Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 24, 1976 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1976
Page 21
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32 AiMrti^h 37 M**"**TM unfurntilHd'ifwrtmtnl with Hove ^d WEL S Loe "« f ' rmonablr prkrt tp* lncludtdiiMtnt.Sorrv,nop*ts.4l*-77J3. MA,,, p HOME |(m . TWO bMroom uniurnlshtd ·oirlment P«rk. Call 3» *«. 45 MfectiUntwi »· PIONEER chain uw dtilir. FranltHr. WINDSHIELDS - Plate gl«s, window N gltii, niw or used. K»rl'i CrMlty Gl»« Cwiler. JW5t1hSt.3JJ.I113. Ptilnfl, 6r«p«s. 1160 damw'ftprtV N °""' ble r* aH '»·'"' owner occup« THREE QUARTER Ion pickup lor rental *1«$l*5monthplus3leclrlcity.Noptts' m,M r. . trees Cl04e '"· «cc«nn's KtnUl Ctntflr, itw 9tti St., Stt manager, 7201 ith SI , No 1 5maller hom " wlcomt . 353 2731. Greeley. Call 353-4771 TWO b«droom unfurnished apartment in CLUfiHOUSE - W. and more, with 1*r W«t p»rt of Creeley. I'/i t,thl Hove «« Friendly Village of Greeley. 3 rtfrigwator, dlihwaiher. JIM pj BS " manager it 1107 13th St "* pr ° perty f. ir . hln *' P lui mature ihadt lr» ONE - Two bedroom unfurnlsh-d WHK ' 0reHev - jt »I .EWARO for anr itwlrtfl m .chine 1 3- Cftiwt repair. 1 c»n guirinlet your preitfil machine will i*w rltfht In stretch fabric. Local, qualified mech- tt anic. for 1 will clean, oil and adjust t. ttnilon on your miehlno In your home. Paris and service for all mikes and models. No waiting. JSJ-MM. 41 HovuHoM */ Owds SERT'S a gay plrl - RtHy for a wh afttr clufllng carptts with Blut Luttr Renl tlKfrk ihampootr. Greet Furniture. FOR SALE - 3 burnt orangt Ausrrli thadt curttrnt, one meaivrlng I tl. f 1 long by 5 fl. I In. high; 1 are 7 it. 3 1 long by 4 f 1. 10 k. high. 35*. 0744, after 5 TURQUOISE carpeting 41 sq. yards; light- crystal charxMltr; Magnav stereo. All In excellent condition. Phor after 1p.m., 3S1.1W5. cover. New retail over WOO, will tOI f *MO including posls and accessories. S at 2153 7*th AVI. M BvlMIng Miferlili ;' ************* ' V'Cash and Cany"* ;· * Specials J * * J * 4xl-yi" Sheetrock " * M« m " * i po , ; J 2x4 Utility Studs J " * 60 ( «ch * 1st. 11057th5t.SorrynopetSorchlldren' irn.^^.TM^.? yart ' ' blort NEED a lint linct IMMIIM? Call Koehn SOLID cherry stereo cabinet; maple * 4vA Dftrtfh Ctfi*b ? *'JS. fromsthool.737.HJ3. Co. for Iree estimate*. 3S1.M17. dining table, BOllon rocKer 352-7240 4t 2X " K * nC " *'OCK Jt}. TWOiMdroom. ins a month, 150 deposit sp *" * v '" Bbl «" ^eeley-ifineslparK. POOLS: Supplies, service, construction. UNFINISHED and finished i draw ·nd also, one bedroom, J90a month, ISO oVic-d H^IH.. im ,,«" Mon * Wv Geo Barflrtt * Co ' lnc - u to 5 p - mj 3 "' ch * 5 " * ld flwM - Smo " r «"-" «*"» dtPWft. Close lo downtown, waler paid TM ,,;, ° ay Vlll8Be ' 3im " th Ave - ""· »» "»" St. AH. 35* 5854. Call 351 HM, Monday thru Frldiy i JSJl " 41 - · m -' o : p - m LARGE lot, shade, n»r Gilcre- TWO bedroom apartment Air con C a l t 7 3J 7942, evenings or weekends. ·liner, and »lr. «*,,,. IIM. m . $26.00 FURNISHED and unfurnlinM 7 bMroom ' Of FREE MOVE ' jparimmu. , a .mi. manaeer for drtaiki THREE bedroom unlu.