Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 1, 1955 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 7
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U-JVSpends JMMillidn for 45 Gas Turbine Elec. Locomotives; Has 25 Smaller Units ai Present .OMAHA- HI -- The Union Pacific .Railroad announced 'Wednesday it hi* ordered fifteen 8,500-horsepow- . cr gas turbine-electric locomotives from General Electric Co., and plans to order 30 more for a total expenditure of. 38 million dollars. "Arthur E. Stoddart,, president. of the road, said these will be the most powerful ihlernally-powered units . in , railroad motive power, comparing to Union Pacific's present fleet of 25 turbine-electric locomotives of 4,600 horsepower eaeh. Geared for freight service new locomotives wi]l have speed of 65" miles per hour and will weigh 408 tons 'on 12 axles. The overa.ll length of the two-section locomotives wilh fuel tender - will be 165 feet 8V4 inches. Stoddard described the gas turbine power plant 'as similar to t h a t of a jet engine, except "that there is no "thrust'.', to'. the atmosphere for propulsion as in .a plane. In- tiead the turbine is connected through reduction gears to-electric generators which supply power to the driving motors on the axles. Gas turbine-electric locomotives pack a large amount of power into allk tt lai£,v O l l l u u l l t ul Jjun^i I I I L U cjr iialu LVt comparatively small space, re-1 two things.. John L Lewis Asks · CIO To Repay Loan from Mine Workers - NEW YOHK~wT- liniied Mine Workers chieftain John L. Lewis Wednesday night demanded that Hie CIO repay an old loan from his union. He was.told "the CIO owes you no money." Lewis' action was viewed as an attempt to., throw " a last-minute monkey wrench into the-smoothly- moving merger plans of the AFL and CIO. He dunned the CIO for $1,665,000 he claimed the UMW loaned to the CIO in its struggling infancy in the late 1930's. 1 ·' And Lewis' said ,hc wanted the money before tho CIO was "liquidated" in the forthcoming merger. The labor bodies vote on the merger in separate conventions starling Thursday. The combination Is te be finalized in a joint convention next week. ' In a quick reply by letter, CIO Secretary-Treasurer James B. Carey said Lewis was wrong about 2 Quadruplets Die: . . - · . * · / ALHA,-.Ga. (ft - Two of the day-old Nelson quadruplets--the lone boy and a girl--died Wednesday leaving the tenant farm parents "heart-broken." · The. two remaining girls, each weighing about two pounds, were reported "doing beautifully" at the Bacon County..Hospital in 6ulh- east Georgia... One was named Alma, the other Georgia. . The parents, Mr. and Mrsi E. E. Nelson, 38 and S4, ..rcspcclively, share crop tobacco on a 90-acre [arm in adjoining Coffee county. They have six other living children,- three born to Mrs. Nelson during a previous marriage. Dr. W. W. Sharpe, who delivered the'auads Tuesday in a period of 20 minutes beginning 15 . minutes after the mother's arrival, worked all sight with aides in an effort to save the lives o' th third and fourth born. . . . The fourth, a. girl, Sharp* explained .stopped breathing soon after birth and had to be revived by artificial respiration. The quads had been placed at birth in Incumbators, two of them rushed here from Waycross by the State Patrol. National Potato Work on Control Legislation if Growers'Majority Favors It quire no water, have fewer moving parti than other, types of similar horsepower and use a low cost oil for fuel. ·General Electric -will build the new locomotives at its Erie,' Pa., works. They are scheduled for delivery at the rale of two a month beginning in.18 months. .Two Mines. Students - Develop Uranium GOLDEN Lfl -- Two'Colorado School of Mines senior students .said Wednesday they are developing uranium properties .found -by them last summer along the front range of the mountains; C. Vance Haynes of Mount Car- mcl, Calif., and Glen Boyd.ot De. trail said the Atomic Energy Commission has .expressed interest in ore produced at their holdings. These include 280 acres under mineral lease and 2,000 more under oplion. ' The sludents said the property Is 28 miles southwest of Golden and 5 miles wcsl of Waterton. Uranium ore is now. being, stock' piled, they said. 1 ·'-'' '' Firs I," Ihe CIO will nol be "liquidated". In the merger, Carey said, and second, "the CIO owes you no money." ' "You have aehie'ved the momentary ripple of publicity which you sought to relieve the boredom of your isolation from the democratic labor movement," Carey fold I^ew- Carey made it clear the CIO as no intenlion of meeting T-ewis' Other CIO spokesmen has no demand. said the funds advanced by the UMW had always'been considered gifts to the CIO. Lewis at the lime was head ol both the- UMW and the 'CIO. It was he who broke away from the parent AFL and led Ihe formation of the CTO as a rival organization. Later he look his mine workers inlo the Independent status they retain t.o this day. 1 Lewis is known to be againsl the AFL-CIO merger, lie.has called it a "rope of sand." His action was interpreted by observers as an embarrass CIO and AFL leaders who are all let for quick ap'proval of the merger. I.evyis'. dun for the money was in the form of a letter from UMW Secretary-Treasurer John Owens 2 Are Convicted 2nd Degree Murder . RAWLLNS, Wyo. W -- A District Court jury Wednesday 'afternoon found two men guilty of charges of second degree murder 'in the death of 15-year-old James Raymond of New Yorl: near here Sept. 9. Dist.. Judge Glenn Parker -sentenced Donald Willard Alberts, 17, New York Cily, and Raymond A. White, 30, Platte Center, Neb., each to 40-50 years in the Wyoming Prison on the mtirder charge and 7-10 years on an attack charge. The two were accused of pushing Raymond off a freight tram east of Rawlins after'an unnatural Bex act. The boy was killed in the fall from the train ., Alberts and White contended the boy jumped from the train. The jury returned its findings after 2W hours deliberation. The trail was started Monday. . CHICAGO tfl -- The National Po- talo Council said Wednesday It will work In legislation p'rovidiig. for production: and marketing control if. a majority of the growers want such restriction. 'William N. Case of Washington, executive director of the council, reported on actions taken by the council. at meetings which ended Tuesday. He said a committee was directed to prepare legislation enabling production and marketing control in the future providing two-thirds o( the growers approve such con frol. ."The jaowers," he said, "did not ask for and do.not want price supports" similar to those given other commodities. "If-thc industry can adjust production to the market demand, the pricu will be fair;" If a production control program should be adopted, he added, 1955 and 1956 plantings will not be used n establishing glowers' allotments. He said the.council did not want any growers "going on' a planting spree* to build up a record of high production to be "" used In-fixing their, quotas under f. control pro gram. .' . ·./. '. The council, Case said, adopted a broad program for improvement of production and marketing. Its principal aim Is Improvement of the quality of produce to the consumer, he said. Points Include crop Inspection, prohibition of-the sale of culls, grade labeling to show the real quality of packaged potatoes, .and financing a program of consumer education In the value of potatoes, as food. One hundred fifty persons attended the council meeting is delegates from state and area potato industry groups. The council is the central policy-making body. W. B. Whitely of Oakley, Idaho, was re-elected president of the council. Sent lo Prison : for Fraudulent Sale of . ; · / · Buyers Franchises' DENVER.W! -- Waller X. Phillips, 54, of Salt Lake Cily, .was sentenced, to two concurrent one- to-three-year terms Wednesday 1 for. confidence . game . and obtaining money under false pretenses. ' , Disl. Judge Robert W. Sleele denied Phillips' appeal for probation. Mr. and Sirs. Jack Harvey testified they paid Phillips *S,500 for a franchise which would enable them to get "anything from » toothbrush to -a Cadillac" at wholesale prices. The Harveys said they were told they could sell memberships to persons who would be able then to suy their items at less than retail cost. They testified they lost $3,000 In addition to their $4,500 Investment. Phillips declined to lake the stand. hureday, Die. 