Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 11, 1973 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1973
Page 31
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!!2 OHEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., April 11,1»73 Wed., April 11,1173 (JKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 33 SAFEWAY SAFEWAY...DISCOUNT WITH A DIFFERENCE ! Everyday Low Prices Open-Dating Unit Pricing « USDA Choice Grade Beef Cuts Over 10,000 Itens «i!!i Everyday Low Prices Top Quality Produce I00° 0 Guarantee National Brands Selection Safeway Brands Square cut Whole Shoulders, or Large "AA" Cream O' the Crop Half Shoulders. Neck par- BUI tion removed. USDA Choice IL WB wB i l l ! Pennywise brand. Old fashioned, hickory smoked. Selected slices eguldr lhir.!cne«. 111 © '65 USDA Choice Grade, Safeway style trim. Cut any IL thickness. . Ul t A A 1 Well trimmed. Nice bright. Cut in various cuts to bake. Whole Halibut also available at same price. Lamb.5 Chops · Lamb s Sf Chops · Baking Halibut · Lamb Shoulders Meats At Discount Prices Discount Priced Meats ft Lamb Neck £*· ,, 69c Excellent to braise or stew. USDA Choice Grade. Smoked Slab Bacon , b . 79c Lamb Loin Rib Chops ,, S F 5 Safeway style cut and trimmed short. USOA Choice Grade Lamb. Lamb Tenderloin Chops ,,,. J l 95 Safeway style cut and trimmed short. USDA Choice Grade Lamb, Breast of Lamb , b . 39c Meaty Lamb Spareribs to braise. Fully Cooked Hams ,,,. 73c Shank portion cuts. Smoked and cured with moisture added, making these juicy and outstanding in flavor. Center Ham Steaks ,,, s l 49 Cut regular thickness to fry or extra thick to bake Moisture added. Fully Cooked Hams ,,,. 83c 3utt portion cuts. Smoked and cured with moisture added,., making these juicy and outstanding in flavor. Sole Fish Fillets lb. $1.51- Captain's Choice brand. Raw, ready to cook. Nice portion servings. Any. amount. Cod Fish Fillets Zap tain's Choice brand. Raw, ready to cook. Nice servings. Discount Meat Buys Perch Fish Fillets lb 99c Capialn'i Choke Brand. Raw, ready lo cool. Nice Cooked Perch Fillets ,,,. 99c Cdpldin'i Choice brand. Biedded, just heat dnd eal. Any Fresh Whole Fryers lb . 46c Tyson's, USDA Inspected and Grade "A" for quality. Fresh Cut-Up-Fryers lb . 54c Tyson's, USOA Inspected and Grade "A" for quality. Fresh Fryer Breasts lb . 97c Tyson's, USDA Inspected and Grade "A" for quality. Discount Meat Buys Fryer Drumsticks ,,,. 930 TyionS, USOA Inspected and Grade "A" for quality. Fresh Fryer Thighs lb . 93c Tyson's, USDA Inspected and Grade "A" for quality. Fresh Fryer Wings lb . 53c Tyson's, USDA Inspected and Giade "A" for quality. 3-Legged Fryers , b . 72c Tyson's, USDA Inspected .and Grade "A" for quality. Double-Breasted Fryers ,,,. 72c Tyson's, USDA Inspected and Grade "A" for quality. Meals Discount Priced No long ribs. Chine bone and feather bones removed. 'Cut from the Standing Rib only. USDA Choice Grade Beef only. - Beef Rib Steaks No long ribs. Chine bone and f from Ihe Standing Rib only. USDA Standing Rib Roast ,,T 3; Beef, No long ribi. No extra fa! tied on these. Chine bone- jnd feather bones removed. USDA Choice Grade Beef, .r^ Beef Sirloin Steak , b . $ l 8 ? : aone-in cuts, any thickness. USDA Choice Grade Beet. ··'-" Beef T-Bone Steak ,, S 2 15 . No tails left on these. Also Short Cut and Ponertim^e* Steaks at the same price. USDA Choke Grade beef. Beef Short Ribs ,,,. 