Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 7, 1957 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 6
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Page 6 GREELEY THIBUNE Friday. June 7, 1957 The Greeley Daily Tribune ·rtd Thi Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF M1LDKCD i RANSKM LEO C. EOEKIO JAKf UTK1CK J* · l»ifch»fc« I FUUD f. M t K R l L L , B ··'»·*« Met I A L FCTER*LN - . · Clrt Mn 1CLARI PACt . Utm » W*i ·t»t · We* ·! GrMlvr C*W»4« ·»·* U« Art March I 1171 ikM fr«M Catovtl Blii* D*tlj Pr«M nrMi ·! Gimlet*** tie.* atitfit TV« AMoctiUtf fr*« n»ti» w U« «M *f tfct Wai ««v« m»i*4 i* u *tU M ill AP tt»» ···***· ·( *tl I f*tr Slltt I · SIM Br vail ««t Br ··O t* C«M»rM* ifltbi U-M «t Monik 4» W CaJvrcte. 1 »»»l I -- la. Clt. C«rrt«f Uii ··nth. ILIC ft) HUM r«»lu ! · ! · · tvti I W ·· Ufifrf thai I'M ·nriav Corn · tur* awl U »rt«U4 vll Urn t**U*4 I* fa« iFlblft* ftrp*fcua f · »! Ultlf C*. bj Cn»J*» 1 r »·- rtirb.-«l Utk» Na. Ill Pause and Ponder: Grttt U Ged'i FaitMulntu "This I call lo mind, and thfffforf I hate hop-?: The ittartfait lovt of th« Lord ntvtr ctatti, hit mtrclti ntvtr com* to an ond;" -Lam. 3:21,22. Heart Disease Closely Related to Smoking, Researcher Estimates Horn made thin on the basis of a massivr human When Judges Arc Independent The supreme court announced a 4-2 decision Monday asserting the DuPonl stock holdings in General Motors violated the anti trust laws. Let us concede the terms liberal and conservative need redefining Br ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Scltnct Rtptrttr NEW YORK Ofl - Heavr eig- arett smoking speeds death seven lo eight jears before your time, a cancer researcher estimated Tuesday. Dr. Daniel 'rough guess' itatistics from study just concluded by the Amer lean Cancer society. The study declared: Regular cigarette smokers die Irom lun? cancer 10 times more frequently than non-smokers. Dr. K. Cuyler Hammond, who directed the study with Dr. Ho, declared he believes the study and other evidence "proves smoking is the cause of lung cancer, but not the only way you can get it." I Smokers run a 70 per cent great- ,er riik of fatal coronary heart dis- annually. Nevertheless, a derision that would restrict trusts is usually i r , t( . t n ] n n0 n smokers, the study regarded as a liberal. A judge who votes for such a decision would he Ifmds. Cornnaries are the nation's labeled liberal in his general attitudes, and one who opposed it would be leading killer. "Evidence is strong that coronary disease is highly related to smoking," hut just how or why is "«» )»« known, commented. S m " ; ! Dr. Hammond defimtriy to cut I that of nea who had never ·moked. Cigar smokers had .slightly higher rales than pipe I smokers. I Men who smoked cigars or pipei I as well as cigarettes had somewhat tower death rates than cigarette-only smokers. Perhaps this 'was because pipe and cigar smok- nal report was that death rates rr , ordinarily don't Inhale, Or. dropped when men quit smoking. Hammond suggests. Death rales amonj men who Mtn , mo kuil up to 10 had given up became only half as lei , d, r had over-all death'rates large as rates among men who j« j*,. etnt h| |ne r than non-imok- continued smoking. Dr. Hammond ' t ti. Ten to 20 cigarettes daily said this drop in the rate was ' boosted · their rate lo 70 per cent "from terrible, to just awful." lover non-imokers; smokers of one Almost simultaneously with the to two packs had a X per cent igaret- ' release of the report-- which had I higher rate, and men smoking t been kept secret-- the lobaccr in- 'or more packs daily were 123 p dustry research committee Usued cent higher. a statement declaring, "The| When men had quit light smok- causes of cancer and heart dis- ing for 10 years or more, their ease are not yet known to itedi-'death rates fell about as low as Ithat of non-smokers. Light smok- »ta-!'"t means, under half a pack daily. cat science." ' "Today's Hammond-Horn tistical statement, like their previous reports." the tobacco eom-ls^ Grcek C | cr j c I)ics mittee added, 'does nothing to TM change this fact. AL«o, as sclen- lists have stated, the study itself L E R I f c : "'_.. " _ , . " ' i. open to criticism as to method-! 