Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 21, 1962 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1962
Page 23
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BACKGROUND OF THE NEWS 13o-cmr nKminitOH OVILOO*] British Pub Seen As Staunch And Long Living as Churchill By HAL R. COOPER :!i;!,t t,, it t,, t h t . p,,[ a w !*:'·.· ,|jct cat. The one at the Eagle K LONDON 'APi--Tile British lu--th.-.-y w i l l leave it vacant fv: a;a sim^r-and-white beait numedj cal. or neishbHln:ori c'.;V -tandv.week or Uu if he fails I,, ;,p-!jill)- Bell. ] like Winston Churchill as an i-n-'pi-ar. I .l'|ly Bell makes a dramatic 1 daring monument ai;auM the m-l "It's, the same with my ie-u-idaily"entrance as soon as there roads of time. Us. \oixiri.-. i i:t ;, vt,-aii!eV v -uldlis a good crowd in th; saloon It continues lo fulfil! its tiadi- Oa-uuv a spot ; tional role of poor man's club|hc l,ar ur Use C!ther the pu!- iioi;ii b;ir which bar. She leaps up on the bar and docs a broken lield trot through with hardly a change down'is a regular's by cu.-tum." ill.e i'.rm'.;s. «ni*rni2 at each cus- through the years, except it mayj No lixa: is complete without aitomer as she passes. have television toda; One such local is Tony Watson's place, known as the Eagle- a modest grog shop on the edpej swanky Maul;: Va!v an area high-priced :i|ai linen:- "n the c i t y ' s near \\e-t Si'ie The apartment dueller- c"rtr;. HKXVEK ' A I ' i -- Amcritan'but would not get direct pay- butc little t'l tin- prosperity ci the larmei- would be nffeted th:ce incut-. Kagle. It cater- in the iram t'i li'-'nc.-- uiid.r a Nation.,! Kaiir.- \,,,i [arnvr- who exceed their Ihc workiiip cla-M'- mure i::o(i,-.;. · I ' a n n I):M^;.,III ;,mi',;:T.".d ;.,;,,.,)) i,:.-,,,!,.^. n , u id get neither nThree Choices Offered by Farmers Union Farm Plan ly houiod in its uiiiiiediate en M:on It is tiiu* l y p u j ; ·{ i:u::- dreds of stx-h nei^hborhrxxl .sa-j l,ons in :iml arowid brndon .V.* rr.iiliun t,, (:.rm iin',:r.,.' 'liiv tTi!:ini/;ili(.,n. which h;i «n!(:iiMters. here, snid the p,-, | rice -'..i;;jui; ii',: direct |:anient Kne NFi" -iate presidents who drafted the j»oixjai ari- Ben Had-; clilte. South Dakota: K e n n e t h tjlst in Series of l\Vld.. f OREElliV TRIbT.VE" Page 23 . 0(1952 Disappearance Said Near Solution in Ariz. U-lr i iiddies mav be y;\- the · LAS VEGAS. N\. 'AP'-Ti'.e [first in a series of cr.einicyl high ,explosive detonations was touched , !olf Mondav pi tiie Atomic Energy _ · Icommission's Nevada site. H.\G.-,,Arr. Ar;, A!' - C o - d i y :i:ttr r.e ; A commission spokesman said «'" 1! '" C " unl ' S:;i ' :::: l '«' :1 !U ' n """ !: ^ u "' a l; ' i :a second detonation is schedded aia *"' j for Nov. 26 and the rest of the u \° ·'* blasts will be set every few days up to January wh?n the series w i ! be completed. Each of six single detonation.-. ^' involving firing 1.000 pounds of '" liquid chemical explosive, is de- t:1 i signed to obtain information for ^ iu=e in the Plowshare program for !peaceful uses of nuclear explo- | sives. i Radioactive throwout wa- confined to a smoll portion of the test. One imolve ' n:ii-e i,f 10-yc- police site, the AEC said. ,,[ The E.igli- has two bar-, w i t h c^m -ino!