Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 1, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 1, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO LAS CRUCES: (H.- M.) S^N-NEWS Honor Society Makes Awards . Th'^ National Junior. Honor K'J- cioty.- held an littltittiion of new infiii*ner.«, Friday, March «0 In the Junior high school. Picsi/liUlion o.' thin canflidatr:i wan made by C. B. Smith, junlm hif»h -principal. ' Souted »n the f l a j - n WITC: Carolyn Ronmfy, preKldenl: HeUy.Anii Autrcy. vice- pre«lttPht; Rci'ic Kayi- Mallrjclt. Hcci-clfliy; Mai-da. Wi'Sffl't t l f ' f l K l l }·(!!'. , Thi- following ·.IffiDilicriH were Hlvim by HiurlentH: nc?Hj)airfhip. pnlji-rtj Jft.,'obi;. ]eiid(,'rtjlnji. .M.iry Kou Whitney; cliaract'w. . fiil'lv Hootitn; HiM-vicu,' Palli ..Smith. " Tlli'.plPdfjc wan given to eandl- daU-s-by Cnioljii Romncy. ' Mr. Cohlce. jjuperintL-ndont of -irhpoln,' 'f.pnkti on the .'iccupiunce of ivspoijuibllily. · . MumbM.ship rnrdu and i-ibbunn weir fiiyen lo each cnndid-ile hy E o l t y A n n Autroy and Rene c'aye Mullock. ; Mufilonl Kclections A'rm iffen-fl by the Junior l!inh G\*v rluli im-lei L h c . d i i e r t i o n of Mi-s. Scott. 3 The J u n i o r hljjh bniul. urnji-r Jie (iin-etion .of Mr. Ganetl. ( j|:iyei.l t h i e n niimhc-ry. Jot. tine Klcven.i. aecmnpanled b;; Mnrcln \Vrlftht, played a '.«ixa- [)hni:n Holo. Kdward Apodin-a. .·irrdinpniiiiid by Ann Monk, Rnvc n vocal 'uln '. Mr. R m l t l i explained lhai niuni- herfi (»f tin- honor .vociely -ue chn- sou by t h e i i nrln»lHi-Hhip 'ind '«·:- ully iteclKinn on l e a d f t r h l p . · · b u r - acter nnd ncrvlee. New .Mi-nilnTS T« lie liulneletl I l l h Hlcliard H i a n k , 'antes C n n t p b f l l , 1-ols Duke, Sidney Kiel- i-liei. Pntsy Ft)rtcii)n i rry, I let I v l l i i c k l i - r , 'ji'liy Not.le. M n i l h a fen- land, IMly Haymond. A n j ; e l l f t Sedillo. R e n j i i m l n Kllvn. C u l n t i n n Community Property Laws Need Reappraisal, Professor Declares . Community property laws In New Mexico need n thorough examination and re-appraisal, nc- cordinK to Robert ttmmel Clark, fiuKistant prfjv.TF.Kor of ljuv at tht Uiilvcr»ily of Nciw Mexico, A pru-view of his boolc on "Thn Ln\v of C o m m u n i t y I'roporty," which will appear In the April i K H U u of the New Muxico Quartcr- Iv, allows how the community pro- pcity HystPm cnmn to Now "Mux! ico by wny of liic civil Jaw of i Mi"- ico jind Spnin. Thf- a r t i c t f ! \vt',i oxpiuhi t h a t Hit- hnckfiround of our prt'Kt'nl lnv/3 on tin* i·If.jht.H of liusbnn'1 a'nd wife in jointly owned proncMy is at loiisl as old ;is '·.'.»· invJiKion of Spain by t h e Goths. T:il(0 1-VoHI I5m.k Tin; Htiiity taken from Iho finil c t i a p L r M K of ;i hook to be published by Proi'tissur C l i t i l t Into this year, den Is w i t h complex! tins 'iiisliiK from UK: fat-t that many people Ilvinir now in Now Mexico own a N ·;·.·.· V ' n k i 'ilh'.'li'iu fur spring :ui.l .sunimi-r. JST.]. Tin- sluit bil- J-.nv.-j nvi-r :il:iti ln-d ii'.-t filh (Xirfiln Hoyland. Siil . Joe 7 t h C'harlofte A n i i s t i f m j ; . R;iby June Iltira. M I H M V U Iian:- JJIIM, K m h r y n Cox. Ditibara D u n n . I ' a t l i c i d Iliuin. Joyce i;n:en, Ann HaiiHen. K e n t Jfinilwt. MtHty K » l l - CnblH-h. l^tul K i n i n e r , W i l l n Aim Lnabw. A l b e i t Lryemlenk.T, Nm-inn ' L t n i K . Kuthedii Mi'Mahon. Maud.' Fan- li-iKJr. tl:irburn Robeilfi, Lyn H i n n l l . Melhi'la H i n i l l i , Peter S m i t h , Panny SU'V.