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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, January 27, 1975
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Tnehtoho Free Press 4 The News-Tribune, Monday, J a nua ry 27 1975 - 2 / " : --^ Off the wire Ut*Mw»tummari«i World Disengagement idea studied By United Press International Israel said loday il would risk a second stage military disengagement agreement with Egypt but only if Israeli forces mainlain good strategic positions in Sinai in order to repel a possible Egyptian attack. There were reporls Egypt was building up ils forces in (he Suez Canal region. IRA bombs Londonderry RKl.h AiiT i LIPI t-The Irish Republican Army hil Londonderry loday wilh a series of iioonlimp explosions after an anonymous caller warned thai bombs were planted at six places along one of the cjly s miiin streets. 11 was the first such allack in Londonderry in Ihree monlhs. National Boy kills two policemen SUMMIT. Wis. lUPfl-A 16-year-old boy shol and killed two policemen in an ambush Sunday, then apparently used their squad car in a burglary, parked the car behind lhe lown hall and rode home on his bicycle, authorities said. Jury discrimination contended Ttos'rov (irptt HI- ^' - - n . ^ '-MI;,* IJVJ1VJ.N tunr -- ui . hcimcm v.. r.OJin, on trial for manslaughter of an aborted fetus, loday argued that the charge should be dismissed because not enough women were chosen for lhe jury. Washington Rocky suspects CIA domestic spying WASHINGTON (UPf)-Vice President N'elson Rockefeller thinks lhe Central Intelligence Agency probably was involved in domestic spying and it won't be too hard lo find out whal happened. The Senale voles today lo sel up its own committee to find out whal happened, an investigation lhat also will iook into alleged abuses of (tie FBI and other government intelligence-gathering agencies. In a broadcast interview Sunday, Rockefeller said he was concerned that (he security of the CIA mighl be jeopardized by the additional probes. Tribunal refuses to intercede WASHINGTON (UPli-The Supreme Court today refused to intervene in lower court decisions upholding state laws which allow women lo be excused from jury duly simply because they are women. The Court's action severely narrows the impact of last week's decision striking down a Louisiana law requiring women to volunteer for jury duly. Liddy's appeal rejected WASHINGTON lUI'Il-The Supreme Court today rejected G. Gordon Liddy's attempt (o overturn his conviction in (he original 1972 Watergate break-in Irial. Columnists charge payoff taken WASHINGTON (UPIl-Columnists Jack Anderson and Lcs Whillen alleged loday Sen. James Easlland. D-Miss., accepted a "550,000 lo $60,000 payoff" from Texas oil billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt lo keep his name out of a wiretapping . investigation. Easlland, who chairs the Senale Judiciary Commillee which oversees the Justice Department, has denied receiving anv payoff. States oppose Ford's tariffs WASHINGTON (UPll Officials in eight Eastern stales are unhappy aboul President Ford's proposal to boost oil imporl tariffs by $3 a barrel. Today, Ihcy are bringing their case to court. V J | Valley 1 weather Third week starts Leois/afors occupied pressure covers lhe Northwest Mr f I f f ffCfJC I 6lfvl IQCOS today, extending southwestward into Idaho after an active cold ByHodGramer pared lo Andrus 1 prediction of P r o j e c t i o n C o m m i t t e e ' s fronl crossed the stale Sunday BOISE (UI'll -- Spending sur- $20.2 million. prediclion spread. Minimums Ibis morning in the plus dollars and determining As legislators move into lhe Five tax relief measures to- cold air mass were way down how much tax relief lo hand out third week of lhe session, their laling $35.