1 "TM 0 .' 111 "" . Ch , 11 TM' rd "u"'J L ology. selection of subjects, and I«?"«"' "·« '"·» Gr " k Orthodox -""»/» ··*"...·· · . . ,. n.l»n-l-»», ·«» t « K* r,r4.ln*4 in th* unsupported assumptions. clergyman to be ordained in the considered a conservative. When Felix Frankfurter was appointed to tlie United Stales supreme court he was regarded as a liberal of the new deal stripe. One of the two dissenters in this case was Frankfurter. It is one more proof lhat with an Independent hisher judiciary, general political opinions are not carried through in decisions according lo . law tnd the constitution. Besides being a liberal by reputation, Frank(( ' , mo ! L r,/' ih* earlier' dea'th!( furter hai become known as a precise and strict interpreter of the law I me ,,, sm ' ok(T8 comparfd w j l h ' and conitilution. 'non-smokers studied. When Hugo Black was appointed tn the court, his choice was warmly , Quitting cigarettes reduces this criticized since his reputation was lhat of a conservative, perhaps an irisk. ultra conservative of southern indoctrination. I .These are the highlight findings Justice Black voted for the decision holding the Dul'ont slock invest- from a four-year study of 1M.OOO ment violated anti trust laws. Black and Frankfurter are democrats, men, aged 10 to 70, living in nine lhat is. they were before appointment. This decision was just another instance proving an independent ju In the four years ending Novenv ber 1955, 11.870 men died. Dead were 7,31ft regular cigarette smokers; 1.611 who had never smoked; fitfi occasional cigarette smokers, 925 cigar smokers and 774 pipe, and JU who u*ed cigars and pipes. Dr. Hammond, director, and Dr. Horn, assistant director of the . . iACS statistical research, an- ernment to call off the trial of a racketeer accused in the Victor Riesel Bounced the final results at a MS- diciary is exactly that. It is another proof lhat neither party can b« certain of the court's attitude on a given proMem, whether or nnt it has a majority on the supreme bench. Whether the court i« democratic or republican means little. Party decisions by the supreme court are unlikely to be made. cJ Vital Police Job Refusal of two key prosecution witnesses to testify caused the gnv- slates. Fifly. seven per cent smoked or had smoked cigarettes. Dr! Hammond commented that. 11 '"'" 1 Stlle .'' wh .° clm ' ta he thought "we have met every."""'7 "J 9 ^'TM" 1 h " Bi objection which ha. been raised." | Grt " e - iui Thursday. Some main statistics from the, study: Fifty-one of the men studied died of stomach ulers. and every one was a smoker, with 46 using cigarettes. I Fatal lung diseases other than cancer were three times higher among cigarette smokers than non smokers. Cigarette smokers were seven limes as susceptible to cancers of the Mop., agui, larynx, . mouth, tongue and back of the throat. There was no difference in death), regardless of smoking or not smoking, from accidents, high Mood 'pressure, kidney diseases, diabetes, and cancers of the rectum, colon and brain. Men who had only smoked pipei Weld County Real Estate Transfers Rtvinut itamp* en eial taut* trantfirt art at tht »tt o( 11.10 pir thousand. Junt S Mon/ort Feed Lots, Inc. to Kenneth W. Monfort and Patricia A. Monfort. WHSEV, of 9-4-M. No rev. William J. Winsor and May Winsor to Elmer !. Croissant and Orlene Croissant. Part KWUSEV4 of -S^C. Rev. lll.ii. Hubert B. Liggett to Harvey II. Duell and Helen M. Duell. Lots 1 and F.4NWU of 11-4-63. Rev. tar B lays It swept the CeU »t Oaytona Beach. The manufacturer) have mid* wide use of race and contest results In their advertising. The emphasis In postwar yean has been on speed and increasing horsepower. Engines have jumped from a _ ._. mere M horsepower befoie World try lays