Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 2, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1951
Page 5
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MondiT Evening, April 2hl9M LAS CROCES (N. M.) SUM-NEW! PAGE FIVE SUN-NEWS WANT ADS CLASSIFIED. ADVERTISING Minimum Ckarfe Me Flnt Time ....,*e per won! SubKqiieat Ckarfci ..tcffr word All claMlfted *dl mtut be In kj It A.3I. Monday thrush Friday ' to iuure publication to llmt dfty't IMIK. Cluslfled ulvertliliif for Sunday'! paper 'nuit be 1ft 10 A.M. Saturday moraine. Ciish niuflt acoompany order on all clawifled ads except to tli«w kavlnf regular display advertising charge acgoujtts. ' · ' . All clansmen Mvmlal»t moat be scheduled lor » deadline period, one dfl.y or more, ..and If. ordered nod set there will be no refund. Ad» must be scheduled a deflBlte nuhibor of days and no ivfocdi will be made on classified Ktvei* tlslnj. Any clalius for credit ot additional Insertions of classified, ads duo · to errors occurring in adver- tlsment must be made day following pubUsbliif 'of advertisement. PHONE U or M BURNISHED HOUSE ^ BEO- rooms, 2 bathrooms, Hyinf room dining room, sun room. Ex'ceUont location ,cali 478. . ?°4 ? tfn 1--LEGAL NOTICES OFFICIAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 27, Chapter 115, Laws ot 1947. notice is hereby given, that examination of applicants for. Certified and Registered Public Accountants will be held at the State Capitol in" Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 16, 17: and IS, 1951. Each applicant shall file with the Secretary'of the Board, Box 1267, Santa Fe, New Mexico, a written application to take the examination" at least thirty (30) days before the dates set herein. Application forms may be secured '. from the Secretary of the Board ; upon request. .Pub: March 10, 26, April g. 9, 1051 3--LOST ANfa FOUND . FOUND BICYCLE ON MY LAWN the party who left it please inquire 231 Oxford Diive. 309-3p-311 4--TRANSPORTATION WANTED RIDE TO W.S.P.G. dnily.-call 1237-M. 308-2p-309 BUSINESS OFFICE. LOCATED in center of Business District. Next to Western Union. Call 600. 306-tfn 5--SPECIAL NOTICE IRRIGATING WELLS CLEANED 125 cu. ft new compressor 55.00 lir. Bunch's Realestatc, 1401 E Arizona, ph. '15.10-R. 303-tfn USED FURM1TURE -- BOUGHT and sold. Furnilure Exchange 130 W. Las Cruces, Phone 282-R 294-tfn ALCOHOLICS ANONY-M"OUS r ·'·· Box Ml-.' Phone 1147-J between 7 and 10 p.m.. IM-tfn WHY BUY IN EL PASO .WHEN you can- do better ' at Stevens Furniture Co." . 178-tfn SEWING MACHINES, NEW AND used. We repair all makes. STEVENS FURNITURE CO.. . 316 N. Main. I'hont 677. 257-tfn MRS. ROSE S P I R I T U L . I S T Readings and Advice. Shady Grove Courts, West Picacho Ave. 30b-7p-311 DIXIE SERVICE STATION 100' North McEquite has "been sold Will not be responsible for bills after' April 1st. A. Hi Dulavey 310-2p-Sl B--SERVICES CLOTH COVERED BUTTONS and buckles made from you material. Pearl snaps and stud placed on shirts and blouses Quick Service Cleaners. 13" North Water. 80-M-W-Fri-tfi IF YOUR-WATCH Is Smaller than a Dime or Self- winding or.any kind See . . . DIMATTEO SHOP . , 405 N. Main 22 Years Experience · ' . . 3iO-3p.-312. Dues 'Your Roof Leak? : CALL'700 ' SW Construction Co. 'FREE-ESTIMATES ' . 284-tfn BIG. CHIEF . GtTNSMITH .Earl 'Jones'ai-ys': " P u p p y d b g friendly.' anlraal. Wags both ends when p 1 e a a e d. Let me fix your gun. Then, you like puppy dog-pleased!' 1 ' '.