-nlihedaparlmenl I imitpH fiffor ll» oami, llreplaee, ilove. relrlotralor' "mUM Ulter di,h».,h^. )MS per month piii VILLA WEST prS;rSer' e ,ll!!nii, N M P * ll ' Sw WOO 'C f SI. WI.3S3-MW ' " st FREE RENT I. atli7ntfiAve.3JMW7. GOOD **d h* d h t ·lecfrlc woter heaters. 3SI-S*63. BUY Smoke Card before fire has a chance toKIII.S«.95.3S6-W«. chairs, china hutch. Excellent condltin Priced to tell. 141715th SI. IDE-BY-SIDE refrigerator -trwier wl Ice maker, nearly new, price reasonable. To tee go to La sine, Cour Number 15. FOR SALE - Cemelery lots. FOR SALE -- Ntar niw Avocado el*clr JM'M»*. range, must sell. «fl-77«. CLOSE-OUTS and discontinued labels, GREEN stuffed rocker and ptcan cofti winn and llquori, t»er specials, lerriflc fable. Llkenew. 353-7331. "alSfaSro",."! rah.tK A", , N ° ^"l 3 months free, no rent. 150 FixEB's«*ii.HTM.str.i., ntw.,o,,«d, m dinon.jia.ija. ' " space class A park. Paved ra-iw. FOR SALE - sab, wiiker, nan M *p°sl".HaydenandCo.,35!.H*si" """ I'.Jj 6 ' 8 ',.."'!.' 'JBTM? 0 - U1 '" ll ' e VERY Nice J bedroom apanmenl. All UlS "TMS li'rn'i"ed h . 1 « W eJ!"', l «,"r'ie i i'J l VALLEY VILLAGE MOBIL .'"^Vn'fSnn""/"'','"' ""' HOME PARK ' 85 - 2218 ' $140 ^ Lar« 2 bedroom Per Month For 1 Year ... Or Free Move Unfurnished, carpeted and o , . draped, children, waterbeds, Sec njanager for details and one small pet okay. t£i? 1 " er 35»-701» 356-0711 OO Commerci»l " RENT aparlment.slie Hoover washer and r|. drytr. Mccann's Rental Center, 3534771. E LADIES' diamond ring. Appraised. 351- OHO; 3U-OM6. pound. Greeley Tribune. CO RADIOS, as low as $129.91. A i A Salts, JWllst Avi. :H-OW. BUILDINGS to be moved, bought and Mrid. Jerry Blgbfe, 352-4721; 311-6000, evenings. ROUND glass chin* cabinets. Winrrtor -- Auctions, 706 Main St., Windsor. b i Sell blorage. various sliw. Open MODEL 150 Po1aroia ,,,,,, elmerl | MkI fruity 3S3 37! " »«« FOOT lomlihM I de,K. ilreel lev " ww^rc^iwrtaSr'ia.Sn""* F ", ( J E 5 l , [t " ,,,'",, ' r v "' *""" ROOMMATES wanted to fhare houve In Longmonl. BOO vt. It. Especially full country. 4U 3;M. " dental or other professional oil ce. 7 * 13LFT * · i K .( Presto i ·jt Fireplace Logs j $ 6f.rM" J \ :\ Weld County \ , * Lumber Co. 1 * La Salle, Colo. * y * 284-55)5 J ,, ************* omafiers. Jg Firewood DON'T MISS THIS ONE Over 100 rolls of close-out 10% over invoice price. Many rolls $10 to $15 a yard values. Several rolls of Walter b Ludlow will be on this list. Call Decorators Workshop, 352-5544 ext. 2 is: «7i. '· TIRES (or 4wheel drive. 4 Oaytona Super WANTED - Tray-buill rolatlller, an Slag, H-li6ply,i.WOmll**.3M 7173. condition. Call 3S3-175. * ' FIBERGLASS tanks, ISO UN gallon ,,, capacity; sietl barrel racks; centrifugil . pumps; W hp electric mo tori; electrical control! ; melll desk. 353 9131, 1:30 4:30. 49 Antiques "^in^*Mn'?fuTMtu'n^«il' "tST locallon In lown. Businessmen In VENDING Machines - Three pop. one ANTIQUE lurnlture. Open Mondo days ' . " er an wee tasklully decorated olllce suites are codec, asfi 3J03 l«I.AIIServlcesanoamp»par»lnjal .. .. ROOMMATE wanted lo share 4 bedroom "" '"" ? r "L" f '''°S"' · w '« h JS373I1, PROFESSIONAL olllce space now FOR SALE - Oood. excellent condlllon available In Greeleys only modern Halbedlraller.3M.IM;. ^C HOOITIS · insurance, brokerages, and oth 0*1 for Rent similar businesses. Ample park n "Is^^""TM"-'* SrllT" 1 ' 0 '"TM'''"" 'V^brKsc.r.'riai'Ssr 1 - "^Lr^^zs,,,"* ' FOR SALE -- While Chanlilly lace, long ,, sleeved wedding dress wllh train. Call ^ 3S344*». ' 1 P ^?tTraf°ors*pOT7ib L |r^ W 7 t n" 0n "' U11 ' B ««. , ., furnbhed Moderate 'rent See' Or" '"UCKbKS Wallets - at Ihe Fie* ^S^w SKl lOthAve 3SJ70W. Market,71ltthS1.0therbergalns. rtflte. R*ll siding W Lease" all or*pari, ·jtachmenls in good condlllon. 