Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 7, 1967 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1967
Page 11
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Ualiu Free Press Caldwell News-Tribune, Wednesday, June 7, 196T - A3 Ann .Landers' Column 15 Receive Top Grades At Melba Strvke Directory 1 Service Directory 1 SPRAYING Licensed 4 Insured. We spray a n y t h i n g , land, -I59-320T. do you say? - L N D E - disUlvisionments of married T 0 ' ,- ,, -^ ,, h Mfe ; Send t0r ANS LANDE[iS ' MELBA- Fifteen students ,,.nf L.,c !K^L" L ou "l u n' "i.^ 11 ! 1 .!!^TM TM lteA A homfs ** « «. play around with other women and I'd better gel used to the idea. According to him, all men Pwple""sometimes "forgeMhTt We plan lo marry next year. Now he has told me that he wants to band feels that cash is iudeU- Marriage," enclosing with your ^ B ' cate, tell him to send a check, request 20c in coin and a long, The pastor won't be insulted, self-addressed, stamped envel- , illal glading High period for the UK] junior s stupid, naive or both. He says the male philosophy works this way: "A man loves only one woman but he must be free to entertain himself with as many women as he needs, regardless of whether he is married or single." I told him to hit the road. Now 1 am sorry. ! cry a lot and have bills to pay - just like help you will, your problems. v i k k i Fin , earned A honors everybody else down here. Send them to her in care of f or u, e sen j or c i ass seniors this newspaper enclosing a tfit(l B grajes wer ' p 'j ' Dyer stamped, self-addressed en + + + To solve some of the trus- (rations, disappointments and velope, DR. MOLHER OH HEALTH Pulse Rates Vary 'Sophy and make the best of it. -- TEARS CS' THE PILLOW Dear Tears: tf you marry this man, prepare to cry yourself a river that will make the Amazon look likearnuddycreek. Kenny Hawkins, Georgia Johnson, Gaylel.apan, Ralph Leippe, Kirby Lynskey, Bob Netllelon, Debby Sheets, Donetta Stokes, and Kathy Gunning Pulse rate, in that respect, is on my feet. Is i( safe fur me to (, ia( i es from lhe ry m'jch lite blood pressure, use an electric blanket? l e a n class, l-rpshmei earned A freshman very much like blood pressure, use an eiranc oianKeir i c a n class, rreshmen with B grades have advisedthose Just knowing a reading without hardly sleep without one in win- were Benita Detweik-r, Braida urge their parents knowing anything else about the ler, and live alone, but don't joimajn, Chester U»c, Clmck jlish. Chances are individual doesn't mean much of want lo use one if it is danger- Mji-pi^ JillMinm.Nanry'Murris, Tom Elliott, James Gardiner, Pat Humiston, Melvin Lee, Mark Merrill, V i c k i Miller, Mike Parry, Patly Thompson, W e Steve Tiegs, liirhanl While, Henne Zink, Diane Panclifri and Loraine Pancheii. Junior classmen willi A By JOSEPH C. MOLNER, M.D. (he ulcer. Smoking has a vari- grades were Dennis Ageuliroad, Dear Dr. Molner: What is a able effect. Some doctors pro- Kae Doyce, andStisanTiegs. Jim- normal pulse rate? How much Mbit all smoking, others allow iors with B grades were Hob does it vary with increased or de- an occasionalsmoke. Butexcess- Branduu, Christine Kiihriman, creased activity? Does it vary j v e smoking (which ulcer Myke Johnson, Judy Lee, Bonnie much in individuals? m youth patients, usually being