Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1961 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1961
Page 5
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Directory of Weld C h u r c h e s ( A v « . 1* unco Cor a v e n u t B . iv ho LI « l r o u t a «t. IB umlttud For I3LMe school oi II* a q u l v a l c u t o n l y aohco! It unco Time* oi day unless u i h e r w i v o noted art f o i worship tervtcD ^u inlay 1 1 \s toi V o u l h or K o u n f i t*«op[« d p o c l a i church n e w a should be in tljs Trlbar.e o f f i c e by Weilneadny at * p.rn for n i i h l l r n t l a n F r l d n v I A l l L2lh Gretley TV til Ion* rtiomus 1'cntrcnvint. 126 R Da via 1:4 b 10 de Illuji, S y n t i l a h col II L, M n l o y I I S t h A t e yli nchooi ·Z. 10. BolldO 7:30. A * f l « n i b l } of liud. (ilnri r i i l l n K Sir. Ave -- 10 Hi J U I l a l n s 5 I S FChOOl: I I 00 £ 7 : ( 6 llr^liri l l n i t i u i , I ' t h Ave.. A l l e s Dr Frank Votti 9 M 6 school 1 1 : O U 7-3CI; 6 - 0 0 V P. l l l l i l r t f l m l t . l i n r j , bU Mth A V « C3 U n f o l d Ttiyli.r 9 - 4 5 . tcbool: I ,t 7 IS: 1 r P M l h l « lu-nviircli Center, 2 1 1 4 1th Avo.: Joseph M. Dauehcrtj 10:00 HOhool. I I Qlld 1.16. Cnlvnrj U n i i t U t . l a t n A v » . lOlh W a r r e n L. Norton » : 4 I .choui 1 0 - 4 6 * T : ( 6 : '· y H Cliltrvh nl tiort, 16^1 6th SI. K e n n e t h C. R U E S C l l 9:45 B«hoo illoO ft 8:00: 7. YI Church ol Uhrlvt, »1S ISth A v « Clarence Wharton :4S. achoo 1 0 - 4 5 A- 6:00 Cb.ircll "I Christ, 1 1 3 » 6th 10:01 School: 1 1 : 0 0 t J:00 rhi.ri-r. nt U"U i / ' r n l * . v . n l n l i SrJ Av".-15tl. W i l l i a m Collln 10:00 school: 1 1 : 0 0 it; 7:30. Church or :nd In Clirl.l, 60 4th Ave. H t. Carter 9:3 s.-lmol I I 00 8:00. rtuirch or C5od O' I'rtHihec S l i l A V » - 7 t h St. Kd. W W. Voi tj-jnhn. 10:00. ichool: 1 1 : 0 0 7 : 3 0 Church nl J'»u« Clrl«l nl l.n ,,, :i S i . l n t . . 2207 2 » r , l A v llrslioii H. K H e n t l e y «t0 achoo jO'SO A C:CO |.-\nnuel Temple, Kill Ave. 2 l s i Ray U Clnrk 8 : 4 6 . schoo ] 1 :OC £· 1 : 4 5 r-lvmineltertl U n i t e d t l r c l h l~lt 'school;'10:4 5 i '1:30. l.'ir«t llnpll*". l ( tli Ave I Hh Olivi-r W. Brock 9:16. school 11:00. ' Klr«t C h r l r t l n n . »lt Ave · 13th I,. J. Howcr.=, 1 Flr«l l,ulherM» Stanford R nil. 9:!0. scbor,]: | : 0 0 BrlggidiU P I I H C , U e u r H * 11. D L I k n e . I «criool: 1 1 - 0 0 A 1:00: 1:00 .vreantliii.l. Uertrud* Horn Eaton RPt m i n i - l l I r u r * ^ n i i l o l Clnrk. 1 1 - 0 0 School: 9 * 4 ( C h r l n i A m t r l i K M l.nlhern*, A n n l-X'Uflrllnc ft id «-hon| I) -CK c n n c i l y , 11.00, .-tiool; Yl', «:30. i l h i ' m l . 1,*slAi w o r p h l p ; 9:46 i n n K c l l f N l f r ' r e t , u e l l u * ijlnu I 10-00 (jchool: 1 1 : 0 0 Mill ml H n p l l R l , U L- K »lm t : f b ...I II 00 «:SO IV inrH.|nnr«, J e r r y Scarbroucli school: i n - 4 6 «: 7:46. Evans Method).