· WARS LODGE.,' 108 S. Main Ph. 1029-W . , ' 284-tfn 8--HELP WANTED MALE RELIABLE M A N ' WITH. CA: wanted to call on farmers In nearby County ?2B,00 a ' d f l y a more, possible. No' capital - re quired. Write. A.; C.'Myers, 240 Lnrh'iier St. Denver Colo. · Su-M-Tuc-Msy lot 10--HELP WANTED F«m»l SALESLADY.WITH SDMI! SB\\ Ins experience (or-part tlm work. ,Sp 0 .n'sh or Ancjo. En brae's. 132 N. church. 310-3c-31 JL-FOH RENT ICE TMRI3K ROOM UMfUR- nished garage apt, large closets and . cabinets^ Mesilla Park on bus stop. Phone 0104-J6, . · ' ' - 308-4P-311 15--FOR SALE WOMAN 9-, BICYCLE , LIGHT- weight f 25' Phone 0284J4 308-3p-310 STKEL CLOTHES IJNE POLES 'fpr sale, .phone 1213-M. . . . ' · . . " ' 310-6p-31p MALL, Z BEDROOM HOUSE fyr rent, modern, unfurnished. Inquire .eil N.' 3rd or call ioi4-R or 859." ·;- '- '.'··'' aps-tfn WO BEDROOM HOUSE EUR- nished, 116 W. Gallagher, pli. 1556-J. .3.08-ap-aip URNISHBD FOUR ROOM APT. in qM.Mesllla. $50.00 per month; phone 843-\y after 6 p. m.. ;' ; · : ' · ' . ' . 2B8-tfn ROOM' APT. . FURNISHED, utilities paid. Ph. 085-R1. 303-tfn ROOM APT. FURNISHED, modern. Couple only, 1108 W. Hsillcy. · . 303-tfn HIGHEST. PRICKS PAID FOR used plains. at«vens Furniture Co. 81« N. UaLl Phone (77I ·;' ; ' ' Ifl4-tfn ICE APT. FURNISHED. STATE College,' ph.' 0381-R3 after '* p. m: or 941-W. 310-6C-3J5 APT., 2 BEDROOM, KITCHEN furnished, 12S West-Las Cruces; ph. 732-R. ' . ' 280-tln IARQUESS APT. PARTIALLY furnished, State College, phone 0282J5 or 0280J1. 309'8c-3i4 LET US KNOW WHAT. YOU want, a : home, business or 'n- .vestment, weill get It. One word that 'could i*Vc.your life savings, test Boll'-before buying a farm. Ring .1530-R. Bunoh Real- estate. '(Independent Operator). 807-6C-312 ABUT, FURNISHED, FOR COU- ple, ph. 393-J or 151.' 307-ttn B.EDROOM MODERN HOUSE, close in, phone 1422-W. . . . ,310-3p-312 ROOM APT. FURNISHED utilities pd., $50 month. 621 E. Hadley. Inquire C. B. Smith, 210 W. Lucero. 310-tfn BEDROOM HOUSK, MODERN, unfurnished, ph. 0293J5. ; 310-3p-312 IOOM PRIV. BATH, 415 W. LAS Graces. ' 306-tfn 'ATIO APARTMENTS, FUR. nishcd, 2 bedroom and 1 bed. room, phone 0121 or 850. 311-6P-316 SMALL APT. FURNISHED, W, Amador, ph. 080-J2. 309-3C-311 DCTRA NICE SLEEPING ROOM or furnished apt. South Methodist Church. s ·" 310-Un MODERN FURNISHED APT. 228 N. Church. 309-4p-:il2 MODERN 2 ROOM APARTMENT for adults only.M block east of Park .Texaco. Mesilla Park Rutil H. Randell, phone 0382-R4 309-Sp-311 LOVELY · 2 BEDROOM ' HOUSE tile bath, anack bar, garage Phone 03S5J5. Mrs. Valkman $75.00. 309-2p-310 'WO BEDROOM COMPLETELY furnished house. Inquire at Sunset Trailer Courts, phone 691-J Mrs. Perry. 309-3P-311 MODERN FURNISHED COMBI nation .living, bedroom; kitchen bath $43. 1425 South Manzaniti one block east : and one block sputh fl'Oin junction. El Paseo and Foster Roads, south prive In Theater, phone 0295R2. . . 309-tf: SALE 2 BABY CRIBS, 1 BABY HUG gy,. 1 : stroller, 1 portable wash ing machine,' 1 tricycle, 1 tabl radio. 721 N. Alajneda. 308-6p-31: WESTINGHOUSE CONSOLE RA dio' phonograph, late mode] brand new. Discount for casl or trade late .model electric' re -frigerator same 'value. Writ Claude Smith! Rt. 1, Box 143A Las Cruces. . ' 308-3p-31 28. FT. ZIMMER 3 ROOM HOUS3 trailer, phone 1193. '·.-lOB-tt TlEFRIQERA- tpr,'· jaa ranfe.'j piege dlnetl, 4 pUce i|vlngi-pum. call Mrs.'Mar- g«rei PWllipi!, 0117J3. . . : ". -''· ' ' 1 ; · X 3IO-3p-312 EAT COVBft B A R G A I N S Shook Tire Co. ' : 417-tfn 6--WANTED TO BUY F U R N I T U R E . Any condition; We buy anything of value. Phone 831-J. Viaduct Salvage Yard, KM W. Plcicho. : · . . ' . - T07-tfn 7--REAL ESTATE For Sale jOTS AND uOTS OF LOTS. Save the safe way, terras, by owner. Bunch Realestate 1401 E. Arizona. : 303-tfn GOOD USEDv TTRES. SHOOK Tire', fey . :.