Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 11, 1973 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1973
Page 11
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12 GKKELKY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed.. April 11,1*73 Kennel operator files complaint against Weld County Commissioners GENERAL CHAT -- Air Force Major General Daniel James talks lo Cadets from the University of Northern Colorado. From left are Warren Chalmers, Rahway, N.J., senior; James.D. H. Kerbs, Greeley sophomore; and Kip Hansen, Greeley junior. (UNC photo by Karen Wyman) Gen. James tells UNC students communication leads to peace By MELISSA ADAMS UNO Journalism Student Maj. Gen. Daniel James called for building peace through inner-strength and national unity al Ihe lOlh annual University of Northern Colorado Air Force ROTC Dining-In Saturday. James, deputy' assistant secretary of defense in public affairs at Ihe Pentagon in Washington, D.C., said the problem he sees, now lhat Ihe war in Southeast Asia is over, deals largely with Ihe nation. "I am concerned about the direction this counlry is going and the role the young people play in it," he said. He said communicalion with these young people is important. "It is the firsl step lo the door to a generation of peace," James said. The former flighl leader during the Korean War said that those, who want change must work to see it done. A person needs to have faith in his own ability to .confront the changes he wants. "I was not without hope and faith," he said, comparing his life lo some of the disheartened youths of today. James attributed much of his success in moving forward lo his parents and the "llth commandment, Thou shall not quit." More can be accomplished through, self improvement and applying that towards forcing one's way to Ihe lop lhan by means of verbal protest, violence and pessimism. James, who flew 78 combat missions in Vietnam, said people should stand with their nation and help her change instead of giving up. "I stand wilh her because that's what scares Ihe potential enemy Ihe most -- it's called unity, in the principle of democracy," he-said. Directing his attention to minority progress, James said, "Minorities are making sure they get a better 'shake' now. Those who move forward and have faith are Ihe ones who succeed. All is nol righl," he said, "we still have another mile lo run bill there is a better Appointed David L. Emery has been appointed by Gov. John Love to serve a three-year term on the Propietary School Advisory Committee to the Slate Hoard for Community Colleges and Occupational Education. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Do fnlw) tooth ombarranH you !y coinlnc IOOKO when, you eat, laUKh, or t a l k ? A (Irmitre adhesive cnn holp. FASTKKTII'-riven ilrnlumi a longer, firmer, Htr-ndler hold. Makes outing more, enjoynble. For more neenrlty nncl mniliirl. urn FASTEKTH Dent u r e A d l i p w l v o I'owclor. Dentures Uiftt fit nr« efwntlal lo h«xlt!l. SM your dcntlAt reiultirlyi track surface to run on lo get to that place." The dinner was sponsored by the Arnold Air Society (AAS), a selective Cadet group of the ROTC. Angel Flighl, Ihe honorary auxiliary to the AAS squadron is named for James. C Junior Editors' Quiz on GNATS A 3AIAT (5 A Da/CAT£-LOOK) NIG, INSECT QUESTION: What is a gnat? * * * * ANSWHR: Gnat is the name given to various small flies of the Diptera family. This group of two-winged insects includes some 40,000 species, of which the common house fly is an example. The gnat is a very small, two-winged fly. It has a snout or trunk. Most gnats lay their eggs on water. Others deposit their eggs in decaying plant material, in mud, or in the hollow of trees. They live in many parts of-the world from the Arctic to the tropics. The gnat is often a pest, attacking men, animals and plants. Some gnats are harmless and do not bite. Others are annoying to humans and animals because they bite and suck the blood. They are responsible for the spread of disease. A "sore eye" epidemic in rural districts of Florida was traced to gnats. Some gnats attack plants and make swellings on them. They cause considerable damage to greenhouse plants. Many people are familiar with the Punkie, an almost invisible gnat, found in the woods. Campers usually build a fire to smoke it out. 4-11 {Dennis McCullough of Edgemore, S.C., wins a prize far this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook i]your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected far a prize. Patrick Collins, who operates a greyhound dog kennel about three miles northwest of Firestone, has filed a complaint in District Court against the $50,000 complaint filed against Eisenman Chemical A Greeley couple has filed a complaint in District Court for injunctivc relief and $50,000 in damages because of their allegedly being subjected'to loud and incessant noise.s, obnoxious odors and exhaust fumes. The plaintiffs in the action are Henry and Malve Marie Weinmeister, 1602 1st Ave. Named as defendants are Edward J. and Mary Margaret Eisenman and the Eisenman Chemical Co., 312 E. 16th St. The complaint sets forth that the defendants have various interests in property immediately adjoining property on which the plaintiffs have lived since August, 1963. It is alleged the defendants erected a facility on the adjoining property for the purpose of