Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 19, 1961 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 27
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Utcd Can »nt Tnickt 51 . «ilh hub.. 1007 JJth J-whttl Jilve Slrett. K K U ITH wtille ) f l « For,! Toiler chili Bf4fn with '(6 Thimderblrt] Scxcitl molor. Re*l el«*n, $5i. Ph. SSMS2* FOIl SALK-'BS Fnri) FS tiuck-l»e. lor and '52 Vruchauf t r a i l e r , bolh In exccllenl condition. $cc after · ! tS 23rd SI. lSSf Cbqvru!el 2 ton. lorj Irrtnsrnlailr-n, z OB SALK ivhed base, 6 ,ircit I apmj Bxlr. A-l tonillllon. Ste at . · 21 L m p l r p , Evur.l. For Sale 1947 Dodge \V 2 Ton with beet bed, exjra clean. Sharp Achziger 931 Uth §t. Uwd Ctn and Truck! 51 -- U l d e r ' m v l r l r'crd n l l b BooJ VS cr.ilnc. EL 2.SJJS. u:t uirk p s r l v acc w« Bel t:l r-TMO KIIWAHDS Chevrolet U he for npw and uteri Irutk*. IS2S MODEL A KorJ (or aa!e. tKW'X, KtJR Vs Ford Dlrkup. H Ion ' I'Oll 1 5 A L K -- 9 M KorJ 6 picli ton (irevlo A'llii Supply tt rOHl) u l e k u p . 1 |iee! I ItTvwnle'K CaTAee VOR SAI.K--1S6U Ford Slarlh low milcnee. Kb 2-2733. 9JU KQHD court, wllh 6B tjber. Y-f ear IJOO Ph EL 2."Mi 195G CADILLAC "62" SPORT COUPE Real sharp at $1575 9th Street Motors AL PURDY 1919 Dth St. EL 2-7918 REPOSSESSIONS '53 Chevrolet Convert. '54 Plymouth '54 Chrysler These items c^n be financed, §PE AT AETNA FINANCE CO 708 9th Ave. EL 2-2508 SPECIALS for TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 1958 DeSoto Flredome 4-Door. Aut n^atic transmission, ratli hf ater, p o w e r steerin uower brakes .-- § 1960 Ford Falcon Fonlor. Custon^ i terior, radio, and heat §158 1956 Plymouth Belvedere 4-Door. Automatic transmission, V8 engine, radio and heater, $688 H SAI.B-- '(S Cher. Suburl.... (koil nechaplcal eonililion. 4 sptril lT«r.l clMtoa. El. 3-1701. It S A I . K -- i m a W i l l j i Jeep, l u l lumfnuTO lop. Tow bir. KL 2-4191 :!03 W ISlh SI CllEV, V V'. ton pickup. M u l l ·II HVe otter. ZHU llh A t e , N wo ckior I'onllac. 2 tone, t:\ccllenl ir.n]*. IC95 k like c«r. Kl. 3-332S. owner 10')! Pli-moulli Uted Cart onct Truckt N K W (\jrvflltt, riV cum. Keiion Call KI. 3-0211. 2 0 L 4 9lh As*. FOIl SALK-- l'J9 Kprd i^ton I 1 ixnl rpnililton. i'hone El, "- 9M S T I I D K I I A K K K Coininimli;: .Irlvc. (k-oJ conJIlion. Call Bl. S-T2 Coolness Between Red ·ftlChina, Khrushchev Seen FUJI SALK -- 1«0 C-7.'.3 fcr.l. ,!«! [.in Ir.iiler. Hi. KI, 3-IISS. H p u j e tf Auro Troilcn 53 FOH I l K N T or unlo--(W licclrconi lr«[l- f U K SAI.h. ur trnile 1m )!·· Koilrl klu|.. f f f|.. S KMn». An.k-rsi'n BUse lt*1!rr. I'h. 353.2ETO. FOB"SAI.B-~I!6S F.kar trailer.. SS-.5. Kicellenl 3-3502. oruUllgn. llc .Rble. WILL T R A D K equity ir. mo^ein t r a i l cr. excellent c o n i l i t i n n . tor ( u r B i t u r e or ca»h. Ilox L'-33, c/o Tribune 1950 GMC school l-us. Cojiv«rtcJ Inli huntii-.R ami JisMn* ini-MU-. I'roiinr. 2 hole plnlc. ice box. I b'jnk K-iK «tiui|i t .rJ roaily lo EO. Oil .tier 3:30. Kij i-oni. MOSCOW (Al) -- nl)c signs ct| coolness botwccii UK: Coiinminisl Cliiiieso delegation headed by Premier Cliou En-la! nnil Soviet Premier Klirushclicv grew more prouuunced ^Yc^lllC.sday ot llie Soviet piirly congress. Tuesday. Chon and liis ilclcy;i- io) vonld not join in the au- pliinse for KluusliL-licv's attacks on thc anlipnrty yronp and Stalin policy in general. Wednesday al the cnil of liis IN THE m r h c l lor « MuUI* lloir.e 1 . . You now h a \ c ll:e a i h a n U f i e of om r o l u n i e bny,t'.