-ns, Biirbara Ann Taylor. Kllsn TellCH, n a i b a r a Ann Lllmel, Molly WllltnniH. David Windsor. '' Men lire rs nl LHH f 1 ruef^ Honor Sorldy ; Oth - H i - d t f l e e Apoilaca. I-M- ward Apoduni, A r h - n e llnrnr-jstle, Kdilh HiMlhelon, KinlliU' Ciuhine. Beiki-ii fluiiiH, Polnri'sj C l u t l e i . Bob'hy Mae Cuvey, Shlilcy Davidson, Patrk'ln Diet el, J i m m y Doil- isoii i . ' a i l l u n I^vun;i. Isnbd Fii'i-io. W i l l t i u n Klemhifi. Hllyi: Knuu'e. Mury Cnme7. H i l l y K n r l i - llouti-n. Robert Jin-nhl, llleliard .Ir.hiiKon. H l d i i n e Kelly. Hexllyn l.iiui;lillu. ! Uoniin iJinp, IA-H - M a d i i i l , Mai-Rji- | t-ct Mil I'M.-, .1'ian Mai l i n . Kii l « y Sue Mt'Maliun. Jaync · .Mi-irlmnl. I . n u i a NVI! Moon.-. M;ir- ihii M n i i ; i i n . M a i y H i v n n . Clwln- ] ( I f s l y n I'l-li'i-sfui, A l l i i u I'lfi-cc. Joan : Hobcrhitm, Ciirolyn Ronmey. Haliy S a i a l i i u , I ' n l l l K n i i t h , Aim KU 1 ' vi'ii.H, .liianiH- Sti'Vi-un IvoKi-iH! i S l n u l , Iti'lii-rca Taylor, Michael j ThrmuiH. W l l l i n n t Wt-ir. M a r y ·jini- j (HI.' WhilriL-y. Belly Wlllo-.iKhhy. LMiircIn Wi'ipit. I h i l l Mi'S.s Adci'lu.M. Hymn A l i f.srtiiilrr, ICi iiri-i A Ivan-/,. Irun:e i AniliTSdn. Alicia A]iod'ica, K a t i e J A p n d a c a . 'I'liclnin Apodac.a. U i M t y · A n n A n trey. .Iiwphliif U n l l x n n , 1 Lelti Ann ( l a t r - H . I t h c r t a Ann v inn! i-l. M a i i i m litiyi-c. Kntnris ( i i l l l t e , D c l i i n i i C i t u i l l n . P a h l r i n Chap-' man. Kalhrnnr ("onklln. Rnsr C ' r i i n f i l l . U a v l d nuL.-ivi-y, Hiiiiic KcholH. Am-ela C u t h r i e . Kay Miifidrdlei-, l . N r l i I.onmiti. H.-na Kay.' Mmlnck.' ! a l t e r Ni-nl. 1'iitll Nobli-, W l l l l i i t n j l*mit. I M s l c Rueliei'. l.ydi-i Kaia- hjiii. l l M i l m n i - H m t l l i . ^n-ichen S m i t h . W i l l i a m Thatp. f J u l l Warden. C' VVilloiifThby. I J s h i ' i s Rcriff AHerhuld TJu'l- · i n n A]«i,lnra. W a l t e r Nr:il, Onvid . iniL:ivL.v. ; R i n d i y i - u m u i i l I'.'*- Mi... K m m y tl.aali.". Mm. I t e i t i i i t H l t n i m m s . IMi-.-i. I R u t h Ovi-rpi'ck 1 . I : Tin- f o u r pi«UlH "f n i u : ; t a i d :\n\vi c i M form a I.TUHH. : properly in several stales. I Kcderal tnx advantages enjoyed until 1018 by communlty-propert.v j stales further cornpHcales Llie viic- ( ture as well as the emancipation l o f women the country over. Mr. Clark will trciit stii:h.quca- · lions as: Hoes Ihc wifo in a New Mexico family have any Interest in property t h e husband owned before their. marriage? Does ft New Mexico woman, who lives in the slate for 25 years with a man w i t h o u t benefit of a marriage license or ceremony, have j interest in propeity acquired by i tin! man during th'ls period? I Whose* Autnrm.:.iio If un automobile is noufjlu in New Mexico in the wife's name w i t h money earned by the hua- hand in KanstiH, to whom does the car helonfj? If ihe wife is.a career girl ami the hunband takes oai-c of the Archbishop Of Santa Fe Will Speak At Meet ' The Most Kev. Edwin V. Byrnr, Archbishop of Santa Fe, will be, one of the principal speakers 'at .1 Catholic rcgioonn! congrens id be held at El Paso, starting April 10. Archbishop Byrne will be joined by 3fi top Catholic clergymen :'n the U n i t w l States for the Second home and. children, aw'the wife's wogcti liable for the nmn'n debts and grocery bills? Prof. Clark is u member 1 of the. Now