Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 23, 1962 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1962
Page 9
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Directory of Weld Churches ·'· I. ceil tor auu«« I.k'i* * U f u . ·' u ·»«·* *»' *'lle echo.) et i;. .quiv,u,, ·'il «k»ol Ii need Service, are »un«»j unleae oUertrle* noted Ttf ll foi T.utb or T»un» H«,le KMCI.I cnurck new. ihould b* Ii thl Trioun. oftlc. by w.dn.eday ·' I in for fridar "I Orwlty lith, Thomae R IIY|« Kchocl. 1.41: wrvlcee n a« 7:10 ·MWblfe, e U»«. Se.nlin col- «»l.v ScfcK.1. 10 eervlce. 7 J(| » L. Ualer »cho»L »4,*"e.r»' Icei U - H 1*4 1:41. Ipaniab. m (Khot.1. 10: '·?'·"'' ·.,0.1. llrd ATI · ···J. An-hle M9r:UJE School 1-4- t.rTlc«». 11-00. T:«0 and 1:00 ...I.I. » i , ,, B»..H.II,,I *. SStli Av«. .,,) .., h s , Road oeraid ii Meyer. Jtbool. »'JO aervicea. 10:30 k" . U *' *' r *"* f"'«wl«. h Av«..|rd. uui. Blind* Vital 1:10. I I : C O end, °" "·"·'·· A-erlra, I.. Ik.,. . llat A v - l t t h . liicbird " " l " cl *'" : ""'«· «·" ·er»l!.l. till »U 4«e. llth. J L Jeha*!. |;U: nrricie. . Halnei. A M , F r a n k Tr«- . ;1 '.in eervlree - .. I'orlunt. School KrOft- 1 1 - 8 0 1-00 ind 7:!0 iu. loin Stewart «el*ran« .... A v e - i s t h . Bruce c '««1M* Ck.rtk i .( L.II.J. D A V htll Bob C! AndereoD: Scboel. 10:0(1: aervlcei 11 :oo eilv.tlo. Ar»r. 10:0 C»pl R Beaver School, lotn. tervlcei. 1 1 : 0 0 and 1-08. Y P «:!0 »»l»el H.PII.I. H i , , A V . . A l l e r A v i . - l O l l , . Elor Dale "' ·ir^ Gilbert, l e h o o l . 8:45;l|ori gatardlj achcol. t - J O : aerv Mklt HIM.,,,,, W»lj«r KTUtlllrd ilf I4lh Avi. - , School, !:4S ·llM II Hi 7'4I. TP 1 Ol T:4» } llh, :*»: t:0l eer'tcn ll l l t b A V I Norton School Icei. It l l t h ( · I D ! A v c . 11:00 Or SJ .ervne. I K - J O TP 1:10 P.uri Ce.Rrev.llu..l, ltd I J l h . H J Siroh School aervteee. 10:|o. J:00 »n-i · Mill 11:41 lift 1:41. T P . j ' ' 1 ' et, 111 i j i n llth. Ii. . , · L ! .'!'- P'. 1 ". 1 ". C.ikullr, tin . «.«.... 7:40. Ckmk .1 I t r U l . 1 1 2 1 lit, Ichnel. ;0:(0: l . r v l r . t I I 00 ·nrt ID 1 1 : 0 0 and l:4t '!'« ·Var.r,... 3( L'hatlei V Y u u n i I'riicee I t'i I ' l l ar \Church World Service Appeals tor Blankets Thousands of Algerians may. Crerity Council of UiuHhiv Ine firs'. Baptist (Small ;/. llreeze to death during the on- headed by Frank \Vea»er is back-.:«ii A\e. and ll'.h y. will be o:ie coming cold months unless 630.- ing the appeal fur blankets, cloth-jo! the loilection cenieu-jduiu:-; 000 blankets are rushed there im-jing. food, and money which can the new netK. 'mediately, oflicials of Church be used to purctee-urphis army; A» » World Service announced after an emergency meeting in New York blankets at a cost of 2 lo 3 dii lars each. JKriday, Nov. 23. 1962 ( J K E E L K V ^Dialogue' Aims at Easing jConflicts Between Faiths pu'.-:n itici;iin : foi Ir.e nat.on-Aide biankcudmc. church officials dec!ared"-Usat ii"*i .wheat w i l l be ru.-h'jd !q..