'i; 1955. GREBLEV TRIBUNE Spirit of Geneva 14 Known Dead from North-Carolina halfback Howard Williams is a .converted fullback. In his first runnjng effort he ran 45 .'yards. He is i sophomore from Hartford, N. C . - - - - lo Carey. Carey Ihen replied- Lewie.. .;... directly to Junior Skate Dance Classes START FRI., Dec. 2nd A B GLASSES 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. C GLASSES 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. All junior classes will participate in junior show to be held in the sprinfr. Rehearsals start d u r i n g Christmas vacation under the direction of Jay Norcross assisted by John Montgomery. Beginning Adult Class Starts Sat,, Dec. 3 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. . r Skating Every Wed, Fin., Sat., Sun. WARNOCQ Roller Rink UM.W letler said'the mine union extended services and cash totaling approximately $7,250,000" In the days when the CIO was getting started. All bul $1,665,000 has en repaid, the letler asserted. "You are now .'n the, arocess of iquidating' the Congress of Indus- rial Organizations (CIO)," .the let- er said, adding: "We believs that the millions of men and women .who "are the bene- iciariei! of the. contributions the United Mine Workers of'America lave made, in order for them to enjoy equal opportunities with Ihe lest of the organized workers in America, -will want to honor this alid loan 1 before you dissolve your organization." 305 Colo..Democrats Queried on Choice for Party Candidates* . DENVER OB -- Questionaires went out Wednesday night to Colorado'* Democratic party leaders to find out who.they would like to ee run on their ticltel in the state next year. The questionnaires were mailed to 300 county party officials, members of the Democratic Slate Central Committee'and elected officials. The recipients v.'tre asked lo list their candidate preferences, giving three choices in order for president and vice president; U. S. senator; governor; liculcnant governor; attorney general and congressman. Fred M. Betz Sr., stale Democratic chairman and originator ol lh! questionnaires, said he believes they Mil promote interest as to whom might run in 1056. The results will appear in the Colorado Dcmocral, a new weekly newspaper being published by the Slate. Cenlral Commlllee. Reports from Oil Drilling Empire No. 1, wildcat oil test north of Masters of Arrowhead Exploration- company., was reporled drilling Mow 3,700 feet. Location s NENW 11-5-61 Weld Counly. California company has complel- ed its Union Pacific No. -12 in the Black Hollow field. Well pumped 78 barrels of oil per day. Location Is SENE 1-7-67, Weld County. Pure Oil company tot water in Ihe, J sand- ill its Duell No. 2 in the Buckingham West field. H is preparing to perforate and iest the D sand 'which was' topped at 6,787'feet. Core of the D sand looked favorable for production. Location is SESW 25-8-60, Weld County. Noyi Oil company, is reporled to have resumed drilling below 7,000 feet in ils Kerndt No. 1, southwest of Hereford in Weld County. Well is reporled lo have had trouble with caving formation at about 7,000. Location is NVVCE 33-12-62. No. 1 Mitchell of Zoch and.Camp-. bell and Calvert Drilling company, wildcat west of Nunn near Wellington, was-reported drilling'below FAIRBANKS, Alaska HI -- The Air Force reported Wednesday Ihe death loll had reached. 14 in Tuesday's explosive crash of a jet fighter plane into housing unit: at Eielson Air Force Base. . At least six children In Iwo families were killed. Three women also were listed among the known dead. Eight others were injured as the veering plane demolished one eight-family building and spread flames to five others at the base 26 miles.southeast of this interior Alaska city. In announcing 14 as the known death toll, Maj. John Orr, the Eiel- sbn information officer, said- he was almost certain there were no others. However, cranes continued li pull at the wreckage of a demol ished eight-family building in" th search for any. other possible vie tlms and for clues to the tragedy Six children were among the 1 dead whose names were release Wednesday. Three of them wcr tes later,.-the ..casualties 'might ave been'increased by the arrival f children, for., luuch In their jmes. ..;.