Mexico unil Aiteona bars. He holds his A. B. from the Uni-. versity of New Mexico arid an L.L. n. degree from the University of Arizona, nnd baa been assistant professor ot law at the University of New -Mexico since 1048. Certain parts of his book will appear in seperatc articles in law reviews, Mr. Clark said. Regional Congress of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. The three-day meeting in the border city of E! Paso will be devoted to developing; a' stronger f a i t h ' t h r o u g h the use of discussion groups and education. Advance reservations from such cities an Lordstnirg, Santa Fc, Albuquerque, Silver City, and other location's Indtcat that hundreds of persons will attend tlift congress. As one of the principal'speak- ers Archbishop. Byrne will tiling to the Congress'.a long and diverse experience in the-church. In addition to Ai'chbishop Byrne other outstanding Catholic -jler- gymen from New. Mexico who will att'cnd the Congress include the Most Rev. Bernard T.. Ksplegas, Bishop of Gallup, and the Ht. Rev, Msgr. George V. Ralffer of Uis Vegas and Rev.. Emmanuel Troc- kur Confraternity pirector of Gallup. . . . . A poultry producer in Petlumu, Calif., has developed an agg cleaning machine that washes and dries 2,700 eggs per hour with less breakage than hand .cleaning 'methods. Brownie Troops Hold Skit_Nighi Drama Kite was presented by the Brownie troops o* Lna Cruees Friday night nt Braiilgnn auditorium. Troop 30. under the leadership of Mrs. May, presented a colorful "Sugar Plum Tree." The cast included Fnincisbixson. Cnrole Wai- luce, Martha Jean Oalnes and Mm Miller. TYoop 33 presented "Where Are You doing My Pretyy Maid"-under the. direction o: Mrs. Miller; Troop 41, led liy Mrs. Noijle Bonn- trce, presented "Wykn-B l.y 1: n. Nod;" Troop 4, Isd by Mrs. San-, ders, presented "The King's Breakfast;" and Troop 28, led-by Mrs. Hryant presented "Old Woman nnd the Pig." Troop 31, llmlcr the leadership of Mrs. .Icsse Morgan, presented "Hi Little Lassie;" Troop 32, led by' Mrs. G. L. Boykin, presented "Backward, Turn, . Oh . Time;" Troop 5, led by Mrs. Erwin presented. "Mary, Mary, Quite Con- Counly : SJtudents; Are Registered In University Severn! Dona Ana couiitluns ^vo. among 4,078 students registered at the University'of .'New'.Mexico In Albuquerque, .according to . a press release from t|ie : University. Those listed from P»s Cmces are: Willis .W. ,BaM, John. Kennedy Martin Reid, Cljnt Smith', Jr., Daniel Sow, Jr., and Ol(t».V^koy. Other members, of the stmltjnt body from this, area aro; Annabel Richards I-A^Union; Ctiorjea fly- ron,. Lawrence A.' Edwards' and Emily Ulmer, Anthony; Anllce Snbln, Earl Weaver, Hatch. Every slate in'the natioij a n d . 20 foreign countries are represent-. ed in UNM's student body. trajy;" Troop 42, Jed by Mrs. Joyce' Nenle, presented "J.*t r a Make a Garden and:Watch It 0«w." Troop 6' presented the closing 1 skit of "Dafioliown Dllly," direct- 1 ed by Mrs. Molli '' · - '· ' ' NEED DRAPERIES? · --SEE US-- We Have The Finest Selection At The Lowest Prices In The : Southwest All nu'cisiirwl and tailored to your individual taste and reriuiromenls. Phone Us or Come In To See. Us x For' An Kstimate. STEVENS FURNITURE CO. "For Belter Values" 316-20 N. Main Phono 677 Y O U R HOME WITH ONE OF THESE FINE BROADLOOMS WALL-TO-WALL OR ROOM SIZE RUGS- Yes, You Can Afford it ; r PRICES HAVE BEEN SLASHED! 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