emotion- Maylion, Jay Parry, lititli Par- and middle age? - G. \V. ally tense, often do) can be dis- sons, Mike Peck, Mary Jane ., . . . If you'll rephrase the question tinctly harmful. Candy tusnoill Roper, Bonnie Scott, daylr Life is rough enough for the to make it "average pulse rate" effect on an ulcer. Wood, and Beverly Wylio. woman who marries in good instead of normal, I can answer. Sophomores with A honors faith and discovers that she has The average , or an ada u is in were Aliby C ram, Dennis Daw- drawn a guy with alley-cat ten- (he 70's or low 80's (in very Dear Dr. Molner: Would you son, Mike llili, Josie Jeminett dencies. The woman who would srria ll children it is much nigh- comment on the danger, if any, and Diane Morris. Sophomores agree in advance totoleratesuch e r). oftaking cider vinegar and honey, earning B grades were Clif- antics is clearly out of her mind. p 0 r an adult, a pulse rate in mixed with \raier, for arthritis, ford Barberis, Charles Fsiiiion, + + + the 50's or low 60's can be quite - C. D. Kurt Greenfield, Connie Harris, Dear Ann Landers: Recently normal, and so can one in the The principal -'danger" is ex- you told some teen-agers whose high 80's. A great deal depends pecting it to cure arthritis, foreign-born parents insist that on the person's makeup. If some- they speak a foreign language one with a normally slow pulse at home, "By all means do it. developed a rapidone.itwoulrtbe Dear Dr. Molner: 1 am dia- Belly Trent, Alan White It's a great advantage lo be flu- a warning that needed investiga- betic and 72 years old. 1 read Brent Zeyei. ent in a second language. Prac- tion. ' that I should never use A hot pad tice. Practice. You'll be glad you did." You should have advisedthose teen-agers to n to speak English, the children arealready fluent in anything -- unless, of course, the ous. -- M.D. Glenda Pniesdi a second language, and their pa- figure is sky high or fantastically Some diabetics, especially Washuurn. rents could use the practice, low. elderly ones, have a diminished r^hra Wyuia received A hrai- As a school teacher in theNew That's why I take a dim view sense of temperature in the feet. ors for the I'ichth grade and li York public school system I can of these do-it-yourself kits for That is why a heating part, «r grades went to Julie Diiphlkc, tell you it is impossible to re- taking your own blood pressure, even a hot water bottle if it is p| u -| cram, Hick Kridille, Donna pair the damage done byparents Unless you know what the read- too hot, can cause a burn. It Hawkins, Dick lluniislonj lienrc who insist that their children ings mean, and how lo interpret may not heal and can lead to j a y 0| Cathy K r a m e r , ' Reese speak the mother tongue at home, any changes, about all you ac- gangrene. Leavitt, Bob LHIZ, 'i.i!)am t a r n now struggling with a stu- complish is finding something to An electric blanket isanother Peck, Roberta Pnip'si-li, Gain 1 dent who; says "Kvenn Wic- worry about, without doing any matter. It provides a diffuse Robinson. Hetty lioiiur,' Yvonne toria." He also says "wheel good. heat, rather than concentrating Rutaii, Susan Shields, Pl'iil While, chops" and "east is east and Pulse rate may increase after heat in one spot. Many such Charlotte Hyde aiidl.iuda Tyson, vest is.vest." Another boy in eating and customarily