Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 2, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX , CRUCBS (N. ,Mv) ; Las Cruc«s Sun-News PHONE DEADLINE 9 A.M. Red Sox Perfect 'Murder' Line-Up In Graefruit Meet At Sarasoia i'd lineup of »H the The Frnwny Parko "muidcr incorporated plicht'i'H cttll it, has made its iip- |i(-;nnnrc.-. Steve O'Neill manager of the Coston Red Sox., sprung 11 line-up he pjntin to ii.«(! at home ngainst tin; net ml I Tigers ycstft-dny. It c;nne t h i n t i ^ h w i t h a M-hit Ijnr- ]»K f ' HH L"! 1 SociiL'l's coa.'iLei] \ft .m h-1 virloiy .-it Snrnnotn. Stephens N l a r U O'NuiM, j)ln lining 1o make l IK most nf H i n t r l i i i m t i i y I'fft fn-lil v.-iill at Fenway PuiJt. n t a r i n d .Junior fitcjihi-nii, last year's regular '.·iluii'Ktr.ji. nt ihird iHifin. and put H a n d y Andy Lou Jlnudrcan nt r.lioi I. .Tiilmiiy 1', i ^ q u l a r t h i r d base- m:in. speUfff l!r,l)l,y Dctrvr .'it .':cc- ntitl a i n - r nni-rr had h;mg»:.-l out t b i w hits. O'Neill r.aiii I'eiiky wmilil play t h i i d on UIL- mad. Cruces Trackmen ^ BROWNIE YEAR? : . ByAianMovr Wind Up Sixth At Ysiela Neel W h i t e Sox r a l l y in the rtixth. M i c k e y M a n t l e , the New "York Yankees' prize rookie, got three of hl:i tram's 12 hits in n 0-3 victory over Uiu J'itlHbilrgh J J i- rnlcK :it Phoenix. Sports In Brief r i A S K K T M A U . 7Vaiin, III. -- Kymciise won find N a t i o n a l Cfimpni Ija.ikflhfill 10111- munoMt ly d e r o n l l n j ; Hindley 7fi- 7. r ). TRACK A l t h o u g h individual track team mi*nt)(*rti (nrned in good performances, L3« Crtices high school tiacJi team plated nixth in a field of eight nt Kit lu relay's Yuclia track meoi. .Jimmy Bradley captured Kticond place in Die 220-yard dash, and third in NIC 100. ! The CnicuK relay team loo^t scr:- ond in the 110-yard dauh. On tlu: team were Skip Cnrlo.y, Tnny Av- iili, A H i e Robinson, nnd Jim Brad- Uyral Ff-rris placed f i f t l i in the Hhot p u t . and f i f t h in the discus throwing. A promising yi t i a c l f t n a n ho has had only three weeks L-xperiencu with the sport. ! 'I'hi; Cnicc-i learn was hampered By The. Am.m-liilf.l I'ri'SH Conrl1 I l l l ( l W I l l j l i r n K U i d ' *V TM*' Pin i n j u i j L ' s sustained in the preliminaries hy A r l i u Robinson, who WHH ;i state last year, Tin; Union high nmnem will smifnu aw;iy with Alamogordo in j a dim! trunk meet in he hold nt IJonMcr Coin . . . AHxnna Stale ! l h p N n w M c x l c n AM firounds Ten.pi'wun lOlli CoUirado U n i - l f ; ' l l u r t l n y ' LVmipolilion heplns at . ! 'i p. m. v o r H l l v iiulo'jr inct'L with 'W pofnl.s; iK K l n l o w;i« K'-runfl w i t h 2.1. The Knx 1 Ray Srai haratif;h .nnel t. '·von hits. Vuvin|;;;ti'i Hilly T vl of tin? I!r.'U Sox lm'iib:ir')nn'nl. Tli« Nnv York 'Iliuil.'i -ilau hud on t h f i r h i l l i n g ''I'ttlll'S nl .St. I'eti 1 - Buffalo. N. Y. - Don Gohrmann j Afler 10 InninQS f liwit Fioil Wilt in i n v i t a t i o n mile '.._ 3 Wyoming Wins Over Lobos By Two Poinls nt NiiiKi In 4:011.1. UI.