\;:i- | )r ict suppuits lor Schuni.-n. bw;,: Elton BercK. Se-' 'eparate uitr.ncc- The bci-r.i-orn, barley and grain wiiih'Jin.- hraka. Alv.iii Trover Indiana, and costs two uvnmc, a piji'. le.-,s in would be presented s wn t,, on- .|,,| ln |; M . Si ||hj luti the bar wit!-, the l.-K-v 1,10,1 si-Stress. A| , N; , u ()f . lcia] ^ ^ ]m Tins is not a cr,u,s,n ol tele-l These are t,:e U.OK-CS which ^^ ((Jr (|jm ., , M . ,,,, ,,,, v.sion-lbe set ,s ,n tiu- bar ci,llcdj»ouid I* olicred U, fanners- dl [ lc ,, n , t , MKnn \i K loan va , ue the public bar. and beer prices Ihuss «lio n-diii-.'output of the ! i i n ( j ,,., m) , always aic in a public baritliret grains in accordance ^'''.pim..,,;, i|, e present than on the other side, known as|TM asricallure department lecom saloon bar. To com|ensate for the higher price of beer -n their side of the Kaplo. th« saloon bar customers.'^, value of the nop. whichever have a fireplace :.nil rvwer leath- is higher, and Km per cent ol er on the seats. iP iir i'-. v I'.iMy :- SI i.l a V.Micl o:Top e,radc draft lx*cr costs 1", coin. 51 -i! for pram s'ir;:hum: ani rents a pint in the public and 'Si - - '·'·' f"' b.'-H. rents in the sa-o-jii Spin - co-: I'.irmc::. who do not exceed the same on liolh M,le!.-27 ccntsjliinr r.'.'-uO acreage base would, a shot dr on 'called mot her Y, be eligible for tire price support- ruin by the olii-timerj, . 30 cent-i : i « , , i r ( i i-w^t. MEM i TIC*. rL)i\c^Aj, -- ine.-e map;, based on those supplied by the United States Weather Bureau, forecast the probable rainfall and temperatures for the next 30 days. lAP Wirephotoi mendation would receive direct payments on the difference between the loan value or the mar- iikct Chicago Grain Market ··ilouble 11 is he a, ' "often Harriman To Help India ,Check Arms i I WASHINGTON 'AP'-President Kennedy a n n o u n c e d Tuesday inisht that he is sending a specia lush-level m i s s i on to ln .dia i Wednesday to assess what arms DENVER ' A P ' - The \Vc.-terniaid the United States should sup- I'owrr i r,as f'i. of Nebraska ply against the Ked Chinese soufl-.t permission of the Coloradoiinvasion. I'libln- I'tiliiies Cummisaion Tucs-i Kennedy said at his news con- day lo iasue S) million worth ofiference that he has picked W. lirst mortgage bonds. jAvereil Harriman. assistant sec- A heaving on the petition was,""""' «f state for Tar Eastern Steel Prospects Said Brighter Colorado News Briefs ! HAVANA ' A P . - Re:|X.n-ible : sources said Tiiptday So\ie: Firs: 'Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mi- 'koyaa has signed a new three- year economic aid treaty with Cuba There were no d"ta:'.s. But per- ap* si^ni.icanuy ;;u- ri-[j,,rt came ailer riisclosuie that Prime Mini-ter Fiy;! C:,-t:u ;,i;:vei lo removal o! :yi 11.28 bim'»c-r.