Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 4, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1951
Page 3
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April 4, 1151 tAS CHUCKS (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Society Holds Sixty-five -members and guests \verl iprenent.SUn'day, In the 'private dining- ; rooYn of Ihc 1 Circle Cafe, .to enjpy a.b'cautirul as well ns intere.itln'g- banquet, 'staged by BH chapter of Slfnifli Delia PI, :ia- UonnV honor society- TOT stuclenls o f Spanish. . · · " . · ' - ' jMIss · Helen VOh. Englcbrclchcn piMldcd anil announced a number of chiingcs In the original program. K^rHi In Spunlftli . Hans von'-Englebrclchcn, In the nbscnce uf William Sutherland described. In Spanish, h!a mnny.years of residence in Argentina. Dr: Carl Tyre discussed Hlspnn- jc cnntrihutions to world culture. T h n visitors made three eloquent sincere .speeches on Inter-American friendship! projects sponsored by such Rludcnt. groups as the SDP. . '' . " . ' . ' ljiirA\ 1'rcshlrnt.i Sfouk . Alfonso Cardo and Rlcliard Hancork, former local presidents, add, ctl valuable and cnLcrtalning ic- \ hmi'k.';. 1 The college music department risslslcU with instrumental :umi- ' bcrs. Jninea Bean, talented young violinist Tendered "Ucbcsfrued" . and ;"LiebeKlcld," nccompanicd by Pi-of. 1 Fcmdlnand Sclmlniclalcr. MIBB VLrftlrtR Garlnd prsacnlctl H B])rlicd piano I n t c r p i c t R t l o n of well known Spimlsh dances. Vldllnfi ArllHl IVrHhrras . A 'highlight of Llic evening was Lhe . performance of Chihuahua's excellent Hrtlst, Senor Ernesto Tnl- avera, wlio held the audience spellbound with lil.H violin- Aurcliano Armcndcz, well knou-n Mcsllla musician, nccompnnied Jfr. Taln- vera. , Officri-3 of Ihc host chapter nrc: pr6flU)cpl, Ernesto Jlnioncz; vice presldcht, Lnu l l e l o n von Englc- brlcJitcn; ticrtaurcr. Connie Com- mfcs; sfcrclnrj'. MHi-y Elinor Hancock; 'co-pponpors. Professors Gcor- gfi Crow nnd Chorlea 3lub|ng. The date for the April niccllng will bcj .innounccd lalcr ; COMING EVENTS The i Oboillcnue duy training* clnaa U^ 11 "J* vc n- business nioct- inff nt 6 p. m, TluirsclKy nt tha Tor- tu£na bahqiiel loom. ·' ' i- Thc 'Rainbow Oii-ls will ntlcnd - Ihc Klrst Baptisl Church in n body April loth Inslond of April Slh hs prevlonnly announced, ns Rev. Pnr- iitl U'lll Uc out of loWn Ihis Sim- The Mary Martha Circle, Methodist cnurch", '\tfirhnld !i Rumniiipc SnUV.SaUurday, April 7th, al -10G South 'MklhVncju' Dutch's Market. the' MacArlhuv I'-TA la conducting a li.iHc snlc on SalurtMy. j April Tlh.-Ht the Wcalalde Grocery, J JJSfi 1 \V. I'lcticho. Mrs. Ft!. ^Irqnson is Ohkirman in : clidrjfi of^rilS project. Proceeds Intd.'the JlacArlhur P-TA 1 flint], j : T GOOD EVENING PiMMnt Listening K 0 B E 14M Ori Your Dial : TONiOHT - WED. P.'BI. ·' , ; 4:(K[ EveiiinR BuytTii Guide . r i:(Klf" Irfark Trail b.liro: tlydc IMall.v 6:05 L · Victor Dorffc ' . e ' j O O i - T 6:l5"'roblibn lx;-.ns, Jr. 8:30| Lrt'fl .Si-lS 1 jUl*;.tii!rt-3 ·':50; ' S'rJorts Cist *;OG*?-Bl:|:Ucnry Urn's _ T:0p. Sercrikila. ih Blue · ' ^ l i o ; ' tjonixn ' M i n i a t u r e t 7f2r.' A. M. 0:00 6:05 Sjlp'^l'-JJoVJ A Jrfyslcry 'j:4p, 'Hldtlci.Tllilh · ' Jj:ld«*"-Mij.iiiil-!Mifei;cl-- B 30 * "Sicyildllt Soticort | ( ( ^ V = " '' -- THUHS. UP Nt«-3 ' El Corrtdo Mcxicnno .7^)0 Robtrt Hurlclgli News 7:13" Tell Your Neighbor T:30 .Morning News 7:+5 Trading Post 8:00 Cecil Brown · SMS Oathcr IlounU Kida R-.25 Now.l . , . 