Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 19, 1976 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1976
Page 8
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'ft* Idaho Fnt Press t The News-Tribune. Thursday. February 19,1976 - 8 TONIGHT'S TELEVISION 4 JOO 'o 5:30 ~T~ 6:30 · 7 7:30 '8 8:30 *9 |9:30 10:15 10:30 11 11:30 12 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Gilligan's Island Familv A f f a i r C B S Evening News N e w s c e n l t r ! News Antique Workshop Marv Tyler Moore The Wallons People's Choice A w a r d s Ne*Kenl?r 1 Nc-ws CBS Laic Movie Morning Headlines Ch.4 KAID(PBS) Mr R o g e r s Sesame Slreel Eleclric C o m p a n y Legislature 'It Soundslage Idaho Wiidiile The Way il Was Lowell T h o m a s Hollywood T e l e v i s i o n Thealre Womankind Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Slji Trefc. Mickey Mouse ABC Evenmg Nt-ws Bn) V.llIfY Welcome Back, Kotter Barney Millar Streets ol Sao Francisco Hniry 0 P('f i V Mason ·NOV.* s c e n e 6 Good News Ch.7 KTVB (NBC) Guntmoke NBC Nignily News Newsbeal 1 Htfe Haw Thursday Night Movie ., Dean Martin Roast N c w t b e a i 1 The Tornqhl Show T o m o r r o w Ann Landers SERVICE-ALL TV-STEREO GE-APPLIANCES-- ALL REFRIGERATION 459-08041 Program Highlights H.M'ii. \I.-\KYTYLEKMOOKE and stie suspecls it's all -- Guilt plagues Mary became of her. Richards when a hanJsnme 7:30 16' BARNEY MILLER priest confides lo her thai he "Massage Parlor" is gning lo loave tlie church Detective Janice Wenlworlh TV film fare G - 3 0 I7i NBC THURSDAY life which has stifled her ami NIGHT AT THE MOVIES- threatens his dreams of "Portrait of a Friend" -- becoming a whirr. The play Starring James Dean. Candy is adapted from Sherwood ('lark and Michael Brandon Anderson's novel and stars Wriler William Basl. who Joseph LioUoms. Jean Peters wrote (he teleplay Dean, an and William Windom. Inland co-producled the film, calls Ihe story "One Mini's Recollection of James W:30 i 2 CBS LATE MOVIE Dean, an image of Ihe Actor "Hornets N'esl" - Starring as Seen Through the Eyes of Rock Hudson and Sylva ,1 Friend." Koscina. Rock Hudson stars l:0il MI HOLLYWOOD as a I'.S. Army Captain, who TELEVISION THEATER -- with a demolition crew. ·'Wiiicslmrg. Ohio" - A parachutes behind Nazi lines rnolher struggles to help her in Northern llaly lo blow up sun escape Ihe small-town a strategically vital dam arresls a cowboy al a massage parlor and an old lady mugs a man. «:" i2i PEOPLE'S CHOICE A W A R D S Varielv entertainment special in which the naiion's favorite television, film and musical performers will be honored, wilh Jack Alberston and Hollywood columnist Arinv Archerrj us co-hosts. 8:00 (61 STREETS OK SAN KRANCISCO - "Superstar" -- Dert D'Angelo. a street wise policeman from New York arrives in San Francisco lo find Ihe man responsible for murdering his partner and causes much aggravation to Mike Slone and Sieve Keller. o:UO 14) THE VrAY IT WAS -195-1 World Scries: New York Giants vs. Cleveland Indians. The Giants manager Leo Durocher, Willie Mays, Dusty Rhodes, along with the Indians manager Al Lopez. Bob l.cmon and Vic W'ertz join host Curl tiuwdy to relive (he great game. B:30 (-)) LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS 1933 -Lowell Thomas, wilh a voice heard by rnnre people than any other, uses newsrcel film from the Movietone News Library and provides n unicjue and personal view of history- in the 201h Century. 0:00 16) HARRY 0 - ."Death Certificate" - Organization hit men, bent on stopping Harry's probe of an old man's death, assassinate the private eye's good friend and mechanic, Spencer Johnson. J:(Jlt 171 LIEAN MARTIN ROAST - World h e a v y w e i g h t champion Muhammad AM is the man of Ihe hour as roastec. 