-! million were intro- from those of Saturday and will occupy Idaho legislator's main concern is lhe amount of duced in (he House Revenue and Sunday morning. The Kaslcrn |j mc ;is they move into their lax relief Idahoans will receive Taxation Commillee. Four tax valleys reported lows from five (hird week of the 50-day session, -- a concern probably split down relief measures were introduced below zero to 10 above. Iho Few recent legislatures have party lines. in lhc Senale Local Government Southwest valleys were in lhe finished in the 60 days pre- S e v e r a l R e p u b l i c a n Commillee totaling $43.3 Icons and Northern Idaho had scribed by law and a main rea- legislators want to give the million. One ol Ihese measures minhmims in lhe (ecus and 20s However. Bulle. Montana dropped lo 30 below. son is the task of figuring out surplus monies back to the is a properly lax relief bill ad- whal lo do wilh surplus funds, people in lhe form of income lax ding up lo $28 million. Lasl Thursday the Joinl Rev- credits and mill levy reductions other tax measures likelv to In spite of lhe relatively high cnuc Projection Committee pre- at the local level. Democrats; be considered this week are: pressure over Idaho, variable Jicied the general fund for lhe however, will probably back -- One whicli would give in- clouds have been reported over nexl fiscal year at $223.5 million, Andrus' proposal to dispose uf dividuals and corporations a 10- lhe slalo, along wilh scattered compared to Gov. Cecil Andrus' ? lfl million in surplus monies for per cent credit on their next in- snow showers. · Lcwislon, projection of $228 million. highway improvement projects come lax returns. This would Obituaries Zclla Brasstield Louise Munfz ' NAMPA-ZellaO.Hrassfield. NAMP A-FunOTl jr»1e« 86, 524 Sixth Ave. S.. died for M^ - 1^* ^^.fj Saturday al a Nampa nursing MW* TM n[Rg R , g Namp ., « hncnitai fnllnwinc a brief illness-, ;h« u-nc hnrn nn Mav ^ 1888 nOSpHdl lUNU«iu|j " w » * w , .. FM, out wdo uui ii vii tua) j. i«»«'i . . /'onHuclcd 3l 2 p B)" [earrnVane^htrShSvedncsday a, the Alsip Funerai married William R. Brassfield a ^° ]R ,, , h H . pf rfi h'rn v a! Osgood on Nov. 10. 1907. They The Re r «a)pn n M farmed in northern Missouri for P» sl "°' 'p^Tni officiate several years, (hen moved lo ""· V V"' . · .. ,,-..Kansas Cily, Mo. From there. Interment «.ll be al the M« M (hey came to Iho Nampa area in " , [ : ' . , , ns bo rn s«pt i 5 1936. They lived on an acreage * } ,, . of '..,,,' M O and was unli Mr. Rrassficld's death in I9U '- 'j 1 . ,,. ·* ' .' ^. mn rriL ,962. when she moved into ^"^S's?^ ^'w^ -i mpmber of the in 1934 Tficv came to lhe Nampa Me hodisl Church in Missouri area '" 153B and havc resid ? U n . Mountain Home and Twin Falls The committee's projection is and permanent building provide $10 million in lax relief and attended lhc First Christian lne TM n V* '"TM£* ,,r"f", r ""££* reported light snow Ibis mor actually aboul S7.9 million less projects. Andrus sees spending from surnlus monies. ning. Most ol the snow flurries (\, m the governor's, after $14 "'e surplus in Ibis manner a? a -One which would lower