Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 27, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1975
Page 6
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The Idaho Kree Press The News-Tribune, Monday. January 27,1ST75 - 6 MON. - FRI. DAYTIME TV .JiU ·^ »:30 14 1 10:30 11:34 11:38 1:3* lit } 3; 3! 4 4:38 I 1:38 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) CBS Warning New] The Joktc't Wild Gimbil Love ol Life Yaor*9 I The Retlltii S*irh |gr Tgmcrrow TM Guiding Light As The Warld Tumi Edge ol Nighi New Price it Rtghl W ?*"* T*t1lel»l*i Mike Dougrat Show Konanii CBS Evening New* KBOl «e*s Ch.4 KAID(PBS) LlliJi, Y«gi 1 Yog Stiame S1re*l E1(tlric Campjnv Viilj Alere Mr Rogirt Career Educjficn Stiune Streel Mr. Roje/i Vilfa AKgre Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) The Lucy Show Password Split Second Air MY Children UP* Mike a Detl lie.QH Pyramid The Big Showdown General HDipitil One Lile lo live The Money M*i? TifimiiM Tuitdo New Zoo Revue Lajiie Star Trek ABC Evening Ntwi Six Ncwi Service Ch. 7 KTVI(NBC) The Today Show " " High Roller i J«cbpol Wh*cl «l Forlgne Cfebrlty SweeptUhei Analher World Somtrs^l Oayt ol Our Liirei Tfte FBI Green Acres And r Gnllilh NBC Nlfhllr Newi Ne«nt*al I Ann Landers HKVKE-AU TV-SftMO GE-APKIANCES--ALL REFRIGERATION 4594804 SLACKER'S MONDAY'S TV Ch.2 KICi(CBf) 4 * 30 t 7:30 1 1:30 5 fjfi 10 10 JO 1 1 11:30 1? 11:39 1 Tfvlh or Coflieqvjtncei Fimlly Allilr Cunimohe Maude RtoJi M«4ici[ Center E; tvutntii Newt CBS Lite Movie .. .. Morninq Headline* Ch.4 KAID(PH) Electric Company SUltriojie Report Ford'i America Waih.nijfon Slr.iigM Til* Special ol Ihe Week The Rcminlic Rebellion Prime Time Blsck Pmpcclive Ch.6 KITC(AK) Hiqh Cnapirral Th« Rock lei Mcndav Night Mo vie .1 Combat Ch.7 KTVB(NIC) To Tell the Truth Cmujd Camera Smohen Brolhtrs Monday Nighi wavie .. Newibeat 7 Tonight Stiow Tomorro* TUESDAY'S TV Ch. 2 i:)0 7:10 1:30 12! 0 0:10 1:30 1:10 KICK CIS) Family Allair Chirtlt Brown Benjamin Franklin Hawaii Five 0 Eyewitrt«j Nf*i On th« Reound " Ch.4 KAIDlfISi Etecfric Company Stjlehouie Report - Executive Report AulgnmeM America America The Ascent ol Man .. WO.TIJH Scurdtljg? Ch.6 KITC(AIC) High Chaparral Happy Days Marcui WeTby Coixib»f " " Ch.7 KTVI(NBC) Attam 1} Poitci Slary ,, .. HewibtH 7 Tht Tcnight Show .. .. Tc morrow ,, ,. WIN AT BRIDGE Only way to play 'baby'slam NOHTII A M » A K 7 6 5 1 A 9 6 WEST A Q 10 5 » Q J ilia « J 9 A B 5 4 'J EAST * J 9 7 3 y 9 / 6 » Q 10 2 A ID 7 2 SOITII I 111 A A K fi 2 V ,\ K 2 + 83 A A K Q J Both vulnera West Norih East Souih Pass J » Pass I » Pass Pass Pass HJSS Pass ·2 A 2 NT 6N.T. Opening lead -- Q V By Oswald James Jacob) Oswald: "We just received one of I'jC largest paperbacks ever published. Actually, il is a compendium of four books on play by George Coffin and undoubtedly shows at least twice as many example h a n d s as any book ever published " Jim: "They range from simple hands for beginners to ones so complicated (hat even the greatest experts will have trouble wilh them, bul each hand illustrates some point of play." Oswald: "Let's look a t ' I h e first hand in (he book." J i m : " C o f f i n calls il a 'Baby' " hand and it is. South needs five diamond tricks in order to score his slam. He gels them by the simple expedient of conceding (he firsl diamond trick. Then, since diamonds are nice enough (o break 3-2. he makes his contract." Oswald: "Had the diamonds failed to break South would have gone down two tricks, bul he still would have given the hand the only play lhal might have won for him." Jim: "We don't necessarily approve of Mr. Coffin'sbidding. Neither does lie. since the book is on the play of the cards." "TKKVL'SNBTIKS" "INDECENT" TOfCWEMA " THEATRE DINNER SPECIAL FOR TWO! Mofl.-Tues.-Wed.-Xijhts $Q99 forT.o W Plut Tax Chokt of 4 Dinners Dinn«r at tK* Thoroughbred and Th»aYn al Tht Karch.r Mall Twinl THOROWHIRED (ttitauranl-Uung* !' -rchorMoll--Nampo NOW SHOWING k "STACEY" .-_PLUS- 'STUDENT Advice regarding parents criticized I)I'llr Ann: I [eel lhal you arc unduly harsh in your criticism o! children who, for one reason 01 another, luwe severed them selves from their parents. 