Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 6, 1957 · Page 45
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 45

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 45
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Page 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday, June 6, 1957 1'aul Sloloney, Editor John Hogg Named Outstanding in Dist. 7 Baseball Butler's Bears, Veterans of NCAA Baseball Play, Show Fine Record (TMt I* tint ef two itorlft on Dr. L. C. (P«ti) BulUr'i Colondo 5t«tt Collegf bisibill rtc 1 ord.) Frosh Team Ends Big Year Ten years ago, J918. Dr. L. C. ( P e t e ) Bi'tler coached Colorado Stale follece |u ils first NCAA base- b;!! phyoffi. Fiflccn triio.ii ago,! 1941, the Hears starlcd ils slnnR f 15 straight Rocky .Mo'inl.iin coofiTfncp championships under Bullpr's direction. The Bears cotry inlo lh" NCAA f i n a l s al Omaha Saiurday arid next week will scrvp as an anniversary for llullcr Pclc would like noth- j i n i i liclliT limn lo rio all ihi way I' 1 the i'hnnipion.lii|). [ -- I Colorado SUic is '-he dean of L'a.-k J u n k e r - a n d George DclViBnai s ' l | l 0 ( l l s parlk-ipalinfj in ihc NCAA I.AlU.Min, Wyn. wi -- The were picked from Denver. j p l a y o . l s Only once since Ihc play- NCAA All-District 7 baseball I c a i n , 1 Second baseman Jim lloppe o f ! n f f s m "' hfl «" n in 131 ' "aTM l h p announced Wednesday, was d o m - i Wyominc, shurlslop Curt Jcnson of; "? ilrs misled at least Ihc clis- inalrd by Skyline Champion Den-! Ulah, third b a s e m a n 0 cor BO Slcll-i 1 "''' r '' rnr ' 1 That was the initial vcr University and Colorado S l a t e , ' l o r of Ulah Stale and u l i l i l y m a n i y t l " r w h o n a h " arfl "' enachcs R o c k y M o u n t a i n Conference i Bob Kink of New Mexico round 1 sclccl( ' 11 Denver universily «s Ihe champ. |oui the first learn. ll(Mdi;r0 '.lie selections was John j In announcing tho IloiiB, CS's outstanding h e h t h a n d , Daniel, Wyoming baseball coach I rc H"'nal hurlcr who was credited wilh t h e ' and disl. 7 baseball c h a i r m a n , said! . .*""' Hoars' two victories in their throe-'.only players on the d i s t r i c t t e a m s ; California will fiame playoll series'with D c n v c r . j a r e considered '-- '" ' : - - ~ ' The Jloar.s were led inlo tho. I homu s. n[iZL»« iCT 11^'Z CC-CTC CU',V ing. 8-5. | Th* 1955 College World Sf ries saw I John Hogg and Bob Gill, the Mont-1 rose fastballers, take over thej Bear pitching spotlight. But it was | veteran George Sage who c a m e l through with the important games I i area reproscnlalivc. Denver lost learn, H u d | ' ° L'alifors!:. .1-1, in Ihc western , ..., rnakinc ils for A l l - A m e r i c a n i"" 1 ·Tl'earaiii-c in Iho NCAA phy- offs sinc-e w i n n i n g lh? n a t i o n a l championship in ia-17. The C.ili- . .. ._ .. .... , , Utah pitcher Illaine Syivcslor. i r ° rniiln . s wi ." mecl Colorado Slate n u l s l a n d i n g h a l t i n g and pitching. M U a h Slug's pitcher Bob Hoan, I i" I'" 1 openinq round of Iho Collopp HOUR knocked in winning rims i n ' c a t c h e r John Whalcoll', firsl base-1 Wnrld Scries al 5 p.m. (MST) al Ihc 13lh inning of Ihe "rubber man Will 80117.1; and outfielder O m a h a , tame" againsl Ihc Pioneers. NACG collcfic world scries al O m a h a this weekend by HofiK's Chosen to t h e second were: Also rcprcsenlmi; Colorado Stale, perennial RMC baseball powerhouse, were catcher Larry K l u m b «iid outfielder Del Pelcrsou. Pitcher' Church Stewarl, first baseman Snu/.i! and outfielder Scolt Crofl; Denver second baseman Jerry Blanks, flrifiham Youn^ University outfielder Cornell Taylor; and Colorado Slate's Ihird baseman Don Gentry, "uulficldcr I r v i n g Brown, shortstop Wayne Jei-ry Hulslrom, and outlieldcrslCoalcs and ulilily man Bill Glade. Hurling Gives Texas Favored Spot in NCAA; Hogg Top Rated OMAHA l/n -- As is mosl oflcn lire case, pitching probably will br! Iho