\!jc::;i lo combat lhe gruumg stjrva:iv:i ;IiCTe. Ti,,s w j l be in addit:u!' -., inure than 11 million pounds ni ,fuod other relief supRlii-- a!.ready .sent a- a result ol dm.- i'.ian Kara! Ove:'-eus 1'ioznin ·CYop . Share OL;' Surplus 'SUS- ing. and exlenl of shared view*. ; and mher relief appeals of ·...«· :1 ",churc!ie.-i tha .,:: Catholic. TWO MEMBERS of the First Methodist Church Methodist Youth Fellowship Croup and their leader, the Hev. Jack Hill 'center', left Friday allernoon on the MYF Washington and United Nations Peace Tour. The two delegates are Rick Kauffman. son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kauflman of 2030 24th St. Hoad, and Barbara Douglas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Cordon Douglas of 2116 23rd A\e. Tribune photo by Paul Edscorn. ·y GEOR3E CORNELL AuKiitt4 Prut Rtlijwn Writer often surprises even lhe parti' They were men of diiferent re- pan', , N , eam e( , ibgions. discussing tbc'r opposing "The dilficull problems can be;p r , )levlarl U'liH-an ipolicies. Bui they found '.hat they|ameliorated through pnlient and; a n d j^ , hua . ilci v .agreed on basic purposes and.honest exchange o! ideas and tr principles, and 'hat they alsu] Intelligent analyse u! issue 1 . were concerned with the bamejsays Dr. Lewis Webster j problems. This was lhe result of an intei ·faith "dialogue." :practice in America today, aimed ;at easing community conilicts re- tanisrn and Judaism. . lated to reliaion , ,·,, . - j n ! o dlj 'prcMdent of the National Confer- \ f h N er-. ence of Chritians and ,!,«s ' *' ' h ° ''' ' ' a spreading; The agency. ,,)ciudin- 4 represen- d !ta!ive of ''atholicisin. Proles-' ''' ' N .. .:,-,,,. £L La5t ' ell ° 15 . ''" *''' aSSCm ' letioel 1t:tt| lervlci 1:41 Cfc.rc. .r (in« 1. r.rl»i, 4IUI 4th A v » . . H fl f a r m School I t I O : l l ' O f l and 1:01* .f 11.4 itt rro.krr.. l l e t A v e . - 7 t h R v . r t d . t v iv pet- »yj"ht gchnct I I ' O O . aerrlcea. II C« tie: 7:l| Ctetck «f J».«. Ckrlx .1 L.I. ,.r ll, ··!.,.. !!«1 t l r H « e Xleho; Olet f l a i o n . Prln; h.yd. ».ft(; Kho«l. 10 l f l . riair),' ·i.i.l T«»«l«. i t n A v e . i n , K i n n i t h f i t n r f r SrliQol. ) 41 e e r v l C f l t l : 4 9 and 7:30 1 I l l h Ave.-mh. Paul H Woellle' Francli ' _ :CO i n * ; ·"!·.. N e l . v t l i l , 1th A t f . ':!', w i l f o r d K l ' j f m a n sch'-n TR',' .L*" 1 " 1 - M; " "« 1: "- AuH II.HII. w r. I'lrai School Klrai c.rlall.N. J School l ' 4 f t l e r v l e i a ' l o 4 f l r i l C U ««,...| t Davliaon :ri. I 1 : O C ' Hr.i I..I,, OR Jjchoo:. 3 Greeleyites Leave tor MYF Washington, U. N. Peace Tour lVl "c\Vi One I'undred and I Methodist Youth and nf I i r l . I . IViltn School. I 4S. nrv tttenty-eightiand committee meetings. Special! Leaving .New Adult Coun-1 interviews have been arranged'Wednesday the _ _ ___ engaged : ' ~ in a far-reaching, project to! Christian Science it is an approach to troublous. bring the group- together nation: T O C» reit C n ; I issues such as religion andjally and locally, t "seek solutions! " schools, hirth control policies ar.djio points of friction U n d e r s t a n d i n g Sun. 