1 hope you will listen lo what some of us arc saying. We are no( warped by bitterness and hale. We al- lemptcd to make our parents feel wanted and loved but met up with a wall of solid resistance. My liusband and I provided a home for my molher, wilhin our own home. Nol just a room, bul an apartment which we built complete with kilchen. We let her ruin our children with candy and cake, countermanding our instructions, undermining our attempts at discipline. We did her errands and walked the last mile. It wasn't sufficient. She wallowed in self-pity and accused us of not "doing enough." 1 was finally driven into therapy where 1 learned that she Warned first my father, then others for all her imhappiness. Now it is my turn lo carry the guill and 1 refuse. When a parenl threatens your mental health, the relationship with your children, and you have exhausted every avenue, there is nothing lo do bul call it quits. -One Who Tried Dear One: There arc always two sides lo every story, and I am pleased lo print the other side. Thank you for writing. Dear Ann lenders: I would like to reply to "Alone A Lot"-Ihe woman who wanted lo know if bisexuality is grounds for divorce. Tell her yes, il is. I obtained a divorce a year ago from a bisexual, and it is considered the same as adultery. Most homosexuals slay lo Iheir own kind which is, of course, whal Ihey ouglil to do. The ones who are ashamed of whnl Ihcy arc often try to pass themselves off as heterosexuals by sneaking around wilh Iheir gay friends at private parlies or out-of-lhc-way places, and managing lo escorl some rp^rwrljihtp woroiri In «oci;il functions. When I was daling D. I had no idea what he really was. Our sex life was wonderful. He had me completely fooled. In fact he used lo make some very unkind remarks about my hairdresser who was overtly gay. Wilhin Ihree months of our marriage 1 loo, was "Alone A I.ol." Thi' trulli finally came out when D. came lo me and said he couldn't go on living with me because he missed his boyfriend so much il was driving him crazy. Please, Ann, print this lellcr for homosexuals who think they can lead a double life. It's a rollen thing lo do to a woman- Used In Appleton Dear U: Here's your letter and I hope il helps. 1 agree- it is a rotten thing to do lo a woman. The bidding lias been: 27 West N'orlh Kast South Pass 1 v Pass ? You South, hold: * A Q 7 6 V 2 » K .] 5 1 A A Q B i vVhnl do you do? A -- Rid one spade. You w a n t to continue to describe your hand. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to two hearts. Whnl do you do now? A n s w e r Tomorrow Sex difference CHICAGO IUPII - University of Chicago Center for llc-allh Administration study stuiwcd lhal men are mnrt: likely than women to havi. 1 no usual source of health can. hut they have shorter waits in jji-i ;m appointment or s« the doctor, nncc in his office, than do ivomcn. Astro- Graph .rBernice BedeOsol For TueKJay, Jan. 28, 1975 ARIES (March 21-Apiil 19) Put very Mile stock in information passed on to you at luncheons or cocktail parlies. H's merely colorful conversation. TAURUS (Apri) 20-M»y 20) You'll Tind yourself in a spot where you'll feel you have lo lell a few white lies to cover for shortcomings of a family member. GEMINI (May 21-Jime 20) It's kind to compliment another it the remarks are deserved. Don't use [lattery today as a tool for ulterior purposes. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Continue to be on guard in any situation that costs you out-of- potjkel. Firsl. be sure your dollar will do its full.job.. - . LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You're quite indecisive. You'll look lor roules lhal offer Ihe least resistance, rather man meeting issues head-on. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Avoid a companion who does not operate openly or you'll be in a complicated situation lhat will be difficult lo gel out of. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You're likely lo give loo much allention today to nonproductive interests. Attend lo duties Eirst, play when they're finished. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You'll feel you have to put on a Iron! lo make a favorable impression. Thai's your pride speaking, nol the real you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You're easy prey for a fast- talking purveyor oMIamboyant ideas. Be sure you buy the steak not Ihe siule. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Do your budge! a favor. Oon't spend funds earmarked for essentials on items unnecessary lor your immediate needs. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) If you make promises lo a loved one today, make every el- lorl lo see they're fulfilled and not jus! idte words. