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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1962
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China, India Holding Fire iKed Chinese force was either Holiday Road Toll in Colo. Stands at 3 By HENRY BRADSHER NEW DELHI. India ' A P ' -.killed o.' ucunded. lhe spokesman VOLUME 55--NUMBER 33 Prjnc Minister Nehru said Fiiday said. Later, he said, the Red Chi- various, diplomatic moves do nol'nes* launched other attacks and' m*ui India's struggle against Itedjcaptured four Indian posts before Cluui will be over Hi? word-:the eease-fiie. *tie taken to mean he Iigl'.ing «i!i flare up again along: In'la's disputed Himalayan bor-' de-. A Defense Ministry s|xke-inan rcio'ted Indian troop- were car ryiij out patrols along the iicuj Chiirsc cease-fire line in north- eas'e'n India bui he reported no c'ash.-s. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Jib" beforf Nehru's remarks' Three Thanksgiving holiday, wert announced he held confer-!highway falahtic.- liave been re-: cncft with special IS. ami B 1 i l - j |xrtel r. roVrarfo. bringing ihe! ish i Hilary aid mi--iun.- highway loll for lhe year to 410 lit) Chinese forces have driveniThis is IB less lh::n a year ago' into Indian territory to enfoire on lhe same riule their (laims to Himalayan Under i| lc \;,^\ ..ictnn r Ilonald ita;- teirittr. er Smi'h. It. of l.a Vela. He died Nclrj's remark- w c i o m.idc in as the re-uli nl multiple injuries a wriyrn message to a jou'.h ral- when struck by a car early Thurs- ly. ' day three miles north of Trinidad "WiUhail win Ilir struggle. av o n (· s K3-8T »e milt, by discipline, hard work Thl . sl;iU , H . ltr( ,l luted lhe driv- aral jir.lii.-e." he -:i:ri ' n ,,, , h( . cnr .... f; ; ov A1 f re( j Gr i. The (dense spo'r.c-man report- t , so 17 ;inij ., p.-, 5 s,.n., c , ,,: the ing Imjan patrol- said he had no c;ir ' .,« |..-, rrv Bruce. !S. Irnlh of report im whether Ihe Itcd Chi- ,., Vl ., a Un!( . t , u.i[ m .d a laccra- nese. a) u,-il. were curving oul ,,,,,, on lhp fo , ( , h( .., d GrKfg W3S polrolsiif their own They were ,,,.( nuI1 believed lo In- reinforcine and T!H , palr( ,| sal( | ,,,. car .,,, consolidjiing their positions won traveling north when it hil Smith Written by Horict Gr«lt, In 1171 AND THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN GREELEY. COLORADO FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, l?tt WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1170 in 32 di The In to the I »rre grd Red Chi o( fighting. in lhe norlhbound Iraffic lane. ans rushed fresh troops · Another fatality was Earl Em- malayas. Feelings hcrc; cr j c y ; 1? an airman stalioncd at; ing stronger against the km ,\ir Force Base in Colorado ·sc term* for peace. (Springs. The de'nse spokesman said In-'. Earl Clark, a Canon Cily policej dian torn's were patrolling in Ihcjufdcer. said Emcrick wss killed Dorlhwejprn (ronl around Ladakhiwhcn his car spun ou! of control' but on J scale smaller than lhal, on Colorado 115 in Canon City being cifried out in Ihe northeast.'Wednesday night The sikesman declined lo com-! ^ ar ^ sai( ] tnc car m , a Sanla ; men! « » division o( the IndianJFc Hailroad irack. skidded off thc| »rmy l)»t was cut off behind swift road, hit more tracks and plowed: lied CJncse attacks last wcck-|inl a guard t a i l . Emcrick wa: