Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 19, 1976 · Page 20
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 20

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1976
Page 20
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^ Idaho Fre« Press 8, The Neu-s-Tribune, Thursday, Febfuarv 19, 1976 -A-6 ' r»A| HU/Cl 1 PHONK «s.7iMi « J«J«M i, i »; fl '. i 'hV,TM ,,./ M , r, »-»»· Aupiunces, washer s. «murnwn«a «s opacoKomai , M(1 ^ u-ipp Ipii1 on ,,,.,, llonr UnLUWtLL Pla« your classified ad. storage. Water garbage paid. "'*" ."'"p,,"" 1 ^ LV" 5 " 2 Bdrm., more ihan 2 PHONE -M6-7891 or 45946W to w/ additional storage available. -- No chi'dren or pets. SI40 month. eleclri «:ily. Phone X44-7025 children. tns4-ittd.p«it. Call ulace vour clarified ad. Central downtown location. »175 A U C T Q N FHUiTwonnntMA.n^n^ --Cj " 4 " "£ Mobile Hornets FtH R.nt _4^ wwWk, 5 ,,.,,..«, S.I..J., BPA11T , F(II 5pirF ,. srQp , Snlallpr ,,,,.,,* also ,,.,,.,,,. -riH-n-T -T r ii *0 Ton or any amount. B" "«",,? mcnth mini"' 10 x 50 Mob »s Home furnished, small 7 h-drnnm hnm. r n rees, close to Karcher Mall. S45 454 8902 days. 454-0001 eves. THURS., 7 P.M. orw hd ise^7i C8n "°- *·«"·",. a, u es MM^ST No TM i ''«» rerefr( '- "e^r^: - R"^^.^.^ * FEB. 19th ^-^r^r^ **··«"""""* «· ^'s^r- jr,. 1 , ir.,sr ' -lyuni i '"«*·«'«·"'·«"'"· ,,-~~^ ca,,«4«. s Su'srn.^^s 1 " ·latu c. UBVtjiatU) RoomiBoird 3Q Phone SSS-3647 2 Bdrm. mobile homes. Adults (uur Nfw Loudtioni -- . -- . , ' Private room, excellent meals LOnSignmontS include Olir L ' I(I V or gentleman. Sr Citiien REGUL (\RRUHOnoir pr " rred -' BS 0'" h ' t """ L^-^\^-,-8 ;^one^ e nished. cnrporl. SW.50 1 dep. Nice 1 bedroom mobile home. J64 2541 or «6-?54 SI50 per month plus deposit. ll^Fnr iniminr Room For Rent 40 2 Bdrm. stove reini 1 . NO Phone 459 mm A P D I I A M r - ' C Znuior. Ou.el. comlorlable rooms cn.ioren or pets, ideal lor single Furnished or unlurnished. ? AHHLIANlcS. AND MISC. lorgenllemen No smokers w o r k i n g person or relired Bedroom No pels Olllce 1010 · Open Dally 9 i m lo 6 o m ' " " -- ' " Jus! panned 1 bdrrn., water 1 , . . ,,,... lor Consignments ' Apis. Furnished 41 Garbage paid. S130 month. No 2 Bedrooms furnished. $170 Mo. OR SELL: 3 Bdrm., lencec yard. 1st last month's rent 1240 mo. 423 Meyer. Nampa Call 444-5353 OR SALE: 3 Bdrm., carpet drapes, storage. JI40 month, nc pels. Call 5852924 LANDLORDS! Let us rent ano collect your rent for you. Cat "Homefinder's". 104 So Kimball, Suite 8, Cald. 459-6321 Phone 467 b/8 BY O W N E R : Newer, 3 bdrm. R I S I N G ' S M O B I L E HOME "orr.e. w/ I'/j baths, fireplace, PARK has spaces available in w / w car P el ' dra P", altached family and adult sections g a r a a e C o v e r l Subdivision, Phone 466-9043 m.m. Call 467 3737 after 5 !Mlsc. For Rent 47 Natural wood ceilings 1 beams Slurage space, household goods, home. 3 Bdrms., incl. a king size elc. Carport, boats, campers, master bdrm., 1 'i baths, 2 way etc. Fenced in open slorage. Ph lirealace bel. living rm. f. 466-4796. II no ans. 466 7608. oining rm. Family rm. w/ fire- Farm Properties 49 place - tncloset Patio wnn gas -- __J. grill Large 'i car garage with 215 Acres Black Canyon. 110 elec - openers, air cond., near Acres irrigaled 105 dry land, h '9 h school 8. new grade school, can be improved. Ample water $43,000. Owner, 467 1616 nlO E. Cleveland $40. 