Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 19, 1961 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 28
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the weekend wilh the Ben Reich- Jeys. Werner was having a ten- day leave, from his police work, which was spent visiting relatives in Denver, Grceley ami Craig before coming hero. Piano students of three high school girls were presented in a recital nt the Community Church Sumlay afternoon. Tire student teachers arc Sally Wagner, Joyce Anderson and Donna Znamenacek. Their pupils ore Connie Hiker. Sandy Hastings. Linda Hopka. Janice ant! Linda Kliiigcnsmith. Debbie McKay, Joan Erickson Carol Poslon, Valerie Roth, Evelyn Hahn, Peggy Roth, Sherry Goodman, Darrell Timin. Charlotte Sporhase, Bonnie Kiiuplc, Deann Bivens, Betty, Diane and Boliby Poston and Pally Bivens. Joan Erickson and Debbie McKay were unable to be present for the recital. A special vocal number. 'Green Cathedral," was presented by Donna Znamenacek and Joyce Anderson, with Mrs. Arlene Znamenacek accompanying. Refreshments of punch and cookies were served to 75 parents and friends by the young teachers and their pupils. iiev. Gertrude Horn returned to her home Iwre alter a week in Denver on business with her sis] [icrs family on the farm. She also made calls on patients in Denver, Boulder and Greeley hospitals. Clinton Porter, 3-year-old son | of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Porter seriously injured Monday afternoon when he was run over by the farm pickup of his uncle Fallout Carried By Rain; Best Move to Desert LOS ANGELES (API-Wont to escape long-range falloul from a nuclear bomb? Go live in a dcs- That's Ihe answer Nobel prize- winning chemist Willard F. Libby gave at a news conference I.ibby. appearing at Ihe National Civil Defense Council Conven- ion, explained: Falloul is carried by rain There's lilllc rain in Ihe desert And therefore such an area wouli :c relatively free of worldwide falloul. lie said tali-out shelters prolec humans against local fallout but .'age 2S GREELEY TRIBUNE Tluirs., Oct. 19, 198! ~ote MARKETS By JEANNETTE LYNCH CSU Extension Specialist Almost every Colorado store has lad cured picnics on sale lately. As fall brings more pork to mar- iet, picnics usually slide down in price. So expect more sales in the next few weeks, ranging fiom 29-39c a 11). Picnic is from the lower part of tlie pork shoulder Don't confuse it with ham. It comes from the upper hind leg c! the porker. We sec cured picnic (picnic ham) more often than fresh picnic in Colorado stores. not against li-e long-range effects Some picnic hams are fully lid, (cooked. Others are not. Head the label. Cook-beforc-eating types are usually labeled "smoked." In cooking, a "smoked" picnii of radiation. However, he sa : millions of lives could be saved y shelters and should be built mmcdiately. Compact Group Actions Anger Newer Oil States SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- The I Wyoming Gov. Jack Gage that hi business editor of The Salt Lake [state will pull out of (he commis K E N N E T H R. KING, installer for Western Electric Company, checks circuit selectors for the new direct dialing telephone system at Colorado State College. The impressive array of new phone equipment, installed for Mountain Slates Tele- Ben Rcichlcy. The accident hap phone and Telegraph Company, is housed in the College's new pened at the home of the child C . . ,, i .1 ,~r.*-i _ i _ _ i _ v,,. n«u urntiwc 'parents. The boy wns token to Laboratory School. CSC photo by Dob Waters CSC Phone System Will Go To Direct Dialing Saturday Conversion to a direct dialing system for telephone communication Is expected to go into operation Saturday at Colorado tem would be comparable lo con- size of Fort Luplon. Kealen said more than 2,000 tations will be possible under the Slate College. Western Electric Company is doing the work for Hie Mountain onversitm and additional opera Stales Telephone Company. The master switchboard is in the basement of the new School al lllli Avc., and 20th SI. 479 Station! The 479 telephone stations at the college will be integrated into the new system, which will pro vide added efficiency und at the same time fuUfill the needs lo a long-range communications set up for CSC. The master switchboard occu version of a phone system from l»« another room. Operators oi operator lo dial for a town the the board also have a lounge. 