end. !tlirow-n from Uic vehicle and wa: He ifjwrtcd. however, that in'dcad on arrival a 1 , a Canon City tie Chjs'hul Airfield area in La-jhospital ' dsVh. Ihe Red Chinese had at-: Eariiei Wednesday, a 6-year-ld| ta-ked IB--I Sunday and Monday Englewood boy and a 41-ycar-oldj will ibout two battalion*--eMi-|Denver man were killed in sop naled to number alwul l.fiOO men jarato accidents at Englenood .Nearly half the strength of llie'Bolh were pedestrians. PRELIMINARY ARTIST'S CONCEPTION of the new urban development slated for conHruciiun in south Greeley is shown above. The development covers 25 acres bordered by 2Gtli St. on the north. 28th St. on the south, llth Ave. on the west and '.ill Ave. on the east. Indicated by arrows and numbers are: I. the new Cache National Bank: 2. a professional building: 3. one of several apartment complexes: -1 huge shopping center: 5. family type restaurant, and 6. a service station. GGG Plans Lauded By Civic Leaders By JIM HITCH |ccntcr. This development (in south GiL-L'k'Y bLUiiu.'ttbnu.'M .ii'.ri Climb to 212 Across Nation By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS in 1963 with enthusiasm Greelev Grows Greater Plane Crashes in Maryland, 17 Dead inc Iditcd Air l.ine-i plane with 17 sons aboard crashed and nfd trulay State Police al the no. said there were no ors. .'nilcd jaid theie were lour w members and 13 passcn-j s. including one infant fciur-entiine Visi-mmt turbo' op. The plane was night 297 en GGG 1 , Wednesday announced' plans to build a new threc-s'.oryl building at 8lh Ave. and 8lh St. on| the old Grecicy Duilding silo. Thcj building will iiousc a now Hes-j teds junior dcpartinen! slore. 8| large cafeteria and about 35 office.' suites. i 35-Acrt Urban Development urban development in sou:h Grce"Thi- giound looks like it was , cv w h j c h will in[ . ludc ,, shoppirlB The largest piece was about 15: feel long 'Iplowed up. gray wililh ashes." said AP staffer l.uiher Moore Mrs. Clark Gaither and her bus hand were ha\ ing luiicli when the ( . plane crashed on their farm about 12:30 p.m. cenlcr. hank, professional building, apartment complexes, restaurant and service station. GGG also announced t h a t the ?w Denver Dry .-lore, nuu under construction at the northeast corner of Bill Ave. and 8lh St., will «t · ··«- | - · - r- - - - j . H V I m IHil .-\1 V. Oilll ,tr from Newark. N..I . to At- The plane apparently dropped ^ cn , , 1Q Mm eta. Ga.. with n stop nt Wash- virtually Mraichl down toause d j on ( ..,.,,, n f i o n v a few trees m the woods! . . . , ; f ! " n - IJ - ( -- ... ·. ,..,, ,.,,, ., _ Here is what sevc: de merchan-inew were Idled. It crashed about 100 cornfield. Three thunderous explosions heard as Ihe plane crashed ' ards trom fo a loresl oi trees in rolling, "» «·'" TMlul." said Mrs. Clark rmland at llomeslcad. Md.,|--aithcr. who lives nearby. "The 1C miles wc.-l of Baltimore.ll'tano crashed al the edge of tlr honible thing." saidPTM*' 1 "' 1 llle " ,i!l!i;in the irees "We heard a suund like a irac- "H was a horrible thing. sa« Associated Press reporter al f scone. "You wouldn't hnvc vcd anybody was there because Ic bodies were hidden under rces of smoking wreckage " jWreckngc wns Mrewn over an The Weather 'The tempcr.iluie nt 2 pin. Kri- day was W for 24 hniirs cmlinR 5 ·!."!