1 Room apartment, S55. Call One bedroom apt., appliances, ParK, midway on Narnpa- rental units or houses lor sale lo year conlract. Call 459 3057 horn- wi'ih mountain view Has" MelSiner, * H* ,M« S0,6 carpor, , ± , view no pets. C.l-w.l, Blvd. «, ,», increase their value ; 447-53.4 ' JQ flCRES ,,, ^^ ^'l^K'^l ·_. , Auchoneer w i r o rln , ,,, ^MH^ ,,,, . nhunc 4i^.» Houses For Rant. or Sale: 3 8drm. brick home T^T^B °' n ,,",,",,""- '"I?" carport with s.orage, oaylighl KorSaleorTrado HP . person. $75 mon,,,. a,, utmiies ....^VMANORAPTS. . Furnished 44 ^^r^r 1 - "" Mddie Rd. $40,000. ,,.. TM^1=' ""' Two 12X16 S. "4 r. Ford rrcs 8, -- m7 £ X'rca 1 ;. ';« ,' 6 ?, X1 * TW ? ROOM APARTMENT. ftUuils only. Phone 466 lit] ' Bdrm., S15S + SSO deposit. No New? bdrm. duplex, all electric, March 1. Call 4666762. stove, rclrio.. caroel. draoes. ^,. . . . T ,, . . . -- WantedloB ^ 3B N-^iyie-c-- ^bdrm.Aduns ^rr*T a w»rT '"abWToTEfgrcafd: Good, used, Tcenic on iv. no pels 4 1 7 5 Plus deposit ' , ls 'r ?, I,TM JJJJ ' * S t f e p ' well. 4598927 Genieorgan. CMMHU pels. Call 466-5585 3 ~- · ideal lor men $.10 Month 1 Young slude,, would like good Room opt,.. 555. 1 Room Tots . used Irumpcl, r e a s o n a b l y $75 Call J67 553? or 466 5529 priced Call Parma, m 5317 -- US Canadian coins US silver t a t u w E L L bars, s c r a p gold sMver Phon L . BB "TM S "°' SUt S1 J °' ^ 5 .1660883 2 Bedroom SI60 _ ' Nicely furnished, itnvp, rpfriq , Will pa/ C A S H lor carpel, drapes, parking, quid, F-urniiure - Appliances and well located. Antiques. 4 6 6 - 4 2 3 7 0 M 6 6 0 1 4 1 E V E R G R E E N A R T S . lA/Ann-C AIIPTiml M cornt-ii ul Wdliiul. Micliigan WAHU b AUCTION ana Linden. Mgr. al 2001 Linden We buy, sell or auction 1 item lo * 3. J59 6189 AucMon'ter'^M Schm^ere'r ^9" 2 Bcaroom ' no children. $155 mi S65 nti ; or ms a" monlnplusSSO deposit. Call 466 j j j / , JbJ Si id or HBB iv", 3g5g or sp(1 /M( j f . ^ I t l - l ^ l h A v f One 3 bedroom with family TMUSBS rwMent, room. Also. tv;o bedroom opts Unfurnished 45 NEW! Phone WU164 Srnall , bdrm housei , b|oc| ; n,.in. T r,.,in/Mior lrom M w ' ldeal for middle- NAMPA TOWNHOUSE aged or older person or couple. 2 Bedrooms, 1"; baths. $155 mo. Non-drinkers, no children. Adults only. See Manager in Carpeted. W/ D hookup. Apl. 1710 Juniper St near electric stove, relrig., gas heal, hospilal. Call 467-3576 or 868-2967 water,^ garbage yard work 2 Bdrm S. 3 Bdrm. apts., (some " 459 j 7 jj' C rent Ca " disposal. A/ C, w/ w carpet, WE HAVE 2 and 3 Bedroom fully draped, brick fireplaces, homes. Singles; Apts. garages. 3 Ourm. apartments duplexes. Call "Homefinder's", lave 1'? baths. Call 45V-1255 '04 So. Kimball, Suite 8, Cald after 6 p.m. well. 459-6321 or 459-2645 W A N T E D : WEDDING GOWNS so w.-im pfl ^ 4 Auction Sales 36 Auction Sales 36 COSTUMES. Dial 4SJ 0?50 Nice ouiet. 1 bdrm. jpt No JIM*, C A S H lor washers, dryers, no children. S105 mo. Jusi refrig.. 30" apl. size elec. .minutes from Karcher Mall, ranges, used couches or love . Lakeview Apts. 459-9939 seals. 467 1712 466-7928 eves. ' Auciion Sales 36 Aucuon Sales 36 33rd ANNUAL SOUTHWESTERN IDAHO PUREBRED SWINE SALE THURS. FEB. 26th, 1 P.M. Ai Meridian Dairy Show Barn, Meridian, Idaho GILTS BOARS: Du-cci hcrrpsh.res 8 Yo-kih ,-es. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: o P c.- Cor tc5 , C om es . .,,,. |udg ,ng F ucsd a y Fen 2J'h 9 A W oiOcusPack -g Plant. 