Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1961 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1961
Page 3
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Fred Werner Jr. To Conduct Noel Coward's New Musical Fred II. Werner Jr. is associated with Hie new Noel Cow ard Broadway musical comedy "Sail Away." having done all ol the vocal arrangements in tlio show. Werner is also assistant conductor of the show and will be con ductor beginning Dec. 15. "Sail Away" has received many favorable reviews by New York columnists and a long run on broadway is predicted. Started In College Writing, arranging and conducting musical shows is not new to Werner -since he wrote two complete shows while attending University of Colorado. They were "Go West Young Man" and "The Bars and Stripes Forever." They were complete sell-outs at CU Days. Some musical arrangements (or last season's IJroadway show, "The Conquering Hero," were also written by Werner. Conducted in Summer Theater! He has conducted in summer theaters in Chicago and Sacra- mcnlo, Calif., and on a dunce lour Fred H. Werner Jr. Oilman Forsees More Regulation Of Economy with Bambi'Linn and Rod Alex- DENVER (AP)-An oil compan ander. His arrangements have official said Thursday government] He is the son of Roy Simdbng been aired on the Garry Moore, regulation mav reach a poinll of Johnstown and Mrs. Kuiniuno- _ _ . . ... , .,', T i _ i:.. k n ^n «r Pi,ni7 Mrs sunrfherc s Big Parly, Oldsmobile and olh-.-"wher no longer be liv er lop-ranking Iclcvison shows, (ing in a democracy as we know Pl«y«d Saxophone in Band jit, but m a regulated economy." Werner played first chair sax-: "I am concerned with whether ophone in the Greelcy High the |wlrolcum industry is being School Band and Pep Band. Hcjuscd as (he entering wedge for a directed his own dance band holh completely regulated economy," ill high school and at CU. His Clayton L. Orn, general counsel musicians had the distinction of;of the Ohio Oil Co., said in an being (he first local band to address prepared for^ the Rocky play in Ihe new Glenn Miller B a l l - " ' " ' " "' / "~~ '" room on the Boulder campus. Werner, 27, one of the youngest conductors on Broadway, studied piano with Dr. Arnold Bullock at Mounlain Oil Gas Association's convention. Orn said the U.S. Supreme Court interpreted the 138 Natural Gas Acl differently from the way Tempe, /\riz., Dr. Rita Ilutchcrson Congress intended it to operate, at Colorado Stale College and As a result, he said, the rates Storm Bull at CU. He has con- of 18,000 independent nalural gas )ave Sundberg Takes Position At Los Alamos David A. Sundberg, who reigned as wire editor ol Hie Grce- cy Tribune to accept a position I Los Alamos. N. M., reported for is new job Thursday. Sunifbcrg was employed by the Jniversily of California to work cr (he newspa|er and public re- aliens department ol the Atomic ahoralory al Los Alamos. Sundberg. a 1054 graduate of loliiisloivn High School and a 1038 graduate of the University ol ;olorado School of Journalism, became wire editor of lhc Tribune, he latter part of July. IVB. upon lis return from Germany and re- ease from military service. Sundberg entered the Army in July of 1958. He served for Iwo years, ?,oing overseas in December fot- owing induction, lie was an ordnance parts specialist in the artillery's Headquarters and service battery at Nuremberg. Sundberg and his wife, the former Sharon D. Barnetl, who was employed in (he Tribune business office for a year prior to last April, left Wednesday for Los Alamos. They resided here at 1621 (ith