Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 19, 1976 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1976
Page 5
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Valley weather Today's Weather The Iiiiilio Kree I'ress The News-Tribune. Thursday, February 19,1976- ho Wednesday 11 a westerly now f( ,|! l | )s 't flhl -'fy's precipitation fell m (he early northern and ahn were mostly cloudv ! aunni! the daylight hours while southeast Idaho had ,^ pleasure ,,f fair sk|cs Tc||l peratures climbed | 0 50 ut Lcwislnn. tmi |),e remainder of liw'iowasiiii|, t .mi ( |.30siomid- «K range. Lowest recorded ··!- hour temperature was nine degrees at Kelelmm. A I'atific frontal system was moving just ,,ver Idaho's southwestern fcurdir Uiis morning but has weakened since. The entire Snake River Valley received light amounts u'f lirecipitalion today. This system is Ihe fim! shot at cloudy, wet weather over the south 'for a enuple of days High pressure building on the coast is expected to dme weather systems fur llier ID the north over tin weekend and bring some sunny skies ID the south. Cranky cruisers CONCORD. N.H. lUHI) Disgruntled wives may accompany C! ·;inl; y. cruising cops if (he Concord Police Hcncvolent Association has its way The association has asked permission for wives and girlfriends to ride in patrol cars w i t h oflicers on dutv. "Some wives have very lillle idea what w e do and why we come home so cranky." L'apl. I.awrenco .1. Sullivan said Wednesday, explaining Ihe re- t|iiest Demos fire up energy issue Snow buffets N.H. contenders SOME RAIN is expected tonight along the northern Pacific C o a s t while snow is forecast over parts of Ihe central Hockies. fair to partly iloudy skies are in store elsewhere across Ihe nation. Albany Albuquerque Atlanta Uakersfield Bismarck Boise Koslon Brownsville Buffalo Caldwell Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit Eureka Fairbanks Fresno Helena Honolulu Indianapolis Kansas City- Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville Memphis High 37 64 70 63 « 43 40 87 52 46 70 52 60 59 72 52 47 62 54 -3 59 36 81 58 59 68 70 59 64 Low 34 27 39 -19 30 34 37 58 34 32 40 33 36 36 49 20 32 34 42 -23 43 22 69 32 34 48 37 36 43 Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nampa New Orleans New York North Platle Oakland Oklahoma City Omaha Palm Springs Paso Hobles Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, Me. Portland, Ore. Rapid City Red Bluff' Reno Richmond. Va. Sacramento St. Louis Salt Lake City San Diego San Francisco Seattle Spokane Thermal Washington 75 40 3C 44 77 43 55 55 67 Cl 76 65 61 73 59 31 4H 47 61 57 77 60 54 45 72 54 45 39 72 7G By United Press International Heavy snow is hampering the schedules of presidential primary contenders in New Hampshire but it isn't hinting the efforts of Democrats who want a new energy pulley. Meanwhile, full-page ads in New Hampshire newspapers today are urging that Republican John C'cinnally's name lie written in on Ihe Democratic ballots next Tuesday. And President Ford starts a two-day New Hampshire visit later today. rt snowstorm delayed Demo oral Jimmy Carter's campaign stops Wednesday and forced Sen. Birch llayh, another Democratic contender, to cancel a visit to a home healed by solar energy. The Indiana senator jalilicd at (he administration's School tax credits clear Gem Senate BOISK - Five p r i v a t e cdiicalion.'i! ir'sti'.iilions in Canyon County will be aided if a bill which passed the Senate Thursday by an overwhelming :i'2-l margin becomes law. The bill passed by the Senate allows income tax credits for contVihulions tnade to' private non-profit inbtilutiims of secondary or higher education. !l is similar to a House bill which passed earlier this year, except the S e n a t e measure adds secondary schools to those eligible for the lax credit. Institutions benefited by the Senate version include Northwest \a?.arene College. Nampa. College of Idaho. Caldwell. Kicks College. Uexhurg: Uishop Kelly High School, lioise: Nampa Christian High School. N'ampa; Greenleaf Friends Academy: and Gem State Academy at Caldwell If Ihe bill passes the House and is signed by the governor, ivho originated the concept in his budget address earlier this year, an income tax credit will