3o,u CARCASS JUDGING: Wea Fee ?Sl» 7 30 PM al Dam Pack.TM Fani ; Boise 4-H FFA JUDGING CONTEST: Feb. ?ah. 10 A M a, Mcnd, a n OQ.,, · 3a'n AociTj-ia' 1 PM So'e SDCftsorprf oy Sou^^.ve«em (,^u^o Pu.'eb^ed 5*vi'iey r owe's Asiociaiio.":. FARM MACHINERY AUCTION 1:00 P.M. Friday, Feb. 20th, 1976 As we have sold our larm we will sell the following at Public . Auction: | Terms - Cash Ladies will serve lunch . SALE LOCATED: North ol Caldwell. Idaho -7 miles on the old HiwayJOItien'? mile West then 1 j mile North. [Signs! : T R A C T O R S MACHINERY: IS64 Massey Ferguson model - » «5gaslractor. A-one shape. 195? John Oeere« 60 trader. John I Deere * 45 loader. Mossey-Ferguson spinner two botlom plows. · J.D Cultivator lor t 60. 5 Row corrugalor. Markers; Jorin IDeereJO ol CC cultivator. Specco land plane, 9 It.; Massey. Ferguson rear blade. Tractor boom; ditcher, 3 pi..- two wheel stationary chopper. David Bradley side rake. John Deere manure spreader auger John Deere 7 It. mower » 5. John Deere 3 seciion steel harrow. John Deere landem 811. disc. John Deere · 32 fl. hay elevator mid. rubber P.T.o. Massey Ferguson » 13 baler P.T 0. Ace double wing 6 II. ditcher. 300 Siphon lubes. Cement mixer, scrap iron misc.. A row beet bar; 10 fr pull type CC cultivator FURNITURE MISC.: Sears automalic dryer; small desk; dishes; daveno and chair, utensils. Mr. Mrs. Jack Smith A u c t i o n e e r s : Hardy W a r d Clerk: Jim Cronk Dennis Floyd Special Antique Auction ^iinctav/ Fphrnpn/ 99nH ouiiuay, rcuiudiy LL.\\U \ 2:00 NOON SHARP! 4920 E. Cleveland (Our New Location) This is an open consignmert's auclio-n . . . · SPECIAL RATES on Commiss on, · PICK UP SERVICE AVAILABLE Consign early lor preferred spots. Our fast 2 sales have been a gianl success so consign now. Watch Saturday, February 21st for partial listing ' Lunch and Refreshments available ' Sale Conducted by CALDWELL AUCTION Mel Sines -Joe Berry 454-1532 ANTIQUE COLLECTABLE AUCTION SAT., FEBRUARY 21, 1976 7 Mile Danceland -- West ol Boise, Idaho, on ChTnden Blvd., [Hwy. 501 to Eagle Rd. 10 00 a. m Sharp. T be following items are of a 40 year collection and are offered to you at the highest bid. A viewing time will be offer ed Friday. February ?0th al i.OO p.m. lo 9 00 p.m. Safe will Stan on time Terms cash. PartialliFting Hundreds ol items not mentioned AkTIQUE F U R N I T U R E : Tall wooden bed. dressing labic; chest ol drawers with mirros; 2 fables. 6cnairs, 2 bullet; small chairs. Viciorola: chi'na close!, piclure frames picfures; radio, sewmg machine; stoves; 4 trunks. ROCK EQUIPMENT: grinding wheels polishing unit, tumbler lap unit for spenmenl polishing, some rock slabs, laccting unit. ANTIQUE COLLECTABLE*: Vases - Weller, Hull, Roseville; Dishes cut glass, Carniva , Nippon. Ironstone, Dolls celluloid, cupie. misc. Toys - Iron, wood, I. coliectables; Jewelry - several old pieces; bottles -- lugs, crocks; books -school Books collectibles; tools - buggy longuc. wagon wheels, lacks, 2-1 Kerosene lamps; clocks -- coovie jars; bulion collection; razor collection; si ver collection; antique saddle, bridle, spurs, etc ; license plates; butlon shoes; antique hsls. purses. Many, many items loo numerous lo mention. . Owners: Fioyd A.'lene Eshelman Auction hbnagtd by CALHOUN AUCTION SERVICE 717V/ 5nd. Meridian, Idaho 836*2 "We Hollar lor Top Dollar" Auctioneer Warren R. CaUioim Clerk. Floyd D. Calhoun 88815^0 n°»6m. GRANT, ALBRIGHT, HOPKINS AUCTION Monday, FEB. 23 Sale Time: 12:30 P.M. Terms- Cast. Lunch will be served, FREE COFFEE LOCATED:! mile east ol Parma, Idaho on Highway JO-26 to US »S Overpass, then '. mile north. DHIA HOLSTEIN SALE Jessup and ABS Inheritance 29 Young Holstein Cows 29 All cows, preg tested and blood tested lo conform with Idaho Law. 17,107 milk, «0 tat on these young cows; several cows iust