Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 8, 1967 · Page 15
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 15

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1967
Page 15
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Idaho Free Press Caldwel! News-Tribune, Thursday, June 8,1967 - ' ANHLAKS1RS HELOISE'S HELPFUL HINTS Trapped Groom How fo Keep Soap Pads from Rusting Rotten Husband Dear Ann Landers: I was 19, pregnant and unmarried, The boy was marry me,but I am happy to say 1 turned Mm 1 down. And this is what I am writing about. It was the right decision and I want fo tell every girl who may one day be faced with the choice to find the courage, for the love of heaven, and do as! did. Now that the ordeal is over, I am free to make a new life for myself. What's more my child is in the home of a happy couple who love him and can give Mm the security I never could. My cousin (agel7)whobecame pregnant made the other choice because her parents wanted her to, and she is miserable. Her husband feels he did her a favor by marrying her and now he figures he is entitled to do as he pleases. The baby is asthmatic and my cousin Is a nervous wreck. Her doctor and minister have recommended divorce. Please keep telling girls to go U alone, Ann. They'll never re- fret It. -SUNNY SKIES AHEAD TOP COWBOY Mahan Remains Leader DENVER (UPI) - L i t t l e Larry Mahan of Brooks, Ore., slowed his pace last week, but still held a near · uncatchable lead on over-all rodeo winnings for the year, the Rodeo Cowboys Association has revelled, Mahan, last year's all-around cowboy and top money winner, won only $619 in prize money in the recent rodeo at Ft. Smith, Ark. But he is still way ahead in championship standings with his year's winnings so far total- ling $23,540. Second place in championship standings at the end of last week's competition was In the hands-of John W. Jones of San Luis Obispp. Calif., with 'win- Dear Sunny: I have repeatedly said a trapped groom makes a rotten husband. Thanks for saying it better. Dear Ann Landers: Your column Is probably the most talked about and influential daily feature in American newspapers. Your impact on the lives of millions of people is staggering -and yes, frightening. Because your word is accepted as gospel truth, It Is essential that your concepts be based on the latest data. I believe some of your notions, Ann landers, could stand serious re-examination. For example, when asked what Is the average American woman looking for today, you give the same answer that has been good for the past 2,000 years: "A woman wants love, understanding, integrity -- to be needed, to be fulfilled." This may have been true for two centuries, but fimes have changed, and so have American women. Please tell your readers that today the average American woman wants a man with money, good looks, good clothes and a good car. If you haven't got the loot, the looks, the threads, and the machine -- forget it, Mac. So get tuned in, Annie, and (ell It the way It Is. Dames today want the lush life, not love. And I hope they get everything they deserve. - U. OF WASHINGTON Dear U. OF Wash.: Sorry, I don't buy It. There have always been dames who put money and comfort first, and these dolls go back further than2,000years. But in easy life with no emotional support didn't make them happy then, and It doesn't make them happy now. The woman with a full set of brains does not look for looks, loot, or superficial trappings. She knows a glamorous facade which may fool the casual observer is like ashes in the mouth when there is no love, understanding and mutual respect. Confidential to Me and My Big Mouth: The person doesn't live DEAR FOLKS: Do you lute pad bccaute It runt* onc« you have uufi ItT let mi* Ml you Hlwt tu do. Get un empty peanut butter jar (I happen to IIM an rxtra sugar bowl berausc It looks fire on my dralnboard) and put a ioap-fiUed pad In It. Turn on yuur hot water faucet. Let the water net real h o t . . . Fill the Jar at leant halfway with hot wattr. Take a ipoon and ptihh the pad UNDER the water. Cap the Jar (II you are lalng a Migar buw) put the lid bark on) and let U sit on your dralnboard overnight. Here'* where your surprise Hill come: The next morning UK you lilt up the pad you will find n Ihkk (tlouuy NUbHtanre. Thla IK wonderful. I call It jeweten' rouge. AH you pick up the pad, squeeze moat of this noapy residue out ... then scour your pol« and pans! You haven't wanted all of the