delcrmining factor in the NCAA College World Scries opening Saturday morning. And because of a mound slaff labelled "good and deep" Texas is gelling the role of favorite as Uie early guesses are made. California, 1847 scries winner, opens Ihc night program against Colorado Stale College wilh Notre D a m e and Iowa Stale playing later. The outstanding pitching performance of the district playoffs, however, was the IR-strikcoul, 13- inning job executed by John Hogg nf Colorado Slate. College. Colorado Stale is Ihe Rocky Mountain and dislrict 7 champion. Hogg whipped Denver, Skyline conference champion, 5.1, in extra innings after one day's rest lo clinch Ihe dislrict title for CSC. He allowed 12 hils and doubled in two runs in the 13lh lo provide his own viclory margin. The Colorado Stale-California game starts at 5 p m. (MST). The 1956 national runncrup Arizona found Texas pitching exceptionally lough, scoring only ono run in two games. The Longhorns' Harry Taylor allowed Arizona five I Deaths,and Funerals I EPPLE Andy Eppln of "Went Second FlreoL HuRliaitd o[ IBIuncho Hftskins lOnple; foster Inthir o[ Mrs. A l i c e llolmoH nf (Iree- ]py; brother of Murlln Kiipln of Independence, Wo. Sorvli:iiF ]0::lO a.m. Koturrtny, Adamsnn Memorial Gunnel. I n t e r m e n t Linn Grove. OTflUrALIK Dr. J o s e p h - O L o v i p a l i k of 1527 12th Ave. llustanrt nt Mrs. U l l m a Olnupnllk. Fallicr of Mrs. RaiiRC N'eply o[ W h l l t l r r . Calif.. Dr. Josef Oloiipalik of Greelpy. and Mr?. Tinhert Gol- Try of ppnvpr. r ? r n n d f n l h r r nf Joan Olouimllk of Oreploy. Vlcki Lpe and Lynn flollry or ripnvpr, nnd SilFlp. Wrlnklp. nf TVhIUipr. Brother of MTB. George Friend of Npwporl. Calif., nnd Mrs. Olive .leilolka of Santa Barbara, Calif. Snrv- Irps 2 p m. Saturriny frnm MacyR D r a w i n g Ttoom. Odd Fpllow Fprvlrr, nt Sunset Memorial, Gardens. PRESTON Floyd F. Trpslnn nt I l l s Sill Si. Services 10 a.m. Friday from Mfirya l^.-p^llli: Room. Inlermenl Lirn Grove. hits as Texas won the dislrict 6 playoff op'encr, 2-0. Howard Reed also allowed five hits as Texas won the clincher, 7-1. District playoff shulouls w e r e thrown by Lefty Cal Emery of.I'eon Stale, Phil Grolh of Iowa Slate, Gene Dafferty of Iowa Slate, and Jim Risluy of Connecticut, Emery blanked Bradley, 5-0, in the final game of the district 2 playoffs. Laffcrly and G r o L h pitched successive .shutouls over Bradley. Lnffcrly bcat.llic Brakes, 2-0, on seven hits. Groth topped Bradley, 3(1, on two- hils. Itislcy defeated Springfield College, 5-0, on a four-hitter. Skill Tests Set For YA Baseball Skill Icsls will be given lo all boys planning In participate in the 057 Young America summer base)all program, Lyle Beaver, Comm u n i l y Activities Assn. director, announced Thursday. The tests will be given lo find out if a hoy needs any specific instruction during Ihc year. Beaver said [he tests arc not elimination tcsls. He emphasized Ihc nol. The boys must lake Hie- skill Icsls. Registration is being conducted nt the Community building. 'Fees will be assessed al that lime. The schedule of skill Icsls: Monday-- 1 p.m. -- Jefferson and According lo NCAA records, Colorado Slate will be making ils j ··· oighlh appearance in Ihc champion- lh ships. Dislricl playoff games were " H nnl included in Iho records prior lo (he. 1051 championships. Ncar- esl lo Ihc Bears in number of NCAA berths is'Texas university, one of Ihis year's "series" favorites. Texas will be m a k i n g ils sixlh ap- poarancc. Dean of Schools Bolh Texas and Colorado Slate have gained Ihc NCAA finals six limes. The. Longhorns played in lire finals in 1017. 