-.'· '· · ' 217-tfn . ' AND USED. Stewarts Radiator Shop : -^ junction 80-85, phone 202-R..'." . · 207-tfn ALL WAVE RADIO -RME84 IN excellent condition, .nearly new, 405 North Main. 309-2p-310 HOUSE TRAILER 27 FT; TAN- dnm. wheels, air coditiohed, complete and in good condition fc.r $1,000. 1477 Parker Rojid 309-2p-310 DIGN1«ED LADY FOR VKLi. . ph'qn'n cnntB'ct.'.wnrft. Musi . nlr.a 'vplor and ,bo jyei) knowi|! Bsx 93 s'un-Nc»|s,.,. ','30p-2n ; 310 ' ' . BABY CHICKS. · ".EVERT THURSDAY Book Your Orders Now We Hatch Our Own Chicks FARMERS MARKlTr - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store . ·. ' ' ' 261-tfn MQLINE TRACTOR . ' ·', and Equlpnient 1946 Ford truck, A-l condition 2 Fresno--7-ft.: and-6 ft. . ":.· .E. R.'KINO . ' Dead end Brown Road on right ' ' . OENBRAU CONTRACTOn Rniifili ,'lunihiir,' planed 'iumtx, moderate price. Pee Gee Paints, nil colon. Hsvc Brlckrete build- Ing block, red 1 butt. SMITH'S t.umrtcr Yard. Cor; Madrid It Momulte: Ph. :5«-J '·· 2«0-ttn 1% acres \vith Z 2-room houses, fruit trees, chicken house and lots of shade. Deep well, Electric pump. Close to city. 53,880, $1,000 cash. ' QUESENBERRY REALTY : Phone G2 3IO-6c-315 Under All Is The Land 604 W. Organ: 4 b. r. (Old Home) on corner lot 100x150, room for several apts. in this excellent location. 220 W. Fleming: New 3 b. r. home, IVi bath, attached garage, large lot. {12,500. MESILLA PK: 2 Acres on paved st. bus route. Sm. 4 rm. modern home. $7,000. 119 E. Gallagher: 2 b. r. very modern r clean.. Low down payment, $54.40 mo. SAN PEDRO MAY: Duplex, rented $95. mo. $6,000. 1107 N. Reymond: Duplex, rented $115. mo. $10,000. 9 Acres west of town. 4 rm.. lipusb!"y, ; itii ''shoVer. - $12|600.'. · . 810 N; SECOND: 2 b. r. modern $6.000. ' . 127" 10. FLEMING: Large modern home,' 4 b. r., 2 baths, hdw. floors, Venetian blinds, drapes, liv. rm. suite, din. rm. suite, ·elect, range, · dishwasher, garbage disposal. - Large lot', rock enclosed yard, 3 car garage, laundry rm. Must be sold. $2,000 dn. will handle. . '. YANCY CLARK or FRED JOHNSON, Realtors 438 N. Main Ph. 535 or 874 310-3C-312 FOR SALE HOME 1 Bedroom,' Modern. Contact Bob Shook. Day 1111. Night 0388-NR4. See Us For Your REAL ESTATE NEEDS ; See Bert or A, T. · A. T. COX, REALTOR 304 N. Main Pho. 30-J . · ' . · - . ' . · 296-tfn . .-I'dR SALE . Carton.Grocery'Store i Lunch Room. Located .south side Mesilla Parli' School. Inquire at store afternoons. . ',' .309-3p-311 19-^USEi CAHS For Site Anti-Rent Leader Mr. JESSE WOLCOTT (II). Is leader df..tlle.(ight in the House'to'.kill a resolution. extending . rpnt control to.'June 30. Unless, the resolution la approved, rent control 'Will expire" March 31 in all populated areas which · have not voluntarily extended. It" to Jun6 L 30. Wolcott ia top ranking minority member of the."House banidng and currency, committee. (InternatiotialJ Tips On Buying JayCees f o Hold Tdyland Royalty Contest For.Kids A. contest for child king" nml queen of Toylond will be Meld in conjunction with the musical comedy "Going Places" undct' the jponeorahip of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Th'o production is scheduled for April 5 .and 6 for the benefit of eiyic'emon'a club house fund. · Contestants 'for Toyland King and Queen are tots between the ages 'of one month and -nix years. Polling places are located in Las Cruces stores. i Prizes and honors for tha winners have been · established. Contestants will be presented on April 6. last- night of the show, on *;hc stage, and