85c Genuine Short Ribs to braise or BBQ. Well defatted. USDA Choice Grade Beef. - "* Discount Priced Buys Beef Chuck Steak lb .'l 25 No. 7-Bone cuts. Cut from bone-in Cliutk Portions. USDA Chojcc Grade Beef. Round Bone Arm Roast ,,, $ 1 29 Exctiltht lor Swiss Sleak. USDA Choice Grade Beef. fop Sirloin Steak ,, S 2 25 Boneless Beef. Genuine Top Sirloins. Cut any thickness. USDA Lhojce Grade Beef only- Beef Cube Steak , k .'l 75 Made oT USDA Choice Grade Beel only. Bel Monte Catsup ";,;. 44c Save With Discount Prices Potato Chips unch *,,. 14P £49c Potato Chips M e "£ 47c ft Fig Bars Buiy Bak ., ' P t 34c ft Cookies 2 X59c Busy Baker. Family assortment. ft Buc-Wheats g;r" "£ 59c ft Sugar Cookies 20pk ": 49c Busy Baker. Discount Refrigerated Foods © Corn Oil Margarine VE 45c FleischmannV m Margarine £ 32c Whipped Miracle. Orange Juice 32Fl ": 43c Lucerne, chilled. (48-oz. plst. 64cl. 1 English Muffins " P 7;27c Mrs. Wright's. Cheddar Cheese rr ,b. s l-» Safeway. Random weight packages. Cheddar Club Cheese lb M" And bacon. Safeway. Random weigh! package*. More Discount Savings Cheez Krisps Par)y Pri de ',£. 37c Cherry Peppers ££,.' "," 48c Saltine Crackers l:ii. ' P f, 27c Honey Grahams p » Suqar. Busy Baker. Pig DdfS Busy Baker. ph Oatmeal Snaps :: ,. , al ,. r !£j. 36c Cleaner wh! 1 ,"' m. 20-01. Magic. can More Discount Prices Ginger Snaps Busy ,. k . r . 14P £ 36c Vanilla Wafers , UIy ,.,,.,".£. 36c Banana Wafers su^aJ'pSSBc Brown-in-Bag JT. 0 '?,... pk9 161c H Roasting Bags pk * ,° 0 47c Cooking Magic, 10" x 15", Roasting Bags pk9 °I61c Cooking Magic, 12" x 18". * Bathroom Tissue ·Kleenex Boutique 2 ply. 2-roll j)Q4 Pk9 ,oo°; ZO Discount Priced Buys Alcoa Foil Wrap 375l \ 0 1,39c AlumTnum Foil "·'·"··,,·; 45c Heavy Duty. Kitchen Craft. Dinner Napkins pk9 5 155c fownhouie, 3 ply. Northern Towels 10 °·*·£ 35c 2 ply. Bathroom Tissue 4 r :;' 2p4k090 39c Northern, 1 ply. 1 Apricot Nectar 6 5 t",63c Libby. Snack Pudding £,:;.. 4 5C ^ 52c Libby Beans ^ 18c In Molasses with Port. Vegetarian Beans Hc ^ 18c Libby. Discount Savings Heinz Baby Food eo . Me Strained frmts, vegetables or juices. Heinz Jr. Baby Food ,,, 16c Fruits and vegetables. Hi Meat Dinners **£ I8c Heinz Junior Meats ,,,,. 25c Jell-well Gelatin 3P \". lie Detergent 20P £ 3i c WMIo Magic. Automatic For Dishwashers. Prices good in Safeway Stores featuring full-line Delicatessens. 45c Cooked Salami , T" Boiled Him lk '2' 2 Paper Towels Truly Fine, 1 ply Check These Discount Prices Bathroom Tissue 4 0 T'S39c Soft 'N Pretty. ft Bloody Mary Mix 6 ";" 73c Libby. ft Realemon Juice ",,". 39c Breakfast Drink 2Ig t91c Borden's Instant. Empress Cherries 8 59 ": 49c Maraschino. La Lani Pineapple 20 ;?n 39c Sweet Potatoes 23c ° a[n 42c Whole. Town House. Spaghetti ;r°an 15 ;V n 19c Heinz Ketchup 28' Discount Refrigerated Foods Monterey Loaf , b . 98c Safeway, natural. Random weight packages. Wisconsin Cheese c ,l; l b M " Natural. Safeway. Random weight packages. Provolone Cheese ,,,'I 18 Safeway, sliced. Random weight packages. ft Lucky Whip To|(plBg . '; 0c 'n 49c ft Pimento Spread 8 ;? n 45c Milk S:*! 