Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 19, 1961 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 26
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c U K I M v K L K Y T J U H U N K Tliurs., Ocl. 19, 13G1 Scedi, Plonl», Flowcri 38 Liv«!lock ( O H SAI.K-- R»li1r«l IlrrVihlrf K)ir ..:J c i l l l . I'h. W l z c i l l l 11U J-1C1S. I'llh dluc»m*n-- yOR SALK Holla ml Tulip" Bulbs M r . l Y K R BROS. H A T C H K R Y :I.IVKSTOCK .,.,.,,,,. o«r jo Z.MM Tin T.h s,.! :;'-! I ,:::«-. l:;;;«'- ^ tL »-'" r. \V bttt.lint. OjrUoilt c v i r t with A. U.S. pr Fruili and Vigclablei . i2 00 hn^.cl. I ilrs » r»l 111 S'... » Vh . eiH»r. rnxlp. Alio McClillnn'1 Kt Tollir.1 I C J I l SALK-- 1.100 «i:oa T r l l in loll. G mi. .ou 1 L. Shi.'-.lieimart 1 *. rail V*rrtyi i.. XWMrou Foullry ml orirlio. ) ' H i l l M-. tl. \V1 ST S [ruit. . nin-.. *r.d o'hri- . 1 - Truil «n,; V f f c l S:h 5!. F.L J.JOII. I'OUl.TItV w n n t e d . Ali^ cmto: Hrfsiini- Mon.!*y Ihrnuth t'rld.y. KL :-rj.', Glrc'.tr rr..i)liy lloiDt. I l l ) 7th A x r n n r . Year Old Htaxy Banti'css lloosters Average Weight. 8 to 11 Ibs. lOc p n r pound--live Key. Grain. Feed. Straw 40 Yc.ii- Old I V A N i r . D -- l'»l S.rl III" . . . nor. Kr'.ty. El. 5.5(5!. Livcilock SPECIAL FAT AND SLAUGHTER CATTLE AUCTION I Oc:l. 25, infil !1:30 A.M.' :|LIGHT BREED HENS Average Weight 3 to 4 Ibs. MEYER BROS. HATCHERY KL 2-3.151 71!) 7th St. 41 Waihini Machintt 45 '1IILCU combmillon tvAihert md drrin RK-or.JlUontJ. Item »!«.«. lllrKhfteM'l 1 urnitu.c. 2207 Sit SI. TV-- Rodlo -- Scrvictl 46 KKW TV picture lube. 131,95 InttiUcd Km; lirmi. KL 2-E1SO. ifln 1. IV tick? Call TV F.05I1IUI. CumplfK · frvlce. .11 tnikM. I'h. El. S.011*. Kt Z-350. 12H Ub St.. Evjni USED TV. tMj rtconditlor.fd »n.! eur.ntr«l, ll?-3i. SIP Jtmn 110 ninnlh. Kl. t-ilSO. .(ter «. 21 INCH revolt Dumonl T V . Now I-lelurc t"lf. l?f.«. HlruhfMdV rijrni'.'ir-.. ':2U7 Sfth SI. now TV Ili-Ki. ir.J S'.erro. TV H'ilpltal. 12H 7th St.. F.v.n. V.I 2-0133. l-:l. 2.250 Real Eilott 48 I'OH -SAI.K or rtnt-- 'Ibrec be!rxin l'r:r'« h3-jie in KIHoll Court. Writ*I r v i n llr.v, 1613 I.tlln Dr.. l.ovrlind. or r»ll NOrminJi 1-23O. S A V K monop] Rny or.p oT thfio 1 liMroorn hilck homes. Iftt of hiirb livjni rocm .lid bedroom? Jill «- r*itl I-.rffC Mi, K%ani Grjk Sckno!. t.ll El. 5.02S5. Can't You Find A 5 REAL ESTATE LOAN? Let Us Help You! WH M A K F A L L TVPKS Real Eifot. 48 VILL buy tyullj in hcm» 01 IncOir.i prowrty If prlc* l HffSt El S-IUV VILL tr«Jf my 3 rM-i.iXKm HILIslrfi- ha;j;p fnr iluilfM h-.toinc property, cr nltl icll fur 111-00, mnume U.I. lo*n K.I, 2-^3C. KOK HALF br w-n\i HilUNe tuvi.r. Carvel, ilrjiw*. eovcrnl i-allo. umirr- K round · prlnklii-r -V.rn», rorrcMlon rro:n *r,J hrdroom finUhdl in l)i*e Krriuc.d SJ.OOO frr *r-ikk Bale. No trial or* l'!r*«r. KL 2-357 J. wLf-OirT*S-;V Allcs Acres Near Jackson School About '»; acre sites South slope. Call Hagan Agency, Inc. EL 2-7387 Eves call Vic Hill KL 2-2219 RAMSAY D C A I TV FUal Eitot* 69 x 100 ¥T. improve] tviildirr ·ale. Cto.'c In. Write Hox U-3 '1'ribunc. fOlt TKAUK-- lluu«r 1n lUi.v OIK? [» Urwlcy wilh vm'sl. 1 2*21 00. FOR SAL . 