8:^0 Momlnjr Iluycra Guide h:00 Moi-ning Dovolional n:lfi Music of Uc Tropics Ol25 Ncwa n:,10" Queen for n Day, J0:00" Kale Smith Spcnlis 10:15 Lnnny ROHS 10:ZO Nr\i(» 10,-SO Fncla.and Fur. fur Everyone 10:45 P.ulh Perry Prcscnls 1.1:00 Ccilrlc Foster . 11:30°' Luncheon .\vllh'Lojicz ·11:45 Tony Konlalne 12:00 jAekpot Jimlborco 12:00 UP Nou-.i 12HO I^cbn.Biick sntl LlsU-n 1:00 Anthony Are You ' Uttcning K O B E -' Your FrRntlly S t n l l o n . ' A MUTUAL XKTWORK AFtlLIATt: WHAT'S YOUR HOBBY, FELLOWS? A IOCOMOBIIE, an extinct vintage, Is displayed by one of the nation's newer anti more stream lined models, Jane I-Iait,- to introduce Lh« World Hobby exposition nt Chicago's coliseum. Jn her oLher hand sh« holds some sort of aircraft. All brandies of hobby crail, including inodcli, [iholograiiliy, weaving, will be represented, (international^ 'Lost Horizon' To Be Presented By Senior.Class Members of the cast of thn sen-, "Lost Horizon", ore hiirrl at -work putting the finishing; touches on the play to be presented on Monday, A prll D, ai 8 p. m'. t In the high school anditoruini. Jon Adcrhold, and Jo A n n e 13a- vousette, who play Lhe leads In the nlay tin Corns-ay, the British consul, nhd Helen llraic, tlic beau- t i f u l English pianist, arc seasoned Th CE plans, Active Jn Drinnatlcs .Miss Bavousetlc was in the junior play lust year, and ha:; been active, in speech :md dramatics this year. Mr. Adoi-hold waa Lhe villain In Hie recent play, "Little' Nell". 'He has -been active in speech work for several ycrir.i. Darol Ariy." as Ihc High Lama, and James Haight, as Chang-, arc li seasoned itclor/i. having; been i n . Lhe Junior play last year, and "Little Nell" this yc;ir. Supporllnff Holes " In supporting roles arc Carol Ady, as Miss Erinklow: .Iiiclt Hoy- land -as iMfilliaon; Clarice Bmith ns Elizabeth; Jean Fortcnbcrry as Tiishi; Romclia Enriqucz as Lo Tsen; P;tul Eoushcllc, an Englishman; :ind Don Alexander, also an Englishman. These students arc, all seasoned ^ctoi - s and arc well known to high school audiences for such works as the Junior play last year. "L1L- llc Nell", or Cor 1-ca.cIiiigs a,nd \) loguc.s New comers Lo the high scSiool (itag-c an; 1'at Uanvcll, Bill Scog- Ijiii. nnd Opliilio nomiquoz, bul they arc certainly oui lo prove thai you don't have to have experience lo be excellent With such seasoned players and w i t h as experienced, 'director as Miss Pfit!Ler, the play ia certain Lo be a huge success. D*n'l Suffer A no I her Minute Ho mrtltr iow man; remedies you ban tried lor Ilchlnc eczema, psoriasis. Infections, nlhlclr'i loot or whatever your ekln trouble »ny br--Anything fromherf tn Tool-WONDER SALVE can help jtn. Developed for [lie lioj-s In ihc'Arinj-- now-far-}-oii folkj it liome WONDER SALVE ii' while, p-cawlf* enUjcpllc. No ugly Bpprarnnrr. Safe lor children. Get WONDER SALVE--rcsulli ·r money refunded. Truly wonderful. Sold in Las Ciucus by Standard (Walgreen), Valley and Baker Drug- Stores nr- your home town ANNOUNCEMENT!! FOOT CLINIC EYEHY TUESDAY, THURSDAY SATURDAY HOURS 9:00 A. M. till 5:00 P. M. ,Al'l Fool Cond-iions Trealed Foot Appliances -- Correct Shoes Temporary Qffico: AMADOR HOTEL · Bit. JI. 31. OOOD.MAX, CJiIro lisl-Koill Simplnllsl PARTY LIJNES Mrs. J, K. Carrocl, loc;il breeder of HHblu" :ind tri-cw'or collies und nieuiber o f ' t h e Lns '.Cvuccs Kennel club;, lin.4 ; !iccfiplcd i un Invitation to juelpc ut Lhi: ArlTbnu Stale Collie clUb's Plrin A s|iincUoii .iiiiitch Lo be held in Plioc:ilx on ATay 27. RebekahsMake Plans For April Noble Gnnitl LniilfH* Will, pru- aided nl Uic\ rcguliir ·.mcolmy" of Mlrlcm Rcbc.