Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 1970 · Page 30
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 30

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
Page 30
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Page 30 GHEELEY TRIBUNE Tues., May 12, 1970 Priests Running for Congress Feel It's Extending Ministry By ARTHUR EVERETT Associated Prcii Writer The Rev. Louis R. Gigante of the Bronx, the first Catholic priest to run for Congress in New York's history, says: "I'm not giving up being a priest, I'm extending my ministry." Much the same attitude Republican nomination for sena-|Lonnie King, head of Atlanta's tnr from KhnHo lolonrl cookina NAACP. 'I'tlC tWO ZtS Seeking the right to oppose the incumbent, Republican Rep. Fletcher Thompson, in a district, that is 31 per cent black. Says Young: "I think my chances are pretty good." tor from Rhode Island, seeking th«iinclumb«nt, Demo- Pastor*. ^The Rev. 'Joseph R. Lucas, a Catholic priest in Youngstown, is one of 11 Democratic candidates in Ohio's 19th District, is where Rep. Michael J. Kirwin, What are the issues engaging the Rev Harvey D-Ohio. is retiring after 34' these men of the cloth? years. Political observers do not! They are pretty much the voiced by Bates, chaplain of the United Christie Fellowship at Syracuse University, also preparing to wage a primary fight for Congress. rate Father Lucas' chances too: same as those that concern the high, because of strong primary | electorate, one way or another opposition. 4th Aspirant ·the Vietnam war and military spending, inflation, poverty, "i"would not consider serving The fourth Catholic aspirant *TM sln ' !* ilulion ' amon S oth in Congress leaving the minis-jto Congress, Father Gigante,; try," he says. "Rather, I would view it as moving into another level of service." wants the Democratic nomina-i Tne Rev - Mr - You "g is con- lion in New York's 21st District, TMrned with converting the cur- where Rep. James H. Scheuer, rent military economy into a And the Rev. Robert F. Dri-, a Democrat, is expected to seekiP 6 " 6 ' 1 " 16 economy, with em- nan, a Jesuit, seeking similar-s fourth term. jphasis on education, transporta- nomination in Massachusetts, Non-Catholic clergymen seek-! "on aTM housing, declares- "Win or lose, I'll re- ing logo to Congress include the 1 In ere comes a time in a main a priest." Rev. George McClain, the Lib-! democratic society when you The three are among a num-ieral party's candidate for repre-'have to do more than just her of clergymen currently, sentative in New York's ieih Pf 68 *. ^ou have to see that the making initial bids for public of-'District, which includes all of kingdom nf God becomes mcar- fici The group includes four jstaten Island and part of Brook- n , ate ln »' e U e ° f society. And Catholic priests, one of whom is lyn. A Methodist, he has been,TM' means politics, says the aspiring to the U.S. Senate. No| active ; -in the antiwar move-; Kev - Mr - Y TMng. priest has ever been elected tojment. The is con-j either House or Senate. No Strangers Guide to Books Russian Commuters' Gripes Are Same As in the West By HOUGER JENSEN tion in summer, uncomfortable Aitociattd Prs»s Writer seals, standing room only at Mncrnw ( A P I TVTM ihJrush hours and lack of a buffet, MO-SCOW (AP) - Ivan lne ithe Sovict w uivalent of a dllb isicommuternik spends fnrec l c - a [- ihours a day competing with several milljon suburbanites to get! to and from, work in Moscow, -i He lives'in a new hiph-rise apartment-block in Golotsino, 25 : miles west of the capital. Every morning .he takes a bus to the ROBERT .BENCHLEY:. His Lift urn) Good Timet. By B» kett» RoinxMid. Doubledcy. It'lias been a quarter of a ccn. tury since Robert Benchlcy's final cur.ain, but the story of this real humorist's career slill fascinating. · The fabulous 1920s and 1930s were his heyday. As a writer he was in the- same major league with .James Thurber, E.B. White, King Lardner .and .S.J. Pecelman. As a-drama critic-for the bld-'Life magazine and tlicjrailrnnd station, rides the dec- New Yorker, he lived, worked; trichka suburban train (o Mos- and played through a high paintjcow's Fili subway station, and of the (heater. As actor ,(stage,|transfefs to a. train that takes radio, film) he was part of (hejhi'n to the Arbat station in the || fervent goodtime ambience of city center, his times. ' '. i |" He ."rises-early and comes He was one of the wits of the home ] ate after a 9 to 6 day _ Father Gigante', an assistant I fined"to'SewTork, 1 "and has no!.P?s t ' - in a poverty-ridden area' TM.TMt, n . r -; n r^irr*** · i of the Bronx, contends that ooh- members-in Congress. Protestant ministers are no! Rev. Bates, a graduate/of Un-|tjcians have done too little f ·.,'.. . . .. .1 _ t _ _ i i _ f ."I : - rrri i .: i o- · __.. :«'ihp nnnr flnn S3\'$! 