^ anc) iplllii^ program Uecaiue w e tjuy in v n l n m e . ^.'f car o f f e r vo'J *ohime prlccil luxre* an.1 create, lT.l!e-in Stop lr nr call Slahla'a Trallei SRlej is Infftled i niiita loulh of lireeler on U. S. »5 Phnne EL S-2W2. six-lrour siicceh, Khrtishehcv lientlcd buck toward llw row o(| seals where Chon, Polish parly in liis |xx;lels, hcfore Klirusholicv arrived for a round ot hand- shal:ing. Khrushche\' shook liaiuls with al. the others. They remained be- liind nppiii'cnlly to congralnliilc him on bis sjieech outliniiii; llie of the Communist parly which Ihc Congress is ndini; on. Khrnshcbcv made n biting (it- tnck Tuesday on Ihe lenders of Albania, the liUlc stale on Ihe Ad- rialic which did not send a delegation to the congress in Moscow. Bob Kennedy May Attend Denver JD Conference DENVER (AP)-- Three visiting governors, a lieulcnant governor mil jjossibly Hobcrl Kennedy, nl- orney general of the United chief Gomulka anil on ideological and political mat- others sal during the congress session. The Chinese premier stiolleil otf the stage, his bands i1 CADILLAC -- SoOon D e V i l l e t kor. Full power. Ewellenl rondillcn rri»alc rarly. 1J3-4001. K SAI.K.--15bi Fold F a l t j i r e Scjini i w i t h overdrive. 2 lone finijh, «H^O-|| rondillon. Prfced rcJisonnbly. D-llStf. oli!c Supci n n e r . Ltcc'.cnl AL 1-3S20, 15 ft, Aljoa Trailer Sleeps 5 'Lvatoral ntrdi Pniieling. Kvcel-'lJoard ot Trade today. Chicago Grain Markel For the past yenr Albania lias clearly been hiking-its guidance ter.s Irom Cluna instead of the Soviet Union. althoui!li il remains a member of tlic Wtnsaw 1'acl. Ttierc has been a rift between Chinese and Thurs., Oct. in, I 9 G I fJREELEY TIHBUNE Page 27 Dallas Meeting Disrupted By Political Accusations By RAYMOND HOLBROOK 12,500 in Dallas Municipal Audi- DALLAS, Tex. (AP) -- A pro- loilum as Ihe meeting was ro- against training Yu- sinned. ver Friday und Saturday, 'Hie g o v e r n o r s are Wesley Powell of New Hampshire, John Anderson of Kansas and Cirunt Sawyer of Nevada. J«int» Kcaloha of Hawaii is Ihe l i e u t e n a n t governor. Thc occasion is a inciting al| (he Hilton Hotel of Ihe Committee: on Delinquency and Youth Crime of the National Governors C'cntcr- euce. Gov. MeNichols is chairman of Ihc committee and disclosed plans for tho meeting. Co,= , ^Nichols said HohertKciinedy chairman angrily accused Republican congressmen o( evading Hie issue. Frank McCichcc. head of thc Convention Angered because he had been disrupted Tuesday niflhl when tlie tumbled to reach Sen. John Tower pnrly leaders growing oul of Ihe peaceful coexistence doctrine CHICAGO (AP) -- Grain nmlipreacheil strongly by Khrushchev. soybeans were mostly steady tojsuch doclrino insists that thei ' firm in the futures market on (he OH SAI.t^lSST Ol.l J-door hardtop. Or.e c o n d i t i o n . Cal! Alilt, lent Condition. I'rlceil lo sell. See at LnSallo Hurchviira OH 8ALK-- 19jG Jeep italion \V -V^heel drive « n d win;h. L ith extra e q u l p n i e n t . Sl:ar|i ehtUer, mi l | t b pt. T8~MKnCURY atation uaion. l-rlooi, 9-pa5Fc:iKcr. All power with new tires. l l . e Q . : SlfiO, u e k«e^ lir» NOrmanity 7-2TS a(Ur t. "KNEIUTOII6 »nd itarlers, water Imps f u e l pumpl. New used Jnr . . b u i l t Come lo Gojrt't »nJ Sav« Corner of l l t h St pud filh AT*. ar.d MARKETS A1.B or tr»rfe equity. 1053 RimUcr Ketel atBtiDii W*SQTI, r,e\v lir« anJ · · - · · · " · - fcL j.ta3 D E N V E R LIVESTOCK Hog! 600; barrens .mostly 2 200220 1bs 17.50; IS10-4M Ibs 1J.OOOC.OO. Shmi 4,000; jleacly; e [slaughter lamlis few load! priii] e mnKc and San Luis ·Soylwiins and corn were in good demand most of Ihc time as rainy weather over parts of the grain belt delayed harvesting operations. Short covering ami only light hedge selling nlso were factors in the bean market. Export demand for cash corn helped (lie future. ! La'c in the session wheat and 'Cumnitiuist victory in Ihe world can he achieved without Marshals Seize : igurette Salon )evices Here Deputy L". S. marshals Wcdnes aous N u 1O Cill'lv declines. steady; J Vallvy Estimated cnrlot receipts \vcrc . 