lhe lhc resl of lhe day will be very million of tax relief is added lo way of lessening lhc state's mill levy from eight lo three light and center over the Andrus' projection. rising unemployment. mills. This would cost the stale mountains. The committee did predict a A flood of lax relief measures an estimated $7 million. Precipitation lutalsin the lasl slightly higher surplus this year, hit both houses of the legislature - Another which would raise 2-t hours ranged from a (race to however -- S22.1 million com- Friday as news of lhe Revenue the annual income (or senior .10 inch nf snow over the Gem citi/c-ns. looualifv for Ihccircuil Stale Snowfall on lhe ground is breaker lax'rclie'f system, from 5 to 3D inches on mountain II · f^ I » 55.001) In $0.000. valleys, one lo five inches in the IWI^C 1 1 1 fO ft M Tl^ll^ Su " H'dtard High, It-Twin Central and Upper Snake River I » 1 V X* IVIlW \f\\ IIIM Falls, co-chairman of the Joinl Valleys, and light and patchy in 1 .'inance Appropriation Cuinmil- other valley locations. J l , ^ . J k A * J J I C 1. '"'· sai(l lncrc are lhrc1 b?nc " A weak cnld fronl moving TQ fVllflul£' k tOQl ficial uses for the $22.1 million southward from British *-^f · · ·· %«\*ll\* ··\4^l surplus. Columbia is expected lo cause ,,,,c m M r rnN n ; c , · , First, he said. S10 million of increasing clouds and snow , ",, V^p, ., ,, h , ): " m TM '. nl °. !l '.f"' 1 1l1lllliir V llic money should go back lo showers in North fdaho late James A. .McClurc, Il-Idaho left conflic m the Middle Kasl." axpavers Then aboil $8 million tonight and Tuesday. Clouds Saturday for a round of talks Mcllure said lhal since his shn ;,| d ,,,, lo paving back , nc with a chance of snow showers ) v ' 1 !' ke .v government and last tour, which look him to stale endowment' fund nnd the will increase over Southern ''"smess leaders ·« Israel Iran Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, rcsl sholll(1 go lo ' cri tica! Idaho by Tuesday. Saudi Arabia and Algeria. Hwil Jordan and Egypl, "lhe political huillli jecs[s aroun(] (he Temperatures will continue lo bl j, lhc S « colu1 s , uch SCT1CS » r TM* military siluation has. if slaU , v J he cold, with highs of 25 to 35 in {^ , "I lh? f ' lddlc . Easl for (he an y (hil1 6. polarized. If fighting .., (avor sonle direc , re[urn to Western and Northern Idaho Idaho Republican in as many begins now," he said, "the of- ihe taxpayers of the money lhal Inday and Tuesday, ilighs will ' G ;' rsr forts lo bring lasting peace and has been overcollected." i' gh be 15 to 25 in Eastern Idaho. ^lurc, who made a five- o achieve a settlement will be sili(1 . .. For cxamp | c a I0 .Jj r Overnight lows will be mostly i. nil H 0 ?! 01 " hsh ""^ fltelhflgl ?i lng " s1 -. Holh CoiI 8 ress antl lhl ' cent rebate on Ins individual the teens in North Idaho, 5 to 15 °TMTM m lt ! c 197 ' i O^ober War, administration must insist lhal income relurn ·· 1!c sai() this is in Southwest Idaho and zero to TM be f ln fl ! s nc «' SI ' dd . lc Easl '^ riRlil roart la peace is found lhc nmy (ax break mt , thod |hal 10 below in Eastern Idaho. « ^^' S ^,' n ' Srael th '= w i ek T,V r ,, . . »ouU gel the monev back lo (he For lhc remainder of the wllh Ibrael1 Pnme Minister 'If we cannot fund a solution hxpav( , r week, Idaho should he subject lo Vil/hak Rabin. The Idaho lhal recognizes (he legitimate Ren Steve AnlniLf H-Ruoert a cold northerly now of air in the S( -'" alor - maWn B thc lr 'P TM » "Ks of all parlies, and if we said Friday he would like to see higher levels. The extended member of the Senale Interior continue in our ^same direction. SI5 million in lax relief, but said forecast calls for continued cold an(l lnsul:ir Affalrs Committee, there may well he ahead a direct , ]t , W . |S|) -, surc if , he s(al(; mM through Friday, wilh 1cm- PTMs lo spend three days in confrontation lhal could involve a ff or( | it Antone is chairman of peralures similar lo those on lsracl - u s - troops. We must nut allow lh( . H ' ouse |{ cvcnue an( | Monday and Tuesday. . »c said lie considered his stay ourselves (o get to thai point," Taxation Committee Steelhead expansion in Israel extremely important. In* said. , d 'f · · 1 hope lo seek opinion and McClure will also spend one iax"rc| 1 ief S: measu l res I 'i a s C Dassed perspective of (he political and (lav in l/ondon lo discuss world .i.j. ....... j( .,,:i| i n ., , , n -.-r military situation from Israeli energy and economic problems. CC[1 i cro ji, OI) i ncomc taxes a leaders for myself." McClure Afler his meetings in Israel, mil | | CV y reduction for wonerlv sa,d he intends to carry a (he Idaho senator will travel lo ^ r d of nnd V E roccrv c?ed i message lhat "the American Iran, (hen to Saudi Arabia, 6 * Church of Nanipa She was a "XIKLH 101 u «^ " c , J ^* member of the Christian Church spent in Portland, bhe was,, a. Benevolenl Group until she registered nurse a^*«"M became ill. ?( Caldwcll Wemonal Hosp,t a l Surviving are four sons, before her retirement. ,,,. Cl (for Brlmerton, Wash.. Dill She allended the Nampa and M D. Brassfield. both of Church of (he Open Door ,, Nampa and Bob Brassfield. Mr. Muntz preceded her ^ Boise; three daughters, Nadenc death May G, 1974. -, Shelton and Donah Hupc. both of She ,s survived by ont Nampa and Pauline May, daughter Mrs. Richard (Ediri). I.aGrande.Mo. ; asistcr.Mable Sue" Anderson. Nampa; gne. May Denver- 1C grandchildren brother. Clarence A. Cotton, nd i Tg eal-grandchildren. Newcastle Wyo,. one step-son, Contributions mav be made lo Charles W. Mutilz Port affi),, the American Cancer Societv or Ore.; two step-daughter,. nowTrs mav be senl. Gertrude Brown, SewcasUe-. Giaveside services will be Wyo.. nnd Mary \V,r,U, ; conducted al 2 p m . Tuesday al ttoodland. «ash.; 13 grant):. Kohlerlawn Cemetery bv the children and seven great,-.. Rev. Frank M. Marler. pastor grandchildren. ,,...., emcrilus of lhe Nampa First ,tu,r , v ' ] Chrislian Church. The cortege norolO W. CroOKS 1 ·· ! will leave Flaliiff Funeral ,\AAIPA-Word has been" Chapel of Nampa at 1:50 p.m. recc j ve( ] hore of ( h e death' 'o't' 1 mt'u J D v Harold Wayne Crooks, 18,'-' a'- 1 Mlldfed B. Young former Nampa resident, ip SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- Seattle, Wash., last Wednesday Services for Mildred Belle HewasbornonSepl.o .19.*: In.; Young 82 formerlv of -^ m P»- '» l)l0 B g e of 5 K,: llomedale and Boise, who died -TMTM 1 »'ilh his parents · f o 1 \Vcdnesdavinanursinghomcat Seattle where he had since;. sTM Luis bbispo. will be con- resided. Ho was a sludcnl at · ducted there. Inlermcnl will be Cl^ier High School in Scaltle': ; a Morris Hill Cemetery. Boise, Survivors include his parem, · She was torn on Feb. 7. 