be granted for contributions to those seven institutions. The lax credit is not to exceed 20per cent of the,total tax .due or SSO'fdr an individual or"10 per cent of the lax due or S500 for a corporation. Sen. Dean Abrahams. II- Caldwell. who supported the bill on the floor, explained it merelv added secondary institutions to the proposal suggested hy Gov. Cecil Anilrus and passed by the House. He said Ihe House bill will probably be killed in committee. Abrahams said Ihe fiscal impact of the Senate measure is estimated lobe $460.000. instead of Ihe S360.000 estimated under the House bill which only included private colleges. House defines procedures for suspensions HOISK - A hill selling procedure !n suspend and expel students from Ihe public school s y s t e m passed Ihe House Wednesday -18-21 over the objections nf Hep. 1'ercival Vvi'schc. H-Nampa. Hep. T.W. Slivers. H-Twin K a i l s , said Ihe hill still provided Ilia! expulsion from school must be Itnndlttl In 1 the local school hoard. However, suspension fur up lo five days may lie effected by the principal or superintendent urHcr Ihe bill. In both cases, a hearing is required. Stivers explained that the second section ill the hill establishes ihe sclidol as a legal entity apd as an administrator who ha! the right lo suspend. He saU previously principals had no! been defined Paper firm poops out TOKYO iDIM-.'- A leading maker of paper issues and loilel paper has declared bankruptcy in Japan's biffiesl business failure so far Ills year lloxy. Co. fiundcd in I9'.8, listed liabilities.')! $63.33 million Wednesday anc'askcd Ihe ToXyo district court for protection Irom creditor^ The cnrnpaiy and Iwo other paper makerSilncliiding America's -Scott (P.. manufacture about 70 per (fill of tissues and loilel paper slid in Japan. in (he law. \Yesche supported Ihe bill in its clarification of suspension and expulsion, but said il does something "it did nol intend" in defining a principal. The Nampa lawmaker explained that presently the school board hires only two classes of certified personnel - teachers and superintendent. Principals are teachers assigned lo that duly. The bill "inadvertently" segregates principals as another class of administrators. "Some principals would like to be over in the administrative side, but there are many more who do not." Weschc said. "I have yet lo find a principal who wants lo give up the righls and privileges of a teacher." Since an earlier vole on (he House floor turned down an amendment which would have defined principals as teachers who may be assigned as principals, Wcsche urged the legislators to eliminate the section defining principals. "This would eliminate Ihe controversy and still accomplish most of Ihe things we would want." Mosl of Canyon County's representatives joined Weschc in voling wilh the minority ngainsl the bill. Opposing its passage were Keps. Ralph dines, H-Nampa; Maurice Clements. R-N'ampa: Carroll R-Nolus; and Dorothy Reynolds. D-Caldwell. From Canyon County, only Hep. C.L. "Butch" Oiler. R-Caldwelt. voted in favor. Hut he pointed out in debate that according to his research, the tax credit will amount to only 5 per cent of (he cost per student under the public school system. ...Figuring 100 per cent as the cnsl per -student in public schools, "it will cost only about 5 per cent of that (in public funds) for each student in a private school under this act." Abrahams said. Hep. C.L. "Butch" Otter. R- Caldwell. who led an unsuccessful floor fight lo amend Ihe House-passed measure to include all educational grades. said (be Senate version "doesn't answer all my objections, uul it makes Ihe philosophy a lot more- acceptable lo me. "I view ibis (Senate i action as a triumph because nf nil Ihe trouble I raised in (be House," Otter said. In Ihe House, he argued dial the measure to include only private colleges was discriminatory. "This could be a very important step forward in the voucher system of education as well as toward recognition of the contributions made by (he private sector," Oiler said. He added the bill will probably- pass the House. (The previous measure passed CO-7). Oiler warned (bat in the long run, however, Ihe income lax level might have to be raised to compensate for Ihe extra lax credits. Gary