3 Uedroom Home 903 Umpire EVANS DUPLEX Brick Structure Only 6 month a old, reti M75 rno., pay meals on loat 'J'lio price is down iu ? Just where can you beat Only 2 blocks from scboo ncr locution. One side is n:id the other side is You can move in now. P. J, STOLL LT.23 lOtli St. Til. EL 2-5GS7 LOTS Mo! Erttrt TWO bedroom bricSc, Z CMT «*z* PIUO. tilt,, will to wall e*r dtipo. mvny extm. Lt*i tk«R j-cir old. ?513 nth Axe. Ct. KL TO SKLL your homo oulA.^ejU ^cr HILLSIUK'. Cy . 3 bdrm. brick, . , (inUhed bate., |ict1nr throughout ind 6r*v*». b- In range, ov«n. Asiunic *;% KL ?-213o. S3, SCO dovrn. No RHl! SAVE! Income property, ] /2 block from high school. 2 bedroom main floor, plus basement apt. Draperies, blinds, curtains, Low price of $13,000 Phone EL 2-ril37 fOU SALE--Jobn D«re tliielo -roir lopoir. Kl, 2.10J8. iDWARUS Chevrolet IB tiMdQUBrtert for nj* and ui»d micl*» FOR SALE--IH » "· Into"'* 11 """ 1 eomWr.e, two _ row corn h . :hm ^" FUUe«llle. LKnox Form Equipment Heel iilol* 48 writ* H», John \V=pncr Ft. Morgan. Film Equipment 50 J i m Karmer, nt Inc.. S mU« BOJlh oa Hitt- U Pbon. KF, 2-MSS. APARTMENT HUNTING? Read Classification "17" 50 SEE THE LATEST IN Pit Slock I'OK S M . K - I GUEICI.KY PRODUCKRS i j'--^ i'-m-r. KI. .VJMJ. TURI.IC STOCKYARDS K1f !;"S: 3 '" £h ' '"'"'· ' OK IIBAI. ESTATE LOANS, : BOTH IN AND OUT OK I G R E E L E Y . i Lott Agency, Inc. 918 l l t l i Ave. EL 3-1443 ;720 Oth St. El, 2-228 1712 Dili A v e . 4 bedroom home, | P.i halhs, largo living ronin and b v i g l i t , new kitchnn. iin N n r i l i of G r c c l e v A K C rV.ICtidlL, ' K H a l U I N r S . llolK.-lU fl.h. S i;r CO1VK 1 I.F'. TM Hl l Ave. rh. Kl. P l a n [o coJisipn for II Feed lot c a l l l n . slnn snil h u l l s . The park^rfi 1 b u y e r s ; itK/;lsTXE{i:n w i l l be t h e r e . U'e w i l l l)i glad imrimT* iim-.iiiul In too); nl y o u r r a l l l e b e f o r e ;"«i ""». vim -sliip. Plume G t r c e l y , ;d3- r u n n n A i rish. 4 1 2 1 . pii m p · (ATSto il ·!,.! HMeherr, T19 Pirakttla. Until [uteri. np!rlp line of ret flupilie-. c«I .r.rt H*1rh*ry. TOO IClfc A K C . I t : oil.- I.I.I. FARMERS. RANCHERS In Greeley Area : f3 and $n cash paid for fresh dead cows and horses. $5 to S10 for crippled and down horses and cows. ( C a l l :rs Snon rts PoslbSo A f t e r A n i m a l Dies) I m m e d i a t e Service- Seven j V A C U U M r!«nei» Srm" an* p a r t « ' Davs a Week- - iVifint or D a y i '" ·'· '"*'"" ?'J1, Kd P " r * "'. ' Call Collect: ; "'"" '" "' . ' Woihing Machines 45 1 Sewing Machines--Vacuumj Don't Buy Until You've Seen How Much MORE You Get In A WILSHIRE HOME Crcclcy EL 2-17S8 LEE DOG FOOD CO. [ A l ' K X ivTJcsjr IVT« ' for Houiehold Goods Household Goodi 301 m e d i a t e down j i n y i n e n t . Nor)1i of new F r a n k l i n srhooU G5 lo SO foot lots at S235U and up. Price inc-ludos sidewalk and pared streets, city water, sewer, and gas to p r o p e r t y tine. F-"HA and fil approved. Huy now S in a 1 1.while chnice. lots are a v a i l a b l e . These lots .ire open to builders, Ji-onlractors, ann I n i l i v i t l n n l a . Inrome 2 bedroom home n e a r j Cdllegn, liasemcnt appiv.vedj R T J O O K S R F / A T T Y for p o t e n t i a l income o[ ?15o| J5AI -'U1VO KLjJ\^i J per inonlll. nOO Sth Ave. KL 2-6570 Inrome. 