Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 6, 1957 · Page 49
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 49

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 49
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Page 24 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, June 6, 1957 The Creeley Daily Tribune . LEO G. KOENIG - · JAKT tSTRlCt ]R I The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF . . Pitblubti i KLOVD F: M K K H I L L . . . Beiinoi M n A L PETEKiES · - · . r.rc Ut ' - · - - Tfc» Triboni-fUpubliuB PutsJiikim Co Oilier 71* Eicblb Si Gr*«ler Colo office tt Grrtle? Colon do ondcf tht Aci Hjircb I U7K otiitJon. lol»nd VM Aadit Uur»u of Tbi · JT«I th« I luoeiilM PrtM u ·nlulta "do u '-hf life of republicillan of il Dcil tifwi printH in Ihii nrwipir* lU u ill AP niwi dlipilrhr*. tit D ill l» C'olor»oo . onib* le.VO, on* (ronib ll.:o. Oi mill ouUl'.t ol Culor»do I ;cii 11400, on* month Jl.Ttt farviin reunirlw 1200 month Cll* CirrJir ||.:o manib HUHl.lC KOHI1U fablir i o u ra »ii«r mun l.r no l-jrcrr thin 3W w-riTi Corrrci · ifnilur* mutt )M Drini*d «ilb tb*m Ca by G i w l r j I i pa. U n i o n ho 181 Pause Blld Ponder: It God'i Fnithfulneii "Therefore let those who suffer according In Cod's will do right and entrust their souls to a f a i t h f u l creator."--! 1'eler 4:19. 19 Years Ago Jv-n? David Benlon Runnells, ion oil Theatre Guide Opinions icd information suar aoieed to be Iroui figures* other than the prera n^iartlnentl ol motion picture producers. .. thos ' i 1 1 i sl "" J d be mo- general it is a strong and vigorous delineatin. Several bedroom u-enes and references are a shade too explicit for tbe younger audience. U b txciling d r a m a t i c m a - , terial, played aggressively, and · {for all it is worth. | M?i!?c Pjcfvr? H?*?'^ r-?'.?? 'h? j Waroers-N'twtown film very guoi. i {Running lime is 12i minutes. Andy! Griflilh is Lonesome Rhodes; Tat-| 'ricia Ncal. Marcia Jeffries; An- l l h o n y Franciosa, Joey Kiely; and !Waller M a l l h a u , Mel Miller. What About Nickelodeon on Ninth Avenue? Before lhc last comment in here about Ihe Nickelodeon a m o n g Creeley's early motion picture (heaters was printed, a woman who came will go east for the wedding here by covered wagon in 1001 Mil the writer Ihe t r u e Nickludeuu was i M i s s K i r k ' K a 's- a ;:TMlu.V al an entirely different place. An earlier i n f o r m a n t had placed (lie |"nivi-r«ily of II mois. TliB p.i Nickelodeon in the Park M e r c h a n d i s e huiiding. second floor, in Ihe !^»« ^!^"^ ( h "'" c mm auditorium that was known (is Jackson hall. | The latest report locales the Nickelodeon on a site this long i n q u i r y had not disclosed. It places the Nickelodeon "on N i n t h avenue, facing "About whore Andcr- l)r and Mrs. W. 1. KunnelK of varsity of llliiiuis, lias been awaui- cd Ihe Francis J. IMyrn iravcliiii;! . . . . scholarship which provides a veai's' 5 ""' ""'""·'··-"-'P 1 ^ °" « travel and architectural sludv mi" 011 "" clurc bcrecn ' Europe. i * F «« in 'h* The Plym scholarship committee; Crowd «l Chief specifics t h a t the receiver spend ; Chief is showing A Face in the !H" m-MiliiT, ilr Htiti nrmir.'i I M r M , ' O'nvu. niirii til*- i-fiilaeMi-ln.-*!- Iwo months in Italy und the r c - ' l y sharp, incisive writing of Budd maimlcr of the lime in lhc Scar.d-j.Schulbcrfi and the realistically driv- inavi;-n countries and K n i f l a n d . ( i n g force in production and dircc- Sketchcs. notes, and nicluri-s will j lion of Klia K a z a n arc arc com- be sent to the University of Illinois ' bined, Ihc results should be ?'