17 ' /2 1?n.60c Blossom Time, homogenized. Low Fat Milk^/H 09 ^.i 56c Lucerne, Two-Ten. Buttermilk % tJ:62c «S37c Lucerne. 'Quality Bakery Goods Discount Priced Baker's Coconut Angel Flake 39' Save With Discount Prices Chicken Broth " 7S ;V n I7c S ?eanut Butter 12 ,°,U7c * NuMade. Creamy or Chunky. It Cats Pride £ b ;± b tJr, 59c m White King Soap 5 ;'.V1 27 m Water Conditioner " p ^54c White King. ^ Cleanser wK^ M. gic14 .« lie © Bathroom Cleaner 17 ;V n 59c Foam. Pine-iol. Master Plumcr 'X 89c Kava Instant Coffee 7, s r 90% Acid free. Needs at Discount Prices Taking pictures Easter Sunday? Stock up on film now! GAP 126 Color Film: :T= fks 79* GAP 126 Color Film».z~ '% $ r 8 GAP Super 8 Film pkg, , $ r Movie film, color. Orafix Adhesive · 7 ?r99c Alberto VO-5 Shampoo ,', 99c Mitchum Liquid An.ipmpiran. ·', '1" Mitchum Cream An,i W , S pi,;,,, " '1" Dial Anti-Perspiranf ', s i 29 Ultra Ban 5000 A n,i m r,p,,,n, V »1 47 Kodak CM 26 Color Film ,», T 9 Pamper's Diapers S%;,, "'· £ S 1 ·" Liquiprin .i*^ ,.OH *. ^'l- 1 ' Oven Cleaner .,, J'^ 'l° s ft Easy-Off Spray "",,»54c Tuih bulton, for windows. A Easy-Off Liquid '"i"50c ·' arv "\ Winrfow Clfflner with pump. Wizard Deodorant ",;.' 49c American Dcauly, wick. Light Bulbs ^.MI». Soli Whilt. Central Eltclrit. 100 or 60 w«ll!. Funk Waqnoll's Young Students Encylopedia An exciting Encylo- pedia tor children. Vo1 - ' 9fiC They're full of color ««!· *"" photos and illustrations. Start your set Volume 9 8. 10 They', a beautiful $1 -69 , addition to any li- I each brary. Donuts Skylark Bread "«; 42' Sandwich. Jelly Snails up \":69c Safeway, Orange jolly. Apple Puffs ^; g hA 2 " .ft 65$ Danish Ring '^ 63c Cherry Cheese, Safeway. · - * Coffee Cake I0 5 ;; 64c Maple Danish Nut, Safeway. ' . Danish Ring 12pk 764c Aprico; Almond Macaroon. Safeway. - I Raisin Sticks '" S\ 49c Mrs. Wright'i. Lemon. Danish Swirls ",£67e Raspberry Jelly. Safeway. Pudding Ring Cake Hp \";89c Lemon flavored. Safeway. **' 01. $ I.!» Safeway Cakes ", White Layer Cake " P £ 99c L.mon lend. Mrs. Wright'i. Ranch Layer Cake '%": 45c Variity Ic.d, Mrs. Wright's. Hot Cross Buns 12P £ 45c MriV-Wright's. Diet Bread, ,, \*, Skylark Bread V«i Seumo Butter and Egg. Farm Style Rolls I2p £37c SWirk. Sesame Rolls $ky ,. rt MP £ Frozen Foods Discount Priced Drumsticks £:';: NTMI.»!** 158c Frozen Limeade ';",, I3c Bel-air, a warm weather favorite. Frozen Waffles " p £ 42^ Hot 'N Buttery. Downyflakc. '.Z~* Original Waffles '° P :;46c Aunt Jemima, froien. Buttermilk Waffles 10P ^.46c Aunt Jemima, froien. . · ^ i © French Fries lit y,l g :27c Yankee Crispers "\":53c : Plain French Fries. Frozen. Pecan Danish np £.87c Slaied. Stoulfer, froien. Almond Crunch Cake Mpk ": 87c Stouffer's, froien. Lemon Pound Cake " 5pk ".87c : ; Frozen Cupcakes 122SP £ 87c : .; Cream filled. StouffoVs. . ^.' Discount Priced Savings jt Gala Napkins '*»,,·{ 33it*;, 1 ply, with border*, · * - * ^ Stuffing Mix pk , 50c : Stove Top. * · Mixes ^.50c /- Golden Grain. Stir and Sftrve. ' -' * 1 Tuna Helper a. r 12pk ":87c Crumb Cake pk Blueberry, froien. Stouffer's. Frozen Streusel 0P ^ 87c AppU Pecan. Stouffer's. Coffee Cake X77c Twitted. Stouffcr's, frozen. Frozen Cupcakes 10Pk °; 77c Devil's Fudge, Stouffer'i. Crumb Cake '%": 77c Frkrich, froien. Stouffer'i. Crumb Cake S1 \" q . 