Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 1, 1951 · Page 11
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 11

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 1, 1951
Page 11
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Sunday .Morning.'Aprill,. 1951. LAS ..-PAGE ELEVEN · Another 'Boy. Scout troop was officially Installed in the -'Yucca Council this past week,'.' '' : ' · A charter to use the Boy Scout program was given to the Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by organization and extension chairman John.Chandley on behalf O f the ^National Council, Boy Scouts of Americf... · ·· - · At an'' imprcamve · canc'.lc light ceremony held at.the W..I.A..builfl- ing Tuesday evening 'President' Eldon Hanson received tho charter from the. National Council Boy Scouts of America. ·' " x John Chandley, O. B. chairman o f ' the Dona Ana District, presented th'e charter and "commit I sions to-tho mon. ... · The following- officials wore installed, Keith * Romniy, institutional representative; W , ' Grant Lee, Committee chairman; Joseph .· Carbine, Leonard C. Hymas eom- initteemenrNoci J, Bccar, Scout- 'master; : Leo. D. Page,- assistant Scoutmaster. In accepting these positions each man signified his'in- timtion of doing- his best by lighting a candle fro Scouting" candle. the "Spirit of . A candle light tenderfoot investiture service was conducted by the Central 'School P-TA Boy Scout Troop 62, Scoutmaster 'Joe Fandoy and Assistant .Charles West were in charge. Committee chairman 'W. Grant Lee pinned the badges upon the new''Scouts of Troop 177. Dr. Raymond Paz, neighborhood commissioner for this new Unit,. accepted! the responsibility of servicing th'e' Unit and help 'the leaders in planning an interesting program fof the boys. . · Allan ^Duitman, field scout executive, introduced to the parents, scouts and officials- DistrjctjCpnv mlttee, chairman E. T. Noland and District Commissioner N. \:. Dbc- on. - . .-.,.· .- , The meting was opened with the invocation by Noel.Becar and closed with the benediction by W. Grant Lee. . Kiwanis Troop Develop Program Of Indian Dance As part of "Service to the Parent "Institution," the KiyVanis Boy Scout Troop 65 put on a program for the regular .meeting of the club, Thursday noon. This Boy Scout troop IB.made up entirely of boys from Tortugas. Joe Galindo of Tortugas is scoutmaster o f ' t h e Troop..Joe is one of the oldest scoutmasters in the district from the point of service. He has had tho basic Scout leaders' training course. The boys' and .girls work com mittce of the Kiwanis club supervises operation of this troop. Dean J. B. Munson'is chairman of ; the committee. ' . ·' · . · ·_ At the--.recent Boy . Scout" c cus -Troop 65 had charge of the Indian Ceremonial dance-, in the circus..Since that time they-.have practiced · and developed some of their own ceremonial dances. Three, of these dances were presented as part of the program :'or the Kiwanis club. They arc practicing other dances for presenta- .ion 'and in the very near future able to put on^any length or type of Indian Ceremonial dance irogram that', an organization would like'to have. ' t Troop 65 has grown'in membership during''this "past year to .1 Lotal -of 24 members ranging .in age from 31 years to 17 years of age. . ' · Meet Your Scout Leaders ·Bob Nolan,' Scoutmaster of the 20-30 Club Boy Scout Troop 64, was born In Strawn, Texas in 1922. He went to school there and graduated from the high 1 school in 1040. He was the first Cub Scout ,11 Cub Pack 1 of Strawn, Texas, entering Cubbing at the age of 0. .