· i ] ) year-old A d a m s City girl Tues for exhibit once a month No dcfin- i f e c l i v c screen entertainment. l o ^ j y . ile lime, for s a i l i n g has been set j say lhc least. That is the c o m h i n a - , ciirnhcd into by Ihe commitlee, a l t h o u g h it u i l l ; l i o n wholly responsible for A Facej| ) l l s ,| Tove 52 blocks steering pinbably he early in July. j in the Crowd and lhc result is ctm-j o n c ' n a n d an[) drinkinc soda pop lluiini-!l will lie m a r r i w l Jinc I 8 : s i l e r n b l y beyond cffeclive. ''with the other sidcswiped a to Miss Helen K i r k of Molina, i l l . , j " is a hard-hitting, two-fislcd i park(?d c a r j ( n e n ca it e(1 fMl:e lo The Literary Guide nnoT |iudi Iseult are tie ultimate ideal love- jlaughB trie wicked right out of their |ert who talked more about love j sinful beds. I than they ever, on paper, indulged W. G. Rogtri. Jin sex. | | Bui in Shakespeare's bawdy ! I nurse. Fitch shrewdly identifies a true modern character. Today's says, have been very hafd to taich j out of bed. Then alter a climactic i Uaalti llcain aracter. Today's p J.,-1- (mm Vala i.-.i Mamie from Yale J J r\ i | ] f K3fl AW3y r i I n jCFIOOl BUS . NKW HAVKN. Conn. -- Stephen ;period ol surfeit, with a young gm-1 R ,,·,,,,, ot Greeley. Colo., will I By W.G. Rogers ^ 'cralion "sick of sex," Fitch expects receil . c his bachelor of science de- TNF n r r i T v t - ANT. F i l l nlr ! us n o w l o put sex back in its place f om Y a l c un i ve rsily Mon- SL T X waf some u "ous mgres i i n lhe '-" m ^ and " st()re ils ! ° Ve day. Kxercises will be held out- SLX. vurn some vu.ious uigrcs ^ , cndcnlcss . | ^ ^ (hp l m j v e r s i ( y - 5 histori( . \ovelisls iJon'l give us their idea old Campus where 10.000 persons of sex, but our idea of il; they wirti some Curious ;iD=i cr. lhc Subject cl T.'Ui Love.! By Robert Ellioll Filch. Harcourl, Drace. don't lead Iheir generation into arc expected lo wilness (he cere- Confiregallonal minister, teacher I adu| , cry| obsccn ,, y and lhl , bor .! - of religions and philosophy and K , , (n Iound , ne g e n c r a t i o n ams Cil i l u f s ! d e a n °' *! Pac " c S ' 1 ' 0 " 1 ° ·««· alread there. Fitch twisis njr.nrm . . . . n i l - i - | I 11 "JUt^UJ Illl. It. A JLl.ll IH hfiion in Berkeley, Filch s h o m d j , b i ( . ., sjck of . sex . , n untended school i h a v c h « n s l- arcd . an l r1 exposure t o | t and ,,, , c ^. n ocks steering w i t h ; s » ch a C0ilrsc a n l l n a l acllv "y as I way and Melalious in , - , _ . . already there. Fitch twisis njr.nrm! Blind Leader DlCS sex. Or he also reads, even modern novels, so you mighl suppose. way book too Hemins- thc same I and she will accompany him to I lampoon of Ihe TV popular hero, \ " conlt , a n d sc [ mc ." I and there in particular he has come Europe. Dr. and Mrs. Hunnclb., I occasionally devaslalinfi in Is pow-; The youngster took lhc bus from ' up smack againsl il. In Ihls de- wilh Ilohert and Itichard llunnells, j e r , and withal for Ihc mosl p a r t ! a p a r k i n g spare outside the A d a m s - v a s l i n g volume of essays, he eon LOS ANCIELES -- Joseph J. Jones, 72, blind machinist -who is unfair. But Filch has a ! f o u n d e d the International Guiding sharp keen wit, and you never saw j Eyes under sponsorship of the In- Machinists, | hugely c,l tun-. . . entertaining motion story P l c ' ; C i t y Baptist Church, where it was j sidcrs sex in all aspects, main dish w a i l i n g repairs, officers said. j and dessert, with and without mar- an a d e p l a l i n n of one | ^ e was j,,,^ w jthoiit charge i n ; riagc, hclero and homo and libido, mics al Dunlap, HI. Before doing gr»dual« wgrk al Ihc University of Illinois, ;tunni'lls was