*!, 7lh and yml S p a r k s ; I0:0l, sth l l u r t r i i I'liin- M l »men A. l . n n E l c y I S. 7:46. Ritipire sh \V . school Fort Lupton Klr.l l l n p l l » t , J f Korsnnde r » · « ichnol: 10:16: S:30. V P Flr.l H e i l u i r l l i l , Uene D V e l ken 9:46. school: 1 1 : 0 0 : 7:00. y SI. AlUlrerv'* Ulilnct.^nl, Eric Smith. 9:30. school S ft 11:00. GiltTon l)ii|itl«C, Lluiftcll Kluuhcr. 10:00. Scli'io]. 1 1 00 7:00: G ' 3 0 TP. Cc.nimi.Mll7. Lowell Ho\vara 10:00. ichool: H - 0 0 : !:SO. TP. Grovtr mlly. Gertruo.1 H o r n a. Ujll.r Sermon Topics Pint CongrtgalTonfl Hobcrt Jais, Chicago Thcolog- cal Seminary intern, will be llic lucsl preacher at the two services Sunday morning ol the First Con- ;regatlonal Church. Subject ol lis sermon will be "The Kirst ml (".real Commandment." Jais ·nxl his wife, Joyce, will be vitli Ilia church through August of next year, participating in ts program and assisting wi activities aiui services. At (be 9:30 a.m., service the choir will sing Ihc anthem, ','Hcar My Cry 0 Lovd,' by Kopylofl. direcl-:l by Divighl E. Nofiigcr with Mrs George Anderson, organist ,M the 11 o'clock service Hie choi will be directed by Joseph Himmel with Jlrs. John Crbnln at (lie organ. Valerie Watson will sing a solo, "Consider (he Lilies," from "The Song of Thanksgiving" by Maunijer. This service will 1« broadcast over KYOU. Nursery care will be provided during both services. Youth for Christ Schedules Film Saturday, Talk Monday MScicncoChurch Greater Grceley Youth lor Christ will present a film, "Angry ' Jungle." S a t u r d a y ' a t 7:30 p.m.. .it Ihc VFC Center, 721 21st St. Monday niglil (he national rcclor of Youth for Chris! lenintional High School Club DC- jungles were s»pno:«lly c l « i . of enemy gueiilla forces hut Lai- |«' ' ry and his father discovered thai the relentless otishuchts of dark' by ili-'ness ciin never IK; stopped In- mere human oppositiiin. partment. Hie Hev. Bill Eokin, will speak M V/arnoco Hink under (he Rev. E;ikin, who will he a guesl 1 From John nt the YI-'C roller skating party j these words of I'Viday, Oc(. 20, 1%1 G R K K L E Y T R i n i / N B PajfcJ Lutherans, Presbyterians Compare Stands on Doctrine By G EORGE W. CORNELL ihranchcs of Christianity that grcvf Aj^ochi,,,! 1'rcss lieligion W r i l u r ' t u i l of Ihc Prolestan! Reformation presenli'd at the Chrislian Kfience N |.. w YOHK A I ' ) - LutlieranJ ''' llcil ' leaders will engage in Chiiri-h Sunday. ' Salvation is attained llirougli spiritual uu-iikvning, growth, and -· . . ; 'BH'ss. 'I his is lesson-sermon cnlillcd After Dwith" wliidi "I'ioba- will uc was (crinerly direelor of Youth will be .read Cliiisl Jesus: and Presl hisloi'ie nvivp, sponsorship of Ihc Greater Grec- tor Christ at Akron, Ohio. He has ley YKC. The meeting will bcfiinjliocn in constant *""·'.! i^nn^n "Verily, verily, I say unlo of Amerk'.n. in'long-rnnRO series of talks on his- dnv sot out lo;''"'' (i;T ' IhcoloRical differences and lit 7:30 he thai honrcth my word, '·"'d'cloulr'iiio. ,, tt ,, believed) on him (hat sent me, of his understanding of teen-agers', ]| n ||, c v c rlnsli Jl J I I M U L l l I I K J V l ' , l U U i i y SV.