Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 8, 1967 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1967
Page 8
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HMO Free Press, Thursday, June 8,1907 - 8 M · Errors, Lack of Key Hits Doom Nampa if .... ,,,,,, ei,ai a e matching Higgs' Score by Innings: Heavy Rain Roils Idaho Fish Streams BOISE - High water in Idaho volrs reported generally good Panhandle Region streams causedbymeltingsnows fishing. Big Willow Creek, Weather on the opening day continued to slow fishing in the Squaw Creek »nd Stiver Creek °' stream season was disagree- .state this week. The runoff tlso netted only fair. In the Boise »We with hard rains. Wold made most back area roads poor Basin area Harris Creek was Creek LodEe near Coeur at best. good but Mores Creek was high d'Alene reported fair; Brickel Some of the best fishingdurlng and slow. Jump Creek listed Creek near Spirit Lake limited the opening week of the 1361 good fishing and Caldwell ponds "tches and high ind roily; Co- season was found In the lakes were good for Catfish. The colalla Creek south of Sandpolnl and reservoirs with good luck Snake and Payette Rivers were beginning to produce kokanee in some of the streams (ed by high and muddy. Some Anglers with many fish being t a k e n underground springs. reported good luck on Crane In southwestern Idaho both Falls reservoir on the Snake Sagehen and Grasmere Reser- River canyon near Bnineau. NAMPA-Ontario spoiledthe Tonight Nampa travels lo Em- rW timefromourpowerhitters Wn j^ 1 ^^^" 1 " ^'^ m ^' season opener for the Nampa mett in an attempt to balance its was the problem," said Namoa " v ££ an)s do || Me(1 in Ontario's Legion baseball team Wodnes- record. Game time is 8. Coach Norm Hall. "v,e len oftn6 |hirdinningandscored £j|"|P? day night by scoringa-1-1 victory "Primarily a couple of errors about 10 men on base, u at Ontario. H U E 001 000 0-1 5 2 001 201 x-4 5 3 . ,,,, ... D. Higes and llaken; M. Ech- and not getting the big hit at the .-D-we Higgs pitched well for e ^^ nns for the Ore- anls, Fiynn (4) and Attebury. w p us, posting five or six strike- on ninecame in the fourth when-Fiynn. LP-Hagen. · · - s .. an(j HtLU Ui UlC nil* u *«*«*" -on an error and an infield out. Outdoors outs, but Ontario managed the key hits," Hall added. It was Higgs who drove in the game's first run in the third inning on a single to score Mike Meyers who had walked. Grant Patterson and Tom Koyama both scored on an error coupled with a putoiat at first base. Hits by Flynn and John Echanis sandwiched around a sacrifice CATFI5HES., WHITE CATFISH VARIOUS TYPES INCLUDING BLUE/WHITE, CHANNEL, STONE AND FLATHEAD CATTISH. ALSO BULLHEADS. MORE THAN TWO DOZEN ALTOGETHER, BUT THESE ARE MOST POPULAR. CATFISH HAVE NO SCALES, HAVE GLAWDS NEAR BASE OF THEIR SPINES, AND BARBELS AROUND MOUTH. LIKE MUPPY. TURPID WATER BUT FOUND IN CLEAR LAKES, TOO. CHANNEL CATFISH AVERAGE 2 TO 3 IBS., GO AS MUCH A5 55 LBS. FLATHEAD CATFISH GO AS HIGH AS 100 LBS. ONCE OVER LIGHTLY Coaches Have It Rough Ontario pitchers Mice Echanis gave Ontario a final run in the and Mike Flynn limitedNamoato sixth. U.S.D.A. CHUCK $ 39 95 CAR STEHEO WINTHER MUSIC n7-13lhAv».So. By WAYNE CORNELL No one could pay me to be ahigh school coach. The man that heads a prep team has more worries than the old woman in the shoe. Take for example, atypical case of aclass Bbasketball coach in the immediate area. At the start of the basketball season last fall this coach had what looked like one of the better small school teams around. TTie squad had experience, talent and almost s.ll of the other ingredients of a winning season. Things looked rosey until arinl Christmas time. The team was winning, most of its games and-.cama within a couple of points d beiflng an opponent which was considered one of the beS B squaBs'fn the state. After, the holidays were over the picture changed. Several unexpected losses oceured and rumblings began to be heard. First of all there were several members of the squad that sat on the bench through most of the season. The parents of these players began to complain that "their boys" weren't getting the chance to show their talent. "The coach wasn't handling the team the way it should be handled." The coach in question was very likely one of the better mentors In the area but the talk continued and the members of the team found it very easy to blame their lack of success on the coach. When district tourney rolled around the B school squad was eliminated by a dark horse before the finals. Before the game was over the critics were analyzing all the mistakes that had been made and talking about a "new coach". What the critics couldn't see or didn't want to admit was thai certain members of the team decided that being a "hero" was the most important part of basketball rather than teamwork. This, among other things, and not the coach was responsible tor the losses. Moves were male to oust the coachbutthey were unsuccessful. In my opinion it would have served the community right If the man had pulled up stakes and moved away. All coaches liave to live with this sort of thing. In the case mentioned, the