1892. Mr. and Sirs. Elmer E. Crooks' 1 n Fairburv Neb She married Sr -- an[i a brother. Elmer E, John D Young in February. Crooks Jr.. all of Scallle. : : I9H. at HuniKton, Iowa. The Services were conducted" couple came lo llomedale and Saturday al Washington' buill Iheir home on lhe banks of Memorial Chapel, followed by.'; (he Snake River on what is now interment in Washington., Firsl Street in llomedale. Memorial Park, Seattle. Thev moved lo Missoula. .. ... ., , ' ; Mont., and lo Seattle, Wash., Memil Abrahams '-'· where he had an automobile ONTARIO, Ore.-- Merrill R 1 1 . PTM!" 0 m " "either allow Israel where he will again meet with repair business. They Ihcn Abrahams 55 of Ontario dieii TUI6U OUT -I).' be destroyed nor altojv (he .King Faisal. McClure.,yfllI{Jien; ft "ll*"' "*' ' " ' " " ' "; moved (o California, living in earlier in January and his' body ' · "-SALMON, Idaho lUI'll-ldi- pomUvhcrMhe'uS'sia^ tOlflSfOn, ' ^iTM^Tdalm^vS Sn?vLTV^T*L" ? 'S J 'i' ho Power Co. said it will not · f increase ils steelhead facilities 6fluS CflflSC in the coming year. ^\ n f m » **^» The company said thai be- DQfiV O f S^flflfOf* ? NAMPA-- Three Nampa men cause of the low run of fish into ^^ ** *TM f ** * ^ ^ · ' ""· · " · · were injured in a collision lhat Idaho the past year there is no · J.f_ · t 1 ended a high speed chase need for expanded facilities. f* f* rt · Fl Gf 1C ff\ tin fi Sundav al 1 : 10 a.m. al Deer Flat Wendell Smith, director of en- * » * V i I I W f U IVIJIIU Road and Stale Highway 45. vironmcntal affairs for the com- \YJT[ ^ \. T h h r i f T h F r t i n Canyon County sheriff's of- pany. said lhal Oregon had Merrill Abrahams O t · la 1 h* 1 eau ,. °I . fictrs reported Ibal two Nanifia asked the company lo increase cal||e b d br ; h f s [° , h s n feas TMTM TM ^° I"" 01 ;.; 1 " 115 TM re in f ar ^ ° ·] its facilities to .raise, rear and n . DeaJn Abrahams of Ca ,£ M \ em Abrahams was taken t, T °" f SplC u°" ° f plant steelheari and salmon as ^ was found , a|c Salur ^ ay across ,, '/tale line he dUe'.Uccu^ed 8 "'" "Returning lo Idaho last sum- WenT^acwdin'r^^'om" 0 " 1 hn P c a hrk' y ^^ ^HH- ^ The Chevrolel. driven by John meraiidearlyfallwereaplusor m ^ * champ? hTM,. v i K ll ?.? a ! Dell Trimble. IS. Namp;i Route hatchery we have loday, much . jus i' off Hj h 9 ^ . TM^ er sn j dj °^ of Ho and was reported in "fair- less an expanded nne." he »,d. ^ me * hav ^ ^ arrested ^SUS TM Bri " ng W Mcre v . Noon Stock Quotations STOCK QUOTATIONS: FURNISHKDTHROUGH. KI1WARD D.JONES AND COMPANY OFCALD WELL DOW JONES AVERAGES NOON , and charged wilh kidnapping X , ' ,. V . . , Burleyf and^a^Walton UVeStOCK Nampa, were Ireated al'Mcrcy Taylor, 50, of Oklahoma They r . "M ' (1 ] smis sed. were picked up on Jan. 10 PriCeS m ^ " r "^ drivine Abrahams' nar F 1 ILtSb for reckless driving, accordmg with results expected Tuesday. NAMPA LIVESTOCK Th ' ' " .- Lin ,1 w? ,!?,, An X-ray analysis performed MARKETREPORT ine pumul Segan al Umther plccraVmctal "thll pTobatly w^^SMSJJVnVnjXd s P eccls . u P ln »» miles per hour* are lhe remains of a bullet, 'DAIRY *PRHJGERS - TOP M wi «.- according to a Nevada law '»P w Hci«i«i» cowi 1.3 medium Industrials 685.25 +19.H enforcement spokesman. JS'VrMo^lV^iJ^'wnMM r · Transportation I5C.2G+3.07 iv 9 . «i.»; mmmTM Hoimi. nwfin i». DCFVICGS |. t :|,li' onnj.iii MS: IrMfc md milking c« »M htllcri ·»"···»·»«* I-"""" 1 - ,., HS-INi Guernsey ins Jtrsty ipringtr 1 · f _ m mm Composite 222.28 lloHl l/"TlrtlII t\l "*' " ! '" Sr " mm » n milvin » «". '" ftflf^rt r/tr Cn/MAffnll r*\WArc MSTEDSTOCKS UeaUCTIDIIITy 1 »*«i» ieHT ,,.,,,,«,,,,,_ CISKea tOf ^IIUVv ifJtl C O V U l S Alberlsons 13'- l_«|| « · 1 iiaiu Honttin h«n«ri M.JI so ; h M , r j«. 