associated with M e r e d i t h Hall. Lincoln park in the 700 block, north of the alley. "About where Andcr- Musick, Denver a r c h i t e c t . H e r r n t Bon's seed slore is located," she ndded. |ly he has been in Ihc healini: and "11 was a one-story b u i l d i n u , and you walked right in," .she .said, i n - 1 v e n t i l a t i n g d e p a r t m e n t of Crane diealing she couldn't mix it up with an upstairs h a l l . "When did it operate?" "It was r u n n i n g in 1MB liucaiiac I went down in tlir N'ickelndenn on N i n t h avenue to hear Ihe returns of the Taft election," she said. She was certain that the name was the Nickelodeon. Shc remembered that It showed some vaudeville acts, as well as movies. The lalcsl early day motion picture fan came lo Ihe office prin- | cipally lo sec thai her favorite pianist received proper allciilion in any | discussion of early theaters. "Mrs. Ilatlic Diraell Cannon played the piano al lhc t h e a t e r al the OTallon in Donvcr. Contractors Given Judamenl Against U.S. Court of Claims WASHINGTON Hi $70,500 judgment against the government of Schiilbore'r short stories, The'j l l v ( , n j| e A r k a n s a s Traveler, and servos t o i hrint; head and shoulders to the I forefront of recent performances ! t . on t r ols, La Paz reports. Andy Griffith as Ihc face in the crowd who becomes a power-wielding figure on the A m e r i c a n scene. r.riffilh offers as robust, bombast i c and vigorous a performance, wholly in keeping with the charac- t e r at i^ne, nv m a v he seen in many a day. The lulure miile. clearly loks bright for G r i f f i t h . Opposite h i m , as the local radio s t a t i o n reporter who finds Griff i t h in jail during her Face in lhc Crowd program, I'alrlcia Ncal is cxlremcly effective. - - . - - . j,,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,, hu .,,.i K ,.,^ h ,,, L .,,,,.,.,,, Splendid support is offered by Unitarian church (9lh street and Dlh avenue) and in other Ihcnlcrs in |j n connection with construction o f ! Anthony Franciosa as Ihe small Greeley," shc said, "llaltie Dii7.zcll Cannon was a very fine pianist. |u, c Colorado-Dig Thompson Proj- town opporlunisl who hilches lo lhe Dick Gl'd played al about the same lime, and both of them were ex- Vcl in Colorado was awarded by slur-wagon; Walter Mallhau, cellcnl musicians." lhc L ' ollrL ° r Claims Wednesday lo Mrs Cannon was the wife of Harry H. Cannon, for many years a |-Morrison-lCnud.scn Co., Doisc, Ida- rily inspector, and was Ihe mother of Irving Cannon, of fireeley, and j ho. and Peter Kiewit Sons' Co., of Moll Cannon, a f a r m e r near here. The elder Cannons arc holh dead, | ".j^ [ w ' ( ' % Mrs. Cannon also played at lhc Isis on Suvcnlh slrccl, and al the i c o n l r a ( , ( Orphcum, predecessor lo Ihc, Flex. | construction ot earthwork Meanwhile, a search for missing names of known Ihcalcrs conlm-i stru( . lurcs , or (hc Eslcs _ ues. The Majestic has been suggested as a name of an early Ihcaler .Mary's Lake power plants, a park- here, but the person who offers it is not certain which theater bore that i n(! area,-gatehouse, spillways and nlm |, ipenslock ( t u b u l a r pipe) connected Docs anyone recollect il? Also has anyone any more information on [he Ihcater in the 700 block on N i n t h avenue around 11108? Election Year's Atomic Debate Being Played Over By JAMES MARLOW A. P. NEWS MgALYST WASHINGTON l,fl - This is Where we. came in. All that's been said in lhc past five dnys -- hy President Eiscn-, i,^,,,, ; ii,i c t 0 agree on what's howcr and by Tiussia's Premier p r 0 p r iate." lo the projects power plants. '['he Court of Claims held two companies suffered d a m a g e through f a i l u r e of · the Reclamation Dureau to provide slccl for the penstocks on schedule u n d e r the contract, and 558,- in furnishing detailed construction drawings anil other m a t e r i a l The companies had asked for slnr-wngon; Walter he TV writer-producer; Brasficld note was "appropriate." He tiilkeil . of an appropriate agreement on.