Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 8, 1967 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1967
Page 11
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' l « * e t M6rldlan a n for six-month terms. They indite Ray Voile, r-inV seni ° r j mcilor; Terry Cook, center, master COM- ar D'l n. '^ M j f f l e y ' t[SM ' ^ l ° T =0«nCilor. Others are Rick \Va:tley, scribe; Bob Nichols, senior deacon; Jerry yavelec, junior deacon; Eldon HeiHricks, senior steward; °"' «TMncks, jjnior steward; Jack Lltllefield, sentinel; Robert Dennis, orderly; Tim Hepper, chaplain; Harry Kendle- berger, marshal; Greg Berqnist. standard bearer; Dave Smith, almoner; Don Howel!, first preeepbr; Les Collins, second preceptor; Morris Gray, third preceptor; Marti Hill, fourth preceptor; Keith Friedly, fifth preceptor; Ron Like. sixth preceptor, and Stan Lantz, seventh preceptor. nd under .'entries; I'. AYRSHIRE, herds and groups, 'best 3 females: 1. unnamedoow tpwned by Kent Paynter, Kev ^Plymouth Roulu 2; no other en- itry; produce of dam, two ani- jmals, either sex, any age out iof one cow, not necessarily [owned by exhibitor; 1. unnamed animal, exEubitor, Paynter, "AYRSHIRE,· open class, cow, two years and under, three, Wagoner Entries Take 9 Firsts ·' MERIDIAN - Entries OfW.V. 2 - Citerion Lad, W.J. Wagoner "Wagoner and Sons or Meridian ^ | ons ' Meridian Route 2; 1 ROMte 2 were awarded a total Of T ' heo ^Dari-o^MeridiariRoute ,nine first places in the Jersey 3; 4. Intensifier Royal Mischief, ;division Of the Meridian Dairy Sharon Kay Lawrence, Caldwell Show, it was announced today. Roule '· Wagoner and Sons placed first ca f v °^J' beff ^ ree j^V"^TM"' i i n junior heifer calf, senior Zuys wnmonas "wonder, w.j .heifer calf, junior yearling heif- Wagoner and Sons, Meridian ;er, co* two years and under R oute 2; 2. just A Dreaming ·three, cow four vears and under *gnes, j. irvin Harl, Nampa five cow five v°ir; and nvor oute 5; 3 Jeslu Beacon Len Jive, covv live years and over, Harold Tllden, MeridianRoutoU ,prediction class COW any age, 4. Glendaray Basil Annabellal [best three females, junior get Of Sharon Kay Lawrence, CaldweU :sire and senior get of sire. Rome l; 5, just A Dreaming I- Entries of Kent Paynter of Merry J - [rvi " « art ; ·New Plymouth Route 2 won four fic ° w ', to " r years an [ jfirst places in the Ayrshire divis- ^'^ yV i ipg^Y jesiuBeacon |ion and those Of J. Irvin Hart Of Promise,' W.j] Wagoner and jNampa Route 5 won four firsts Sons; 2. Etta Stars Sleeping tin the Jersey division. Astor, j. irwin Hart; 3. worlds t" Results Of Ayrshire and Jersey Lord Annette, Sharon KayLaw- rence; 4. fda-Hl Coralads Nanette, Boyd Young, Eagle Roule I; 5. Bonnys Lad Candy, Judi Rexroad, Caldwell; Cow, three years and under four, calved between July 1,1963, and July 1, 1964: 1. Etta Stars Sleeping Mary, J. Irvin Hart; 2. Juniper Sleeper Babe, David Bohart, Caldwell Route 3; 3. Jest A Dreaming Angel, J. ,lr-. yin Harl; 4. Etta's Star Sleep- tcaivod V between ' July 1 , . 1964TM* T1 W''Jonathan K«h, : Cald-·- Fand July 1 1, 1965, not In milk: * eU . Rout * 1; ,. 5 ' Epic Supreme !:i. Kentlna Bingo Fasion, Payn- F .,"'- ·, r ° e "' j-ter, New Plymouth Route 2; 2. dlan Houte '· j'Sequola Clarion Robin, Sonja Cow . lwo y« ars and under 3, 'and Terrell Hebdon, Meridan calved between July 1, 1964, and feoute 2; 3.'unnamed entry, ex- July 1, 1965: 1. Jeslu Trislram 'hibttedby Kathleen Foster, Karen, Harold Tilden, Meridian I AYRSHIRE, open class, cow, Route l 2. Milestone Pream ·five years and over, calved be- Babe » W - J - Wagoner and Suns; fore July 1, 1962: 1. Kenlina 3 - Etta Stars Sleeping Blossom, Fancy Frisky, Kent