- : dc-hvi-rcd to Cijba ii'. tn; Sovm MEXICO Cm" -AP'-The Mex- v ^ m The dmaK(j ·,,,,. ,. c , nov;i! ican government pushed efforts-,,, U;0 bomi ,,. rs was n);ldc hv , nc Wed. to clear up an outbreak of-^ n ; t e i ^ states antigovei nment terrorism quickly lest tourists be scared away. In the Matamoros area, across the border from Brownsville. K»vernir.ent. Tex., federal asent.- questioned 10 Informants said agreemen' Mexico Cracks Down on Gangs Of Terrorists -.. suffered a fe: . : r.e^d Trie olher :;.\o!\es, trie ',y^-: discovery ,.,: the b"*i d a teen-ar^- ' iir! r,i;-.: (ji.u-.-i Uir.y.'i, Nations': ipptar- I';--:: Sn-.::h .S:r.i,- 1:02.*. H.'J-.U;- ·:' forme:- YVy.,- ::^\^ --eMi siiiuiaiiy uibu io\ .V!- H Srn.iii Tile in tiacinu Connie Smith. iap:ieorid from a private By happenstance last summer, '· ne^jr Salisbury. Conn . a mother Arizona sheriff told Con- - nccticiit officers about the northern Arizona girl. Immediately. Kichard.-vn iieard from Eastern authorities- ar.d a trading of in- luimat.on bc^a.n. Now. Dr. Arthur Quanlrano of '.Lo Connect km police believes Smith and the unidentified UK'., dubbed Mis.-. X. may be the same. He lo'.d Hichardson that the 'final decision could be made by only one man. Dr. Floyd Ward of Spearfish, S. D.. Connie Smith's . t iRcportcd Signed Wi'. ; ii (i;,y or two. \Vard vvjil . (iv-:i:::! chart- of the Ari-i. T:\-n the determination - ir.aue. K , : . . . . l ' n:d Kononu ' Man Who Held Own Funeral 11 Years Ago Now 86 ;-^Own Funeral 11 ,, accused of plottm; to blow P O T Next 3 MOS. I U P Dri(i S es - highways and public, i l i n S Ibuildings at Matamoros. Nuevoj'^ 116 NEW YORK ' A P - -- Steel in-JLaredo and Ciudad Victoria ndustry prospects c o n t i n u e to Soldiers fanned out brighten de.-pite last week's dip.nigged mountains in tr.e fci'ii'jn-.ic i;n-:d by th; vi- El'P.LINOTON 'AP : - Widows Soviet official and Ernesto across the L'nitcd States have. Guevara, indu.-l:icji min--beei! pcster'n;; ,].m Gernhart for · ter. '11 yeais. now. throunh' No date was given. b.,. presum- Tht ' ioU( -' rs started coming when Oaxaca ably details vere worked out last Gernhart paid S13.000 fcr a funer- in production, the Iron Age said;State. about 150 miles southeast Wednesda; fre=h orders from humming autoi sma " arm y ou 'P° st durin E planu are giving the steel market ;weekend - klllm ? two soldler5 in next three months are now notab-' Iv better than thev were as re- The President's statement came his honor, an occasion for '· riich 1.20U friends showed up. - A retired tanner. Gernhart dis- ·- ·closed the cost of the funeral - !-:nt,-d his S7.J.OOO savings.. "^ civilian and carrying off weap-. " n °^ »''io«'s keep writing ; on? and ammunition ! me -" :i ' s ' !rn . " fclit ' do"' 1 b ' lf -" ':, ... 0 . , , · U.S. officials strengthened the 8.1. Unemployment Upi F ° r I"-1 *5'h birthday Tuesday, .0 mil! But oremcuons for thei,, , .- . . r ' r "-- -, I Marine guard at tne American! week when Guevara gave a d i n - ' i of Mexico City, in search of mem-' ner for Mikoyan. ,' The metaiworking weekly said'' ber|! of a l)anci lhat auack( ' li a ' Mikoyan has been here discus,, _..._-.. j the.sing the Cuban crisis w i t h Castro- other Cuban leaders. a stronger tone "The picture varies from mil! m i l l " he bought an electric blanket for cently as 10 days Lgo," the mag- , . azine said. · * Output sagged 1.2 per cent lastifc, · Embassy here and the residence of Ambassador Thomas Mann (61- week to and steel !. 