115. M3- ^ c Mobile Home 30 Rentill '·*» SQUARE Fee. - Will remodtl lor UT ' 1 T 1I1T T Mn Y«W t « rd « m «'· *"»"· refit. 353 706*. ppwn men osee NEWLY decoraled, furnished, 1-1 ^^IwislrMl 1 ^""' Call after 5,114.7417. ' ^ 4(J Rentals TWO bedroom mobile home, near cam. 174 ACRESol irrigated land lor leasewi TMmi. Jn*I «i« able VOU ?.? ?",, r ,'.^ fontagc on the BID Horn river, pave coupi».NOpTt.iijspcrmonlh.cail313- highway, located near Thermopol TWO bedroom mobile home tor rent. No Avenue, Burlington, CO 8M07. (Phon p«ti. Phone 354 7733 or 3H 0700. J03 344 1412). ONE and t«o bedrooms lor rent. No pets. FOR QUh twt! _ 4 ,pr| n klers, 10 ml OTOO* C ° Phone JW7M1 or 357- uralaht north olWray, Colo. 1-337-S73B CLEAN, furnished, 2 bedroom mobllt acres In Kers«v area. 3S4 1»M 1W 0700 or 354 7133. 7*1 17»or 1 f 73 3**4. : ' MM Wanted FOR RENT ~ 3 bedroom mobile home. ft to Buy telwrmSdiHp.m. WANTED - Dead or alive -- retrlgs. TWO and 3 bedroom homes lor rent. Ilii ath Ave. Koenig'sAppl.,3S3-l«4. unfurnished Dcpml! requlrr-d Her mony Park In Kersey, 9 miles East of TWO bedroom moDile home, US. AS Miscellaneous W.IKT ~«* TWO bedroom mobile home. Storage shed ot»\tr 355 *»5 spaces for renl. Roval B Mobile Home NEWSPRINT roll ends. IScandup. Park. 3410 Trinidad, Evans. IS* 4174. Greeley Tribune r.!ceandinnitepark.35iVJS7. Cnp Cala FOR RENT -- 14x70 mobile home, 3 brtrooms. Partially furnished, fenced 1-PhotO TypOSltOT AAodel L yard, located in Kerscv. «i». 3u-«7i or ] Var| typ^ Head liner 1-- U In. Triumph electric SEVERAL mobile home* for rent. One .,._,,.. ,..**... bedroom - three bedrooms, furnished. paper CUrTer TWO bedroom mobile home 10*45. 113! equipment, month plus utlllll«, »5 depoill. IN- NICE clean, J bedroom trailer for rent. All GrCeteV utilities except phone paid. Call 3S! till, from 7 a.m. lo S p.m. Alter 5, call 3J3- 352-7030 oo Unfurnished 00 Unfurnished JL. Apartments 0^ Apartments WE LOVE KIDS For sure ! Because we build our apartments with children in mind. We hnvc the finest sound control within the walls The best apartment playground areas . . . The nicest swimming pools . . . The unbusiesl streets in Greeley . . . Super close to shopping and schools . . . AND most of all, THE FRIENDLIEST MANAGERS ANYWHERE! BRENTWOOD PARK APARTMENTS 2420 Reservoir Road 3KC A31A TAN NOW 03D-4J14 l/HLL HUlt X- Rated Our apartments are X-raiod . . . X-tra size two bedrooms . . . X-tra size kitchens. X-Ira trees, grass and playground, and most of all X-tra economical. ALAMO APARTMENTS 111? Second St. · Greeley CALL NOW - 356-2629 *. Thursday night, 7:00 p.m., Salisbury Auctions. Fl. CtHllnv \.tn W77. r| Sewing Machines 91 A Vacuums PERRY'S Vacuum Center. Rebuilt tc byi. ISOMth. St. 353 00*4. 'ARTS lor vacuums, hotel, bell brushes, ele. Perry'* Vacuum Cenfei 353-00*4, 1501 9 tn St. PARTS and service for all makes sewing machines. Necchl Berntna. 