S. Paynler, J. Irvin Hart; 4. Mazies Zephyr New Plymouth Route 2. This Mary Theo A ' Darrow; 5. cow alsb named senior cham- Beacon Jestu Sally Princess, pion and grand champion. Robert S. Day; AYRSHIRE, senior heifer calf, Cow, lwo years and under 3, ' calved between July 1, 1966,and calved between July 1,1964, and Nov. I, 1966: 1. Winrose Ora- July 1, 1965: 1. Milestone Beacon cle Mae, Sonja and TerreU Hib- Lucky, W.J. Wagoner and Sons; don, Meridian Route 2; 2. Ken- 2. L.G. Etta Princess Jewell, tina Super Lady, Warren Koch, Charles V. Litlle, Boise; 3. Caldwell. Harts Tillpail Clover, J. lrvin_ AYRSHIRE, open class;, helter, Hart, Nampaj 4. Julias Zephyr senior yearling, calved between Juliet, Theo A. Darrow; 5. July I, 1965 and Dec. 31, 1965: Betty, Boyd Young. 1. Kenlina Royal Tuesday, Kent Heifer, senior yearling, S. Paynter, New Plymouth Houte calved belween July 1,1965 and 2. (This cow also junior cham- Dea - 31 . 1965: I. Harts Ella pion and senior yearling re- Star Adaline, J. Irvin Hart; 2. serve grand champion); 2. Ken- Milestone Beacon, W.J. Wagon- Una Royal Belle, David, Steve er; 3. Harts Milestone Dandy, and Mary Taysom, Boise. J. Irvin Hart; 4. Mesa Rose JERSEY, Herds and Groups Torono Misty, Gus Hines, Boise, Roule 1; 5. Milestone Beacon Lorie, W.J. Wagoner and Sons; Heifer, junior yearling, calved between Jan. 1. 1966 and June 30, 1966: 1. Milestone Beacon Reba, W.J. Wagoner and Sons; 2. Favorite Epic Fran, Harold Tilden; 3, Inters itier Gin a, Sharon Kay Lawrence; 4. Harls Etta Star Cynthia, J. Irvin H=rt; 5. Jestu Tristram Marge, Harold Tilden; Senior heifer calf, calved between July 1, 1966 and Nov. 1, 1966: 1. Milestone Sheryl Satin, W.J. Wagoner and Sons; 2. Harts Ella Star Annette, J. Irvin Harl; 3. Sleeping Baby, David Bohart; 4. Intensifier Lord Dina, Sharon Kay Lawrence, Caldwell; 5. Milestone Janey Jay, W.J. Wagoner and Sons, Meridian Route 2; Junior helfercalf,calved after Nov. 1, 1966: 1. Harts Milestone Dream; 2. Criterion Laze Lea, W.J. Wagoner and Sons; 3. Ansom Valve Epic Taska, Harold Tilden; 4. Epic Tristram Terry, Harold Tilden; 5. Days Leader Cornel, Roberl S. Day; 6. Intensifier Golden Star, Tage, "thai has produced at least Sharon Kay Lawrence, Caldwel); 1 600 pounds butterfat In not more 7. Days Leader Maiden, Roberl 1'than 305 · days. Must present s. Day; 8. Ida-Youngs Peerless ' D H I A o r officialrecordslovarl- Nina, Boyd Youns; O . J u d y ' s . fy: 1. Zaye Wlnla Winder, W.J. Lessie, Jud! Rexroad, Caldwell; 'Wagoner and Sons, Meridian 10. Ida-Youngs Bell-I*aders 'Houte 1; 2. Beacon Sally's Valentine, Boyd Young. ', Star Pinnacle, Roberl S. Day, L Kuna Route 2; 3. Just A CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS Dreaming Palsy, J. Irvin H a r l , Nampa Route 5. JERSEY, Open Class Bull, senior yearling, calved between July 1, 1965 and Dec. 31, 1966: 1. Milestone Beacon Dandy, Robert S. Day, Kuna Route 2. (Also named Junior champion.) Bull, Junior yearling, ealved 'between Jan. I, 1966, and June 30, 1966: Intensifier Etta's Major, Sharon Kay Lawrence, Caldwell Roule 1; 2. Milestone Beacon Super, W.J. Wagoner 'and Son, Meridian Route 2. Bull, C a l f , calved after July 1, 1966: 1. MHad Beacon Echo, j, Irvin Hart, Nampa Route 5| Senior get of sir*, three animals sired by one bull at least one over two years, not more than two to bo bulls: 1. Bacon Oxford's Finn, W.J. Wagoner and Sons, Meridian Route 2; 2. unnamed, J. Irvin Hart, Nampa Route 5; 3. unnamed, Irvin Hart, Nampa Route 5; 4. unnamed, Theo Darrow, Meridian Route 3. Junior get of sire, three animals, under two years, sired by one bull, not more than two to be bulls, must be owned by exhibitor: 