Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1961
Page 4
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I'age 4 CREEI.KY TU11JUNE Friday, Ocl. 20, 1961] The Greeley Daily Tribune! and The Gretlty R e p u b l i c a n Hal Boyle's Column E X E C U T I V E STAFF M I I . K U V . n H A N K K V .. I'ulilUher U. K O K N U i . M z r . J A K K 11STR1CK, JR. .... C f r r . Msr. I I U K K I I ' I W I D I . 1 I N D Teenage 'Glue Sniffers' Pose Problem in Pueblo Small Bolivian Uprising Quelled LA PAZ, Bolivia AP--A leftist ·Yugoslavia is giving a SlO-mil-lupiising at an artillery barracks · could load to the problem of addiction and lo n definite possibility of bodily injury. BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) A. I, I ' K I K I I S K K f M . A R K PACK K l t A N K C A P I ' A Nil Ad.. Mi S'j PuUMiM Every WwV O«y IHrninc br Tb« T t i b u n f l l t p i i b l l r i n I'uhll.fclnH Co. OrfTn 7 1 1 Mrfelh SI.. Graclrr. CJolo. KmorrH u »rron«l clau rr.iUrr Bt Ihf r«t o f f i r c - at G r f e l r y , Co.ot*,lo undrr tbf Afl M«rrh 3. I H T f . Mrral-cr Aiioclmcil 1'ifi. Color.Jo Frtti Ai.tu-I.llnn I n l i H H « l l y T r r M AlMKlitlon, A u d i t Nurea'J cf Circ-jlu. lion. Thfl Atftoclntft 1'riii l rnllllH «clu. lively to the i:le of rn'u1!lrMion of » l thr local ntwr primed In this new* rarer · well an all AT r.rni rti«- icrlpllrm prl't -- U m'U K Col ridfl, I yr-ir J10.60. 6 nionthi By HAL NEW Y011K i tho government's ,, . _ . missile today is Luther II. Hodges,. i S2.1 billion abroad each year. Bui a rolling stone upon whom iiolall the rest of tho world spends moss grows. 'less lhan $1 billion on trips to our Hodges, secretary of country." 'at a conference called by thc'an agency of the city · county luurfl lo Tht Trll- i i i i i - l l t i i i i b l i r a n 1'iib- II.Mnjr Co. by firw I f y T y p o uraphki t l n l u n No. if-': In nine months on his new job Hodges has (raveled 00,000 miles, visited most sections of (lie coun- Irv. been to Mexico and made two Finland lo Spain. Pause and Ponder --"Bt Strong nd ol Good Couragt" "lie strong and of good courage, do not [car. . .for it is lhe Lord your God who goes with you; he will not fail you or forsake you," -- Deu(. 31:6 Island Is Traffic Problem Last w i n t e r a group of city officials, along with ^whirlwind trips to Europe. Week's rlcslinalkm: Tokyo. Next lolls them: "You've got more money now. The problem was discrisscd by] Dr. Harold D. LocV:clz, medical: _ . . . . . ' ,D /^ r CU/^, D H federal of(icials;dircclor of the Guidance Center,! D A I L Y t-K \J O J YY \J K L^ ACROSS 1. Exclama* Lion of sorrow S. Music - character 9. "Mutiny on the Bounty" captain 10. Enjoys Ishopliftcrs. They -. ,,,. , . . , ,, ., - ,, it be sold only to uersons 18 anrtlis What does lie tell them? He ' i over when an adult is wilh them.! Dr. Leo Levy, a psychologist Plaslic glues such as (hose uscd'for the Guidance Center, said thcl We've got deficits, you've got sur- th '.pluses. "I've never worked so hard in| "Why : my life." he said during n pause : ing America--and invest some here en roule from Madrid to it there, too?" Washington. "This New Frontier Ih exciting and moves pvettylgetling across. [fast." "Practically everyone abroad Hodges, one of nine children ofjhas a basic desire to visit Ameri-j N'orlh Carolina tobacco farmer,;ca," he said. "We hope to in- for plastic airptnnc models 1 arc most commonly involved. The addition of n nauseous sub- t i c c of Inhaling 12.Hebrew youthful