Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 1970 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
Page 28
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The board held also that such a contract continues to apply to the union involved as well as the new owner-employer. The ruling was based in large part on a 1964 Supreme Court decision which specifically rejected a contention that the employer could not be required to arbitrate under a pre-existing collective bargaining agreement because it was not a party to the agreement and had not consented to be bound by it. The NLRB said the court's decision had "altered the perspective in which a successor employer's obligations to honor the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by his predecessor must be viewed. The board observed also thai binding a successor-employer to the bargaining obligations of his predecessor "furthers the policy of protecting the employes' exercise of the right to engage in collective bargaining through representatives of their own choosing. "Requiring the successor-em- nlnver to neeotiate nroDOsed Thi that jnilal other wior lioug lave The inie he ] attac iffree clgl CC of bu T 'i- JU1C :ect case Chi Sullo Fann issue order Jr., c cane; ware Th was Adr CO "Yoi once what chass healt natio H. J his 1 Mo him We coat told "I'll ual,' happ This means, the NLRB added, that the new employer cannot unilaterally change wages and ither benefits established by a hree upholding the continuing exists »nd one, which w*s validity of a labor contract miwed for lack of wcc where legitimate successorship ship, ·· labor that agreement agreement even may The decision marked the first lime the board has spelled put he rights' and responsibilities attached to labor-management agreements involved in the sale of business enterprises. . Labor · lawyers said they expect employers to challenge the case in the federal courts.' nan Frank W. Mc,,.. and members John H. Fanning and Gerald A. 'Brown issued the majority decision and order. Member Howard Jenkins Jr., dissented. There is one va- on the usual five-man The new successorship policy readied in four cases- Admiral's Advice CORONADO, Calif. (AP) - ·uccesor- Figuring Grocery Codes Is a Job for Supersleuth By ESTELLE JACKSON Times-Dispatch C o n i u m t r Writer RICHMOND, Va. AP - Ever wonder how fresji the food you buy really is? Ever suspect that the food you're eating may have been standing overly long on the grocery shelf? '·: ." The answer to your question is probably marked right on your grocery packages. Most perishable food products found in supermarkets are marked witii a date -- either the date of packaging or the dale the item is to be withdrawn or "pulled" from the store counter or shelf. The problem Is-that-most ol the dates are in code keep up with going on and maybe a few girls to keep healthy these days," says the nation's oldest admiral, Richard H. Jackson, offering advice on his 104th birthday. More than 200 persons visited y him Sunday at his home. a bright red sport coat and black bow tie, Jackson Significance of Number* What is the significance of the numbers marked in purple or black on the undersides of boxes and cans? In an effort to find the answer, I visited stores of. several local supermarket chains, found some help and encountered some resistance. But told Miss Alabama, Ann Eowler, I did manage to crack quite have none of that dang rit-!a few codes. changes in existing terms and conditions of employment the employes' bargaining repre- busses on her cheek before go- read 2081. The manager of the ^^ ^^ ^ uui _ o _ ,,.,,,.,, sentatives gives stability t o ' i n g off to cut his birthday cake.lstorc told me to add the "rst| symbols representing cities, the emolovine enterprise's "labor swap some sea stories with old I and last, numerals together to .. Dlan(s _ vat numbers she wished happy birthday and bent over to jss him. Then he pulled the brunette A carton of potato salad, one of my first targets, was coded in a fairly common, but baffling, manner. The numbers on into his lap and planted two J the underside of the container month, he said. So, I concluded, .he package should be pulled March 8. "Is that package still back there on the counter?" suddenly asked the manager, and .he took off as though both Virginia H. Knauer and Ralph Nader were in hot pursuit. The date, you see, was March 11. Meat codes, 1 found, were difficult to decipher, because they