1 I" 1 * T I I W V V I V f l l l V W T ^ I ^ American Telephone 48 bill ClWCIlted "OEK'HA" UVESTOCK ,., ,, handlCaPPed N g | · Hethlchcm 30 Head coums, cam* iu; nogt io. iighi i r IHrtH/l flfOrtC IJwing 1 6 -" B()iSE IUP1) - Thc Scnato "»^«^S«KK S!S, M BOISE (DIM) -The president · lUMIIV 14 1 ^ VI 3 ""se Cascade H'» Local Government and Taxation J^J«J,« CATTLE - c«m,n_,. of ,,, c , daho ^^ J W(mon Chrysler 10 n By United Fre« International reported good lo excellent skiing Champion Home Builders 3 1 i Committee agreed loday lo «: u ^r«TMinon;.i.«,oetaiieri»jii Voters said Sunday thai the i awail a revised double deduct!- ?«"'» »«"«," »·'»·' «';TM"5'«i««i slaleshould DrovidpeA,TM!;TM.-,! Skiers had nothing but good on what some called lhc best Exxon 71 U bilily lax measure after its M£' n'MZ"tom' J ",tfeZ"£ programs and servi7^'T^ things to say aboul a weekend snowfall of (be winter. Fleclwood 10' snow storm that dropped up lo Despite hazardous driving (ieneral Electric 3G 1 nine inches in some areas, but conditions, no serious accidents General Motors 39' motorists and others were say- were reported in lhe region. Idaho Power 26 n ing different things aboul whal Most accidents were said to be Kennecoll 3 proved to be the heaviest snow- "fender benders." Kil I 1 fall this winter for some areas. Elsewhere in the region, Morrison Knudsen 15? , . , n .. Coeurd'Alene reported between Occidental Petroleum 14" Spokane and (he Pullman. (hree nnd {our ; h f ncw p ni |jp s p etrn | el , m 40 , Moscow areas appeared to be hil M ,, w h j c h , c ' neinche 5 o"' e^'Sg TM a "' ^ TM re """ its » ta « l^vnolds Tobacco s K sponsor said his original bill r," r SuT4^^pTch=?ci children wilh severe handicaps . would cosllhe slate S19 million. ^;«jwjJ;'«-».«i'»'Mi».n.cho,c. ,M arjorio slnl|cn flf ^ 2 Sen. Dane Walkins, R-Idaho *"TM*££ffTM"£tewu £. ^J's, said Iho slate should pro-, Falls soonsor nl the measure »-»i pi' 1 " "·»·· HIM whiieuce f««r vide services for "those children 7 r . ] s . sponsor ni ne measure, r 1 e i i, r ,];h«vyiMi;piiinii-i4.«,- u,h os e handiran? nr mlmcl, said he learned this morning light Honom IIK» IS-ILU.- htivy n. .. nanalca P s . °r *»ose lhal lhe bill he originally sub- "".·i««r««i«.i»;ie.d«rc«w 1 t- capabilities, arc so great as lo " milted to lhe committee would MOGs-nihoji,i P ji.7i J »,ii,H.j, I re( l";re special education and " first thought but could run as "'»"'«"·""»"·''».'"«''" velop lo their fullest capacity." 1 high as $19 million. uiliTM? J )f'i L V Diagnosis and treatment 1 6 LIVESTOCK AUCTION ShoU d be flVflilshlp fnr all nr^. wST^nSa; °' lh ft f "i' '7^ S^V^, · r? /'r^T'l 1 ^' 11 ^ ^"^"^"r*S schTMlchildrenSoughrcgiTMl afternoon reported about two inches of Si. Oil of California b\ double deducibility which u»d, on ,n i«, n . and stale social agencies she a " ernoon ' new snow, bringing to 23 inches Union Oil Xl\ would allow Idaho taxpayers lo , SLAUGHTER ., agencies, sne But Spokane residents were lhe lolal on the ground. L'nion Pacific 66 claim Ihcir federal taxes on liT »n«:, a-TU,V, lo^jT'.'^ . ' faced with an added problem Sandpoint. in lhe far northern Westmghouse 111 today as temperatures dipped cn d O f the Idaho Panhandle, Winnehago 1' below freezing and remained reported only a trace of snow. I.OCALOVKRTHECOUNTER ' there most of the morning. | n cas i c rn Washington, QUOTES Motorists on their way to work Ephrala reported five inches of BID AS! also encountered fog. which ncw snow, while Colvillc FirslScc.Ii. 314 32'. added lo already icy roadways, received about Ihrec inches of Ida.FirslNat.B. 30 3 . . . . . 