Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 7, 1957 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 2
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Page 2 GREEI.EY TRIIUJNE Friday, June 7. 1957 Ellie Lee Kah! Teacher of Year crilion'i dcpirtmtnt of rducilfoa, laid Mn. Kihl "hit for minjr j'firi tivtn hrrieU to othcri." She hit Ought la hish ichooli and certifies, cncagrd in nurtinj, tutorrd the bedridden and ronducti a free lumrarr ichool. The mb- jeclt ihe hai tautht range from French and Latin to chemistry and ASHEVILLE. N. C. Hi - Mr». Kllie Ue Kihl nf Scottsdale, Aril.. " Currently teaching In Scottsdile, «ho speak! 11 Janguaces ind is a Aril. Ilish School, Mrs. Kahl ii rrcistcTcd nurte, was n a m e d , secretary treasurer o[ the Teach "Teacher ol the Year" Thursday ,,,· Assn. in Thoeni«. hy the General Federation of Worn- ens' Clubs. Mrs. Kah! wai picked Jrom amoaj top teachers entered by women's flubs in 28 stales. She is the first winner in Ihe federation's new "Oscar for Tea^h Fluid Drive NKW CASTLE, Ind. Hi -- In advertising ill drive against drunken driving, the First Methodist church ers" program to honor the naticm'* i has erected a sign --··-- I r a c h r r s in somewhat Ihe same Dial Exchange Installers Splice Wires I "Two kinds of finishes lor auto- mohiles-larquer and liquor." l i a r s Mrs Kahl wins a citation and a ! Seien prescription chemist! to f l y i n ; trip to the Scandinavian sene you at your friendly REXALL cnuntric!. Mrs. John L. Whitehurst of Baltimore, Md , c h a i r m a n of the fed- stores "SAH" ilampk at Gilbert- Bishop and Weldorido Drugi. Adv. The New . . . CONTACT LENSES Arc Safe To Wear While SWIMMING Plus Thcss Other Advantage! · Perfectly n a t u r a l *p[iraranr* · IrnpoMlbl? In iVtfrt , . . t n v i i l b t a · No f l u M prohiVm . . . t h e y art f l u l d l e i i i) Haln «nrl rlnufllnMii HlminitM SEE HAEFELI and HAEFELI OPTOMETRISTS and OPTICIANS Proneuncfd 10th *v«. ind 9lh St. Pheni 4040 It's Automatk, Shock and Waterproof * 17-JEWEL BAYLOR ERA Iki Mtcl Wotin lor NirtH. IttKnkioiit Sportiwwnin, Hetniwnrn. 0 Sill-winding © WfltwpreeT 0 Stack Itilitonl 0 Dust Rtsistant 0 Swrcp SMond Hood 0 luminnn Dial 0 Eiponslon Bond 0 17 Jtwtls 0 ArMi-Mojntlij | 0 Slolnltll JI..I Co.. 49 I SO Compart with Walch*/ Stlting for ... $89.50 NO DOWN PAYMtNT Only $1.00 Weikly LEE K», Ith St.. Grttlty; T«l. 7JI OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS Dick Plot, Uft ( *"d William C. Andrtwi, Wts^ ·rn Electric instilltr;, work with a m«it of wirti !· Hit n*w dial ttltphont tichangt hir*. In tht* particular cut, tht two mtn art splicing wirt* contalntd In cabtts from outsidt tht building with wirti tn Insldt cablti. Tht Itad thtaHi on tht largt cabttt It pttltd off and tht imalltr cablts formtd aftar tht wirtt art conntcttd art eovtrtd with a Itad tlttvt. Tht dial tyitom will go into opt rat ion htrt tarly in August. Photo by Skttti Calvin. Lydia Miller Is Magna Cum Laude Graduate I.ydia I/ff Miller, daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. David J. Miller of IS West lane, was graduated magna eum laude Friday from Univenity of Colorado, receiving a bachelor of arti degree in political science. Mist Miller completed work for her degree in February and lince then had worked towards her mat- ter'i degree in public administration. She has acquired 17 of the 30 semester hours required. Her eampui activities Included president of Ihe Young Pemoerats, general secretary of United · Nations Week, house president of R a m m a Thi Beta sorority, Phi Beta Kappa, n G a m m a Mil, sneial science honorary. Sigma Ep'iloii Sigma, topohomore women'i honor ary, and Homecoming and CU Day* committee . She attended the University on a four-year Boettchrr Foundation Scholarship. Mill Miller has nerved on the state board of the Young Democrats of Colorado and ua. a pace at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago list lummer. In Armed Forces nr ni»i. «nTTi.r.Hi:%T » l » M a t r Cowrf, !· IVftfeaU No 7 7 1 1 STATE or )a. C o u n t v of XT»M In lilt K l a l . cf J05EPH W. Ult.- LKR. n»c»ai*d. N o t l f « U ^ r ^ f r y |K»n t h l t on M o n d a y , t h lit lUr of July, 1117. I »M1 rr»«»nl In t h « C o u n t y Coutt of \\1! Countv. Colorado, my ar- f r i m t " fT f i n a l p » t t l « m » r : o f l h » I r t m l n l P t r a t l n n of »«ld » « l « t » . w h»o a n d w h » r » a l l p # r » o n » In l n t » r » » t may app»ar and obj*ct to t h r m . If t h t y ao d r t l r * or.iii.r.N- J. mu.En. Hup»rt P. Waldo. Jr. A t ' n r n t y Uir 1'. J u o 7, I I . 11. 