Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 6, 1957 · Page 44
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 44

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 44
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Church, City League Play Starts Next Week Church leaiue ind City league ioftball will iwini into action ntxt veek. Orijiflitlr icheduled to beiln play Saturday, the Church league ·ii forjl io ict back the open- bi( date becaiue of the withdrawal of four teami from the league. Five team* will make up the 1957 leafue. Thtjr are the Reform Presbyterian, the Evangelical Free, the Firit Covenant, the Firit Southern Baptist churchrt and the Greeley Eiptiit Temple. Players from the Wesley Metb- ndiit, Keriey Community, the First Eaton Free and the Eaton Evantel ical Free churchei will join the teami re|Utered in the league. Monday nijht'i opening program will find Evangelical Free and the First Covenant churches playing at T p.m. The Southern Baptist and Baptiit Temple will play at 1:10 p.m. Eight teams will compete in the City league. They are Photog raphers, Dials, Evans VFW, Weld County Garage, MacKenzie Store Eiuipnsest Cowan Concrete Prod ucts, Hibbs Clothing and Ault VFW. The Photographers and the Dials will Inaugurate the season at T p.m. Tuesday with the Evans VFW and UacKentie teams to follow at 1:30 p.m. City league competition will be held at Forbes field on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Church league the INSIDE on the , OUTDOORS CtltlitO CAUI HO HIM BirilTUIXT HOITHUST UltllCT By PAT ZIMMERMANN A different type of fishing with a great deal of sport is shooting carp with a bow and arrow. This requires a great deal of skill and also provides « lot of pleasure for the bow enthusiast. In talking to Rex Taliaferro, the regional fisheries biologist for the north east region of the game and fish department, he said the carp ire beginning to work into the ahallow waters of the lakes. He has done some bow shooting nn Sreleys lake and reports that hi* take was good and that the fish were in the two pound class on the average. Any of you nimrods that want to try this bow and arrow fishing are advised that this Is the time to get the trusty bow out and look up the nearest lake that will afford you the best population of carp. This will not only provide lots of sport but will also help to eliminate some of the large population of carp that infest many of our warm water lakes. This reduction of carp will improve the habitat, and we will have a better lake for the production ef game species. Ancthsr bit of news for the fisherman Is the planting of kokanee salmon, an exotic fish that shows great possibilities in some of our larger bodies of water. It has been reported by L. W. Searle, fish manager for the northeast region of the game and fish department, that a plant of 200,000 kokanee salmon will be planted In Horsetooth reservoir west of Fort Collins, some time this week. A plant of the same species of fish was msde in Carter lake, west of Loveland in early May. It is hoped that by the introduction of this new species of fish in res ervoirs with fluctuating water levels that a better quality of fishing can be provided. These fish do very well in this type of lake as they feed extensively on plankton. To date there are It major res-' ervoirs in Colorado that have this species in them and are providing very good fishing. Kokanee up to 18 Inches have been taken from waters in Colorado. INSTALL A GATES UNDERGROUND SPRINKLER SYSTEM FREE ESTIMATE Phoni 4156 OFFEN HARDWARE »th it. at tit* Av«. play will be Mondays and Catur- dayi at Forbes field. Physicians Condemn Use of Pep-Up Pills by Young Athletes NEW YORK Ul _ Athletes and sports officials were on record Thursday as saying they get their pep from training and physical conditioning, not from pills as stated In a resolution by delegates of the American Medical Assn. The AM A Wednesday ordered a study by ita trustees into "shock- Ing" reports of dangerous abuse of potent pep-up pills by athletes. They called for a halt to any abuses of drugs to make players superathleles. Dr. Herbert Berger, chairman of the New York State Medical Society, said, "The recent rash of four-minute miles is no coincidence. When I was a college boy, the four-minute mile was as unlikely as flying to the moon." His society introduced the resolution. Don Bowden, University of California miler who was the first American to break the four-minute barrier, called the statements "ridiculous and silly." "I don't believe anything could help you run a four-minute mile except top physical condition," he said. Dr. Berger said he thinks the worst abuse is by boxing, secondly by professional and college 'ootball and other athletes, and thirdly by high school athletes. Bear Netters Have Good Year Brown Certain of KO Victory DENVER W -- Lightweight Champion Joe Brown, who says "I'd like to fight every two weeks iif they'd let me," (eeJs confident I he will knock out Cuba's Orlando Zulueta inside six rounds come ThUMday, June «. 