resh, also heavy springers and cows milking now Actual milk weights, sale day, and sire identilications. Seven calf pens selling, cows carry service of A B S , Corbet! sire and young herd sire. ALSO: 1950 Ford 2 ton truck with rebuilt engine and 14' flat bed. good rubber, also stock rack. o^ers: Mr. Mrs. AlVINHORRACE C O L S : G R A N T A L B R I G H T H O P K I N S W 7 0 I 9 4 6 6 4 6 4 4 7 2 2 5 0 0 7 C L E R K : Sams 459-7233 GRANT, ALBRIGHT, HOPKINS FARM SALE Saturday, FEB. 21st Sale T i m e : 1? NOON Terms: CASH Ladies of State Line Grange serving lunch, · F R E E C O F F E E LOCATED: 3 miles w e s t ol Homedale, Idaho then /i mile north. Will oiler for sale al Public Auction the following o'escribed Farm Equipment: 861 Ford Iractor, 3 pi. with live power, good rubber, 800 Ford traclor with 3 pt., bolh t r a c t o r s are in good shape, set of duals lor the Ford tractors, complete for manure loader witn b u c k e t ; AR PS heavy duly utility blade with wings; Casc2C-OT baler: Ford 7 II model U-92 mower with 3 pt.; Ford turnover 2 bottom plow with 3 pt.; 10 ft. grain drill (slcel wheel); Ford cultivator, 3 pt. complete wiln shank and shovels; 5 row Dempster corrugalor, 3 pi. with new points; Massey Ferguson 3 pt. Held cullivator, spring tine; 3 pt. Ford disc; John Deere disc; 4 fl. olfset disc; Case side delivery raXe with dual rubber, valley Mound 3 pi. corrugator; rubber tired wagon with some bee boards: small granary building on runners; fertilizer spreader; John Deere 3 pi. corn planter wilh markers; Pak tank liquid s p r a y e r , with booms and noizlos; portable auger wilh eleclric motor; C h a t t i n ditcher; 12" posl hole auger; good stock trailer; 2 seciion heavy metal harrow; 3 section spring loolh barrow, 18 It, gram auger, 4"; hay loader, 18 II.; 2 rolls ol snow fence: old horse f resno; antique iron wheel; pack for large lank, considerable misc.; shovels; log chains, etc. n CKItKHCTT l/irc»f Owner: tlVIlVlfcTT MESS C O L S : G R A N T A L B R I G H T H O P K I N S 459 7019 466 4644 722 5007 C L E R K : SAMS 459 7233 ROW CROP MACHINERY AUCTION LOCATED: t miles North of Caldwell, Idaho on old Highway "30" to the Faith Assembly Church, then 2 v ; miles East, OR 2 miles North ol Purple Sage Golf Course, then 1 ; miles East. Watch for Auction signs. MONDAY, FEB. 23, 1976 Sale Starts: I2:OONOON T e r m s : C A S H Lunch will be served, F R E E COFFEE 3 T R A C T O R S : 856 IHC diesel Iraclor, wide Iront end, good rubber, good condition; 706 IHC diesel Iraclor, wide front, fast hitch, runs good; John Deere 50 Iractor, just overhauled, single Iront, good rubber. 3 pt.; 1956 Chevrolet becl truck, 16 II. bed, hoist, ensilage sides, 4 speed, 2 speed, 283 V/ 8, good condition; 6 row. John Deere corn planter; 3 pt boom; 6 row cultro; 3 sets of markers; set ol 12x38 snap on duals; hay elevator; 4" grain auger, love bar; 3 pt. 6 row lool bar; silver thinner; IHC 3 bollom, 16" spinner plow, 3 pt.; Ace 3 pi, drtcner with cylinder, J pi. c.irrier for propane burner; John Deere 350 3 yl. side- rake; Ford spreader; John Deere Iront cultivalor; ^ row potato digger, field bale loader; 2 row John Deere spud cultivator; 3 pi. bar; Malco 35 ft. PTO 6" grain auger on lubber; older cemenl mixer; 3212 Eversman land plane, like now; 16 fl. Sm/ier 3 seciion cullipackcr, 6 row smooth roller; t faction metal harrow, like new, 611. sections, 6 section wood harrow; 6 seciion John Deere steel harrows; 2 wheel utility Hat trailer; 200 gallon John Deere fibre glass sprayer on rubber, has