2 bedroom home n e a r 3 4 0 0 1 0 " 1 S l v f i o t EL 3-»4T5| the I l i K h School wilh base- Win. McCahnwit EL 3-OG17 Perle Franlz KL 2-270: Ed H o f f KL 3-4371 KL 2-5H Power Manure Spreaders The Heavy Duty Knight Model 130 Knight offers trouble-free drive, rugged construction and other heavy duty features! DU-A1 Loaders Du-Al has helped put the plus back in the farm dollar. Du-Al loaders with fetter pai-ts, heavy-duty termed Ml steel tubing construction and multi-purpose design give] u u _ ,, ,, : ! . i . . _ ,-.,,ITIHmi i»i 4-Jrrta Ttinno v I fl nfil* HUn I'H.- I mi") Uied Con and Trucki II LARGE SELECTION ' 50 TO CHOOSE FROM SAFETY TESTED USED CARS 61 Renault.. $1195 Dnuphinc, 4 door, heater. white tires, 2,600 actual miles. One local owner. '61 T-Bird . . . $4195 2-cloor hardtop, heater; radio, automatic shift, power steering anil brakes. Only 2,200 actual miles. 1 owner. '60 Dodge . . . $2295 Dart, 4 door station wagon, automatic shift. Heater, radio, slant 6, mileage maker. 10,300 actual miles. 1 Gree- loy owner. you positive savings in time, money, placements. SEE THEM AT ment n p a r t m e i t t . Business. A rl joining properties on 7tli Ave. Zoned for luisi- ness Sr,xl50. Call us anil t a k e ' H e r m a n Wolff a look. Business. H o i u p grocery a n d i n n r k c l . b u i l d i n g and equipment, l i v i n g q u a r t e r s and 6 extra lots, near Greeley. O\v ei- retiring. Income, llrifli l-plex near lios- 1 |iil.-il. Sliinvn Iiy apiuiininient only. "jBray Harrison Ellis Capp Equipment Your International Harvester Dealer 508 Sth Avenue EL 2-9141 Used Con and Truckt 51 Uicd s d n d Trucks SAFE-BUY USED CARS Sylvia L. Mitchel!. EL 2-1110 I USED FURNITURE VALUES P r o v i n c i a l Sodi. Buixe B r o w n Fripzo Conch and C l i a i r Slr.ilolniniKcr. Hcipe. U . i K c n o w ) _ ..... ------ ........ Rold Early A m e r i c a n \Vii!Rhnck Cl'.nir -- , Sctlec ( v e r y Ronil) ....... .............. M a h o p a u y Knd '1'aliles ( 2 ) _. .............. -.... M a h o g a n y Ccu'fce Tallin. Itonnd w i l h G l a ^ s Top 5-1K-. D i n i n g K e l , Exl. Tablo ------------ ......... 5-IH-. Chrome D i n e t t e ..... liaby Crib w i l h M a l l r c s s ------------------------ N9.n5|' " Less Money- Brick Construction 3 Large Itadrooms iV Separate Dining Room - Spacious Living Room if Expansive Picture Win- wo k Stan Smith Agency ilCL 3-1254 812 18th Ave. And Many Others! McMILLEN MOTOR CO. ,003 10th Ave. ground, fair inipvovnmeius, c x - l 'collcnt wntt'p riprht. MnquKh wa-| 2-8GOb ter for Uiree tiines tliia murli . , . « , , , . 'srouna. low taxes. Average I 1 4 1 2 Slh A v e n » e ';;ross per year about $11,500. (low M a p l e S i n g l e Dresser Used Coil Kiirings _ 15.