1»7 Andrtwi it Mountain Hem* MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE. Idaho -- Airman First Class Erie E. Andrews, son of Dr. ana Mrs. N. E. Andrews of 1R22 Fif-; leenth avenue. Grecley, is now tit-' tioned at Mountain Home air force: base, Idaha. He recently won top i honors us the a r m a m e n t and fire- tronirs technician whose work was j considered outstanding during the I month. j Airman Andrew* wu presented a letter of commendation hy Brigadier General William C. Kingshury, wing commander, fnr his initiative, cooperation and devotion to duty which reflects great credit upon himself and the United Stales air! force. i Mountain Home Air Force Basel is the home of the Ninth bombardment wing, a unit of the famed strategic air command. oTir TO rnrniTORi Nn. 7 I J J f,r DAVID XJOFGREV u V n n « n *· DAVID A~ LOFGHEN, D* Nottr* !· h«r»bjr §-|T«n thtt en Iht ?9th Amy - f Mir, 1)17. Utter* " · d m l n l t t r t l t o n w*r« Issutd to the idmlcnvrl ·· A-lmlnlitrttir of thi mrioT* nmm»d tstil* and all pfrnin h K v l R C c U l m a ar»,nt i«id »«tHi a r t r«qulri4 to ft!« t h f m for tltow ·· In tht» C n u n t y Cn-iri of TVr1« f'ntinty. Colorado w i t h i n *lt mr-nth from paid d a t * rr *ald r l a l m i ' w i l RLTCRT C. Lnrr.RFV. A d m l n l i t r H e r Cla»|r.n and CtU.»rt A t t n r n r y * a t Lam- H a r v a r d R u l l d l R V Ori*l*r, f r t l o r i d o May 11, J u n » 7. H. 11, » ( 7 . USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS For All Your PLUMBING NEEDS AND SERVICE PHONE LA SALLE 25 -·» Frre Eatlmales USalle Hardware LaSalle, Colo. !»nrirr nr N n TT14 STATR or couinAi»o. ) Itl. ) . ' ( " n t i n t y n f W » M i n t h * K » l a t » nf J. J! K A T T A . »Uo k f i f w n · · J I M F . K U W A H A H A . D*r#*n»d Nolle* 1" h t r r b y f l v r a t h a i *n tti* l l t h d « T "t Jim*. 1*7. ^ » ' H pr»- Mnt l« th» Crttinty Court r-f \\ »td f t r a l » t t l » t n » n t rf t h * a d m t n l i t r a * a l l p f r j o n a In lntfr»*t m a y appear Can Trucks General Overhauling Tune-ups ... Electrical and Mechanical Repairing n i _ _ ! _ · _ New and Used Auto DlaCKICS Parts and Glass 306 llth Ave. Phone 132t Surgery Waters Man's Dry Eyes NEW YORK OH - A man who couldn't cry BOW ntcpi when he eati. He couldn't cry because diiease tad knocked out his tear glands. This also meant he had no normal moisture at ill in hit eyes. They became dry, scratched, ulcerated. :Ie began going blind. Surgeoni stepped In. They Intercepted a duct that brinjs saliva o the mouth, and twitched it over o one eye. That provided light- saving raoUture. But then whenever he ate, or saw food, his eyes watered. "I needed i little moisture in my eye. and they gave me Lake Erie," the young man laid. The lurgeoni fiied this too. The disease had also knocked out the drainage duct that removes the watery flued normally produced in i healthy eye. They gave him an artificial drainage tube Into the nose. Now he hat an eye which is normally moiit. but which doein't flood 10 much when he leei food. ThU amazing case wai de- icribid Thursday to the American Medical Ann. by Dr. Jamas E. Bennett and Arby L. Ballty, of Crile Veterana administration Hoi- pital In Cleveland. Cocoa-bean production promises to become a "big deal" in North Borneo, Tawau reports. Bring the Youngsters! Agei 4 to 12 Let them drive on the PEE WEE PACER TRACK 230 YARD COURSE WARNOCO TURNPIKE (Neit la mlnlaturi golf) B U I L D A GARAGE You con build a garage on easy terms. The increased protection for your car and additional storage space for the whole family will make for more pleasure and convenience in your daily living. The resale value of your home will be increased, too. And be ture to use our*TIME PAYMENT PLAN 16 m e n t h i ' t o pay. No down p a y m e n t No mortgage. Covert labor and mattrlali for city or country. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO RECOMMEND COMPETENT WORKMEN THE KING LUMBER COMPANY GREELEY LOVELAND n«h»rt O. H m l t h . A H * r n * y . M a r 2 4 . I I . J u n * T , I I . H I T . xorirr. TO Nn. 7 « C 4 r » t » ( « rf H I L D A fCKUlDT. !·· t»in»rt % N o l l e * i* h » r » t i r « l » » n t h » t r n ( V . K l h d A r f t M I T . ]9t;. 1 - t l . r i n f A 4 m l n t i t r » t i p n w » n » 1 « » u » 4 t n thi» unArr*\gnt4 *· A d m l n l t t r t t r r i of t h * t b n t * f u m f i l r v t t t * a n d a l l p«r aid f l U t ^ · m (rr n t y C n u r t p f · 1t"winr« In th« n » n t h i f r n m n l d ilit* n r c l U m i w i l l ^.. f n r » T f r M r r M ri.Mrn w. SCHMIOT ri.AnrNcn J A r l m i n i i t r t t o r i . J o h n W lf n d i r * o n , A l t r - r n » \ M « v J I . ' J I . J i m * T , I I . mi. 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