Haws GUILD GEMOLOGIST DlflMONTOLOGISr Certified by The Diamond Council ol Ainer* Ics , . a non-prolil loundilion dedicated to promoting diamond education In lisa jewelry business. WHEN YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL JEWELER Call Jewelers Kirchtf M«!l,Nampt energy program -- a major concern in chilly New tvngland. "II is outrageous that the Knergy Hescarch and Development Administration is willing to spend only a measly Iwo per cent of its budget during the coming year on solar energy research and development," l!a\h said. Tlic Ford administration will push solai 1 energy, Uayh said, "only if the major oil companies figure out a way to collect royalties on the sun." Uemnci-al Kred Harris stood in the railing snow outside a power company o f f i c e at Manchester and said "political talk, especially now, is cheaper than electric bills." Harris challenged oilier Democrats' to match his plan lo cut electric rales for (he poor and end tax breaks for utilities. Kord's New Hampshire visil is his second of the campaign. As soon as he leaves Friday, his CO!' challenger. Honald Heagan, will arrive for Iwo days of campaigning before Tuesday's vole By Ihe end nf Ihe week Ford will have spent four days campaigning in Ihe slate and Hoagan 15. The Connally write-in cam- paig.n is being financed by Texas n a t i v e liichard Viguerie, a conservative who snys he wants lo offer New Hampshire Democrats "an alternative lo Ihe pack nf liberals" seckini; HIP nomination. Connally. a former Democratic governor of Texas who became a Uepiihliean during Hie Nixon administration, has nol endorsed Ihe effort. He created more political speculation Wedn'.'sd;i\ by inviting all 50 GOP stale chairmen lo visit bis Texas ranch on March 10 - the dny after the h'lorida primary. The slated purpose is to discuss congressional races. In oilier developments: Jiimiij Carter accused throe senators -- liayh. Henry Jackson and Lloyd lleiitjen -- of using 1 licit congressional mailing privileges to send political material to voters. The former Georgia governor said friends in (leo/gia luid i evened relnli-d ni.iliTi.-i) recently from all three, mailed free ·- The chairman of Hnnald lUMgan's campaign committee. Sen I'.iul l.nxall. disputed President Knrd'sslalemenl that lieagan favors making Social Security voluntary. Laxall said,. Kcagan "hus made it clear tha^ he favors mandatory Social Security as ihe only way lo straighten out Ihe mess Washington has gotten il into." -- Fred Harris' hackers said the former Oklahoma senator will enter the May 25 Kentucky presidential primary as a "noiv. racist populist" alternative to- George Wallace Now you know By I'uiteil 1'ress International W h a t is believed lo be' lilcr.ilnrv's Imgest ser.lence. in Victor Hugo's Miserables. contains 82:i words. 93 commas.' .it semicolons, and four dashes." 1 Deaf Smilh County in Texas is? named for a scout in Ihe war of- independence against Mexico:. OPEN WEEKDAYS 9 AM TO 9PM SUNDAYS 10 AM TO GPM EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN FOR... No. 172 INCLINE PRESS EXERCISER BENCH PHYSICAL FITNESS! DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS COMBINATION REVOLVING BARBELL DUMBELL SET 34.95 Set i.icl-j Iron" I il*«ire1 77 twotro NOW WITH OUR COMPLETE WEIGHT SELECTION DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS CAST IRON BARBELL DUMBELL SET 99 Ideal for bench presses inclined lifting. Otters live lilting positions. Bench is loam padded with durable blue vinyl covering. Sturdy steel construction assures maximum stabil- ily. 49" long, 10',!" wide.s miuwauru.e« -jdts ii« 10 lo. (ex- Sib. and Jour 2 4 Ib. "Ciba her-rcplasiic ccjljd weights, ccniplelo « Ih 68" barbel bj'. 1-3 IS ' tfumball b»r s . cclljis flwire, rV3.C]?2E. DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS 3 Ib. "PRINCESS SMART BELLES" MADE TO SELL FOR 12.95.. 6 'Soeciallv designed lor the feminine hand. Available in Cloud White solid Orbalron. Included is Sand Kane's physical Illness booklet. Voit DOORWAY GYM BAR MJUnOSELLFMll.M Perfect lor men, women or children. Installed with metal mounting brackets that hold Gym Bar more securely in pJace. Improved rubber cone shaped end cups. Ad- lusts 1032". 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