Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 7, 1969 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1969
Page 13
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As Boyle - Anjelica o a great Jtion she Its at life Sees It By " HAL BOYLE with haunting dark eyes' tha are involved and unafraid. She has the independence typical of her actor grandfather Walter Huston, and her father, John, who directed her in her first film, "A Walk with Love and Death." It is a tragedy of teen-age love during the Middle Ages in which she is costarred with Assaf Dayan, son of Moshe Dayan, Israeli defense minister. "I may have been shown favoritism in getting the part," she said with dry frankness, "but I certainly was shown no favoritism on the set." Anjelica, who was born in Los Angeles and reared in Europe, is deeply concerned with the When it comes to mutual funds, I've got an axe to grind. Yours, generation gap but feels none between her and her famous father. "I haven't been as close to my father as I wanted to because of circumstances," she remarked. "But I think Hint once you cross the screwed-tip, horrible phases of adolescence and can look at your parents as people rather than hurdles, then you can either accept or reject them. You are under nobody's spell. "The generation gap lias become a cliche, and youth itself has become an establishment. Where there arc two establishments that don't understand each other, obviously there is no pence. "The gap can be lessened only if people of all ages tell each other the facts--the straight facts. Where facts arc known, there is understanding, where there is understanding there is friendship, and where there is friendship there is peace. But I feel that if the races and generations don't tell each other the truth and don't be- 1 come more involved with each other in mutual understanding, civil war, a total disruption." Although she has taken no formal acting lessons--her father wished her not to--she has absorbed the life of the theater and film world since childhood. Celebrities do not awe her, and she has no particular desire at MISTER BREGER Relief Agencies Have Done in Biafra By STANLEY ME1SLER The Los Angeles Times OWERRI, Biafra - The listless boy sat naked in the cofd rain, his. skin wrinkled and loose, his enoromus eyes star- present to be one. "My goal isn't to be a movie J!|8 "" e f ?. "'* legs i°'° ar but to be a good actress," llke a d " n g old man 1 doctor, visiting , ic ing ahead, his legs folded under, '· When you ask Boettcher about mutual funds, you're going to get a straight answer. An objective answer. We know funds. We also know stocks and bonds. So we're under no compulsion to suggest a fund it, in our judgment, you don't need one. But. if a fund does appear to be right for you. then we'll try to single out the one that comes closest to your plans and objectives. We handle more than 300 funds and we know exactly what each one seeks to accomplish. 1 ' Helping you match your investments to your goals is our business. We pride ourselves in doing it well. Professionally. Carefully. With judgment based on long experience. It's been that way at Boettcher for more than 50 years. And it's not about to change. THE AlOflf YOU MOW ABOUT INVESTING. THE MORE YOU APPRECIATE... Boettcher and Company 806 NINTH AVENUE / GREELEY. COLORADO 80631 / PHONE 3bM 434 DCNVER. CHICAGO. /VflV YOnK MEMBERS: NEW YORK. AMERICAN AND MIDWEST STOCK EXCHANGES star she said. Tall, willowy and earnest, she an appraise her possibilities coolly. "My biggest virtue, I feel, is doing what I set out to do--to express whatever talent f have for becoming a good actress, "f also think I can see people fugee camp 20 miles southeast of here, touched the boy's head end examined him quickly. Per- 3 or 4 years old, the boy that I am capable, or will be, of suffered starvation, whooping cough, probably tuberculosis and kwashiorkor, a disease caused by'the lack of protein. The boy needed hospitaliza- J aiOU linnn. i \,tiii ij^.