-. . ' · / ' . - , Dozens 'of men suffered frostbite f varying degrees while fighting he wildly spreading flames for our hours in Ihe '1G below zero 'Old. The names';of the dead released either here, 'or by relatives' or by he Air Force in Washington were: The triplets/of Mr. and Mrs. Wil iam Fimple-^Donald, David and Dale, age 11 months. Mr. and Mrs Fimple -suffered severe burns bu two other' children escaped will minor injuries.' Fimple is from Up per Darby,.Pa:; his wife from EU wood City,'Fa. 1 M.Sgl. Marion K. Ellis, an Army infantry man ·'·from -Paoli, Kan., and his. three-preschool-age children --' Ben, Clark and Debbie. Wood has been found to-be a good insulating matei 1 1 because it Is compose^ of many cells containing dead.air space' which retard the passage of heat and'cold, French,to Dissolve ,, . National Assembly, . : Gall New Elections PARIS.Ifl -- .Tho French cabinet decided Wednesday night, to dis solve the National Assembly and hold new elecllons. At this stage, .Premier Edgar ? aure appeared to have turned ! eeming defeat into victory. H las been campaigning all aloni or early elections,.but the devl us approach to them was a - s u r prlsa--even In French politics. . Tuesday the Assembly: gavi i'aure a vole of no-confidence, usu ally the signal for the government' mmediate resignation. But the siz of the Assembly vote against bin brought into play;a'n obscure con stilutlonal provision permitting th cabinet to order dissolution. - · The unprecedented.decision wa anounced Wednesday night follow ing a 3Vi-hour~ cabinet session i Elyse'e Palace, the French Whi House. No data was given for th Mrs. Ellis badly. was reported burned 11-monlh-old triplets of .an Ai Force sergeant. The other line .also were of a Bingls m'Jit'. r y 1 fjm ily. ' ' . : One .of Ihe 14 died early Wednesday of injuries.received in the tragedy, Had the crash come five rain- Army Sgt. l.C. Weldo'n M. Rucker; his wife, Hazel, and her mother, Mrs. Emma.B. McBrayer.'. arm Bureau Elects New rector, Re-elecis 4 DENVER W) -- James Romer .Holly was elected a director . the Colorado Farm Bur/ 1 ..u icsday night, succeeding C. · iv". .ckers, also of Holly. Directors re-elected are Kenneth, hayer of Fort Collins,- Ezra All- lous'e of Akron, Glenn W. Nash Del Norte and Lloyd Sommer- Ue of Grand junction. lock Market ouches Old High Brisk Advance elections, but they-must come-b Iween 20 and · 3; ,0days- after..I dissolution order is handed dow Faurc told newsmen later, tl constitutional time limit' .-ais problems. If the orde 1 : 'is hand down immediately , the voting would come.during i.he-CKrislmas vacation -- perhaps on Christmas Day. : There was some speculation thai publication, of the.dissolution decree" will be delayed so tho voting NEW YORK «t - The .lock market went ahead in vigorous adlng Wednesday with the aver- ges at noon touching the historic igh of Sept. 23 before, receding bit. . . . When The'Associated Press 60- lock average w a j up 80 cents to 181.50 at noon it had erased Ihe slimated 13 billion dollar loss in te quolcd value of securilies-list- d 01 the New. York Slock Ex- hango in the sharp break of Sept 6 following news of President El- cnhower's heart attack. The AP averages closedat $181 owever, only 30 cenls higher than Tuesday. The Industrials were up 0 cenls, Ihe raits M ccnls. and je utilities 10 cents^ Trading volume totaled 2,900,000 hares in the'most aclive marke ince the 'sell-off on Ocl. 11 when ,590,000 shares · changed hands Tuesday's .volume was 2,370,OOC ihares. Gains ranging to a point or bet cr were scattered throughout ma or. divisions while indlvidua itocVs surged well boyond thh There were sum a losers, ns .wel among key issues. ' The market was. broader tha Tuesday's, with 1,200 issues traded of which 587 advanced tnd 363 d clined. There were 45 new hlgt 1 and 8 -new lows. Highwsy Jobs Let 2,450. Location is SWSE 30-9-68, Larimer county. A Fort Collins Production coin- pany "well in northern Larimer county, U. P."Buckeye No. 9, is reported to haye 4,500 feet of 'rce oil In the hole below C.100 feet. The well is a tight-hole and the report could not be confirmed. Ixica- tion is N'ESESvv 31-10-68, Larimer county. - The Bible says Ihe ark was made of gopher wood, which many translators believe to he cypress. 