p r a c fumes to gain a form of intoxication is i n c r e a s i n g here and ilunce to intoxicating glues was;throughout the nation. j ;liscussed as one possible solution' He said any prolonged practice Hodges believes the message is has always enjoyed going at a fast dip. He helped work his way through college sellh'i: Bibles, made n fortune in business and the spending of foreign.F. tourists here by $100 million next' year." He is opening seven U.S. travels, hashed over the idea it 1 "} of creating a parking plaza on 9th Avc. between.7th |Co ^TM c TM' c "' sccr"c7ary~"movwl tolic advantages of lhe Land ot the nnd Oth Sts., or on the cast side of Lincoln Park. In-jhclp businessmen by simplifyinglFrcc and the Home of the Brave, eluded in the discussion was the thought tlmt if the; Iho issuance of patents nml speed- 1 "The big obstacle is that many n ,i n j i u v. i i int un US census rciwits people over Ihere Dunk travel in .parking plaza were set up, 8th St. should be closcti g,,, ,£ · through the park, or from 9th to l O l h Avcs. 'blue-eyed , . . . AVJD BU6GV QEMERAU/ HATHAW BEDFORD FORREST-Confederate csfS'/ry Itfc/ff, - . .. . . , , ., HAD 29 HORSES Jos, a strongly built, America is too expensive. I (old «;ij n1 - f n n n iiiinfe HIM man with a vastilhem in West Germany 'Why it "°,1..,_,,.,,_ The parking plaza idea received no widespread 'amount of urbane as well as folk-jcost me more to come see you,' WOUNDED 1W THE ^stlcs'sltlian it would you to come see , . i · i t i o Sav long behind a desk. That s the Irutn. .time 8th St. merchants, aware that such an idea Had ]|c -.^.j (|]e }xnft c i, nil . man : "why, in one hole! it cost me ibccn pondered, had representatives and a petition at [y^. H C j s a supci salesman, a 120 marks-- about $30-- to stay publicity tliereafter u n t i l last Tuesday night. At that|«y Soultwrn charm is too ^st , . i · i t i'to Slav long behind a desk. - ·City Council lo object to any plan to close 8th St.. missionary with a message. though the port. · · The merchants argued that closing t h e street would hinder the flow of t r a f f i c . igoocl. 'forcij i s a i,i 0 ad, and it needs more ign tourists lo come over and A letter w r i t t e n by Lawrence C. Bower, district spend money here. , _ . . . , ,...i ,.. n:... n ,,:! *!,,, "The average A ige American firm overnight."' Bnl Hodges said the amount of future foreign tourist travel here depends largely on Americans themselves. "It isn't enough simply to get them over here," he said. "We . , , . . . ,-,.. /-, ·« i u « me average MIIIL'J luim i j i m m^m U L J j i c . t , ,,- uu .v.. ..*. highway engineer, and presented to City Council the )IM had suc]) a good ma| . kct al have , 0 make (hem (ce ; so wcl . same night, would, it appears, dampen the concern l n o m c i( ), a3n '[ j c u A necessary to come they'll want (o come again, about closing the street through the park. jsell abroad. But it's lime now Word of mouth-Hint's the thing!" Bower said in his leller (hat in its f i n a l stages, the U.S. Highway 8fi hypnss through east Greeley would have only two interchanges or points of ingress! and egress--8lh St. and 18th St. From this standpoint, ·8th St. probably could not he closed at lhe park without complicating traffic congestion there and at other downtown intersections* However, the merchants not only opposed the 32. An abrasive AJMW«T 33. Not difficult 35. china 38. Spring month 40. Polynesian drink ' l O O v/v