1 m runni of the Bronx, contends that poli- for ion'.Theological Seminary, isjthe poor and says: "I'm running tegrily on all sides in the Mid . fj ew !for Congress because the politi- CIRCUS COMING TO TOWN -- There'll be lots of thrills and excitement when Capt. Bonnie Carr appears in the steel caged arena with his fighting, ferocious jungle cats. He will appear at each performance with Carson and Barnes big five-ring circus in Greeley on Monday, May 18. The Greeley Suburban Lions Club is sponsoring Ihe circus. Two performances will be given at Island Grove Park at 4:15 p.m. and 8 p.m. ments to maintain territorial in- east crisis." In Rhode Island, the Father Communist Meet The only differpnc'e is fares and, in the case of the Moscow subway system, cleanliness. The Soviet Union boast one of the cheapest transportation networks in the world. Ivan's ride from Goln'sino to Moscow costs him 40 kopeks one way. That's about 45 cents. The subway lakes one anywhere in the city center for 5 kopeks. Buses cost Hie fame, eleclric trolley cars 4 kopeks. The Soviet capital has seven famous Round Table at the Al-! c ] er ].j n g j n a government minis- million residents and only about gonquin and a member of Har-]| rv HJ S ne i- V es are frayed from]80.0ftO privately owned au*omo- old Ross' stable of eccentricity con i ac j' w ;(h rush-hourjbiles. Most Muscovites rely on geniuses. He lived the night life,; crowds Trains an( j b us S ched- picked up all the tabs in sight,] u | es kcep | llm | lop p in g. His wife knew everyone who was anyone,.,,TM i, im ij ecause he never and loved horseplay and hilarity] ends cnoug h time with the as long as they did no harm. jj.j ds Miss Rosmond's account is.^ ^ ^ ^ starlling sim . part bi of the ag'e. "There have been «;.-"---,, - j (!lc concrpte cav . it he citv good many memoirs and sl i,-.icommiiimg io_ IIIL Liuiueit. L.H ,i public transport to cross the sprawling city, covering a rough circle about 25 miles across. The oblast. or district, has 5.7 million more people. About half veys of lhat era-and this is a welcome addition to. the story and the legend. Tile author has tried to avoid over-sentimentality. She has to that of suburbanitesiof ilhe city for work or shopping. Since Ihe district car-owner ra- ems of New York or Chicago. Ivan is not in the suburbs--by choice, however. He would love to live in Moscow, the "big village." He can- PARIS(AP)-Western Euro-who had a great gift for what [counterparts-station d e·! a y s, ! . . 0 ° . . .1 scheduling, inadequate strfngers to the halls of Con- grs-- Rep. Adem Clayton matched in a primary in -- . . . PdWeU, D-NY. of Harlem's York's ^upstate 34th District t cla T s . hav ! deserted us. AByssihjan bejsn there vorcd to However, the only Romanian of Americans for Demo- Reasons _ ^ ------------ r _ ^ ----- ..... ----- ...... ------- __ Catholic ever to sit in'the House : cratic Action, is seeking the The \ietnam war must be 1 were as ked their opinion as to parly announced Men-: pli in those days" liked him. He was the Rev. Gabriel Richard-; Senate nomination against Sen.! made efficient," he adds. "Mili- whether (heir example might in-!day. 'lifcd tbem.-Reading about those sort of Detroit, appointed a dele-jThomas Dodd, a Democrat. |ta r .v spending must be drasticl- spire olncrs of lneir ca n ing to ; -- -- -- -- Ji - . - - --- 2 -----in 1822 when Michigan was! The Rev. Mr. Duffev, formcr-"'- v Tteda , ei :, The government go ' TM 5 ' so ' ve tio is even lower, most ride elec- trichka trains. Moskovskaya Pravda. a capital newspaper, recently acknowledged that city and suburban transport "falls far short of accommodating the great migration of inhabitants to the city center." will we now call "nonconformity, and!P°or scheduling, inadequate H blamed slow planning and 'a noble grasp of the ridiculous'i fcedcr transportation to subur-. cons truction, financing snarlups element in the human condition i b a n slalions, poor heating of and inadequate use of funds for -"---·---·"- .. a cr j[j ca i rush-hour situa- U v c l · a c i l i n i i c t i l a l i i j . unc i i a o . ». » i · ii_ emphasized that underneath the!TM 1 find an apartment in the of a wisecracker, Ben-ic''"»'ded city, so he commutes guise chley was a sensitive, generous friend of his Fellow men. a man!*""? g ri Pf s ' Russian commuters have the Western the ( J I C I I I C I U 1 1 1 l i l t , i i u i i i c i n ·.uiiuitiun. . . . _ , , -- .. Fortunately for Benchley. he lralns '" wmter and bad ventlla ' - : liypd a( a time when humor was The clergymen-campaigners]peoples of Indochina." the-cl'ian and funrfy,'. ( not sick. Pco- long lost limes is a revelation. Besides, it is fun. tion." SAN JOSE -- Costa Rica is Miles A. Smith'recovering from a deluging tain. a territory. ly a Congregational P rob . lem ? ° [ P» v :The National Council of Calh-!Daiivers"»hss.. is not a P rac-! ert ,-)\. ^cation, housing and olic Bishops made it plain, ticing minister now. He is direc-'P 0 "- "· Not Many "I think the clergymen 1 know , , , .. · ,: about are those sort of like my-,, Tax ?. s TM s( be ^apportioned se)f wno wcnt from cnurch to !j recently' that it disapproves of lor of the Center-of Urban Stud- ,. ,, , ·: ., »·-·· ····" ···-"· ··«"· .H«I.M l u j l priests running for public office, : ies at the Hartford seminary !