1200 4-H Youngsters. Are Given Box Suppers , ' * CHICAGO If, --.Some 1,200 4-H Club youngsters .were served, box suppers Wednesday night and Ihen slaged a candlelighting ceremony in 'the Inlernationil. Amphitheatre at their 34lh National Congress. The ceremony started as » parade. Club members marched into Ihe arena from .opposite entrances and then broke into columns symbolizing Uie. four H's: head, hearl, hands and health.. The arena lights were dimmed. Club membcrs-in each ol the columns lighted their flashlights in rolafion and repeated. the 4-H pledge. AI the close, spotlights focused on the American and 4-lt flags'and the members pledged in unison to both. Proposal for Severance lax on Oil and.Uranium Rejected'by Farm Bureau DENVER «v-- A proposed,resolution that would have urged the Legislature to impose a'severance tax on oil and uranium production in Colorado was rejected Wednesday by the Colorado Kami Bureau. Levi Morris of Grand Junction, » delegate to the group's- convention here, moved to table the resolution immediately after its reading." John Wilkens of Greeley seconded the -motion to table.- He said a severance tax "of sort*"- already is in e/fect on Coliiado oil production and claimed the 'stale might lose Income from mining sources if it extended the severance tax lo Include olher minerals. The resolution was one of sev- eral.offered at Ihe 1 farm bureau's concluding session. Those 'approved included ones which: ,1. Recommend'lhat 50 per'cent of all mineral /ights go wilh land sold by the slate to-private Individuals. At present the stale retains all mineral rights. . 2. Freeze the'state's senatorial district organization but provide for reapportionment of seats in the Slate House of Representallves on Ihe basis of population follow ing the 'i960 census. Clarence Svedman of Timnath termed the resolution "the most -important" of the session,; , "If we don't hold Ihe apnor tionment of state Senate scats a the present level, it won't be long unlil Denver has enough popula lion lo control the entire stale." Earlier, the convention was'(oil "The government can't solve farm problems by fixing prices at ar bilrarV levels." : MARKETS AT A OtANCE- NEW YORK looXa -- HJxhtn trade heavy, onda -- Mixed: joyerrmenla higher, on -- · · Irregular; l!q«:daUwi and .KICAGO Vteat -· steady al de-it. - tfrn -- Monty iteady: EKctmber tower. ala --. Steady: loialt tralni referred. r o g s " -- Bulchera d«»Ti K cental lop "tlia -- Sietri lieady U weak; lop 23.50. TRRND Or STAFLE PRICES' The Auoclaled PreJi wel(hlpd wlia]*- ala prk« Ir.dex of 3i comn-.odltlea Wedcei- advanred to 17I.O. . day 171.11, wttk 1KO month JSO 169.60. year »«0 I71.B3. ' 1955 1051 1953 BURGERS BOGAN'S SNACK BAR 930 £th Avenue With Everything To Go .. .6 for 89C I Lt. Alfred F. Pounders, Monticel- an jj c hcM j an ." 8| the firsl Sun- o'^altss.,_'_U:o plane pilot. _ _ _ _ day afte ^ ( h e holidayi..The French Deity Williams, who died early Ycdnesday of her injuries. ·Air Force investigators contin- ed lo search through the ruins of he demolished building. They were ollecting all the pieces of the lane that could be found in Ihe iOpe of throwing light on the crash ause. . Eiclson is one of three major r bases In Alaska. J70.43, Itih. 1 177.14 179.19 111.71 1U.U average STOCK PRICE AVERAGES Range dO alocka WedMItJay. lUth LAW Ckie cn 0 Indua 2S6.3 253.4 231.8 up .. s naiia . it: s i-n.( 1*1.1 iv .1 1 Ullia . 7J.9 73.3 7J.« up .1 (A Total * 132.1 181.1 181.0 up .3 WATEHTOWN, N. Y. Wl -- Secretary of Slale Dulles bagged Ihree ducks over Ihe weekend at his re- :rcsl on Main DUCK Island In Lake Ontario. "Very poor," he said as he took off for Washington' Monday in I Military Air Transport Service plane. He lold reporters he, him self, cooked the ducks and shared Ihem with his .wife and his dog. Dumping of tobacco In the Gulf of Salonika h a s ' turned _ the sea red and severely damaged thousands of oysters, Athens reports. radlllonally hold Ihelr election! on lunday. C The premier said t h e ' f i n a l , d e - cision on the poling dale .wouhl be taken within Ihe next 48 hours. Kaure and most of his associates' vill remain on Ihe "job lo .handle he government's day-to-duy af- 'airs nnd oversee the elections.; But ive ministers opposed dissolution [ the Assembly and said Ihey would not associate themselves vith the move. 