de- blankets lave adjustable heat Seventh uraile students with the same class tells me he plays creases during sleep. Excite- control. You cto not lose your A hunuis were Mary Brown, the"sexaphone." ment, fright or such emotions "temperature sense" inthe rest K ra ,ii jemmptl, lihnndii liutan In the past you have been big can make your heart go pitty-pal of your body, so will be aware and Sherry Workman. Those enough to admit it when you are meaning thatlhepulseraterises, If the blanketbecomestoowarm. earning B grades WITC Jan- wrong. I hope you will do so of course. I see no hazard in using the i ce Amos, David Ball, Roblno again. -- MISS L. The result of exercise is vari- electric blanket. Cunnnings, Marchia 'flushes, Dear Miss: I am and bdo. able. The rate may rise to the __._ Teresa 'llili, Ji iv .hilinstou,' ;Your point" is excellent wid I 90's or even 100 or more after Molnni- Which vita Beth Kn'ejjpoii, Dale Lei-, Janisc ·appreciate being hauled up short, exercise, depending nn how * ' " j.''",,, ' ·,,,.. ,, ' L" Leippe, Tony Man*, Susan ·Thank you for writing. vigorous it Is, but it should re- ,"" s . J Y , ,,'"' 7TM Miller, Mike Murphy, Dixie Pan+ + + turn to pre-exercise level with a TMTM' s - ~ MRS ' CU cheri, Jeff Pline, !i : Dear Ann Landers: My hus- about twoto four minutes of rest, ^band and I moved to this rather A person who is chronically 'small city last year. We have anxious may have a rapid pulse 'no religious affiliation and we rate without any physical reason, your mother to have an operation :don't want any. Both my hus- Anger, too.canincreasefherale. a t 64.? Why, these days some !band and I have known so many Except for the very young, surgical patients have been in .pious hypocrites that we are there is no predictable variation their 90's, with successful re- 1 completely sour on the while in pulse rite due to age. suits. It depends nn other fac- ; religious bit. Illnesses of various sorts can, (ors of her general health. Last week my husband's el- of course, affect the pulse rate. derly father who made his home Those associated with fever; thy- · with us passed away. He was roid and other glandular dis- What are the warning Landscaping Service Design -shrub pl-iming, lawnb i pruning Ph. 459-8225 No jub tci) small MAGEK CABINET CO. If 11*3 made of wood, we'll build il! Try and beat my price or -satisfied service, Busim-is I'll. 466-8166. Comm. Sprayers GLEN IVEYi'JDE SMITH Grain spraying, crop k dltcli bjnk, banding or broadcast. 'IVee.s, c u t t l e , weeds and all typos insects including ter- iiiile-i. (equipped for any kind of job. Call 466-9608 or 466-2005 for estimate. specialize in exterior painting. Krco. Estimates. j A C C t i C k l T \A//" s iOI/ Ph. 466-6197 after 5 p.m. DAOtMtN I WUKIv KIliBY SAI.KS i S E R V I C E HUM in Nampa and Caldwnll t-Mclory Authorized Sales i Service Howard Brownies,466-6614 eve. SHARPENING SERVICE SAWS- KNIVI-:S - scissous MOWKHS - C I . I P P K I t S -TOOLS ADKINS LUMBKII YAKD N.lus Hd Caldwell 459-7081 CUSTOM WINDROWING Mobile U n i t 466-5041 or Melta 495-2253. Service Information Of Reliable Firms RED CINDERS Crushed or pit run, at p i l o r c l e l , V A L L E Y CINDER CO. -KG-1075 before 9 A.M HERE'S WHY YOU CAN . We ban no m'.ddl e n«n..w« do no CONCRETE WORK All liindi. Cemcnl p'oMering. Fie* ei'^ molei. GARRISON 4 YOUNO. 