1D49, 1950, 1952, 1953 and will play in 1357. The Bears reached the finals in 1918, 1919, 1952, 1953, 1955 and Ihis year. Ironically Ihe two (cams have never met in the playoffs. Texas won Ihc national title In 19-19 and 1950. Colorado Stale broke inlo the NCAA playoffs on a jdismal note. The Dears dropped boih western regional playoff gartcs.vlgj Okla- hnmn AM, 13-7-; . "j.oylor, 13-4- Pat llaggcrly Was iho' IJears leading player lhat\ : year, but : lie signed a professional baseballi con- Iract before Ihe NCAA pfayoffs began so was declared ineligible. Haggcrly later went on lo lead Ihc class AA Southern Associalion in hilling. Jcrrel Hnrrod and flip Gioso were lop-nolch performers for this term. Downed Denver Bullcr's Bears gained Ihe 1948 regional finals by whipping Denver university (wo games to one. Harry Wise, afl-dislrict pitcher, hurled Ihe Bears into the 1949 playoffs. Drigham Young, Skyline conference champion, was unable lo field a loam for the dislrict 7 playoffs, and Colorado Slale automatically qualified for the woslern re- gionals. The Hears earned one viclory in Ihree games wilh Soulhern California trial year. The score was C - 2 ' w i l h Wise Hie winning pitcher. The Trojans won the series with 12-2 and 8-7 victories. Wise Top Pitcher The Bears earned lire district 7 playoffs in 1950. Althorrgh Wise was still hurling for the Bears, Colorado Aggies won the playoffs, 8-2 and 9-5. Wise was beaten in SI. Pclers schools at Jefferson i 'he first games by (he Rams' Don playground, Monday -- 3 p.m. -- Maplowood playground. T u c s d a y--\ p.m. -- Cameron school at Bonoll playground. Tuesday -- 3 p.m. ' Arlington school al Bonell playground. Wednesday--1 p.m. -- P a r k and Slraub. Bolh Wise and Slraub en- Icred professional baseball. Wise gave up liiej lay for money game aflcr several successful seasons in class A baseball. A sore arm cut short Slraub's career. Ulah left no iloiihl lhal it was the most worthy dislrict 7 represenla- Franklin schools al Park p l a y - ' ( l v c in lh c JMO playoffs as the ground. | Redskins be- 1 " ' ' - ' Wednesday -- 3 p.m. -- Ernest! 1 ' nnci n ,G -. ! Redskins bent Colorado Stale, 20- Horn at Bonell playground. Bullcr's 'Bears recovered in Supervisors for this summer's 19S2 - ""'ing Bngham Young, 7-fi and 11-4, in Ihe district scries. Bob Slcwart was Colorado Stale's key program are John Mirich, Larry Anderson, Hob Hahn, Bishop and Tom FJliotl. Tilman pitcher. Tough Missouri Cloverleaf Results Results from Cloverleaf Grey- lounri races Wednesday night. No. 1 flrvan 22.20, 9.SO. 7.20; Keno Yay 12.0, 7.-10; Pingalla Secretary 7.40; quincla 2-7, 337.60; imc: 31.85. But in the nationals the Bears ran inlo Missouri, lourrramcnl runncr- up, and Western Michigan, tournament scmi-finalisl, in order. The Tigers beat Colorado Stales, 35- |mnc , n(] 1. and Western Michigan topped !ci 1 01] Ihe Rears, 8-G. -. ' ' ' fieorgc Sage, lanky righthander, hurled Ihe Bears inlo the 1953 finals. The bespectacled pitcher hurled a ·!·() viclory over Ulah a f t - FUNERAL PIECES On Short Nsticc "We Grow Thfl Flowers" HANSEN'S GREENHOUSE So. 8th Avc. Ph. 706 -- Freo Delivery Ph. 706 " -- [ FRESH FLOWER FUNERAL SPRAYS "Consistently the Beat" Free Delivery - BENSON'* W. Loveland Rd. Ph. «1 A Better MEMORIAL at LOWER PRICES Menu* 1015 7th Avs."^ 3 " No. 2 Double Rubble 27.on, fl.20.! cr the Redskins and Bears splil .20; n. Bills 5.00, 3.80; llcarl o f : Ihe firsl two games of Ihe series. Stone 6.20; quincla 5-7,53.00; daily! U t a h won the opening game, 6-3, double 7-5,311.40; lime: 31.77. then Iho Bears copped Ihe second No. n Pearl's Purple 18.20, (5.40, lilt. 8-5. A member of Ihe 1953 5.00; Flight Sweep 10.80. 4.80; I'ully j learn was Tlnirni Wrighl. a holler Birch 6.60; quinela 4-7, Dfi.00; lime: t h a n average first baseman. Wrighl 31-8.1. | is a hrollier of Willie Wrighl, 1957 No. 4 Vernonia 8.00, 3.SO, 3.00; i : Clever Vonluro. 3.20, 2.SO; C a s c j p . i j View, 7.00; quinela 2-7, 8.20; t i m c : | 0 l l l 31.46. r i.i No. 5 Loveland Course, Lucky j j p l l l Rcnard 5.20, 6.40. 