· ·niiirsday. Public in-rvice: Hifih 4}; IIIW.'M. icral businessmen had lo soy about the announcements: John R. P. Wheeler John Ii. P Wheeler, fireeley realtor who handled lease nc- otiatioiis bolwecn GGG and lies,ed's--"1 look at l!io development jreeley is the best in a conven- ional type shopping center. 1 hink you can actually look at this as part of the normal good growth of Greeley. All persons will benefit by virtue of this." Clint Mayer Clint Mayer, secretary-manager of lhe Greeley Chamber o! Commerce -- "This surely demonstrates that Grecley's future is not only assured but very bright Whena firm like Denver Dry puts in a major slore il surely demon- slrales lhal they too believe in (Continued on Page 24! Expected Could Me DENVh'K i A P ' -- Colorado's new Republican-controlled Legislature m.ny have more money to spend than expected, state officials indicated Friday. New estimates of revenues were bemc worked oul bv State Traffic 212 Fires 19 Miscellanous . 23 Total 2S4 The tally of Thanksgiving holi day deaths moved steadily highe Friday, paced by t rash of multi pie fatalities in traffic accidents Highway deaths since the coun began at 6 p. m. local time Wednesday totaled 212 compare, to 163 for a compar«ble period last year. Fires killed 18 persons and miscellaneous accidents, 23. Spillover an Tax Cut imas. will be chairman of the Budget Committee. Other tnem- l.*rs will be Rep?. M R. Dung lass. R-Grand Junction, and El mer Johnson. D-Denvor and Sens Harry Locke, R-Hartsel, George I Brown. D-Denver and Joe Shoe asuy V. Kuinctsov conlirmed to-,t ay that the Soviet Union has pro-) losed a formal agreement to the! Jnived Stales to conclude the Cu-l »n crisis. Informed sources had said the Soviet Union had put forward a proposed joint declaration of the two powers in the course of talks to settle the matter. A reporter asked Kuznetsov what the U.S. reaction was to the joint declaration. "There hasn't been an answer yel." Kuzneisov replied. He referred to the proposed document as a protocol rather than a oint declaration. A protocol is a legotiated agreement, usually signed, that constitutes the basis or a final convention or treaty or s attached to such a final instrument. The Soviet minister had just had a 45-minute talk with Acting Secretary-General U Thanl. with 11 Officers Progress Made on Cuban Agreement By WILLIAM N. OATIS jwhom Soviet. U.S. and Cuban del-jwere reported balking al some UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. 'AP^'egates have been discussing thelpoints in the proposed document, --Soviet Deputy Foreign MinisterlCuban afiair since soon after h; particularly the point that the asily V. Kuuictsov confirmed to-,flared up. He would say only thatjUm'ted States would agree to dis- e talk was "good" icuss with Cuba a wimdrawal from The United States: delegates 1 Guantanamo naval base . JFK Talks Budget, Cuba With Advisers By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL HVAiN'NIS PORT. Mass. .AP-The White House said Friday that "i! is highly probably" there -ill be a meeting sometime soon between President Kennedy and. rime Minister Harold Macmillan if Britain. The announcement followed a neeting at which the President anvassed the Cuban crisis with kev advisers. He was assured: porters afterward, just before taking off for Washington, that it was "just a general review of where we were." Just a roundup of the situation." McCloy added, before