464-2369 Buy 2 and SAVE! PLUMBING vice Calls. l-'rei K1EI.DS P I . U M D I N U SKIIVUM-:. 466-5827 FENCES - PATIOS Chain Link, wood. All typos n-- RRASSFlEMys SPRAYING " Treeb, shrubs, lawnb, W E S P H A Y E V K K Y T H I N G ! Pliune -11)6-8135 I . A W K - Installations. Palin cov- Siul c u l l i n g and Daiml- ers, carports, l-'rto est. T R R A S U K K V A U . K Y K K N C T 459-3132 4f,;£40 WINOROWING Ph. Caldwell 459-4706 CONCRETE PIPE '·'or quality cnnmte work 4 [)i|io laying, call I . Y I . E D . M O R N , Contractor, .IGfj-WZ nr 4SH- TREE SERVICE Drassfic-lcl^ Frer IM. Lici-rv-- [?!, las., bnncU'iJ. ·I(jr»-230, tM FAMILY AWtS noil H l ' C I I K S W p s l c r n l Seeding 466-6758 .iiiilscaping WELL DRILLING oervin^ Boise Valley since I U 4 4 . Cable tool or r o l a r y d r l l l - inir 4. gravel packing. Test lutes, Irrii;aliijn i domestic. .TriSS 1K1TY, Calclwell, 459-OG1I m 4511-9627 Midway II*.'.'. 30. V A C U U M C I . K A N K I I K K P A I R Sale.s i parl.s l»r all makes lleuben Moser. 46fi-2201. Moore Tree Service Licensed. Insured Bonded 466-3312 or 939-6700 you DIDN'T HAVE ro CLIMB CLEftR UP TwERF. LISTER. ...YOJ COULD USE GUI? TELiPHCWE CUSTO/Vi SPRAYING eiMs, livestock, sjjidor miles. A . II. H K I H O N I M U S ' P A I N T I N I i IIKMODL'I.INO c: icrciiil i Hc"Mcnlial I-'ITI- l-Sliiiiiili.s. Ph. DB5-2265 None. Paul Trwil anil Kathy I ' A I N T I M ; - I A P K I ! ) I A N U l N ( i Q u a l i t y w u r k . 1'air prici'.s. lh. 4!iG-OU!!3 alli-r 6 P.M. Plrsonols Note to Miss J. L.: Safe for Kindergarten Graduates 18 THE EASIEST WAY TO REAr-.U Ti-lE PEOPLE YOU WANT IS WITH A CLASSIFIED AD MAHSING- Mrs. Nrl sen's kindergarten uraiiiulod 18 in ceremonies hi'til rccvntly in the NazarwieCliurcli in .Vfarsinn. Thnme of the pro[;rain was "A PAINTING L l i H - r c i i i l it MMiiiublr print's, fri'i- r -iri'i-oi25 in- oari- a steady churchgoer before he orders; anemia; and heart and nals of kidney disease? Read TriptoToylaml." became an invalid ar.d he asked lung diseases frequently bring a Dr. Molner's booklet "Your Kid- The children printed Mrs. to be buried from his church, rapid pulse rate. And certain neys -Facts You Need To Know Podersen w i l h u R ,ft ,, uwm- We asked ayoungpastor whom heart disorders can cause anun- About Them." Write to Dr. lalion. Mrs. Kaye Slarfmdpro- we know socially to conduct the duly low pulse. Molner in care of this news- senle.l the diplomas, services We are not close Counting your own pulse paper, enclosing a long, self- I hose Krailualiiiji » i - n - A u i t ; i friends but we have entertained usually gives a rate faster than if addressed, stamped envelope Curl Bill, Hi l y ( . i » i i n . y , ^ the pastor and his wife in our someone else takes il. and 2Sc in coin to cover the Bnmla A»cn,Broi«hi!,.»)( Ull.y home along with other guests. cost of printing and handling. Dol'hiu CWIR I im-s Hal !.«.- The pastor gave a beautiful Dear Dr. Molner: Is itdanger- Dr. Molner welcomes all read- »rd, Jimmy Edwards, -I'lhuny VASiAK Mdllll.l: M M . M M , S K H V K ' K , ririinliiii.', H i i l l i L i K , ··lixink', Mnl.i.'