Ave. He is the son of Roy Sundberg J Johnstown and Mrs. Ruth Sund- wrg of Pectz. Mrs. Sundbcrg's parents arc Mr. and Mrs. Jake Brunlz of 1818 r,lh St. Gregor W. I'inncy. a 1M8 graduate of Ohio Wcsleyan University, ..replaced Sundberg on the Tribune staff, starting Monday. I'inncy completed two years with (he Air Force last month. He served as an administrative of ficer nt Lowry AFB,-Denver. Before enlisting in Ihe Air Force, Pinney taught seventh grade history and English'for a year in New Castle, Pa., where he was reared. His college major was journalism. Pinney is married (o (he former M O D E S T M A I U K 1 V S ' (Manslaughter Is Filed in Colo "« Od ' 20 ' Iflfil TRinuNE Page * (Second Job Does Not Fellow Workers ;-=· Daughter charge was field Wed NORMAN WALKER H» i ,,..,.:,,,-( n,,,i..ld 1. 4fmriirl * , I.-.I.HIKHU-I iii.ii K .. ""' ,' o By NORMAN WALKER holding -tt-=j3X. " CSli ' V " K:ii "' it ' "" ^'T WASHINGTON' ( A l ' ) - Work- "The y-\Sf}tf ; 25, of Sednlia as a result of a ^ ^.^ Amn ,,,,,,,.,,. jnll5 . arc l| i(ll[ , M fflTlTf . ;faMl aiiloinulile accn.rnl. , |n[ nill|)i|11 , ,,,,,,,,,. l(|M( ,,.,. u[ ., .-,,, lhc :/ A charge of aiding ami abet- !lin was lodged agains! Charles H. Faulkner. 41!. of Denver. Unti .holding more than a single job. results of (his survey givo , ipfiort." (lie secretary said, nibbing frllrm 1 [oilers uf a "to the nnlioii thai the unemploy- I'ham-e lo earn a living, (he La-!tnon( prolilcm could be solved by bur Dcpailuirnl sujinesli'd Wed prohibiting exlrn jobholding. i '···".· -· - - . U made public a new survey on -'H, e hours worked on the were Irainers of racehorses al 1 e )|]e ..,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, , ll;i ,,. |C [,,, isl . , -^ ., re llsl|il ,i y vcrv .recent Cenleniual track meeting^ ^ (]K|] jr) ,,, H)UlinB _ 0| . moon . [shr)1 . t- J d a glpa i mim y of these near I.itllolon. .lij-lilinjj as it is commonly called, jobs--for example Ihose in farm- Slate palrolmon «ml bol h men ()vo| . (|ira , m i ] l i n n K o| . J _ |n(1 ^ ' fcssi(ms _ wolll(I bc denied (heir trucks wore ir the ac- , ( ,. m| , _ ]f ;|]| { ^ f(i m , , · ' unemployed or jf eulcnt Smulay ,n which Mrs. llubj , \ ]K C(m|i|ry 1:( ,, (| mo| . c t l l j l l l ' m t | e lo Ihem." I UlrlMlti \ v t i b p - i linn HIP MII'VPV \v is- r *i n l«lTM "' December. IWfl. This m i m o n ' (k|ijl jt,|',| 1o]l j cl5 worked mwns nearly ow out of 20 held',,,,, |imi , ,,,, h n l l l j ohs Typically, .the total 'hours woiiied by the ·'· multiple jobholder added up to SO c* on holh jobs, wilh H hours number and |iii]iu"liiin uf diial' vot! ,,| Io ( | le cxtl . n .McCumber, 40. of --o--- - ~ "Never mind the Scoreboard, we're jtill ahead by two block eyes to their three." For Police Is Jailed Instead NAHUAGAN'SETT, If. I. ( A P I -- iA former police chief ot Littleton. I Colo., was in jail Tluirsilay--be- cause, he souRhl a job on the Nar- . sm "' jl J nt "' , Ki-m-l:iry of Lalxir A i l h u r !Guldhcr|! faiil. limvwr. thai the ·number rapusKl police force. Twenty - four hours Boos Elected President of Kiwanis Club l\ , \vu [nj/aijuf 111:11 i ii" Ed'Boos and Dr. Hal JourdanLf technical d i f f i c u l t i e s Mostly Daylight Work More uf t h e dual jobholders.. _ contrary to popular belief, w o r k ' ^ earlier. 'on llieir jobs durins day-: g| Twenty - four hours earlier. . . . Charles ,,. Drake 41. walked into *«£ 'TM '· " , "» ^"^ the office of Chief V r a n k I, K* jn!lllu i, lprs ^,. c lel | aa wnrk . inson and uskcu for a jnb. J -- " . . . r . , j u i J i i u i U l i .*i w « i L i i inn n t i »!·" i*ui ri.- .