-1 I M J I I W | - i ,, en S(1S: tliscovo how clnscly-or far apart '" wll!l1 Cx1cnl lllc differences still you, _n, cy nrm . sl . 11K | ·,,,,. of'Mist. The discussions are not, ·· n ts me HIM MI ling lite, and shall «ot| scol)t| illvolv |,,,. ; , s :ondeninalio.i: litit is.j lm |i ons j n t | lcs( jliowevcr, aimed at merger, It was It is the first such .Men of Its' 51 " 1 . 1 . 1 .!' "Angry Jungle," filmed in col- problems and his ability to chal-| comc inlo C0 | 1( i c or in Malaya by Gospel Films, lengo them lu the Christian way p . iss(;( | j,. 0|n c | C(i |], lm | 0 |jf e _" - - - - · · · · · ' o f life. Hccogni/cd iisanaiithoi-ity| 0| e o) - ,i ic c i (o( i m , s ( rom | score- of detiom- sc two main (ells of tlie deep shadow ot Communism and how it falls con- un youth programs and (lie YFC inually longer across the fever- High School Club ministry, he sh earth, it was this second I joined the staff oi Youth for Chrisl larkness which surrounded a man| International in Sqileniber. wr8. and a boy as they made their way!as field director, and became na- into the jungles of Mnl.iy.-i; t h e j t i o n a l clu!) director in September, man. an American rubber export-1 jiwo. He is n graduate of Coimis !r; the boy. his son. Larry. The,Hill Iliblc College, Akron, Ohio. Our Savior's Lutheran 'Could Jesus H a v e B e e n Wrong?" is the topic of the! sermon which the Hev. II. J. Z,'on Lntherein. H y:*5. school; 1 0 : 4 5 . Hudson Chicago Minister To Lecture Sunday On Unitarianism The Rev. Dr. .James I. McCord, nrcsiden' of Princeton Theological _J! Seminary -- Presbyterian -- and the Hev. Dr. Paul C. Empie. executive director of the. National Lutheran Council, said in an- iioimciiit! the project: "These conversations arc lo he purely theological to discover to whal extent differences which have divided I r i i i 'those, communions i n Hift past still lill Iliblc College, Akron, unio, ··- ;-- , . . ' i N n x t t l vt ' 1 " lor "° l ;' :11icr onnslidite obstacles to mutual un' I, further studies at Akron Uni- ""1'' TMTM* «l ^ ^ »» d «'ill l. w , B!c of Our Savior's Lulhernn .i^t^u,,,,... vcrsilv ami Miami University in " 1s " TM f v "P lls ! J' hls ow " I 10 "' Church will he a retreat Oet.j . n , e] . e n ,. c ,,,,,,.,, t | lan 72 million O l, io ' er." :2ii and 27 at Pencefiil Valley. i. u ih c ,- ans ; n || : . world and 45 west of Lyons anil near Maym i|H 0 n Hreslivterian nnd "Sfieucc and Health w i t h Key ' o ' l n i - h p r a n Y o u t h the Scriptures" by Mary U a k c r j u u r n L r u n ' "" l " Eddy states: "Universal 0 [^QJJ R c f r e O t tion rests on progrcssinna nd pro-. hatinn, and is unttainablc with-iQct. 26 Q n G 27 oui them." The Golden Text : from Corinthians: "Gol There ai'C over 2800 YFC Chilis day morning services at Savior's Lutheran Cliurel Our! country, will 1 I K L U i l L U U \ l . l ^O.,TI i , v* v^i.i.... active across the world in MO lo- Infregration Grants Jin- denominational organrannn spt- -··-···- · · · - -. .