752.000 tons of inB.ot=j ban Embassy." So far. however, 1 for castings, ending. t i lere has been no attack on!"TM*e r of school leaver' three consecutive weeks of gain.! American installations. The Iron Age said that although! CHICAGO ' A P I -- Wheat and set for IVr 3 by the I'CC which'i a " air s, to head the special group, 'isnybean futures had recovered aHiapprwed a stock sale and trans-i 01 '":TM wi " include Paul Nitze, The P u l e Irs t» 1 · '-men andl or ni;:irl ' : '" llicir t ' arl - v lotsos bv ( '' r "' llw ^'' lir - 1 ^ a firm (assistant secretary ol defense for a harnui'i- ,'l IrM- '" '· ;|r| - v u[1 '' : ""°" " lli; '' "" lht ' WeMcrn Power, which sup P liesi imernational ^^"V 2 ' fai «- he Backbone ol the KaJ,". l;a,ie' 1;un! " f Tr:lrtl '- h:! rt!:(r r: ' in ' l««': '.,, s u i : , i Colorado areas.: arc a handful ol i c - o l a i s wl,,, 1 '"""" lll ' d mM ttt ' ; ' k ln d r a ee : wants to issue TMM shares of. , , , ,, n ,, never mist a dav Manv of them 1 ** 1 " 1 "'' : c«mmon stock ( I wlmh n , 0i ,;l'ortly aftor a New Dellii gomn- _ have what" Tonv" calls ' t h e sta:-' Thr improvement in whoa, and H ^ ^ .,, an nA for |ment spokesman had rejected^au.orna^s. prime customers for U/«««« i |,, 1R syndrome " ! s() - vl);ans was l TM litwl PTM'ipal!y,, lock jn an ini , lois lc , epnono , irm j"U'eacberous a Communist In,-'stee!. have stepped up buying.l^olorado W o m O n ... , , . , .. T j t o slnit lovenng for Tbanksgiv- |nese announcement of an order|0t!ier steel users are ordenngi . .. . - s no u u . l i m now. on; ,,) ti, c uci'kend Many spec-i DENVER ' A P I - The Bailey;'0 ''"'' l ' rin S by Red troops with-jpretty much on an as-usual basis.I Dl6S I D KOPSOS i s v.hi planned m remainK'niist-.-inltua lo. of Uroomlield'" 1 -* hours. ; If a ut 0 sales lag after Jan. l.i away from the pits u n t i l Monday'.submitted the low bid today of ''cking said the Chinese troopsjwilh still no lift from other sourc-' ELLSWORTH, Kan. 'AP 1 -- A [ cveiicd up their jio.-ition-. ;:irs7;:.7i», (,,; ; , pi,,..i-i on Colorado; 0 " B '. ! would pull back 12';'e.s. the market could remain flat. 1 Colorado woman died Wed. in a arou-.d 'Highway 22-i m Adams County, jmiles from the actual line of con-.or even sag." it said. Carlol receipts l,«l.iy were est,-; Th( , ^,, rk ,,,,,,,,], srailin ,, " ani! ;lrol of Nov. 7, 1959. The Indian at: wheat no cars, corni.,,.,,,,.:.. ,,,..:,,., 0 , t ., n mi ,... ,,, s|wkesman said. "If they are gen- BIRMINGHAM - Britain's un-jhimself. "It keeps me vi-arm, and ' employment figure soared by 63,- I can shut i; off." says Gernhart .', 773 last month and now slands'without regrets for his lifelong.: lowuie a bomb attack on the So- ' y niunui dnu iiu\\ sidiiusiwiuioui rei:rc Iviet Embassy and the findine of| at «4.19I-the highest since May bachelorhood, ·ibombs on the grounds of the^u-! 