10:30 (7) THE TONIGHT SHOW -- Johnny Carson hosts and Peter Falk IMBC's Columbol is guest. Dr. Lamb Problem acquired and congenital DEAR DR. LAMB Please tell me something about megacolon. Would the bowel movement of a person with this condition be large or small since it enlarges the colon and narrows the rectum and causes Ihe wasle to back up in the colon? Would the kind of food a person eats have any effect on the condition? Would one be any more likely to get cancer of the colon or rectum'' Since this is a congenital defect will u be likely to improve with age or gel worse' Any comments you can make on (his condition would be appreciated. D E A R R E A D E R - Megaco.lon is a/so called Hirscnsprung's disease. A common form is congenital, and is present from birth Some vital nerve endings are absent in the lower part of the colon and rectal area. This permits the muscles in Ihe wall of Ihe rectum and lower colon to over conlract acting like an obstruction. That is why you have heard that the colon is narrowed at the outlet. The area of the colon above the obstructing narrow outlet d i l a t e s enormously and becomes filled with food residue. And the colon in Ihis area becomes markedly dilated. Unfortunately the condition does not disappear as the child gets older. The condition causes distention. constipation and accumulation of gas in the colon. The large dilated colon can be seen and felt through a thinned abdominal wall. Inflammation of the colon called enlerocolitis is a frequent complication in persons suffering with this problem. Adults can acquire ihe disease, usually from long stan- ding constipation, and less commonly from nerve diseases that destroy the nerves to the rectal area and lower colon. I n d i v i d u a l s who repeatedly fail to answer the bowel urge gradually blunt this reflex and eventually it doesn't work at all. Chronic constipation on this basis may often lead to an acquired form of enlarged, dilated colon. Acquired megacolon can be prevented. Those wanting information on avoiding or correcting bowel problems can send 50 cents for The Health Letter, Number 2-1. Irritable or Spastic Colon and Constipation. Enclose a long, stamped self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter lo me in c a r e o f t h i s newspaper. P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York NY 10019. The size of the bowel Livestock, produce SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY, UlarHUPI) -- 1'iah. Idaho and eastern Nevada feetllo! and range liveslock sales for Wednesday: Trade rather slow, r'ew sales of slaughter steers ar'.rl heifers firm bul buyers Ix'fiimin}! bearish on late rounds as indications point to a Sower dress market sellling Ibis week. Slaughter steers high good and mostly choice 1.050-1.150 Ib yield grade mostly 3 -W 0041.IK), load of good 1.275 Ib holste'ins :IH 00: slaughter heifers few loads of choice 950-075 Ib yield grade 3 38.110: slaughler cow sculler, commercial and fredlot cows sold on the rail: feeder cattle steady choice T.lo-BOO llj sicers 41.00. OMAHA d-TIi - Livestock' ibfls 2.800: butchers 1.00-1.25 lower, except limited receipts over 280 Ib steady 10 1.0" luwcn 38 head No 1-2 215-225 Ib -19.115. No 1-3 105-240 II) 49.00-49.50; 240-260 Hi 4H.OO-49.00: No 2-3 2IM-280 Ib 47.00-48.00; 2a«-2)i) Ib 45 00-47.0(1; So 2-4 200-375 Ib 4.V50- 4fi 50: snws steady lo 60 lower; 350-600 Ib 441)0 -I.V7.) Caltle and calves 4.000: choice and prime steers 50 lower, instances 75-1.00 lower: oilier steers 25-50 lower: few