11 10th SI. 353 SUV. CO TV -Stereo 3t A Radios 517-2601. i-n Musical JJ Instruments A R T 6 X roll on decorator tuM paint. For m BASe mtra \on and case, like nev iniormation contact Mrs. Morale*. 1-453- Hoi amollfler hookup. SI7-J4M. ,1 NOW you can clean shags end orientals professionally clean with new Rins N- Vac steam cleaner. Now 110 dally. Renl aiMoltat Paint and Glass, imiihAvt., - 157 A47i. FOR SALE -- Htw ladles wedding set. h llSO.CallH4t/43. n ' 1x16 patio cover, 140; good uSM lx)3 t patio cover, iS3; used storm door. 170.- t carpet remnants; used window awnings, 110 and up; used mobile home skirting. , Boil - 10 speed. 1 -- Cragar SS man hp electric motor -- 170 volt. Call »4- , M14. , - JF* MAJORS ~ WELDING SUPPLY , i 1700 lit Ave. « Garage ; Sale! USED desk and bookshelves lor sale. Contact 3U 1J1D. liuntn street, API. A. ' BASEMENT SALE Sat. thru Man. , Old silverware, dishes, clothes, old-fashioned hand drill, lots of ' dolls odds i, ends. ' SJI2 43rd St. i rlampk. 35J-17UKx»Kt«i. ( 1-7 HouHhold i 1l Goods t WASHtRS, dryers, refrigerators, freei- ( ers, ranges. All guaranteed. Kotnlg's Used Appliances. 917 llh Avenue. i SEWING Machine repairs on alt models, ' fast service with reasonable rates. Necchl-Bvrnlna Sewing Center, 1t\t 10th ' St. 353 5H9. Located In Fashion Fabrics. , UNPAINTED Furniture Gullet, KM Ith Av*. Wallpaprr 10% off. 353-42W. MOBILE H m« Ave. 356 0044. RENT t dryer. McCann's Rental Center, 3536771. anything ol value. Greenwood Liquidators. l«0t Bth Ave. 351 «2I, MOT,., 9-8:30; Tuei.-Fri ,»-»; Sat., M. SALE: Wovenwoods, draperies, shades, ' valances, hardware JOS off. Diane's Draperies, Greelev, 3S39W5. Betty's ' Draperies, Ft. Collins. 493-5119. FURNACES, boilers, overhead heaters, J horliontais. 75 laic model forced air gas furnaces. All guaranteed. Very reas. . Chuck, 4S4 3709. 3541431. FULL mtBsur«t cord, dry pine, ISO. lmm»df«!e delivery, ipltt, sUckM. NelBhbon shart a load. 1 -484-6031. ro Fruits 00 Vegetables X POTATOES, Ru»Mt Burbanh for wlntw, I miles eail, u south ot La Salle. County Roid 43. Ctorse McCltllin, 714 5401. APPLES 6 varieties. Priced re» onatXt. Dole's Mkl., IMJ 5th St. 351-9021. r A Seeds, Plants 3? Flowers HUAUIi, poll, matrame. Plant Pmpie, Ult 10th Ave.. 10-A, Man. thru Sat. y O'S GOLD Seeds -- Available high yielding, picking ind enillagc. Also alUlfi letfl. Contact your O's Gold "" dealer. (. cn Pefs DU Supplies TROPICAL fish, gold fiih, aquariums, -- fl ten, air pumps, aerators. Frank'* Seed t. Hatchery, 709 lOlh SI. r . Fran,3H l!«. PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Town , and Country Salon. 3SI *WL ' PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Real enable prices. Satisfaction assured. Pel , Emporium, 353-S777. * AKC Irhh Setter puppies, 1 weeks old, ell Shots. Canadian blood. 35M333, alter 5. AKC German Shorlhalred Pointer pupi -- 3S3 4MB. Crtentry" in the Greeliy Mall. 156-51SO. AKC Siberian Hutky puoplei. Champion btoodllnev Free obedience training. TO Give to good homes, four dogs PUPPIES to alve nwav to oroole who cart. 151 mi. £4 Livtstock LIVESTOCK spraying. Over 10 vean exp. Branlntr. Phone 351 1*75. WANTED TO BUT - All types of horses, Irxludlng killers. 