y m o n Eckhardl, Glenn Waterman, John Nieburgerj Everett Oroughton, Philip Hunter Jack Frccniiin, Richard Jensen drive started Tuesday. Workers listed by area are: Northwest Corner No. ) No. Houston Heights: Mmcs., North from Uth St. to C nd S WaUy Rchfeld, Willis Cline, Bill] Railroad (Between IMh St. dnrk. i and 14Hi Ave.) So. Houston Heights: Mines.! Mmes. John Lcdford, J. I. Sulli- Dean Davis, W. J. Porter, Marlin-van. Miss Jane Freidank, and Wright, Chuck Wiley. Ward Acres: Mmes. Carl Miller, E. R. Addison, Edwin Purdy. Meadowlark: Mmes. Raymond \Vebcr, R. F. Parker, Russell Claylon. Mountain View: Mmcs. Harry Kreps, Lyle Rose, Ed Kobobel, Mmes. Owen Taylor, R. H. Frazier, C. E. Cullcn, Kcnnelh Hibler Mmes. Joe Leal, Woodrou Knight. C. E, Pound, Bruce Forbes, 0. W. Loll. Periphery ot Buiin*ss Diiiricl Mmcs. Ralph Slapper, RaymoiK Jones, Wilber Harris. Fire Wipes Out Family of Coal Miner Gov. Clyde Ca!!s P o l l u t i o n Worst Water T h r e a t Friday, Oct. 20, 19B1 GRBEI.KY THIBUNE Pagej tliu plircaloiiliyle decs andjtaly, will shortly make her d» wwks-wlial Clyde termed "usc-^ul in bullfighting from hone- less water-stealing plants which hack, in (lie aggregate transpire. mil-| BOISE. Idiihn ( A P ) - GovJliins uiran millions ol acre-feel of g o m b ^ C r i m e George D. Clyde of Utah siml lo- w.ilcr into the air every year. 1 ' lint lie said, "rnrlinps lltr bits- water IIONAKER. nincr's family of five was day Hint "pollution must bo recognized ns Hie greatest single ttiroal'.gcst waster of goxl wo nvc facing lo an adequate wn-|causerl by pollution. . ." Vn. ( A P ) -- A coal tcr supply." : · · He sold, "We must have effcc-j p ema | 0 B u l l f i g h t e r n . . 4 i n l n n l l l l l l l M I ** OTTAWA (AP)--Prime Mini* is ter John G. Diefenbaker sail I Wednesday the Soviet Union's ex m of a 50-megaton nuclca' ,ut Thursday when a my s lcrious] t i v c contro i O f potential pollution.! = " -- |»,rm "wmild be a crime agains ire swept their home while lie which mentis integrated federal MUIICIA, Spain (API-Tlic paJ.hiimanily. He indicated Canadi ,vas al work. A medical examiner :IIK | S (,-,t c anli-)xIU'.tion laws with per La Vcrdad reported Wedncs-l r a a y protest to Moscow, suid the miner's wife may have Leal teeth in them." !day Princess Mnria Gabriclla, Clyde's remarks were "About my speech you're typing, Breger--how inspiring do you find i t . . . 1" Paul Wendell Scott. Northwest Coriwr No. 2 Mmcs. Lloyd Arguello, Don Hammond, Arthur Wolfe, Dan Motis, T. E., 'Walter Harris 1 , Sam Hoff, Alvin Mmes, Cecil DeBey, Robert Rcnkc, Philip llilzer. Peterson, Robert Bnckien, Dill Mmes. Ralph Sjoberg, Henry Mines. James Wood, Stuart, Volney Gales. Lincoln-Jefferson Mmrs. Fr-id Lewis, John Smith, Williams, C. L. Culley. Mmes. Charles Elliott, Don Wells, Marvin Reynolds, W. B. Gentry, Lon Carbaugh, Charles Bagby, Floyd Dusin, Robert Bruno, Daniel Burritt, Don Martin. North from ilh St. to C and S Railroad ' Mmes. Virgil Troester, Johnny Boop, Troy Champion, Carl Zel- Rusch, Roy Andrews, Ray While, Robert Lenharl. Maplewood Mmes. E. G. Porter, E. L. Robison, Warren Strandberg, Ruben Dieltcrlc, Vern Nelson, K. J. Hester, Homer Randal, R. G. McEwen, Ed Pearson, Carl Dauer. Mmes. Bill Ewalt, Marvin Rich ards, 0. J. Bcrgaum, Fred W Allcs, Frank Fryzek, Clay Taylor. ler, Everett U Potter Jr., Robcrlil-aura Bowles, D. W. Roger: Aletha Eberhardl, and Mis: Gladys Groves. Hurth-Hoipital Mmes. Don