6 cars, corn 50, oats 8, rye NlUNlvS steam cleaned. ti.Wt up. Al! lypia bo.ty and (eniitr w A-l riaint join, lovv ai $40 J Thompson (Snratre. S n 3 Sib Ave., US N E l b At. F.I. S.ISiS. hel/ctt 22.70-23.M: mixed choice Dec and farcy 5GQ-YW Ib stockCT arxl !ic«l- , ' ;hl CeciKr.E sUcis 23 .'3(3-36.50; mixed; Ala I* cc and fancy 600 C75 Ib betters ?3.00-'» 1 n i , 2^00; mixcrt choice nnd fa cry 3?5-EOO' ftl »y 111 stock itcer calves 27.50-33.00. |j u l A D I A T O R c:«Bn1nR and r,p»1rlTi| | O M A H A L I V E S T O C K " S o i l (Jiod ridtalora. AH typei of i«rn| otlle 1,500; caUe* 300: slaughter * u n d t r u c k r e p a i r i n g . John Tlioir-psonislecTS and heifers pcr-orally sltadyt CU-AS , COl'll G i r a z t " 601 5th Av«., 'or 115 N. Etb about steaJy in a sloiv irartc, bulls a n *inp^ A. _ v| 3 l o j a ycaicr* steady i nioi-t gc"xl and mixed 1 LJIA A ^ t . K L 3-18«- 1^ ^^ rhc *. c B | e c r s l 22 i M . n . W . n . r f c . l ^ l - . . t A M M L E R lor aale by owner. Good E.QOO acLuAl miles. VS. Kiitomalic traturr.l«1or, i»ower tint-in.;. rsdiu. special Hies, twin g r i p differential. Will icccut tr«!c. Owner 13G? inciJe]. Call EL 2-2020 d a y i ; EL 3-2COA, crcninRB. . . . - . bo:cc 97! Ill Mileis 23.CO; ullllly ' ifcil tor vnneant. 1361 9 p»sien**r and conimerrial co«.j mnlnlV "'W-15.50: May · · »-- utility ir.d commercial bulls 16,00-lQ.M);, - / lev.- coo] to choice vealers 2J.SO-2i.00. 1 Jill Hops 10,500; harrow, and gills uni''o-,. .Irons lo ES higher; *ons steady to °M' itrorR, ir-star.ces 25 higher; U.S. 1-2 200-' Qat 250 m sorted lB.73-17.00i sous 350-360 w u t Ibs largely 1-3 ia.5C-lS.00. |DCC Shecji 2^00; AlaiiRhacr Innnlis xvcak to!.. 25 Jwiur; c\se.s steady: ctimcc anJ mi\etl i\iar choice and prime CO-115 Jh uoo'ed ikiugh- jj^,, 'jjlll ,nJ S C P S.W'.i 2.03^ 2.03',-i 2.M 2.09=1 2.0BC 2.09 2.09'A 2.12Vi 2.1 Hi 2.1 l'/i 2.12 2.13!', 2.13'.« 2.13'/i 2.13'i»i 2.1G'.s Z.lfiVi 2.16% l.ll'.i l.OD'.i! 1.11 l.W^i l . l f i l.HVi 1.10 1.14=' i.iari i.ia^i^i 1 ,; I.H'.'i 1.22'.!! 1.23'/l 1-22',; l.S4',i 1.23'.'i 1.24'.i 1.53V KO Ford FalTtane 8 4-door. 'ordomatli:. (lower Drakes ana leering, lactory atr cond.. ra to. riniei. elaRs. paddfid dash atety helta, xltltnetdr. sieVrs"sn.l"li? Jiceltont condition, low mile- i e ' ass ". fu j^.5,' ge. Priced rlr,ht. Phone 2S4-7Sn|a. a :'hinii m ,fter 6:«fi P.M. 23.53-21.00. tor lambs; cull to cr.olcc ewes. .74", .72V, .74g KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK es tar, slaujhlc-: ,, n«ly in narrow ,eil;i K C .68'.2 .73 .74!i .74 Is .75 cho heiferi 1D59 1/2 TON KORD . . 1 1 i , i_ er.o'.ee nnfi CT.IIICC 10 i ityle side, long-wheel base.nt.BH6.5o: good ana Excellent condition. Low 1 "" 10 goo1 "" TM mileage. 1'riceri to sell. See at 2619 16th Ave. ilogs 1A30: Ijflrrmvs ocd atlls 25-in'May; £ovi steady; 1-3 bnirovis a n f l . - , gills 1-1 sous H.OO-ll.M. JUl Shrep 200: iloushler lnml;5 ami c^cs! c^ | laboul steady in cleanup trade: mixed. ^J 1 eho^ee anrl ehnicc to pjimu vvoo'ctl lambs fnv "50: good and choke H.SO-I5.M;. good c»e? 3.00^.00. |Jan .Mai- 1.42'i 1.40 1.44X 1.42'. 1.45 1.37 .68= .7.1 .75 .741 .75 1.41 ay completed sciy.tirc of a num er of reducing devices and rc- ucing and promotional literature t the Figuretlc of Grcclcy Salonl ere, records of Ihe Federal Uis-| rid Courl in Denver showed, has expressed great interest in the meeting and has said be will attend if possible. Also attending will 1« representatives of 10 blatcb and a group! of speakers who arc recognized' lalional authorities in their fields. Because of the committee meeting, MeNichols a n n o u n c e d a ·(-,,,, lrK1 3 change in date for his meetingij ni , KC( | ]j n c with