1959 - The Ministry of Labor said! recently that on August Marriage License tered as unemployed ,bv 43,999. 13 the'' regis: "bulged"! Eugene M. DeGraw and Audrey ' ,": lEleanor Morili. both Cheyenne. explains, "evciy stariinc. flock settles down on his own special s|xit at the nightly Mostim; ' place. The other binK !i"iior hi Betty Menaqn. 58,i malt! . i / i j -' ;4 o;i Dies Wednesday Mrs Hi-liy Menagh. 58, ol r'orl I.iiptun. {iiel Wc-dnesday niornmi; ,'. Coloiado ( l e n e i a l Ho- rye nonr. barley '.'. r o , ( i i, c u,, ( .,. : , washincuin Street W'boan.s 21. ani | c,,| 0 ra(io Boulevard, and two CHICAGO ( AP',-- lluidees. One is an eight-span con- Piev |crcte Hu;h U?w Close close ;feel |draw Mrs. Helen Baker, 1. of Man-i slab and girder bridge SMj'" 8 ! traffic accident one mile east of. In anv event, the magazine said iE » sworth . on l ' S , moderate gains are in prospect Mr5 ' Helcn ? . - . . , , ' about it why don't they with(or Novcrnb \, r alld tne mtl ^ f o r jilou Springs._her husband. John the remainder of the rear is sig ly said be was dispatch-; nifiran[ly improved ' a " d the ' r wa ' to '.I Wheat ' ' Dec 1" days. She had been in ill hi-alUi ^. !"r tiie |ast I w o years. ^'^ Mrs. Meiiiiph. the I'Tiner Hells , ^ ' j · Henlrice Vorsnt. was born Dei !^. Corn Dec 18, liXH. in horn Dei She wcnti" 1 20"' . I W' · 208' :.nit i 191 th.- othe n;i!i cnnrrclf 1 s!;ih .'ind I-l u-:;a..- If,', f e . t Ion. across ll'niun Pacific uailroad track four- !der nan mission "in or-- ;Vn im (an( , us [aclo u ad see their son. Charles, ID, at St.| r assess" India'sl ded £ minimum invenlorics !john s Military Academy. : .ing tne Chinese in-: main , ained bv manv steel con .. Ted Wilkms. sheriff of Ells- has been sending! sum( ,,. s Aiming to an increase in worth County, said a car driven] · n\ irrv.1- it irnnlc . . . . . h\- MnrnlH Holhort \\hooUir IR Harriman mission to better needs in fight: has been sending!" Amounting lists of arms it from the United States, but U.S. Slic was ail" State Mar MM .lot' Sop i'iatt Vor.sot. In i; Neb , when shi 1 w a * !·' graduated horn Colm College in 1M-I She was married to Khlen K Meriagh in .lunc. I'.'t'H i' 1 lir'-c!*-y. '1 I.nter tin-y nviveti In Foil l.tiplonjDce where Meiiai:li owni'ii .mil o p c i a t - ' M a r ed lhe Mai Tbealei. ;M"y Mrs. Menagh was a mi-inl»-|- o l ' - ' u l St. Andrews Episcopal Church nljScp l-'orl l.upton, wlili-ii sin- sei\i-,l I!) as church .secret,ny aorl a tt-.-uli 'I'cc cr in the ' - h u n h ' M h , . , ! iTM :n,Mar years. She is a pasi pri'siilent St Mary's Guild, l-'oihu.iilo I-' i-ralrd Club and a iin-timcr the Current Events l-'edna chili nnd I) d o Undue Club Her husband sunives. Klllieial services w i l l be I p in . S.iturd.iv t i mil \'i'iiei- i u f l i y w i l h inu-iiiicnt al H i l l s t emetei v »t I ' " i t 1 --.|'l, a l.Of 10!' 1.12': 1.12'. 1.13- l.HS I . W i 1 I5 3 1.12i 1.12H 1.I3 ! HDl'LUEIt ( A P , - Knnalil K Rarnett of Pueblo, a Co!uia,i,i suidcnt. \ «0 ,I\V( demand with any resurgence in business generally. worth County, said a car driven] by Harold Delbert Wheeler, Kanopohs, Kan., apparently, ihit the rear of the Baker car.j j knocking it off the highway and i into a telephone pole. , 0,-,--, in.". ! 