Newton, Clarence Coffey, R o l a n d Waterman Dwayne David, Calvin Johnson, Earl Faulkner, Donald Schlager, William Sabourin, Ralph Mercer, PORTABLE WELDING Electric and Acetylent. negotiable rates. BROWNIE'S-GAUAGE EL 3-SB16 Ralph Wheat, Molly Mcisncr, Harold Michel, James Maxey. Mmes. John Thompson, Patrick Mathcws, Rex C, Eaton Jr., Winston Wishon, Kenneth Bean, James Bunting, Alfred Harrington, Maurice Jessup, Joe Harsh-man. Marshall Rainey, George B. Johnson, GrtrmMr* Mmcs. Orrin Smith, \V. R- Carlson, Howard Hcrdmnn, Carl Hill. Ray Mueller, J. H. Capp, Carroll Gilbert, F. W. Dickinson. Harold Haymond. Mmes. Roy Swanson, Dan Peterson, Nellie Eaton, Robert Accola, Ralph Johnston, Leonard Bartels, Ray Kiley, Dale Thompson. Mmes. Harry Schank. V. E, Touslee, Richard B o e t t c h c r , Charles Lott Jr., Vernon Lojgren, Norman Dean, Ben Birrell, John Todd, Lloyd G. Nelson. Mmes. Henry Markus, Pau Dave Roycr, Richard Blake, Robert Husman, Curtis. deliberately started the blaze. The woman, Fanny Cline. 37, perished with her son and three daughters, aged 7 to 14. Medical Examiner Harry T. Browning said Mrs. Cline lint: spent some lime in a private mental hospital and that her band. Jar, SB. had considered having her recommitted. "I do not believe the fire was i accident," Dr, Browning dc- n,^ wa ( cr at Umcs is the source dared. ot streams and rivers where wa- Pending further investigation, ter rights arc already established, he said lie assumed it was possi-jThere is often no gain, he said, ble Mrs. Cline set the fire hcr-lmul sometimes is disrupting loss, self. in his daughter of ex-King Umtwrlo of USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AOJ prepared talk to the American i Society of Agricultural Engineers; meeting here. ! Clyde, a lifelong worker in wa-j Icr resource development, said the availahilith of water was the lim-j iting factor in the growth of the nation, especially the west. lie cautioned against using loo much unitergrounH water because Mmes. Gene Wood, Alton Paul, Joe Springston, W. Fcrrell Jr.. Cloyd Arford, Sheldon Brooks, James Mitdrow, Randall Galla- Howcvcr, Fire Chief J. 13. Harris said: "1 saw no indication of foul play. We haven't been able to determine what started Desalting of ocean water will be 'l right for (be coastal areas, he said, and may eventually lead to more water from the rivers to Ihe Fred Fleenor, Ted Kraemer, R a n - dolph Hunt, Warren Messman. 3 . 45 a m by a Eldridge Erickson, M. W. Jouc, j oncs Miss Patila F r a n k , Mrs. C. . Rugger, Miss Vehna Elam. Mmcs. Hugh Morris,-· Ohio'j. Visit The Wonder Building "Living" Shelter Basement Type On Display at 1115 Ninth Ave. Phone EL 2-5544 Howe, Hubert Waldo III, H. F Fuerst, E. J. Artist, Arthur Antholz, Don Bonnawilz, R. M Rydberg, Leonard Mitchell, V Timothy. Minos. Vern \Vhifaker, Robert McLauthlin, G. L. Fulcnwider, :inlanl slates since Jones won't need it. But don't count on Ihe coastal I Harris said the Uvo-story house . .. .her, George Stout. ' ., mass of , bmt , s whcn , hc | But don t count on ,1, College Are. towl ,. s | 0[lc tire ln ^ rcacllon , ho said, for it involves long Mmes. IV W. Tithian, Dooliltlc, sccne . The blaze was discovered ahout Clyde Harvey cation of water rights even after desalting is made economical. He said the most practical thing lo do is more effectively use the said the fire 'water supplies available, such as ap-|hy cutting down evaporation on parently