134.1775. BOARDING: Large stalh, large rid Ins arenas, M5 per month. Engllih training. 715- 11 Jt. AT STUD. Pale Face - Son of Grand Champion Brushmoore EX Billy Meddon bred mare. Sorrel bald (etc -lour Slocking I«J. 1 100 with return. 11464*1. WOULD like to buy good dairy cows. 351- 1*44. AT STUO - Roval Mlrafllci. registered purebred Arabian. 3H 0937. FOR SALE Registered AOHA Buckskin QUALITY horseshoeing and trimming. Dale Boydslon, 356 9371. Prompt serv. AT STUD - Puggie Zee Bars, 5 year old, Sorrel American quarter horse. ueo and King bred. Stud let, 11 SO. l lvt foal guarantee. Vet certiflcale required on all mares. 3W$M7. AT SIUD - Coke Duster registered Appdloosa. Sire of more than 30 halter and performance champions including Dustee Leo. High point brood mare. MPAHA and RMAHC 1974 and 197J. Stud fee, JIM. Live (oal guarantee. Vet certlficale required on all marss. 354 5687. AT STUD -- super Diamond 4 year old registered American Paint. Son or Dandy Diamond American, Paint Champion. Diamond has a speed Index of BO. He will return to Ihe track Apr! isin, stud lee, KM. Live loal guarantee. Vel certificate required on all marts. 354 5M7. PROFESSIONAL Horseshoeing -- Hoi, cold, cor ret live end Irirm. Montana State University graduale, Ktvln Krum, COllecl, 1493 1543, Ft. Collins. AT STUD -- Rocket Bars -- Registered Appaloosa No. 44,4j7 APHC. Sire · Joe Reed Bars AQHA pvaue; Dam -- Cucnara SQuaw T-6BS4. Color, disposition, conformation. Introduclory fee for \m, S100. vet certilicate required. Owned by Mel and Judy Fouls, 3533566. REGISTERED Leopard Appaloosa model. SI low conformation 11,250 Linda Morgan, 454-2917. HEPFFOPO b'lllf 'nr ^nlf Hnrn»d Hercfords, two's. 351 6V43. · OLD horse harnesses, horse collars. VERY spirited mare for young experienced rider. Good in gymkhanas. Call 3U OSJ6. FAMILY milk cow for sale For Information, call B34 1119. GUERNSEY heifef, S months old. one Hoisiein steer, S months old, both green fed. 357-3501. LAKE ARROWHEAD STABLES INC. Large beautiful lake area to ride, gymkhanas, group riding, rental horses, hayrack rides, mountain trips, board . your horse with full service stables, 352-2400, 356-7080. Professional training conditioning, Linda Morgan, 4542917. English Western Riding essons, Sue Crawford, 353-5256. C r Pasture DD For Rent WANTED Fall pasture, beet lops, corn (IrttH Me lor runic 6Kn wnnlnj. nal hay. Call 353 HU. PIANO -- Baldwin upright, older model. months old. 3S3-S7V7. ONE Eplphone model FT1S5, one Yamaha model FO/5. Both wllh hard shell cases. FREE pjpples lo good home. Call afler4, *EW and used pianos -- New Kohier an Campbell pianos, used pianos, all kind Tuned, 1 year guarantee and delivers Johnson's Piano Service, 735Lemay, F Collins. 1-4*3 64T3. a MINIATURE Poodle Spin mix pupp es. 110. 351-0tf7. AKC registered eprlcol Poodles, A weeks old. (U7795. DRUM set for sale J piece Ludwig wllh TWO AKC Beagles -- Male*. cymbals, I30. 353 47V3. 353 7174. Perfect shape, (170. 3574317. Alter 587.4553. Pwnos and Organs ', M '· America's Finest '· Hammond and Baldwin ; At a Price You Can Afford! 