== ^^BV^^^'^-'^'^^B^^^^^^^H "rr inson and asked for a jnb. ·' , . ' . . . . . = W^rtl^PVH « Difficulties Deloy S -^ -p c ;, UW .. ^ t^jj^ | Satellite F,nng- ;: ^ : « ::;::Sk , t ,,, ,,,,, F , POINT AIIGUKI.I.O. C a l i f . , Drake IhaiiM (he chief jusl GM llaj sonll , , umnKn ^. (AP)-An attempt lo Inuncli n^ie same and rcluriu-d lo :i house (]|c j(;i|im f| . [)m j o W c s s 'g * missile-dnleclion salellilc, Midas on nearby Crcnt Island, where he Km±m ^ k ()( } IV. was postponed Thurs. hccausejWas staying wilh Ins wife and children. were elected 'president and vice president, respectively, of (he Grcclcv Kiwanis Club ~' The 'unemployment of "there oughia ga ·^ bc a law" bannint' anyone - " 3 noon. George Brooks was elected! Irensurer. tinned his piano-arranging andlpnxluccrs arc regulated conducting studies with leading|flwiigh they do not have a mo- teachers of New York City. nopoly and arc nol protected from Family Lives in N.Y. Werner is married lo (he former Lin Clark of St. Joseph, Mo. They have two children, Jeff, 5, and Gretchen, 1. They reside in New York City at 41 W. 82nd St. ' Born and reared in Greelcy Werner is Ihe son of Mr. am Mrs. Fred H. Werner of 2020 IBth Ave. A younger brother Dean, is majoring in music a! Obcrlin Conservatory at Obcrlin, Ohio. competition. Tf these producers remain subject to provisions of the act, Orn said, "eventually more lhan M per cent of all our competitive businesses in America will be brought under federal control." "If it is correct to say that a producer's sale of gas crossing a state line makes federal price controls necessary under the corn- Carolyn Taylor of Webster Groves, Mo., a 1959 graduate of Grinnell College at Grinnell. Iowa. She s an elementary teacher in the Jefferson County Schools at Lakewood. -.ivocket said. The three were the only nominees for (he offices presented I w o I N o Last N a m e s weeks ago by Hie nominating com-! will he rcsched, A sl '° rt «;l,ilc hiler Chief Rob- condition of llHir'nvnl "" l TM '" """'""i . . · ' warrant from Littleton, Colo . for Miss Teen-Age A m e r i c a g Drake, charging him wilh misap-j DA , , AS Tcx ( A , J ( _ Morc | prouriation of (own funds, and a. (1]an m '^ ai . e vyi|lg S|] a g LOXDON-UnlU the Mil, Ccn-'."'Drake was arrested soon ; ,r.e- llra ^ TM" lcsl lto '" S CVCry ' m )W a ,,., tllj sujt ( , 1visi o n .i 8 Disaster Is Simulated at Travis AFB TRAVIS - AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) -- Travis Air Force Base officials Thurs. staged whal they termed the largest simulaled · disaster in Air Force : history · _ complete with roads jammed switchboards and an in ehrialed colonel. brialed colonel. ..possible-subject only to the over Most observers pronounced i( P° cms[A i r ^ nn ' nf , he cen era an effectively handled test of dis- ^j|*.g .. JJ asler operations. .. ,,' ,, A Military Air Transport Serv- «·J-- "° ice plane wilh W persons aboard ^ ° M[d - Wcdnesday cam peli- ZTat C midniV "\^ "H*, on public land ,eas- In the Courts District Court Jury Acquit* T«x. Man Constello Moreno, 31, Frede ricksburg, Tex., was found inno cent of a statutory rape charg )y « jury in district court her Thursday. The jury, which retired at 11:30 a.m., returned its verdict at 1:25 p.m. Judge Doriald A. Carpenter, who presided at the one-day trial, ordered the information filed against Moreno dismissed after the verdict was returned. Members of the jury were Don D. Moore, Julia Myers, Michael Mullarkey, Carroll F. Mobley, Verp L. Foos ami Lc Roy Goldsmith, all of Greelcy: Carol Miller and Dennis Hallenbeck, both of