early sales heifers weak to 25 lower, bin bulk 501.00 lower; cows slcady; short load and parl load choice wilh end prime 1150-1200 Ib steers 40.00; choice IOOO-125U Ib 38.0033.50; good and low choice 35.00-38.25: choice and prime 975-1025 Ib heifers 38.5039.00 early; choice 875-1075 Ib M.25-38.00. good and low choice 31.50-37.00. utility and commercial cows 24.50-2750; canner and culler 18.30-24.50. CHICAGO (UPIi - Bulk selling prices as reported by L'SDA: Kggs: prices paid to delivery weaker I'rices to retailers (Grade A. in cartons delivered): extra large 624-64'j: large 6163: mediums 59iO'j. DKSVKIi lUI'lJ - Grain: So. 1 hard winter wheat 5 50 cwt \o. 2 yellow corn 480-4.85 cwt So 2 barley 4.33-4.60 cwl. OGDKN. Utah l'! ! li - Grain: No. l hard winter wheat 3 42 Ini. No. 10 protein 3.42 bu No. II protein 3.42 hu. No. 12 protein 3.60 tin. No. 13 protein 4.00 bu. So. 1 white wheat 3.40 bu. So. 2 barley 5.05 cwl. Arrivals: |rt cars, 8 wheaf. 2 barley. IDAHO KAI.l.S. Idaho iL'PI) Potatoes: easlein and soulhern Idaho, demand for mesh !0's moderate, market about steady: demand for count cartons light.marketslighlly lower; Russets. U.S. No. One, 2 in. or 4 m. min.. 10 Ih. mesh sacks, r.on size A. ft.50; few low as 8.00; 50 Ib. c.irlons. hundredweight basis. 80-10fl count. 11.00-11.50. few 12 00: 100 Ib. sacks sac A and non sizo A. to« feu' sales lo quote; 10 01. min.. K.50-8.75: U. S. No. Two's, mostly 4.00. Onions: western Idaho and Malheur Ciunly. Ore., demand very light, marke! lower: prices represent few sales. Some orders booked open, price to be established later Yellow Spanish. 50 ib. sacks. U. S. No. One. 3in. and larger. 3.50-3.75; 21 1 Io3 in.. 2 50-3.00. movements vary bul may be quite a large amount with limited caliber. Many patients with Ihis problem often require enemas to relieve their condition. Remember the basic disease is on obstruction of the outlet of the bowel. Megacolon may exist in varying degrees of severity. Mild cases can be managed with minimal difficulties -diet, laxatives or enemas. Care should be used to limit enemas to retention enemas of mineral or olive oil. Water enemas or soap suds enemas may be retained beyond the obstructed area and resull in water intoxication and other problems. There is no solid evidence that megacolon has any relationship lo developing cancer. More severe cases can be treated surgically. There are various operations that have been devised but most involve removing the obstructed area without any nerves and pulling down (he area of the colon with proper nerve control. When Ihesc procedures work properly the lower bowel Inen works like it does in other people. Livestock prices NAMPALIVESTOCK M A R K E T R E P O R T NAMP*. Ftt. I] -- HCJd COunl i7S Market ceriSi lions: Slipping tows and helleri were n r ady with D»l week. Op*/i fifiltri iipady, DAIRY SPRINGERS -- Top cowi Slfl; lap 10 Hoi stein owi avirigeMS; medium Holilein ov.i 103-410; Hot. sMppint hfiltrt, top ill; Hal. ihlpplng heiftrt, top W SI]; Hoi- ifVpjji'H) ht!!eri, top 140 m; HoliTeh hdKri JM «i; fr«h * milking QWI * heiltrs 1IS-WS. Guern. i Springer cowi 115-ltS; commoi milk-rq cowl fi!f breeds) iftMH REPLACEMENT D A I R Y H E I F E P S - lighl H9lslei1 heiltrt KHMO.Hr r*avy Holiltm ht1tri 3t-]4; pliin Holilein hFiferi Itn.U. NAMPA LIVESTOCK GENERAL LIVESTOCK NAMPA, Ftb II -- HSJd counl l.»)7. Wjffceleontfif.cnj: AUcimes ol tame H. f j a hundred ilrorgtr. SLAUGHTER CATTLE -- Good To c/io ; te itetrt ]Ml.»; common ta low g«od iKen ]!'!I1S 'td Holiteln liters 37 ». H»; good to cholct t*if*fl »«-)/M; common To low »wd htifin I|.»».rO: uliltiiei1iUI.OJl-S«;conrmerci»1 ccwt US3JO; utility cowi 74 »-».Se ; c»nr*ri aivKuflert 1I-H.50, Jer. K OKITM tlr«ri A heiler US U-1US) 9»ed bulk »·)).