motor, just overhauled wilh booms; 6 row bed bar, set up; 7 row, 3 pi. corrugator with gauge wheels; 15 ft. M M grain drill on rubber; 3K, 3 pt. cultivator,- 3 pi. bee! harrow, like new; 4 hydraulic cylinders; IHC 1 HI. 6" disc on rubber; IHC rolary hoe; 3 pt,, 6 rev/ double bar cullivator; IHC 4 row potato planter; several truck tires and rims; set ol coil shank cullivator; 3 bulk oil dispensero; approx. i iruck loads of cullivator lools; approx. IStO. 1" and ] 1" siphon tubes; SHOP TOOLS: set ol acetylene gauges, hoses and carl; space heater; bench vise; 200 amp Crallsman arc welder; Angle grinder; stand grinder; drill wilh press stand; bolt bin andslocx; welding table; small anvil; lots of sockets; wrenches and misc. tools; lots of 6" tiles and checks. Omer. H.M. WARWICK CONDUCTED BY: SPARKS. BAKER AUCTION CO. QuySpirks RogwBjktr Nysu, Of«gen Ontario, Ornon Ptl. 1503) 372-3475 Ptl. 15031 Ut-itM 2 Bdrm. house, 902 Everett. r . OK 5AL E BY OV/NER: Nice. Coldwell. 135 Month J50 P R O D U C T I V E 64 A c r e s ok!cr , DI i r m home, possible deposit lo qualified renter. No Southeast of Nampa. Good -I 3rcl Good localionon Yale plus a LANDLORDS S " 5 '° 00 S9S mo Pr ; c7e20s , ?4 '' a00 ' Ca " "Let us take over yoiir rental SCISM - 40 A c r e s row crop problems. We screen prospec land with nice 2 bdrm. home FOR R E N T : 1000 sa. ft. of llrst ive tenanls and refer them to S67.5CO. Good lerms. floor commercial or profess- youat no cost! Call Judy at 45 r / ^ o n a i otlice s p a c e . Can 6321 or 459-2645 alter 6 p m 1041' A C R E S -- undeveloped be divided. E x e c u t i v e Plaza. Need a home? Check our "HOWE RENTAL DIVISION." Butler and Associates, Realtor 466-3588 Mobile Home Space Rental 46 50x100' Lot, all electric or natural gas. $25 month and pay own utilities. 585-2593 HEDGE against inflation. $300 per acre. E X E C U T I V E HOME Located on 1 acre, sprinkler 1.06 MILLION DOLLAR row irrigation, lawn in, overlooking crop f a r m aboul 75 rni es Lave Lowell. Split entry, many from Nampa. 940 Acres ol extras, intercom, central air, and , newer 5 bdrni. home. central vacuum, 2 fireplaces, 4 Sprinkler syslem. 29% Down. bedrooms, t baths, large family room, with palio in daylight GIVE US A C A L L -- bsmt Large living and dining Private lot. Inquire al 408-7th '878 or Elmer 466-3856, Del slorage. 2844 sq. It. living space, Ave. No., Nampa or Call 466-3486, LeRoy 4 6 6 7 5 ) 1 , over 900 in garage. Assumable 4663447. Court 4660854. Ken 166 I36D, 7 1 i ° » l o a n . 564,500. 377-0200 P U R P L E S A G E M O B I L E MANOR. Spaces avail, now. Privacy, large lots, children welcome. Under new manage menl. Phone 459-8898 RENT FREE KARCHER MOBILE HOME PARK Call Dale Rine, 467-4066 Next to Karcher Mall wilh all conveniences. Adult and Family sections. Ouiet C o u n t r y living. Now selling 1 acre lols lor mobile homes. Underground p o w e r , w a t e r , sprinkler, irrigalion, sewer 8, surfaced roads. 56,500 5500 clown, balance like rent North ot Caldwell, 459 9132. Just completed! 30 New renla spaces al Mln. View Mobile Manor, corner ol Georgia Cherry. $45 Mo. Children wel come. See Manager or 4590159 vcniences. Adults only, no dogs. First month's rent F R E E ! Easy access lo 1-80. 466 7785 Clark's Mobile Home Park. Beautilul park, close lo shopping center, college hospital. Rates $32 to S40. 1105 12th Ave. Rd.. Nampa. Call 466 0081 vice! A " electric 3 bedroom, i ... baths Vflllivlifi Vhnnk, npar ,- n Karcher Mall. Owner, 4664913 C/M. Doni »/.» Older Iwoslory home with base ForRent 49A menl 6 B d r m s . 