repairing large trucks. The complaint claims activ ties on the adjoining properl cause loud, disagreeable an incessant noises night and day as well as jar and vibration, a of which are transmitted int and through the plaintiff home and premises. Add tionally, they produce offensiv exhaust odors, the complain ·says. The complaint also allege the activities have caused ob noxious smells and odors on th plaintiffs' premises and · tha there has been seepage chemicals from the defendants property onto the plaintiffs. Claiming the plaintiffs will b caused great and irrepariabl loss unless the activities ar restrained, the complaint ask the court to enjoin the defenc ants from committing and con tinuing the activities. The complaint also says th plaintiffs have been damaged in the enjoyment of their horn and that they and the premise they own have been seriously damaged, for which a judgmen of $50,000 is sought. · DRAPERIES · KITCHEN RODS · WINDOW SHADES PLASTIC-VIEW SUNSHADES One HOUR THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING Hillside Mall One Hour Martinizing PHONE: 352-8B83 26H4 1 1 Ih Avenue CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEXT TO "KING SOOl'ERS" I'UiVTT lit' t-'KKK I' IIIKIXC OPEN 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. MONDAY -- SATURDAY [COUPON MUST BE BROUGHT IN WITH ORDER \ BLAZERS SPORT COATS REGULAR PRICE 90 C SPECIAL PRICE 59 C Expires 4-30-73 TROUSERS SLACKS REGULAR PRICE SPECIAL PRICE 59 Expires 4-30-73 SKIRTS SWEATERS REGULAR PRICE SPECIAL PRICE }C Expires 4-30-73 59 PLAIN ONE-PIECE DRESSES REGULAR PRICE $180 SPECIAL PRICE 18 Expires 4.30-73 Men's Ladies' PLAIN SUITS REGULAR PRICE $]80 SPECIAL PRICE $]18 Expires 4-30-73 DRAPES BLANKETS BEDSPREADS 20% OFF REGULAR PRICE Expires 4-30-73 "T NWITHORDER One-Hour Service -- No Extra Charge All Cleaning Guaranteed County Commissioners over their denial of his application for permission to expand Ihe kennel. Collins asked Ihe court lo review the commissioners' records and decision in Ihe case and to granl his expansion application. As a result of filing of the complaint, Judge Donald C. Carpenter has issued an order directing the commissioners lo certify within 311 days a record of the commissioners' proceedings in the case and lo show cause, if any, why Iheir decision should nol be reversed. In his complaint, Collins says the commissioners in 1971- granted his application for a 20- dog operation. Last year he applied to expand Ihe operalion lo accommodate more dogs. The complaint sets forlh lhat the County Planning Commission recommended approval of the application to the commissioners, subject to Collins obtaining addilinnal water which Ihe complaint claims the applicanl has nb-, tained. A public hearing was held on the application by the commissioners Feb. 13 and, al lhat lime, three persons appearing in opposition to granting of the application, two of Ihem a married couple,, Ihe complainl said. ' Shortly afterward Ihe board Chicano Film Festival planned Friday, Saturday . The Apolstle's Chicano Youth Organization is sponsoring a Chicano Film Festival in the basement of til. Peter's Church on Thursday and Friday beginning at 7 p.m. each night. Friday night, a dance is scheduled to. begin at 9 p.m immediately following the showing of the films. The films depict Ihe culture and history of Ihe Chicano movement. These films are meant for those who wish to have a better understanding of the Chicano people in (he southwest. ! The film, "How's School Enrique?" explains why Chicano students have such a high dropout and delinquency rate. ' "Chicano" looks al the problems of Chicano students in (he American school system -beginning with Head Start all into the working world. "Mexican-Heritage" presents the history of (ho cultural music and dances of Mexico. "Decision al Delano" is a documentary on farm labor leader Cezar Chavez and his United Farmworker's Union. "Los Compadres" is a locally-filmed' prodticlion lhat clearly presents a picture of the history of Ihe Chicano people in New Mexico and Colorado. Other films to be shown are: "I Am Joaquin," "Cortez and · the Legend," "Everybody's Prejudice," "North From Mexico." Finally, a slide show will present the history of the Mexican Revolution through the art works of Ihe revolutionary artist Diego Rivera. Proceeds from Ihe festival will be used lo build a Chicano the way through college and cultural and activity center. denied the application. In Ihe denial resolution, according lo Ihe complainl, Ihe commissioners found Ihp kennel lies'in a potential growth area and would be loo visible and unsightly; lhat certain residents of the surrounding area were opposed lo Ihe expansion; and lhat,' because of Ihe number of kennels in Ihe area, a further expansion of the dog population would be a nuisance lo surrounding properly owners. "' Collins conlcnds in Ih'e complainl thai Iho conclusions of, Ihe board are nol supported by any findings of facl in Ihe resolution arid lhat, for Ihis reason, Ihe decision conslilules an abuse of discrelion lhal is contrary to law. He also says the hoard's action was arbitrary and capricious and dinied his rights of due process. The plaintiff claims that, if Ihe decision is nol sel aside and reversed by Ihe court, he will suffer irreparable damage and will sustain a loss of potential income. 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