.sifyiiii;, I'll. : ^ l i l . ·I5fi-:i55:i. l(i:i) riNDKU.S f. T01' SOIL SPRAYING [tlr^ f, rvt-'l'ylhin^ ^rni l i n l f l c l i l , 4 G C - 6 7 I H .ir ' ,, rnj- . Alan RENT COMPLETE WEDDING RECEPTION EQUIPMENT- ; Decorative i^y Background "· t i ' Scieen, x « Candelabra · ·' Baskets. ·' " ' / PLL-ASE RESERVE NOW RENTAL CENTER Hiway 30 nr Mid'and A Z 466 7151 husband says we should not in suit Mm by offering cash. Coffee can increasetheamount questions are incorporated in of stomach acid and thus irritate his column whenever possible. Middleton News Notes Visit Greenleof we recently uf -lauelle llainliy. John Gerhauser of Los Angeles spent several days with his father, Charles GET- haiiser, and other realatives in the area. MIDDLETON- Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Joe of Boise George West were dinner guests callers in the Glenn at the home pf Mrs. Otto Oben- home. dort in fioswell on Memorial Day and also visited Mrs. West's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McOmber, where the Clifton Hunt family of Boise were also guests. Mrs. Walter Obendorf Sr. of LaGrande, Ore., accompanied the Wests home and visited until Thursday. Cascade on a fishing trip of Mrs. Obendorf accompanied several days. her daughter, Mrs. Leonard Goodson ot Cove, Ore., to lhe Bob Records accompanied Austin Goodson home near Notus Mr. and Mrs. ArtSagerand baby and all allended commencement daughter, Gaylene, here from of. Mrs. Brass. exercises at Parma. Hay, Wash. The Sagers went by plane lo Burns, Wyo. lo visit Sager's parents. GKEl'iNI.KAl-'-Giwsts inlhis community In :ittonil Hie i;r;idun- ti»n exorcises of Grci'nlcal I'neinls At.ulrim ini-liniodBriLiu F" 1 '' 1 ''. M' - . : 'nrt Mrs. Melvin Hull, Bnici' Ankcny, Mr. uiirt Mis. li;ilpti Comfort, Mr. anil Mrs. Gcralil Mi'nili'iili;ill, -jml Mr. anil Mrs. Kolscy Ilinshaw, Guests in the Don Endicolt all from tlu liirlbiiil-Nr-u!«-rf! hinne wen- Mr. and Mrs. .Inlin aTM, ^ [ll! Mr - Jl111 M l s - ( i i l ' n Ferguson of Twin [··alls. Mrs. Siml'-r J"'! family »' Kamiah. Ferguson is Mrs. t'ndicotl's Mr. and Mrs. Sam Footeand aunt. Mr- ""'I M TM. Anlen Gi Ralph look their new camper lo Linday Myers of Missunla, Mont., was a house^ui-sl "t his patents, Mr. and His. 1't'le Myers. Kamiah, were hore to visil Mrs. Mr. anil Mrs. K.K. Glovi-r of Grace's fattier, Li-olns Wil- lieno, Nev., and Mrs. Klizabi-lli Jensen of l.amar, Culo., arr Ruf'Ms «! Mr. and Mrs. liich- anl Brass. They arc si.slcrs The Fred C r a w f o r d family moved to Boise lo he closer to Crawford's work. Barbara hail as her houseguest Miss Janelle Hamby of Middlolon. Calling on Mrs. Perry Kut. ledge recently *ere Vernon Personette and son, Jimmy, of Pilot Rock, Ore.; Mr. and Mr. and Mrs, Bill Young- Mrs. Fiollie Clemens of Cald- bloort of Emmelt and Mr. and well; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde liul- Mrs. Roy Iverson of Boise ledge and Mrs. Frank Van Ors- called at t h e E . F . Pellet home dal and two daughters, all of recently. Boise. Visiting in lhe W.C. Sloviac- Mr. and Mrs. A.ll. Smith and Mr. anil Mrs, Hnuh -lull of Salem, On-., while HI mule In Nebraska, spent an cvpning visilini; wilii Mrs. F.lzU 1 1'ric.k- etl, tlif Kugene Prickolls, Laurence I'ricketts anil Alien Prickett family. hams. Mr. and Mrs. O . l . y r i n l l i K - k f t l arc vi.sitiiu; in Kansas. Mrs. DI-I nil lloiki'lt spent a week in Nfwlicri;, ri'., hclpiiiK fare fur :t new nit-re, iLuiKlilcr of Mr. and Mrs. I.eland llniwn Mother Graduates Rob Corn arrived from Long- SAN FIIANC1SCO (UI'D- Wlicn