\1S lleversible (irepn Carpel ---SO yri?. Nylon. Hcipc anil lira win S.t[t HP!so A x m i n s t e r .._ _ - ,nt tTM ].«! "or ym!" S; EXCELLENT LOCATION neiftlihorlioml. gar.ise and nice'Oue linlr block Troin Ile.ith Jr. Birch C a b i n e t s w i t h for- - vaut - Terms. 'High. Three bedroom extra U11C11 L . I U I I I L I S w a n 101 largf livins ronin. very nice lops in a roomv'S** 1 * 1 ixi»'" alltl N '° loal1 c o s t s ' k i t c h e n . attached garasc. Price ' w i l l sot you nil in your own,513,000. 1020 21st A v e n u e . \'a-! Iliree liotlroom lioine i( yon act c . nn t and we h a v e the kfiy. ! (nst. F u l l haafillient too. , S M ,«,, Street. Real l.v.uj D A ! R Y G R A U E A ' Llncolli-Mercury-Comel-Knglish Ford Phone EL 2-5950 Bank Terms to Suit the Buyer mica 3-1.Ki 1 kitchen. -- Ea. S.OO- . T . i m i i (ri r, r A Lath and Plaster SOLID WALNUT S-PC. D I N I N G SUITE. 295.00 AT STARK'S 718 10th Street N A T U R A L L Y | Phone EL 2-45S2 Sperling Goodi Sporting Goods 3 5 - A | Atlai-hed garage Full Basement 1,070 SQ. FT. ' OF LIVING SPACE $14,450.00 $500 'Down FARMS ir,n a.-vef. Cnmlilu.ition f a r m ''''"'ce l i c d r w i n i l i r i i - k home witli near Greeley. Lots of water. Tinisbe'.l basunicni. :i i-oramic .Hied I m i l i s , i.-o]ii]ilolc l i u i l t - i n C,om\ ilnivy f a r m w i t h gnotl inivelectric liitchoii, 2 car ^arii^c. Iprovetnr-nt's. A ]'eal d e a l for am- ton location. Price Ji?7.:100. Ibilious hnyer. ! i \VB XEiin Y O U R LISTINGS H'.il ai-res in K n l o n area. S e c i I Mr. Merries loilliy. W A R D S 712 10th St. KL 2-3196 STAN' SMITH. Ph. EL 3 06SS L. V. MOORE. Ph. EI. 3-03C6 DAVE H E K R i K S , Ph. EL 3-1011 HAROLD R. COWANA G N E S COWAN B U U L K. I I A R H I S O X A L F R E D W I X T K R S CKH EL :i-42;4 Days or Evenings have a complete l i n e oC h u n t i n g and camp;..; All makes of rifles and shotguns available. STOCK UP D U R I N G W A R D S BIG SALE OF A M M U N I T I O N SHOTGUN SHELLS Q U V V T S T I F S !.!M!'i'KD TO VO1.-R I I O X I W PER CUSTOMER Regular 3.60 Kox 12 ga. Magnum. Now .... .. 2.9C Regular 3.15 Box 12--16 ga. Long Range. Now Regular 2.75 Box 20 gn. Long Range. Now Regular 2.15 Box '110 ga. Long Range. Now CENTER F I R E A N D R I M F I R E A M M U N I T I O N | Regular -1.75 Box Hi-Power R i f l e A m m u n i t i o n , · 300 Savage, 270, .30-Ofi. Box .. 3.88 ^ Regular 3.75 liox M-SO Ammunition. Now 2.09 ' G.5 mm Swedish Manser A m m u n i t i o n . Now, Box 2.95 Hawthonic Brand .22 Cartridges. Longs and NO. Long R i f l e Box loc : PERRY REALTY RANCHES BUSINESSES ,90 .2.50J 2.30 1 ....l.SO, 828 9lh Street ELgin 2-489-3 10 TEN BRICK HOMES -- 10 'so. i Montg ornery 81S 10th Street Ward TV--Radio--Servicti 46 TV--Radio--Service! USED TELEVISION SALE JN Table Models -- Console? j Your Choice $25.00 Wonderful Buys in Used TV Sets Buy as is and Save JOSLIN'S APPLIANCES LOWER FLOOR j 1015 nth Ave. EL 2-40r,Oj .. lielair -- B r a n d new Uiree heilronm w i l h separate! d i n i n g , f i r e j i l n o e . l i u i l t - i n k i t c h e n , mahogany wooflwoi'k.