started in a rear roomjlakes and reservoirs and by eradl re were ------ on the first floor where there were GLASSES SHOULD BE CHECKED REGULARLY . Your eyesight changes with time . . . and when it does, your glasses should be changed, too! Visit us soon for o complete eye check-up. HAEFELI and HAEFELI OPTOMETRISTS EL 2-2020 901 10th Ave. es of any kind. Alkinson, G. W. Drew, Gcorgc| m slovcs or clKt rical applianc- Jamcs. Lester Miller,-John Ross, W. H. Welsh, Lydia Ehrlich, Mary Maul J. T. Higgason. Brentwood Mmes. Lowell Bailey; Ricliard Francis Kubitschck, J e r o m e Courtney, Jack Schreiber. Lewis LaMotle, Stanley Naffziger. Ed : Kcirnes, Bill Farmer, Ralph[ w a r d Vo g c |, Marvin Hauk, Harry Young, Jerry Frye, Robert Wells, gii crman , jomes Ryan, Vincent Roger Law. Louis Rieker. Mmcs. Cliarles Sumcrau, Henry Walesky, Donald Guislngcr. W. J. Murphy, Paul Schmidt, Paul Nielsen. Allti Acnt Mmes. G. \V. Muhlback, H. R. Evans. Arlington Mmcs. Harold Stiley, loiilches, B. D. VerLinden, Fred Mmes. K. 0. NOTICE TO CRBU1TOHS M th* Cnitntj- Court In nnd fi tx* Coimtr «' Weld nnd Mate nf Cnlornrto No. SSfO Estato (if MARTHA NELSON RASMUSSEN, also Itnown as MARTHA N. HASMUSSBN, Mso ~ ------- I k n o iSK 4 HELP WANTED Applications ar* now being taken for: · Cocktail Waitresses · Bartenders · Pantry Personnel » Waitresses · Dishwashers · Bus Hoys Apply in person between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. LAKESHORE SUPPER CLUB 2901 South Eighth Avenue MARTHA Deceased. All persons h a v i n g claims Kolacny, John Tuck. Lytlc, Richard David Spangler, S. G. Burg, Elwood Meyer, C. E. Rife. Hllltide Mmes. Edward Sorensen Jr., . g a i n s t t h e above unmcd estate are required to f i l e them for ai- owance In lh County Court of 'ehl County, Colorado, on or e f n r e the I C t h day o! April. 1962. or R a i d claims shall be forever barred. Feme R n s m i i R K o n Marktey and "\VsHer Cinylon M a r h l c y , Co-Kxecutors James IT. Shelton A t t o r n e y First N a t i o n a l Dank Eldr. Greeley, C o l o r a d o 1 The Clrceley D a i l y Trlbulie.- Oc't. 13, 20, 27, Nov. 2, 1361. Willard Quirk, Carroll Nickie, Victor R. Meline, John Haley, R. E. Admire, H. E. Lawson, Gerald Neis, John (Pal) Davis, William H. Bloskas, Melvin C aiser, Edward While", August Brown, Dean Klingenberg. Mmc's. Robert J. Seilbacn, Don- aid Mitchell, Wilfred Dinkcl, Grabasl. Rudy Lammers, C. J. WiUey, Robert Drake, Schenkman, Ed Kern, Adolph Sit7man, Clark Baldwin. Mmes. Merlyn Brown, R. F,. I.emke, William Ireland. Joe C Conger, Cleo Dukes, Adolph J H. A. Strayer,' Wesley Kopsa, Ted Wright. Southeast Corner Mmus. Henry T. Haraldson NOTICE OF FIVAIi SETTT-EMK.VT L the Cnnmtf Cnurt In anil for St«(* of Cnlorndo No. 8733 Estate o{ PHILLIP J. LO13F- . Deceased. Notice is hereby Riven tha h a v e f i l e d n]y f i n a l r e p o r t In the County Court of Weld County, Colorado, and that any person deHirin^r to object to Ihe same shall file -written objection with t h e said Court on or before No vember 6. 1$6I. M A R Y KATHIIYN LOEFKLE Administratrix David J. Miller Robert A. R u y l e A t t o r n e y s at Iaw 230 Coronado Building* Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Dally Tribun*. Oct. S. 13. 20. 