-Hrli't A A I J A u s t i n . Ti-x. -- Yuli' won NCAA hamplonnliip 11.1 Ells' .lulin M nhnll sloln i:\in\v bolter, Jii.s nwn wntM'.s -i-)0 ficc-ntylt! rncurtl in ·1 r.'IO.a. R A O I N O Vc'i'liiiman'ii Illiirk i-i! ($1.701 won l-'oll Lninli:Kla]i? pnuii- at if,Uirt!. Kin. Tin- Giants 'liiibhnd M u l l n n d u l c . !·'!». - ·- W i l l i a m 11. it;- Kl J,D!ii.'i Cnrdliuil.i J^-S. Al " 1'iaik dmvc m f i v e riin;t. tlnvi; 'in ji homer nnd t h e n t h c r two on a i l n l l h l i * aiirl -iliiclr. Ki-iK Kil|:c 1'hlK K i i l l l a n t |iilrhinf;- hy Han Mnti-n. Calif. ... TV Kli-ut [SS.'llli won (Zfl.noo aildrd Sun j.- vvr ]j I'Viine-lsro lumditrap nt Hay Mt-a- llltrl'.wrll nnd Ken n a n i - n K l i c r i i n 1 liowB 1 Lamcl. Md. ...- Pnj;L Card (J7.20) wnn .Miiryland handicap. Lincoln, It. I. .Siuitlc'.-i Itiiutfc 1.^2.001 won Hnpo Vnlli-y piimi' nl ! Lincoln Deiwil.t. i lint Springs. A r l t . · Rubo SJ.'^0) won Afltnn.'tn.H Doiby nl Oalt- iHl.l t V , l,y lilj; Ti-d Kliisr.cwski i-nulilid t i n ( · i i . r i m i f i l i Ili-dn t» u l i n d i - I h i ; I ' l i i l u - 'ii-t|itj|;i l'hil:t 2-0 at 'J'umpH. Kla. of '.In; iiiit'iiniril runs In liral UK- I ' h i l n - ili-l|illl:i A l l i i i ' l l r a 7-2 nl Writ I'lilin J i i ' T i - l l . Kill \V;!:,hiiij;toli Uinli n l l r l t l n j ; r i n i n II m i n u r It'lllilli* rlllli. liiiv.'ll]); UK! In l.n'.llM'lll.' n( I I I . ' A i n i T l r n n Aii- l l n t v i s LIIM' Tin' Il'i.'ilrai Ilinvi'U "II" M|llllil l i i l m l i l o i l A l l n n l i i if tin. Southern Ai»..ii'liiilim !l-0 In I lif Criii'lUT i-ity. while H'l'ilun'ii v.'ii'slly i h n p - pcd n -l-.t, l l - i i i l l l l ' . K ;;.'||1H' to , l i ( M S N F . K A I , on N a t i o n a l H a d m i n U i n tilsti Kitn Dii'i;o. in-.l. l!i- ilfnl.'i In school mi nUdi-tic- schnl- an.iilp;; i n n i n t i l u l r u t - i n I. I ALHUQUKKQUIS. A p i i l 2 (/P. Thd NVw Mexico Lobo.s rallied with flfivrn runs with two out in tin; last of the n i n l l i Saturday lo force t h e i r bafjujjall ,-ame with WyomiiiR into extra Inning*. Bill Wyoming lK)um:rM hack w i t h twn miiH in |)K 10th to win 15-U. Nuw Mexico i.';;i(1KOd tllf 1 \Vyn- ininj.; Cowboy.') for the second s t » n i g h t dfiy £t-0 in Tennis and G-0 in golf. Exhibition Ball II.V Thi' Assui'liili'il C i n c i n n a t i I N I : (Nl (I. Nniv Vnrll ( N ' ) ]2. St. I.ollis I N ) S. I J i f i n l t l y n I N " ) -I, rioston "A" ( N ' l .'I 111 i n n l i i R D ) . ChlniKo (N) S, Cleveland (A) fi. llnston "II" (N) !l. A t l a n l n ( S A ) 0. Iliiiilun (A) 8. nrlrolt ( A ) 1. UO (A) R. St. Louis (A) 7 itioi.Myn DwiBPiu nt .Minnii. M,i. i Lobo Manaoer Gels Jl.-ilili Kilwiir,!.!' |ilncli-l,ll ;ilnj;l|. ; _ I . .. n Crank Leilers On | I A 1 '2 LoiiiNvitlt! ( A A ) ]0. \\'aKhinf;ton l.ioki' it]) ihi- i;nnnr. Paul M i n r i c i tnnci'ii hin ( u n i t h pa\v rilnnt:: at Jn Clrvrlund In- dinns Tiir Ihr- mil n i n « Innlim!) n-i 1h.