jewelers' rouge. After you are through using (he pad us a scourer, rinse It under the faucet to get all of Ihe particles of mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc., out of It, leaving the uud perfectly clean. I'lac* It hack In the Jar of goop, l*lng «ure that it Is UNDKR the water. You can use the pad for weeks and U will not rust It you use this method. If the water line goes down, add soine more water, or some type of liquid detergent But don't let the air get to the sleel wool. This Is what causes rust. dee, I love to aave u penny. Don't you ? Helolse · · LfllM Of LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: A good place to leave noles for your children, your husband or yourself (I'm always trying to remember something myself . . .) Is on the front door of your refrigerator. Anchor them with a small magnel. It works like magic. You can't possibly miss it as everyone In the entire family goes to the refrigerator for something at some time during the day. Mother DEAR HELOISE: Did you ever forget to iron your husband's shirt till the last minute . . . and he's getting dressed ? When I do, I dip a bath towel in hot water and wring it out fairly well. Put the shirt in it and roll it up and in a few moments It is perfect for ironing. Dorothy D. * * * DEAR HELOISE: I sell perfume and would like to help your readei-3. I quite agree that all of those beautiful bottles of perfume and cologne should be displayed proudly. But please, ladies, do not display them where they will be in the sun. It will evaporate your perfume and over a period of time will actually change the fragrance! Carol Johnson DEAR HELOISE: When removing a ham. cranberry sauce, etc., from a can, instead of making a hole in the bottom of the can itself, just insert a knife blade down the side between the food and the can and watch the contents come right out. Martha Davey ' · * You're right, It works! Hetolse DEAR HELOISE: For those women who tl not have dishwashers or spra; hoses on their sink for scald ing and sterilizing t h e i 'l find a child's pliable plas ttc sprinkler pail just perfec for this. These pails can b bought at most five and dim stores. Sarah Sandi DEAR HELOISE: I've found a quick and eas way to dry nylons, comb! brushes and any other sma item I forget to wash ahea of time and need right awaj Just put them in the hoo of a portable dryer and they'l dry in no time. J. M. £ Last week's top money winner was Pau second place in bareback bronc riding earnings, won $1,547 in rodeos at Fort Smith and Wlchl- ta Falls, Tex. The standings: Saddle bronc s--1. Shawn Davis, Whitehall, Mont., $10,681.2. Marly Wood, Bowness, A l i a . , $9,424. 3. Larry Mahan, Brooks, Ore., $8,346. Bareback broncs-l.C 1 y d e Vamvoras, Burkburnett, Tex., $9,177. 2, Paul Mayo, Grinnell, Iowa, $9,378. 3, Mahan, $7,466. Bull Riding -- 1, Bill Stanton, Amboy, Wash., $6,793.2, Myrtls DigMman, Houston, Tex., $8,520. 3, Mahan, $7,728. Calf Roping - 1, Jim Bob Altizer, Del Rio, Tex., $12,083. 2, Glen Franklin, House, N.M., $10,010. 3, Olin Young, Peralta, N.M., $7,384. Steer Wrestling - 1, John \V. Jones, San Luis Obispo, Calif., '$13,067. 2, Roy Duvall, Boyntoo, Okla., $10,131. 3, Allen Keller, Olathe, Colo., $9,513. Team Roping -- 1, Joe Glenn, 3, Jl les, :, Jr., Paso Rob$2,878. Outage Cause Found WASHINGTON (UP1) T )l? Federal Power Coinmmission Wednesday pinpointed the cause of Monday's electrical blackout in a four-state Middle Atlanta area,' but said it still was puzzled why it was so widespread. Chairman Lee C. White said in a statement that investigators identified the source of the trouble as ashort-circuitcaussd by a high-voltage line stretching from intense heat of a power overload. The commission said the loid on the line, part ol the with those vodka martinis. Better to be a little quiet and inhibited than to shoot off your face and destroy friendships. Is alcoholism a disease? How can the alcoholic be treated? Is there a cure? Read the book- Jet "Alcoholism - Hope and Help," by Ann Landers. Enclose 35c in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her In care of this newspaper, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Mideast Casualties Unrevealed By United Press International According to the official communiques, almost the only casualties in the Middle East war have been airplanes and tanks. Although there has been bitter fighting on several fronts since the outbreak of war Monday, there has been no mention by either