2126 9th StrMt-352-8901 ', 0if*»«*f*f**V*V, ATTENTION ( ORGANISTS \ ... and would-b« i organists. , Swalley Music House and t the Wurlitzer Company of j 'DeKalb, Illinois will be 1 presenting a program of p popular music by Mr. Paul ' i Street. Mr. Street, a i nationally known organist ^ 1 will play many types of music and show the many exciting effects possible i with the newest electronic , organs. , Set aside 7:30 this Thur-, sday evening, February 26th and come to listen. The show will be at Swalley Music House, 1101 ' Bth Ave., in downtown ' Greeley. Refreshments i will be served. Don't forget ( to register for the door prizes. ' *0**»*r*jr*ir*jr*4r CC Building 33 Mattrlili ASHLEY wood burning stoves In crale. SAW sharpening, all kinds. One da 1150 353 »431 or 353 *7M. service Alklre's. 1211 9th St. 311 9501. MOBILE HOME beds, SW.t:. Alpha 1, 711 Q RED shag carpet, 11x19, good condition. parents available (or viewing. 3S3-1517, after A TWO-Ye»r-Old female German Shepnerd purebred. All shots, iptyed. Cal, 454- FREE -- Aussie-Shepherd mix puppies. IK an. cnolce of prints. Ron Lull. M677I1, den. , ONE and Half Year-Old Samoyed Husky, female, excellent children's dog. 115. 3547444 LOST: 7-month old German Shepherd mix pup, iemaie, ha* been mining 1 weeks. Please call 357 B7D1, alter 4 p m . 1 AKC Cocker Spaniel puppies, 9 weeks old. 1 1M45VI. AKC registered Doberman Plnscher puppy. SI7.«45. FREE - Male German Shepherd mix. 101 DALMATIANS - Only one leit. Spayed adulllemale. Free. 351-15*9. , HUSKY - Collie mix. 3 months old, male. Good with children -- peti. Fre* to good home. 356-5879, after 4 p.m.. weekdays. Weekends -- all day. GIVE AWAY - Small Poodle-Terrier mix. Shots and tags. Loves children. 3SA- MALE Ferret lor sale, 10 months old. Good with thildien and other animals, also cage. 351 3S03. , PRECIOUS Puppy -- Pure pleasure. Perfect pet. 35MSA7. £O Poultry UJ Rabbits ' hOK SALE - Bred does, bucks, cages, and feeders. All good stock. 357-3503. f CA Livestock J H S Pork Farms breeding stock. Purebred Durocs, Yorks, Ham pi, crosvbre«ds. 214.4437. COMPLETE line ot lack, new and used saddles. Woods Western Wear. Ill 11th Ave. Phone 3517730. HORSES boarded, shelter and runs. 1 riding arenas. Double D Ranch, 353-3U6. riding arenas. Reasonable. Bonus rates new management. 353-7177. n W F 1 vntr nlrt J 1 «*»r nM AK railroad lies in excellent condition. 15 resillered polled Hereford bullv lop a piece. Delivery free -- Is or more. 1 Wood line* Phon* 1S1 7)1). evenlnov HI-I41S. 1.4M625I. 1" 1U1. FOR SALE - Redwood t Inch lap siding 3S3-19M, after 4:M. offer. 356-3S77. CHEST Freeier - 357 Ib. capacity, 1100; Danish modern gold sofa, in. Or maki offer. 3U3357,after 1p.m. ELECTfi 1C range, copper tone, very orxx): older white refrigerator, good condition. 3574471 does many stitches. Including surging, binding, mending, darning, buttonholes, hems, monograms, flppilqutsifldmor*. 135 or mlghl trade for anything of vilu*. .351 ««. dryer Avocado 134 ftM. NEARLY EVERYBODY READS THE CLASSIFIED ADS SELL USEFUL ITEMS TO READY BUYERS! ; W W TRAILERS J ; 2 horse, 4 horse, stock and j · goosenecks. We will beat · " anyone's price and quality.- \ m r» ! Sec anytime at * « LONGMONT | : LIVESTOCK : ! TRAILER SALES : J, 10 So. Main » · ' Longmont, Colo. : 1-776-2M6 : C7 Hay, Grain, O/ Feed Straw PARK hay, alfalfa. Delivered In load loll. Don Kelly. 