he took off for New York. Asked what the situation is. McCloy replied: "We're making progress." The latest estimate ot the current fiscal year's defense spend- or motor choking. Then there vcre three thunderous explosions ind all we could see w-ns smoke ind flames. "My husband and I go! up from lie table where we were having luiH-li ami looked across the field south Grcclcy as an urban being accomplished by private enterprise. There is a tremendous amount of work and a tremondou: amount of obligation involved. ! Controller Gray Spurlin, Budget ! Director Con F. Shea and Prof. Reuben Zuhrow of the University of Colorado, special consultant to Gov. Sieve McNichols. maker. R-Denver. In addition to meeting the stale fiscal experts Monday Ihe com-! mittee will hear opinions on h- nances from Raymond Kimhall. Quit Patrol, 3 in Greeley ]|cu c , tim . lU , s whcn oom .:director of the Colorado Public ill co to the 'joint BudgetiKxpenditure Council, nr.d Shelby . "We're making progress." ling is S48.3 billion, compared That was lhe appraisal of John i with actual expenditures of S46.S J. McCloy. chairman of the I'. S.ibillion in the las! fiscal year ting committee on thciwhich ended June 30. Cuban problem at the United! The total of estimated spending Nations. j in ^e present fiscal year, which The chief executive also got in|dose? next June 30. is S93.7 bil- ·mme spadework on the militaryilion. This would produce a deficit lalf of lhe new budgel lhal willlof S7.8 billion, whereas lhe adtnin- ;o to Congress early next year.listration originally figured im a Secretaiy "of Defense Robert S. I surplus of aboi!' 5500 million. McNamara ^aid lhat "it's early I Budget Director D.ivid Bell tr.ok nlloc of the new i which mods Monday to three weeks of hearings a nt investigations of needs at institutions. DENVER AP - Chief Gil bert R Carrel of the Slate 1'a ..(Harper, director of the nenver |lro) sgid , oday |hrw morc pi . open'Chamber of Commerce. Hainerj tnllmt , n hav(1 ' m ,^ wA brim-ing, · on- -niicrly headed the r^ciKiitur" \ ,, (h( , nllmbcr j, lo say" whether the r.exl defense -part in the budge! discussions "1 don't know whether there wen 1 any passcngois and if lhiTC|.sj 01 | is w p i e any 1 don'! know how theyipijvatr capital.' uikl have gotten oul of lnc piano "My husband ran oul of Ihe tuse and gut inlii his car There aio a lol of risk.- hem;; . . , taken Greelov as a citv bei' ' , , , , , ,u i shea told reporters ne would ,, rir council'and prior lo that w.-, s di-' jfvin ,, lhfir dai , y ^ f rector of the Legislative Coim;.'.!.! · · -,. justly proud ihat al! this oxpan-' Carrel said the officers admit- budgei will be larger than this here today, year's. Tiic President hold meetings on Iccu'sed'ona'i^^' TM d lh(; bll * et al his sunv mor home The first was with members of if the Iwal (or 14 hours rniling « ii in ',, ( , ( ' 1 stayed in the house. He couldn't . , , . , make no cues* on revenues pend- im|lllslwd "'" h ii,,p .'ompicHon o( the sluriy. All,, - . _. . jin,i.-t a vcar ago he and Spuriin Mayor Gordon R.Hler ,..,,«,,,.,,,,, ,. cve!UICS ( ol - , ho c u r j cloy Mayor Gordon Missler.! ( ,, ,,,.,,. a , a , wllt S , M mil . who himself is iH-goliating !o lo-i,.,,., V n ;,;,.,.,, ,,, |hc fsl , p ,. Fndfly: 1'nbli.-Service- High. .'