Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 1970 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
Page 32
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1'iige 3J v.KLBI.SY TR1HUNE Tues.. May 12, 1970 House Votes To Repeal Ban On Washington Kite-Flying r-Junior Editori Quit on-PAINTINGS By ROBERT A. HUNT Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON House struck a blow Monday for k''e flying'in the nation's capital. The kite-flying ban is part of an 1892 law "for the preservation of the public peace and the protection of property within the District of Columbia." But, by voice vote, the House decided to repeal the kite-flying ban and sent the measure to the Senate. "Here in the capital of i But, this ytar, another group I also sought permission for a _, ikile festival and the Smithso- - Tlie: nian moved its big event out ( 0 the Maryland suburbs as a drive started for repeal of the law. It still would be unlawful to : set up or fly any fire balloon or parachute" in Washington. A $10 fine, which also was provided for kite flying, could be imposed. The 1892 law includes also penalties for throwing stcnes in free world there is no freedom to do the most 100 per cent America thing an American can do--go out and fly a kite." said Rep. Andrew Jacobs Jr., D-Ind., in the few moments the House considered the bill. Provisions of the law were waived through the years so the Smithsonian Institution could hold its annual kite carnival on the grassy mall which runs between the Capitol and Washington Monument. public places, cursing, enticing the orostitulion. kindling bonfires prostitution, kindling and indecent exposure. There is a $5 fine for playing football, bandy, shindy or other games with balls or stones in the street. In case you didn' know, bandy is a game similar to field hockey and so is shindy or shinny. "We have a long way to go,' Jacobs told his colleagues bu he pledged to look into the arraj of other prohibitions in the lav, "if only you will help me ge this (kite ban) off the ground.' European Airports Tighten Security After Bomb Tries The other three bombs Sun day exploded on the ground. I each case, a warning telephon call before the Iberia jets too off suggested LONDON (AP) -- European airports tightened security measures and detectives in overalls mingled with mechanics and servicing crews at London Airport after a rash of fire bombings Sunday aimed at | spread fear and not death. Spanish jet airliners. I At Geneva, 56 passengers an Police officials from London, I crew were hurried off a DC9 je Geneva. Frankfurt and Amster-| liner after a telephone warning t(.o four cities where at-'A blast went off in the luggag the bombers to officials tha were trying become almost valueless be- booed by Communist members cause of inflation. But the cruzeiro plummeted n value too-by 1967 it took 2,700 cruzeiros to make a dollar. Then came the new cruzeiro, worth 1,000 cruzeiroi, but Instead of calling In the crueiros in circulation, the Central Bank simply stamped them with their new worth. But not all the bills were stamped, opening foreigners to the depredations of hucksters. Hence today's confusion, Which will end when the old bills will be replaced, released Theodorakis on "hu- minllirlan grounds" for treatment of tuberculosis, but it had refuted putports to hit family. Theodorakis. wrote the music [or the films "Zorba tot Greek" and "Z." Theodorakis' Family Brought Out of Athens tempts were made to plant suil- c lire iMinbs aboard Spanish Iberia. Airlines jets, met at In- compartment 15 minutes after the plane was supposed to be airborne. QUESTION: Who started painting pictures? ANSWER: Art is very old: Wonderful cave paintings have lasted from about 40,000 years ago; The first artists were hunters, to whom animals were all-important as sources of food, fur and bone. It is thought that the cave paintings, many of which can still be seen, were done as a kind of magic."if you drew a fine buffalo, you had a better chance of killing one next day. But these paintings, in the writer's opinion, have other values, those of art and beauty. They have- beauty-of pattern, of rhythm, an extraordinary sense- of life. See if, in the pictures we illustrate, you can find these qualities in the work of later artists. The Rembrandt picture has a touching human quality, and there is decided rhythm in the arrangement of shapes. Beauty of pattern is very obvious in Ryder's picture, as is the poetic feeling of the moonlight, the boat and the sea. Van Gogh's picture dances with exhilarating rhythm. The forms seem to leap, as the animals leapt across the prehistoric caves in the days when art was born. (Jeffrey Gaines of Kansas City, Mo., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to if the crowd. The Greek government had Canadian Btavtr OTTAWA -- Before Canadian Conservation control! were imposed, unlimited trapping had almost eliminated tilt beaver tral Council of range. N o w W A S H I N G T O N -- The nation's 23,900 credit unions had a record-breaking yew in 1969. Loans Increased »!.