1. unnamed, W.J.Wag- oner and Sons, MeridianRoute 2; 2. unnamed, J. Irvin Harl, Nampa Route 5; 3, unnamed, Harold Tilden; 4, unnamed, SharonKay Lawrence, Caldwell Route 1; 5. unnamed, J. Irvin Hart; 6. unnamed, Theo Darrow. Best three females, ownedby exhibitor: 1. unnamed, w.j. Wagoner and Sons,MeridianRoule2; 2. unnamed, J. Irvin Hart, Nampa Route 5; 3. unnamed, Harold Tilden, Meridian Route 1; 4. unnamed, Robert S. Day, Kuna [Route 2. Production class, cow, any -- BACKACHE-i Aching Muscles You long to ease Ihoa pains, even temporarily, until (he cause is cleared up. For palliative, or temporary, pain relief tryDtWitl's Pills. Famous for over 60 years OeWiU's Pills contain an analgesic to /educe oain and a very rnild diuretJclohfilpelifninale retained liulds Ihns flushing oul irritating pain causing btadder wastes. OeWilt's Pills often succeed where others I Ml. IF pain persists Always see your doclor. insist on Rodeo Booth Big Success For4-Hcrs HOMEIULE -- Tlia concession booth operated during the recent Little Britches Rodoo liy iwinlHrs of ttie llomedale ·!-!! Livestock Clili gruuil "boit $200, according to Betiy Eidi'- miller, cl«b secretary, Proceeds will be used to li- nance various club projects, slie said. The Homedale Weal Gas Co. clmuted a hot water heater and gas ami the Itomodilo Drive- In theater popped p.ipoor i (or the Rl.ib. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS Idaho Frvo ?rws i fi'd'iv',1 Sews-Tribun.'. Tii irs^y, June 8, 1S67 Middleton News Notes classes s/ofed W -- Spending se- Ital '*lth Mrs. Turner'sparsnts, attending the Jordan Valley Rp- veral days wi'h Mn. lta«! But lerareVfllmaStauporLfxujTiiNil, Nyssa, where \ Colo., and Cora Kiser of Wj. was celebrated, chita, Kan. TheU-oliAvetraveled through Nn»' Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington and are now en route liome. Mr. anil Mrs. Howard Bairs, in deo were Mr. and Mrs. Itorotd :,;iWday Feller andilieSteplipnsbrothers. On Wednesday MEH1D1AN - Siniincf primary classes for the Meridian Ward, L.DS Church, are being held jt 10 a.m. each Wednesday. Clis^s in the M?ridlan Second Ward will be held at 13 a.m. «i Thursdays, beginning June 8. The sessions v,ill -- - ,\ bii!(et luncheon at the Don Ttary ftrVough has finished Endicott home \ns attended by his basic training \rith the Na- the Llndy M\ers family of Mis- tioiul Guard at Fort Leonard siwli, Mml.; (lie liane MIDI'S Wixl, Hi., and is spending his family a:i:l lie Bill Tli.Jinas fam- ^ _ Mrs Helen Hays of Nampa furlough in the parental Cedl ily of Mian Valley; Mr. and Mrs. continiielhrijn"jiii"y. visited Mrs. Don Endicott re- Yavbrough home. John Ferguson of Tvan Falls; cen ti y Mr. and Mrs. Jim P i t m a n and Midwest Visitors Mrs. Cecil Yarbrwjli lus re- laughter of Bo:se, and Mr ,wd MFJ..BA -- Recent guests of Rod Siriicoft |il.v:ed second turned from Pendleton, Or-., Mrs. Me Myc-rs. Mr. ml Mrs. Mirion Wftbb have in bull riding-wd third in Iwrc- whufe she was called by (ho -- · been Mr. and Mrs. Riy Doane of back riding at (lie Little Britches illness of ; ior nmlli»r, Mrs. Me- Ji"ly Bradford returned home Kansas City, Mo., and Mrs. Edith Rodeo in Homndalc. Hnrta Cami*ell. '*1tli Mrs. Lynn Foreman from Jores O f Minu.'oli, Kan, . Paul where they attended the Tire John Turner family vis- Aiming the Mittletonresidents graduation of SJiaron Furema.i. .CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS. T enroo row iron win fnoK AJ iomi rosniif mm OFUAUD »Y GAMBU-SKOGMO, INC. FREE 3 Safely Films On Bike Riding ? Outdoor Films Idaho High Country Idaho Elk Country 7-8:30 Fri. Evening 10-11:30 A.M. Sat. 3 - 4 : 3 0 P.M. 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