prizes .will be awnrde.l dui-ing'.the first'scene of "Kiddies Birthday Party." In the first scene not only the contestants but also youngsters from first to third grades in ichool will be presented. The 'children will EGO a Cin.ier- Too Many Thefts In Stale Capital, r So Keys Scrapped SANTA FE, April 2--W 1 )-- Snmc 500, kuys io the state cnpi- tol building- have become just so much scrap metal. Secretary of State KeaUice Roach, by. law 'custodian of the state-house, haa had all the locks changed. . At present there are only r. handful of new keys outstanding. The governor lias one, so does Mrs. Rouch. Others a?:o held by night watchmen and the^ head 'Jf the Jnnltor crew. Mrs. Roach's office said that atatc' employes who have to work nights secure the necessary key from her office and return it Che- nest morning. Ono of the reasons for the new locks is the third recent theft of cigars from the stand of blind Pat Salazar." ella story come to life, enfictud by 11 talented tots In beautiful cos- Try Ind Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- j yV~ NEW ORLEANS nc\yspapcr, recalling the days when I '£V Crescent City courts were run rather informally, cites as 'an example a day when a man accused of theft had no counsel, - and the judge asked a lawyer I who was present to withdraw .with the prisoner, listen to his story, and then give him such advice as would be for his best interest. A fialf hour later the lawyer returned alone. "Where, is the prisoner?" asked the judge. "By tliis time, yur honor," said the lawyer, "I dare say he's twenty miles from here. Your honor told me to give him the best advice for his interest, and as lie was obviously guilty, I thought the best counsel I could give htm was tc cut and run, : .which he took at once." * . * * * A~ house-to-house salesman stuck his foot . expertly in Mrs. Fenlchcl's door and said, "Madam, I represent the Pawtucket Knit- .ting- Mills. Might I interest you in sonic coarse yarns?" "Sure," said Mrs. Fenichel. "Tell me a couple." s Copyright, 1951, by Bennett Cerf._Distributed by King Ftaturei Syndicate., By DOIUS MARDI3 County Ilumo Demonstration Agent {"Tips on Buying" is a weekly column, written to encourage food shoppers to seek better' quality in the products which they buy.) Apples Currently, apples are the best buy in fresh fruits at most New Mexico markets. Supplies of fresh apples continue to be record large for this.time of the year and prices should continue to be reasonable. One of the characteristics that makes apples so popular ' with homemakers is their versatility. And there 'are varieties for all cooking methods in good supply right now--Delicious and Mclntosli for eating raw; Rome Beauty for taking; and Wineaapa to use for ,ny purpose. Careful selection of apples is as mportant now as at - any other ime of the year. Look for apples hat ore firm; smooth-skinned, and good color for the variety. Check for ripeness and scald before ·uying. Over-npe apples 3"ield to.-slight pressure and the flesh is often soft and mealy. The largest apples are more likely to be over-ripe than Jio medium-sized ones. Immature apples often lack color and h'avo a shriveled appearance after hav- ng been in storage. Both over-ripr and immature apples liftve poot lavor and texture. "Scald", a brown-tinted, irrcgu- ar area in the surface of apples, s a storage and transportation disease caused by gases given off y the apples themselves. It is most common on apples marketed 'rom December to the end of tlie season--and is more prevalent on green than on highly colored apples. In mild