«; light bulli lf.»-30r diiry ve»l 1I-7MO; cFioict STOCKCB AND FEEDER CATTLE Light *F ftrtfr Hem !-»·«. i»; h«*vr *F ftt tfer ttveri Jl «.H;Hal« WF fttder ititn Hir.?ai right WF (e«4«r heifers ) 1 » J ! M ; h « l v r W F feeder )*iftr| »» Jf.U. plain WF ft*Qr ntlfiri }}.».}|; ligKl HcltUlr. itteri ir.JJ.J9i heavy Kohrtin iletri » JC Jt; ifckK c«wt »«. I'l; Ipttfer Cttoi II ?! 10. Back-seat advice bugs driver Dear Ann Landers: You have printed many letters about drunk drivers, but so far as I know you have never published anything about a hazard just as great -- maybe worse. I'm re/erring lo ihe back-seal driver. I'm a good driver -- 40 years without an accident, which is a miracle, considering some of Ihe back-seal harassment I've been up against. I realize there are limes when even Ihe best driver needs to be lold to look oul for somelhir.g, bul superfluous advice can be very annoying and il could cause an accident -- especially when the person screams instructions. Not long ago 1 had one of those nervous wrecks in the car and she scared the daylights out of me twice within 10 minutes. I was so mad 1 deliberately ran a red light and headed into the wrong lane, facing oncoming traffic, just to shake her up. Please prinl this Idler as a reminder lo passengers lo keep their mouths shul or the ac- THE FAMILY CIRCUS cidenl Ihey cause may be then- own. - J.T.E. Dear J.T.E.: I have indeed primed letters about both drunken drivers and back-seal drivers, bul this is probably Ihe first teller I've ever printed from a CRAZY driver. And 1 do mean you, Busier. Anyone who would deliberately run a red light and head into Ihe wrong lane facing oncoming traffic, just lo shake up a passenger, has got lo be nuts. + + + Dear Ann Landers: My mother died less (nan two months ago a f t e r being bedridden for nearly a year. A week afler my mother's funeral Dad told me she couldn't lake care of his sexual needs for a long lime and now he has found ;i woman who is able to give him what he has been missing. He keeps telling me how "great" she is. This hurts me deeply and 1 don't know how lo let him know. I'm not interesled in my falher's sex life. It isn't necessarv for Bv Bil Kcane "Daddy does that *Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum' part better." Hints from He/ofse Envelopes made from magazines llelnise: A friend of mine taught me how to make the most beautiful envelopes. Genlly open an envelope of the desired size. Use that as a pattern and trace it on a picture torn from a magazine. I have used ads, full page cartoons in addition to pretty scenery. Be sure to center the pattern on the prettiest part of the page. Then fold it and glue. I use the pre-gummed labels for the address and I put the label on the back of the envelope to preserve Ihe prettiest side unmarked. It takes a surprising short time to make these beauties and ! make several at a time while watching TV. Jan I « r TTie envelope Jan used lo mail her letter in was absolutely beautiful. What a great way to recycle old magazines! Bet the kiddies would have a ball making envelopes while watching TV. Heloise I.KTTEU OF [.AUGHTER Dear "Hello" isc: Wouldn't it be loverly if someone would invent: Rubber gloves with fingernails? for stubborn sticky blobs. And you know my nose only itches when I'm wearing rubber gloves? Dispenser tops for liquid laundry products. It is ever so diflicult to pour one or two ounces from the most economical sizes so I always end up wasting the amount I saved. A pocket-sized, transistorized "Heloise" to have handy whenever I'm in "trouble"! Marc Dear Heloise: When cooking liver, it can get messy in flouring and always slips off Ihe fork. I use a nut pick. I can spear the liver either for flouring or just turning it in the skillet. The nut pick is very easy to clean and no messy flour goo on my hands. __^____ Nellie The peran tree produces a major crop only once in two venrs. HELD OVER ... 