- thJciali^ing in Icen-agu cynngelism.. vacation !e n d , n g Rc- Lyons ami neai ,,,. inond. All leagues of Colorado formed believers. leal YFC organizations. Youth f o r ! . , , " , , will also be present. In Ihe American talks, repre- Thc Hev. Eugene Sparrow of'c'brist International is an inter-! N TM VOHK IAI') -- Southern, I , il . k[|X , s of (]]( , [M . cr [.,,,,,,,,, sciitatives of at least a dozen -,-- - -- - · - - - I Chicago, field director of Uni-! denominational orfioimalion spc-lsl'xieiits who spent their suinmci , io . [( M i . i ] n j ,.., ^..(.iiTcs.l.ylcrian bodies, with 6.5 mil- Rimge will preach at (he two Sun-j, h Fellowships icross ti.»l-:..«·.:..-:.. i»n.i-n-.. nvnm'plkm. vacation S e n d i n g mlegration . , office drives are lure here Sunday nt 4 ,, m . aliwbeatou. 111., and it carries oii,«om Inlcrnsliips" by 111 A K K c i n L l r uf t i u d , Warron M a l l 3 : : 0 E C l m u l . H A 7 : 4 5 St. I h i i d u r c B CulliuIlL-, Leonard Abercromble. 1 1 : 0 0 Mass St, S'lYP ' U r n c e l . u t h c r n n , A r m l n StoLp. 10:CO. school: 11 :00 v l: a public lee- I t s hcndi|iiarler' V at 4 p.m., a( Whpatmi. 111., ami it carries oii.dom Intern the Community Huilding. His ad-; its program ill « niilions "f Ihc icon Baptis "tilled: "Who Are'world. l'!"' '" Cr , · i- These Unitarians?" Anyone i n ' ' ' S t l " l l l m l CIlnsli:ln The T^'clc^O^crg will ^ t ^ "^ "'^ '^' M speak on "The WrfWpru.g dj^J"*TM ^ ,, ; , Joy at the 11 o clock servicel . . . . , . . . . , h offered "Free Amcr 1st Home Mission Socic | ties, in consultation with the """ tlolm and leadership "' K] TM' A ,. |. lsl moc ii r ,. ,,f lion members, and of seven Lu- U--IKUO Mnvies'""- 11 '-- 111 lxxlips - wil1 ' 8 ' 5 mi ! l ,! on l,v .lorry IleUinKci-i'^ 1 ^ 1 ' 5 .-" .' ot , nl , of l5 m '" 10n Stmdny inoniing nl llic Firsl Cov- J nines .Upthodlst, Joseph 10:00. school; 11 :00: 6:00. cnanl Ctuirch. The clioir [·lr«t Church ol ChrlM ,!,,[. 10L1I A v e . - IGttl church and school. Flr.l Church ol Up*, 3rd Ave. - Johnstown j E i a n c f l l c n l U n i t e d Hrerhrrn, bames It U r u e n l n g . B:4. school school: I0:3i.lln:00: T:30. f P Srle» I F*i*h L Til he ran Church M l » 1 1 - 0 0 nourl STnuJ, Jacob H e n n l f f . 9:30. ' school. 10-30 1-2 ih. A. Mauch, s':4 Kchooh irfrfcl U n p l l s l , E. A- ( 10:00. school; 11:00 7:00. A 7:30. j .Mcthoillnl, John Evcraole. 5:Hb, UuinrceKnllonnl, '1; h ejachool; 11:00, MYF, 7:00. Ketnesburg Community MelJiotilBt, Melvltl Suddertli. 10:00, echoalj I t :00: VP. 7 : 0 0 . , H o l y J'nmll? Cntlitillc, Leonard , Alibrcrombfe, 5:00, Mass. v "'"L K ToX"\, X?:\ ""·"' " «·* L1 " J - d »«"· ,. ,,:00 « 7:30. 