Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 7, 1969 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1969
Page 28
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Page 28 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuos., Oct. 7, 1959 Junior Editors Quiz on -FOREST FIRES 'Extra Penny' Mail System QUESTION: Haw rlo fares/ fires damage the soil? * + r ANSWER: We hope all our readers rcali/c wlial a Iragic thing a forest fire is. Not only is m u c h v a l u a b l e t i m b e r lost, but a n i m a l s and h u m a n bcinis o f t e n lose t h e i r lives. And, as the question implies, great and hisliii;', d a m a g e is done to the soil u n d e r n e a t h . How m a n y of you readers realize t h e m a n y years il has t a k e n to b u i l d up t h e rich forest h u m u s which holds in m o i s t u r e , prevents t h e damaging r u n o f f s from heavy n i i i i , w h i c h roar down, eroding and destroying t h e l a n d on w h i c h we depend for food? If you were in t h e position of t h e lioy in our p i c t u r e and could a c t u a l l y sec a forest f i r e created by his carelessness, we k n o w yon would j o i n w i t h Hoy Scouts, forest rangers and all others who urge people who p l a y or work in wooded areas to he e x t r e m e l y c a r e f u l of m a t c h e s and camp fires. As llic lower left p i c t u r e shows, f i r e can actually cat down hclnw t h e s u r f a c e , d e s t r o y i n g t h e precious h u m u s . So'bc a b s o l u t e l y sure t h a i c a m p f i r e is out before you leave il. Douse it wilh w a t e r , cover i t . w i t h dirt. in-7 (Kalhy Montanaro nf Amsterdam. N.Y., wins n prir.e for this question. You can win 5/1) rush plus A /''s handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care oj this newspaper^ is selected for a .prize.) By ALFRED FRIENDLY The Washington Post LONDON - Britain's "two- ficr" ninil system, providing faster delivery of letters carrying an extra penny slamp, should be adopted in the United Stales, American Postmaster General Winlon I. Blount said Saturday. In an interview, Blount said Ihc system could cut the mail congestion during each days I wo peak periods by as much as SO per cent, with consequent cost, .savings and increased efficiency. In Britain, domestic first class nail cosls four pennies--cxacl- y equal to four cents--an ounce. A Idler carrying an extra penny slamp gels priority sorting and deliveryr. Blount explained f l i n t American big city post ofifces have 0 be staffed up lo handle peak 'lows from !) In 12 p.m.--when collections come in from the .:ily mail boxes--and from 3 to 1 a.m.--when mail brought by ruck, train and plane from elsewhere in the country ordi- larily comes in largest volume to Ihe post offices. The consequence is (hat dur- ng other periods in the 24 lours, there is excess handling capacity in the postal stations, 'f tlicre were a preferential rate; the letters wilh the prior- ty stamp would be handled First and, if there was clogging luring (he peak period, the other mail would be laid over o be handled some hours later. A more economical staffing pat- ern could thus be obtained. Blount was in London as a Sliest of the British postal sys- cm lo witness its changeover rom a cabinet department to a government corporation. His own legislative objective is to shift the American Post Office )epartmcnt lo a government- iwncd but privately financed and self-supporting corporation. The clear superiority of British mail deliveries over the American--there are four deliveries a day in London, for axam- ple, and few tellers terry more than 'IA hours between sender and receiver--datives from Ihe lighter geography of the United Kingdom and the relatively large number of employes, Blount said. lie noted that although a letter here costs four cents compared to the six-cent rale in the United Stales, British postal em- ployes are paid only one-third of their American counterparts. And since labor costs are 80 per ccnl of the total, here as in the United Slates, Blount calculated it would cost 12 cents for an American letter if the same proportionate number of workers were hired in ; America as in Britain. He said the American mail Ph. 352-8553 TO 3133 W. 10th St. SOS'S WESTVIEW TV Service All Makes Greeley system was already ahead of the British in mechanization, but deplored what he said were gross American deficiencies in capital investment for further mechanization and other operational facilities. LAGOS -- USSR warships make Lagos a port of call. Biggest man on Michigan State's football team' is sophomore tight end Jim Nicholson of Honolulu. He's 6-7 and weighs 2IJ7 pounds. See us. We'll gear payments to suit your budget. irst Industrial 816 8th Avenue LOANS Greeley, Colorado Army Col. Denies Beret; Have License to By BOB MORTON AP Military Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - An Army colonel who twice cnm- r snrral a previous lour in .Special Forces. A refusal by t h e (MA las week lo let il.s agcnls t e s t i f y in [scheduled