~ jj\-\j-j--i«-. L i i t ' well. I can look at people and!TM 1 TMt the doctor would not feel their vibrations and know them as they are. "My biggest fault is probably hyper.sensilivity, sometimes to the point of being ridiculous. I can get very paranoid. I don't shrug off situations easily." Know Bike Rules | Parents. If yo-jr boy or girl rides a bike to school you'll be doing yourself a favor take him to the Red Cross hospital. Hospital officials could not wards. The boy was left behind. An indifferent camp official was in- groups, has continued to food and drugs from Tucs., Oct. 7, 1969 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 13 Colorado Closeup By Gordon Gauu AP Staff Writer Portuguese island of Sao Tom into Biafra at night. Join Church Aid used to bring in a much as or more than, the Red Cross. The Joint Church flights have staved off a recurrence of the wholesale deaths of a year ago, but they have failed to prevent a slow deterioration of the physical conditions of a good number of people. The loss of the Red Cross food is felt. "You just can't write off that amount of chop coming into the country," said the Rev. Laurence Doyle, an Irish priest who works for Carilas in Orlu. Biafran officials say 500 tons risk whooping cough in their of food a day are needed to prevent malnutrition and star- structed (o feed him milk and ialf of that, fish. The boy surely would die, another Biafran casualty in the 3-year-old Nigerian civil war. Dr. E. T. O'Dell is a 45-year- old retired Army colonel from Rome, Ga., who runs the med- vation in Biafra. Joint Church supplies an average of less than When Colorado's State Patrol was established more than 34 years ago, its name was the 'Colorado State Courtesy Patrol." Although times have changed and the highway patrol's 1 duties lave changed along with them, officials of the agency still hammer at the word "courtesy." Not long ago they discovered a lengthy order issued 'oy then- Mef Joseph J. Marsh shortly after the patrol was formed. It seemed so appropriate to Lhe situation now--or any time- that copies were made for present day patrolmen. The order begins: "In order to perfect a mi uniform type of contact by officers ... you are instructed to proceed as follows: "When you dismount your motorcycle, leave your automobile or leave your inspection station and approach an operator of a /chicle you are instructed to sa- .ute the person in the vehicle by an erect, snappy right hand sa- ,ule to your cap. "You are to instruct the individual why you are making the contact. For example: 'Sir, you lave exceeded the speed limit ol this state', or 'I am checking rour public utility operation 1 , or I welcome you to the State of Colorado', for tourists entering he state, or 'I hope you have enjoyed your visit to our state and invite you to return', for .ourists who are leaving the state. "You are not to ask any ques- .ions of the violator, or in any program of the World Coun- in China with 475 border violations GREGORY'S GREAT OUTERWEAR FOR SNOW, SLEET AND RAIN . . . AND FOR WARMTH ABOVE ALL! MANY STYLES! Gregory Charge BankAmericctrd Master Charge · PENDLETON WOOLS · MCGREGOR COATS · CRESCO LEATHERS · ALLIGATOR COATS A. FILE-LINED STORM COAT, $75.00 B. SUBURBAN COAT, $40.00 C. SKI NYLON PARKA, $15.00 D. ZIP-FRONT JACKET, $14.00 E. PLUSH PILE COAT, $60.00 FOR ME 813 8th St. you make certain they know and c j| 0 {. obey alt the bike riding rules. ,. w)]en I , ft y . t . Don't gamble with their lives 0 , Dcl , s .., i(J ,,, th M : w ' s . make sure they ride safe (h h wjth wars a]]d , bikes and ride them safely This Uons and emergenclc ,j ,, reminder from our Slate Patrol. A few monU]sb ag0) however] . a returning missionary friend from Biafra persuaded O'Dell that he was needed here. The __ colonel look leave from his job without pay in Bifra for six months. "Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night," says O'Dell, "because of things J| see. You keep going because you tell yourself that you are doing something that would not be done if you were not here. If you start measuring your contribution against the needs of the people here, Ihen you're: dead." The image of Hie lislless boy] and the words of (he retired colonel describe the dramatic and depressing side of the re-i lief story in Biafra today. But! there is another side. Despite) despairing obstacles, relief! agencies have managed to cope! with the problem in much of the enclave of Biafra. Some villages, with the help of outsiders, have put malnutrition I and starvation behind them. But to end the hunger and its aftermath is beyind resources of relief workers. A year ago, Biafra, blockaded by the Nigerians, faced a horrendous scourge. The International Committee of the Red Cross estimated Ihen that 6,000 Biafrans, mainly children, were dying every day of kwashiorkor. The disease was checked for I a while by an enoromus night; airlift of protein foods and! drugs and the heroic work of al-| most 200 missionaries and re-! lief agents who risked attacks; by Nigerian jet planes. i, The main agencies were the| Red Cross, the World