Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 7, 1957 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 7
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3:20 to 3:30 PM. MONDAY thru SATURDAY Highlights and sidelights from-tht tnthantmg end glamorous world of tntertoinmtnt. , DIAL 8 5 0 10,000 W A I T ! KQj D I K V I I Navy Jet Planes Land on Carrier in Record Flight By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH ABOARD USS SARATOGA (t- With President Eisenhower watching, two Navy jet Crusader planes landed on the supercarrier Saratoga's deck Thursday after streak- ling from a Pacific Coast carrier to the Atlantic in three hours, 28 minutes. It was the (irst ocean-to-ocean carrier flight in history--a surprise demonstration for the President and a party of other dignl- Uaries of the N'avy's readiness to DANCE Moose Lodge 909 June 8lh-9:30 p,nv1:30 a.m. Six Piece ALEX SCHNEIDER POLKA ACES 7oc per person MEMBERS and GUES' USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Platteville V.F.W. Post 6011 DANCE SATURDAY 9:30 'til 1:30 Music by Bolenbaugh's Orchestra $1.00 Per Couple Donation more fait in any atomic age emergency. The time of the flight wai cloae o a record. It wai, in fact, {aster than any other aircraft ever crotted the country. But it wasn't an official mark because the ttandard transcontinental course wasn't followed. Two other Navy jets, attack bombers, alto made the flight Irom ocean waien of California to the deck of the new 350 million dollar carrier off Florida. Secretary of State Dulles, Secretary of Defense Wilson and Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey were among the presidential party demonstration. The firtt two planet hightailed it acrott country--from the San Diego, Calif., area to the Eatt Coast region just east of Jackson^ ville, Fla.--at an average ipeed the Navy called "better than 6M miles an hour." An announcement aboard the "Big Sara" said the jet Crusaders traveled part of the way--about 2,209 nautical miles--in eicett of 1,000 mile* an hour. A few minutes after the planes j t o u c h e d down, Eisenhower -- I aboard the Saratoga for a day and a half of maneuvers--walked out | on the flight deck and congratulated the pilott. "You about got here before you left," the Pretident laid with a broad smile. Eisenhower Widow, 2 Children 10 Millionth U.S. Security Beneficiary NEW YORK I* - A M-year-nM New York widow with two children Tuesday becami the 10 millionth American to receive federal Social Security payments. She b Mrs. Jane Gavin, whose husband, Joseph, X. tras killed in a train accident April 20. Marion B. Folsom, secretary of health, education and welfare, presented Mrs. Gavin with her first 1200 a month check in ceremonies here. With normal life expectancy, the Gavin family may Eventually receive more than 137,000 in benefits. Benson Argues Price Supports 1 FT IV ( J' Are Too Rigid Charges Filed Against Lawyer In IhUourf DENVER -- Charges of al»o congratulated the pilots and crewt of two Navy Sky Warrior attack bombera which flew the «ame course-from the carrier Bon Horn me | Richard off San Diego to the Saratoga--in four hours flat at an average speed of S67 milei an hour. 'The Sky Warriors have a crew of (three. The Crusadert carry just a ethical conduct were filed Thurs day in U. S. District Court against Charles S. Vigil. Denver attorney, by Earl B. Tucker, 39, who was defended in a federal case by Vigil Tucker was convicted March S in a nonjury trial before U. S. Dist. Judge Royce Savage of using the mails to defraud in falsely advertising * popcorn ' vending machines as -new. Tucker is awaiting sentencing' rbe charges carry a m a x i m u m penalty of 40 years imprisonment and an W.OOO fine. Vigil and another Denver attorney, A. E. Small Jr., defended Tucker during the two-day trial. Vigil is a former U. S. attorney 'or Colorado. A notice filed by Tucker with the court said Vigil was being disengaged as his attorney. Vigil was not available for comment. pilot. The official transcontinental »peed record, Los An£elei to New York ii three houri 44 minutes, S3.U lecosds. Thit course is Ion* er, the Navy slid, thin the one the four Nivy planes flew Thurs day. Tiro jets look off from the carrier's deck with a mighty roar one minute after the President's plane. Columbine III, landed and Uiied Y The Elks Invite The Public GREELEY ELKS CALENDAR to within plank. 