2 baths. For rent: 9'-j Acres, 7 acres in laundry rm. on main floor, sun a l f a l f a , rest plowed land. On dock, big double garage with Uzzell Roae 1 Call 466 6318 work area. Large lot wilh Acreages 50 Finished basement is presently Rimview, 9 acres, house and rented, $34,500. Phone 466 1548 barn. £ x c . soil. Call 337 4121 7 9 or see al 235 Delaware, Nampa. a.m. exLi-pl Saturday. V 1 E W H O U S E |N ' TM E 14 Acres, wilh well sept.c C O U N T R Y . Over 3000 sq. It., 2 tank, 1 car oarage, chicken pen. love's, 2 ' ; uaths, 5 bdrms., 2 6 Acres allalla. the resi in f i r e p l a c e s , double g a r a g e , p.islurc. S33.900. Ph. 467-6165 Brown 8. frame, beautiful cond. Approximately JO acres. ,,,,;.,,,,. C a M ,, aro | d K lelman, $30.000, north of Caldw.ll 88B ,,,,-, or wi|burn Rca||ors Phone 459 4793 3,123671 COUNTRY CLUB °ne bedroom house on small ,o , , n ,TM ,, ._,. , a c r e a g e , S6500, Terms. 16 - 140x120 Buildmg lols in Call 466-7453 newly develoned sub Crntrnl waler power. Excellent view ? Bdrm., possibility ol 2 more in of Purple Sage Golf Course f i n i s h e d basement, s t u c c o , i Good terms. Call 459-0471. garocn space, good location, \ FOR SALE: 6.62 Acres, North 01 wc " maintained, si'.VDI). Phone ) Caldwell Irrigalion. $1600 per 4 5 6 7 7 6 3 ' UrC ' %h7ne467UOr C " b " - J "I"".. "«" ' SunnyrW.. raone «6/ tiM Scron| ?lm So |t h|K)p lxln .,y · |HMHMp* MaM ^f^HMH| room w i t h f i r e p l a c e , much f^^T ^^^tl more. S45. 000. Phone 467 -3202, no W^n£nxt/\ R?a " 0 " Please W v-'rxV/j « 528.000- $7SO DOWN I Vl/Hft 1 "''"· mieresl. East of Nampa. Farm Properties 49 C(~\ New 3 blirm " near new h ' gtl .40 A C R E S , South Nampa a r e a . 15 A c r e s under cultivation, 8 artesian wells wilh mobile home. $63,850 70 AC RES. 62 acres row crop. Mas 3 bdrm. home located on Snake River near Walters Ferry. 2 0 0 A C R E S . I r r i g a t e d pasture. Mostly cemenl ditch. Could be rov/ cropped. 2 Arlesian wells. $214,000. 16.390 A C R E S , i n c l u d e s deeded BLM numerous leases. 4 Houses, several oul buildings, beautiful moun tain setting. 4,000 animal units or more. S3.vOO.000 pasture. 26 acres in row crop Beautiful 4 bdrm. home Near Homedale. SB0.500 80 A C R E S , prime ground. 4 Melds. Bcnutiful home good outbuildings. $149,000 60 A C R E S , lighted rodeo arena. 40 Acres cultivated, 35 pasture w i t h creek. $129,500 60 AC RES. bare ground, near Melba. $80.000. US A C R E S , scenic cattle ranch. 60 Acres botlom land. n i mile ol Weiser River through property. Bc-auliful home. $160,000 600 A C R E S row crop, 2 circle i r r i g a t i o n , f h e r e s t hand lines. 275 A C R E S · 180 irrigaled, HO under sprinkler. 2 Bdrm. liome, fair outbuildings. Has been cash rented for this year. Call Kc-iih. J139.COO 392 A C R E S , approx. 100' a r t e s i a n well. 300 a c r e s cullivaled. Hasv homes, feed lot 8. machine shed. s«)0,000 160 A C R E S . Black Canyon area 110 A c r e s under cult! vation. W o u l d m a k e ex cellcntcallleoperation. Good terms $138,750. Pete . . . . . . 4 9 5 2 6 2 9 Keith 467 4124 945 A C R E S . Grandviow area. E x c e l l e n t row crop. Sprinkler syslem from river. All wheeled, pivol hand lines included. Nearly new 5 bdrm. dayllghl b a s e m e n t home. Lovely landscaped, lenced yard. Approx. $1.100 per acre. Alleene Morgan 5852236 A L L A C R E A G E S A P P R O X I M A T E ALL AMERICAN REALTY UKKIMUICH. Mm«M« JIW4VHWWV W H I T E R I E D E L 8 , CO. J 4 6 7 - 5 2 4 1 E v e s . 