Council of Churches and Caritas Interna- tionalis, a Catholic relief organization. On June 4, Nigerian Migs shol down a Red Cross plane ferrying food into Biafra. The Red Cross, which had carried between 100 and 150 tons of food; a night from Dahomey and the' Island of Fernando Po, j ponded its flights. Since then,; the Red Cross has vainly soughi; an agreement belween both sides to allow its planes to fly into Biafra during daylightj hours. In defiance of the Nigerian government, Joint Church Aid, a special organization of Protestant and Catholic Church;; Reminder Now that schools are open' again, here's an important reminder from our State Patrol. Comply with the designated' speed limit in school zones. Drive carefully. Give the kids a b-r-a-k-e. or you should have had that ev- dence before you stopped him exceeding the speed limit, or letermined in your own mind hat he was driving carelessly icfore you made the contact, or ·ou would not have slopped this ndividual." At one point, the officer con- acling an offender is told: "You are to stale why you have lopped him, and lhat you are equired to enforce the laws of his state. Also to inform him hal you arc trying to promote safety and to save lives, and. hat he has violated the state raffic laws, and therefore, you are calling his attention to this iolalion of ihe law and giving lim a warning; or that you are obliged to cite him to appear in court to answer charges of vio- ating certain provisions of the notor vehicle laws, and explain- ng to him that it is violations of this type that are responsible 'or the enormous loss of lives on our highways ..." "When in court," the patrolmen are told in another part of he order, "do not state that you are not sure, or that you do not remember. You are paid to tnow, to gather facts and evidence, and to know the circumstances surrounding the particu- ar case which you are trying. From time to time it will be necessary to give evidence, and state that to the best of your mowledge that these are the acts, and not thai you are not sure, or that you believe a particular thing to be the case. ... Always give definite in- Doctors now see kwashiorkor cropping out in large numbers, a growing number of starving people and an increase in anemia. The weakened state of .he Biafrans also makes them more susceptible to other diseases. But the situation is more controllable than it was a year ago. Despite deficiencies in distribution and the lack of supplies since the halt in Red Cross flights, the relief agencies have done an enormous job in Biafra. Thousands, perhaps a million Biafrans have died but millions more have managed to slay alive, a task that seemed impossible a year ago. make an issue of the matter, or ,o enter into any argument with lim as an officer. Do not ask a violator how fast he was going, Watch Children Now that school is back in session, it's a good lime to remind you to be especially careful when driving in the 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. period when children are on their way to school. Also the 3 to 4 p.m time period when children are on their way home. Alway drive slowly thru school zones Children should be seen anc not hurt. This message from your Slate Patrol. ormation, not evasive Slate the facts and do hem with your own it definite and sure of yc mony and your informs do not show your igno allowing the public to your information or fac definite." A final section deals of the siren on the pa "The use of the siren instances, frightens the contacted," the directiv part. "Therefore, do your siren any more In essary. To slop a viol your stop light on, or sary blow your horn, i individual contacted in frame of mind . . ." . no t use a better Broiling fish fillets? Add finely chopped pimento-stuffed olives to the lemon-buller mix- lure you brush over the fish. WEAR A HAPPY FACE . . . BY PUTTING YOUR MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU! It's a good feeling to know that you've got something going for you! That's how our savings account customers feel. They know that their savings are busy earning the highest rate of interest possible with safety. You can have that happy feeling, too . . . come on in today and open a savings account--and smile! 5% Daily Interest Paid on Passbook Accounts 6% Interest Paid On Certificates of Deposit Greeley Industrie Savings Accounts , . . Loans Corner 3th Ave. at 14th St. Phone 353-3335 Open Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. -- Saturdays 8:30-1

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