2nd Smash Week! "HARD BARGAIN" Stating Betty Bill Plus "Weiid, Well, Wild" TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under 18 Not Admitted Doots optn»t!:30 454-1 731 Door Falron K/ou would be offer, ded by a fi'm of a sexual ncfu you'pai'oiogo isf.orsolicMed Jht Uanagtmtn CLOSED MONDAYS! him to justify what he is doing by complaining lo me about my mother's "inadequacy." I can'! bring myself to lell Dad how I feel. 1 just choke up inside and (he words won'l come. Will you please help me by printing my leller' He never misses your column. Thank you -- Slill Grieving Dear Friend: Here's your letter -- and now wliy don't you try to help yourself by handing your dad this column and verbalizing your feelings? 1 know il will be difficult bul il could be a giant step toward maturity. Bottled rage can be immensely damaging God helps those who help themselves. -r-t-4- Dear Ann Landers: I was one of IZchildrenand 1 never heard my mother or father or one of my sisters or brothers use a dirty word. 1 have never used foul language in my life. I ask you. why does my daughter who holds an executive position have such a fillhy mouth? Her teenage children can'l utter two sentences in a row without cussing or resorting lo guller language. They don'l care who is present. What can 1 do about this appalling situation? - Stuffy (As They Call Me) Dear Grandma: Probably nothing bul feel sorry for them. Dirly words are counterfeit currency for bankrupt vocabularies. Those poor kids will never know tow many doors iliey have closed on Ihrrnsclves u-ilii their filthy talk. What a pity! __,,__ The Indian duck runner walks like a man. It lias an erect carnage, a rapid gait ;ir,'J no waddle NOW SHOWING CIT!SOfl(i:(5,Slltl«HTI:lS fKEUECTIKIMMIUTUS HUSTLE CO-WT "THE LONGEST YARD' - PIUS -"HONKERS" Get acquainted with VALUE! STEAK DINNERS THOROUGHBRED Restaurant - Lounge Karcher Mall · Nampa GEM STATE 4-WHEEL DRIVE ASSOC. 1976 WINTER CONVENTION DANCE Saturday, Feb. 21,'in TheO/d Elks Building, 815 Arthur, Caldwell MUSIC BY CLOD HEADGATK FREE BEER AND DOOR PRIZES [ f.D. Required OPEN 8 P.M.-DANCE 9 P.M. Couples... $6.00- Singles... $4 QQ TICKETS NTH BOOK-PULIC MUTED HOME OF FINE FOODS NEW AT THE CASTLE BREAKFAST SERVED We're still Sorting Our Famous SUNDAY BUFFET 11:OI)a.m.to6p.m. OPEN TILL 9 P.M. SUNDAYS MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People fit ci-jrc/.iurf tfit/Hingi u fo i.i.'orm pt(t\!f ItOutUt lUi/jBr'.j, O r mO'it corttrttoi "fmiyt r ttn,tt-iit}itr, [QJ ffir t_C R (X) ^ lUAGESiOM'IlEO f*R[NTAL GUrOAfcCt ^1 HJCCIflED W\ Su liblffFv Pif.lttntgtrs ·a- Pirtrvl 04 AdullOuirdili ·o NOOHEUNOER 1 7 A D M I 1 T E D 11 c»il«in trutl ..i«M'MK-..*.,a..i MOTION riCIU«l AU004! 01 Cl AUimeA McWIHTER Special # 1 Big Mac Q W sa AHca ^L''l l l?"k Y o u ' ' f r o m ? Need More Coupons? Why nol mnke your owP Feel Iree I'j irace Ihis one. :isc a copy machine, ilia* onDoiioneolriuf napVinsr o»C'i,) m.iiclibook cover We l .icccpl any reasons!) o facsimile of Ihe coupon 31 IMP l tjhl un!,! |n c C | os( , 0 | Oil' wtukingday FM 29 197G McWinter Specinl This coupon entitles Ihe bearer to Two Big Mac »·.....» for only $1,29 | McDonalds! m.

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