Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 3, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO · . . · · . . · · . , . . . . . · · - · · ' · . ·".,. LAS;CRUCES. (N. M.) SJJN-NEWSf. MESILLA VALLEY FARMING --::- RANCHING By JACK O0TSHALL Drouth Launches Valley Farmers Into JJO r d,(l Cotton Gamble ' Faced by a d r o u t h which portions, farmers of the Mcsi ton planting water which lau is one of the greatest big sea of agriculture in America. .The government lias ask nation, as a patriotic d u t y , tu ytfa'r in order to meet the cur einergency stockpile for m i l i t AH 11 n inducement, the Rovurn- nu-nt liu.s no 1 11 pi n'.v floor itnOc] mlt on which Hhuuld yield KWIH.' profit to 'jfj owcrs if n fair crop Is harveiittd. On the other hand tlic ml nut ^ovornnu'iit hnn iiul » pr|*:£,e!i*IHriff on rnw cotton whicl- (ji-owfii-H and cotton oxjx-di tii«lii:V(«' IH Fflf bo low till- HcliKt! in»rko(~ price and which nlno i.--- cliiimtil! to be unworkable in tin; 1'nlil.iHr Blforl Nev'ej'*Uie-lHH, viiltey ·fiirnicrs f n cud ,wltli a wiit (.'i 1 shortage In ICh'phihl Hiitle " iCHcrvoii-; which may become HO atcule thcie wll! not be. enough water to bring off tin; crop, gcnemlly appear to hiivc dt'cldcd lo plant a full aci-oagf! UK ft patriotic "ffoil. IIiimhedH oi, fin tnc 1,4 thfi pant week (noli wiilftl 1 for their l u l l cotton, acreage and ordure for the pie.Hi'nl;'. u-fpk 1 indicated thiil n t taint Uthwfoiuthjf'uf the luiul will have l^uti wfllti tid w i t h i n ' the next VeryJ few furthers J I I P wincring only 11 purl of '^Itii'lr acreage, « step which woiikV Indicate an ef- f d i i lo' pt'oduciV'a Smnll crop on wnt(*r alloti'(i';for an -entire farm. .No Turning linrlr ' Oni'c'' wnlcVn'rt' niul plim'tcrl. the KHiwi-rh' cnn not -ttirn - bark. The cost of Innil jiloptirfttlnn, watering, weed, fnrtltlzor hhd labor to- bring may develop into ruinous pro- la Valle£ are taking their col- iches them into w h a t probably e crdp gamble.s in the history ed tlic cotton growers of Iht jrow a banner crop of lint this rent shortage and lo allow for ary use. 3 crop h;i If wfiy to niutur'.ty it '.crriliu. Shuuld the water actuully provo in;idt'(iuat(! to brln^ the crop '.htoufjh to hfirvi-si many growers would lit' nil nod iind tlie rc'Ht of Mit-iii prirliy well financinlly bent. On the other hund. a Kt"d crop tliiH yeiir Jit pilco.n which are ex- l«:cleci to prevail next fall would jjivi 1 thu valley probably tin most pioHpcrou.s yenr. The valley's 1.200* f nnns 11 initially producy nround $;!0,000,000 wnrtli of cotton. IndlcjiUonti today an: that Llioiu will ho enough water le/t from the prc.sent alloLtnd one aero foot to go pretty well Ihrough the next irrli;ntlnn, which u.suiilly takes phiec lino in May to the middle of June. Seven Inch Average A cheek of several ditch ridci'H levealK I h n l inoul furniH arc only Inking iiiound Heven inche.i of wn- te.t fur p l n n l i n g . Thin leaves around five inclien for the .second irrlgn- tion. whl:h generally In ken IUH.H water t h a n ttn« first. Then! Is nion. 1 water in Htonigo Hum tin: one ncre foot, pliia compact agreements covering -ithur nriMi.i. The wfiler board might HCC f i t to d f H t n h i i U * this wnte.r oven to the pninl of drying up Wephant B n t t i j and Cnhallo ro.servoir« -unit prohtihly would decide on taking Ihlh Htep In an emergency. Uli- 'UKK there is more water added to he supply during the Hprlng rtm- jff there probably would not be ·nough lo bring through a satla- ractcry crop, iiiow Survey Keporl Wnu Tlie snow phch In the high mountains of tlie Ilio. Grande waterslied A-as not encouiRRinp at the regular mrvey Murch 1. Just how much 'la.s been added during -March ia ·mccruiln until the remilts of the April Hurvcy arc obtained, probably ·ji'lthln a few dnyji. Tlie farniors are not leaving the doal entirely In the hands of the fjiteH. They have hired a snowmaking firm which has been op- crating yn the mountains for the pasl two months. Unless the result in March was i,uttur than that of February. It will not help much, There probably will be a couple of weeks of April during which uuow- niakliiR nn« be attempted. Thy contract with tlie firm was to make Hnow, then rains'in the spring to give It a quick run-off. There nUll 1.4 a chance for success in both efforts. Itlish Well Drilling Jn the meantime, duzeilH of Irri- giillnn wellit are being drilled Ibroiighout the valley, moat of them giving Indication of being pood producer. 