Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 7, 1967 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1967
Page 14
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Idaho Free Press 4 Caldwe!! News/Tribuue, Wednesday, June 7,1967 - A6 Heloise's Household Hints "... and I've got MORE in my pockets!" TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for the correctness of television programs rest enlirely upon the television stations. This newspaper can assume no responsibility for errors 1/1 rhe listings. Channel KBOi-TV WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 4:00 Jungle Boy 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronkite (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Daktari (C) 7:00 Green Acres (C) 7:30 Comer Pyle USMC (C) 8:00 Danny Kaye Show (C) 9:00 Virginian (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report (C) 10:45 Sports Final 10:50 The Weather 10:55 Nfovie Time "Vulcan, Son of Jupiter" Bella Cortez, Rod Hush 12:30 Morning Headlines Channel "T KTVB-fV / WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 3:30 The Fugitive 4:30 Mr. Ed 5:00 HuntJey-Brlnkley (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:55 Business News 6:00 Slar Trek (C) 7:00 The Legend of Cortez 9:00 Expo '67 10:00 Nllobeal News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) PHO..E 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. Sytvanki Color T.V. Service G.E. W*tlingh«u» Admiral Mognavsx Emtrwn Curtil-Mathtt SilvtrtoiM MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Benti Morning News 6:25 KBOI Morning News 8:30 Jack LaLanne (C) 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9:30 Dick Van Dyke Show 10:00 Love of Life 10:25 CBS Mid-Day News I0i30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital 11:30 As the World Turns 12:00 Password 12:30 Houseparty (C) 1:00 To Tell The Truth 1:25 KBOI News 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm THURSDAY, JUNE B ! ! 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News With Walter Cronklte (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Beverly Hillbillies (C) 6:30 My Three Sons (C) 7:00 Thursday Night Movie "Damon the Defiant" Alec Cuiness, Dirk Bogarde Anthony Quade 9:00 Dragnet (C) 9:30 Cameo Thealer 10:30 Ten Thirty Report · 10:45 Sports ' 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Teenage Caveman" Robert Vaughn, Darrah Marshall 12:30 Morning Headlines MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 The Today Show (C) B:25 NBC News with Sander Vanocur 8:00 Snap Judgment (C) 9:00 Pat Doone (C) 9:30 Hollywood Squares (C) 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10:55 NBC News 11:00 The Newly Wed Dame 11:30 Let's Make a Deal (C) 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Days of our Lives (C) 12:30 The Doctors 1:00 Another World (C) 1:30 You Don't Say (C) 2:00 The Early Show DEAR HELOISE: I think everybody knows how sore elbows get when one is confined to bed In the hospital or at home--especially f«r a ting Hint. I solved the problem for a dear friend of mine by giving her .some unique elbow pads. I bought u act of foam "falsies" and covered them with snlin. Since she v.-a.s Mich a doll, 1 put lace around the edges and I also added .some ribbon tie.s so they could be fastened around her elbows. Lucy DKAK UTV: I have a lot of hours in Nurse's Aide Training and havr seen bedridden uutlcnts develop iHilsores on their fl- IKNVM, hefts and "other parts." Most hospitals use ruhhrr rlnjpi. I grant you thai they are great, hut you have tamr up with h u m e t h l n g t h u t I t h i n k is the most terrific Idra In the world. And. I run lift you that a lot of juitlcnts will LH* putting your Idea to uw soon! Another guod idea Is 1 dump tali HIM ponder Inside this hmutlful, already fuppt'd, curved, extra soft "ellxm 1 riishlou" to help ease the Ir- rltatlua and alsu glvt- a nli-e fragrance. And may the good Lord hless you fur helping your friend, anil for passing along Court Sustains