- Hill-lino Cult.4 f h t f r a l i ' i l ;lu- T i i l i c h-fi n| Titcuiin, Ail/,. .'Vo l-'mi'ly, iiin|ilt Chlrjiijo - I n i l . .melt' t , hit n hoini 1'ini oiT Itoli Ix-itiun, ·vhu K :wo up nix limn Mi 1(1 hll.4 In DIP l l r - t r.cvt-n iniimj;;! Itmuits Lose ' Al K a n A n l r n i i i ) . Ti-.x., i h o ·'*hl- niH" W l n l f Knx Icfcatcd .he St. Using Negro Players I-AMKHA.Vi'V.. A p r i l ·; ijn -- .MjiintKiT .lay llaiicy nt I h r - l.:i- mi'.sa I.nltDH wi.vh h IIIIK n-cr|v- cd l l t n M i l i M i I i i K l*'tli-rs dcsltTilfit tn pn-v.-nl I l l s nshijr nrKni (iliiy- i-i-s on his basehall clnh. H u l Hiiucy Mihl lie M i l l plans In use IK-KTIICS II lie Muds K t»n\ league c-li llnm-iiH for t h n - i l n i h j wild, however, lli:,! l u , . n \wn ·ili.n.;hl t i m e thl.-i MprhiR. S-7. ! [dayers now wurkiiif; mil pn%li- RIO GRANDE * TODAY t h r u WED. llJlllry won hi mil eimmieiil ,, n j thri-ji(i-nlli K I r l l e r s u h l c h hesulil 1 ntnn l i o m 11,iv A i i w r l l l i i iirra. In lln» Untied K l u l o r i -ihimt -til,- 000 people an- m l m l i i r d .o hn.spi- l a i n ouch tiny. iJonaltl DUCK - New* Stiirilnitf Aliirch oi' Time "As Russia Soos It" S T A T E D TONIGHT TUES. Uiitii.iinl Drama I.lml.i Charl(|.i · l U l t N K I . I . llOYKIt "THE 13lh LETTER" the P L A Z A iT ENDS TONIGHT Outdoor Aihvntlirit "AS TOUGH AS THEY COME" Tin' til Tor A r l l n n · K E E P ' E M SLUGGING S-5 Marios y Mlorcoloi .MISSION - M . ' -. i J j c l P.,, k Ailllllssliin fillr . l(l|. . lllr I'ln.Mo 4 I,. TONIGHT TUES. Hulliniiiri' ( I D 7, rhllnilolplilu ] S. l.oili.' I A I .1. Tilo LJ. S. hcntini; illihlslry pio- (Ilirpil (i'SO.OIMI fliinr I'lirnnco.s in .'iiunll Iminr.s in l!l. r »0. Stflce frlEY M itl rsM BA.rr/f/s A/1O FiELPIfJe AttP 7rd Itl PiKHlrtG iA 7~o so, ear UP ' 'VlitnbuUJ ly Kiny l'i ef rxxr pay Gif ·M£ ZOOK/c OF TrlS YeAR ffl .'9-f9 . 7,1 £ -iOftlOMORe MX /fj 'SO/ Cruces Man Wins :Dakes Scoicl1 Texans Rnll Rtittnn Fwnit»^ w u ;e Over Weekend Bull Hirtmg Lvenii KIj ,, ASO _ Tra .. Apl . n , ,,, _ At T t\Y ?" R f t l l f i n t n p Albnquoi-que Dukw looked like TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES,] last year's \Vyst Texas-New Mexico baficball champs as they bounced El Paso twice over the weekend. April 2 i/I'i -- Elloll Calliuun LIIH Crucos won Ihc hull riding | The Dukes pasted lh» Ki Paso chiimpionship nl. the Truth Or Con- j Texans of the newly formed ccrjuioiccs rndoo hold over the f-outnwosi Intel-national League \voolt-end. I M-0 S a t u r d a y and 10-0 yostrrday. The rcRiiliK (plarod in order j Thc two S n m M wcre ' t l l c first n a m e ( j ) . "f l f cxhihilinns for thu Albuqttcr- Uandiiick Rroiiu Riding Marvin Holnivs. Pickun.'i, Oltlo:: .Hnf Schu- ninchcr. I'hnonix. and Casey Tihns. Fort Picrrn S. D. (lie). Saddle Brouc Hiding Holnic.s: Cliucti Sheppai'd. Trcacutt, Ariz.; O.SK Dolhirhidf, Lake View, Ore., Red Lodge, Mimt.; Rarnoy Willis. Whitu Sulmun, Vv'afjh.; Leonard Huff. Dexter. K. M. Steer \Vrc:;tllnp -- Rudy Doucet. t'hornix; .McKonmi; / ,-uir.lJ. D. McKonna Slit-rklan. Wyo. j , Bljll ni( ij n[ , __ Cailioun; Wnul iti.. i . . . . . . j H.'MigherniPn. Archer, 1'cx.; Calf Roping -- Hud Lindprman Shoulders, Tulsa. r ADULTS . . . STILL 50c KIDS UNDER 12 FREE When With Parenls! ENDS TONITE! //fafflft' Kf ' ff