'All five are mem- iers of Faure's Radical Socialist arty. ' . Faure said the altiludc of the live ministers presented a prob- eni. Since the government .itself .5 In a period transition, he added, there -is a question whether boy could be permitted to resign. The cabinet decided on dissolution despite heavy pressure from many political leaders. ' 7 The government's defeat Tuesday night -- by a 318-218 vote -was largely » refusal of the Assembly lo go along wilh Faure's plan lo call new elections' as loon as possible, instead af waiting for the present Assembly's term to expire ncxl June. Bui the opposition was loo strong, '."lie 318 votes against the premier -- 6 over a majority of (he present membership of the chamber -- brought into play a clause ol the 1915 constitution lhat has never before been used. This clause provides that if two governments are defeated on formal votes of confidence by a ma jority of all members of the House within an 18-mpnlh period, Ihe cab inet may order dissolution of the Assembly. Premier Ticrre Mcndcs France was voled out in Febru ary, wilh more than half the depu ties against him. Tuesday nigh the same, thing happened to Faure GUISIPPE'S Take Home Orders --PIZZA-- -- Meal Balls '. '.---Meat Balls % _ Spaghetti Ravioli -Whole FrieS Chicken r- French Fries 8 Jumbo Shrimp -- French Fries Quart Kalian Salad 1.00 1.15 2.5fl 2.50 .50 DENVER, W -- The Colorad ighway Dept. awarded a contra te '.Wednesday for. imp'rovertie id plant-mixed asphaltic surfa g of two-miles of Colorado 51 it 'Carson and Yu'ma counties t lie C.-.M. Hanes Construction C 1 Denver. ' ' Hahes' liM, lowest, of seven, -wa 208.428. The preliminary depart cnt estimate was $200,417.· Work is lo start Dec. 12 and cheduled to be completed In nonths. H Includes a 426-foot ite nd concrete bridge over the R ublican River in Yum a coiinly an 2 and 62-foot' bridges in Kit Ca on .county. . · . · WASHINGTON :ifl -- The itocy how the "spirit of Geneva" fid- out amid spates of angry words ai toW Wednesday'night u the *te Dept. 'published records nf e recent foreign ministers COT- renc'e. ' . .. Secretary of 'State Dulles told . oreign Minister Jloloto'v 'It was almost Infamous" for Russia to sinuate the Western powers' have interest in world disarmament Molotov, in turn, 'accused the"' estern leaders of seeking to-set "ccnlers cf'cspionage" in Com- unlst ceuntrles, in the guise of iformallon centeri. · The Stale Dept. made public SOT ages of recordi of the (oreign Miters' meeting, held it Geneva ct. 2T to Nov. 16. The meeting as a followup lo the Geneva surnmil" conference of President Isenhower with other government cad:, it which « spirit of greater iendllness seemingly was born be- ween.RussIa' and the West. The'foreign ministers conference- nded in a deadlock.; Four dayi be- sre' Its conclusion, Dulles de- ounced .Russia's, disarmament roposals is «' "cruel deception ·hich Is sought to be perpetrated n the peoples''of. the world for ropaganda.' p'urposes." Dulles .said Russia was trying i "draw "a grotesque picture" ·hich sought to show the Soviet Jnion as the only country wanting disarm: iatpr teams Named JACKSONVILLE," Fla, Iffl -- Au- i.urn and .Vanderbili wer« an- lounccd ; Monday as the football cams which will meej In.the Gator iowl'Dec. 31. ' USi THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS LAST DAY I i-l _.._! LAST JJAY I"TUE ···PlWl:15 \- .nLV ; 6fe.2 pim. \ * .^.TECHNICOLOR Tomorrow! Bicycle experts estimate the re 23 million people using" bicycles the United States. NOW SHOWING! LIFE, LOOK ' end SAT. POST! ALABAMA PULlTZKM FKIZE KXFOf- won by th* Columbui l Extra! . . . Special! OPERATION ICE CAP and Latest News! THE GREAT. ROMANTIC ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME; PmmouTH pnwntt KIRK DOUGLAS SILVANA MANGANO, «' SOONI "THE'GIRU (N " THE RED VELVET SWING" GUNTER HALL CSCE Freshman Inlersquad Game 6:00 p.m. 1 M CHILDREN Eflja, Tax lUU tncludinj tax HI School Sludenti WVtt Incl. All Seats Gineral Admlnlon C O L L E G E B A S K E T B A L L ^^^^ Friday. Dec. 2nd -- 8:00 p.m ^^^= Colorado Aggies vs. Colorado State EVANS VFW STAG NIGHT //: ^ 8 p.m. Thurcday and Friday December \ and 2 New Home of Evans VFW Games · Fun for A|l 1 r 'j I

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