Platteville; Gwendolyn Richardson of Rt. 2, Fort Luplon. Herbert H. Hansen and I-eonard Plageman, both of Ault, and Anna M. Hil\ of Briggsdale. William E. Bohlender and Charles R. Lyons, deputy district sna.c, nun.!.TM ~TM. attorneys, represented (he people. H. C. Hockmuth, assistant di-rrhe defendant's counsel was Al- ·· l i t 1 1 I l "e I i ( , h t l , J O I I I L I I I U L U l l L , U I V . I Martin Field appealed o t^ othcrs wcre takon t ,- om the p i aco3 B ogan club to register for the forlhcom-i , . For p clause of our constitution," le said, "then under this same clause will not all essential com- nodilies moving in interstate commerce eventually be subject to federal price fixing?"* Orn said it is in the public in- teresl for buyers and sellers to reach a fair price for a commodity without government regulation. Another speaker, W. C. Norman president of the Colorado Oil A Gas Corp., said in his prepared address: "We need less government control." "The dynamic forces within our country necessary to our progress and lo the continuing growth - , d must ^ a , fn . e|y :mo lo register mr iuu IUMIU.UIII-J , , . .. ng city election. Of the more than! ; 12,000 of voting age in Greeley, only a litllc over 2.000 are registered lo vote at the city election. For Prescriptions.--Adv. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS i fa: 'Hi 806 8th SI., Cruelty g He reminded the members three Kiwanians are in the races--Mayor Gordon Risslev, Robert Derrington, and Stanley Sutherland. Ixv.vis Kilts appealed for members of the Greeley club lo co owrale wilh the Uptown Kiwanis Ci'ib which meets in the evening Don Wilkinson, the club sec retary, spoke on (he AAU, of, which he is a member. His address on (he national amateur athletic organization is covered on Ihe spoils page. rector of the Bureau of Public Had the crash been real, at least 30 persons would have died. The test scene was a cold, windy hillside, a mile north of a main runway. Around Ihe area were scattered 132 casualties wilh gruesomcly realistic injuries. A burned out ing for oil and gas development is under consideration He said a policy statement may be issued within two weeks. The present practice of simultaneous filings in the method of lotteries has come under heavy realistic injuries, /i uuin^u ""«· fuselage, strategically placed ex-l plosive charges, and smoke' bombs completed the Numerous loud explosions and (ires were set off on the hillside. The Air Force spared little effort lo make the Ihenlic. A moc planned to criticism. vin Stcinmark. 4 Divorc* Coroplaintt Fll«d Four divorce complaints were iied'in district court. They were as follows: Orval D. Roller, 2-143 8th Ave. against Mrs. Marjorie M. Roller They were married Sept. 11, W57 at Norton, Kan., and have two children. W. Grady While, Gale Ion against Mrs. Viola White. They fallout would be distributed in were married Nov. 18. 19M. at what we call (he tradewinds." ·PCI nine LM. CHICAGO (AP - Investigation ·crash" an- leains * v Z hl Thu ' lhc caliso " f j a high-impact explosion which de nhiiA ri-ish was molishcd a cosmetic company's ! taffi I "''chemical mixing building injure, ^ icii. . _ ,. to a mile away Big Bomb Fallout Slow To Travel LOS ANGELES (AP)--It would ake weeks (or fallout from a So-| viet 50-megaton nuclear bomb to' ·each the temperate zones, says; Rep. diet Holifield, D-Calif. Holifield is chairman of I h c j Joint Congressional Committee on! Atomic Energy. He told a newsman Wednesday that it would be difficult (o predict how large an area would be covered by fallout from a 50-megaton device. "At