tesrr'*' Mf » f uaiw nartrf Plus -- SCREEN SONG SPOHTS FOX NEWS TOMORROW NIGHT Judy Canova Riot "Scatterbrain" N O T I C E I wish to announce lo all my friends whom I havo served in the past, thai I am now connected with the Aco's Certified Molors at 438 S. Main. I will do body and fender repair and painting. Free estimates on private or insurance adjustments. MIKE CROTHERS ACE'S CERTIFIED MOTORS 438 S. Main Day Phbrie 1074 :Nllo Phono 0388-J3 WITH RViC Car Heeds It lakes careful alien- lion lo .many lillle details lo keep your car in peak-efficient running order. And now with Summer drives coming along ... you'll want to be extra sure it's in tip-top shape. Drive around at your earliest convenience-let our expert mechanics 'give your car the attention it deserves! n. A. DUHIO, Jr. Sorvico Mgr. JOHN MILLER MOTOR COMPANY 650 S. Main Phono 258 I'l.YMOtlT.IM'IIKYSI.KK Slll.S £ S.'Ml'V Vice-President Scorns Guards, Travels Openly PHILADELPHIA. April 2 M»i -- The Veep, like Prc-Hldcnl Truman, is keen on traveling. But there the .similarity ends. Albcn W. Barkipy, the" nation's No. 2 elected official, travels 'almost with anonymity -- and virtually without protection. Mr. Truman, when he makes a trip, is guarded every step of the way by secret service men anil local police -- regardless of hl.H own personal prcfei^nees. Arrives By Train The Veep -- nickname hy which the vice president is everywhere known now ·-- came to Philadelphia yesterday as chief .speaker L a Junior Chamber of Commerce luncheon. He traveled on a regularly scheduled Pennsylvania railroad train, accompanied hy his wife and one Secret Service man. The President travels ;n n fipp- armored train, in his own airplane or on the Presidential yacht. Itineraries are minutely planned. Even newsmen must get special passes, distributed by ,thc M Secret" Survive, to interview or pjjolo- i gr.'iph the PresidcnL i.Ikr-s Crowds Not so with IV 71-year-old Veep. He likfa crowds, fnvrl:: openly on public trains and :ur- plnneft. No passes are needed when he arrives. Anyone can approach him. "I just like to fee! free," Barkley explains. "I don't want to i"eel that I'm in a vacuum and guarded every minute of the day. "I fjuesG it'p a little different for the President, especially nftcr' that assassination . attempt, but 1 know he would prefer it if he could go out when he felt like it w i t h o u t .1 half dozen men following his every footstep." Actually, the Veep says he Isn't quite so unguarded :us it appears. "I try to take my. wife with :nc wherever I go," he said. "And you can bet your life she keeps her eye on me." National Truffuv Death Rate Climbs 15 Mbiitlis Straight CHICAGO, April .2 -- 1*1 -The -nation's traffic deaths con* tinned their upward trend in February for the 15th consecutive month, t h e National Safety Council said. i The February toll of 2,300 was four per cent ahout February lyso, the smallest increase since De- comber 1919. Virtually oil the increase was in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast states. ' A partial cause of the steady increase in traffic fatalities, . the Council said, was a continuing increase in motor .vehicle travel. Traffic accidents hilled 5,190 persons in the first tit-o',monlhs,UilH year, an increase of '.11' per cent over the corresponding period last yen!'