77c Miiaroon, Stouffer'i froian. i frozen Mince Pie 2 ^ 33c IJejio's Pizza snac k , 72 ^ ®Jeno's Pizza Rolls ' P ^ Snack tray size. Froian. Patio Dinners r.,,,,,, e ^. 45c El Chico Dinners F r , pkg .59c '·trllO. Pizza Saluto, frozen U" Pdity 33-01. JO27 Pizza p k g . *· !0.oi. J i l l pkg. 1 Save With Discount Prices Spray Starch Ni ,g ar . 22 ;°',,69c Spray Starch ,,,.,.,,. "* 55c ft Butter-Nut Coffee ft Edwards Coffee 2I L J 1 H Jumbo Olives TR ± PiHed Ripe Olives ';°; n 48c Large tiia. Town House. Manzanilla Olives 7,610 Spanish, stuffed. Empress. Stuffed Olives 7 44c Thrown, Empress, Manzanilla. Spanish Green Olives 7 ;,:: 44c Empren, Queen plain thrown. Polish Dill Spears Zippy, fresK pack. Sweet Cuke Chips Zippy, fresh pact. Sweet Gherkins,, Shredded Coconut Premium. Baker's. Photo Processing is as near as Safeway cx-ittvi" (12-jumbo prints). Your choice of regular or silk finish jumbo prinfv that measure 3 '/i" x 3 Vi". Other photo services also available at comparable everyday low prices. Quality Produce at Discount Prices Grapefruit ib 14 Pink or White. Indian River. Florida grown. Brand ' US: 99c Del Montc fftHf* fr ?4 '^S+* £ Oranges ^ 59c f "^3- L IB|M Valencia! from Arizona. Pineapple H^H^ «. 59c Celery Hearts Honda ea 49c Raisins Go , den ,,,,,,,., "^SSc Cucumbers Me , ican ,,,.' 29c Potatoes Frr/rtida. ,b. I3c C«..«^v^'KN^^-«Awx' Spring Garden Needs ******tr**A*i +»~u».'*^ IVi-oz. pkgi . 2 %°; 55c 32g " 56c '^ 47c X4lc Rose Bushes J 5 ^, ';,,, H .'!" Ammonium Sulphate Day Tntal S T' 3 Safeway Brand. rrtA I Uldl Crabgrass Control. ca. I Decorative Bark "X S 1" Steer Manure SafegreenSfS. 20 ' 05 T S S 2" Ortho Weed-B-Gon r Peat Moss sob i b , 83c Sprinkler ,,,,,,,,,,,. E , eriin T*'I*"I ~M-*T- i-^rnyi-ii J tfTTrnL^trni-iij^ii_i-\rirui/uiunu'mijTji_nu 30-tb. SO-77 1 big t 43-01. SO.98 tan · SC.« ·:. 3 ·»-«««Mww^,J Blooming Mums 6" Pots. Assorted Colors. Foiled. LI 1165 3 or more blooms. Potting Soil Plant Coasters F °, SO.29 ei. ·· "Si- 93c Indoors. ei. I 9C Discount Refrigerated Foods Half Half r.40c 1/: r.32c Lucorne. (ql. ctn. 79c). Sour Cream ";~ 64c 8 ;^. 42c Lucorno. (With chivos, 12-oz. ctn. 51c). Cottage Cheese 2 ^: 77c Lucerne. A Fruit Drinks Luccrnc % 1i 25c SAFEWAY Prices good thru Tues., April 17, 1973 in Grecley, Colo. Mono told to doftlors. © Copyright 1965, Sale- wny Stores Incorporated. Discount Priced Buys Hoi Roll Mix $;,,,,,. 1375P ^.35c ft Velkay Shortening 3 ;' abn 65c Mazola Corn Oil '' B ;; I ': 5 1 25 ® Pure Vegetable Oil TiiSSc Vegetable Spray 13 ;; n$ l 25 Pam, florosol. Adam's Sour Gum P V Be Save With Discount Prices Cocktail Onions 8q "; 49c Imported- Holland. Empress. Chocolate Chips B a k ,r S 'X. 77c m Fruit 'N Crunch *·%. 75 C Pillsbury. HOMOGENIZED ' MILK Top quillty GruH A - 3.1% buttlrllt - pitltutliid, homojinlm), Con- Ulni 400 «tn U.S.P unlti Vilimln D par quirt- richer thin liwt nqulM. Supirltr milk ll no titrl Prices good in all Safeway Stores featuring full-line In-Store Bakeries. Safeway discount... where the customer is number one! || Rolls ,,. 3c "Wm Bullfrmllk. Hot Gross BUM 6 ,., 35c

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