man was criticized when he was winning for not playing boys that would have left the contest in doubt. Then later daggers were thrown because the team lost. It was a cause of "damned If you do and damned If you don't." Next season !t will be that much harder for this man to put together a winning combination because of the doubt that has been imbedded in the minds of the returning players. Maybe a way could be invented for losing mentors to clear themselves In the eyes of the public. We could take a bed of red hot coals and make the person In question walk the length of it barefooted, Hhlsfeetdidn'tbllster, he could sip another year's contract. The men who risk their llvelyhood on the gridiron and hardwood floors of the nation's high schools deserve a medal. It keeps onhappenlngandlkeepcomplaining. "Sandbagging" is the name of the game and it is fast becoming a greater sport than racing at Meridian Speedway. Last Saturday evening at the Meridian oval a C class pilot timed in at 17.89 to rate front position In the main evenl. When the main got underway this driver evidently found that he had forgotten to put his choke in during She time (rials. He corrected the situation immediately and lo and behold, started turning race laps of 16.60, a full second better than his qualification run! Needless to say no one was able to catch the gentleman In question and he coasted home an oasy winner. Everyone likes a winner, at least If the win was fair and square. A stop watch wasn't needed to tell that the C victor was running an entirely different race. An official would have had to be blind, deaf and at home reading a mystery novel to be unable to read the writing on the wall. It would appear that the only way that the practice of sandbagging will ever be stopped is for the spectators to let the offending drivers know without a doubt that things aren't being done right. Tnwird the end of the A main last Saturday evening, Jim Dillon of Nampa spun No. 93 car :omlng out of the south turn en the Meridian oval One of the Boise hotshots, who always has an excuse for his mistakes, hit the crash wall during the meelee and later claimed that another iriver deliberately knocked him ait of contention. Ttie ar;;m!lon sounds good but if the truth be known |iii.i»*, JMS( didn't happen that way. Actually during the mlxup, the driver mentioned spin onto the infield pass. In his excitement to g«t back into the nee · h« put his foot In the carburetor of his machine and leaped back onto tn« tn*. The only problem that he had forgotten that the straightaway runs north and south and he happened to be going east. The result was a headon collision with the will, R Is easy to see why this pllo* chose to lay the bUme on someone else. right off docks, Clearwater Region Soldiers Meadow Reservoir good; Deer Creek on C r a 1 g Mountain good; Waha Lake reported fair to good for small rainbow and streams in area generally high and fishing poor to fair. McCall Region Warm Lake fair with fishing pressure down; Cascade Reservoir trollers d o i n g well with bank fishing slow; Tripod Reservoir reported good and Herrick Reservoir good w i t h streams high, with fishing slow except Little Salmon where tish- ing mediocre. Magic Valley Region Magic, Sublett and Rosoworth reservoirs fair; SouthHillstrib- utary streams fair; M o r m o n Reservoir poor; Big WoodRiver high and roily and Little Wood Reservoir murky; FishC r e e k Reservoir murky and M a g i c Reservoir murky and spilling over into the Big Wood below Magic; Silver Creek clear. Eastern Region Snake River below American Falls Dam good to slow; Blackfoot Reservoir slow; Blackfoot River slow and high and roily; Twin Lakes in Franklin County slow to fair; Lamont Reservoir in Franklin County good; Springfield Lake good; S t o n e Reservoir slow; Crowthersand Deep Creek reservoirs good lo excellent on flies and worms; streams in Bear Lake County high but fairly clear; Crow controlled hunt materials for on July 19. All correct, com- Creek in Caribou County fairly five species of big game animals plele applications on band at high but clear; Chesterfield and wild turkeys will be mailed the closing date and hour, or Reservoir slow; Portneuf River [o \Kense ve[1( jors throughout properly postmarked, will be fair to good. ^ e S [ a ( e %\m\l Saturday, the entered in the drawing. Upper Snake River Region Ttll , lo Fish and Game Deportment The Boise drawingforl50wild Henrys North Fork from Big' sairt loday _ turkey permits, 1,780 antelope, Springs to St. Anthony excel- Applications lo take part in 3,155 elk and MO deer will be public drawings for permits to held July 21. Area hunting maps hunt antlered moose, pronghorn for wild turkeys will be mailed antelope, mountain goat and elk to winners of permits and will not be available across STEAKS Swiss Round Bone STEAK GROUND BEEF 0 $100 0 Ibs. I Economy BACON SAUSAGE 0 A MIGRATING SALMON becomes a miniature radio broadcasting station and its movements can be monitored through the Columbia and Snake River network of dams by tuning in its space-age "beeps". Shownhereisthetube with the sending device which is swallowed by a chinnok salmon