19S7 GKEELEY TRIBUNE Pan «.- in Sunday's finals. Lower fllfht competitiors will shoot II hole! Sunday's windup sesiion. Sporls In Brief ltd Opptlt's Colorado Stiti Colltft tennis team computed ont of its fintit seasons In years this spring. Th« Star nttttrs won six dual moots against ont setback by Wyoming, S-4. In the RMC conforonco championships, tho Boars finished soc- ond to Colorado College br onlf two points. Mom- Harvie Ward's Stalus Under Consideration a committee member. "He is being given a full opportunity to I state his position." I If Ward should be deprived of | his amateur standing, he would be eligibte to apply for reinstate- CH1CAGO * - The questioned raent ,, oncf - «-· said, "We have a competent and able medical staff checking fighters before and after every bout and I am convinced they could detect any violation of our rules which forbid the use of drugs before a fight." Walt Byers, executive director of the National Collegiate Athletic Assn., and well known track coach George Eastment of Manhattan bpth said they never heard of such a thing in intercollegiate athletics. Eastment said he would ask for an investigation when the college track coaches meet next week in Austin, Tex. National Amateur golf champion the last two years, was aired Thursday by the executive committee of the U. S. Golf Assn. Ward, of San Francisco, attended the meeting In person at headquarters of the Western Golf Assn. in nearby Golf, 111. The question of Ward's amateur standing arose a month ago when his employer, Eddie Lowry, a San Francisco auto dealer, stated to a grand jury in connection with "He would be placed on probation for two years dating from hii last offense," the committee member said. PITTSBURGH in - Bev Hanson, Fay Crocker and Wiffi Smith have been playing well lately, i accepted expenses for tourna and they're favorites among t h e i m e n t s in violation of the U.SG.A. Seals and Mounlies Running Far in Front By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS San Francisco's Seals and Vin. . couver's Mounties are rapidly income tax evasion charges that S making a two-team race out of the he had paid Ward's expenses to j Pacific Coast League pennant the Canadian and U. S. Amateur i chase. tournaments in 1954. j Only half a game separates Last month the U. S. G. A.,'front-running San Francisco from upon request, received from Ward,Vancouver while third-place Holly- replies to questions posed in an wood lags five games off the pace. The Seals shaded the Stars, 3-2, Wednesday night, their second straight series win by a lone run, June II. i Their 15 round bout at the Den- 'vrr Coliseum 1s the first cham- Ipionship scrap in the Colorado capital in 40 years. i "He's no puncher," Brown said of his opponent in the televised fight. "He can't knock your hat of. · "I may have a little trouble with him early in the fight till ' I figure him out. But I'll flatten him within sit rounds. He's never been knocked out, you know, so I'll be shooting the works to prove it can be done." . But Orlando, rated No. 3 in the division, insists he is in fine shape and "\rill fight very much." i The 30 year-old Brown won the i crown from Wallace (Bud) Smith J i n 195*. | I "I had to wait 10 years to get a shot at the title," he said. "I'm! not going to lose it easy now."