1 !. A few have been failure. 1 !, fur one re3non or another. MoKt of lliij wells appear to he heavy producerf, running 'roin it round 1,800 to U.OOO gallons 'i minute. Wells of thin :il7,c will Irrigate about an acre an hour. Coflt of drilling and equipment »re i;o- ing up anil the \vell that a few months flgo would hiive cost around oo f u l l y oqulppcd. costs belter t h a n 57.000 now. By the time the fanner gol.s all set and in penna- nnnl working order, he him an investment of close to 58,000 if *ic lian uscrl new first clans equipment. The sailors of Phoenicia Bulled to Cornwall lo trade for tin. Less Ice Can Be Used In Lettuce Shipping Grates ; " A . considerable saving 'in · the shipping coat of lettucci.frbm the valley to the big city market cen* tcrs may develop through recent' lealfl on ice-packs made ,-by the! Western Growers Assn;;'. the Ex-^ tension Service reports/' 1 '- 1 .; ' ^*The tests were made under cohf\ tract with the Department of Agr rlculturc and indicate lo'diitc Ihal the use of less crate Ice than has been customaiy would ..not onljf make important''the cojit of slilji'ptng lee necdc'rl, ;bul' would reduce tlic amount-of Backing injury to the commodity. ·-'·. To.stcd In Lots . V .. The rcsdarch was . (tarried oh with test crates In lotX of from 10 to 60 for.each.test;.jiiicked at field temperatures' ranging- ':from^ 40 to 72 degrees. ThesdjMp'ts con-' tained Koine crates 'packed with no ice and others wllh/16^'20,-, 30 ; and 40 pounds each. '" ''.' .·.'·*-*: ' ·'·' Crates in the lots were' placed in a laboratory refrigerator car which remained on a siding. The usual amount of. top ice land ·chan- nel ice was blown over 'the crated At thb coneluslon.of the. testa, part of the crates Were cxathihcd Immediately after removal/from thfi luboratoiy car-and part-after aub*. sequent exposure' to oiithide .ilr temperatures-for two days. Reduce Ice Djumijfe · ' i * .."·'* · ^Outstanding dlffcrencfc;' at the contihitiiun of the' tests..-,was thb amount of drunage caused'by ice bruising. This damage .Was slight in container? witli only.lO poundtt nf ice nnd-waft progressively greater in crateH contalhing^rhore ice. Approximately 80 : . pounds o'f pressure woe required to .close Ihe lids on cratCH containing' no ice Hog Raising Drops 31 Percent In Slate During Past Decade Tlic number of. Jiogs on .New Mexico '-fawns on Jan. 1 this yeaiv 'Including -pigs, ahoweil a five percent drop from last year and a 31 per cent drop below the 1940-1949 average, according to C. H. Keaton associate .'extension economist -at New Mexico/ AAM college. -. TJie total value per head in New Mexico" on'''Jan. 1 was 531.10, compared Id-$22.50 last year and $19.20 for'..tho':i940-I84D average. The total fai|m;value of all hogs in jlie state .watt/slightly over $2,000.000 In January,.compared to $1,500,000 in 1950."' ; The 1940-1949 average was also·,.$ 1,500,01)0. . !. · For tfie-.-United SUitea, liog numbers on : .Tarms Jan. 1 were seven per ccritV,above a year' *ii : lic-i' and four per cent above 1940-1949 average: practically ail'the increase 'occurred. Ui 12 north'cuntral Btates, mostly.In..tlic Corn Belt/Tlieue 12 states fmyb averaged about. 72 per cent of'the tola! the U. S. The .huniber'of hogs. Under six months. : ,br.agc on U. S. farms on Jan. 1 wis 11 per cent more than on the name date last year. Sows nd gillg'.were" up four per cent. The larger hog inventory on a :ia-. tional basis' will be reflected in the first nine-.months of this year by an increased supply of hogs marketed, Kcftton says. . TJie value.per head of hogs in BE compared with 190 pounds for those packed with 30 pounds o£ Ice. ACT NOW! -on 9 brsndnew Food Freezer A. A NEW LOW PHICE Como'In - Buy On Our Easy, Convonionl PAYMENT PLAN! All modelt powered by tht' famous Meter-Miser mechaniim with 5-Year .Warranty · ' Mort.l al led hoUt 315 Ibl. froiln lo»d · FlngtMouch, CDUntlr'balancH Iff ·' Automatic S ' ' V Automatic InUrlor light. *· · 5, 0 l.d-lijhl, .il-ilt.1 cobln.t ' · Slyliri