Contempt Ruling BOISE (DPI) - Idaho's Su- preirie Court Tuesday affirmed an Ada County District Court order Judging a Boise dental technician guilty of contempt of court. A majority of the higti court decided the evidence against Tliomas L. Berry amply supported the trial court'sviewlhat Berry violated an injunction against him by fitting new dentures for Kay Yancey. In a dissenting opinion, Justice E. B. Smith said. Berry's conduct did not amount to diagnosis or treatmentandtherefore did not constitute the pracliceof dentistry. Chief Justice C. J. Taylor concurred in thedissent- ing opinion. Meantime, the high court reversed by unanimous opinion an order of Third District Court judging William T. Jones in contempt of court. The case Involved child support. PHONE 466-7691 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. It's fast, easy i economical. u unique idea fur us all. I sure dn. lielolM* 1'. S. The cutest thing atwut tying rllitKxis oil It Is that onr can turn over In Iml tuid It won't get loos* from lh« patient'* tilMw or heel. Helolse * S « ' · LETTER Of LAUOHTEI DEAR HELOISK: . . . for heaven sukes, rto mil even print my Initials. My reputation as a housekeeper is not the greatest. I didn't! J-ove. Hrlolsf DEAR HELOISE: On top of my lawn mower handle I bolted a broom clip lo hold a small, well-sharpened wood chisel, This is the best tool I have found for digging (iandellons and other wcedn. On the underneath side of the lawn mower handle I have a wire hcwk on which I hang a plastic litter bag. This is ideal for holding the cigarette butts, gum wrappers, popsickln sticks and other bits of litter from the lawn that I pick up, and it keeps them o u t o f m y pockets. F. M. McCiillnr * + * DEAR HELOISE: Instead of discarding or packing away my baby's plastic bathtub when she outgrew it, I put it under her bed to keep toys in. This is so easy for her to pull out to choose a toy and sometimes .she even has fun just sitting in it. Mrs. Rita Brancaycti "DEAR HELOISE: I would like lo .shaie onu nf my children's favorite aftersc.'hool .snacks. I spread peanut bntter on saltine crackers and pop a marrfimallow in the center of each cracker. Stick them under the broiler until the marshmallows are nice and brown itakes Just a few m i n - utes) and they are ready lo eat. One tonld use small parly crackers and miniature maish- mallow.s and have delicious hoi canape.s for an informal gathering. Betty Wixid * * * DEAR HELOISE: I always preferred terry kitchen towels for drying dishes but found them too small for this purpose. So now I buy the least expensive white batii towels whenever they're on s a l e . They are absolutely perfect for drying dishes. One doesn't want them too heavy for this purpose so Ihe inexpensive, lightweight one.s are ideal. I like the plain white best because they can be bleached. Heloise Fan « * « DEAR HELOISE: Watering fresh cut flowers from the florist was always n problem for me. I got water everywhere but in the containers. But no more . . . Now I use my turkey basler. I can push is right through the leaves and squirt the water right into the container with no more spills. Mis. Humburg 58 th ANNIVERSARY Sprouse -Reitz Anniversary Salt Water Taffy Aist. Cofexj, Flavor! Your Choice \ 1 'A Ib. Kitchen Tools Spoons, Maiheri, Turned, tnd!ei, Forks, Slrainert ·-2/58J Plain or^^JIJ^"'Plain Ruled YEnvelopesIp Writing Tablets I ^T %· L^-^/rorJl ^/CQc* 8 ^ Fire King Glass Bakewear Tnrrw "** lOI.Cmieiole lerry -m C ovti r 3JOi. BathTowels\^" u ^r^.j Solid Colon, Slripei, Noveltieil teg. $1 irp" '2/58 c A2/58 "The Singer Company" USED SEWING MACHINE CLEARANCE SALE Over 80 Good Used Machines to choose from ELECT. PORTABLES from CABINET MODELS from $ 9" ZIG-ZAG PORTABLES *29" Also several good used automatics, Portables and consoles. The above machines have all been reconditioned and carry the famous Singer used machine warranty. SALE STUTS WEB, JUNE ^ thru JUNE 10 Open 9 A.M., Wed.