By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Amlyst tivate good work habits and atti- Itndcs among youngsters lo the NEW YOKK (API--Two former schools and churches." WO. 221,655 ISSUED FOR A PARACHUTE THAT STRAPPED OW A PERSON'S HEAD FOR ESCAPING FROM ^ D U K * N 1 . N U · B U I U D I M G S / ORANGES OU THE OUTSIDE OF TREES, EXPOSED TO MORE SUULIGWT; HAV£A HIHEK V1TAMIVJ COUTEVJt prophet 13. Apparent 14. Kmmct 16. Arako 17. Abraham's birthplace 18. Thing, in law 19. Place 20. Bullfight cry 21. Through 22. Attracted 23. Blemish 26. Coarse 27. In this place 28. Travel to and f PO 29. Before 30. Hawk parrot 31. Arikara Indian 34. Two ens 35. Flex GG.Wine vessel 37, Island in Malay Archipelago 39. A U.S. vice, president 41. A booth 42. All 43. Needle ~ apertures 10-20 DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE -- Here's How to work It: . - A X Y D 1 B A A X R it l O N Q T B L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In tlila sample A Is u»d for the three TJt, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apoa- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all htnta Kach day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram (tnotatloa I T H V B T Z I P . I F F N J L H S Z W M F I I F L J B B X Z I P J K I X J K I . K I I P L F S Z Q U J L T U A V -- N Z H A J Y . Yesterday's Cryploquote: DISTRUST ALL IN WHOM THB IMPUIBB TO PUNISH IS POWEKKUI-r-NIETZSCHE. ( 1W1, Klnr Fotum Endlotc. Inc.) 37 some head shaking: Too much schools, churches and lawmakers. ·oungcsL generation and done , . , ,, ' . , , . j .. " -r ; newspaperboys now in the Cabi- closing of the street but urged the council to removej n c l ^ takcn ,, lrxik nl today . s the island separating the two lanes of traffic through the park. They said "this boulevard creates a monumental t r a f f i c block and a safety hazard which serves no visible good either practical or aesthetic." All three say this should primarily he a job for parents, without downgrading the roles of the coddling ot children, too little parental discipline, too little urging of offspring lo get gainful jobs So, if you're a newsboy today, you can sec you rate high with many persons. And if you belong An obstacle to the flow of t r a f f i c through the perhaps because allowances are lo the big army of onetime news- s c d a y= ipaper delivery boys, you mighl But a publisher who has busi-P*""* lo spare a smile for one of successors. It might even be park is the parallel parking of cars on both sides of hi el« r thesc da ' s both lanes of traffic. Traffic frequently is halted b ^ ^^ ^ ^ ,,,,, _ cars stopping and backing into the parking spaces. jy 0ungs i ers acr oss the land comes » g'rl- This problem would only become worse if the b y p a s s I t o the kids' defense. They're as 1 ~ plan increases traffic on 8th St., as it probably will.jg°°d as ever, he says, at least : -'* Parking might be eliminated in the block, but '·' la tjj'^ 1 ;^ il |^ ( , ( ,"y "j^ ^di'sTribuied'" would only complicate another 'problem--meeting thOj Saturday is Newspaperboy Day. demand for parking, especially on busy shopping days, when the spaces are needed the most. Whether eliminating the island, with its grass, pine and spruce trees and flowers, would decrease the KfiGD attractiveness of the park might be a debatable pohifc Education and^Welfare Secretary However, the park certainly would not lose any space So a lot of,famous former news-; boys may be looking over the shoulders of the two Cabinet members: Commerce