7.00; Tiny M a r k j 11.00, 11.00; quincla 2-7, 112.80; lime; 39.47. M I A M I , Fla. Hi - Hard-work- ralLr^ /S^fr ^ , ./Hsf i for the Bears. After Ihe Bears tripped Wyoming two games out of Ihree in Ihc districl playoffs. Sags pitched Ihe Bears lo a 2-1 viclory over Southern Cal m the College World · / ' J B Si I 'Series. MT? ' ' / / 1 The roof caved In on Iho Bears r?si . j; r i after t h a t Gill losl lo Wake Kor/ 1 'f/^bJ ' ' cs ^' e v e n ^ u a l nalional champions, / M H ' P u ·.···--* · ' Rf^JLs^^fi^i^^ A Utl iBM^^^iB^r t ') A^Ss *^^^^^^f · jlp-.MTMipif - BMilBliw L. C. ( P i t t ) Butlir) and 1955 Bear (bird baseman-second baseman. The Bears got good pitching in Ihc 1953 NCAA finals but couldn't muster enough runs. Lafayette tripped Ihc Bears, 6-2, then Duke beat Colorado State, 3-2. Arizona's perennial baseball power was entered in the 1954 dis- (ricl 7 playoffs. Don Lee, currently a member of Ihe Dclroil Tiger ptlching slaff, hurled the Arizon- irrrs lo Ihc -district title. Bui the Bears were stubborn. Arizona won Ihc loi moment opener, 8-2, over the Bears. Colorado State rebounded with a 21-14 viclory over Wyoming, a game in which Bear oul- ficldcr Dick Porter lied Iwo NCAA records. Porter slammed two home runs and triple for 11 lotafi bases. His homers and total bases tied single game marks. He was also chosen to the NCAA second All- America team. Records Galore ' The Bears also entered the record book several limes in that game -- most runs scored, 21; most home runs, 5, and most total bases," 37. Colorado Slale and Arizona combined for records in most hits, 32; most runs, 35, and most tolal basds, 60. Arizona defeated Wyoming, 16-9, putting Ihe Bears and the Wildcats in the finals. The Bears- battled by a 10-0 count. The Bears set a NCAA record of nine errors In losing to Arizona, 20-0, the next day. Hogg cslablishcd a NCAA record in losing to Wyoming, 13-7 in the 1955 district playoffs. The sophomore righthander walked 17 Cow- came wilhin four strike outs of the NCAA record of 18 as he beat She Cowbodys, 17-6. Wyoming turned on the Bears in the 1956 district playoffs, winning two out of throe games. Hogg was iiiimcil lo the third All-America team by virtrre of his 8-3 vic- lory over the Cowboys in the second game. Hogg Sell Marks Wyoming won the other games, 8-5 and 9-7. The Bears and Denver university series -of 1957 also chalked up new NCAA records. Hogg atoned for his 1954 bases on balls record by striking out 18 bailers in Ihe series' 13-inning finale. This lies him wilh Waller Judd. Ilhaca College, against Lafayclle in 1955. Hogg also wrote a new record for innings pitched, 13, in one game. Larry Klumh, who caught Hogg's 18 strike outs and caught a pop foul, set a new put oul mark of 19. Denver's Ernie Pitts tied the most times al bat mark of seven while Ihe Pioneers went lo bat, 50 limes, also tying a record. The two teams together set one mark, most times at hat wilh 95. (Tomorrow -- Butler's Ilocky Mountain conference record.) Yanks Fall on Cleveland 13-3; Redlegs Stop Phillies in 11th; Brooklyn Takes Over 2nd Place By ED WILKS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Is it only 'Cleveland's beat-up pitching staff that makes the New York Yankees look good, or have the world champions finally decided lo cutM.hc comedy and get down lo business in the American League pennant race? It wasn't until Ihey quit home and pulled inlo Cleveland that the Yankees managed lo regain any kind of an attack, running up 20 runs on 28 hils in two games. The champs had scored only 20 runs in he previous six games -- against .ailcndcrs Baltimore and Wash- nglon -- and had l o s t four of them. Yanks Slim 4 Homeri Early Wynn lost his. sixth Wednesday night as the Yankees unloaded four home runs and 16 ills for a 13-3 breeze. It was their third in a row, but left them five 3amcs behind the lirsl-placc White Sox and also left them wilh- out calchcr Yogi Berra, who suffered a broken nose when a foul lip broke his mask. The While Sox kept their surprising, pace -- winning 19 of 24- wilh a 6-2 viclory over Ihe