0 7 - · Tiic.-dav h.- had won tl-.c Kennedy took pains to ma^-Cor Accident Here Ba ' KC; ' ttas '' t ' lll "' led '" 5al ' $faC " 0!i, 10T-, I 10'- competition in chemistry s^n-.dcar that American arms aid to; Jtory condition at St. Johns Hos- wed by Chemical Rubber Co. n f ' l m i ' a is ^--'B""! '» liel P defend | .tamos Lee Musser. 1729 l?t|pital in Salma. The girl, slightly 'leveland 1 India against Ked China, not to ( .\ v c received whiplash injuries;hurt. also was admitted to the Conleslains were entered from f °'"' if ' Indi;1 in her dii|lllle w i l h l o f lhp ncck at 3 Pm Tuf-^ay in; hos P it;! '- ·'·· ci, ; !-vs I - , - u c h o u ' th 0 i n r ^ n h o r m S I'akistan. a t S. ally.ja two-car accident in the 21PO! Mrs. Baker was an employe of il-uii-f % K,.c'U-i-,er KiHin-l In answcr to " "I 116 " 1 TM 1 - Ken -iblock 9th St. l'1'f Colorado Springs Police Traf- 'd-i'-o,, .'ibol-i'i'sl'nn l-.o'dor w i l l "e--' indicatcit thcr - haci hccn nili Mussei was driving a 1958 se-i'ice Bureau, ii-eiu- a ··rt'i'r'i'e .'''merit ' i'""'TM request for U.S. troops. As| rfan whicn received S350 dam-i authorities have had difficulty in| University ascertaining precisely what the; ;·,- ni'ii[ied ; . Indi:l " s " ew! iOne Person Hurt in Kennedy took pains to makei 2 . Car A c c i d e n t Here .fi7 .('·· '. ' ' '" ' . ifi'r l'-^ military technicians. he|-j, es T ), e secol ,rf car involved MADRID - Pilots training t. In his name. I M C uu-inisu · |( , ., varpKC of lho Harrimaii| tt; , 5 , 1?M se(tan dl . iv( , n h . H a l t i e ; f i y tor the Spanish airline re|x)fi ili-pai,mem w i n pr gnen -»«! mission was 1,1 ascertain what'^ffi,,, ,5, : llcr car j-eceivedjthat they have been offered job; w o r t h nl Iwi'K.-. | |V| , C ,,( support was needed. | 55V1 d al , U j. c5 . , j n other'cotmtrie*. Make Gold's Headquarters for AUTO PARTS N E W USED and RESULT Parts Needed For State Inspection Mufflers Tail Pipes Sealed Beam Headlights Shop and Save at AUTO PARTS Corner 11 th ?t. ;it 6th AM-. · Brake Parts · Brake Shoes, Bonded · Tail Lamps G u a r a n t e e d Or Your Money Back Dial 352-0132 DENVER i API-Frank lirinw. Inc., of Newark N J.. submitted Ihe only bid Tu?sday within I'm So "i million set aside by Congress lor o! a huge fciicra! services warehouse here. ; Tiie Hi i--ciio (inn bui $."i.'.M7.74'J i'licre w c l c 14 ot'nt i bid\ lia ne\l : !iiwesl brins J.''.u 000 by Mac- IDi-nald Constuictma C o . Si Harriman is an old-tinier al iin-l Hc.-taking imuDitant sssignmentsj j(or presidents. Inheritor ' a . lame fortune, he Is a former am),;,,,.^,,,. ,,, Mll , cow and uemo.