- He graduated into Boy Scout Troop .75 of Strawn-when he became '12. In 1937 he attended the National -Boy Scout jamboree held in Washington, D. C. At that jamboree he was awarded the highest rank in Scouting -- the Eagle Badge. He was honored in receiving this badge by. having it presented to him by Dan Beard, fror two days at the jamboree he was orderly for Dr. West, Chief Scout Executive at that time. After returning from.the armed services in 3 044 he reorganized his former troop, and became Scoutmaster of the troop, serving in that capacity for a year. - I n 3948 he. came to Silver City and was engaged in fire prevention work in the, Gila National Forest. He came to Las Cruces to work with his father in .the Dr. Pepper-Bottling Co. in 1950. He became assistant scoutmaster of .he 20-30 Club Troop in April. When Gus Gustafson, Scoutmaster of Troop 64. left for Kansas City, Bob became active Scoutmaster of the troop. This winter the troop operated the concessions at 1 the College Gym as one of their money earning projects. This coming week the troop is planning to attend the District Round-Up at the White Sands National Monument. MOTORISTS G f OUT 'UINJURED Scouls Entertain '·Ai Meeting Of KiwanisJMarch 29 The Kiwanis - sponsored Boy Seoul.troop7rqnvTortugas, under the leadership of Scoutmaster Joe -,Cialendo. entertained' with several 'Aztec dances, at the Kiwanis meeting; Thursday, 29th.. The dances are the same as given on Guadalupe Day at the ,, .church of Tortugas each December k !2. Guadalupe Day celebrates tho appearance of the angel lo Juan Viego, an Indian of Mexico, "the slate of Mexico near Mexico Gity," ^telling him to build n. church; * Guadalupe Day was originally ^celebrated at the church in .Las yCrures before the church was ·· huilt in Tortugas. The angei appeared to Yicgo about' the year 1582 A. D. · The scout troop appears annual. 'Iy before the club, with a pro- 'gram. New members inducted Into the club today were; Joe Lockwood, State College, and Bob Porter, yStnte. College. = '·" Visitors wore Daniel Scouts Of Troop 63 Hold Investiture Ceremony At Church Monday evening Boy Scouts of St. Genevieyes church' Boy Scout Troop 63'held an investitude ceremony 'In St. Gcnevieve's church. Scout badges, service stars and Boy Scout insignia were blessed by Rev. Kirgen, before being prc-. se'ntcd to the Scouts.' Walter Provincio is the now Scoutmaster for this Troop and Manuel Borrego is the 'assistant Scoutmaster. ~ ThiB'Troop is also-planning on taking part, in the District Sound- Up which will be held at the White Sands National Monument t on March 30 and 31. Jackson, Miss.; Max E. Blackmon, and Dr. O. L. Schaefer, both -of Las Cruces.' .Carl ·Jacobs presented Daniel Pooie, who made' rcma'rka. with reference to, the Community Concert Drive, urging ev.ery one where aosaible -to,-join ^ the'-association Lhis week,-since'this is the last week that ono will be able to purchase a season ticket... ATTENTION SCOUTMASTERS! The Sun-News plans'to run a weekly Boy Seoul, Cub Scout and Girl Scout feature page each Sunday on the doings ot Dona Ana county's Scout activity. Mall or bring in news of your troop to the Sun-Nows office by Friday noon for Inclusion on this page. Thanks! Clergyman' Opens Suit For Damages . From Rail Company L. Walcn Butler. El Paso, Negro clergyman, lias filed suit in Third Judicial District Court seeking nearly 53,000 .damages from tho ATSF railway. Reverend Butler alleges In his suit that he suffered humility and embarrassment. amounting to $1,900 when he was Bordered off a Santa Fc railroad train Sept. 0, 1950 at Kansas City, Mo. He also aslts $1,000 exemplary damages. The suit alleges mat Reverend Butler bought a reduced rate ticket in Chicago with a clergyman's certificate. The ticket was to take him to Albuquerque where lie had an engagement scheduled, then to El Paso, his home. He alleges that, the representative of the railroad line, a conductor, ordered him from the train at Fort Madison, Iowa., and forced him from the train at Kansas City. He rode' the Rock Island Lines to El Paso. The clergyman is represented locally by Thomas H. Rapkoch, associate counsel. EVER WONDER what would happen if your car got' \vcd£et! between two trains going in opposite directions? Well, here'::..what's l o f t of auto in which Gayle Desmnncl, 25. mid Royal Lemon, 31. were riding I n Salt Lake City. Ut. It's ground lictwccn a Klciim locomotive am| a fast Diesel freight. iJc.imond anil .Lemon v.aU:cil .away nearly unscathed from tile pince^cd wreckage. , (Inti:rii3!itjiiul Su:ui/|i.WuJ The normal'-.voighl or the earth's air above a'square inch of surface as sea level is 15 pounds. So-called suction Is actually push. When you suck, on a soda straw, air pressure ori:tho surface j of.