Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 25, 1977 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 31
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Wed., May 25,1977 GREELEY (Colo. TRIBUNE 31 SOOPERBUY HEARTH BAKED FRENCH BREAD SOOPERBUY ALMOND RING COFFEE CAKE: Lo*Discc«Qt FrinMc Ueilul 39 lev Discount rice 51.19 *r«urt KINGSOOPERS |V sc HOT BAKERY """' CAKE DONUTS Plain, Poidered, SiiJi, tinnw.M * Twsw ff'ltoj to Disjtmt fit 72i IT 2^ You sm 7c pti pit per each Pi* of 6 65* PECAN FUDGE CAKEt^r^ L19S SOOPERBUY EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE SOFT TWIST BREAD « tt u-25' WHEAT miMnnuiie om RAISIN NUT BREAD LUNb JOHNS u 20 iQNG CRUSTY 7" ANftFi rnnn rflKP ,,, , QQ« FRENCH BREAD 7 ANGEL FOOD CAKE ....99 HEflRTHBflKED SWISS RYE BREAD*** .6.^,49' PUMPERNICKEL^ KINGSOOPERS HOT BAKERY APPLE OR 9" BLUEBERRY PIE E,ch 1.98 RAISED DONUTS M 14' CHERRY TURNOVERS Each 25' CO* 16 OL loaf Oj 15 OL Loaf 49 i 16 OL loaf 49' · ..j -··-· ffi".. ! flutfieqtw \ I make the, i Koqpe Buy iPllin or Iodized I E«rjdajlo« Discount Piitt 22t I Unit price per lb.ll.7c DISCOUNT MORTON SALT QUAKER OATMEAL COOKIE MIX JIFFY BAKING MIX;. BORDEN PRIZE LEMONADE ALL AD PRICES GOOD FOR 7 DAYS, WEDNESDAY THROUGH THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY 26 01. Box 19 IT Eveod'T Urn Discount Price 85c itlnit price pet Ib. E8.5c 18 OL pkg. Buy Buy we Buy ?r psrpij. You me 7c perplj. : Rtjul]iorPmkDimlMn Eierjdaj low Discount Price S1.94 Unit price per CL5.2c 33 01. Can DUFFY'S : Assorted Fllyors EmidarlowDiscounl Price 51.73 64m. Ing B.Y.O.B. AT KING SOOPERS WE'VE AN EXTRA WAY TO SAVE! IN AN EFFORT TO HELP CONSERVE PAPER/KING SOOPERS WILL PAY YOU 2 FOR EAGH LARQE KING SOOPERS BARREL BAG YOU RETURN AND RE-USE EAGH TIME YOU SHOP. WE CANNOT BUY YOUR USED KING SOOPERS SHOPPING BAG, BUT WE WILL PAY YOU FOR THOSE RETURNED AND ACTUALLY USED TO PACK YOUR PURCHASES. [Sooper Buy FUN PACK CANDY BARS KRAFT JET MARSHMALLOWS GAVLORDSANDWICH COOKIES PRINGLES POTATO CHIPS BLUE BONNET MARGARINE. WHIPPING CREAMs RED SEAL POTATO CHIPS ELLIS VIENNA SAUSAGE Eveiydaj Low Dhcount Price $1.47 Unit price pet Ib. $1,36 16oi.8ag 50 36' .ow Discount Price 41c Unit price per Ib. 59.2c 10 OL Baj Assorted. irjdaj Low Discount Price 9/c 'Unit Zlb.Pfcg. Tri-Pack liscount Price $1.28 'Unit piice pei Ib. 51.43 13.5oz.Siie .Soft-Whipped iryda)i Low Discount Price 75c it price per Ib. GScTiro 8 oz. Tubs · Dipper 01 Regular Everjday Low Discount Price B5c Unit price per lb.S1.27 S. Everydiy Low Discount Piice 39c lUnit price pec lb.Sl.09 $ 1 l»! A $ 1 37* 93* $p 68* 55* 75* 34* T °" UM 23c per bag You save per bag You save 4C perpkE- per each You save You save per ctn. You save lOc per pig. You save Sc per can goSper Buy ( Whole Dills, Regular or Kosher Eveofdaj low Discount Price 79c tit price per qt. 74c Slnlltd Minanilla erjdaf Lou