·»·.i d ' i( ' ln '|' very near lhe piano and he low. M. (irc.'il Wpstein High. :*:! low. 2S Hnp.inieler al 8 a m Ki iday 300.1 and rising Sun rises and sols Snlind.iy: 6.55 a m . nnd 4 ;« p t n COLORADO - Conoially f a n Ih'oiigh Sal.U'.lay. om'l.-i .ii"s' iiiftsl stx'li.ins Saluulay. lnus to want to go alone." cote a supcrm.ukcl ,,, lhe A' puig center. -"«,- nml ! the i'lly its n Christmas Shopping Is Under Way Here "M.iina 1 Over hero Here's ml 1 wai Fiulav Wiis a busy day down- my people, enjoying ,iod spillover from the old agp pen' ision fund indicates colleclion- lor "Tping |IH , vl ye;l| . wil j fsr ,, c .() C sti nl ;,tes lor this year even if other c.-iie- gorics of revenue do not increase. The money could iclp Gov.-pled John A. Love lo r.irry out his campaign pletk. 1 to rediiiT individual income taxes. .. Oaklev Wade. R-Uis An- Tlie committee will disr'isscap.] (( , ri m . l ,. u fal , 0 nHncs ,,, | e; , vc lhe oxivuliM- commitUv of th' ilal construction with the Stale| thf in . pr ,«, pn lncv wcrc i nlsi(;rl Nali('nal Secunly (.ouncil. Score Planning Divi--on ol!i;..'.is. | than , 1 ",,". u ,, l , 3!lv \ vcro .tar^( State IVan Rusk io!d_rc ! The three wore William T Win- Permit Issued i - rf --"--' -'--^0 Arrested in ForC S.W. p. n Pr6SS D3 H | The three wore William T Win- ·go of Westminster. Harley L. ;a oi Walsenburg. Tin- oth- [;_,, ^Uii../-!* i n jers were Un R. Mink and Charles l U r V^ II U r V . i l I I I \\\. Woodlcv. both of the Uifayet- . WASHINGTON 'AP'-Tlie PP- .ioi',o LVt'.rtinau announced Fri- id:iy i; canceled a IC-poir.t !"socurity guidance" which for- · bade mi'.it.iry .md civilian person- .ncl to U'.ik to ncwsinon H^^ovor a coiUrovoi'-ia' mcm- oraiuium rcqu'.r'.ng defense pt?r- the con- nnd . rlul5 ,,,,, , :r( , ( , lfv ymm) ,, Aff Rn[ US( , (! ,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ., jim ; , pr elpvalioiv COLO. FIVE-DAY FORECAST- Tomporaluios are average J-R dcgfiT- almvr c n.nal 11,11 mals « i l h lip'i".' 1 rhiinges. mo.isinnal snow lluirios' nnrtbern nvmnliiins. IIVIP Rrnor- nl snow hkcly wi-M »i«l ran th |«" - linns Inward' middle nryl w.rk. high Icmperaluip- I w.iinipr days, ^t 1 - 11 colder days. I.TM lem|fi 304n warmer niglils. l. r «-ZS Thanksgiving ramp nglit on -cliiiluli' Tl'.ui sdii; t n ' i a p i d death at Iho stroke of mid 'niillil F.vcn i Uni-lma- shuppin,: At noun filh Avo, was trowdcc ilb oars and -omclimcs llu 1 :n TSHliotls WIMT 'hliH'kod w i t l l j oars w h i c h failed l got ;ur bill dird a||,,.(,, rl . || 1r i,,.],. ,.|. ; ,' i-foic !'.;i''.r.cii. Plane Crash Kills 18 building pormi' norihoast corner of 25th St 3rd Ave. a! nn estimated!'"" 15 "''' [if $2.5.4.V was iss'.iod this. week In Ihr Cily UuiMmg Insprr-' lion Dop.ivlnionl I'hc now churoh is ITUIS bui!'. for !hp F.vango! Temple, now located al 8th Ave and Jlsl St The permit for lhp 44 by W !o,M building in liio \ilo- \oro .i:'oa wa* lakpn oul bv Kralihcr-F-,a;or ,r- Demonstrations lie stibdivi-ion: Handol] % h i". Ad- ilson. all of Ihe Greclcyjtv.^eTrNoc'vos'aPd Uiroo wliiti.- smncl lo R T m ' 1 oonvevs.i.'ions Wosloy F. Hall of!j,' t , rson ^ dpm,nsiratcd againsi rj- w:!h newsmen remains in elfoct. - John W Klraigh of ,·,,,] M . u .;vi;.if.oi: Hay A Pentagon spokesman s.i:i! 3 v .'-'-*' .it i w p GI-PIT..-IWO o.ifolorias and , division: Arvada. ami IVn Allen Carrol saio tl'o (alsifio.ilii'ii: mlloii fh'in "la.-ir.oss IIMIP any thing else " Ho s.