4S4-285S LAKEVIEW REDUCED TO SELL! , Was 547,000. now 544,500 Al! _ ( I I I . p trick, 3 bdrm., on W.Sherman. ~" ri/LLO Pi baths, g l a s s e d i n patio. ' { c e n t r a l air. m a n y e x t r a s . 1284. ...asightfoiatycyct, w H U D S O N A V E Q E A U T Y · II you've ever visited Lakcvie^ $45,000 Hills, you'll remember it! I t ' s Slone 8. frame construction, me Kind ol place you'll like lo spacious friendly rooms, living c o m e b a c k lo . . Lovely 2 3 a c r e rm , f a m i l y rm. kitchen oiler ' homesites o v e r l o o k i n g L a k e 1ne °P en living concept. Store Ldwell in Canyon couniv's mosi lireplace. wilh glass folding exc usive area For ycur per doors, 3 oversired bdrms., I 1 ) sonal, private showing lo prtk balhs, panelled bdrm. (or don) · your ncwliomesile. call lae R e a l in P a r l i a l l y f i n i s h e d b s m l Esl.ite People al e l e c t r i c heal, c a r p e t i n g · 1 J H 1 nS^T^ D B ;c "' °"' 1ct ' ietr double garage 8. MJ^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^I c o r n e r lol Phone 4 6 6 9 1 6 0 ^ol-3£1l W jj, A C R , E 5 - $ 7 } 0 8 624-3rd SI. S., Nampa T A r M o f 540,000 to 5100,000 n . _ . . p r i v a c y , great building sile 1 Business Opportunities 51 W H I T E - R I E D E L co Modern, lullv Minnped rah'.nTi "' 5M1 bvei.46k-l.H9 shop doing a cjocd business COUNTRY ATlWflQPHrRr Ptcnly ol work ahead. Will sell IAIUN 1 ru KIMUbr'rlkHt or lease, lerms Phone 337 4300 ' nov '- 3 bdrm. Homes. Family R E A L M O N 6 Y M A K E R S air heal, fully carpeted, all buill Hurry! Own your own business ,ns, 2 car garage Buy direcl Two going bars in Parmn. i cc Irom builder. Emmelt rrith by side One has linuor licenses. Construction. 466 7576. busy raff 1 Bnth hrivp pnnl Inblc' ^lZi500_~ NO DQyyN i ana 1 has dancir-g' ana ,ve To V ( ? t s ' 7 Y r . old. 3 bdrm., n, * m u s e 3 nighls s week, be " fl "' ! '' 12CO iq " 81 °o Interest. / sold logc-ther or s e p a r a t e l y i m m ediate occupancy. Owner will c a r r y c o n t r a c t Must W H I T E R IEDEL CO. [ sell due to health. Pnml at J S '' S 3 i l Eves. 4 5 9 - 8 5 2 B OIHodav 5 ' 6 '"" unique Poor plan of this quality' · SS^L^, 4 ^~ ? ' ; '--'--f """'^v^i 444 - * ^'rrji::?-^^? ? .. -- , double garage, covered patio 8. " Business Properlies 52 tow mamlcnance fenced yard A t l r a U i v e versalilc business "" 1 ' k ''- Sj ''' vw - M 1S7-4774 bldii.. i levels, c.i.-pi'ied, ,-,' ATTMi-r,m, ' ' 4 iraclive and elticienl lighhng. A l l t N I I O N : s E x c e l l e n t r c l a i l loca .on. 3 Homes lor sale One-2 Bdrm o $38,000. Call Golden Wesl Really Two 3 Bdrm. All elec.. large r '591597 lols, private wells. Priced lo $ 4 Unit stucco apl ling No,,, ^' "^To'l «T«? m', 1 ' "'''· ' schools, churches 8, shonmf.a . 466 2041 or 467 1412 Mrs. Antunes lor viewing. rr , . lcrlllc soil ' sprinkler 4 6 7 6 I U alter 5 p.m. rr 'aa«i. gcod house, barn, elc. S85.GOO. or frade fnr trrmi| pr Business block in downtown P 1 ' 1 " HMie$UteN«mp* 54 By Owner: 1500 sq. (I. home. 3 Bdrm., \V baths, f»mlly room, fireplace, attached garage, large fenced lof. 100' 130', in Sunnyridge district, 132,000. Phone 447-4540 bUY rROM BUILDbn SAVE $4,000! NEW, large 5 bedroom home wilh 3 baths, 2 car garage, n new subdivision, West of Nampa city limits. All electric, loo! $47,900. Now $13,900. NEW 4 bedrooms, all electr c. large family room, 2 baths, garage ... beaulilul home. $41,900 NEW 3 bedroom, all eleclric home. Large lamily room, 1 3» balhs, 2 car garage. $36,900 Will title your home in on trade! OFFICE PHONE 467-6182 Haiiy Widt «S-MS3 Boy Smith, Hdr 4JS6-5347 WON'T lasl long! 3 Bdrms., balh ' 2. beautiful lireplace. Owner w i l l s c l l F H A o r V A . . . NEAT as a pin! 3 Bdrms., lamily room, cojy lireplace, near Nampa High. An excel lent investment in comlor table living $43,000. ACREAGE west of Nampa. 