Discount Price 79c Unit price per Ib. SZ.IH KUNER'S PICKLES. FOOD CLUB OLIVES VAN CAMP'S PORK AND BEANS VAN CAMP'S PORK AND BEANS FOOD CLUB MUSHROOMS 32ozJar 5.75DZ.J (£ You save y 5c . . Everyday b« Discount Price 34c Unit price per lb.31c 16oLca ; You save Everyday Low Discount Price 64c t%l I T 4c Unit price per Ib. 30.9e 31 or. Can ; Stems and Pieces Everyday Low Discount Price 95c Unit price per lb.J1.82 Eo;.Can 74 · TOlt Yoil! " 1 / S K lar I W puiar ^ (j; You saie 60* 91* ier jar 3C per can X-LARGE 66 You save 4c per can HOUSEHOLD NEEDS 1 6-Pack Cans, Die! or Regular Everyday. Low Discount Price $1.17 Unit price per pint SOAP 6 LAUNDRY £" l: " LUX DISH DETERGENT: gs«« ALL SUNDRY DETERGENT Jquid Ei;rjd3j Un Discount Price $1.33 Ml price per qt. Sl.OS 32 OLE F Youuie '. 25c perbll. PEPSI-COLA KIMBIE DIAPERS TUPCOTRASH CAN LINERS. Exlri-Absoibent, Disposables Everyday Low Discount Price $2.73 'Unit price per each 10.6c Eierjdajlo» Discount Price 58.24 * / V ^ 60c Ml price per Ib. 38.2o 20lb.Boi I perboi IsSperBuy ELECTRA-SOL: (ulcmalic Disliwishin; Deteiitnl Eveofdai Low Discount Price $1.44 nit price per Ib. 43.9c $137- I per save 7c TOPCO GALA FAMILY NAPKINS Everyday Low Discount Price J1.96 lit price per each 8.Ec Pkg. of 20 Everyday Low Discount Price 61c Unit price per sq. ]d. 2.4c 200 Sq. ft. Roll 98 $ 2 5 $ Everyday Low Discount Price 62c 'Unit price per ti(ty20.8e PET NEEDS Jumbo Rolls Everyday Low Discount Price 72c 'Unit price per sq. yd. 6.1c Pk;. 01140 100 sq. II. Roll. ; Moist Towellettes Everyday low Discount Price $1.19 Unit price per each !.6e GAINES BURGERS DOG FOOD PURINA PUPPY CHOW I Beei Everjdaj low Discount Price $2.45 Unit price per lb.48.Sc $020 r T 72oi. Pl[. is ptrpkf. Iry Dog Food 'ErerydsyLow Discount Price $7.25 (nit price per Ib. 26c 2Jlb.Bag V per bag WET ONES """"" AURORA BATH TISSUE KLEENEX BOUTIQUE PkZ.OfJG You save 19c per ctn. | You save . 1 20c ' per box C You save J 21C perpkg. d' You save ' V 8c. per roll I rfj You save Y 4c per plig. ; You save 5c per each | You save ' lie , 2 Roll Pack Everjdaj Low Discount Price 54c Unit price per 100 sheets B.4c Fid) You save *fc I V 3c (Is V da per pack I Facial Tissue, Regular or Print itryday low Discount Price 56c Unit price per 100 43.2c I ft You save I · perboi VAN CAMP'S PORK BEANS 21 .OZ. CAN SAVES' UNIT PRICE PER LB. 31.3' EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 44' A W ROOT BEER ' DIET OR REGULAR* 6-PACKCANS 72 OZ. CARTON SAVE1B* ? UNIT PRICE . '." PER PINT 22' EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 1.17 MARSHMALLOWS MINI OR REGULAR 160Z.iPKG? _ PER IB. 45' ' EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 58' FLEISCHMANN'S MARGARINE SOFT. 2/8 OZ. TUBS LB.PKG. "uNff'pnitt -PER IB 83; I EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 89°

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