\;ih Lodge No. 25, Monday night. IL was aimutoECcU Umt LVic Lodge has been in vital Lo attend i n i t i a - tions to bu liiukl nl ,llic Demi05 Lodge, Friday,'April 13, Any member wishing 1 to attend and who docs not hare Ir^jporlJilion should con tact.'Noble Grand Louise W i t t The atalc president will' visit here M o n d a y , ' A p r i l 23. There will be a dinner in! tier honor, the lllnc .and place to ;bc 'announced later by an appointed commit tec. The fcjllowiriff candidates were initiated: Me;*lamca Helen Noc, Joftic McDonjiBd, Lois Tklwcll, Mildred Moses, Ollc Herman, Mni 1 - gucrilo George, 'anil Mr, J. R. McDonald. There'was u'.short program commemorating' tli; birthday anniversary of Sclmylrr Coli/ax, founder of the Order rif Oddfellows. The drill team performed for the new members and refreshments were served. " ' - · Hostesses for thc.cfenlng.wcro: Ruth Pierce, Bertie Wood, Annyc W off o I'd.' FALL KILLS GUtl, ALBUQUERQUE, April A UP» -Carol Georgia Cook. 8, and some other second graders were playing a Lop a supermarket u n d e r con 7 at ruction Sunday. Carol slipped and plunged to the ground. She dlrd yesterday witlicaL regaining consciousness. Teen-Agers Are Encouraged To Read Newspaper Hy V I V I A N Al 1 Nrivif rn lures If you're onu of those young ndulla who picks u p a newspaper to rend the comics and sports pages only, you're missing a bet. Or pcrhapa you do not know how Lo read n newspaper to K C L Ihe most ·jul of It. The tlsilly newspaper can con- t r i b u t e to your c u l t u r a l and social b e t t e r m e n t if you learn how tu select news ami fenluves. Concentrate 0:1 dissecting i h e paper ;~ov features you m i g h t noi have noticed before. Music Mic.iler and fine arts columns cnn keep you informed, even if you never. ?rt .T chance to hear a good concert, or a fine ijlay or sec paintings by the SrcaL : 11.13 Lcr.s. ' . A i-crcnt poll taken by the South Bend, Jntl. Tribune- showed thut 37.7 per ccnL of its boy read era and 50. S per cent of ita girl readers spent 30 minutes or less re;ul- in£ the paper. However, more cheering- was the f a c t IhiU Loeii- pyorn road a prcat deal hi the paper bfsldrs the comics. Jn one Instance n si wry concernijig tho death of. a Boston q u a d r u p l c L was read by 93 per cent of ihe girls, report!; The Tribune. Hi- .ill Etlllorliils Most young 1 people liavu nol cilu- caUd themselves to g r t L i n ^ vhc most out of their ntwspnpc.vs. They skip over Lho editorial nnye, whicii would give them KOinethlng timely to discuss with frionda. Yet m a n y younp ))ooj)lc write asking how they can be popular w i t h a crowd because they never Kccm to havi. 1 anything; Lo Lullt about. Of course you will np.t. always nprcc with an uilllurlnl writer, ImL .sculiig tho othor fellow's opinion offers an in- ieieslinff 'challenge. When discussing 1 a currcnl topic wltli a /ji-oup, if you rend Hie editorials, you h a v e a c q u a i n l r d yolli'- fiDlf w i t h the oilier sick 1 of the argument, and nave 'ornceil yonr ile- rciisfs. Or maybe you've seen a flaw in your own opinion ami luuv come lo the. conclusion 'Uint vlic editorial writer hun a point. ^Falrc D practice of comparing newspapers nm\ weigh Ihr variuna o[)Inion.s of the experts, older nnd wiser t h a n you. Don't Just snin Uio news uiul rciul tlui lend --.m the. story. Gel into ilic heart of UH story before you decide it ilocsli'L ii[)peal lo you. Ki-0|) Clippings Some girls nmkc a ImlJil ol' clipping out iLcma which un'glit