'talking plainly with each other. 1 Set to run for li\e ve«rs. or [instead of one-sidedly about each longer the pro-ram is i-al'ed the !"!h«r. : "religious freedom and public | The ensuing belter understand- 'fair* project " This week. i. held its firs: na- t i o n a l in5|i '« tf in ^^ ,, , !l " w -' lJ ' r;tu: ' ! a-, 0 "' 1 , 35 ^ , ioc brou - 2ht out al t - l - TM " 5 r v i " S u n a - v ' osday, lhe i York ,, ,0 bv Mrs ' Soul a " d " " ianki " d ,, «'» be the In OB !T.ot ioei I rir*l ··filet. 1 0 t h A v e . . l l t h . riluir. W Brock, lehool l : i . eenrlcil. I I 00 ril.t Chrlalla.. *lrd A i l . . I t t h . j U L Bi^-iri School. $ 10 i i r r - ! Icil. I M P | A I | r rirei .t Ckrlet Icle.. Clul K Itol. (lib i r i - l l t h . cburek end lenicee. ichool lUlt rtnl Ck.rek .f r..« Ird i v e . - lilh A. Elrl Ptle School. I:IT.; lirvlcii. 11:4) and 7 Or: TP. I 09 ed Ck.rtk V| f **krt"'lli* ATI" Hlh. FrlderlcX W Ujriloo. Icltool. 1:19 end 1 1 : 0 0 : l e r v t c e l . I II l"4 11:11 I*lttj4 c.ieBa.l. I l l h Ave - l l h . eervkcee. I I .11 and 7:00 rife, Kva.irllr.l fr... lltt, ive.-IUh.- Roberl P . m M o n . Iclitel 1:41: m v l c e i . 1 1 : 0 0 and Ml. TP, 4.40. rirfl MelkMUl, I l l h A v l . - l O l d , Tr Ulrd UovtUna. ijcho.L l;l». lervlcil 1:14 tad ll:4 rten K»Mre»«, I Ilk ATi.-Ilk %oril Carflll Xchool. 1:11: lirv II11. 1«|4| ml 1:00: TP 1:11 rint I'.Urt PtMkfiiri.., i i h A v e - l l t h . Pr ArnnM W Un». · nbr|. l c » o » l . I . I I . a e i v l c e tervii-et l l . o t I « i . ' ' l-'u.dtiaiiuMI, G i n r u a i Horn Servlcie. I JO film A l j e r «rm,.r|,l M r l b n ' I I M reul K H - . l l a n d . gchool. ! 45 1 1 '00 tkrlil A m t r k . K LlliFr», An loo £||terllni Jcheol 41. i i r v sellers (rum a three slate area with the missions of Africa and S ihark in Denver al will spend nest week traveling E. Asia | K r i d a v mo , ning and visiting Chicago, Washington, ] · '-- . U.I. and New York Cily. The! Kroup led Uemer I'nion Sialion al| p.m. Friday 'today. ; Altending from The First Meih- list Church ol Greeley are lhe Rev .lark Mil!. Rick Kauffman. .e degree^,,, Sermon Topics School convenes at 9.30 a.m.j e r t - v ; , a , ° "" " ""'""""Jesus of 'E 1 1 l · l · , .m. and u'common ha=ic ideals--and objec-| v '"'' ! " , u Promise of Help." M lhe 11 a . m . i a m - services at Firsl C'ongrega-,lives '(/o'thv wav v ..:._., rhurch. the Rev. Fred-! The same underlying rancor- ^° "\ " d , L ' en ' unoQS smanl At bolh HIP , cent Mystery." Bethel Baptist *l u a.m. at Church. At I .vt V.Htktr. ·aptl»t. ItK rt A v « . . . 11:01 end 7 . 1 0 . TP, 1:10 rirol If. .Ilk P.MI.CM1.I. S p x n l l h colony, «-··! (Irttlljr. M l n u t ) llalleitol Srhool I t - . t d . nrrlcll, :-30 ind t:IC f*.rt«.«re liniy.l, i l i h A V I . . 4tk, Jogi ll.t.ltr. School : U aervlefi 11:00 and 1:10. TP. 1 1 0 rr« Hetkoilil. 7 t h A v « . - ! 4 i n Roherl A. K«rb' Srhool. 1:41 · i r t i l . i , l l : 0 and 7:10. TP. 7 - 0 1 nreile? IR.!!!! Tam.t*. 