° equallze lne a , , e n ' , ° ' ; civil rights or the peace move- although it ruled exceptionsToundation J I programs must include work op-: ment and , hen pomics ," replied! could be made with the approv-; "I am not running as a cler-,P° rtun ". v for self-support and Atlanta's Rev. Mr. Young. "I 1 al'of the head of a diocese or re- eyman he says, "I am running s e l , , , e e n l ' lntlall . on musl ° e idont' know too many." hgious order. as a father, as a citizen and as I controlled to avoid economic; .., don - t see a big rush of c] '!J asked and received permis- In Buffalo N.Y., the Rev disaster, and federal and st«rfe. g y m c n runn i n g for public of-ll sioji from my Jesuit superiors:Hugh G Carmichael, an Episco-; agen , cles TM st ha 1 d 'l onl ', ll ] e 'fice." replied Boston's Fatherij ju jt the way I would if I wanted i pal minister, is the primao- or^j WW\ems they are better able to. Drinan .. First of .,,,_ , hey musl to'schange assignments," said|poneit'.in-he 41st District 'ofj solve - i be qualified. Most jobs don't ex-;i Father Drinan. a candida:e forjRep..;.fhaddeus .J. DuIski,- : ztj- F alner Drinan says: ipose a clergyman to issues of'! thei Democratic nomination for[Denio'craf,. running for a s'ev-i ."I'd favor immediate with-] the day. There are very .few --· ..... ,. . , - ,.·... ...... .. drawa | from Vietnam, but not]qualified clergymen." Without satisfying our moral ob-! However, Youngstown's Falh- I'igations In the people of Southier Lucas disagrees. He said: representative from Massachu-ientli-'terrtr ''·' setts' third/District. i ,. R«)gtmj · From SC1,C ' ·;· Father Drinan. dean of Ihej A'38-year-old Negro, the Rev. . . . . ,,,, . 0 .._... loiv schoil at Boston College, is Andrew'-J.; Young; an ordained 1 Vietnam, There are some Southi"The trend of religion is to par- opposing .n the primary an in- minister of the United Church of. Vietnamese who need our help licipate in solving our social ills cuhibent o 36 years standing,'Christ (Congregationalist) r e - a n d we should provide it. ; and making a better life for peo- Rip. Philip Philbin, D-Mass.jsigned in March as executive' "President Nixon has not tak- ; pie here instead of- the--sole The priest says he feels he can!vice president of the Southern en any affirmative action to'stress ont he next life." run strong. ^Christian Leadership Confer-'curb inflation. He is tolerating! Referring to his congregation Another Jesuit running for. of-i ence to run for Congress in the'the highest interest rates ever; of Syracuse University students, fice is (he Rev. John J. Me-'5th District in Atlanta, Ga. and is willing to accept unem- the Rev. Mr. Bates said of his 1 Laughlin, associate editor of the' One of the obstacles to hisiploymcnt. candidacy for office "They dig order's magazine. America. He : candidacy is another black' "The Nixon administration is the idea." . is ; actively campaigning for the:Democratic primary candidate,'not thinking about its commit-; ' oon CHECKS STRIPES PLAIDS SOLID COLORS a sturdy machine washable cotton for fun and sun wear 36" wide all cotton REG. 98c YD. VALUE YARDS COTTON PATIO PRINTS perky, pretty florals SEERSUCKER PRINTS 'N SOLIDS no iron cottons and cotton/polyester PERMANENT PRESS PRINTS machine wash cotton/avril rayon DAN RIVER DIMITY CHECKS no iron fortrel polyester/cotton 79c TO 98c YD. VALUES 35"/38" widths all guaranteed washable. · Store Hourt: · 9:30 lo 5:30 j Open Friday N i g h t s t i l l 8:30 821 8th Street Opposite J. C. Penney Phone 353-6841 5? Arrested n Detroit WASHINGTON (AP) - The FBI said Monday a sweeping crackdown on gambling operations centered in Detroit, Mich., had resulted in the arrests of 57 persons. Nine other persons were being sought. J. Edgar Hoover, director ofi the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said simultaneous raids were conducted on 58 locations in Detroit and Flint, Mich., to smash a numbers operation having a daily handle of ! $250,000. Hoover said in a statement bundles of currency, numbers slips, water soluble papers and other gambling paraphernalia and records of the operation were seized. , Hoover said those arrested] were taken into custody on the! basis of warrants charging | them with violating and conspir-i ing to violate provisions of the Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering Law. Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell] called it the largest federal gambling raid in history. 1 "through operations such as! this, Ihis administration is convinced it can dry up the'biggest source of funds for organized crime in this country," Mitchell said. Hoover said conviction under ;any of the charges against those ; arrested could result in a penalty of five years imprisonment, a '$10,000 fine or both. 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