6:00 IP. 1"^^ ^^ ^^ ^ son. U n l l c c l Church nf'cliH.t. 2131 A v t . - 1 6 l h . Frederick W . Hynlop. 3 - 1 0 t 11:00. school: 0:30 A- 11:00. 1-lr.l COTtliK-il, 10th Ave. - 6th. (_· Cecil Oatorbcrg, S : 1 5 nchool:! U:Cd A 7:30 school. . Flrat M e t h o r i l i t . 10th Ave. · IDtli. Dr. Laird Loveland. 8:30, acl!ci.(ll 9:00 t 1 0 : 4 5 . Flrnt Nntnrcne, l l t h ATO. - 9U. oaoreo Carglll. 9:46. school; rirjit llnllej i'rcBhy-tcrlnn, Sth A v e . - M i l l . Dr. Arnold W. L B K K - onborg. 9:15 achool: and 10:SO. Klr.t Smlhcrn U n c t l M , Dtf Ave - 2ilh. Morris Wall. 8 : 4 6 . ?chool: 1 1 : 0 0 7:30: 6:!0 I f . l.'lrnt S i i n n l i l i Lnlernnttnnnl I'cnlcc.Mlnl, Spanish colony, west (Jreeley. Mnnnel GalloEo«. 10:00, scl.ool: i:30 t 7:30. |.-inirmilinre Un«pel. 1 Hh Ave. - t t h l^ylo Bucholzer. 9:4B. achool: Ll Sail* n u p t i a l , ' H. Flichl, . . IP. . HethoilKt, 1th Ave.. - 1 4 t h .chool: , Robert A. Kerby. S:5. 11:00 7;JO: T-.OO, IP. Grteler D n p l l i t Trmpl«, Hth Ave. - 3th. Frank Teal. 10:00, school; 11:00 a n d ? : 5 : f :00. I P U t e e l e y Clirl»1lnn, 1101 Sth St. 10:00. B i h l B S t u a y i U i 7:30.'. Wltii"»c», O S Mo E. N e w e l l . 3:00. l . u l l i c r n n , 1 8 C 5 Ith. . r n n , Ave.; Dr. Harold H. SandberB- 3:45, school; 11:00. Mlulnuarr I J n p l U t , »'"* *«· . Sth Don Adklnl. 8 : 4 . ichool 1 1 : 0 0 . 1:00 4 8:00. Mountnln V I c « BrnnsMlrn Tree, Westwood, (Jerald D. Meyer. School. 9 : 3 0 ; 10:30 Oar LndT ot I'cnce Catholic, 14th Avo - «rfl. Louis E,tr.da. 8:00 11:00. H ! n « » : 7:00. Our Snvlor'. AmerlrnD '·o 1 *'"n, !Ul Are. - 1 8 l h . B'chard BunBe. 3:45. school; S:30 1 1 :00 ['lll»r ol Fire, Sth A v o - 15th. U S. WoirEang. 10:00. ichool: 11:00 7:30 Kclotmea I'robjlei-Un, 10th Ave. · 1 5 t h . B r u c e C. ··«»w'» ° r r c B h y t e r l K w , C. W n y i i i. 9-.10 school; I1:l0, A. Schlll»i tc 1:10: 7:j» li'»l U » l t e d D'Arcy. »:»0: , A l b u r t s , , fk ' " O ' L , - 9:15. Bchool: 10:4 TP. Irelhrcn. C h a r l e s 9:30. Bchool. "I'rnycr vitcd lo nllend. Mrs. Flunk P. Iho ?[Kinor.s of iCounci! Says '.New Synagogues 'Need Shelters vie\s"C(t at Our SnviiK'^ were shown uv .pt-rrv iiLHtui^i.'!-:,,. . ,. - 1 1 , 1 . ,.', i " ,, t Clinslians--vn I tnkc porl, s Hies by .he Hev, ]Jo(h ^^ ^^ ^ rsnip '· i""' 1 ? 0 ' ' 1 ' ns!nr , of I M '' 'the ICIh cenhiry Proiestant break Conference, lieiidud by Dr. Mar- ^'"^1. "y"" sm«.i.e look plaee :(] . flm H()me : (in Ltitbei- King The 'grants will 1;cforc lllc s l l l w m ^ tlf ""' ] m '' Lutherans s])rang from the lead- free the students from financial lllrcs ^ {[l ' k ' s '° Sm " h loall " K ership of German reformer Mari problems so they can dcvo'.e! ll;c G r ° u V- ·'""" 1'elersuii read , il , r,n[hor, while lha Presbytcvi- snare time to woik against racial 1 I l l c SCT iP l "' i c lesson anil lionuici il]1 . Hl .f 0 , mc ,i cam ,, nmsc through beureK'ition Bloemaker, ihc