b y R«ymond L o " iOO/f LOOK INSIDE! you CAN'T MATCH FKIIDAIKE! DRUM ELECTRIC 123 W. LM Crucei AVe! Phone 340 Breeding Plan Gets Better Egg QualilyJnFlbck' A selective breeding ; program may prove a big 1 boon lo New Mexico poultrymen as it has to sheep growers, experiments being conducted by L. N. Berry,*"Experiment Station poultry husbinclma'n, seem, to indicate. The major trouble with eggs produced in the state has been that, they frequently grade low due to watery whites. . Lay Firm Whiten ' Berry has developed a'striiin of hens :it AM experiment- station Uiat.lay eggs having whites that are firm tlie day they are laid and remain firm for-a-week or more. ".Man3- of the eggs produced commercially- in the state have watery albumen when they are laid, hut the condition generally ia associated with slain eggs. Unfortunately, also, tlie warm climate here hastens the albumen deterioration. Developing a firmer white is mainly a 5 question of heredity, but the climate adds compli-' the U. S. on Jan. 1 of this .year averaged $33.20, compared with $27. 10 a year earlier a n d - t h e record high of 542.80 on Jan. 1, 1948. cations," Berry says,In research 'work he has : used the Experirriant.'SUtloh's flock-of Single' Comb White Leghorns. The breeding- program. lie has developed/ however'; should be applicable to a/iy'breed of,layers.. Select'Sires, Too '· · ' ; . . " . . The ·;progrdmYlrivolVcd selecting foV brecedtng kb:H,""fcmBle"rthat lay with firm album en, and males whose daughters have" the same characteristic. BWry, : fourid\ that selection of females alone will not' improve, the. flock average,' The sires must be progeny' tested also. For some years-Uic poultry -ax- perls hav'e been "improving ;the exterior, nualltj'. o/' ; ^ggsii^ihcreasirig the size,' hardening tlio : shell -- and even expci*imehtifig · w.Itii'.' .'color,., .They also. have, m^ile^big'' iricVeiiea.. in the number 'of"'eggs produced per hen. . '.' .' . -.'-; .' · , . ; . , -.. New -Mexico..lias kept..Ug..,M p Hji this devalqp.meht arid'-now, thVougij i experitrients, Is \makthg. a strong bid to develop! rh'terior quaUty/in- eluding "yolk,-yf|ilt(T, and flavor, t- · Although ;huhdr«is,of:d«er. live, on' the- 1 Aberdeen- Proving Cjro'und ' .in' Maryland Where U. S..'itiiHUi-y weapohe ars.tested, few are killed by th£ ; flying cJi'piosives. ' ; " MOflCt I wish io announce to all my f fiends ; whom I hkve served in the past, that I am now connected with the Ace's Certified Motors at 438 S.: I will do body and fender fepiir and painting. Free estimates on private or insurance adjuitmentt. . / . - . , ) · ; : - " t '·. ··. Mlkfe GROTHERS ACE'S CERTIFIED MOTORS FOR THE LONG PULL AHEAD! Give your .car a "lift" by driving-in at your .favorite. Sign of the Flying Red Horse foM-Way Summcrproof Service, Hot weather,- 'higher d r i v i n g speeds, more miles on the highway and j uncertainties about replacement parts make regular! car care:;more v^tak than ever. With this 4-Way snnsonal protection . - , program there's more life,fpr-your^cah^ · Whether you, want added pep and per- 1 "- formance, or-more miles of service; Wrfh j ; less wear and repair, you..Fnendty '. Mbbilgas Dealer is ready'.to'-jielp: Ask : for these.four ·Summerproof-»rvic«*dt: the Sign of.the'Flying Red,Hqrse:i:. : : '·-' ENGINE gets fresh Mobiloil to protect hard-. working parts, keep it clean and cool, fight fric- ·tion and-deposit formations which waste fuel, rob power, and cause needless repairs. · ·.. · · .RADIATOR .service, includes dra'jnjhgtanti-t'? {., -'. '-· (feeze'plus, a Mobi^'RacjlVtor..FlU5h''tb,jA'8sh.:''. · · . (''·. i : away all traccs,;bf winter rust and sealer Adding-; V ' c · '·' Mobil Hydrotone hcips'"ri:tafd corrosloW. '\ .'-, ,'£: .·!·.-. CHASSIS gets Mobilubrication to protect vital friction points, cushion your rides and .tnfc- Kitnrd vital undcr-car parts from wAshing effects of rain or rutted roads. GljARS arc given the protection of the correct Mobilube Gear Oils to help prevent costly re-' pairs-by safeguarding both transmission and differential. Proper, maintenance is n must for cftrs with automatic transmissions. GET THE CARS THAT 5GTS THE BfSf FRCM YOUR CAR

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