| Brown beat J i m m y Carter, former lightweight king, in 1947 before Carter won the championship. After that Brown said, Carter refused all his demands for another match. Finally Smith pried the .title away from Carte', only to lose it to Brown. As for Kenny Lane, the No. 1 challenger, Brown said: "I want him as soon as I can get him." "He's a real awkward fighter and a southpaw," the diagnostican NEW YORK * - Paul Krichell. lddrd . "rh.i., u,, only Wmt who for 37 years wrved as a N e w j t h , f s made him as good as he \ork Yankee scout, died at his is . He can't punch." home Tuesday night. He was 74. The Ntar ori( ., n , chln , p ,, id lie joined the \ankee organua-1 ,,,,, he fight , U n t i he ,,.,,,,, ^ tion m 193) and was their c h i e f ' m r r t Duilio Loi of Italy and any scout at the time of hi. death.l o t h m lirfd up for h i m in , l(mr He signed, among others, Lou' 0 f E uro r* Gehrig, Tony Laneri. Red Rolfe. j ..».,,,, ,' R f t throulh with thl , Leo Durocher PhJ1 Ruiuto. Char-| r d ukt to come back home and r r j , I'' « v,' SCn « J"U tejr i«TMrt my way down through the Ford. Johnny Murphy, Mark hoe-: res , of lhe top ,,,, ,,, e ,. mi Ceorse Selkirk, George Stim- , he ,,,] ch , ra pio n ." Brown said, -veiss. Hank Borowy, Frank Shea, Qualifying Rounds of Fort Collins Golf Tourney Friday, Sal. FORT COLLINS * - Eighteen- hole qualifying rounds (or the 13th annual Fort Collins Amateur Gold _. · ·...-.»«·* uvi. *nrtnm*.t, rf.Br* -- l.rM AwmVl Tournament will be played Fri-'rf « HOI. r«u. u* u *»e day and Saturday at the launici-ifcY.'^'^.^.^ ' " ' DM Course. \rntu WU I m*n Tourney officials expect a strong! MANriitsTKIi. r.Bi!i4 - n, ( t* t . field for the 43 hole medal playjf^ 1 - "Jo"-* 1 * »mu» irnii. cunt event. Among tentative entrants ]s^J. u."'ii. U i.i"\"\tt,*'MT?'nut C »t'- are Claude Wright of Denver, " kt *«""»r« !-·«· cumpauun. state amateur champion, and Les| rrsoM. r.utr THE MSOCllTtD OUNTIU.Y. frilrt - Ol* Aldntl »f atnr Tl«lrB«- r I Fowler of Boulder, former king. '«"« owio tunn ir More than 1M golfers from Col-' * "" '-" (urw **' " orado and southern Wyoming are j expected to compete. : Conteitanls m j y play thfir quil- ifyins rounds either Friday or Saturday. The low 24 qualifiers will be grouped in the championship night and will play 27 holes - Enilind -- Tk« b»i»tlr It. rom b*hiad ui ;c«r YORK _ ui r.::i nl«oi ·«»: n^tit Hinatk DP · *!« t*» Ja*tt£« M»U| lor ].}rr«ldi al ftelmont r«r». A new air service will linn the smaller Leward Island*, the Trinidad press reports. btrs of th« toam aro: front row, loft to right, Potor Gust, Rick Carpontor, Ernio Dolgido, Rick Hulmo and Bill Trovlthitk; back row, left to right, Oppclt, Dick Flint, Roger Norton, Norris McFirron and Ken McForron. Photo by Skoots Calvin. Yankee Scout Dies Billy Werber, Tommy Byrne, Ben- J n y Bengouch and Buddy Hassett. ' effort to ascertain whether he had X top women golfers who teedjruJes of amateur status. W a r d ! a n d the off Thursday is, the third cham- thereby was invited to appear be- land, picmship of the Ladies PGA. jfore the committee at its next reg- ' ' " ular meeting to amplify his re- The 72-hole route is over the Churchill Valley Course. Misses Hanson and Crocker are the most recent winners on the women's plies in person. In the meantime, there has been no disclosure -- or speculation -pro tour and Miss Smith has been of Ward's replies to the questions. hitting her ihoti well and coming "Ward has refused to talk for very close. I publication and rightfully so," said Mounties blanked Port- series opener. Sacramento took a hard-won 5-4 decision over San Dicco in 10 in nings for the only other leaiue game. Rain at Seattle forced postponement of the Rainers' coatcs with Los Angeles. 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'14" . . . after ail Id thi Fit That Count* St. Oreelfy NOT MNE PENNY MORE than the price of a 1st quality rayon tire for this extra safe NYLON tire DO YOU KNOW: ... that pound for pound Gates tempered nylon is actually tlrnngcr than atccU ... that the Gates Air-Float Deluxe Tire is o//-nylon built with more than two miles of nylon cord? ...that this nylon tire is up to 2H to .1 times more resistant to bruise* and blowouts than ordinary- tirea? . . . that this tiie is guaranteed against blowouts, bruises, rim cuts -- in fact, against nny tire failure --for the entire life of the tread. NO TIME OR MILEAGE LIMIT. Maki Today "Dollor Day" I QOWn and your old recappable tire i« All nu nwd to put this su/er-a[t Ca'« NYLON Tire on your car Icdny. Free your mind of 1 logout worries from no 1 * on. SHEDD AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 532 No. l l l h Avenue OK RUBBER WELDERS 10.1 No. l l l h Arr. Ph. 96«W C. C. KERSEY GARAGE oil Mh St. .Maurice Ilurhridge Thnne 29TO RAPP'S SERVICE 2fini inth si. Phone 3925 WELLS MOTOR CO., INC, I I O K R t h A i e . Phone 2996 or any dealer in Weld Co. displaying Iht Gatra Tire

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