that ·from now on speed; War II to 200 plus In luiury models. Acceleration tests have been Auto Industry To Hide Speed DETROIT un-The auto indui' ii I It dirtjr word. ii to b replaced in the trade'i vocabulary by safety, reliability and comfort. This is a decision of the directors of the Automobile Manufacturers Assn. These directors include the presidents of the Big Three in the industry--Central Motors, Ford and Chrysler-as well as top executives from every Hfrmin A..WcUf and Pearl M. °U« volume producer of passen- Wolff to Robert J. Owens and Billie I" ""· L. Owena. Lot 4. Btk. 3, Westview.l M the decision is adhered to bill) booed. But at Its annual meeting Thursday the association took action. Its strongly worded resolution said that the manufacturer! shouldn't take part, or allow their dealers to take part, hi any event even suggesting racing or speed. And it barred the use of actual or comparative ratings of can for speed, specific engine liie, torque, horsepower or ability to Addition- to the City of Greeley. Rev. $19.25. Charles Wayne" Glackin, Delia Glackin Gothberg, David fugene Glackin, and Willis Elton Glaekin to Howard D. Snedden Jr. and Alice Elizabeth Snedden. Part of Lot 39. Blk. 2. Sunnyriew Addition to the Town of Evans. Rev. $9.35. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS acid blinding. Fear of underworld reprisal* against the witness was obviously what sealed their lips. This poinU unerringly to a major assignment fur police authorities. They cannot force people to risk their lives testifying against death deal- Ing forces of the underworld. But they can center on a relentlessly determined attack tn deprive the underworld of its power virtually to dflhrone justice In the courts. Society ii not free as Ions as organized crime has the power to establish the legal agencies. sion of the American Medical Assn. convention. In a news conference, Dr. Horn offered the rough guess that a group of heavy cigarette smokers would die seven tn eight years earlier than non-smokers. Lighter smokers, as a group. rule of terrorism in competition with j m i t h l lot( , , wn , Q , hrf( , Jfm life, he figured. "Cigar smoking possibly hastens death by a year and a half," he said. "Pipe life U.S. May Be Forced to More Flexible Red China Policy A. P. NEWS ANALYST By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON i/i -- American policy on Red China, having gone full circle, is froten now. The Eisenhower administration shows no signs of thawing it. But it may have to. Time wa« when lhi» country not nnly washed its hands of Chiang Kai shell hut gave the Red Chinese a clear road to invade Formosa where he fled with Ihe remnants nf his Nationalist government in the fall of 1949. But it switched under President Truman, when Ihe Korean War begun, and Ihe Truman policy is being continued by President Eisenhower. This country ftill refues tn rec- e;mie Ihe Red Chinese as Ihe real government of mainland China. It totaHy bans American trade wilh them. It refuses to agree to let them into the United Nations. It lakes Ihe position that Chiang's Formosa government is the only one entitled to represent all China in the tl. N., and it is pledged to defend Formosa from Red Chinese attack. At the same time Ihe United States will not let Chiang attack the mainland. He couldn't do it a n j w a y , without American help. So he and his troops sit there, setting older, apparently with mthing to look forward to except Rut American allies -- like Britain -- are gcttir.g fed up with the rigidity of American policy. They're beginning to assert them- I'hes. Britain, for instance, rec rinued the Reds as the legitimate jcnrmmrrt of China from Ihe mo- ner.t they smashed Chiang in They've txrn willing -- so far -- to defer lo American wishes arainst pushing for admillance of Fed China lo the V. N. but mon- er counts, and trade means mon- »v. On this the British finally lirkrd up their heels. t'ndrr American insistence fol- In'Ains the entry of Chinese