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You're apt lo be a bil lax where self-discipline is required, especially where sensible health habils are concerned. your brthday Jan 21, 1975 This wilt bea busy year foryou, career-wise and socially. Sucess comes in an unexpected manner, bul nol through silualions where you have Iriends as partners. MOVIE MTIN6 Fir riiiih t U M M N 17ADMIFHL Hints from He/oi'se Lazy Susan saves space Dear Heloise: I'm a grandmother living in a mobile park and find space very limited. As 1 bake a lol for my granddaughters, I missed my mixer on a stand until 1 found I could use my portable mixer by putting the bowl on a Lazy Susan from a round relish tray set I had. Mrs. K.Massow * * » Dear Heloise: I read with laughter the column recently on the "Unwritten Laws." You have a feature in your column called "Letters of Laughter," which I dearly adore, and another which you call "Letters of Thought," which 1 never miss, because they help me so much. 1 wish you.would carry a feature ·"calledj-^y.awritten Laws'"- and-'ask--:for.'contributions. Here are a couple of unwritten laws at our house: No one puts their dirty clothes in the laundry basket until Mom finishes the wash that was in the laundry basket, thinking all the dirty clothes are all laundered. Or no one may remember school supplies needed the next day until Mom and Dad are already in bed and nearest store that is open is five miles away. Carol t * * Carol, I cracked up while reading your letter. As a mother, 1 know just exactly whal you mean. How about it, readers, will you write and tell us the "Unwritten Law" in your house? We would low to hear from you! Write to Heloise in care of this newspaper. Heloise Dear Heloise: For all those ladies with stale cakes, and cakes thai stuck to the pan, don't throw them away. Take Ihe cake, crumble it up and mix it with frosting. Press il in a loaf pan and top with softened ice cream of equal parts. It sure makes a great split level frozen dessert! P.S. Sounds mouth-watering to me--and, naturally, calorie- free it isn't!! Heloise Dear Heloise: When using fabric softener that needs mixing with water, I avoid trips to the faucet because I have an extra plastic jug that I keep ready with a batch already mixed up. Joanne Lozier Dear Heloise: When one needs lo use a baster for roast or chicken etc., and you don't have one handy or yours has seen its last days, use a plastic squeeze bottle wilh the tip on top. (Be sure to wash and rinse it well first.) This makes an excellent substitute. All you do is squeeze and draw in the juice and squirt away. Be sure the lop is on tight so it won't leak, and you are all set. , , ,Mrs.T.L.T. Dear Heloise: Just a few days ago my mother found a way lo save on pillows. She uses my brothers' and sisters' oid pull-over shirts ' lhat have no zippers, buttons or -.snaps. First she sews up each sleeve and the neck opening. Next she takes scraps of material and stuffs it into the sleeves and body area. All lhal is left to do is sew up Ihe bottom. Now we have a pillow for the children's room and Ihey are greal to watch TV with. Sandra Karris Colorado men to face trial I'OCATRI.i.O. Idaho (UPM Two Colorado men have been linund over lo District Court for trial nn charges of first degree murder in the shnnling of a hospital security guard during Ihe robhcry of Si. Anthony hospital pharmacy Nov. I. Dale Ilimnan and William Murray Prince, both 22 and from Denver, also were- charged with assault with intent lo commit murder and robbery. Nn date was set for Irial. Gary Simpson, 22, a security guard al Ihe, was shol during an exchange of fire when politT walked in on a robbery of the hospital. A Ihird suspect. Gary Allen, 27, Denver, is in cuslody in Colo- radii w a i l i n g extradition to Idaho lo [ace similar charges. TheUfeuMlTlaieiof GR1Z2LV ADAMS THEATRES NAMPADRIVE-IN KARCHERTWIN42 1 -----«·»--«--, .1 mi. M.Vri a txx^*V^S^XXN^V ··"···--^~^~»i^yj4_ To Buy, Sell, or Rent Dial 466-7891 or 459-4664 EVEWTUESOWHICHTISITWMW6HT AtTheCounUyJnr,inNampa LAST 2 DAYS-ENDS TOMORROW Gat««0p»n6:45 SHOW AT 7:15 BIG eor SPECIAL French Fries and Coke \ It's the real thing. Coke. BIG BOY FAMILY RESTAURANT 1921 Caldwell Boulevard Nexf to K-Marf OFFER EXPIRES MARCH 10, 1975 ZALES ItWEUM Our People Make Us Number One Elgin has the quality and

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