Secretary Luther H. Hodges; and Health, Abraham A. Ribicoff. Some in the list are former used for relaxation and recreation through removal| presiden(s Hoover, Eisenhower of the island. The era of the bandstand is gone. The' an 4 Truman: Chief Justice War- Supremacy JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (API -- Election returns South Africa's all-white electorate assured a landslide rc-elcclion Thursday lor the white-supremacj National party. The voting trend showed Prime Citv Hall grounds where the Meeker bust wnsW Cen. Gruenther, Sens. Spark- u,e voting trend snoweu n-rnie, » f , j t a n j Yarboroi' rt h H 'Minister HeaariK r. vcrwooius y located might be an appropriate spot for the " la "; *£"" n"d Walt Uisney- ; party had rolled up more ballots 5 which stands in f r o n t of the grandstand on , a _ only a few a n d P°iTM l!lr support than' in the ' site on formerly flagpole which stands in f r o n t of the g;randsta7ul on i^^ a m"ynty a few'. t l i a i c l a n r l ! t - · _ . t l C ^ i L U J i LI Live »i'«u J tigu « i i t u mt , f - , A - i w , ,i , / Hod S es sa l lo ^ y % pa TM^Nalion a lists look 102 of the 160 If the island is part of the pai'k, then a vote of'aren't using discipline to teach ^^ .^ ^ ^^^ chamber it children the joys anci rTM ,,f.- ^ . [e ro£l] , (s ' ,, ' a n d P°iTM l!lr support than' in the election three years ago when the » " ( I l J U l (.11 I I J C JWJ^ ««« · ·-' - \ork. He fears this is helping lol make lhe nation soft. Ribicoff also and lays . lot of the. blame to-- « -- Ity Si seals in the new 156-seal coddlin2i'" Iousc cf Asscmbl 5'. «·»!' 23 of I A R C H I E co B! "-" TM -inslilnencies still lo report; the people will be necessary to determine, whether can be removed. If the island is part of the street, then council can make the decision. Whoever makes the decision--the voters or the councilmen---should consider . vullo the proposal from the standpoint of maintaining the, rC5lrictive , laws otl llirin ?..^S'lisls. vitality of the downtown area, which, like downtowni^ sa ^| ns 7 Sfng of ^«-' f J^ ^^^^f 1011 had sc areas everywhere, is having its problems wilh trafficked and a sense of responsibility ! "^""j^y ga ve° fhe national- and parking. Weapon of Terror · ·· The White House has put a finger most accurately n p e V . G r H . b i l l e d ns a u r c pn three essential points involved in Premier Khrush- | na |j 0 nal publication devoting iisclf P° licies - chev's announcement that the Soviet Union would 'to small-town America. de.onate a 60-megaton nuclear bomb at the 6n d of Oclo-! _ . s Steel her. The first of these points is the element of !oubt|^ cll](ie "Happy" chandler of Ken- K l S 6 A g a i n its to whether the Kremlin actually intends such a lucky and Ford Frick, present: WASHINGTON A P --. blast. The second is that this so-called test would serveihaseball commissioner House F?e-. impor[s rose in August for , he ipublican Leader Halleck, ^^'jscventh straight month while ex JSandburg and Gene Autry^ ^ iporls dropped, tho Commerce De no legitimate purpose in weapons development. ·. The third point, related to the others and mosti Many city newspaper publishers Important of the three, is that, as the White House report having their troubles ^ re- put it, "such nn explosion could only serve some un- confessed political purpose." That is the heart of thef^t in^g and small cities they'and'lM'.OM ovcr"AugiBt"l96o'.' matter. ' are likely lo agree that newsboys The Kremlin's