four members of llie Denver City Council to outline bis suggestions for solving administrative problems of the Denver Police Department. Originally scheduled for Friday, Ihe meeting will be held Thursday, Oct. 20. n iftl J is-|5eve II K l I l G Q r- r O T C e Theobald Ends License Plate Sky Problem DENVER 'API -- Those Colo- radans wlra raised an uproar a ouple of years ago almnt sky on tho automobile license plates have made their point. Revenue Director Robert A Theobald, who approve i (he design of license plates, said Thurs. he lias surrendered. plalcs will have the of mountain |cak near the bottom of the plate and Ihe mountain? will be green and the sky will be white above them. Theobald disclosed his surrender lo a reporter after C'.ov. McNichols 1 Contracts Committee approved a conlracl between his department and Ihc Slate Penitentiary for the 1063 plates. The penitentiary will be paid 15 cents a and Rep. Urnce Alger, McGehec declared "(hey have signed Ihcir lealb notes us politicians in the Jniltd Slates and if Ihore are any icre who don'l like Hint statement they ran walk out." 'Some Walk Out Tlie statement threw the meet- ng in un uproar. A few walked out as alxnit a dozen men approached the stage shouting "apologize." One man look Ihe micro- [ihone lo praise the records of tho iwo Texas Republicans in Washington. McGehec npoligized when a few The salon, which was located' n the Greeley building until alou.l| wo weeks ago, was o|cratcd bv| L H H » I . I mn * ^..^^ . , Vayne and Sharon R. Brockmaii.'Calif. (AP) -- Seven men \vcrc|W p ,lrs. Drockniaii said Thursday itlkillcd in Ihc naming crash of an SIP(H plate for 2.200.000 plates--or 1,: 100,000 sets. The price, Theobald minutes later Alger was reached and the telephone conversation was (Kit on the public address system, lie said lie thought Alger was attempting lo evade the issue by not coming lo tho meeting. Alger assured McOclicc he sup- jwrled the goals of the convention and said "I want lo he your voice in Washington." Alg*r Declines Appearance "I didn't want to put in an appearance because it is a grass roots movement and I don't want lo interject politics," Alger said. Efforts by convention members to reach Sen. Tower by phone continued during (he meeting but were unsuccessful. After the mealing was resumed, TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE !saitl - is lllc samc as il has !^ cn |jolin D. Conlan Jr., a young Dal"- "- i irescntly is inoperative. lair tnxi taking off from Travis . The seizure included five rc-'Air Force Base Wednesday. liicing devices matle by the A. It. Manufacturing Co. )f Grant! Prairie, Tex.; iJ25 jamphlots on how to retiucc, and The pilot and his six passengers were (rapped inside the twin-engine plane. The craft lifted briefly oft the runway in clear wcalh- aboui 7011 TM els or other pieces er, dropped back lo thc ground, of promotional liloi«ilurc. vccrctl crazil '' crashcti ancl bursl The Federal District Courl ail-,' 11 ' 0 flames ' horizcd seizure of the dcviccsj and literature as a result of the Filing of a sci/.urc ancl condemnation action in the court by U. S. Attorney I«iwrence M. Henry on o · :irec years despite prices. Jl will get 5 cents enls apiece for slickers used t . csi( | ont wllo | ias [raveled extensively in Europe, brought tho crowd lo its feet when he urged tor trailers and some inlerstalc| lh;ll (] (cs[ su( [ icicn (i y to trucks. Tlic cost depends xi f xm [orcc Congress back itlto a speciol pocking required. session to pass appropriation leg- The plates are lo b^ delivered is | al j on to the various counties by N 0 v . j ' T h c convention has .is its an!5. 