3Sl-f4fl. HORSE Hay - 11.00 per bale. Also alfalfa. 1I4M7A.-1B464JA. ALFALFA, grass hay and strew. Bought, sold and delivered. Merlyn EHckion. 353 7514 or 3567855. 356 44B3. Sit AGE and far coin for uile 356 44B3. FOR SALE - Bulk Sawdust in truckload lots for livestock beading. Call 351 1HJ, HORSE hay, stored Inside, tl per bale. At FA1.FA cubes - Non-waste, nan dull feed. Bag-Bulk. BlgT. Otv.iBi 7861. GRASS Hay -- Jf,5 ton. 351-1150 111 15th Sircet. bale, J7S ton. 3S3 3313. HAY lor sale - Isi cutting. SSS a ton. 737- WlLDhay.H.SO per bale. 6t6 111B. E X T R A clean baled straw, 140 ton, 11.15 a bale 587-7591 STEPTO seed barley for sale. 17.00 a hundred. Ted Zlmbelman, 1. 731-4333. ABOUT $00 tons of corn silage. 1 mile NW of Platlevllle. Need summer pasture lor 75 pairs. Call evenings after 4:30 p.m., 1669 603T. S T R A W for tale, 1.75 bale or (35 Ion. 7B5- 733). CQ Farm 00 Equipment 1949 MODEL 3 row 560 Hession beet digger, like new, used very little. One John Deere 8 row beet Ihinner. like new, retail was 111.500 will take W.2SO One John Deere 6 row beet thinner, like new. selling price 19,500. will lake 15.750. 1964 John Deere tractor, cab, air, heater. R. 1130 MASSE Y FERGUSON for sale. Excellent condition. Call 353 5040, after 7 -if) Real Estate IL For Sale ucB.,rcu.«, i3/o unr^Lti ^toioJ IKIKUNK 21 M Farm «g Farm Equipment Do Equipment ONE John Deere 6 row beet Ihinner (like THREE section pegged loolh harrow, 1 ke new) used on 150 acres; one 8 row John new 3S3 0*31; 352 2794 1 ki new. 1 346 7065. EVERSMAN ditchers; old cook stove aiw.i.- acetylene welder: u ft Ford NO. 57.MASSEY FERGUSON 41Broll over tande.ndlw: arc wt-lder 353 8033 p ow, (like new) t l.VSO: one 3 row John Deere 731 beet digger (like new), one MANURE spreader truck -- One year o d John Deere 3 row beet digger No. 723, 17 loot Mohrlang bo* on 1960 Inter one Massey Ferguson 4to Model /O notional twin screw. Extensvely combine cab, Jlr, IB fl. header . (arm rebuilt. 1 7/2 62JJ. owned, reel nice; John Deere 9*0 land plane (like new); one IS ft. Kcwancr g^ FARMALL, 7,540 hours, new 18 4*38 mulcher packer; one930 Everyman land | irci( 3 p^m, ) ror , t d ,,d rear we ohls pane; one 1446 Reynolds lord plane lurbo, crtb, su,000 876 F-armaH Hydro (likencw). 1 346 7065. i. Ho hours. 3 point. 15 5.38 tires, cab FARM SPECIAL -- 1 will steam clean M Parmall, live hydraul.cs, dua s your tractor, trucks, etc.. at your (arm. 13 ft, 3 g tires. F.inr.n,vnl F tl loader 35J -' IW 17.700 Speedy 6 row bed defoliator with ONE 199 560 Hcsston 3 row beet digger, SB61 a Her in rn like new, uspd v e r y little. One 1969 J020 John Deere Iraclor, cab, dicsel, wheel ffllwSor P °i n rca^e^"*owSr a Npw TO Real Estate 510 Mai5ey Ferguson combine, has bin / L For Sole header. Rplflil price Is J30.1SO. will Mke I N V E S T M E N T , commercial, and 177,500. One new John Deere land plane resideniui properties, lo buy or se i cal 940. One IS ft. Kewanec packer mulcher. Hnyilcn .mrj 357 5757. f-OR SALE -- 1HC No. 4S, 16' i II. trailing will rimer purchase your horre or springs. New in 1975. Also FUULLER considered, regardless d conoition. l-or Model 5 H 74T S speed iruck tran detail* wilimut aiitiijriiion. call Sol imiiiion Good condition Plioiii? 