1 4 t h A \ . . - i : h . rrtnk T»«l. School I t "0: n r v l c i i . I I n i 7 : 4 1 : V P t;0* Qrnler CkrUH», 11*1 Ith Atrttt, Normiri Do*mi. B 1 1 I Clutj. I I »»; nrvlcti I I -o» in JekK.a'i WII.IIMI, (01 l i t Lee K. Newell. 1:00 IMH....I i.eUeria, uei nt A.te.. Dr. Hercld It Kanqften IcSeel, Mi: nrvlct. 11:(C YOU CAN SAVE C.I.. rv.ireai · nedv. ijchool. ! · » » . VP 7-011 |||. , Letter eervlr. president o( the local MYF and ive.e at nod Mth Si. Rd Miss ualas is also an officer in lhe ocal group and live* at 2416 Z3rd Both were selecW by .hej e v e n l n g .ervic,;-^,^^ jj^Pastor. church to be it, o ficia de| e gate s j Ba p t | s i General Ccnlerence in the i 'T° S5essors °i Kt..n*llr«l Krrc. Ucllo* Linn ulil. ic h 00 1. 10:00. eervlcei I I in 1 10 Mr«i De.tlii, at the seminar. Rev. Hill is one of 12 adult counsellors making the De. r'-on! 5-u It. V K I I k Elmer Palme v l r t i I t n o »n-l tiMarr. Jcrrv cbooi. l : 4 k : nrrico Evani HtllXKl. a. nd Kmlilrc J Fori. School, lo-oo ervlce. I I 00 H.riei, rim* ·|«kci..rle, u th Jamie A Lenfley School 0 0 0 . u n l r . i 1 1 * 7 i t r«rl Lufttn The Bethel Rev. Bv music. The message Irom Revj sub -i ecl: Osterbere will be on the subject. | r ° r ? lv « nes "Give thanks for Al] Mpn ."|«'ill sins at 9:30 Sunday School convenes at 9:45 Vllcn ttol ' lman The and God's ' oca ' interfailh sessions, noiv vouth choirkreasuiB across the counrty. and as thou hast b{ Sieved, so be it done unto the* 'And his servant was healed i iihe selfsame hour." ' · ' , _ From "Scienc eand Heiilia wil :30 p.m. service, his topic will the First United Prtibyttritn Dr. Arnold W Langcnberg, by Boriniansky accompanie Mrs. George Andersen at on the Trttsan '·'" t( rip The Virgin Islands will b« feature' with colored slldei. Sundav Bible! °- v ! rirai M a p i U t , J r 1 r b'chool. B - U . · e r v P 1-10 riM( Httk«iii*t, (;« rn Scnool. l : 4 i : eer 'P. 7:110 It. A.rfreir'e Kpl»t m l t h Communtpn I I . evrTlcea I I -00 V o r a a n o e i leta l v : U . NoHhwe*ern University 'a Methodist related school! and Garrelt Theological Seminary -one of ll such schools maintained by the Methodist Church for the purpose of training teachers and pastors. Both Nortwestern and Garrett are located in Evanston. III. In Washington. U. C. the group will visit the place of interest lo nil Americans. On Sundav eve- School, with classes for »il ages.i"'! 11 sing , meeii ai a.45 a.m. Youth iTM,-.!" 1 ) en " Ue a. 10:30 a.m.. at First United Pres- ian Church. The Senior Choir j 1U. Ml , byteri; , - \ I H _ l l I U I L 1 I 1 U 1 I . 1 (1C C l i l l l l t r i l l 15 | ""·" v t » . M » V 1 - U L i l V ^ Wi R l . l l ( l l l g l . u . entitled. "We Thank Thee, Lord." atmosphere vvilhin the communily| BaRer - · · · · U y s a result of llie understanding rcaa [),", and the good feeling that had organ. At if a.m., lhe adull choir emerged from lhe dioalogue." a will sing Joseph Himmel's "Blessing. Glory and Wisdom," by Bach accompanied by Mrs. John Cronin at lhe organ. Church School convenes at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m thi » be iroject report said. of the church meet at « .30 p.m. ··ptut. rtuasell f l n e h e r. khool. 