- lai-ge ceramic l i a l h . s e p a r a t e u t i l i l y , a n d ihnible g a r a g e . ! ! is.0011. I .. R e l a i r -- Sis year old T h r e e liedroonl i v i t h f u l l f i n i s h e d i l i a n e i n e n t , a t t a c h e d double garage, »··«· c a r p e t u i K and 1 drapoi-ies. $'25.000. · H i l U i t l e -- Three 1 hedroom W e s t e r n e r w i t h s e p a r a t e , d i n i n j r . l i a l l l and l i a i f . w-w c n r p e t . d i a p e r i e s . built-in (rK k i l c h f - n , f i i l l h a s e i n e n l . a t t a c h e d garage, a n d roo^ i n e m h c r s b i r . HH.C-Ou. NO. 1. . . M n i i l e w o o d -- I.o\c'.y two b f d r n o m Inline w i t h f u l ^ liasement ( H a l l l i n t s l i e d ) . altwclied p u r a g e , a r p e l . a n d . drapes. W a l k i n c d i s t a n c e t o M a p l e w o o d , H e a t h , Grcc-i Icy High, an'd l l o s p i l a l . ?17,000. Lvo 5 . . . S o u t h -- lirand new (hrce Tiedrooin w i l h lull basc-i j ' m e n t and a t t a c h e d garage. Will sell $500 d o w n pins! I closing costs to qualified buyer. JH.OOO, · NO. fi... Southeast -- llrand new Iwo b e d r o o m w i t h t h i r d bedroom, second h a i h . p a m e room, and slcra^e in base- m e n t . Built-in k i t c h e n , w - w c a r p e t , a n d double garage. S1S.OOO. . . M a p l e w o o t l -- Near new t h r e e bedroom with two b a t h in,| first floor f a m i l y roiim wilh f i r e p l a c e . JSOO sr.nare fc-et. f u l l basement, double (arage. and patio. S29.000. NO S M e a d o w l a r k -- N e a r new I h r e e he.droom w i t h s e p a r a t e ) d i n i n c , b u i l t - i n h i r r h k i n - h e n , f u l l basement, a t t a c h e d ' K.irage. and I h e hi-sl of w-w c a r p e t i n g . 51S.OUI). i (Hpnmej'C -- Older Ihree bedroom home w i t h two h a l h . f u l l f i n i s h e d b a s e m e n t , l*vo f i r e p l a c p p , grM-aRe. w - w carpel, and drapes. ii:l.00i. NO 10 College -- Near new d u p l e x . Two i n m n l e i c and sepa- r . ue t w o bedroom u n i i s . Kath side has s e p a r a t e mil- ities, f u r n a c e s , water heaters, range, refrigerator, w-w carpet, and drapes. $21,000. Don't Buy Until You See What HILLSIDE HOMES has to offer! NOW! Rambler gives you a used car warranty, 12 States, through 5,000 new car dealers! CHECKED! . This exciting new development. It gives you many of the benefits of the new car. AT NO COST TO YOU! RAMBLER GUARANTEED WARRANTY CARS Impala, 4 door station wa- cjon. Heater, radio, Power- Slide, power steering and brakes. 12,200 actual miles. 1 careful owner. '59 Chevrolet $1795 BelAir, 4 door, heater, radio, standard shift. 170 hji. V-8 motor. A m i l e a g e maker. 22,100 actual miles. 1 Greeley owner. '60 Dodge... $2595 jMatador, 4 door hardtop. 1960 Parklane 4-Door §27951 p 0 \ver steering and brakes, ' ., . T , . 0 ,-. «if;qci'h and r, automatic. 1 care- °" OV ?1695 |f^. local owner. ; 1957 DeSoto Hardtop Coupe _ $945j ' B Oldsmobile 4-Door, Air Conditioninjf _. 