^d Iho re- ivrls nf ou-r-y ono ol ti;o 3." pa irnlmen would l-e .-Uiii;cd - ;ns Hip usual Ined jokes rating turkey Ihrrc limes day (or lhp next week w n p far lid fpw tvptworn ll't the Modern Cuilom Us nil parl of HIP modpin era ii-lc'in of launching Ibp Clinsl nas sM.-nn lhe day alter Thanks gumg Brakes Fail, Truck Kills 3 Children 1.ISHON. rnilu^.il ' \P - \ por-' ( ' cn " n '" 1; Ihcn pouid iift because nl lhp lino UI;UPSC mi'ulary lr.i:i-iwt planr-i Ppmnis for f«iu now. one Ian: of o.ns ahoad c\pl.»lo«l ami or.isbrd Friday min-Jily homes aim wpn- isM-.pd d'i: :n School Kids Nurrwrous u'o- aflcr taking off from S,nnl:tlic p.isl week Those wore as M- Schii'l kid- woio also mmtci'"Usi Tl " m; " Is!ani1 - ki!lin « 1R ^ "' 1 .' TOf ' SI IIKMil i},:o ·:.!"-. di.wnli.nn W l . i f j r iiTMim alxi.nd ! RPWXM- co:ilraolo:. ,-, truck n :·,!-, n,. i-rakc- - wiiii' pl.nvod 111 c'jio -..iiicly sloio i 'l.p oflina! I.usilani.i ncws;;44,i \v i:;hS! M.i ;v; Givigc W into ,1 (nim \.ird In nu-s a . vc'ar M.nip stMics ailu.illy'· ^ 1 ' 1 ' 1 x - ' n h-'mg 'he casualties.'.Hicks rontraoior a:ici ownor. 11U solnv! b;:« Thi::-'..iy ~;t w o i p drfkcil nil w . i h Chii-lm,'-! ' ' ' ' i v r l.islwn shmvgirh rpturn-|;;,th \\ f JH.K4 l.owp'.l ll:;co childipn to ;!i'l ti'^oi a!':is bplon 1 :'.: ''"n 1 rntpil.rnmi; Portuguosp ^,in t-onli .u'to: ..nd ownp'. 'i^l. 1 , .)^.':n-! tii^ w a i l f ll'o : hi' YrYOMINO-C.piiPrally fair !«· nlRlit: partly rlnurty Snlurday (pw snow (lurries hkoly norlhnfsl pin mnunlnins: mi'l'T smitlK-as lonighl; A lillle warmer most SPP lions l«»s lonighl In in ahovr moiini.iins. tS-ti Inw- rr rlpvnlion- huh- S..lni'.liiy X,IK lower pjpv.ilion.-, .Vi 3 nvun- tains, i ' npic among Ihe.w !.5th si . S144« and Otis \v The child:fn. lio.-.iiil Unu'"..: j :»nv owner. 318 lath Avf . S9.4.W and hi- brothers. S \an and S i - i t h p -oi nion. ?, wprp pl.iyinc ^o-nip tlipii'ilhp lw,' father's tr;iC' ir. wbu-h wa .lhp school bus ol( Ihe IP \»/-|l Will MOT »M (tq nnr NT (IWSU» Mtlff Thank-tunn I'hii-lm.i- riiv.H.ilioin . i i ; d - « ! ready bppn hung over diiwiiii-wn' '1i'' t'aiwwl na« flying In' inlorscdions by Tlunksgiv'.n.:. li'n f.nm Angol.i however Ilioy nul Iwn luinoii; Sainl Thomas, an island in the on i \il.inlio off rorlugiieer {'tiiinrn. i* _ i r i / \r · i In keeping with li.idiium ihrjs. irgi.lar rofiiobng st.t(. on (liRhlj.pQf J P K V l S I l ' WPIP sohodiilod t.i bgbl up lorll-clnocn Portugal's Alricnn pos- Ibp first limo .',1 d.irK l'iid.i .so-s.on and l.i-bon | 1.0MH1N 'AP'-I'mw Minister Kvrn sanla Clans is getlir..: The plane, n. command of ('apt jllarold Mt.-millan Friday *ns re Inland of himsolf llp'll !«- hcrp.Slimnan MaiPilo. was scheduled 1 porlpd oonsidmng an early mcet-'Umieiix. K. lold pola-p h. I for .T b:i: -hon HI in .1 m Sal iix |ln h.ill al Porlub]iipsp (Uiinpa l ^ v i - (.in'iiniinfi on lo Ushon. will-, Prrsiilrnt Kftinodv i mnjor intornalion?il issue* h» brnKp« b'.n i w o i k ar.d iip *\nf \: u CCS ·f: oalclpi'.a:-, which towing oni\ while ,d The runaway truck hit ihe traolor and R Q r e R u m 0 r Checked lhp three children norp crushed |between iho house n a i l , tlv Irac iir nr, J . th,- tn.rk n.p d i n o i of tbp t u u k . . h.irlps 1 . ivcn p f ' e f t i v r l v (hfk^l bv IV S)- drill; ;:.oUio.j'\ !!,»·.\IIM-I n ."; ihi-v iv.'ln'i \M--. nfl HM oil i'rn-..i ii \

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