10:0(1. eervleei 1 1 - 0 0 A :00. TP 1. 10 C . M M . e l t y , lionet] H o w a r d . Ichool. IO:uO: l e r v l c t i . l l : t i o : VI'. C O M M M . U r , Cnvir G e r t r u d e Eateo At the 7:30 p.m. service, tht with Reta O'Neal as soloist, accompanied by Harold Hamler at the organ. Sunday Church School, with classes for Thee Adull choir rehearsal 9:30 a.m. Rev. Elmer Palmer, pastor, will preach on the topic. "When Is A Man A Man?" Male members ol, all ages, convenes at 9:13 a.m. Flrit Chriitlan The worship hour starts at 10:30 , i -n i_ i -i uc "uiamu iiuui siai i^ «ii. the congregation will be in charge a m witll lhe ^^ Su of the evening service al the Firsti Baptist Church of Eaton this Sun- cay. Early in the hour, there will Milliken Preibyttrian Masler "This doesn't mean differences I ^ '° lhe in policies are overcome, but does offer fuller joint understanding, and ollen brings out thai the principles behind lhe differing polic'es correspond "The naiure of lhe conflict is "Knowing tlUt Soul and its attributes were, '^forever manifesled through man', the healed the skt;-.gave :. nearbitrto the deaf, feet lo the lame, tbus^bring- ng lo light the scientifitt-.action of ihe divine mind onftunan minds and bodies beller understanding of-^bji salvation." At the Milliken Presbyterianichanged." said Rabbi Arthur Gil- Church, Chaplain C. P. Carlson's sermon topic will be, "God's Invitation -- Man's Response." Our Savior'i Amtrion Lutheran bert. project consultant. "It allays the mistaken, hysterical stereotype:,, and lo a large extent makes clear that the differences message from Ihe pastor. tht| 1 : Rev. Leslie L. Bovvers. emili«i.i tne 1!ev The sermon topic at our Sa- are not in principles, but only in Be Lonely?" The YouthH:! vior's American Lutheran Church applicalions of them." ' ' ' - - · ' AuH Firit At Uie U munion, lhe Rev. J. discuss the quesli "The Last Time," by! Richard Bunge. The So far. in its beginning ye. .the project reports that regularl I'wtrnarter General Edward jbe a bapnsmal servict. A male Wor | d/ . Thf Cnance | C | loir un .lanthem "We Praise " ~ J J l! " " ..... "' ..... " ' HIP 8:SO service Miss Dorothv Fos Day will address the group at a| c horus w i l lian(]uet. Monday will include a tour of the capitol and a visit lo the Soviet Embassy. In New York Cily Hie seminar members will go on sightseeing lours, participate in workshops on the work of lhe l.'niled Nations and visit the general assembly The Hev. Robert C. Dillon, pas- lor. will speak on (he subject. 'Elijah, lhe Prayer Warrior," at In- Church at 11 a.m. At the evening] service al 7:30 o'clock, his topic ,lt.» Linker... H R Mill Bcboot. 9:4a: tervlcei. IU:4». R. J. Crawford t r ; T o Talk at Strvict Of Unitoriont Sun. .1 liud, W a r r i n H a l l School, J 45; lerTtcei. u A 7 : 4 ^ · I. le.e.rea Cntluillr, Abereromble M a f ! I I . 