1SC2 - , . noimced goals thc halting of train- Under a system adopted in lOCO,,; of nm . My llorsollnc i f r o m the stale uses green and while 1 on Ihc plates, with thc colors re- Health News Communist countries m:d Iho sale versed each year. In 10B1 numerals and letters were green, the I mountains were white and the sky| above (hem had lo be green for I , . , contrast. Komi; realistic motorists I behalf of the regional Food a n d l By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS l com piained that the sky isn'l Drug Administration office. j An odd finding on "t.ou GcVi-lgvccn i n Colorado and they In the complaint, the l''ood and rig's disease;" a precaution ahnut| c i I1 ^ nel | n le rnoimtains were up- of weapons lo (hose nations. 1.42!b U3-V» 1.43U I.oi^i l.MVt 1.3614 Drug AdministratioJi charged Ihc claims for Ihc "Figurette Method" of deducing and "relieving CHICAGO (AD -- IUSDA) -Hogs 6,000; butchers 25 to 40 high-F^ er; mixed 1-2 190-223 Ib butchers |Jul 17.35-17.40; ground 100 head ,it. Al| g 17.-10; hulk mixed 1-3 and 2-3 190-, C P 260 Ibs 17.00-17.25; a few lots 2-3 220-2M Ibs 16.75-17.00; mixed 1-3 300-WO Ib sows 15.00-16.00; few 1-2 280-300 Ibs IG.25-1G.50; 2-3 and 3s 400-600 Ibs 13.25-16.00. Callle 700; calves none; hardly 2.43'.'i 2.41'.! !.42'.i 2.41% 2.47V, 2.46^8 2.46;i 2.46 2.50 ] ,i 2.43'i 2.50 2.49'.i 2.53'.i 2.52',i 2.52is 2.52'.i 2.55/B 2.Hi'i 2.54'.i 2.54'.i 2.551i 2.541J 2.55 2.55'/4 2.471i 2.46 2.4GK 2.4C?j Wall Sireet A-l USED TRUCKS K, Ton with beet box.! sleers 24 ;°° ; co "P lc head choice: kcl " pl , rsllcd an mevcn course in ^y^K. Kc" j7''7,'^m m '7(, * '-, ' S4 , )5 ,24.75; a few utility and standard moderately active trading late ]|c commillcc i,, D=nv cr. «1": By ED MORSE AP Businesi News Writer NEW YORK ( A P ) -- Selective enough lo test prices: good and:g a j n s jjy (,| ue chips lifted Ihc av- choice around 1,050 Ib slaughter| C |..,g c ], u t the over-all slock niar- 1950 FORD 119.00-22.25; good 22.50-2.3.50; a load of good and low c h o i c e around 900 )b heifers 22.75; stand- l'/j Ton with beel box ancl sicfe hoist. A now motor. Falcon Ranchero. 8,000 Blue. $845 actual miles. Like new. . Standard transmission. DC- luxe heater ?1595 19o6 G.M.C. 'd an uneven course in ily active this afternoon. Volume for the day was estimated al 4 million shares corn- tension" were false and mislead-;for focus on health, ing. filling teeth of certain! s j,j e ,] OWfl on the plate. The 19GO ticnts; and prospects for keeping p i a t es are still in use, with 1961 Gl's dryer from rnin are subjectsU a ^ s a [(ixed to Ihem Tip on ! From ·Ms?" faraway island of has come a potential lead Foil To Gef Audience at CU For 1962, there will be no prob lem, bccauEc the sky will be while anil Ihe mountains will be green-- bul Theobald decidcil he wasn't going lo go through [he green sky jlowtirds belter understanding of battle again. On the 1963 plates, amyolrophic lateral sclerosis, Ihe the green numerals and loiters usually fatal muscle-wasting disease lh BOULDEK (AP)--Two support- immortal rs of Cuba's Fidel Castro tricd l N o w York lhat killed Lou Clehrig, the t! rial first baseman of thej will be atjninsl the sky, rather iaii against llie mountains. Yankees. and failed Wednesday to get an Among the natives of Guam, TfOublefTia K6 T S audience at Ihe University of^'-S. Public Health Service s c i e n - p . . · | lists have found an unusually high I ^ On YH.UUI1 arc Ucii Wnincr of I incidence of both "Gchrig's" dls-ip 1 ' " ' neii-l r'J Colorado. The IKO Now York City, editor of "Sludent|e'asc and o newly-descrilied Council." a puhlicalion of the Fair^'ological ailment called Parkin- Play for Cuba Conmiittec. rnirt'SonLsnvdemenlia complex. ard and good vcalers 19.00-25.00, |p arcr i w jth 3.52 million Wedncs- Sheep 700; slaughter lambs \dny. steady lo 50 l o w e r ; slaugbler Q a \ l}s an( ] losses of most key ewes about steady; few lots stocks were fractionally but some 'choice and prime 90-100 Ib nativcji,jgh.q ua iity issues made sulistan- ^ . . . . ~. ,,..._, . . _ . _ _ ^ n l t i o l l l H U I t U "i OlA IKVt JJJCH'^1 «*»-n · ·-· J ic said Wainer was to speak to 1 daily living of the natives - P'«S|' £ ^ Jm \^ he Cosmopolitan Club. The litle.a possible genetic predisposition, n was the scconrl | ime t h e court of his speech was "Cuba's Impact -may account for Ihe relatively ^ affjrmed a convil .tion of Levi Iwooled lambs 17.5fl-J8.00; goodjtial gains, land choice 14.50-17.50; ulilily and pacific G Open Evenings 'til 8:30 Edwards Chevrolet Co. USED CAR LOT 1310 8th Avenue Gas Kleclric was up D ccncrai btd^'irowers i«i crop MR poinls while Commonwealth · TV,, Ptioo-ic anil r-ih 'S 00 ^ 10.00-14.50; a small package g points on news ot a 3-for-l stock Z ion L,na.bis Ami -'' u -| choic( , and p r i m c shorn lambs. spljt arld dividend boost. Rising Ked. . \^ 'Jo w i ( h No j p(,][ s i 700 sympathetically, Southern Califor- nia Edison advanced a couple ol n F N V P B B E A K S YOU HEAL DOUBLY SURE al Garnsey and Wheeler DENVER ECCS ilUhtfy ... others sttady; rtrmatw! fair; wiennss . n,,; n ic " rali prlrca paid delivered Denver {cr^ IKJIUI. r«furned? l lirBe whi?e? AA^M"' "-" lTriore t h a n 2 ' mixed AA 41; m r d i u m «hites ard mi 33-3J; medium mixed A 28-31; sr Co. Your FOHD Dealer 711 llth St. . EL 2-9i7 poYnii. 'u:s. N"O Sf n » r lesi* "I'wij 5011 anri Consolitlatctl Edison rose Great' NoVtherm 6.25-* 50 lor U.s' m orc Minn 3 point apiece. t r Tfn ^ s T f l l r i ; * r i -- Du Font gave further support to · on IOP wades, the average by advancing around s Roebuck gained Further, there's evidence of a lose relationship between the two SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- The Oregon Supreme Courl Wednesday upheld Ihe conviction of a one- lime negotiator for the striking in, ^ n u u j i m i t it. » L , J I I V . , _ - Iirne neKOHtUor un iuu a u m i u s Nicr escorted Wi-.iner to the disorders Tins suggests hat ' ( B Union j n tllc dyna . University Memorial Center wherclsoine hmlofiical factor present m'; . . " f ; mws p a pcr delivery _ _ * . . . . . l . l « : 1 . . U . . r n , , ^f *!,,, n ^ l i i . n c l l l l l " ; | , l l l l l " b ul ° in-.r^l'",.*.- f on Latin America." Ibigh rates. . ............ ..... · . . . ,,,.,,._., But Azmy Ibrahnim, an Egyp- Clarification of features S. McDonald on a dynamiting :ian wlw heads the college club. _., . res ^ Lgs( M j t uphc , d h!s kommon to both malad:es might | f t j = thc d y n a m i ting of refused lo let either visitor falk'help towards unveiling tire causes, to Ihc 100 congregated sludcnts.jof these ailments not only among| "We only allow "slndenl speak-ltlie Guam natives but ir. other ·s," Ibrabaim said. populations of (he world, the sci- When Nicr protested, Ibrahnim raised a finger and said calmly: entists say. Dental Warning four other trucks. McDonald has been free on bail tolaling §22,500 during the long legal proceedings. His attorney said he will peiilion the court for a rehearing of Wednesday's opin . Troops Fall Maneuvers By JOHN FIEHN BERLIN (AP) -- About 3.CKW mtlle-ready American soldiers novcd into major tall maneuvers Wednesday in Ked-ringcd Berlin. Men of the 2nd and 3rri Lf.S. jatllc groups ting foxholes and camouflaged their armor in a 35-sr[i'arc-mile sedion of Grime- Forest. The Iwo battle 'coups, forming the fitli U.S. In- antry, rolled into position during he morning. West Berliners, grateful for Vcstern protection of their city igainsl communist Ihreats, waved ind cheered as Ihe U.S. Army's irmored vehicles rumbled through :ic streets. Official purpose of (he