and held in its stomach for as long as three months. At the end o[ Urn tiny wires is a red button and unlciina which fasten to the salmon's nose. Monitoring stations with hydrophones record the fish passage on tape. Monitors recorcltheditte.hour and the direction of the passing fish and its identifying "beep". Five changes in frequency code permit the separation of fish infn different groups, such as salmon and steeltioad. (Fish Came Photo) Hunt Materials To Be Mailed Fresh ROASTING EARS 6 ,, 49' New i A /! A POTATOESTM c Solid Head CABBAGE 2,25* lent; Island Park Reservoir average; Henry's Lake slow due to late ice cover; LitU* Warm Creek and Teton River g o o d ; AVAGODOS ,10' and deer must be received not not be available across the South Fork of Snake roily and ]ater than 5 pIn _ July i 2orpos t. counters of license vendors as fair and tributaries to South marked no later (han midn i gM SUC h materials are for big game Fork good; Little Lost R i v e r tne same lily species, fair to good with tributaries ex- K lnsu( ( icle nt applications are The drawing for big game con- received for any of the hunts by the original drawing date, the drawing may be held open for additional time and a second drawing will be held. Tile public drawing lor 83 controlled hunt permits for moose and 285 mountain goats BANANAS cellent; Big Lost River high but clearing; uppertributariesgood; Birch, Medicine Lodge and Beaver creeks good and stable. will be held in the Boise office of drawings may apply for the of the Fish and Game Department second. National Council ISU's Holt Gorman, Hagler Honored BOISE -- Several Treasure Valley high school athletes were honored this week by the RC Cola Company in their annual high school All American poll. Mike Carman of Caldwell, who was picked Tuesday In the first round of the major league baseball draft by the Boston Red Sox, was honored for his basketball efforts during the last year. Garman was one of the top scorers throughout the season and In the state championship ^ has ^ |rote) , 0 sme , game wnlch the Cougars won, on ttle rra ( iona , Job Cor , )s sports Advisory Council which will hold Its first meeting Monday in Wash-1 ington, D. C.,andhtwil1partici- pate In the Armyolinic July 10-14 in Frauicfurt, Germany. trolled hunts that did not get enough applications for the first public drawing will be held in Boise Aug. 9. All correct and complete applications on handby r.oon Aug. 9 will be entered in this drawing. Those sportsmen 'insuccessful in the first round Hunts halves or sliced **** PEACHES 3 ,,89 o Nabisco CRACKERS 2 53' Shasta Canned POP 12 Assorted VEGETABLES hominy- peas · pork and beans - green beans 7 $ 1 I cans I 00 Gold Seal MILK 2% G.,.82* 92 POCATELT.O - Participation """' E1 Devery, an international on a national sports advisory boxing official who has officiated council and a U. S. Army sports at th(1 lls! three Olympic Games, clinic in Europe are on the summer schedule for Idaho Sate University Alhletic Director Milton (Dubby) Holt. CLOHD SUNDAYS 1508 lit Street South .Dial 466-6161 FREI CONES Saturday Vita Rich Home Dairies ICE CREAM 69* Mike scored 31 counters. Mike Hagler of Meridian and Jerry Dunne of Boise received honorable mention In basketball and football respectively.! Mike Wiscombe made the All- American squad In football. We/ser Tourney Scheduled WEISER, Idaho (UP!) - An estimated 120 golfers were expected to compete this weekend in the Greater Holls Canyon Amateur Golf Tournament at the Rolling Hills Golf Course In Welser. Golfers began teeing off at "'rector. 8 a.m. for the first 18 holes of « the Army sports clinic Holt the two«lay 36-hole tournament. *"' ^^ « track and boxing. The opening round will Include Ha " n state s lracl( coach for qualifying and establishment of the !' ast 21 V ears an(1 c«ch of flights for Individual contestants. tno Unlted aates Olyf"^ 1 " 1 TM* Walt Lowe Jr., Boise, is ex- teani In 195G - "°" has ^ e " to pitted lo defend Iho champion- fntir P«'lo'is AJ- ny ,-llnlc.s, ship he won last year. Another tlirec 1n Europe mrtonolnSc...!, Boise golfer expected to enter Kore the tourney Is Newt Carter. »»« *'» travel (o lt ** coach i.f the Washngton Redskins, Frank Gifford, sportscaster and former pro football star for the New York Giants, Rock/ Mar.:iano, fornur Vnvy- weight boxing champion of the "orlcl am? Col. Donilrt Iful!, executive director of the AAU. Holt plans to fly to Willington, D. C., Siiul.1/. The mealing will be under the direction of conwil chairman Ed Cole with presentations by Shriver and Bernie R. Diamond, Job Corps community relations HERE NOW... A NEW LONG DISTANCE TIRE WITH VYTACORD POLYESTER CORD! (The cord that's smooth as rayon-strong as nylon) GOODYEAR CUSTOM POWER CUSHION" TIRE' Prices stan at just... · Track-tested at overlOOmph . · E n d s t h u m p i n g a n d f l a t spotting · Stable on high-speed turns for belter car control e.OO,'E.Mxl3 tubtless blickmll plus (I.BO fit. Ex. Tax old lira NO MONEY DOWN ON DIM EASY PAY PLAH. FREE MOUNTING GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 1111-1 st ST. SO. Nampa 466-8411

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