0 0 .Inmee M r m o r l H l M r l h i i H I a l . .In. llpll A l l P l i . Scliool, 10 Oil: a i r v . c«l 1 1 : 0 0 . M Y F fOil l . n l l i r r n M , A r m i n Slolp. School, 10:00: i»rvlces. 11:00. Minittwn R. .1. Crawford w i l l speak on * 7 : 4 » rReligious Humaniim and I'nl- Leonard tarianism" at the I'mtarian-Uni- versalisl Fellowship Sunday at 11 a.m.. at the Community Building. Crawford joined lhe faculty at Colorado Stale College this fill as assistant professor of human!his bachelors from Southern Hrrkrr.,|tte- He received F.v.M.llr.l I .lira Hrrkrr., "«»· tie rCCe Ji''J'ii^'^i.S^ 00 '' r " i"^ masier.* F«n» i.»ih«rn cfcurcN n.,i"" ni " 5 1'niversily. Ho h«: nMri .*.jwitd, H. .1 J ' a t t f n School.Iplclcd his course work corn- tor lus | rint Ivanfelical FrH ·God's Dream - A Redeemediconfirmalion choir will sing thei t j are goins on between the .. i i .a -- ,,i . --I · I -author.-. "H n H i * n i c n Am- "; % r · | three faiths in 30 communities, increasing. sins tile anthem. "Jiist-Ffti' To .jday." =*-3 Plittcviflc Mtth Our rier the direction of Richard Siman. will sing. "God So Ixveri ihe World." by Stainer. The Bible School, with classes for all age groups, begins at 9:30 a.m., a t j accompanied | and (he ml ,ss. organist - clcrgnlt , n a The Rev. Donald deliver a meditation "Dawn of A Xew Era n. lhe anthem sung by the senior choir is entitled "Prav- First Evangelical Vreej First Christian Church. Irmrunutl Lutheran j The sermon topic at 11 a.m. at Uie lmmp.nuel Lutheran Church of Thanksgiving." Harvey Catchpot? is liic director and Mrs. James Albert is the organist. and lay civic leaders! p| altcv j|| e Melhodisl a meet monthly or more often, l^^ a neu - scries (o ^ 1 nhke the theological "dia- dav morning nieditatio^i AuH First Congregational (United Church of Christ) Wilbur Davisson logue" now expanding between Protestants and Catholic?, the three-way talks are concerned with public and social questions! arising from different religious) approaches to them. of! "'' is lime we cot beyond the, will b«, "I've Got A Secret"! Sunday Bible School convenes a t . . u n d (h ^ .. Th(? RfvA 1:4 3 a.m. and lhe youth group*; Hllro)( ) R gandbere will he lhe : The Rev -- - -- - ·· - · meet al 6:15 p.m. Sludy continues, , '_. s . rh , n .:,|itlw Firs'. Congreaational Churchj'nlerfailh smile." said Dr. Jones.! r or college and career age groups T'"'"' ' le '" "' J;TM' |(l- n itcd Church of Christ) of An!!;TM Episcopalian. "It is time we! ·nlitled. "The Christian's Answer!^ [will talk on the subject. "Hisigot down to facing the hard ques-i :o Communism." UniUricn-Unjvtrsililt Fellowihip First Methodist Dr. Laird V. Loveland will speak Immemorial Plan." This Sunday|tions o f what il really means to' will also be Memorial Sunday.; practice our respective faiths in the last Sundav in the Church Mrs. R. J. Crawford will speakl"" "'« to P ic . '|The Conlagian ol on the topic. "Religious Human-| Kindncs5 '" " ""''' "" " al l h e sen-ices. ism and L'nitarianism." at 11 