50 feet of the gang Egypt Favors Japan's Effort To Stop New H-Bomb Experiments CAIRO IP -- Egypt'a President Nasser told a Japanese delegation Tuesday he agrees entirely with Japanese eforta to stop hydrogen LANDER. Wyo. W - Secretary of Agriculture Benion declared Thursday that the present flexible price support program for major crops is "too rigid" '.o promote agricultural prosperity and progress. This is the same argument be used in 1954 in urging Congren to replace the Truman Administra tlon's fiied M per cent of parity supports with the present flexible system providing a range of 75 to 90 per cent of parity price floors. Parity Is a standard for measuring farm prices declared by law o be fair to farmers in relation to prices charged them. Benson applied the term "rigid" to a formula in the flexible law which allows the department to lower price supports in times of urpluses but requires it la raise the floors as surpluses are re duced. In a speech to the Wyoming Stock Growers Assn., the GOP farm chief taid "the rigid price support formula" of the flexible ksystem "u directly contradictory to the objective, of an expanding, prosperous and free agriculture." Benson recently asked Congress to eliminate the formula and to give his department freedom to set supports at whatever levels between lero and SO per cent of parity it deemed advisable. He told lawmakers mandatory increases in supports would encourage production of new surpluses. In appealing for greater administrative discretion in fixing supports, Benson .told the livestock gathering that farmers should price their products "to they will sell." "Let us not price support our product! at levels which make overproduction almost inevitable-which dry up marketa and require severe controls on farmers," he said. He said that if livestock pro, . ,, duceri had been subjected to the pered with as to prevent justice. kind ,,, .. price C0ntro i5 , n d pro . The motion said Small has duction ,traitjackets other seg turned over evidence backing m s l claim to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a probe of the alleged tampering. j Tucker's motion alleging u n e t h i - j cal conduct by Vigil'made these allegations: I. Vigil failed to work in close Girard Declares Killing Jap Woman Complete Accidenl CAMP WlHTnXGTON, Japan u. U. S. Army Sp. J.C. William Girard taid Friday the fatal thoot- inf for which he facet trial in Japaneie court wai "a complete accident." Girard denied chariei, tpecl- fied la a Japaneie bdictment, that he had enticed a. Japaneie woman collecting ihelli to her death. tie laid, "I did not icatter any ·belli" to lure Ura. Naka Sakai, U. onto an Army firing range. Girard, in hia firtt newt conference since he came under iavet- tigatlon for the Jan. 30 shooting on the range, aaid he expect! a fair' trial % in Japaneie count but declined to comment whether he would have preferred to be tried by a U S. military cuurt-mar'.ial. "Vet, I do." Girard replied when asked whether he expecti fair treatment. Frequently prompted by hit U. S. Army legal adviier, Ma). Stanley Levin of Lot Angelet, Girard taid he appreciated the help he is gel tine from people in hit home town of Ottawa, 111., who are protesting the U. S. decition to allow him to be tried by Japan. Friday, June 7, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 7 Marriage Far From Notions, Elvis Declares , By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD U%-Elvu in a movie with another girl than the one I wai tuppoted to marry in Mexico. Where do thoie eraiy report! come from?" j ley, sitting on a Pres couch with his i MARTS TONIGHT FLAME OF THE ISLAND* Stirring Yvennt DcCarl* P Ltl I Small also filed a motion in thei same court alleging that "the rec ord of the trial has been so tanv would not have achieved anything approaching its present growth. European Nations Plan Nuclear Driven Freighters, Tankers relationthip and .consult with the eo-eounsel. I I. Vigil waived a jury trial with- j out. properly adviiing Tucker. I 3. Visil agreed but failed to use I HAMBURG, Germany I* -- Nu the deftndant'i defense procedure^clear scientists from eight eoun- in the trial. tries (aid Thursday their home- 4. Vigil took the defendant to landt plan to build atomic pow- to a Flag Day Program Monday 8:00 p.m. . I0th Greeley Elks Home Program Flag Services ..... F' a 8 Address. . .Dr. Sam G. Gates, Chairman Division .f Graiuatt Studies. St.U C.llegt Musical Program . Greeley Elks Chorus COLORADO'S FINEST 4th of July Celebration GREELEY 1957 College World Series trial without preparing for any defense · S. That Vigil failed to properly question witnesses, use all available evidence and "in general completely failed In present the defendant 1 ! defense." 