. The Council said 227 cities h.ive reported no deaths up to March l. Gallic And Sheep To Be Equipped With Grass Seeder CHACAGO, A.pril 2 i.Ti --Cattle and sheep soon are froing; to work for a living as \yell as eat, a trade publication said .today. The National Livestock Producer told of a gadget invented in Phoenix, Ariz.,, which »-ill force the animals to seed their own gruzlng 1 lands. Tile device hangs from the animal's neck like a cowbell and is filled with grass seed. As the animal raises and lowers its head in grazing, movable disks match up t o . f o r m holes which drop one lo three seeds at a 'time. Waller T. Miller and James MacKenzie of Phoenix, tile Invcnt- .ors, claim the seeder will hold ·-,'iptigh seed for a week or more without refilling. . MAJOR ·'"By- The As'i'wiiiilcd I'n-jiH PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE ' Seattle.7-5, San Diego 3-7. \ . Oakland 8-2,.Hollywood -4-1. ^ Portlan^ 10-2, Sacramento 7-0;. Los Angeles 6-5, San Francisco, 5-3. Whales which reach a length of 100 feet and weight of 200 tons are mammals. ' · . California's giant redwood trees grow from seeds only onc-si.steenth of an inch Jong. LAS CRUCES LIQUORS The Store of .Good Spirits COLD BEER for Plenlc.H Your Family Package Store 334 S. MAIN Runners Break Four | School Heel Records i ALBUQUERQUE, ApHl 2 (/tt-^ ' Runners broke.four meet record*; in the annual Albuquerque HigV School Relays'Saturday. , *~ Reyea-Apodacn of Santa Fc higli;! school set a new broad jump marS£ of 20 feet, 3 3/i inches. AJbuqucr** quo high teams set the othejf!; marks; 45.8 seconds for the 410-* yard relay; 1:35.6 for the 880 ardp ( relay; and 3:38.0 for the mile ic f lay. : ^ Although no team SCOIPS u e r n v. kept, Albuquerque dominated th^ meet, 10 first aji^ placing in foiir'of-the othei event*, Immunization Clinic Held In Courthouse'^ j Immmunization against dlpthef- ia, whooping cough, and tetunu* are given each Friday mmnlnf between 8:30 and 12:00 at the 10fV cal Health Department in thir. Court House. v -, r It is requested that nil children between the ages of 3 months to-G years who have hot been completely immunized attend tlnj«# clinics, or see their private phyal-; cians. The Road to Failure is Paved with Wasted Assets GEORGE S.A\AY COMPANY *Ou*VtUM. C^nMH/AHvM W t s l i r n D i v l i i e n n l G»ir si,..i, 5.. Fi.,i,. 7; Ml. Eilabliih«d 1915 , LADIES' MEDIUM HEELS m ill the beautiful difference you can ·£ EEL/" $11.95 because m n- /,,,·,·/,·««/ ('ntss Slim style is I'it-I'iisliiimcil--Io ,/ivV 05 // It iri'iv linitlcfr vnin font rt/niic. Uinry in . , . sec out smart, new mntiiiin-hre! collection fin spring. BED CROSS SHOES ' 'this fioJiKt fen n.i ,,;,,,,,,·,, ,,;,(, 77,,. Amrru.m Katiwal Kf:( Gn Amnieu'i unctinllmf/nLtltae t'uluc 5O M ? I 9'J5

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