lio used later for reference or in preparing n lenn paper. Such siibjevld ns income tax, old age, etc. a r e discussed in the news and accompanied from t i m e to t i m e with statistics which may uomc in handy when you arc sliiclt for an Idea. If you will keep this folder J u s t for Lhis purpose, you will be nniazcd how your composilion nn the United Notions or food costs will be when you've nlready a c c u m u - lated portinent fucts. Newspapers f j u r i a great Jral for Ihu price. Ycni gel 'LinuscmciiL Icatures such as comicH, crosdworil pu?.zlen, .serial sLories and coments. The bnoh icvit-w section in Incli.H- penrtalilc Vo high tchool nni\ college yliulpnls. I'ashion. beauty and cooking pointera arc offered giving uyi-la-ilic-minutc tips on Lhe mudr. of Ilic moment ur Lhe cnsiosl \\- t iy to clcnn n copper f r y i n g pan. Ljnni'ovc \ or:iJnil;i ry IL is loo had t h a t . teachurs -.lo JioL devoLu Jiiore time cxpbiiniiig Ihu v u l u c of the daily ncwspapL-r to ihc class. T'lerc could be lively New Biography Book Added To Library Shelves. "Current Ulnifrnphy. jfiflu," JULS been added to the r c f u r P i i L c col- IccLlon R.L Hrimi^nu Memorial Library. ai-rordin^ io Miss Helen Caffcy. librarian. Somv -10 wtimrn \vho fl^uvcil p i o i n i n i ' n t l y in Mini) news i i i c in- clmlrd as HIT HI) persona from 'iul- HlUc Uu- U. H. A UiUl uf ^3S pel- sons art listed in I he new volume. A usi-ful imkvx by j.vofussioni; :s inclmltul in t n c biu-H of the new book T h i i l y - f o u i d i f f e r e n t fields uf c n d u a v u r iiru ILsLed nnd people discuss ioii.i i n s t i g a t r d merely by the discussion of n single ediioriiil. The crossword puzzh; IB e.xccllcnl for conciMil ni Lion :iml improving vocabulary and .spelling. Onn y n u n ^ male Icac-lier who has n class of 2-1 boys recently npn.illrd » group of people by saying he never h a i l read an editorial In Inn lifi 1 . I le M»s no opinions about cm'rriit pvenis mid t h i n k s Ihcrc is nothing lie cmiHI do about, the world, even if he wiinled to. whfl floured In those pi-ofcf-slonJ · in 11)30 arc included: , .' Also included In Llic.fiamc booh i:j Q c u m u l a t i v e index of Uic C K ^ lire 11-vtilume act. beginning -ivilii the 1IMO' " n n d u oln b r I h r o u K h ' t h e ; 1D50 volume of Current Bioj;ia- f jihy. Some 7,00 entries are iiicluil-,' cd in this 11-yeui index. · ^'l ·if · The United-.Stales uses ubnu.. half, the world's supply of tin.,..':...' Purity ^ ···················nrjijl SENSATIONAL NEW '^ GENUINE COLD-riATED - Real Estate Loans W. J. LITTf.E ImprOTCil City I'r.-iperty Famm -- Kanchcs First National Bank Blilg. 'Phone 270 or 1305 · "Un-Cork" Stomach Gas Without Acid Rebound Always Keep TUMS Handy! A roll of Turn5 coirs onlj'-n dime. 13m ytiu'Il nnd k "wonh Its xvcifilil in j;uld' wlicri acid nidi^ctlifin c;uiscs «as nntl p r e s s u r e p f i i n s . F o r Turn* n e m n i l i x t uuniath stnirncss quickly, J; »/r/i-- wjih- uiif n s k u f a c i i l rchnuiid. '1 licy lonuiin no I)akm(,'.suda EO uvcr-nlkalirr'Tlini's why n n l h o n i iltncnd un Turns txclusiitlr for fa.