vary from chain to chain, from store to store within the same chain, and even within the same store of the same' chain. For example, in one store fresh meats were marked "2." The "2" stood for the man who wrapped the meat, and the "3" represented the day of the week - Wednesday -- the meat was wrapped. Milk Carton Codt Finding the codes on a milk carton can be a strain on the eyes, as they are usually embossed colorlessly on the lip of (he wax container. Most milk is coded by pull date - "31" would indicate the carton will be withdrawn on the 31st. One brand codes by the bottling date, a deliveryman told me. A letter represents the week, and a number indicates the day. "B4" means the fourth day of the second full week of the month, for example. Codes can contain more than dates. Some codes also contain relations and furthers the interests of industrial board said. shipmates and plans for celc-llearn the month -- the peace, third the bra'ting his 105th birthday with a visit to Las Vegas, Nov. month, March, represenled the The day of MOONLIGHT SALE GENTRY'S SHOES WOMEN'S SHOES Sophisticates TONIGHT ONLY! CHILDREN'S SHOES Red Goose, Young Dale TONIGHT ONLY! MEN'S WORK AND DRESS SHOES Roberts, Kingsway, Outdoorsman TONIGHT ONLY! RED CROSS AND SOCIALITES Values to $21 PRICE GOOD THROUGH SAT. SOPHISTICATES 2W' HEELS All colors, Values to 12.99 H QQ PRICE GOOD THROUGH SAT. NQW SPORT SHOES-ODDS AND ENDS 90 PRICE GOOD THROUGH SAT. NOW MEN'S SHOES Values to 24.00 PRICE GOOD THROUGH SAT. NOW packing plants, vat numbers and even shift numbers. Processors say this must be done to identify specific batches for checking the validity of consumer complaints, as in cases where food products must be recalled. Letttr Codt* Letter codes can really be perplexing. One technique is to employ a six-letter word, like NEW-ARK, in which no letters are repeated. Using NEWARK, an "N" could represent mon- day, "E" Tuesday'and so forth. Some manufacturers prefer a 10-lcttcr code, using a word combination like n o u r i s h eat. When they reach the end of the 10-day cycle with a "T," they can simply start all over again with an "N." Easily understood codes, in which the packaging or expiration dafes are written in plain English, fall into the category of "open coding." And open coding is what various consumer organizations j|\vant. It would be mandatory if a bill now before Congress is passed. Rep. Leonard Farbstein (D- N.Y.) is the author of the bill, an amendment to the Fair Labeling and Packaging Act. The bill, which'has 47 sponsors in Congress, includes provisions for open dating by uniformly using the product's "pull" or expiration date. Preliminary results of surveys made for Karbstein's office by women investigators in the Washington area were disclosed by Ellis Levin, the congressman's legislative assistant. "Everything sold is not stale, but a significant amount of food is older than the codes say it should be," said Levin. "We're finding this especially in milk, bread and met. The greatest abuse is in low income areas. However, middle income area iiousewives are concerned, too, about paying a lot of money for stale food." Food industry spokesmen maintain that open coding would add to the cost of food and contend it is not necessary because the purpose of coding is to help stores rotate products. They say that the codes are not the customers' business. S. Frank Straus, executive vice president of the Virginia Food' Dealers Association, says that coding would "create more problems than it solves. "Housewives would buy things with the newest and freshest dates," he said. "The last merchandise in would be the first out. This would create a vast problem in that much merchandise would have to be destroyed and credited. Imagine what that would do to the cost of food." Proponents of open coding counter industry agruments by saying that open dating would not be an extra cost, since the industry is already coding food. They argue that open dating has existed for .years In sonn European countries. MITH'S known for quality SHOES master charge USE A SMITH'S CHARGE, BANK AMERICARD OR MASTER CHARGE! 806 9th Street I Bird Short Cut M A R T T G N Y , Switzerland II (AP) -- Birdwatchers report I swallows migrating northward I have been seen taking a low cut through the 4-mile Grand St. Bernard Road tunnel from Italy to Switzerland rather than flying over the 8,000-ft. Alpine Uheights.

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