| ,. ralio cov( ,,. nor of Npw York. ! The United Statos was la'suii;| a cautious wail anil see attitude. toward lied China's ce.ise-fiic proposal and plan fur pulling back :is troops-. Blowgun Held Dangerous by Denver Jury LIVESTOCK AUCTION Weld County Livestock Commission Company 204 East ISlh St. Grwley. Colo. Friday, November 23, 1962 Starting at 10:00 on any new OLIVER Our regular weekly livestock auction at the A\ elil I'mmty Livestock i'ommissinn Co. w i l l start al l l ) : « l l DENVEK iAP 1 . - A Municip,i!.,i,i s v'nday. Novemlier 'J3. W-. A few of the early jConrl jury went out into l'»"'consiirnmenls include the foliowins: ll'rntor pla;ji Tuesday to wat,li 2S hd. Black Angus Cows. 215 hd. WK Cows. 22 hd. Feeder Cows, fill hd. \VK Str. and Hfr. CaUes. S2 hd. Hlack Angus I'alvcs. Sirs, and Hfrs. Tl hd. \VK Feeder Hfrs., guaranteed open, l.'i hri. choice Shorthand calves. 15 hd. good beet top cows. 12 hd. good heel lop cows. 21 hd. Hoi. Hfrs. fi hd. broil Hoi. Hfrs. .1 hd. Hoi. hfrs., close. Sd hd. Fat hogs. 50 hd. Feeder pigs. Robert Cusnck. "fi. demolish.i!e dart slwoting with » sevrn-f'vt Wowgun Darts fired from W feet awa\ were imbedded an inch in a tit-i-. trunk. I Then tho jury returned to the 'courtroom to convirt Cu.s.ick. ^ !stiu1t-nt draftsman by day an,I 1 i restaurant oxik al night, of HSII-C a (Jangerous wp^ixin inside i . ' \ limits.' Judge Robert I'. Fulir; ton fined him fcfl INSTANT BUCKS Is the theme of n promo- licm |!»"ii! "I! ciiiri-ntly nl ln'al Safeway Stores ( uMnmrrs can w i n anywhctr Itom a ilollnr to ll.OOn. \* a result chcrkors and otltff emplnyes nre dressing in ,1 miinner that poiIravs the "buck:" Uicmo. Then (our chefkeu dt Ilillsidf Safeway nrc dn'ssed up as Imlians nn,l nro iidoineil w i l l i SI bills, ciilior pinned nn or w o i n ns hi-adlwvl-. The '.ontest will continue ihrin'.gh Ihc ilirislinns srsson. Ix-ft to tichl me: Nmnm .Iclsm.i. Ch.irlolle Moissingrr, ,'im CaK'J.n, store niai-./i-r. N i a i i e Bnuor nnd Tarn l.vnch. i Police Offictri Conduct IGun Safety Course for IWeld Sheriff's Posse ' S^l. F;.mci. Mlx^rl ;uni (!:·««'i \Viilmr H'tss nl Iho tirroicy i'° tiro IH'pi.rttncnt JIIP unihii im.; n cour?p in pin safply for tnrin l»ors of the Sheriff's Posi-o Tnpwlay mthl w,»s ilip sp^nn of |hc course It u ·\\f\i\ oach Tuesday mcM ; EARLY BUYER'S BONUS PLAN PAYS 6% INTEREST' IN CASH ON FULL PURCHASE PRICE Xo o.-ish nw'.li'ci. Y"'.:v trailc-i:; rtl.iy cover tiio down p.-ivincn!. And, l'i;vc'.' will alto l':iy i"i , on t h e li.i':iin'p ynu titniu-e." See tlu- h i e i i t u 1 - u p cf new t V ; \ t v - uji:'p- iiu'tit. Soo how ur.ii h J i m V . I P s.ui- by / · IN Y O I U DAIRY rows AND HI us. THIS IS NOKTHKRN COI.OUAIIO'S I . K A D I N C ll.MUY M.VRKKT AS Listen daily to K K K A al 7:00 A.M. for the market report and for ronsijtnments loo lale lo he inclndci! in (hi- is-tjubove list, ("all is al ;V.2-027I if »i« arc planning a sale i^iof any kind, HIP' COI.OH.MHVS I-.VSTKST ( l U O W I N U I.IVKSTOCK jCnmrnhinp Hide ri',,1, range m th,- iComniunity Arlivim-s HmW :·; Almut IS members of the shn- [Claude Rtdm»n itf's Possr alleniled ihe liut-Kalph (Jrfcnwood, Aucts. n--reliiii!. iChris \Vicderkehr Tom Hime. Mijr. Klmer MnrcenlU't., Scales Ulli* Swat son, Office xn Get a better deal on better machinery. Kammons' implement Co. Carl Alteruolt, I'mjinetnr ; lith Street r^-tes

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