« relief. C a i r y Tunis always. I-nl I ur 2 hriiics l i r i i r i h u r n and diMn Cici n roll indiiy. TUMS FOR THE TUMMY -Join Up, : s Sunny Brook Round-Up Time! r oid _ Sunny Brook I BRAND If you v/onl lo corral a smoolher, mellower, more luxurious lasle all in one whiskey, then reoch, pordner, for Old Sunny Brook! This genial Kenlucky whiskey has been pleasing men since 1891... Enjoy Us finer flavor, tonight! KINlUCItt WHISHY-A IltND · HOBEBT POHTER SONS, Inc. - Exclusive Distributors - Albuqucrquo Hi La« Cruets Men's and · Thij c o u p a n a n d only 51.49 cnlilln you l o = Ihe new B R O O K a v u l i o n - l / p * ju.i gljtici. j ( F o r m e M y laid for $5.00) M-:cli all Govl. B ullri-violrt ray). ConUint jrcun'd and pol- iihed lent and pcirloid jwCil bir. Complete Women I ^ with urrymg ciie. . . S / y f c j ·········· ' UnlU IF YOU 'IKING " U " T H I S _ C O U f O N ! M.49S - ' " ·^^ Typewriter and Adding Machine R E P A I R S PRICHARD'S 302 No. MAIN LAS CRUCES linker Drug M'»rn -- I/.ib Crucc NOW! ANOTHER DODGE EXCLUSIVE! FLUID DRIVE . . . o.jler handling . . . l o w*r upkeep coin . ." lonnor truck Hit. Aik for frae Fluid Dr| vc booklet. OH"* DODGE ycrb-RotedTTRUCKS ^X SZ* . THE TRUCKS THAT TO THE MOST FOR YOU What a yot-Roied)'truck means to you A Dod^o "Job-ltatcd" (.ruck in cnginuevtnl til Ihe factory In fit n specific job . . . save you money . . . l.isL longer. J'A'nry unil. from LMI^JMO lo roar nxlc is "Jtib- Rdlcd"--faclory-eiiKiniXTwl lo h n u l a specific loitil over I ho roads you Iravel and al I lie Bleeds you require!. Krcry unit Hint SUPPORTS the. lucid- frame, nxlos, spriiiB-i, wheels, lirra, and others- is iincinucrcd riRhl lo provide the slrc'liflli nnd cnpncily needed. Kie.rU unit that HIOI'Kti Ihc Innil-mtuK, clulch, Iran^inission, propeller slial'l. rwr exit 1 , mid olhen --ia cn|;ineered r i f h L Lo uiecl i\ imrliculor opcralfnr; condilion. ROMNEY NEW! More power /'direr Hicrc', 1 ; I ruck unKinc.H -- !M hi 15-1 lmrs(;po\vcr. Tht-y'ri; Mir- \\w.\l p n w c r f l i l H o d i - i - ",lub-Rutr IruckH ever biiiM! NEWI Eailcr handling .S'/ifir/rr I t t r n i n f j tliiiini-trrslhnjicvcr -- and c x L r / ] - r ; ( i s y nlcorintt with n«w w o n n - i i r H l - r o l I r r i;car9 on mail MUK|- cl». W l m r L u-litrcl- lia^i-, urosM-sLL'crinj,', witlt* front tri'iul for NEW! Bigger payloads NEW! Seller economy InrrviiKi'iI (irons 11 if/her rinuprcti- li'/n'c/c \Yviuhts .titm rnliti (7.0 I» I) iiiodcl.l [ l i r n u r l i L i n n \ V i . i B h i , s (,n n i n n y model.-,. lu«- ciiusc of .·icitntillc v v r i c l i t i l i s l r i l n i l i o i i anil irn,-ii';i'-i:d ru;ir i i x l u capacily NEWI Grcolcr infciy AtuMcrl Cui-lcliiHHl TaptTfil 1'rukv tin- int/H on hyilrniilir. lirnke mm It-Is L ton nnd up. llnind-iii'w! K x L r a (jiiic-l! ( J i l i c r ft\n I n r i - M i n c l u d e i i u l l - | . . , M ) i - n L l u i n d b r i i k i ' . ( t x l n i - b i i ; windshield. I Ion, for I riit-y \ \ i l h 1UWLT. UlTli'.H . i t h nut.; pi-rl'oriii- NEW! Seller tomfort "Orifloir" slioi-k tibsnrhtirn H l a n d i i r d «"i !-. ; ' i - iincl 1- t u n modM*. S^lf- . , iiif,' wlici'l niiKlu plus loucr liuod lin 'nr iinuruvrd v '-i liilily. PLUS ALL Illtir TIWt-PROVID f l A f U R I i DODCI T R U C K t HAVE HAD FOX tFAIS . S I r r r i i i K a t l u m n B w i r . i l i i r i . ' . l i i i H l . - I - , or r.-.Hpt-rd) ni KR «], flilcul, nrd on ',-..-, i , - and 1-lnu uimMn pn-cwmn rnitiiiciTril. DC / . M V C w i l l , : i . H | H - i - i l I n i i i H i n J H . i l o n . tint/ Custom cuts (vtilh rcnrr|i:nr- i lin,mc-,'j!ti(i-tt tnn iH.tton run; fur IIT \\indinv.i] n v n i l a h l u on n i l h M i K ' T nni: life. h M l c r v c n l i n » . modrlii. Anil many nllu-r nniml :i.vii.-Ani- a /ii/[ (Muihini.sMuith 111-, IH^r il-'iimJahility fcttti'rust Coma i- *.' ··' ATRUCK THAT F|TJ YOUR JOB ·*·"' ,.,Aooo6e y^ji^bid;' TRUCK °R COMPANY

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