6 That "at the trial. Mr. Vigil failed to call on the defense attor ney, Mr. Small, who wa formed and familiar wit aH o f | ft , . , the factt and had prepared fully ",] (J9K 1631 for the defendant'i defense." ered freighters and tankers. The scientists -- from West Germany, England, Franre, Holland. Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United States -- spoke at the clos NOW! 2 NITS . . . Kid* Anytime 15e lhe ^e7±feren%! hr "^ '"TM Ad-IU SOc, Sat. 35c to 5 p.m. . _ p|RST R U N H m Army Lieutenant And Sergeant Are Killed by Soldier FT. RILEV. Kan. ifl -- An Army lieutenant and a sergeant were ihot to death Thursday by another ioldier who turrendered immediately to post authorities. Dead are M. Sgt. Ralph II. Stilton, », Flatrock, Mich., and 2nd J.. Jerry Humphrey, 22, Auburn, Neb. Officer! laid they were holding S.l.C. Paul A. Barrier, 25. in connection with the tlayincs. A board of officers was appointed to determine the motive. Military authorities laid wit nesses reported Barrier stepped from a rest room of a classroom and fired at Humphrey with a. Ml rifle. Then, they said, the soldier ran three blockt to the orderly room of Co" b. Uth Infantry. 1«t Infantry Division, and shot Stilton, who wai seated at a desk. About 20 minutes after Humphrey was slam. Barrier appeared at the provost marshal's office and turrendered. Barrier, in the Army W years, was reported to have two sisters living in Jacksonville, Fla. Stilson is survived by his widow and two sons. Humphrey was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Humphrey of Auburn. current best girl, declared flstly that "marriage and calypso are the farthest things from m mind." The statement on marriage came entirely unsolicited when a reporter asked him Wednesday if be planned to make a calypso record now that the Caribbean rhythms are making an inroad on the rock 'n' roll craze. (He doesn't). A few weeks ago a Mexico City City newspaper reported that Presley planned to weil actress Yvonne Lime in Acapulco. "Man, the night that report came oat I w a s out with Anne." He nudged pretty Anne Neyland, onetime Miss Texas. "Whit did we do that night, honey!" She reminded him that they had gone to a local moviehouse. "Man, that's right. And you should have seen the faces rtrnp on the people when they t a w me No Man's Woman Plu« Comedy Citit Opin «:« Show at 1:00 Highway 14 --Across from Country Club ··WYOMING RENEGADE" with Phil Cirty and Martha Hytr TASK FORCE" with Gary Cooper Also a Color Cartoon rnse aunr- ...... .. . · fuiir b. Nudists Will Meel King George's House in Lam-1 SACRAMENTO, Calif. A -Not* beth, London'! biggest hostel f o r ' f o r nudists: The Western Sun- boys, is being taken over by the bathing Assn. will hold itt annual Y. M. C. A. * (convention at nearby Wilton July !2fi-28. At the Oak Leaf Ranch, to USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS be exact. * DANCE I SATURDAY, VFW POST JUNE 4334 . 9:00 to 1:00 8 Eddie Sprang and his "MUSICAL MOUNTAINEERS" AULT · Modern. Polka and Square Dancing · $1.00 Donation EXdltMENT THAT CUMBS TO NEW HEIGHT! IN IHtlUil THE RIVERS ·EDGE RAY MILLAND ANTHONY QUINN DEBRA PAGET NOW SHOWING SOc to 2 p.m. IN THE MAGNIFICENT % ENTERTAINMENT TRADITION of "THE KING and I", "THE ROBE", "THE SONG OF BERNADETTE" and "ANASTASIA" A marine anil Sister Angela alone on a Pacific f Island .. trapped /^ behind enerny- lines! DEBORAH KERR-ROBERTMITCHUiYf Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison: COLOR CARTOON and LATEST NEWS Now! Hurry! Ends Salurdayll j) %?_ i". Crowd AMDYGRIFrTTH-PATRlClA NEALW SUNDAY! 2 FINE FEATURES!! Greeley'* Excluilvt Pint Run Down-town Trtotrtl Gel Seott Now JULY · Mile-Long Paradi · Concenioni · Firiworki · Tick** $1.00 to $3.00 NijM Show: Jury M, TM0 p.m. Afternoon Show: July 4th, 2:00 p.m. T.-kcts No* On Sole ot th. Chambtr of Commerce Office,, 12IS Sth Avenue, Gfeeley MIMI is back! Tnt Incompirabll ch»nt«ut« who clptivlttd tor guild lirt ttaion Ml riturntd afltr · highly luccesiful tour ... In thi Arktisk Kullng Slentre , 'Arctic Gait Lounge) Tr« r»cit «ilnerdinir)r, unuluil ind unlqui toektill loungt In tt Reeklti Amani Mgeni Uwanda (Harmony Guest Ranch* tnjo/ i lumpluoul dinner In thl Hirmenjr Dining Bo«m. »sr»tef ti» fintlt fped In t»t tntlr. wilt. Leungs and dining r«em eptti dally. Muslt during lunthfen and dinner. Plus! JOHN WAYNE Island In The Sky Ttr di"l«g ir (edging rtttrvttltni, pheni tltll Pirk ISO. 1 mill! wilt ·( ElKl Park (n U. !. «. V.F.W. B E N E F I T D A N C E for Drum and Bugle Corps and Ritualistic Team to help bear expenses to State Encampment. Saturday, June 8 BRANNAMAN HALL-9 P.M. Emmet Horst and his orchestra U p«r touple 50c » ln R

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