Boslon Tied Sox. ' Detroit moved inlo a fourlh-place lie wilh Boston by defeating Washington, 3-2 in 11 innings. Kansas Cily defeated Baltimore 3-2. Redlegt Win in 11th In the Nalional, Cincinnati's Kedlegs cooled off Philadelphia, 4-2 in 11 innings, for a two-game lead. The Phils slipped to third, 2',-a back, as Brooklyn took over second wilh a 4-0 viclory over the Chicago Cubs. Fourth-place Milwaukee, three games behind, beat New Y.ork 9-8 in a game lhal had nine home runs, six by the Gianls. SI. Louis dcfealcd Pittsburgh, 5-1. V'ynn, a 37-year-old knuckle- bailer, retired the. first 10 Yankee before Gil McDougald belted Ihe first nf his two home runs and Mickey Mantle followed with his 12th homer in a four-run sixth. Shinlz Taket Hit tth Bobby Shantz won his sixth wilh a seven-hitter, giving up homers lo Chico Carrasqucl and Jim Hegan. Dick Donovan won his fifth for Ihe- Wnile Sox, who took a 3-2 lead n t h n f i f t h tuillv D nail* nf nine claimed his first major league shutout for the Brooks with a five- hitter. The Dodgers, winning their -hird in a row, iced it with three n the eighth. An eighth-inning triple by Bob kfalkmus -- his first major league lit in 14 at 'bats -- and a passed jail won for Ihe Braves and re- iever E r n i e Johnson, who smacked a three-run homer. Lindy McDaniel won his fiflh with a five-hitler afler the Cards, who hung a sixth defeat on Bob ?riend with a 'four-run first in- ung. ^""^^ Chicago 6, Boston 2 Boston .h h n .Chlei n ah h n i Ptennll cf *5 2 2 OApaVlclo 38 *5 2 5 2 Mauch 3 b 3 0 2 4Fox 2 b 4 2 2 3 Vemon lb 4 2 14 IMlnoso li 4 1 1 0 Jensen r f 4 0 0 OLollar c 4 2 4 0 Malzone 3 b 4 0 0 4Ptilloy, r f ' 5 2 3 0 Klaus us 3 1 1 3 Rivera lb 2 0 fl 1 While c 3 1 4 IDropo l b 1 0 0 0 b-Consolo 0 0 n OLandls cf 3 1 3 1 a -Good men 1 0 0 ODonovan p 4 0 1 L Chnkolcs p 0 0 0 0 Tolfcls 35 11 27 12 c-Slephens 1 0 0 0 Totals 31 B I 4 IS a--Filed out for Brewer In 7lh. b-- Ran for White In' 9lh. c-- Hulled Into force play for Chahalcs In SLh. Boito n 101 fKHl 000 -- 2 Chlcnfo .1. 7._~ 7.TM" 100 «0 218-- x R Floraal, Wllllims; Aparicio 2. Fox, MlnoHO, Lolar, Phllley. E-- Fox, Brewer, Klaus. RBI-- Verntm 3. T^ollar, Land]*, Mlnosn, Phllley, Phillips (Aparlclo scored on error by tficiiii), 2 C-- Williams, Vernon. Fox, Phillcv. SB- Aparlclo. S -Mauch, Brewer. While. DP-Fox, Aparl- clo and Rivera; Whlta and Mauch: Lan- dl« ind Lollar: Klaus, Mauch and Vcr- non. Lell-- Boston fl, ChicaRO 17. BH -- nvan 3. 110-Brrwpr 4 In G. Chnhnlca 7 In J. MIER-- Brewer 3-1, Chakales 33. Balk-- Donovan. W-- Donovan (5-1). L -Brewer (6-1), T-- 2:13. A-- 7,17,1. Braves 9 r Gianls 8 ners on base with only one out. MftlkmuJ lb 5 1 4 3Neir York . .h h P * Airono rf 4 2 1 OLockman lh « 2 13 0 Matohev 3b J 0 1 4SchniIn.«L 2b 4 3 3 1 -nimnono cf-lt . 1 2 2 OUayi cf " 5 2 2 0 Adrocok nib 3 1 4 KSnuer If 5 3 4 0 Torn re lb 0 0 5 OSpencer 81 4 0 3 5 Tnrkn H 3 0 0 nVIrffll .1b . 1 1 0 7 Brulon c f S O ] oThomns e 3 0 1 0 Cranrtall L D O S Lb-Kall e 2 0 I n Pliarrn p 1 1 0 [Rhodes rf 1 1 0 0 Johnson p 4 1 0 OBurnilde p 0 0 0 1 Phillips p 0 0 0 OHIdiik p 1 1 0 1 Tolili 713 9-21 ll a-Mnrlrr 1 0 0 0 Grlssum p 1 0 0 0 r-Jablonckl 1 0 0 0 Davis p 0 0 0 0 Miller p 0 0 0 n rl- Harris 0 0 0 0 · r-Rndjccra 1 0 0 0 Totals 40 1.1 11 15 Coach Vine. Cyphers Is certain that tho 1957 Colorado Slate Coll«gl froihman baseball team will plug the gapi on Ihe v a r s i t y team next year caused by graduation of eight Bean. The froih- man team, winners of ten of 11 games this lea- son, includes several top candidates for the varsity. Front row (L-R), Ben Cimlno, Colorado Springs; Ken Krause r College High; Ernie Andrade, College High; Gil Randolph, Aurora; Ron Herbel, Brighton, and Virgil Speak, Denver East. Middle row (L-R), Jerry Hanson, Denver North; John' Bradley, Denver North; Dannli .Walkup, Denver East; Levl Madrid, Denver South) Wayn* Murritt, Denver East, and Bob Johnson/ Denver Manual. Back row (L-R), Gene Swanion, Greeley; Larry Turner, Les Anlmas; Carroll Me* Neill, Aurora; Owen Murphy, Gretley; Dava Snyder, Denver North, and Cyphers. Photo by Skeets Calvin. Major League j THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati Brooklyn Philadelphia Milwaukee SI. Louis New York Pittsburgh Chicago V. L. Tct GB 29 16 .644 X IT .603 2 16 IB .591 2W . 