27, 19CI. Juan Aguilor, Harry Bibbey Richard liunge, Bob Fahrenbruch John Welsh. John Welsh and Mrs. Fre Hohnbaum. Belolr Mmcs. Ben Nelson, Floyd Downing, Robert K. Schmidt Amos Claybaugh, John Chlanda. PENNEY'S MEZZANINE VnTIHR TO CREDITORS [« the County Court In a«rt for the C«tiBr of \Vf\d mati S(nte nf -Colorado No. «23 Estate of GERTRUDE LAKD- ERS KING aka GERTRUDE L. KJXG, Deceased. All persons h a v i n g claims against the above named estate a r e required to f i l e them for allowance in the County Court of Well! County, Colorado, on or before the 9th day of A p r i l , 196?. or said claims ahaU be forever bari'ed. J A M E S D. KING Executor of Estate Waldo and Waldo, Att'ya J o h n s o n B u i l d i n g 1019 10th Ave., Greelcy The Greelcy Dally T r i b u n e . 'Oct. 6, 13. 20. 27. 1961. The owner is leaving town immediately and must sell this beautiful home, Call EL 3-0346 WHEELER REALTY COMPANY Insulated for Arctic Weather Warmth! This smartly styled jacket features DuPont "Dacron" Arctic Weather warmth insulation. Keeps you warm as toast--in any weather-yet it's as light as a feather! Fine high-count nylon inside and out. Two-ply tightly woven rib knit nylon collar and cuffs. Jeweled snap fasteners; three insulated pockets. Try one on--real soon! $ 1fl 95 ONLY |U ( M a t c h i n g L«ifle» p Jackets A v a i l a b l e ) Other Styles from $12.95 942 9ih Av«. Charge Accounts Invited NOTICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCEIT: Notice If hereby given t h a t a the r e g u l a r m e e t i n g of the Boarc of Trustee* of the Town o Kvans, Colorado, on Monday, th |:r,(1 diy of October. IS.'!, was p r e s e n t e d to and filed w i t h the Board of Trustees a petition signed by f i v e (»1 owners of par of the. t e a l property hereinafter described, r e q u e s t i n g t h a t salt property be annexed to th* Town of K v a n s . Following t h e signa titrca of said persons who claim to he owners of more t h a n f i f l per cent of t h e area And a ma jorlty of the residents of th area, Is a description of the rea p r o p e r t y owned by each of t h e m The f o l l o w i n g Is a d o p c r l p t l o i of the t e r r i t o r y proposed to h a n n e x e d : f ' o m m e n c l n g at the Northwest Corner of Section 20, Township North, Range 65 West of the 6th P r i n c i p a l Mer i d i a n ; thence South 283.3 feet to the true point of begin- n i n g ; thenca N o r t h 8'J'U' Hast ISO f e e t ; thence S o u t h 100 f e e t ; I T h e n c e South 7*25' Kast 278.83 ! f e e t ; thence South 8V17' \Vrit ' U S f e e t : thence N o r t h 37fi.5 ' feet to the t r u e p o i n t of be! g i n n i n g . The p e t i t i o n e r s have file [copies of a m B p of the lerrltor proposed to be a n n e x e d wit their p e t i t i o n , all of which ma he examined at the o f f i c e of th Town Clerk of the Town Evans by any persons i n t e r e s t e The landowners and rcslrten of the area proposed to be an nexed to the Town of K v a n s ma express t h e i r objection to th a n n e x a t i o n thereof l»nd secir an election on the question as w h e t h e r said territory shall 1 annexed by complying with th provisions of C h a p t e r US, Artie 11. of th« Colorado Revised St lutes, 1951 i Dated October 2, I S f i l . I THE TOWN OF EVAN- COLORADO (i) By BEN KEICHER The GrrcUr Dally Trlbun.. Oct. «, II. 10, 27, 19U. . ·:·-;· ~ v \ ; __--m ;.:' 7 rvi;n BREWED WITH PURE ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER. WOMEN'S NEW Made especially to BEAT OUR USUAL FABULOUS VALUES! NEW STYLES! NAME-BRAND WOOLS, METICULOUS WORKMANSHIP! 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