exercise, kibbed Ever Ready II Is to test onibat readiness on group and platoon level. But Ihe men ap- icared well aware of thc marjcu- ·er's significance in Ihc light of he present Berlin crisis. The official East German news igency ADN denounced the maneuver as a war exercise. It said some Berliners had aptly dubbed t "Exercise Surrender." The Communists want to drive "This is my club, not yours.": All doctors and dentists have : n Nicr and U'ainer said they will [long known that denial extrac- ^ court already hfld denied try later to address a group alj""s offer a prime means of ad- w(Mon [ or a rehearing of Ih, . . . . . .. ... m i t - f l n r - i rfrtrmr f h r a i rnn rniKo a l ~ . . . .. » Mie University of Denver. NEW YORK DRESSED MEAT Steer ar.d cort beef carcass prices ..leady lo \veafc; vear and calf steady: lamb «eak to l.» Irrniri stee 45.OO-52.00;, lamb cholci " ]bj 37.VW2-DO. ATTENTION HUNTERS TEST DRIVE THIS 1D55 JEEP PICKUP 6 cylinder, 4 wheel ing hubs, Green. Meanwhile aircrafls took sharp .jsscs. Boeing was off about 3 and North American Aviation lost more than a point on a published report of a spending cutback for bombers. «.,.«,; ,,.»' Steels, motors, building materi- prim'e 3i-; a ls, farm implements and nonfcr- Irous metals were spotty, nails "|«i- si 'showed hardly any change. '"..i"' : 85 ' Chrysler and U.S. Steel dipped Neglect Against State Cental Care DENVER (AI 1 ) -- Francis 11. . . , ur.selllrd; unchanged lo 1 lo-ver: .close (0 a ii; checkl 3lli. D E N V E R POTATOES To'.jl US. Wed. 250, Colo. i General Electric and American Smelling moved up about a point each. Prices on the American Stock U r , U L t l l U . (H.I.II.1HJ .'J m . i u j f , i. f - . . 1 girl student at Morcy .Junior High the dentist knows the patient al- u i *mnr « «» '"* TM*' '' "* t TM i '« l! ai/ ' n c c s T i eel drive, with free wheel- (M ( j Q k i J f ^ j f j T, rMvcd Co: ° 2 ' lr "' Vlr '' ra °- Exchange were irregularly high 'Si'Vri'rt A 1 "«h2i ".'?/A' il rtbVTMi«i C Corporate bond prices iurnct d i it I f* li's!"'!,/'?'' 1 '°" ai1 '£?K. us up No 2 ' 4 2! upward Ibis afternoon after a Wheeler icbool Inz nrvl -!;; In. mia ! M ]b .ticks Two Brand New 1961 Dodge ] /2 Ton Pickups Buy "em At A Big Discount! IF YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH WELLS YOU JUST CAN'T DEAL 2.75^ Co!o, red McChir^s 2 75-2 83; 2 ! fc in. up 2.5; ,, , u .,_,,, 2Vi in, min. 1.50: Maho 'ru«set 6-M 07. aiwl 19 01 mm. 400i; ',flte 6.8 or 8-10 rz. 6.50: U.S. N'o 1 ·4 o?. n-.ln 2.50: I» Ib jtachit Co'o. red ,frCI»rtx 2 1 ^ In. m i n . 33: Tounrt r-ds 2 in. mb. 30: ratals A or, mm. j5. 1108 StlrAvenue W E L L S Itge, lenuuu nuaiutuv uum 2100 West 9th Stree Garfield atter his issassinaTion. .ocal Market (Corrected to Oct. 19) Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) - Ko wheat corn, oats or soybean sates. Soybean oil I0 : :«b-?}a. Barley: malting choice 1.33 1.62n; feed 00-1.02n. At thc close wheat was !i lo ', 'lower December S2.03=H; cor Vheat *\ h lo Hi cents higher, Dccembe Oals, e\vt * .1st.Ills-Hi oats unchanged to Barley Pinto Beans -Pinto Beans No. 2 . Bimerfat medium eggs milling germs that can cause a an( , , he attor( , ey ha riisc;isc . ca " et! . ba ? lcr f e " (l0 ' filed a petition wit!, iim U.S. Su "" 1 ^ 1 ",^.2TM L!" Supreme Court asking it to tak congenital from r h e u m a t c or congenta s , ,,.-,, COM[ lla rt ailments. But this complica-H , , it lion can be prevented hy admin- TM c r convic t ions are uphel o( sudl lTMngexercises.'' he Allies out of West Berlin by turning it into what Ihey call a T ree. demilitarized city. This idea s firmly rejected by thc United States, Britain and France. Said Brig. Gen. Frederick 0. Hartel, commander of the 0,500- man U.S. garrison, who is running tho exercise: "The men arc eager lo get out into thc field and they are aware of thc necessity . .,.. , i ' 11 UOtll U U J I V I H H islenng penicillin to such people' Donald faccs g ain a -- . ..... . -. .