prayer litany, influence of Swiss reformers John "·"- -- lr ·-'TM l ··'" """'" Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli in the same period. Afterwards refreshments w e r i served. and Healing" will Consolidating Belief live committee of the liabhinica! Conimitlee for the e Johnson, a male quartet and (he questions: Independence manv people who have sou?hi · a'Counul of America has askc.l Or- NEW YORK (AP) - "We need,Joel Bcchlel. scheme in Kkyscene flowers. 2-118 Prcsl Choir Art" direding. Miss Norma will lw the organist. Baptist Bethe The Ucv. preach on Sunday morning worship at the Bethel Baptist Church. "The Sorcerers and Hie Silversmith," Gockley every area 01 p f u g J u s a i v e ii-t thought? jMembership Milestone : B i l l i o n s Given "Are you of the opinion that the will be Ihe topic of the Sunday evening service. Carr Presbyterian mend Smith. 9:45, school; 11:00: 7:00, second and (curtrv.. IP. Nunn Fir.I l r r i t r t c r l » , Sidney D Sklrvln. 10:00. school! 11:00. Fuuriquurt, Dun J i a a e n . 1:41, school: 11:00 4 1:30. PlaHtvlllo . . I c l h n i l l i l , Uonald R- Wazeck 8:45, Bchool; 10:00 SI. .1ohn'» l . i . t h e r n n -- Wisconsin Synod, W a l t e r S t l t f r l n s . 3:30 school; 10:30. St. M r h n l t n Cnthollc, Hcrtaer BBnlsan. S:00, church; 6:15 mass Holy Days. Windsor · . ccliool; e . · . 7:SO; 6.30 TP c c i o o ; : . . school; 11:00 8:00; i:00. ..-nrirnnUTil Chnrch nf J-iu» Uh.l.I uC 1..D.3. DAV h a l l Bob u Anderson 9:(5. school: 1 1 : 0 0 . S.lT«.loi. Atrnj, 1030 lO'h Capu K. IJcavcr. 9:45 .chool: 1 1 - 0 0 t 8:00: 6:30 IP- A d Y . n . l . . . ll.J AVB. - 10th. E l d e r Dale C. Aal- bore. Saturday. »:30. scliool. 11:00'. St. JnbD'« IjUlbcrnn, 4th Ave. l l t h Dr. M. Schoenhwr. .SO. school; 10:30; 1 :SO, YI. St. l!o«l!"=«-;'.° nh "'-,.V 0h ·Vhoof: lV:30. j'.OO i 1:00 St. I'eter Ciitliollc. Slh Ate. · R o b e r t Nevnns i : ° 0 . 8 . 1 5 i « « e i n b l j of Cud. A. K. Sutler M school: 11:00. 7:00 i 1 : 4 6 3. iluhlmann. Ph.D 10:00. school 11:00 C.rl.d.B, R i c h a r d L. Houih 10:00. achool: 11:00 1:00. X Becker 9:45, school; 1 0 : 4 B 1:00 Flr.i M e l h n l t « . , Fran* O. Gun t e r «"s. school: 1 1 : 0 0 : 1:00. TP SI All»n'« Kr'"coi"H. Charlc V. Vouns .«-· Fred f. K l n r : 10:00 achool; 11:00. St. Joh«'« l.nth«r»n. W. Ha.a selman 9 - . 1 5 . school; 10:30. F ~ K ° Ke'l'lcrllnF. !:30, srhoo 10:30 ' English; 11:30, German 7:30, YP. Other Towns Ci.rr rrt»liflrrlnn. O. M. Kar I0:eo school; 11:00 i:llere*t COBimi.»Sty n *t ( J"^ Klton B l a c k e r . 8:45 «chool; 10:4 and 7:30 G U I Chrl son. 15:0a. 9:3o'll''ou"~6:l- Snnnrrlf" .Vninrcnt, 3 0 4 0 l l t h Ave M a r s h a l l a. G r i f f i t h ; 3:5. school: 10:4i T:!0; VP. 6 : 3 0 . -ITInlty Kpl.cotiil, " *"·,,· l l t h . Charles V Voung. 0:15. Mhool: 7:30. » : I 5 i 1 1 : 0 0 T r J n l l j M H I . f r / i n . 7 t h Ave. 16th. Lyle B school: 8 : 3 0 ll:ju. » · " * W««l*ynn Melhoil"!, 3th 24lh Wllford Kju fl ?. a "' Mn ,\['ueller. 