25 18 .581 3 ..._JL. 21 21 .300 fitt 19 27 .413 10V4 15 29 .311 13tt «^ 13 M .317 H Thuriday's Schedula Milwaukee at New York-Buhl (4-1). va. AntODCll (3-6). St. Lou).* al. Pittsburgh-Dickon (1-2) vi. Kline (1-7). ChlcaRO at Brooklyn (nlchl)--Drabowahy (2-5) vs. Newcombe (4-5). Cincinnati al I'hi'.ad-lphia (nlrht)--Gross (4-U va. lloberts 15-5J. Wednesday's Results Hilwiuken 4KI 100 010--P P Mew York 310 300 010--81 3 Plzzaro, Johnson (2) Phillips 9 and Cratidall; Burnslde, Rldzik (1), Divli (8). Miller (B) and Thoirm, Katt (8). Cincinnati al Philadelphia, rig hi. SI. Louis nt PltlADurff, nlghl. Chicago VJ. Brooklyn al Jersey City, night. Cincinnati _ 300 000 001 02--1 9 0 Philadelphia 001 001 000 0--2 1 I (1L Innings) Jeffcoat, Hacker (B). Kllpncteln (1) and Tlnlley; Simmons, Farrcl! (11) 'and Lapata. 61. Louis _.,_ 400 000 010--3 9 1 Plllsbsirin - OWI IKM) 100--1 6 I L, MeDnlel and H. Smith; Friend, Arroyo (8) and Folles. Band B). Chleigo 000 000 OOW--0 B 1 Brooklyn 000 001 OJt^l 11 1 Knher. I Jt lie field (B), F.hlnn (6\ Umn )) and Neeman; Dryadale and Cam- paneUa. AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pel. GB Chicago 30 12 .7H -New Yorlc . i6 IB .581 5 , Cleveland 23 20 .333 7W Boston 23 33 .300 9 Detroit 23 23 .500 9 KBiM- City _ . L . . _ _ 90 li .44411^ BaHimore . 18 26 .409 13 Washlnston ...._ 16 32 .333 17 Thursday's Schedule Bos ton at Chicago--Slslex (4-2) TI. Wll- lon (5-2). Washington at Detroit--Abernathy (1-6) ri. Hoeft (1-3). New York at Clevtlud-Kueha (2-5) VB. Garcia (1-1). BaHimore al Kansas Cily--Johnson (3-5) vs. Garvrr (4-3). · Wednesday's Results L 301 000 000--2 B 2 ChJctro · - 100 020 12x--fl 11 1 ;r, Chakales (7) and White; Dono- vnn and Lollnr. Detroit 000 001 1 1--311 I (11 Innings) Kemmerer, Pascual (9) and Courtney; Lary. Foylack- (9) »and House. New York at Cleveland, nJghL Baltimore at Kansas City, night. New York _ _. 000 471 010--13 IB 1 ClCTCUnd _ 100 010 IPO--3 7 1 Snanti and Berra, Howard (G); Wynn, A£ulrre (5), McLJsh (5) and Hcgan. Balllmore .. ion 000 100--2 6 0 K i n i a t Cily . :.....-. 110 100 (Wz--.10 H Moore and TrlanJos; Porlocanero, Morgan (8) and Smith. a bases-loaded walk by loser Tom Brewer. Bill Tulllc, benched for weak hitting, delivered a pinch single in the lllh t o - w i n for the -- Struck out for (irlssom In 8lh. -- Announced HI b n t l r r lor Miller In Hh. --Struck out for HnrrLi in 9lh. llwiTikrr ., .............. 01 1W 010-- t) e w Tork .... ______ . .11 ft ,100 010-- X Tl-- Malkmufl 2, Aaron. Thomson 2. Ad- No. B Jet Yet 27.40, 5.80, 4,00; _ averted a f o r m e r d e f e a t by Y n m a Class Slipper 5.40, -1.80; Shade D a r k ! B a h a m a of Ihc West Indies inn Gil T u r n r r of Philadelphia' Paul Fnylack won his sixth, relieving In the ninth when the Senators tied il against starter Frank 4.20; quincla 1-7, 61.80; T i m e : : Wednesday nipht by winning a Lnr split and unpopular decision in t h e ! Skim Slimi Hom«r No. 7 Humorist 16.40, 10.60, 5.20; RamhlinR Boy 4.80, 4.00; Ardelh 4.20; quincla fi-R, 44.20; lime: 31.50. No. 8 Les Paul 6.40. 3.60, 2.80; Head Key 4.80; Kiahia 4.60; quincla 2-4,28.00; time: 31.46. No. 9 Keen Harmony 9.00, 4.00. 