Communists in the Korean War, Ihe Allies h a \ e had far less trade wilh H»d China t h a n »ith Russia. This r.o lonjrr m a d e seme to the British w h e n Ihey needed money. Within Ihe past two weeks Ihey announced (heir OWTI new. inde- r-'fldent policy: They'll do just shout the same kind of trading with Red China as wilh Russia. others, like Japan, will probably follow suit. The Allies, through trade and Mher contacts with Red China, may achieve an advantageously rime relationship which will es- !r:.i;e this eeussry from its smoking would shorten only two to three months," Dr. Horn added, puffing on a pipe. Dr. Hammond kept firing up his . pipe, Ion. Both were once cigar- friends or force a relaxation in Its rttf , rao k m _ but rjuit under the attitude toward Red China. .impact of their own statistics.- The Eisenhower administration, nr Hammond declared a new in its continuing refusal tn recog- , hjn( , shich |umfd up jn (hi , fi . nize the Red government of China, has already made American policy look like a bit of fiction. For months this country has been negotiating in Geneva with the Chinese Reds. The Eisenhower administration has gi\tn the impression -- at least at times -- of letting the extreme pro-Chiang Republicans in Congress set this country's policy toward Red China. They've been utterly rigid. An example came this week at Eisenhower's news conference when he said he didn't see " a s j much advantage" as some others' do in this country's insistence on! more limited trade with Red China than with Russia. His statement raided an i m m e - j diale question: If that's how he j feels, W'hy didn't he take the Jead in doing something about it? had death rates only slightly above MISTER BREGER '0*D. PIP YOU a n«w flashing rtd IfeM Has b**n Insltlkd at th« Jtfftrion schMl, Fourth tvtnut a n d ThlrtttMh stnxtr BUCKLEY Ella FIcsrh Dies NEW YORK m - Ella Flesch, 55, Hungarian-born dramatic soprano, former member of the M e t - ' ropolitan Opera, and for m a n y ! years a member of the Vftnna and Munich Opera Companies be-1 fore coming to Ihe United Stales in 19.1D, died Thursday. She was born in Budapest. DICK KING About your insurance ... "\Vr ramp Imrk from a wfck-cnt) trip to (inii the heater out, plumbinK pipes frozen nnci burst, and w a t e r frozen on rtipf, floors nml ceilinc!". The tlamace Is con- jiderablc. Does a Homeowners Policy cover Mich clamaee. while a, Resident Fire Policy does not?" D.C.Royer Agency Phone 50 M)S 9lh St. 5 BURGERS TO GO Harry Csmeron'» NODELAY DRIVIN TeL 497 "DID YOU IEII THE CHEF I'M IN A HURRY f M O D E S T M A I D E N S T 1 keep then hiadj la can I «M lo pUj foU »*»· **lklnf la mj »l**p!" "fi ' "It'i his own arrangement for commercials he doesn't care f o r . . . " accelerate or perform "in that suggests speed." any rigidly, the days probably are I gone when car A will claim i t j won the Pike's Peak Race while 1 USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS · H:« 81JHP Eft tJOTHffl" HtCOUtOKOTStthSlfiKM. ·To titTHPRfiH ffSA-ttl wnve of COPINHASEN- ' ZtPPeHN OH WHfM" MTrl N1NO-CUTTIN6 PROM IfOMIlK MHOVR ON ft RUN KTf-ltM HALF ACRE CASTLE He's Getting Older JOE PALOOKA BY HAM FISHER 1CWTVAHT oavv.T TOLD 100 5Oi Birr-joujuyr warn EVER*EEMT» LEARN' WMTffi HiCH.HW fft.vR.Of SHIFTING FUGNTTUCE TRANSLATE, PLEASE! I 60TTA ADMIT... t CAN USE A UX RE5T..WEW* KtWrONLY H13IK1CMHU. MM IVY. *«M. IOM NHCOME 10rr' mi X'tNCHYORE . TWSTJ NOTHING DCINO. 1 Wftl s*.rrrr THRU 60SMJ ITS FAKING NOK-IU U6MTA FIREJ IMUiUAL CAMVAN 6 WAKING SlOW, STTAOY ESS 10U1WO ·NOW VJM FIKSTBLOOO)'ill -WKE THIS CHECK OfKXRS FOR KYJOB I5TORVDOUT WE K: Ol TVE GUOQY ROAD, HATE TO BETH' GUYWObTHYTO STOP 05 K: COOKING UP -THEN FIGHT rr OUT! VOtCES-OOWIM RALPH't IT'S THE PIRATE*, WHOEVER THEY BACK TO TOWN- DISCHARGE THE LI EM SCORCHY SMITH Somebody's Watching DICKIE DARE Hear That, Dick? LFL ABNER (YOU ARE TCO SWEET TO f CECENE.T THIS V AlMT THE REAL ? "E. I WEAR GLASSES?

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