cases, when scald merely causes a brown tinting 1 of the skin, the quality.of the fruit is but slightly affected. In severe cases, the affected area o f , t h e akin is. dark brown in color, decay may be evident, and the quality of the fruit is seriously impaired. Proper storage of apples at home can preserve the goodness in the apples you purchase. Apples keep best in cool temperatures when there is moisture in the air. The refrigerator is a good place for them if only a few apples are being stored. Keep them · in a refrigerator bag or a container which will prevent tlie apple flavor from being picked up by other foods. Larger . quantities should be stored in a cool place where the temperature will not fall below freezing. Keep them away from potatoes and oniono to prevent the apples from absorbing undesirable odors. 1H49 -MERCURY,'. 4 DOOR SE- dui, RAH, low mileage, 1 own. er car. $1496.00, ph.' 010-.13. ' . : 297-tfn A REAL VALUE. 1946 PLY- irioutlV, excellent condition, nearly new tircB, 1075 tf; 8th. Ph 0102J2. ' 309-3p-3Jl immediate Delivery on THE NEW BUICK In Las CrU:es a t . . . CUBLOM BUICK CO. 315 S. Main Ph. 1016 105-Mn LOOK! ALL MAKES AND MODELS-See Ua Before You Buy! ' ".STEPHENS USED CAR LOT' 110 E. Mesa Ph. 9B6-J MICKEY MOUSE see. ANYSTLE SUE... vou' '.' )i«i" J . /WHERE'S --f ^ 1^: I AWETLE NOT GONNA, SE -JEALOUS, by Fran Strike? THE LONE RANGER WHEN -TOlM- IN MY SANS, ^/CTHAT'S WHY I'D LIKE'TD EE.YOU NEEDN'T TEAR THE LW. NO mjf* JOiNMDU, DORAN.' ·- YOU CAN PROVE YOURSELH \VHEN WE ROB THE RED ROCK BAUX UNTIL THEN YOU'RE !,ON PROBATION. fT LSTS QO! , AN PROVE- A THINS AGAINST US, BECAUSE WE NEVER LEAVE WITNESSES' by Panl Robinson MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN AND rm HUGE PUWE TAKK OFF - m MYSTERIOUS VNKNOIVH! VOU MUST TRUST Mf-l CAN ONLY TELL YOU THAT iVE. KNOWN HER VERY WELL FOR YEARS ' 'HOM YOlTRE R.USHIHGTO RESCUE Tribes in the mountains of French Morocco' still regard a ciimern ns an instrument of (he devil, fiendishly designed to capture and imprison men*.i souls, Bays the National Geographic Society.- . . " . . EVERY TIME I YOU SPENDADJME A s/C for STANDARD WALGREEN DRUG 19--USED CABS For S»l« ATTENTION TRUCKERS P..'pn3SfS5(1 1050 Stuclolinkor, 2-Ton tJlnnp Tiuclt. Contflcl Hill ChlUoii, m N. Church St. SHURLEY MOTOR CO. aoO-Oc-m-w-frl Mar. 4 LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY by Brandon Walsb 1 YcS.I DID FEEL AWFUL BAD- BUT IT WAS JUST AM APRIL HERE TOMES THAT MSTAW GIRL, ) FOOL JOKE/CAUSE SHE LAUGHED WE TOISOM-IVY PEDDLER WHO ^ AN'LAUSHED-T GUESS SHE ALMOST SCARED THE LIFE Ouf/$ \ THOUGHT IT. WAS VERY OF YOU YESTERDAY WHEM SHE MADE YOU TMIMK ZERO f A CRUEL JOKE IS NEVER SMARTOR FUNNY-THAT LAUGHING LADY-HYENA HAS A COLOR-BLIND * SENSE OF HUMOR - DONT EVER T^-SPEAK TO MER-DOMT- ^^ PLEA5E' ANNIE-I DONTWAMW BE MAD AT AMV80DY- YOU MOW I'M OMLY A PROS4T10NEP IN THIS LOVELY HOME-AM 1 IF I START FUSSIW'AN' RGHTIM; FOLKS KTON'T LIKE 4£ BIG SISTER by Lee Falk and Phil DaTli, HE'LL NEVER CATCH TIPPY,CUNNING, AFTER HIM THAT WAY. 1 HEY.MISTER! WAlt.' ~ PLEASE DON'T' CHASE HIM ANY MOPE. YOU'LL ONLY SCARE HIM 1 . I BUT I CAN'T LEAVE 1 HIM LOOSE. SOWS DOG WILL GET HIM. YOUVE GOTTD | I'LL BE MIGHTY GLAD TO ! KNOW HIM TO ' HAVE \cu oo IT; "KNOW; CATCH HIM: . ed HIM;' DID HE SAY?) TM- WAIT HERE. I'LL GET VOUIJ FATT-ECS M iWS-V"QAD DACLWS.;- 1 / V" - -- SlSHrMOM HOW, DEAR/ j HOLD VoulJ. HAT,' X EX -, C . U .=S. r 1 \J , ·su. HIM soune SOINS V ,Ve eo r SIMPLV THIT ) MS.'l WANT \. «-· * --, TDaEMA^IED.^r'I'IriinERLV.--XTOrELLVOU! lA

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