3.40; More Fax 9.40, 5.20; Trans- innl 6.40; quincla 3-4, 77.60; lime: 31.67. lO-rount! main event nl the Miami i Home runs by Gna Zcrnial and Beach Auditorium. |Lou Skizas' won for the As. There were loud boos from t h e ' The Hcdlejis harided the Phils crowd of 2,OG8 when Ihc decision was anonunccd after a rousing battle in which Turner had carried the fight to B a h a m a but had taken considcrahlc punishment from (he sharp-punching young battler from Blmini. their third defeat* in the last 10 jjames on an error, Jerry Lynch's pinch triple and Roy McMillan's single for two llth-inninR runs against losing reliever Dick Far- rdl. Sophomore V Don D r y s d 11 e ck 2. Crnndall. Schopni)|prisl 3i John* Saucr Lorkmnn, a Rhodes i _ E-- Minlilli. RBI-Thomsnn 3. Ad cock .1. . Jnhnior. 3. Lockman 2, . Schocndl^nit 2. (Malkmu.i 3. Snucr 2, ored ball In Bin). 2D--Mantilla. 3B- Slalkrmi.1. HR-Aclrock, Jnhninn. May*. Thomson, Saurr 3. Lockman. 5 choc delimit 2. S--Mnihews, Thomson. DP-Crandnll, Milhew,!, Ma Ik mil?- Adcock and Mantilla; Rldilk, Sptnrer and Lorkman. Left--MH- \viukw 10, Nw York II. BB-Plnrro 2, Jolinnon 4, Miller 1. Burnside I, Rldiik 4, Gil«e:r. .1. D.ivli 7- SfU-Johiuon 7, Phil- llpi 1. RM/lk 1. tlO-Pli»rTo 4 In I (facrd 2 b u l l r r * In 2nd) Johnson 9 in 7 1-3. Phillip* 0 In !-3- numslrte 3 In 1-3, Hidzlk 3 In 2 2-3, C.rixiom 2 In 4. Davis l In 0. Miller 0 In 2. nKR--1'liarro 4-1. JnntiFOn 4-1, Phillips 0-0. Kurnslde 4-4, Bldzlk 3-3, Grlssom 1-1, r«vs ] - I , Mllcr 0-0. HHP-- By T1IE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION W. L. Pel. GB Wichita 31 17 ..516 -Minneapolis; 3L 20 .608 IV Sh Paul 27 19 .587 3 Omaha 23 24 .510 6V Indianapolis 23 25 .500 7 Charleston 24 29 .453 9V Denver 1925 .43210 LouJiville *. 13 36 .265 18V Wednesday's Results Mlnneipol il ..... 205 010 000-H I I 2 VTIihlla . . . 0 0 0 010 101--3 K B^nrdon, Ttodriiuez (B) and Schmidt; Rehm, Valentine (3), floss (3), Falne (7), Jay (9) and Hoarke. St. Tanl 010 UO 000--3 1 01 ludlinipolli _ . . . . 000 00(1--« 21 02 McDevitt and Napoli; Dufour, Spencer (9) and Parks. Omihft ... . 000 000 (WO--5 lo r Barnes and O'Brien: Zannl, Jones (B), Hoaklnj (B) and Parks. Denver at Charleston, ppd, rain. PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Sacramento 5, San Diego 4 (10 innings). Vancailvrr B, Portland 0. San Franriflro 3. Hollywood 2. Los Angeles at Seattle, postponed. I N T E R N A T I O N A L LEAGUE Buffalo 2, Miami 1. Montreal fl. Columbus 7. Rochester 4, Havana 3. Toronto al Richmond, postponed. TEXAS LEAOI1E Dalian 4. Fort Worth 3. Shrcveport 4, Houston 2. Austin S, San Antonio 3. Tulsa 4, Oklahoma Cily 1. SOUTHERN ASSN. Little .Rock 2. Chattanooga 0. Nashville I2 f Mrmphls 2. Atianlft 17, New Oi leans T. Hlrmlnnham H, Mob Ik a. WESTERN L E A G U E Colorado Springs 11-4, Albuquerque 1Q-B ( name 10 InninRS, completion oi June 4 impended ' f l a m e ) , Sioux City T. Topcks. t. Dei Moines , Lincoln 3. Pueblo 7, A m a r l l l o 0 P I O N E E R LLAGIIF. Idaho l-'ail.i at Sail Lake City, postponed. BiUingi 11, Magic Valley 1. Boise U, Mlswula 4. Pocalcllo 8, Great Fais 3, Bear Freshmen Offer Bright Diamond Future Fifteen straight Ilocky Mountain conference pennants and tie outlook continues to glow bright. That is the. picture of Colorado State College's baseball situation. This conclusion is drawn by Bear freshman baseball followers ' who watched the yearlings win 10 of n games during the 1957 season. Coach Vince Cyphers' freshman team lost only lo Lowry AFB, 9-8, in 10 innings. But the yearlings took three games from Lowry. The Soos Capture Fifth Straight By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Sioux City Soos racked up their fifth consecutive win, the second at, the expense of league- leading Topeka, and Lincoln continued iti, dive downward in'the Western League Wednesday night. The-Soos are the hottest news in Uie league, moving from sixth to third in three weeks and now threatening Amarillo -- from the distance o f . a game and a half-for second. Lincoln, on the other extreme, now has a losing streak, of eight and has slipped down the league ladder from second to a wobby fourth. Albuquerque is just 12 percentage points away from sending Lincoln into, the second "division. Sioux City used the big inning to drop Topeka, 7-6; Des