A r v f l l a West graduates from high schiiol as class valedictorian today, .she will aiont, Colo., tn visil his mother, have at loastnincpersonscheor- Mrs. D.M. Corn, fnr .several ing in the audience -- her hus- days. !and and eight chihlrcn. Mrs. West, 3:!, wlit! look 17 The W.G. Slovlacztk family years luimtr than usual In gel zek home were M r . ' a n d Mrs. their'guest, Joo'farnworth ot visited in the Stan Urtonlmmo her diploma, will address Hie Charles Goodnow of Riverside, Chicago, III., took a sightseeing in Meiidian recently. class on "il s never loo late. Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Gene trip to Brownlee Dam, Oxbow Beumeler and family of Rich- Dam, Daker and Pendlcton, Mrs. John Dickinsons moth- land, Wash., and the Dennis Ore. er, Mrs. Lnderra Jaeo ol, i n , i,-.,, ,.,. TM» « .lu Hatlners of Pasco, Wash. --- ^ relurned to her home a Her »... ., *«*· *"»'· ""· '"·'· Robin Chadwlck of the Purple living in Los Angles (or two « ^ ^ . i . v ' i , . | v Mrs. Bud liutledge and sons, Sage Community was a guest years, M " · v FOR BEST RESULTS IN: USE CLASSIFIED ADS Phone 466-7891 or 459-4664 IDAHO FREE PRESS THE NEWS-TRIBUNE 2922 Cleveland . « We deliver in our own Kuckt *We save everywhere bui in quality, and pa» trie on to you! 459-7484 FROM TOASTERS TO REFRIGERATORS WE SERVICE ALL MAKES! IITUK fti«i.4!9-1505 LAWN MOWER SERVICE 411 maket -- f tpprl repair · LAWN BOY (TOKO · MERRY TILLER Sa'el Servii£ CAFFERTY S TV-466-3647 Our New Address-224 12th Ave. So. WEIL kepi carpets ihov lhe remits oE regular Blue Ivs1re spat clearing. Rent electric shampoce* SI. Holes F^irlrur*. Na.iipo. If you liavu m a r i t a l problems uf my kind, [ilnme 466-8288 Tor fn-e r D u n s r l i n ^ .service. Can-_ yuii Family rtjunspllng Service. fS|mrisurnd " by Nanipa Rotary Club. fsi)\\ oprll OVATION COSMETICS .Slnigi 45H-B553 or 459-0120 WANT ADS DO MORE THINGS.. FOR MORE PEOPLE... AT A LOWER COST...THAN ANY OTHER KIND OF ADVERTISING. Steel Clothesline Poles (Complete) Patio Carport Supports fl /Vrv ( nh fur \tnir Scrap Metals CROOKS INDUSTRIES Industrial Rd.--Nampa 466-5 J11 BRAKES, TUHC-UP, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION EMMONS AUTO REPAIR 1505 N.Boise Ave. CALDWELL 459-3190 S«lf-Sloring t · 5TORM DOORS 4 WINDOWS · ALCOA SIDING GUTTERS · ALL TYPES OF INSULATION FIBERGLASS INSULATORS, ING. 466-8401 1014 111 51. S. (neiil lo CB Oil) E»««. 6t-6919 FARM TIRES 24 HOUR OK THE FARM SERVICE ,nd GEM Firestone Store OK TV SERVICE We Service t Repair All Makes--Pickup t Deliver. Your TV Headquarters For New, Used and Color 466-7827 RCfl-Zenilh--Westinghouse.. HERE'S WHY | YOU CAN PAINTS HARVEY HOFF Better Living Center 2922 East Cleveland 459-7484 Take it Easy. Use Classified to Sell, Buy, Rent, Hire. Dial 466-7891 or 459-4664. * TV APPLIANCE REPAIR DON McNABB - LYLE KENNEL Experienced -- Reliable -- Guaranteed Work OWYHEE SHEET METAL PRO HARDWARE 1020 IslSt. Soulh Nampa 466-8401 PICKUP CAMPERS-TRAVEL TRAILERS SALE or RENT · KIT 'IDEAL · OASIS ' S E C U R I T Y ROBERTSON TRAILER SALES HIWAY 30 CALDWELL $ 49 BUYS "351,000 DIRECTORY ADS LIKE THIS YOUR AD APPEARS IN BOTH THE IDAHO FREE PRESS AND THE NEWS-TRIBUNE EVERY DAY FOR 26 DAYS. Phon» 466-7891 or 459-4664 TODAY! 13.500Citculniion limes 26 Publishing Days.

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