-tho liquid pushes' part of it up the straw and. into, your mouth. Noiv Village Wants To Adopt Name Dropped By T'Or C SANTA FE, March 31 1/11 -Attorney General Joe L. Martinez today told .Wllllamshurg to 30 ahead and change its name to Hot Springs if It wants to do so. A. test court case, mlgjlt develop, Martinez added, because the statute permitting name changes specifically mentions 'only cities and towns and Wlliiamsburg is a village. . OtHer state statutes''and vari ous court opinions 'indicate, how ever, that general status applying to cities and towns can also up ply to villages. U.S. Fixing A Fifth A-Bcmw Base By ELTON J. KAY A-ssoi-iati'il IM-css Military Affairs Hi'iiortur ^ WASHINGTON, -- l/I'i -- The United States may be preparing its fiflh atomic weapons proving ground, this one in a sub-Arctic wasteland. A lonely spot on the Aleutian Island chain, which stretches out SOO.mUvs from the Alaskan jnuin- iand westward toward Russia's Siberian empire, appears a probable choice. There, for the first time, the U. S. could test atomic bombs un- dt-r conditions of climate and oth- ur- factors which might be encountered should a war require use of such weapons against Russian cities. "' New .Tests Since Atomic Energy Commla-, sion Chairman Gordon Derm hinted recently that new tests might be made at locations not used lerctofore, there has lieen develop- ng speculation that the Aleutians might be one of the sites.. Reasons for this include: 1. Atomic bomb tests to dato lave been conducted only in''fa- vorable w.euUier conditions in ireas unlike those which \voulti be ogical A-bomb targets in a war with Russia. - - . : 2. The area already is owned by. the government and controlled by the military. lands Acerssihlt: 3. A n y of the A i r u t i a n islands easily reachable by sea transport which presumably would be needed to .get in the extensive and heavy cnuipmcnl needed:' 4. By coincidence, the present overall commander in Alaska is the fiirmcr -commander for nlr at the Bikini teals, Lt. Gen. William E. Kepncr. So fur, atomic bombs have liccn tested at the original Alamogordo. N.' M., site; at Bikini, at Kni- wctoK.and in the cy.nerlmrnts during late January and early February on Frenchman's Fiat, in the desert near Las Vegas, Nev. Local Boy Seoul Troops Are Chosen To Test New Requirement Program Mr. Irvin R. Grose, advancement chairman of tho Yucca Council, announces that two troops of the Uona Ana district, Mcsllla Park P-TA Troop 06 and Centra 1 School P-TA Troop 62, have been aelected to test out new requirements for the Star, Life and Kngle ranks. Tho National Council, B o^y Scouts of America, 'is conducting a far reaching and very Important survey of the Stnr, Life and Eagle requirements of Scouting. This program IWH been uiuior study for "aomo two yenrs and now it has asked n few Councils the Yucca Council being one i f them, to te«t out the tindingy of this Committee for n period of 0 months. The Advancement committre uf the Yucca Council has liiscu this program very carefully and what would Ijc thu btat way 1- test it out in the Council. A few select troops in each.distinct have been asked to tost it out for the remainder of tins year. At the end oi t h a t time they will Kuiul in thfu- uvmnrtipiulntlons both critical i».nil cthcr.vtsc, U-cvo will be tabulated i-ml then sent to the national irJwiri'.cment commit- tt'O. Each troop will hold a meeting o f - t h e ' t r o o p coim-'iltee and Open Bar council tc go over i.h«w new .'cyu.i'Oinenti an-.l to make' ylans I "or holding 'ib -iiirvhiv, ' Mr. Joo VMn-'riy is Scoutnmptvi of Ti-onp G2 iix* Mr. .Snm'bsbaurn is Sr.c'iumaj'c.* of Troop 6ij; ISic two Troops Vv'ii.'-.'i have hnrn selected lo. make :hls survey. ·our car is run into I wh : ,le p a r k'e d, will [ y o u r ' present insur- I ance cover ihe cost of 1 repairs? COLLINS Ins. -Agency 108 N. 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