ciiurls-marlial led t h e manded Green Berets in South | Army lo drop charges against Vietnam emphatically tloiiicsllhc men. that assassination is parl of I h e j Army Sccrelary Stanley R. Special Forces' assignment in Hosiir said Ihc 01A was "mil di- the war. ircclly involved" bul. il has been "The suggestion Ihal. assassi- e s t a b l i s h e d from various nation plays any parl in IheisouiTcs Ihal, Ihc agency dis- mission of Ihc Army Special Forces is absolutely false and utterly absurd," Col. Fred Lmlcl said in an interview Ladd, who headed Ihe 5lh Special Forces in Vietnam in l%2- (Irccn Borpts. Ladd, now serving in Ihe office of the deputy chief of staff · of Ihe A r m y , acknowledged Ihat 63 and again in lflG7-(iH, said as- Special Forces have intelligence sassination and terrorism arr I personnel but. said their mission cussed (he "disposition" of I ho South Vietnamese wilh Ihc neither taught nor advocated in Green Berel training at Ft. Bragg, N.C. is not "clandestine" intelligence work such as behind enemy linos npcrnliniis. "No soldier has a license l o j Their intelligence operalions murder anybody," he said. I involve monitoring enemy infil- Ladd's conimcnfs came in thoitralion across borders, plotting wake of a growing assumption 1 troop movements w i t h i n couu- tn some quarters Ihal Ihe (ireenjlries and otherwise learning Beret murder case indicates Ihc what they can about North V i e t - namese and Viol Cong activities. elite Special Forces arc gaged in something morn training and organizing mniin-l In two Imirs in Vietnam. Ladd tain tribesmen to fight Ihe Viet said, ho ncvor received any in" i i · .. _ . j _ . _ j _ i.:.. i i Cong. Larid declined whatever details si ruction or order In his knowl- discuss edge Ihal came from Ihc CIA. knows "Special Forces units," he about the case of the eight Spe- said f l a t l y , "do not pel Ihcir nr- cial Forces men who once facrdmers from Ihe CIA." charges of murder and conspir-i Halhcr, assignments come acy in Ihe alleged slaying of ajlhrough Ihe chain of command South Vietnamese double agem.'from Army headquarters in Sai- But as other officers havejgon. lately, Ladd called attention lo the fact. Ihal. Col. Robert 'IT Rheault, his immediate succes- most distant object in space vis- sor in Vietnam until being ac-jible lo the unaided eye -- is so cused in the case, was Ihe only far from Karlli I h a l even a career Green lierel in Ihc group j spaceship traveling 10.1100 limes of eight originally charged. j f a s t e r than Apulln I t ' s seven The rest were intelligence o f - ) m i l e s per second would take ficers assigned lo (be Special;four and a half million years Forces. Onlv one of them h a d ' t o roach il. '. Andromeda dalaxv -- the Saturday, Oct. 11, 1SS9 - 2:00 p.m. LARRY and .1UNE W A R R E N , 1M7 E. Mulberry St., FT. COM.INS, COLO. This unimproved property is located nn Mlway No. "M East of Ft. Collins, just \ 2 TM ile from llir intersection of Hiwny M and Riverside Drive a nd is commonly known n nd numbered as 1307 East Mulberry Street, Ft. Collins. Colorado. FRONTAGE ON HIWAY 14: 478 feet. PROPERTY DEPTH: 220 feet average; 193 feet on West side; 247 feet on East side; 3 standby water taps, 1 inactive water tap in east Larimer County Water Dist.i Natural gas line and sewer line adjacent to property. Pufolic[ Service Co. Electricity Zoning is Commercial. TAXES: 1968 $223,96, TERMS: Cash. 10% down sale day, balance in certified funds at time of closing. Closing wit bin 30 days. There is an existing assumable loan with ( i low balance. The property will j be sold In two parcels and the h'd reserved and then the entire! property sold with the s.ile being made to the highest to tali figure. For complete details contact Austin Agency in Fort Col-j lins, 1610 S. College Ave., phone '1825305 or Ray Larson Realty,] 2305 10th St., Gri'eley, Colorado, phone 353-2355. AUSTIN AUCTIONS, Hay Larson, Bob Cross, Natlc A u s t i n Auctioneers GreeJey Fort Collins 2305 10h Sf. 1610 So. 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Gentle washing action plus a cold water cool-down tintp no-iron fabrics stay "no-iiun!" · Jet Action Agitator. · 2 Jet-Away Rinses. · Cold Water Wash Setting. 5-8 *f£|* Model DAN, electric Durable Press Care on this budget- priced Dryer, too « Durable Press Care. Proper temperature plus end-of-cycle cool-down brine Durable Prcst items out ready to wear. · 2-Cycle Timer. Select exact number of drying minutes. · No-stoop lint screen. 119* ELECTRIC RANGE 30" Range with lift-off door for ensy cleaning, full width storage drawer, top level 1 CTQ95 control panel. RS-30P l«?' D5SHWASHER Top-loading DWTP-1 dishwasher on wheels. Saves Iimo ?1"7CV and money, too. 117 THE BYZANTINE (40M-757) q totally new concept in space- saving design. 19" wide in Spanish Oak, AM/FM-FM stereo, 6 speakers matching sound system. 16" PORTABLE COLOR TV with dipole antenna, carrying handle . . . lightweight and rugged. THt EL C!D HOME ENTERTAiNMENT CENTER. 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