$220,120. Ihe. whole problem of disarma- mcnl. The trouble, is, lhe Untied [Timely Advice Slates and ftussia have never 'ap- Bulganin and Communist P a r t y boss Khrushchev -- on b a n n i n g nuclear weapons sounds like Ihc 395G presidential c a m p a i g n all over again. Bulganin and Eisenhower said Wednesday w h a t they said lasl October. And now, eight monlhs laler, lhe Uniled Stales and Rus- nia are no nearer agrocmcnl on banning nuclear weapons and their testing than they were then. Eisenhower made it clear again Wednesday -- as he did last fall -- this counlry would continue its lests until there is iool-prool agreement on disarmament and ban- Ding nuclear weapons. Last Sunday Khrushchev said Russia would be willing lo start reaching toward a disarmament agreement with a first small step. And Wednesday Bulganin said in a stalcmenl made public in Geneva: Russia was willing lo agree lo iin "appropriate" agreement on the whole problem of disarmament. . .including agreement on an immediate end lo lhc testing of nuclear weapons. Last fall, in Ihc midst of the presidential c a m p a i g n , Bulganin stuck his nose in with a letter lo Eisenhower which said: "Unlil the necessary agreement on banning atomic weapons has been reached, it would be advisable...lo agree at least on the firsl step lowaTd...lhe prohibition of tesls o* atomic and hydrogen weapons." That iirst step Khrushchev talked about Sunday seemed t a k e n word for word out of R u l g a n i n ' s letter of last October. That letter was the second of ils kind from Bulganin lo Eisenhower. The first was in September, 1956, But lhe calchword in Bulganm's Govt. Workers Hurt In Montana Crash MALTA, Mont. I* -- Two government employes were hospital- While Ihc Uniled Slates wanls a I j c ff CT . S | HI Davis Junior High school d i s a r m a m e n t aRrccmonl based o n l n c r c : "Time will pass.- Will you?" a strong inspection system which J _ will m a k e cliealinB impossible, l h c i U S E T H E T R I B U N E WANT ADS Russians haven't wanted a n y p a r t ' of really tit'hl, fooJpronf controls. Anil Wednesday a Senate subcommittee, which has been studying d i s a r m a m e n t , reported t h a t il had asked HO authorities on Dus- ;ia, scnllcrcd Ihrouch lhc United States, their opinion on this qucs- ,ion: Would Ihn Russians ajvec In the kind of t.iehl inspcelion Eisenhower wanlcd? The commillee said most oT the "10 think (he prcscnl [lussian leaders not only wouldn't but couldn't. The reason: Lclling in foreign inspectors would w e a k - ' en Ihctr grip on the country, Wcld County Real Estate Transfers Revenue Btampa on real estate Iranilen are at the rate of $T.10 per thousand. ized Wednesday after an amphibi- June 4 Harold C. Abel and Gladys M. Abel lo Leslie P. Thorson and Dorothy M. Thorson. Lots 21), .10, 31, and 32 in Blk. 41, in the Town I of Hudson, liev. S2.2II. Dean E. Slreiff and Jane E. Klrc-iff lo Catherine Ititc. Lot. 2, Illk. 13, Farr's Third A d d i t i o n t o , Ihe Cily of Greeley. Subject I n ! Deed of Trust. Rev. ?i.lo. Oscar Krickson to A. X. Krick- son. S'.sSWM of in-366; N'-bNW'/j ot 30-3-GG; E ^ N E l i of 25-3-67. Except First Deed of Trust. Rev. $33.00. Chester Stevens and Apnes Stevens to John L. E m h r r o anrl Zona B. Emhree. Lots 3.1, 3.1, 35, 36, Rlk. 110, Town of