Moines took an early lead and held on to beat Lincoln, 6-3; Last-place Fu- eblo, showing signs of life the past week, shut out second-place Amarillo, 7-0; and Albuquerque and Colorado Springs split a pair. Colorado Springs took an 11-10 verdict in 10 innings in the completion of a game stopped by the curfew Tuesday night. Albuquerque came back to win the regularly scheduled contest, 84. La Salle Legion Teams Set Tilts Over Weekend The"La Salle Legion A team will resume its schedule Friday night against the Denver Catholic Youth Organization team at La Salle. The CYO team is composed of players from Denver Cathedral, St. Francis, Annunciation and Regis schools. George Moriarily, a lop righthander, will pilch for Ihe CYO learn. Either Dale Lopez or Monty Bet?, will pitch for La Salle. The La Salle Legion B team, coached by George Sage, will open ils season Saturday al La Salle againsl Ihc Kansas City Life Legion B team of Denver. The La Salic Legipn A team will play Ft. Morgan Sunday at La Sajle. frosh met Warren AFB four times and came out victorious each time. The Bear varsity lost one of. Ihree games to Lowry .and'two;of Ihree to Warren. The olher three games were practice scrimmage .with lotal teams.. Cyphers got good pitching from former Brighton ace Ron Herbel and ex-College High star 'Ernie Andradc. Both are hoping lo take up the slack on next year's varsity caused by the graduation of John Hogg and Joe Edson. Other top frosh pitchers are Virgil Speak, Denver E a s t ; 1 Gilbert Randolph, Aurora, and. Ken Krause, College High. · Cyphers said he feels there are a greater number of likely-varsity prospects from this 'year's frosh- club than any yearling : outfit--he has handled. There · is a strong candidate for every position, he said. The frosh candidales must fill some big gaps, too. In Ihe infield Willie Wright, Funky Slern and Wayne Coales will be lost to'ths varsity. Cyphers said Wayne- Mer^ ritt and Levi Madrid will be'the best candidates to fill Ihe holes at the keystone. Wright and Stern alternated during the year at second base. Coales was the Bears' short stop. Larry Turner and Carroll McNeil! will seek outfield berlhs vacated by Irv Brown, cenlerfield, and Del Petersen, right field. Bob Johnson is a top candidate in the catching department, but Colorado State's varsily will have Larry Klumb and Ken Berger re- luming in 1958: The freshmen who played during Ihe season: ^ i Calchers -- Johnson,. Jerry Hansen and Owen Murphy. Pitchers -- H e r b e l , Andradei Speak, Randolph and Krausc. First baseman -- John Bradley. Inficlders -- Merrill, Madrid, Ben Cimino and Dennis Walkup. Outfielders -- Turner, McNeill, Dave Snydcr and Gene Swanson. Pitchers Take Charge . in American Association. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Pitchers took charge of American Assn. play Wednesday night with their sparkling performances accounting for victories by Minneapolis, St. Paul and Omaha. The niftiest- chucking job was turned in by Omaha's Frank Barnes, who ran. his string ol scoreless innings to 26 by shutting out Louisville, 5-0. ' . Minneapolis' ace Gene Bearden chopped Wichita's lead to Hi games by conquering the Braves, 8-3. Dan McDevitt twirled four-hil ball in guiding St. Paul to e 3-2 triumph over Indianapolis. Denver's game at Charleston was rained out. By iMtnill.T), P B - K n l t . W--John(3-1). L--Rdik 10-1). 1-0:02. A-- Daily Double Pays ' $1,579.40 Jor_ $2 j CHICAGO tfi -- Longshot win-i ners in Ihe first two races at Washington Park produced the' biggcsl daily double payoff of the current Chicago racing season Wednesday--$1,589.40 for $2. ANNOUNCING . . . Surprise Prize Time SepHrate contests for adults and children Valuable Prizes Prizes awarded for skill. -jV- Prizes always a surprise. JOIN THE FUN at the Hole-ln-One nnd Park Terrace Miniature Golf North 14th Ave. at Warnoco Park

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