« bllUon to fi.3 billion and savings rose $1.4 )illion to $6.7 billion. MenV jership grew to 11.3 million, a rise of 800,000. throughout much of Its former , , ,, ,, , however, Canada's beaver population Is larger than at any other time in th» lait 50 years despite an annual take of pelts during the past decade that was several times larger than the yearly output In the 1920s. The beaver is again the most ing to more than $6 million year. Sovitt Condoltncw MOSCOW (AP) - The Cen- Untons extended Soviet Trade "deep condolences" Monday on the death of Walter Reuther to members of his union, relatives and friends. Reuthcr's death was announced in Soviet radio and television news broadcasts as "a great loss to the U.S. labor movement." The newscasters reported that Reulher had opposed President Nixon's deci- bearer withleltTales amount-Cambodia. Track Shoes 695 Tennis Rackets Tennis Balls Fly Reel Rod and Reel Combination terpof police headquarters Paris. Police issued renewed in' At Frankfurt, a suitcase ex- '-'ploded aboard a luggage cart en prize.) ders through Interpol for tight ji( S wav to an Iberia plane. In security checks at all Europe's ] Amsterdam, another suitcase ,. Junior Editors in care oj this newspaper, is selected for a PARIS (AP) -- Three young Frenchmen using an under Around network of boats and a slane brought the wife and two children of Greek communis composer Mikis Theodorakis ou of Athens, a French professor said Monday night. Prof. Paul Milliez said Theo dorakis' family had arrived ii Paris. The three Frenchmen, all under 30, took major risks to spirit the family out of Greece after Mrs. Theodorakis made it known she "could no longer breathe the air of Athens," Mil- liez told a Greek rally. Theodorakis had been freed! by (he Greek military government April 13 after nearly three years of imprisonment He was flown to Paris aboard a plane chartered by Jean-jacques S e r - ' , van-Schreiber, secrelary-gener-] ** nere al of France's lefl-cenler Radi-iSoortsmen cal party. I v Theodorakis was at the rally [Receive when Milliez made the an-' nouncerrient about his family. |More Milliez said the rescue of (he composer's family "was the work of Jean-jacques Servan-:For Less! Schreiber." hut this remark was! Adidai pr. Pressure Packed, can of 3 4 95 r 9 FOR FISHERMEN 195 Automatic 24.95 Value 11 95 Official League Softball Bats ea. 3 00 mm i Value ARGENT PORT HOP iimi ATTENTION GOLFERS Starter Sets IE? Sam Snead Champ Set of 4 Woods __ 75 Set of 2 Woods -- 19.95 Patty Berg Woods, Set of 2 20" Irons, Unmatched «*· 5.00 Bobby Nichols Irons * . i r 07°° Set of 5 __ 27 Ladies' Golf Shoes 6 95 Pair 1008 8th Ave. Ph. 353-4567 international airports. Police at London Airport But helped airport officials inspect passengers and luggage Monday. Boarding p a s s e n g e r s passed between metal-detecting devices and extra police were ___ stationed atkey points. [where The stepped-up security fol- made, lowed the finding of a bomb aboard an Iberian Caravelle jet Sunday. The bomb was defused after a telephone call from a woman. Forty-five passengers fire bomb started a blaze in the main lounge in the airport terminal. Informed sources in Madrid said two bomb threats had been made against the state airline. there the was no indication threats had been were preparing to board plane for Barcelona. Candidates Spending NEW DELHI -- The Supreme Court has held that former the Chief Minister of Madhya Pra- desh D. P. Mishra was guilty Earlier Monday, workers han-j 0 [ corrupt practice under the Brazil's Monetary System; The Cruzeiro and Confusion By BRUCE HANDLER Associated Press Writer RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) ! Brazil is organizing its disorganized currency system, which has infuriated and bewildered Brazilians and foreign visitors. The government Friday will abolish the new cruzeiro and re- worth anywhere from "10" to '10,000" will know how much they're spending. And Brazil- dling 'baggage for Iberia Air-iRepresentation of the People;surrect the cruzeiro, which used MJ -' Act and that his election to the to be its currency unit. But this Slate Legislative Assembly waslcruzeiro will not be the same as rightly set aside by the Madhya'cruzeiro, which is still in circu- Pradesh High Court. The Court lation along with the new cruzei- lincs staged a one-hour wildcat strike at London Airport to pro- 1 test what they termed inadequate security arrangements. An Iberia official claimed the bombings were the work of anarchists trying to wreck Spain's billion-dollar tourist trade. found him guilty of spending an amount of money exceeding that permitted under Section 77 of the Act. ro. This is why Brazil's monetary system needs the change. Tourists, who presently gaze .ans, who carefully paste and tattered bills together, should be pleased with the crisp new bills. The innovation does not mean a change in Brazil's chronically; unstable exchange rate. One new cruzeiro, today worth cents, will become one cruzeiro, worth the same. Brazil adopted the cruzeiro which means "cross" in Portuguese-- in the mid-1940s, aban- uncomprehendingly at bills doning the mil reis. which had BRIAR, LTD. WEDNESDAY ONLY 7 to 10 DAY'S PERMANENT PRESS PANTS Regular $10 to $12 for 9.90 Reg. $7 to $10 Button-Down Short Sleeve Dress Shirts 2 for 8.90 Reg. $9 to $10 Long Sleeve Dress Shirts 2 for 8.90 Reg. $H Full Fashion, Lamb's Wool V-Neck Sweaters Ea. 4.90 Barracuda Jackets, limited quantities. . . 40% Off Ties, special group ] /2 Price BRIAR, LTD. MEN'S CLOTHIERS 906 Eighth Avenue open a charge account Phone 353-5064 TM usc Y our OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS JUST IN TIME FOR MOONLIGHT Wednesday, May 13 All Day and Half the IS'ight! $ 49,999 INVENTORY CLEARANCE Just in time for Greeley's Moonlight Sale, our §'19.999 Inventory Clearance. An annual event that save dollars on the General Electric Appliance of your choice! And--as nn extra added attraction--we're offerinu the G.E. Television set, shown below, for only $127.77. Come in and save! NOBODY, BUT NOBODY, MOONLIGHT SPECIAL UNDERSELLS US! Budget Terms! INSTANT VIEWING! $' 77 w/t m 18" Diagonal Picture Size 10.95 STAND - FREE! INSTA-VIEW -- picture and sound are almost immediate when you turn the set on. "Silver Touch" -- two speed tuning system for fine tuning of both UHF and VHP. i 172 sq. inch viewing area. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! · RANGES · REFRIGERATORS · FREEZERS · WASHERS · DRYERS · DISHWASHERS · DISPOSALS · TELEVISION · STEREO WE HAVE G-E AIR CONDITIONING GREELEY MAYTAG AND G.E. APPLIANCE CO. ''The Working Man's Store" Howard Kahler 623 8th Ave. 352-4643 Bill Kohler

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