^wv ,,, ,,,,,,. member of the Denver,' 01 TM University heart specialists. S t cre otypcrs Union went on 3oard of Education, said Thurs- ircporlmg lhat not only insl , hc 0[ . egonian an d , o state is guilly of "shameful p" "en the cleaning and filling the Orcgon Journ(ll in Novcrnher cglecl in the mailer of prcvcn-j 0 ' l«th by dentists may open a JD3a Mernbcrs O f ol h cr unions ion of mental ilincss through Portal for BE. bug Sq theyi h o r o r c d jcl(el , incs bu , , he pa . reatrr.ent of children." strongly ur g c ^ entls . ls to 8 |v « the :pers have continued publication. Bain said in a statement that 14-year-old Denver hoy, Tcnny- on Beard, accused of killing a penicillin prophylaxis lo vulnerable heart patients. They also urge doctors and patients to make sure| y needed psychial- TM ad y llas a hcarl condition. Waler-proof Soldiers To ic t r e a t m e n t , but did not gel it. nw-vtTM o^,m e ,, ,. . Colora«in is spendiiiR consider-! Hesearehers have come up with L a t i n Ale amounts of money on mental a new water-repellant and oil-re- i-'i,ir n rc R-,i,i ^ifi hnl iq fnll -pcH 3111 treatment for G.I. cloth- KEY \VEST, Fla. ( A P I -- m e nstitutior.s. B.nn faic!, hut is lan- |__ ___, (1 _ , ,,,,.,,;,..,,,, !,-.,!,,,, a ^ nrnm TMi will grant ilin Ameri- mainlain its mnislure-proof ; can university students, Havjna throngliout repeated radio reports. ·· "·"· . 'washines" A broadcast Wednesday night «^ in «^'^ er j" cfa ^TM ! | The stuff added lo .he cloth con-said the students will have all ^i^^^^r, °±n" :l-,s ti . mixture of ammonium their expense, paid for Ihe dura- 4 Congressmen To Hold Press Conference Here Four Congressmen billed as the "Paul Revere" panel and including Colorado's Second District congressman, Peter Dominick, will hold a press conference in (he Pioneer room of the Camfield Hotel at 3:30 p.m. Oct. 27. The panel will discuss such topics as foreign policy, excessive government spending, backdoor financing of federal projects, se- Bain raised llie question whellv r some children who do not William Hachmei'lcr, 15, wound W j l J I E l T i l i l i l l J J l l V I - i t i , iiJ, «I""!"'. . ,, , , . · cd in .he shooting, was reported 1 TM' fluorrocarbon chemicals, somewhat improved Thurs. A H-! ^car-old girl. Dclwrnh H u m p h r e y . i R e T U 0 6 6 \ Q V f O f MS billed when struck by a bul- . 3 tr . lei in Ihe head. Plnmmc l ^ n t n n n n !cnitcclurc ' mod: r i a g u e s i \ a r u n g u (hc numai , it j e s, EUSABETHVILLE. Katanga law ' lion of their studies. They may attend thc Universities of Havana, las Villas and Oriente and may study engineering, agronomy, ar- medicine, pharmacy, economics and crecy in government and lack of executive leadership. Other panel mambers a r e Charles E. Goodel (R-.V.Y.), Robert P. Griffin (R-Mich.) and John B. Anderson (R-lll.) Fallout Noted ( A P ) -- The Katanga government' In Netherlands S!.42-4ir-; and soybeans Vt highc Thurs. gave (he United Nations 24 lo '.i lower, November $2.42 : !61 ,5 ihours to disperse thousands of So. California Truck and Car Collide North of Eaton Wed. No one was injured when an auto and a truck collided at a ounty roiui intersection one mile wrlh of Ealon about 4:15 p. m. Vedncsday. Highway Patrolman Mclvin loke reported Mildred Renkc o! _ ^ n Eaton was driving a IMS auto north and skidded into the right rear of Ihe truck. The 1054 truck being driven east by William Booker of Eaton. The car was damaged an estimated Ihe truck $10. i

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