-Sot. SALE TO BE HELD ON THE CORNER OF 2nd St. 13th Ave. Acrou from Penny-Wise Decorator Rugs 24" x 36" Aul. Colon. Slylei $358 Men's Assorted TIES Four-in-Hand Redi-Tied Slripei, Palrerm, Solids! Unbreakable Combs Reg. 98' Quart ^Vacuum Bottle 'Double Tipped Cotton Applicators 1 fit) per bo-Complcrety Slerillted! $1.19 TM* "Halo" Popular Colors Men's Sox 75% Hi-Eulk i'Vl'^'M Oilon Aciylic, It'/, Slrtlch ylon. Aul. Styles Kids Love PLAY-DOH Modeling Compound fovr7-Oi. Com Keeps it Mot or Cold « Reg. $2.39 158, V'l H°ffP;°M Bobby Pins * ^IPj-Jjjgc Black or Brown 13 01. L».g.77, HOLLY SHOPPING CENTER 466-6664 9-9 Mon. thru Sot. 9-6 Sundays HURRY! HURRY!' Quantifies Limited Jo Slock On Hand'. MARCHER MALL SHOPPING CENTER 466-3170 9-9 Mon. thru Sat. 11-5 Sundays 3:30 4:30 5:00 5:30 5:45 6:00 7:00 ":30 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:20 10:25 10:30 THURSDAY, JUNE 8 The Fugitive Mister Ed Hunlley-Brlnkley (C) Big News Weather Daniel Boone (C) Get Smart (C) Bewitched (C) Dean Martin (C) Summer Kocus (C) Nltebeat News Weather Spcrls Tonight Show (C) Husband-Wife Team HOLLYWOOD iUPI) -Rachel Roberts, Rex Harrison's wife, will star opposite her husband in "A Flea In Her Ear" lor 20th Century-Fox . . . the first time the Harrisons have worked together in a film. Kuna News Notes KUNA- Miss JoyNicholswas a recent guest at the home of her parents, Mr. andMrs. Kelton Nichols. She is attending a beauty college in Pocatello. Mrs. Hannah Anson of Oroville, Calif., is visiting former Happy'Valley neighbors, Mrs. Marie Doramus, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Myers of Nampa, and others. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lentz Phoenix have been dividing an Idaho visit between the Frank Harrolds of Kuna and Mrs. Bessie Keihl of Nampa. Mr. and Mrs. George Bambauer of Portland have been vacationing with Mrs. Bambauer's broihsr, Lloyd Hedberg of Kuna, and sister, Mrs. Frank Lee of Boise, and their families. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wood had Transaction Made SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) T h e tfltermountain Region's largest producer of carboodiox- ide products has been sold. Carbon Dioxide and chemical Co. was purchased by Mariini Air Products Co., a new branch :6f Ernest f. Marian! Co., of ;StK Uke City. Martini has tn- Bouctd the $300,000 purchase. ' · -IT*. new company will supply their three sons and families present on Memorial Day. They were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wood and baby from Prairie Village, Kan., who were here about ten days, and the Everett Woods and Leslie Woods of Boise. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Shrum had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tuckness and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davis of Meridian and the Rev. and Mrs. Russell King of Hailey. Another family gathering on Memorial Day had been planned as a picnic in the park and developed into a barbecue in the Bridge family home at Kuna. Present were Mrs. Jessie Bridge and her children and their families, the Urry Bridges of Weiser, the Emmelt Bridges and Earl Jensens of Nampa, the Lloyd Bridges and Don Fiadkes of Kuna. WANTED USED Hoffman TELEVISION. ·,,·:'-} . MA idtlu, and parts of Wyo S«, Nevada, and Colorado carbon dioxide products. TRADE-INS 'BELL'S 3 l i J r d S " S O HO" SAFE AT HOME Saving isn't a game. It's serious business, and you want to be sure your money is safe and ready when you need it. Your savings at Home Federal are insured to $15,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. That's safety that can't be beaten anywhere! And Home Federal boasts a 47-year history of sound management in serving the Treasure Valley. Save at Home Federal, where earnings are high. and your money is protected. Come in and talk over your savings program with us soon. SAVE BY THE 10TH - EARN FROM THE 1ST BOISE-CORNER OF »h AND STATION AMP A-(HOMI OfflCI) 924 3rd ST. SO. *CALD WELL-CORNER Of KIM1ALL DEARBORN

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