9" DUlll IJ']7. . '^mmmmm^--^-^ * instated at the rales in use when STOCKEBS, FEEDERS \ -- · lhe feature was repealed in 1072. F '"« »··'· ·»'«« '« «-»; ntur ; I HI -· , _ . . | At lhat time, lhc income lax ","",,, f",??, 1 , r""!!,'!!?',?TM^, ' 1 mM 1 U'iUl' C rates were 2.5 lo 11 per cent. M«w«iii««erii4.HiiiMv»Hiiii(inm«fi : 1 II 1 J fl 1 I 1 i lMl; 11Hr CJlvd 404-SM Ibi. 14-17) lie*/ f ^^M ICIlllll · ' When the rimihlpdodiiplihililv en»«m-««iti ))-)!; puin n«r cjivr ' , *^^* ^*»»»4.J| · ) .."=.=.. . .1 '°r C .,. C , ' ^ »·»' '«*' hiiun «M.IM in. ))-». ' ^ · : ouucu iv aiicau; ··.] '« .. . ' ,,,, I-,-. r_. Hi 101 provision was rcuviiicu, me i«dtr hciitri KOtw ibi. H.JJ.- OKIH r* I -t made dnvmg conditions new snow. Inter. Gas H, 12', , were changed from 2 ^m,;.!,,.,^ «,,,,,« s^V', Fun£rn ': ' generally hazardous. Heavy snow was also reported MUT!MLHJM)S t 0 7 5 n c r c c n t W"", ""r" 1 *" 0 V bl "·"·' """ rUllCHll : Icy spots wilh broken snow in parts of Southeastern Idaho RID ASK ' ' t^^u't'i^Haattai^n"^ ' /""I, '1 ; were reported for most high- and Western Montana. Col. Inc. Fund V.8C 8.59 Watkins told lhc committee he », i»avy Hohim mint n -M : ^MOPGIS wavs in Eastern Washington The National Weather Service Inv.Co.of Anvr. 9.72 10.62 wanted In revise his hill based =..,,_._..?,","..,,..,,.,,,,,., · ·,, , , ~.. m i^Norlherridaho today was forecasting generally no Key.D-4HonFd. 6.80 7.45 on lhe rates, which ,£,',!',;'»»·"'»""·'»'«»·»' , Homedttle, Nompo Up on lhe slopes it was a dif- new snow loday, but a chance of PulnamGrowF. 7.57 8.27 would million in tax F «in»ti TIPI/M?** »-ir ; i.»i n ' fejdwell · Boise for many years before his Iclson-Ucnkaomper Memorial ' death in 1951. Chapel. Ontario. : Surviving are a daughter. . ' , . . , » Marjorir Fcnn, Los Osos, Cjlif.; LufeCIO AlllSOn '. « a son. Vernon T. Young, in CALDWELL-Mrs.Lutecia'.B.; owa: » sister. Pearl t,. A |, lson 8I Caldwcl , Route - 7 J randrh rtr^n * P a T died SUntla - V " igl " 3t 3 Caldwe " ' ra^^^^a^^sff'ayj n r · we "' ^ L/ewey voving/on BKT^^TVTrQP]HIH BOISE-- Services for Dewcv ^^·········^^··r; died^r 6 ' 0 "' 26 ' " f B ° ise ' w - h '° ^^^^^^^^^1^: SlIBi Marleno Adnnison Meridian' ^PrPlllMPHMliM^^U^^^I'' flmer 0. Olson ^^·Blj 2lli A Secon7| l sr C S °'d?ed° al^a |*if|j|Mi^^B^ \;ini|):i hospital Saturday ^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^H« Alsin iC Func a ral Chapel. 8 "' '^ PB^^MBBj Rwwi-Tr^r3r'^K Autopsy planned ||wi|g||jLK AlK-fl. Idaho iLTli - ,\n ^HBBiH^^^H 'tic bmT "' 1i P'^-'ined today on ^HlmBiBH^^^I- was ^lot'lo'.''^TM;)'! 'llCT'tiome ^I^^^^^^^^K 1 1BH ii^^^BH^H 'hoi founim 1 "' oman was ^BHHESS^ffi^Bj jff^-^^^ '" c chest. BHHH^EKI^Hnll^E 'f you havo a hcarinc In ^^^^^It DON'T BUY A I HEARING AID! I Thiiwjw LEASE! 1 Hf-W^rM^tVoa'anflJl 111 *" 11 $300 . l0 ° to I neip you understand more cJearlv V h^ 1 again ... r ... to near clearly · For Eg little as $1 ft fin ^H · The fin»*i t P er f^onth , , , ^B * T i opuon to buy ^^B i iy DO T Of o you buv ^^1 *ppointttiflnt ^B CAjNYON 1 P . **iniivj ^n/j\ PRT? , B rrariK McCuskey ri ' B Your Zenith 2509c»inw WcCiisksy H D»il»r MW» cS" 1 "'^*'' 0 **f«»»frem H m ^fjjmmm» mmmmmm ^^^"''''1 school - 4t».ua»^ ·

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