3W Really. 357 568'. ^"- rrmuTDv i · - i i ·· HOT Boo Iraclor - «00 Ib daw Asking built houses on jcrcaae Trom 1,400 sq. 11,700. One used Ford disc No. H4, 16 It. "· 'o 3.000 *a fl t miles norih, 1 m le available 486 2707 or 6B6 29« v bra shank with hinges and assiit ONC lol on cui dp sac, norlhwesl flddilion i H 7 4 t s speed Iruck iransmission. GoodconiJitiDn Phone 356-4174 MOVING? for o free eMimflle, call Woicker Mov-ng and Storage agents, SPRING SALE -- Bush hog diSCS - all Allied Line-, 357J436. fle» wing, some off set alt excellent, BY OWNER - 4 unit apartmenl house iturdy discs -- from IB fl. to 14 fl. wth 3 car garrtge and work srmp. Prospect, Ft. Collins, t 48*4960. St-llirn; due tn Meal th. Phone 353 82B3. FORD Iruck wilh Hurst caille feeder lor FOUR bedroom DI level. Westview. By salf. S3SO. 3SJ 8431. owner. 3i3 WM. mil DL-l«een7 to9p m. FOR SALE -- International 314 Spinner WANT ro sell? Aik about our cash out plow, cower boards and gauge wheel. plan. Pandil Realtors. 3ii 1447 BEET incorporalor -- 6 row complete 'arge family room, covered polo. j;« 029f . school and (unior high Cdll 353 3S«. _ _ Roai Ccfate THREE bedroom bi level with part ally 79 1 " . 6 »i"is"«l basement 357 7336 o- 357 897B. /** For Sale askforsiovo C t a t t t t a t V t A V A t C f t i l t l f f t f t A A t a A A C i J A i J A a ESPECIALLY YOURS I · Three Bedrooms · Lots of Cabinets · e One Both In Kitchen J · Large Living · One Car Garage ^ Room · Chain Link Fence · · Dining Room off · Covered patio · Kitchen · Large Workshop J Listed Below: J Vanita M. Rousar, 353-0954 Joanne Gilbpugh, 451-2337 · Belly Orr. 353-2X54 Bcrl Van Zantc, 352-0148 · Ivan Gilbaugh -- Broker * Gilbaugh Agency '. 914 8th Ave. · 352-7037 · ··················*············· r^ Joyner and ^^ 1 ^Sutherland Realty · 101R 9lh fitrerit 3^3-1169 1309 23rd Ave. Immediate possession on this 3 bedroom home. Excellent condition Inside and out. New carpeting and drapes, central air conditioning, attached garage, no basement. Utility room on main floor. Price reduced. 1301 12th St. Well located one bedroom duplex. Completely remodeled 10 years ago. Each side rents for S135.00 and tenants pay own utilities. $23,000. 713 13th St. Business zoning on this 50x190 foot lot. Older two bedroom home In good condition. Four car garage. Use as home and business location. $28,500. Owner financing available. 19196th Ave. Two unit apartment on rear of lot. Rents for S220.00 per month. Room on front of lot for 6 more units. $18,500. Financing available. 1325 10th Ave. Three unit apartment in prime rental location. Two one bedroom apartments on main floor and 3 bedroom basement apartment. $440.00 per month income. $35,000. Irene Barela 353-5249 Sylvia Mitchell 352-1410 Donald Sutherland 352-5498 Burgess Joyner 352-2404 ^L HOME, SWEET HOME «!r^L JBPps ir ... ^^·^.p A place of my own is what 1 need! V[A^\| I'm tired of paying rent ft ^^ For that's noway to save a cent. Now is the time for me to buy And give home owning a try! BERNHARDT'S REALTY 1M7 fl \\t.. Ore He , Colo. witi.U RulchHnhv, 28I-777K Pat. 356-5097 " DJVP. ;lM-7l3fi

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