1300 Sq. ft., 3 bdrms., family room, fireplace, double garage, shake roof ... all on 1 acre. Hurry ! Only 3 left ! . . . . S33.900 V A L L 1 V U E . · 2200 Sq. It. Tri-level. 4 · bdrms., ''; acre . .$56.500 · 7700 Sq. ft., 5 Bdnns., 2 f i r e p l a c e s . E x t r a s throughout $62,000. Bill Thompson Co. REALTORS 623-1 1th Ane.S. .,, . , NAMPA 466-5454 Evenings call: Naomi Shaw mgrn . . 466-0801 Ken Koslelic . . . . W- · 467-3827 Bill Thompson . . .T. . . . 467-1204 ·ROOM TO GROW, R E A D Y TO SHOW, R E A S O N A B L Y LOW! O U T S T A N D I N G 3 bdrm. home with daylight bsmt. on approx. 1 a c r e . Beautilul view. Only $29,900. BUILD for the fulure. 20 A c r e s with Mobile Home. Panoramic view! A real delight . $27,300. 4 S A C P - 1 C\RMS. 5Ac'-Ar\\ \ J 'rm. home vith i - AJV-" -en Nampa 1 Mer \^ ..i own by appoint Tient . ^ d n . O n t y . . S90.000. ' q^'KEY T WE8T -- apLzsimTM 467-6546 431 NAMPA/CALDWELLBLVO. larolyn Summerlon 454-8290 erry Johnson 466-8640 Howard Corner 466-5615 Farms i Ranches flike Loegering, Bkr 467-3187 Q U A L I T Y B U I L T - new j bedrooms, 2 baths, family r o o m , l i r e p l a c e , f o r m a l dining room, all carpeted c e n t r a l air, electric heat shake roof double gar n u e L o c a t e d in well planned subdivision. Price 541.500 00 lerms. ' ' A P P R O X . 57 acres, south ol Bowmont. Lays good - h a s ,. mile r a i l r o a d t r a c k a g e $42,000 - 29% down PRIME C O M M E R C I A L Approx. i acrn , ocaled corner of Cleveland Linden lor S H O P P I N G C E N T E R o ' » n v 'ype of b u s i n e s s d e v e l o p m e n t P r i c e SI50.0COOO L O T S - 8 5 x 1 5 0 . C u r b s «. G"'ter lUity w a t e r SX750.00 YSpIinter Agency H03.3d 51. S*.-Diol 466-6721 EV.I: Warren 446-3475, Sam 444-6778 «Von4AfrJSfK PROFIT When you have Winder \ssociates offer your prop- rly lor sale!- T a x S h e l l e r - l n v e s t m e n t Furnished a p a r t m e n t s up- tairs plus 3 commercial renlals " around f l o o r , si9 500 o w n t o w n . E x C e , ion, r e n t a l fontwy. Gr ° SS " flb ° ut S '°° On tneRailroid Track m£ u t?- stcrago or · Ahou ' -'Of sq ii main floor pi u5 j, 160 n heT rfl t ad - C °" crcle d »*° " '»c Irack and a seoer^tn 7?«SiM lIek '° atfirl9 ^TM 7S.OOO.OO or would consider Agents for the sale or lease ' 0( "4 acre planned industrial development al the · .old Caldwell Airoort shop are r e n t e d other »°W C R O P , c a t t l e or Mrt-.a^ewheTwu''^!"''!'" 1 businesses show inlercst. Great '"'calion land at v a r i o u s including he7r7 ^ sen or "uy. po, p r i c e d .11 $42,000. P" f "- linancing P ° flrra "9o Phone Packers, 345 3899 Oflice Space lor rcnl. 500 sq II. D ATTRTBR^Hkl utilities included. 1204 nth SI. rfV 1 1 tll31Jra St. So. Dial 4667372 or 4 6 6 6 6 7 3 ^ ^··IBIBI^ ^r'b!- 1 ? ^doLloTn .fH^y^^.o^lB Ntimp(V. Wilh or withoul 7000 sq C, A, Randolph .... 466*1 51 5 II bsmT Ph. 467 553? or «i 55?* FredHuklll 46A.«7* IB Buildings, large small, to Venice Notaln ul «,, rcn for storage. Lynch Bros. An Po*«,» . . . ""«ssi7J 9lh Ave. 7th SI. No., Nampa. Wllm.t C.rolyni u.1 nl^ Ph HI. «n4nr m.AUl »-»-«ioiyne 4.66-0504 rofp Old Mill Block, CaM 454-0411 E»«: fHchtnl Wind* . 45141 n DonWIndar jmun

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