a.m. at lhe Community Building for the L'nilarian-l'nivcrsalist Fel- 8:15 a.m. and 10:4S a m . , al First Methodist Church. The Crusader Choir will sing at the first service lowship. Church School be held from 9:30 lo 10:30 a.m. at 2022 10th Ave First Covenant a free socie year. Members of lhe congrega- A Ford Foundation lion who have passed away w ill I S32.VQOO helped finance be remembered at this time. of the project a year ago grant o f ; the siarf/"^ IS Wired to Write SMITH-CORONA Baptist Meaning of Baptin*t,"' School. I Q ' O O : i t r v t c t * U -Oti M t I h i 4 !· i, .loit.iti ITvr, School, I ; U : itrvlcu, U 00. M V K. 7;00. K«t«ibury - u m » i « . t l i , M c i h u d l H t . M d v l n i i . r t d t r t t t School. l v : 0 p : ··rvtce* I .On. VP. 7:00 Holy F i M t l r Cmhnllr. L e o n a r d A t t t i c r o m b i * Mll^n I . n o ·Itinhtf »f n«4 l . l n v d H o r U . Mrs. Seal Cnrprntcr will pro-| vide the music. under the dircctior of Mrs. Jamesj w i n '^ (i^ojeet of thewriiion^Vednesdav at 7.50 P. M.. the con- Borneincicr. I'nder thc direction of Dr. Eleanor Tipton. the Adult Choir will sing "Praise We Sing ,,, , , ,i'° Th«." by HaydivLm aas atu,^ , lismn] 5Crvicc aiKl c , hi | d TruuWf . m i n i s t e r to studcn:? for I h e R e v . 1 l e c i l O M n - h r r p n l the second service. Sotet.Mrs.l^^,^ sm . j( . 0 .. K , e55 T h i s - B p l n c i BapUst (-,,,,,,,, |ca(ls a to be preached by the Rev. Olivcriaresatinn of Bethel Baptist Church|rL g? W. Bi\ at 11 a.m. at the Kirslimct'ts for Bible study and prayer. · ^ Baptist Church. There will also^-Mf" TM Wednesday evening. Budir *-=- ' Covenant Church will preach a sermon on the topic. "The Sharon Freman. will sin R "One,,, .. , n . -Tavl(lr will be , u; , p | M ,l e stl ,dv croup from 7-S a'ni 1'r.A " k , - nr,,l-n.Cl.;vl It l . n t l l - ' . . ' v r · bv Drake-Sliirl at both When You Finance Your Car At FlUT INDUSTKIAL ANK I S r l i n o l . !0 rirei ion ll»|,(l.l. W i l l l a n Ll Sill. To PlaHtvillt 11.00 ind 7 4( flrat Bnplt.l. F H. f u School. 10:00 l e r v l c i l . II n. K v a n f ' V i - h o " " ' ! ! . ' H i l l . O K ; Y P . M r l h o i l U I , l)cri.-:d H W i c " - ' l . n l h r i n n . \VI*. . i c t S t ! f f r : n § Jji- « 10 an lfl* C n i h t i M c , I j ( . ' h i i i f h , 9 00; B - ! s Windsor iWhole Catholic Church Having Say at Council of i;iir1, A. R S ; u t r v l c f R . I P btf. !by Max Krueger and the Sanc-j-.n the I pper Council Room Uiary Choir will sine "My G-r-d campus and all college students and 1." by Wirtol Mrs. Henry,are invite,! to aitemi Bnah. organist will play "Mcui- -- jtation." by Barlleti tor the I'rellude: "Offertory." by Kiirw',!. land "Tempo March." by Vincon! ; By B E K N i T M. BOLTON ,pro ( ^lv he could not have beenbnve^'t /"?m "^ \ . V , Vr V N ,T ', Ar n ~ T1 ^ l "' (lm ' f " mi " le tr ""'- lAtJZen,.' 