side of casualty figures. There were more reports of deaths In the border skirmishes before the war than there have been from the fighting itself. Neither side has followed the usual pattern of claiming to have inflicted massive IOSSCSOD the other. On Tuesday, Israel said 500 persons had been wounded in a Jordanian shell attack In Jerusalem but again there were no reports of death. On Monday, Israel admitted the loss of 19 planes but the fate of the pilots was not mentioned. Egypt's only confessed plane loss of two on Tuesday likewise said nothing about the pilots. However, it Is known that three Western news correspondents were killed and there has been mention of an occasional Isolated civilian death, but never exact figures. Philadelphia Eelectric Co. system In Souteastern Pennsylvania, reached600,000kilowattson , . · a section of line In a remote at the Nampa yards brought a ; area near Bradford, Pi, $73,050 lawsuit In U.S. District The line normally carries a. Court today apdcst the Union :· load of about 500,000 kilowatts Pacific Railroad. ·· and the extra load r raising the Hldon L. Frank alleged In his . amperage caused the line to complaint that he was Injured ' ' heat rapidly and to stretch out. Nov. 15, 1966 when negligent ''' '-' It sawed close to a low voltage operation of a switch englue ·'·· ··line beotatii it, causing * short twice resulted In collision with "'"'circuit. boxcars. Frank Files Suit BOISE (UP!) - A switchman :PAY PACK ELECTRIC PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Save at Both Pay Packs - Nampa and Boise 1 st Birthday Sale DURING OUR BIG MONTH-LONG SALE PRICES EFFECTIVE AT BOTH STORES SUBJECT TO STOCKS ON HAND IDAHO BUILT PLASTIC PIPE rfultry. pticit* |»winj Mihe 'm. or 4ulrr, ktwtit UTILITY GRADE FOR IRRIGATION «A"xlOO'. V 4 "«IOO' PxlOO" 229 I'AxlOO'. 8.45 N.S.F. GRADE, 80-Lb. Teit For Drinkin{ Water 4.49 IW'xlOO' . 6.95 r/j"xlOO' . 4.95 11.45 15.75 27.95 iNSTALL YOUR OWN LAWN SPRINKLER SYSTEM Using Rain Jet or Champion Equipment FTM E«|inttrt*| WKin Yin Iiiy Ywir Mttirbb it Fly fr P«V Let Us Help You Plan Your System 52-GaL FAMILY SIZE ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Gtaii Lined Hi-Temp. Cut-off 10 Yr, Mfi'i. Guarantee With On* 2000 Witt and One 2500 Witt Element On-r 49.50 ' MODI 52 ! SWAG LAMPS W« hm l wwi'wM !*· Itctron of pop" I" "'I Itmpf In Itylw I* ·«· mtniit«!rh ntry tatri. Hvi tchMu. AN ^luliry built »nd pried r b*. l«w nfi'i. luiswtW Hit. NIGH RECOVERY MODEL With two 4500 £4)50 watt elementi., QUALITY BUILT 3-pc. BATHROOM SETS PRICED AS LOW AS. 13,95 125 Amp. Cip. BREAKER BOX With Sub. Main 15,95 1W Meter Ba* 4.50 1 "A", We«H head 1.35 DIMMER SWITCH Long Life LIGHT BULBS Glnt infinite cMtnl tf lighting Impact Sprinklers Tub hai reinforced ireel bet- torn. Choice of wall-hung or built-in baiin. Gleimin( white porcelain on tteel. TRIM 6,95 PORTABLE BASES iMtlll 11 part »f your permanent lyirem or hook up to your firden holt. /i" Full Cirtli 1.95 i/V Full Circle 3.95 4,79 1.95 IV Adjuitih (At PitlurtJI 21 " x 32" Porcelain or Steel DOUBLE COMPARTMENT SINKS Xipfjci (hit cHIpp* ind worn link now, 8.95 Lfu Trim , «Ji»» vtrk i tun *f «···. Inlly IftltllM M · » r " i l l switch. 130 V«h I for L*«|*f . 10.95 WuthirprMf Yard and PATIO LIGHTS F!o«Sli(ht Type, Complete with ISO Witt Bulbf Do You Need a Pump? Wt Carry a C.mpltte Sl«k of Pliitie Pipe Fittinp ferAnyWjterNe«d...lriij«riofi, Stack Witsr, Etc. Ch«k with ui on ALL cf your pump «ed« for Jomeitic or iriiption water for Quality Pumpi by AERMOTOR PUMPS Irrijition pumpi Weal (or ditch or ri»er me. /4 h.p 75.00 1 h. P 39.00 I '/a h.p. ...108.00 GRADE 'A' TOILETS 18"» Single 159 Twin QUIET WALL SWITCHES 15 Amp Rated SEAT (White Only) tinllit H IKuitriHM 34' Vi 5 /4 42 Shallow Well Pumpi ... 74.95 h.p. Convertible Pump 107.00 gal. Glut-lined Pressure link 29.50 h.p. Sump Pumpi 38.50 GALVANIZED PIPE In 21 H. Lenjtht WASH BASINS |95 LKS TRIM r GROUNDED IVORY WALL OUTLETS WALL PLATES 12-2 WC B'JILDINS WIRE 250 ft, R o l l . . . , 14 95 H' H -**» 4 Inch CAST IKON MM '/i Mch flit . , 10* ei. Vj inch Union* 39* ·· H. ·»» Vi inch T'I .22* « Ho.* lib 1.29 ADD-A-SHOWER KIT 15 95 CMVHH yxir tub ih«««r In mlnurti. Illy I* hi'ill inn wiH. ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES 1:30 to 5:30 Mondiy through Friday; Srturiiy* 8:30 to 4:30 IOISE NAMPA 710 N, Orchard, Phon« 342-8917 824 Itvd., Phon* 4«. 7807 ·AY PACK ELECTRIC PLUMBING SUPPLY CO.

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