1 Many Miles of Wiring In addition (o Ihe many miles of wiring, coupled with the lalesi ors will not be necessary under However, Kcaten pointed out, operators will be needed at the callers who do nol have the num cr of the person they wish lo and also to relay information in the Lab School base- mcnl was reserved for Ihe telephone equipment. Huge banks of circuit selectors, wilh a maze of been installed in one Joe Keatcn, sales manager fo room. This equipment will lie-in with the Grceley system. ot converting the CSC phone sys Grover By MRS. CHRIS KOENIG a Grceley physician and immed: nlely sent to the hospital in Den ver. Examinalion showed intern- lal injuries, and surgery was used Tuesday morning, neichley did m not see Ihe small boy when he 1 *-* . . . . . . . I . - I L _ Tribune says "Some of Ihe Rocky Mountain oil-producing stales are so Irapping mad at maneuvers vithin the Interstate Oil Compact Commission they may pull out of Ihe organizalion." Writing for Wednesday's edi- lions Robert W. Bcrnick says the "Rocky Mountain slales--particu- larly Wyoming a'id Utah--are an- red al an apparent maneuver lo have IOCC make a 'fachial determination (hat newer oi TROVER -- Wilford Biudel re- ' :H sco l n e sma y turned home Monday after a slay backed his pickup lo leave Ihe i n Ihe hospital i n Greeley where yard. . . ,, , , ,, , , , » he underwent surgerv. He is ve- Work a Ihe Hereford Beet Load- covering nicely, and is gettingM"B Station ,s progressing well readv for the'grand opening of with Bather conditions being his store Oct. ^and 28. Mrs. Dan very good. Several tra.n carloads iion unless the proposed survc Deludes gas as well as oil pro duction and otherwise gives II) Rocky Mountain stales a squar deal. The business editor writes tha C. R. Henderson of Vernal, Ula' chairman of the Utah Oil and Ga Conservation Commission, "sa he feels the same way about th matter as Gov. Gage and inteni to so communicate this view Gov. George D. Clyde" of Ula The Rocky Mountain Oil an stales have profiled unfairly a Ihe expense of Texas in Ihe mat- Gas Association opened its co ,er of crude (oil) sales within lhc|venlion in Denver today, and I U.S. market." Texas To Benefit proposed interstate commissioi study of crude oil marketing ai Bcrnick says the commission, :reservcs is expected to come under the leadership of Gov. Price for a good deal of discussion. inks about one serving to the und more than a fully-cooked e. Count on: 2 servings to J smoked" picnic ham; 2',i-3 rvings to 1 Ib. fully cooked pic- c ham. Baby beef is a newcomer al ic markets this week. "Baby ecf" comes from more mature alves. Still the meal doesn't yel ·we true beef characteristics, eaters arc usually under 3 onths old. Here in the West alves are sometimes allowed to nature longer. Meat from these dives often is sold as "baby ef." Plenty of pumpkins and apples ir Halloween this year. Both are xccllent quality, lower in prico tan last year. Keep jack-o-lan- cms in a cool place. Cut them as le as possible for best results. O n e f a r m worker produces nough food for 25 persons now. ince fewer farmers produce more ood, the greater output per man lour brings savings to someone. J. S. Dept, of Agriculture csti- nates that increased efficiency in farms saved American consumers 11 billion dollars in 1959. Cranberries now are early tart varieties. November will bring redder, sweeter varieties. Freeze vhichevcr you prefer. Simply ilace the unopened package in the 'reezcr. Price tags by Thanksgiving should drop to the 25-290 range as supplies from Wisconsin reach their peak. Speaker has been