this time," he said, "Ihere arc seasonal variations in the weather which would cause a great deal of this fallout (o circulate in the polar regions. "It would bc weeks before the The New Look in Living' OPEN HOUSE . Cleveland, Ga. Their children are adulls and emancipated. Mrs. Linda T. Hartley, "is A r m y Unloads l l l h St., against Kenneth G. Markley. They were married in Greeley March 5, 1960, and have one child. The plaintiff, a minor, filed the complaint through her mother. Mrs. Louise M. Taylor. At French Port CHERBOURG, France (AP) -The American Army transport L'pshur docked Thurs. wilh some .1.400 American soldiers bound for Saturday A N D Sunday 20th Street Road at 23rd Avenue Open 2 to 6 and 7 to 9 irb. ixjiii = i; i"- inyji. · Werner Dean Schwingdorf, Ea-ivanous U.S. bases in soulhwcst ton against Mrs. Sandra L.iFrance and Bremerhaven, in Scli.vingdorf They'were married I West Germany. road entering Travis. ,,.....- , is halfway between San Francisco l e 'f d ' una °"J ...... . ,, J f\0 OTIC W3S K l l i c u 111 * 111 - "»-··· jyiViVjnyum i i uc» m,i -^ ·· "··-·-«·· · ^fS^d a seeming, £ S**- *££- $*£ M ^ m -Swink, and have, ebnated colonel just lo hari»» ^ fay He|eBe l lesser officials. And '" or ; Cllrlis , ndus(rics to blend cosmel- of nearby (owns and relatives ol |s A u t h o r i t i e s said crash "victims jammed switcn-i . boards. D. f. Math««m': JP Court lie ciiuimvuia. *iumu,,»*^o «...« Jam'es H. Ulrich, Gree.ey, as- 'ihey had reached no conclusion sal] |( an d battery, one year in '^[ dS ' , n i n'^tsiilc. ibpjimmediately as to the cause of an suspended, and costs; reck- There was no panic outside the, v mere was no p.imi.^. ..... .,,_!,,.:,,,, base. The Solar.o Counly sheriff's,'^ explosion office received only 25 telephone] calls inquiring about the blasts 'H e o y y M a r k k o ' Set and fires. . -- HF.I.SINKI -- The Bank of Finland has proposed the inlroduc- less driving, $20, costs Donald E. Rhoads, Greeley, improper passing, $8. costs. Faulty Chute Kills Champion J u m p e r BUDAPEST, Hungary tion of a so-called "heavy Mark ka," and the government has ac ,.,,, Iceptcd in principle a currency , · I 8 " 17 -TM nnrl 1 r«f'"-' n -to he introduced al the SunS^S^ day «jien ^ Pf^. c J?J °t °| value of the new markka would- open during a NOTICE I will nol be responsible for any bills other than my own. MELVIN CUMMINS. COMPLETE MEAT PROCESSING Fort Lupton Packing Plant Shorty Haas Manager Ft. Lupton, UL 7-6500 THE GEORGIA There's spacious and gracious living in the beautiful Georgia with its four bedrooms and three baths, separate dining area and large family room. You'll see more features when you drive out this .., fhe world title for a night jump from 17,000 feet. he 100 limes thai of the present FALL FESTIVAL OF PRODUCE VALUES Pumpkins-- Squash-- Apples-- Tomatoes CIDER Material! for W i n t e r A r r a n g e m e n t s Gourdi -- Indian Corn SAALWAECHTERS MARKET 904 E. 18th St. P h o r u E L 26031 Wickstrom Gravel Pit Northeast of Pierce · Fill and Cement Gravel · Also Top Soil Loaded and Delivered- Reasonable KENNETH WICKSTROM Owner and Operator Phone NUNN 20R3 THE COLUMBINE If you like distinctive styling, you'll love the Columbine . . . and there's plenty of living with the large living room, family room, and, for warm weather m o n t h s , o covered patio. See "what else" this Saturday and Sunday at our open house. · Large Sites · Excellent Financing Developed By WHEELER REALTY COMPANY 1331 E i g h t h Avenue EL 3-0346 Cottonwood Village EL 3-3932

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