3:50, mint.. W i l l i a m Hende iciiool; 1! :00 a 7:30. K N K l t y , Q s r t r u d teliefs; that an intelligent rc: ligious dedication lo, and cm-, 'nhnsis upon, a life of personal, goodness rind continuing service' Morning worship will lie lieldlioward others is more ineaning-i t the Carr Presbyterian Church] f u i than mechanical rituals, im- 1 : 11 o'clock with the Rev. R. M.I posed creeds nnd unthinking cmo- ' delivering a sermon en-! lionalism? lias it occurred lo C H I C A G O ( A I ' J - The Metho- the 10- L.ilesl a " °P C ». totals show the count at 10,010,- irc held superior lo hlind 293, static o r circumsciibedi _ _ - -- thel Baptist - - e Frank Voth willl d c c P c r - ullimalc 1»"'P OSCS of rc -.disl Church has passer! "Hidden Hunger" a( ligio" are belter sc'rved when en] n i , l i o n . m o m h c r n l i l , k . CARD OF THANKS A N N ARBOR, Mich. (AP) ! Americans give more than S I 7 j hillion annually to c l i u r c h c s , - eh.irity nnd needy individuals, the, University of Michigan Survey, Research Center estimate;. ' Between Toest tied "The Quality of Mercy." The Firtt Methodist Rev. Jack U Hill yon thai there may he a church which interprets religion in a different light? You may religious person without knowing it." . lo t l i a n k nil my fviemls anil i!ciBtil)ors Tor IIio lovely f l o w e r s , Ciird^ and visits wlille I w n s in the h o m . i l n l . Ouit lil(=« all of yon. Frnnk Krier "Who Are These Unitarians?" Lecture By Rev. Eugene Sparrow Chicago,.Illinois Greeley Community Building Sunday, Oct. 22, 4 p. m. OPEN peak on "Should I Guild a Fall- ut Shelter?" at the Sunday morn- ng service at the First Methodist Church. Miss Aruth Pueschcl will ing "Faithful Shepherd, Guid? p r e s e n t i n g F i l m s le" by William Stickles, at both - - - ervices. The Adult Choir will ing "Praise the Lord, 0 .leru- salem" by Maunder at the sec- state College is presenting an oncl service with Mrs. E. D.I evening dealing with the customs Miller at the organ. There wi]|; all( i culture of a native African Canrerbury Club Presenting Films On Africa Sunday Canterbury Club of Colorado' ' ic a nursery from 9 a.m. to 12 noon: Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. The 11 a.m., service will he broadcast over KFKA. First Christian A sermon on "Forgive Us Our Debts," will he delivered by Ihe Rev. Leslie L. Bowers ,lr. at the Sunday inornliig worship service} ( nt the First Christian Church. This is the sixth in a scries of society Sunday. It will a typical and authentic Boobootic slipper wilh "Ice Cream Flame" for dessert, served buffet style, and two films. "Colorful Courtship" and "The Wild Are Free." These movies were filmed on location in Africa. Dr flarlnnrl liacr, a pro- essor in the Humanities Division at Colorado State College and Hereford tlorn. 