1 is it Utte of ,t whole Ihi.rch has the floor and; .K arh one has a chance toi sc ,. mon ,,, hf siv( , n hy Rl . v . is having its say. spfak his mind . . . and 1 can|Brock at 7:30 p m. Vouth crour fact of the c l s M , l r yi-ii l h a i the Hsluips mvi m c c t at fi : 3o p m full fidvantape of tiicii : Thai is llie basic j V a l i c a n F.ciimenicitl Council dav Manv \niccs and manv flf Art. »t 9th St. COMB IN CnHfirritiitlttniil, A. S f !i I I l · r ' H f ^ f l , fl;*S; *frvtiti 1 0 : 4 * ft I 3 y - s r i ' 7:0(1 F l M I rrrihrttrlmi. S c l i on i.: Mil, i r r v l c f N I I (iO. 7:00. K f i - c n d i -\nd f o u r t h YP : Nunn I minds, shaped under .niktrnJbarkgroimds anil · t' 1 "Mvaiyin;: \ i c u . ;\ie liucmg H",-KII ii'f*' cnntours of lln- Uwich n »o * Li Siile First Preibyjerian "Manv of us have changed .nir 1 ! hc R( "" 1U '' lh " K «" 5i « 1 " ,i,,j, ,,,.,,,1 ,, i : .,.. ...i" 1 '* o.n the subject. Hie l.iin 1 of the Impossible" at thr Ki's! Prrslnterian Chinch ol l.a Sailc right l M "l wlllldin S minds about a lot of things since, r.i.nirllral ^ »..rrRf,tlnH|il M Ir, k t , ,, Id .rhnnl ,0 ll A ] 00 riru W f i a n 4 l e i . T r n n a II ,h,n 91.'i KpliruttNI. t7h»rl(N nine here." an American bish-1 . . ,, .. ., ,. ,'if sail! "Some bishop.- t h a t «,-rc; i v for I at boh- . , , .. . i!iil-.iiiil-nil conservatives h:ivoi Transmission Specialists AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CO Repairs and K x c h a n S21 ^nd Street Kl, 2-l3."7P Feature Packed t TWO OUNCES OP«»I!S ANY KEY e HECtHIC I M P R E S S I O N CONTKOt e SUECI TOUCH THAT FITS YOU! . . ., , , , i. it is Rome aimc--the 1'nw ,, .. . ,, ' thr \ a t h i i n t t n i i i , ,. , , , . ad? the (111:1 and aul PEANUTS 3 Ibs. 50 -- er ene eeun* freihly rented Pdnuti, i b i o l u l e l y F R E E , with purthm If ipplll, ptirl. orengtl. grapdru.l. graptl. In '.he irmunt tf 1171, it tht 110 A P P L E T R U C K , it Weld Ctunty Llvntotk Auction t*lei Y«rd. 204 tlth St. Sit pick (10 ibi.l or ", iu. (20 Ibl.) Double Rid or Golden Dllicloul Applet, l l ' f t Ib. Nnd up, depending on ilsi; Get Mek (10 I'll') » r ' ) *"· ('0 ""^ Jonnthin Applti it 5c Ib. nil il. "Home h .tse n cnnchidrd Wlnle IliK i r u w .j.i jui^(iu'l lof Hnmf aiiu Ihc c.isr. sense ihe \ n i c c ! 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(,,; a nv , ;mrnt iii.ii inr l-ishop* nf !hf world \\f\p biotii;ht hcif to rublfi os m. nwiin ih,, 1 ( . i ( h ^ critic to i;i\r t i n \\- nf ttaditions. \· hu-li aie gii.dnm !· over the yr^: Put it may mean that tin- Kin! ,'linMii and Pioieslanti'in d at the Ciiuncil of ll'enl m the IWh ccnt,i!\. mav H** o(lencd Aluminum . . . STORM DOORS · nd WINDOWS CLIFTON'S HOME SERVICE JMWKH Get Your Car Ready For State Inspection With Ntw or Used Auto Part* from Blackie's ' Mufflers · Tail Pipes · Head Lamps · Tail lights Auto Glass (Windshields, etc.) Brake Shoes (Bonded) Mufflers As low as BLACKIE'S m l l l h New and t's A l i l n I'arN I'hnnc .LVi 5 YEAR GUARANTEE More Peop/e Buy SMITH-CORONA Portable* than · Any of her Moke f U03 E i g h t h A v e n u e E v f . ' y t n - n g tor lhe OlliCt" »*«»»t »»·«··*·

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