5895 J j rOrfl . . . . Galaxie, 4 door, heater, ra- lio, Ford-o-matic.. Power ·teeritig and brakes. New vhile tires. 21,000 actual niles. 59 F o r d . . . . $1695 jiistom 300, 2 door' sedan, ['"ord-o-matic, heater, . ra- lio. 22,600 actual miles; 1 owner. '59 T-bird... $2895 2-door hardtop, heater, radio, automatic, p o w e r , steering and brakes. Other, extras. 32,600 actual miles^ 1 careful owner. '.59 Cadillac.. $3595 J62 4-door sedan. Heater, iradio, hydramatic, power steering and, brakes, white tires, tinted glass and other extras. 19,400 actual miles. 1 careful o- :ier. '58 Cadillac.. $2895 62 hardtop coupe. H and r, hydramatic, power steering and brakes, air conditioning. None better. '58 Simca.... $595 4 door sedan, heater, radio, u'hite tires. '60 Rambler Super 6 Sedan. A lovely dark green and white two tone. Automatic transmission, radio, 3 Bedroom Brick Veneer, Full Basement, Attached Garage. i'59 '59 '· t l Q Q Q B e l A i r 2-door hardtop. H i' iplJJJ and r, PowerGlide, power steering and brakes. Other $1299 extras. $550 I n c l u d e * a l l down p a y m e n t anrl closing costs -- FHA heater, twin bed seals, non slip differential. !\Ve sold it new Only Volkswagen Convertible. Sharp as new , Custom Ambassador 4-Door Sedan. Low, low'. JO nyiTIOllin pl4jJ miles, only 22,000. Has power steering, brakes, Custom 4 door s-tation wa- radio, Weather Eye heater, automatic transmission, gon. Hearer, radio, aulo- IContineiital kit, premium nylon tires, individual seats malic, power steering and -and head rests. Beautiful aqua mist and *TM/vo wakes. One owner. iwhite two-tone. Luxury at \'» price. Only ABSOLUTELY NO Down Payment No Closing Costs TO VETERANS Monthly Payments Less Than Rent · NO. S. Lysle 'Perry, EL 2-9345 Helen Perry, EL 2-93-15 Don Buel, EL 2-6083 Cecil Cooper, EL 2-9454 iChoose from 5 Floor P!ans| ·fr Brick Veneers ft Attached Garages ; ·fr G.irhapo Hisposals | 6 nircl) C a b i n e n ·£, K i i c h n n R s n g e Hoods I *b f n " R a K e m e n l a Curb, sower, gutter, streets in. PHONE EL 2-6750 25th SL and 21st Ave. Evening! Call: Jack Schreiber EL 2-2981 Tea Poster KL 2-8500 Open YOUR CHOICE Ford Fairlane V-8 Sedan or Pontiae Chieftain Sedan. Both wilh auto, trans., radios, and healers Nash Stalesman 4-Door Sedan. 6 cylinder hydramalic drive, radio, heater. Two toned green finish, clean as new. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9:00 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY '57 Pontiac . . $1395 57 '57 '56 door station wagon, Heater, radio, hydramatic, power brakes. New condition throiighout. '57 Dodge... $1295 i door station wagon. H and r, automatic, power $799,, RAMBLER OF GREELEY to 8:30 Daily Home of Rambler Select Used Cars and the Economy King Rambler Slh Ave. EL 2-0038 .JL'ST ACROSS FROM THE BUS DEPOT |'56 Plymouth. $495 jSavoy -I door, h arid r, jstandnrd shift, S cylinder. Many Others Trades Terms ISO Sth Ave. EL 2-8288 McArthur-Wheeler

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