political purpose, evident though : still can le^n a toMhat's^sefjil nnconfessed, is to advance its interests by terroriza-' j rsm ° anns hiplearning lo talk on! tion. In brandishing the 50-megaton bomb, which jt n e i r f ee t, making contacts wilh| would have some 2,500 times the explosive force ofjvarious lypes of P« 0 P'c K e . u ! n 8 the atom bomb that leveled Hiroshima, Premier|P° ise am ! sclt " asS [ Ur Si|Hy ln and Khrushchev is saying to the w o r l d : Behold, we ai'el'^piness ° ' tlie most fearsome power on the face of the earlh,i Juvenile delinquency may make, so you had better knuckle down to our wishes. lhe headlines these days. But La-j There is nothing new about this. It is a tissue r j°^ e 'i^" 1 ^,.'" i^Vlcnty 0 !)! 1 w i t h Khrushchev's missile-rattling threats directedJAmerkan parents who want to against free nations on the periphery of the Sovietlimprove their children's position Empire, with his August savagery of threatening to' in lif : ^ « ncoura 6' n 8 lticit !. to destroy the Acropolis at Athens. , j^V= i 1 The new threat does serve to underscore one of and experience they need. '| the facts we have to live with--that the Soviet govern- "Give a boy something to do ment regards terror as a weapon.-Whether or not the l h a t " i l l ,' r big bomb is touched o f f , Khrushchev has made his ^rouble." point. The response of the West should be not to So the secretaries and lhe pub- match threat for threat,-bul to stand resolute against ' isher rcal 'y 8 ct iog ctller af '* r .j|j[i threats and hearten the rest of the world lo do the '· many ' a ^v C ni§"seem inclined toi same. idelegale the responsibility to cul- By Carl Anderson By Frank Robbins 3 JOHNNY HAZARD AKPTrf5 ACTOU I5O9SEKVEP FROM A ILLTOP HOUSE Mf THEN, U.WS.E TO SHAKE THE POGSING COfTER, THE HAPLESS PElVER PANICS,, PllRSJEf BY THE MERC/ COPTER, THE BO6U5 AMBULANCE TW15TS ANP EWGEO THROUGH THE STREETS OF KOWLOCN, ^AftKE FOR LEAPfR'5 HOUSE oureiTE cnt! SHE WIILHIPEUS^SHE VIII PROTECT US.,, OK WE ARE POOMEP' fHVOS THAT HHIKOPTEK IKAkSHTTOME/TllRN WAY, FOOIS», TURM AY/AYTM.' By Bob Montana WELL JUST PULL H/SRD.' REMEMBER, ARCHIE.... AT THE END Of THE CEREMONY, WHEN THE BAND PLAYS, VOO BR'.NG THE FLAG DOWN.' n Afli , rm] . Asia] , mem . A f r i c a for ils racist , By Dal Curtis REX MORGAN, M.D. IF I EAT THAT, I WOfi'T 6E. MLE TO OE.T OUT Of 7H6 CHAIR...LET ALONE WALK OUT OF HERE, MELISSA/ HOW DO YOU STAY SO THIN EATING FOOD LIKE THIS, MaiSSAI SIT DOWN, R fV.ORG AN .'YOU'RE. NOT LEW1HO HERE UNTILYOGVEHAOA PIECE OF ttH LEttOH I'D BETTER RUN AIXWO.' I PROMISED TO MEET parlment reported today. Imports of stce! mill products an increase of 7,000 Ions over July Exports in August dropped by 19,000 Ions in July to 150,000 Ions th« «v»ra9« daily participation in th* school lunch program for September was 3,7*3, »n irv:re»M of 549 tv»r list year? LI'L ABNER /INTO TH 1 ASHCAM WIF NCM THET FEARLESS FOSDICX1STHARIDEEU I*3W THET VJE GOT OVER OUR SCARE 'BOUT FOSDCK, NOTHIN'KIN EVER THESE IMPAWT1NT HOME HAlKfT FIT TO LIVE FAMBLYMAINTFIT , ?«' IN A CERTAIN GRAY BULDIHGIIJA CEWA IfJ GRM ory--rn£ RMGMtT SCAM. iSAOUf TO BE UNLEASHED.'! (hroiigli work. is(s eslimated 12 per cent vote The publisher who thinks i w , t h | n ^ 195S ; e r ' t h e boys nor the parents , es- T|]c Ipecially m lhe multilude of small- a ^ j c r cities, are that bad is George ^ o{ isurcd youthful distributors.,,. ;ale] y^fm tons for lhe montli

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