Evans. Rev. S.VSO. Thco Tcplm.ln and Hope L. Tegl man lo Donald E. Weaver and Susie May Weaver. Part of Lots 101 and 11, Second Addition lo' ford. _ Rlk. 7. Subject to Deed of ous plane crashed while altcm'pling Trust. R e v , S7.70. a practice l a n d i n g in a s t o r a g e ! T heo T e g l m a n and Hope I,. Tcgl- reservoir 17 miles east of M a l t a . ] - mm (a Donald F. Weaver and Su- F. A. Skehan, Grand Forks, j sie May Weaver. W'iSW'.i of 28 2- N. D., a Dordcr Patrol pilot, s a i d : r.3. Subject to Deed of Trust. Rev. he and R a l p h H. Trahar, Washing- i S2-I.40. , (on, D. C., an I m m i g r a t i o n Serv' John R. Van Zee and E m m a Jo I ice officer, were en roule from i Van /ee lo George P. Brown and Grand Forks to Havre on business. The hospital said Skehan suffered some shnck. Trahar was treated for severe /ace and head cuLs and given Wood transfusions. The mishap occurred on Nelson Reservoir, a Reclamation Bureau reservoir a couple miles long and about ¥t of a mile wide. .lackalee Jo Brown. Lot S. Bile. S. Cranford, Cily of Grccley. Rev. S29.15. Trustees of "Dillr-y Chapel" of the United Rrclhrcn in Christ lo Johnstown Evangelical V n il e d Drelhren Church. Lois 1, 2, and part of Lol 3. in Blk, 1, C a l l a h a n lleighls Addition to the Town of Johnslown. No rev. 5 BURGERS TO GO Harry Cameron's AC NODELAY DRIVIN Mflfi Tel. 497 W W W a sober and serious crusade waged Iternational fleeting and evcrylasting-- Elinor Glyn's "Three Weeks" and James R n livia has eliminated all price "FroiYi Here to Etcrnily." Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and MISTER BREGER NITKOQEM'CHLOEID* 10 60 EXPLOSIVE THhT SHr ' 1b Ct-EVELUND, Ohio, ft DISTANCE OF 100 MILES, s uset TO TRANSPORT caw.-- wrrriour iwriMQ our -rvte as the ex-jail male. Cftrlain aspcels of the lampoon may seem to be overdrawn, bul in PAD, PIP vou KNOWIHA students in the Uree- ley public schools will report it their respective buildings for Iheir report c a r d s o n Wednesday, June 5th, at 1:30 p.m.? .and watch out for that ship behind you , No Consideration HALF ACRE CASTLE IT ISN'T HOT ENOUGH TODAY, THE SLJN'5 BEHINP CLDUP; HALF THE TIME,' THAT? WHEN YOU CAN GETAGOOD BURN,' TEEN-AOE ! fWZOBES OFDUOUBNE, PA, TELL? ' STEVE, YOU'LL GET AM AWFUL SLJNSURN ' 50 MUCH ABOUT THEIR NOftTII LITTLE ROCK, Ark wi- A sifin on a classroom clock at JOE PALOOKA REAL PIONEER BY HAM FISHER SOOOMU55 SflKES.'SHES SHORE A WONDIFUL PERSON...TH REAL PIONEER TYPE.' IF HUMPHREY CAN'T MAKE IT RUN-IT'S HOPELESS.' REMEMBER- I AGREED TO DO THIS ONLY IF VOU LET ME TAKE MY TURN AT THE WHEEL... I ALWAYS EARN Mf OWN WAY.' ENT FOR WORLPLV NEWS SERVICE. WE 60T A TIP THAT A REVOLUTION IS BREWING W THE REPUBLIC OF TARAWA J TREACHEROUS ) SORRY.. I CANT FIK'ERUP... TCH, TCH.' She's On The News End SCORCHY SMITH /ALL I KNOW IS WHAT ! /BEAD IN THE KEWSPAPSCS" I SUPPOSE VOU TELL 1 MS, V^ PASPCN THE IUTEUSIOW, US SMITH, BUT WISTvPe OF JUST PLAN JANE TA^E MOCKS, STIFF; YOU WOULDN'T CASE JO FILL ME W OM TIE DETAILS OF THS LITTLE WKLD- LOOK.MISS.I CAMT CETUUW TO BASS NOW, 8UTSOQN AS WE LAND- WAIT KZ PZOTOCO. 1 ^ (· wonder it's always empty!" DICKIE DARE M O D E S T M - A I D E X S 1 LL CUT OFF THE CHWNS - LET THE BANDS GO 'TIL LATER NOW FOR ACT/OH.' STEP DUE -- CLOSE RIGHT UP TO , THE. EtlEWY. THAT 5 GOING TO DO IT/AND ONCE MUST SCREWDRWET? LI'L ABNER THE CAR'S ' V WARN'T Y- youw!. r l'TMceo I'LL NEVER ^ HIMT D-DRIVE AGAIN? OH,VMERE'S Nr . D , THE NEAREST » "«? SANATORIUM? (-ICAJSTSEE "-WITHOUT W GLASSES. Bjr I KNOW A MS£ NO SENSE UE HAILItf NOCAB.THEVJEST IXWTSTOP FO'ME? J PRETTV GOILS5 Madam, here's Uie chef's Burprise." 4

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