11:00 Kcr«ei Communllr. Cert Moor 5:15 school: 1 1 : 0 0 t 7:00 Pierce C.mmo.llJ M e l k . l l ' t , ,}iu Eicb. 10:00, «chool: 11:00. :CO Fr»[rle C e » l e r . Gertrude Horn l1:00 10:00, Ault A. Collrln Flr.l nfii«ll«!, E 10:00. achool: 11 :00 Firm 4JhrI«tWn, J O wnai »:15, «chool; 10:50. CYF, 7:00 sermons on "The Lord's Prayer." The Chancel Choir, under the direction of W. Roland liirdwcll. will sing, "Very Bread Good Shepherd," by H. Willan. Aull Churches "Our Freedom and God'' will be the sermon topic of the fiev Wilbur R. Davisson at the Sun day morning worship at the Aull First United Church of Christ First Christian Church of Aid will observe Laymen's Sunday, 11 :00 C[mmn»ltr M o l k o d U l , Starlinr. »:'. «chool: Sacred l l f - n r t , Leonard OK(c Abercromble. 7:00. Mass. PARAKUAY -- The government has taken delivery of nine Japanese-built ships ot 1,000-lon capa city. Four other ships are on or faculty sponsor of Canterbury Chib, Episcopal student group, will introduce a n s w e r questions concerning! Ihem. lie has spent many years j in Africa working with Ihe na-' lives. i The films will be shown in t h e j Parish Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church following the 6:30 p.m.j supper. Everyone interested is invited lo attend. ' include. African shows and with the men ductlno th? Sunday rnornin3 service, "rhe Rev. J. O. Whanger will speak on the topic, "Rise Up, 0 Men Of God!" ; ch Si|m , nlorning at t h c j TM n n c f o r m e d Presbyterian Church.' In Ihe evening at ihc 7:SO o'clock, u sen-ice. Rev. Stewart will dis-j ) cuss Ihe question, "Is There a ' Devil?" A special lilm, "Communism on the Map," will is shown in connection with Hie Reformed Presbyterian "Living for God's Glory" ... the topic of the sermon whichj young people's meeting at the Rev. Bruce C. Stewart will;p.m., Sunday. '·| "ANGRY JUNGLE GREATER GREELEY YOUTH FOR I CHRIST PRESENTS Tells of the deep shadow of Communism, and how it falls continually longer across the feverish earth. Filmed in color, with exterior scenes in Malaya by Gospel Films. Saturday, Oct 21, 7:30 p.m, Youth Center-721 2ist St. SKATING PARTY Monday, Oct 23 - Warnoco Bill Eakin, National Bible Club Director for Youth For Christ will be present. Mr. Myron Hastings, Jr., Director Mighty like a Thunderbird- Priced like a Ford Great new hroof that your Ford Dealer is always first with the finest* " '62 Galaxie by Ford See the features of the future, now --at your Ford Dealer's GARNSEY and WHEELER Only the ! 62 Galaxie looks so much like Thundcrbird, feels so much like Tlumclcrbird, thrills so much like Thundcrbird! And for 1962, Galaxie introduces twicc-a- ycar maintenance, or every 6.000 miles . .. service-saving features proved by 5 billion owner-driven miles! Why pay more . . . or sctdc for less? Corner 8th Avenue at ilth Street YOUR AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Greeiey, Colorado

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