helping in t!icl°' I"* ls l' a TM are ^' * e TM **"» little- agencv doin s o r e d u r i n g Bindei's absence. l*d by Islington to the fnctory^,^^,. ",,!,, K Friends o" Mr. and .Mrs. Jerry at Sterhng where, they TMU be Daniel of Texas, "Looks like some in 'Austin--for sole benefit of Tex- lelcphonc e()iiipmcnt, the "phom nerve pulse" in the Lab Schoo ias massive batteries which can be cut in to givo uninterrupted service if electric service (nil. Telephones have been installed in every room in the college dormitories. Previously, phones were only available at strategic loca ions in the large riomitorics. First of Its Kind on a Campus When completed, the phone sys tem on Ihe CSC campus will fc the first of its kind on a collcg campus in (he seven-slate are served by Mountain Sialcs Tele phone Company. Work on Ihe new dial syslcn was started early in Scplcmbei The r.ew selector system wil make il possible for direct dial ing from the campus to outsiri stations without going through a operator. Direct Dialing to Campus More important, however, ic "in-dialing" arrangemen hich makes il possible to ca ny telephone on campus by dia ng direct the individual numbt f that telephone. It will be u ecessary to go through the co egc switchboard operator for ca! o, from, or on-campus. An oper or will be available, of court or assistance during cerla lours. Keaten also reported that I ELgin prefix will be changed numbers as Ihe telephone coi pany continues in Grceley I conversion to n u m b e r s . T change-over is in process aero the nation. Myers have received announce- , - "odded to the \Seld County fac- yers ave re - m nt of the birth of a son Oct. 7. lories. Mrs. E. B^ Keith ,s weu ·ho has been named Mark L y n .er at the station, Gene Gordon and are the tare and n .Mrs Myers is the daughter · Mrs. Vcrna Smith and was a dump men. bsiitule teacher here. Jerry, ---10 is an ordained minister, has I H o n o l u l u O i l it here in Hev. Gertrude] orns churches many times. T O T Million NOTICE T will nol be responsible for any bills other than my own. MELV1N CUMMINS. Bcrnick cites a statement by; Chas. De Gaulle, Macmillan Plan November Talks irned Wednesday from 10 days iication wilh his relatives in :linois. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin George re the parents of a son born Ocl. . He has been named James Ar- iiir. The Georges have a dangh- the past three F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. NOW -- FOR A LIMITED TIME O N L Y I Special Demonstration of Sewing Machine Attachments · PUTS IN HEMS · S E W S ON Z I P P E R S · B R A I D I N G · BEAUTIFUL E M B R O I D E R Y · APPLIQUE · M A K E S BUTTONHOLES · D A R N I N G · ZIG-ZAG T r e a d l e or Eleclrlc, Oldest or Newest. .· gq p| U i Seeing Is Believing - Complete ! i03 Tax FITS A L L M A K E M A C H I N E S -- SAVES T I M E cr. Houscgucsts ·eeks in Ihe home of Mrs. Datl louglass were her brother am istcr-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reynolds of Oxford, Iowa. Mrs. Douglass' son and daughter-in-law, ,tr. and Mrs. Will Douglass from .ong Beach. Calif., were also guests w i t h relatives here several lays. Ladies Aid of Ihe Community Church met recently wilh Mrs. Lois Johnston at an all day meet_ with a covered dish luncheon. The ladies sewed and made cancer pads. Next dale will be in two weeks at the church. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Koenig Tuesday were her mother, Mrs. J. H. Houghton of Merino and an uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Selh Terry of Kansas City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Werner and (three children of Wray, spent vilh'saic proceeds amounting to late in November lor talks on iboul $358 million. world affairs, British informants L. A. Cranson, president, ad- said Wed. Their meeting will be vised his company's headquartersjthe occasion for a frank rcamina- icre that the transactions had lion of differences in their ap- ;een completed in Wilmington,[preach to the question of Berlin Del. wilh Tidewater Oil Co., Paivand Germany. American Petroleum Corp. and other purchasers. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS MASTER CONTROL P A N E L for the new Colorado Stale College direct dialing telcplwne system is slwwn in Ihe basement of the new Laboratory School. Tiie operator will be used solely to connect persons dialing a college number who do not have the specific number, and also to relay information. The new system is slated lo go inlo operation Saturday. CSC photo by Bob Waters. Steel Production May Be Under Million Tons in 1961 NEW YORK (AD -- Bcluclancciaixl will nol be coaxed into mak- of steel users lo build up invcn-jing a revision, lories, together with auto labor "Even the possibility of price difficulties, threaten to hold l%lJi ncrrascs r^d to stimulate In- steel production under 100 mil- (,,,;i,ii,,n ·· lion tons. Iron Age snid Wed. vcrtor bv " lllm 6- I The metal working weekly said ^inventories remained at about 12 Imillion Ions, a "reces Through Oct. 14, steel produc (ion for Ihe first 41 weeks of the year stood al 74.6 million tons, SAVE 82! Buy 2 and Save More. TODDLERS' -PIECE mCD^ Reg. $2*9 |47 · IACH 2 for $2*9! For the 7 out of 10 men who can't get the right fit in a suit or sport coat ; ,mimon ions, H «.»=,,,,,, ^ -d from a In 1060. a mediocre year, steel ' i output fell just below 100 millionl 'lo beat he 1900 mark, the in' tons, the industry goal.for this dustry would have lo average be year. Inventories dwindled to be- tcr lhan 2.3 million tons a week L,, IA TMiii; n n for Ihe last 11 wiioks of the year.. low 10 million Ions. Sleelmen felt this was a rock bottom level, and looked for a Miable increase--far beyond the comparatively puny 20 per cent so that lias malerialicd so far. Steel production fell last week for the second week in a row after almost steady gains since This compares with last week's output of 2,071,000 tons. Yogi Emerges From Trance NEW DELHt (AP)-A 40-year LT HI (HUM ML'tlliy C1JIJ3 OILIVL. mix., July dropping back to a little °W '°3' emerged from a trance over 70 pe? cent of ir.dus.ry ca- Wed. after being buried alive r a c i ( y nine days to pray for world| · I "The continued emphasis by peace. '·:! steel users on carrying low and| Swami Rama das was removed ·'; leconomical stocks may be thejfrom his five-foot-decp pit and \ Istarl of a long-term trend," Ironiquickly iccovcred consciousness. ^ L\gc f a i d . JHe lold newsmen he is convinced '··$ I "U?ers are confident of Iheithat the chances for world peace mills' ability to turn on a dime'now are brighter. Heavyweight Cotton Knit-PrwJirtmk, tool Choice of Crew Neck and Lap Sheuldtr S+yki Wonderful buyl Nuriery print top, solid color d«lo«Kobt« gripper style pants wilh elastic back. Sturdy, long-wearing, yet tofl, comfortable! Closed feet have double toes and non-slip plastic dot sole*. LET THOSE COLD WINDS BLOW! JR. BOYS' Ski Caps LADIES' Knit Gloves CHUCK CHIPMAN of Greeley, above, Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. employe, installs dial telephone in room in Snyder Hall on the Colorado Stale College campus. Dormitory rooms will have Icleplwne service on Ihe completion ^ the college's new direct dialing system, to be placed in operation Saturday. CSC pholo by Bob Waters. V A TAPE fcCORDEfis wi Ca "^--^ "if amfi ON WILSON ra and Hi-Fi Studios 1513 8th Ave. ORLOH Ear Warmers 7* Wonled w o o l and nylon Vnlr. rFed colon. Lod!»i' lizei. SHOP AND SAVE AT BEN FRANKIIN WE GIVE Gold Bond Stamps 1020 llth Street MIDDISHADE is the answer! Regulars, shorts, longs, extra longs, stouts r . short stouts, long stouts, you name It, we have it! We offer Masterpiece by Middishade in an unbelievable range of sizes and shapes--handsomely tailored in the newest co Tors, patterns and styles, A Mlddishade suit or sport coat brings out the best En y o u ! SU!TS $69,50 139.50 Sport Coati Mor-Volu Stamps Hibbs 814-816 Ninth Street Our 50th Year Open Friday Evenings Till 8;30 p.m.

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