Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 21, 1962 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1962
Page 20
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(Ordinance To |^ Annex W. Campus Gets initial Okay An ordinance annexing the CSC West Campus was passed on first ] reading by City Council Tuesday evening. Glen C. Turner, controller of the college, told the council CSC, n connection with the annexation, lad ceded approximately 6.2 acres of land to the city in order to enable llth Ave., 20th St. and 17th Ave. in the area to be widened. It was established during the crMicsinn that service roads j serving the West Campus are included as a part of the college land to be annexed and have not been deeded to the city for public use. Bond Election BEHIND THE BARRICADE - A large hole is all that now remains of the old Greeley Building as demolition crews spend their last few days cleaning up the debris. When this picture was taken Tuesday afternoon, only part of an elevator shaft remained standing. While this marks the end of the Greeley Building, it is the beginning for a new three-story building which will house a Rested store and a cafeteria. Tribune photo by Paul Edscorn. Page 20 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed, Nov. 21, 1962 Fleet Steams Home From Cuba Blockade By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON (AP)-Navy pa-' trol planes received the assignment Wed. of checking outward bound ships carrying Soviet bombers out of Cuba. And, with easing of the Cuban crisis, the United States began returning some forces to normal stations. The Air Force announced that all planes of the Air Defense Command are returning to home stations from dispersal points where hey were deployed at the out- reak of the crisis. This does not With Officers HL4P Rtportj Th«ft of Copper Wir. Police were called hy Karl Foulk of Home Light and Power Co. Tuesday afternoon, who reported that 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of copper wire had been stolen from the company's material lot 520 15th St. Police investigation revealed that a hole had been cut in the fence around the lot and several spools of wire had been rolled out through this hole. The value of the loss was estimated at $500. Groceries Stolen From Car Tuesday evening police were told by a Mrs. Hcndrickson that groceries had been stolen from dered to tal her car while it was parked at the the check. Hillside Shopping Center. Youths Questioned Early Wednesday morning Sgt. · Robert Staggs reported that a car parked at 1419 5th St. showed evidence of having been tampered with. An hour later three youths "- :\iere picked up for investigation In this incident. Burglary at Eaton Bar About $42 in cash and beer was stolen in a burglary at Jennie's Bar at Eaton sometime between 1 a.m. Monday and 10 a.m. Tuesday, the Sheriff's office reportet Wednesday. 1 Deputy Sheriffs Al Enderud and Berney Monheiser, who invest! gated, said $25 in cash had been taken from the bar's cash regis ter. Another $5 was obtained from a pin ball machine and $2 from cigarette machine, which wa pried open. Eight six-packs of beer wei stolen from the cafe's cooler. The deputy sheriffs reported e trance to the bar was gained b forcing out a window casing, board was then placed across tw five-gallon buckets to enable t party or parties to climb throu Council Ponders But Then Tables Code Changes A number of proposed changes in the city's building code, plumb ing code and electrical code were discussed briefly by City Council apply to planes at points in Tuesday evening, then tabled for "le southeastern United States, further study until the council's The Navy said that 63 ships;meeting Dec. 4. of the blockade force should be' )ack at home ports or other duty stations betwen now and the end of this week. This was the first time that the jovernment had disclosed the size of the blockading fleet. A spokesman said that, during the four weeks of operation, the size of the fleet had varied from time to tune but, when the order to dissolve Task Force 136 was issued Tuesday night, the total number of ships was 63. The Navy also announced that the check on ships carrying the Soviet bombers from Cuba, as an- Resolution To Classify City Jobs nounced by President Kennedy, would be made by patrol planes of the antisubmarine warfare forces in the Atlantic. The spokesman said the planes would photograph the ships. This checking, the spokesman said, wil: probably cover a period of aboul 30 days. The check on the outbound shipment of the Soviet bombers will De made entirely by naval patrol planes. The spokesman said that no surface vessels have been ordered to take station to carry out The changes have been recommended by the Weld County Builders Association, the Welt County Electrical Contractors anc plumbing contractors. City Manager B. II. Cruce, in a memo submiited to the counci with the proposed code changes and his recommendations in re gard to them, said the codes have been under discussion for the past two years "and 1 consider it n compliment that the various committees presented recommendations for only minor ·hanges. "At one time it appeared alii (Continued from Page 1) icil would be limited to spending jthat amount. i Gregory and Councilman Richiard Brown suggested that, since jthe $238,680 figure of the pool's cost by the Jaycees was only anj estimate and the actual cost might be higher than that, perhaps the amount to be voted on in the bondj j ~~ "~~ election should be increased to 11-. k i L J r\ · ^p f f* 11 »».ooo. j Ft. Morgan Man Brooks To Serve on bmall However, it was brought out; in the discussion thai followed that j the $238.680 figure of the Jaycees; included aboul $28,000 for the con-! PREPARATIONS FOR THANKSGIVING began Tuesday at Weld County General Hospital as dietitians and cooks began preparing turkey for the patients. Shown here, left to right, are: Mrs. Pauline Swanson. dietitian; Miss Ethel Lindstrom, acting chief dietitian; and Mrs. Clara Vickroy, chief cook. The Thanksgiving Day dinner menu at the hospital will te cream of mushroom soup, roast turkey with dressing, or roast teef. snowflake potalnes with gravy, buttered mixed vwt.iblcs. molded cranberry- orange relish, pear nectar, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, fruit cup. ami bread, drink and dessert. Tribune photo by Paul Edscom. jobs resolution classifying within new minimum maximum salary ranges recently established by City Council is to be drawn up by City Attorney Thomas A. Richardson and signed by the proper city officials as a result of action taken by the council Tuesday evening. The resolution will classify city workers according to position in 18 salary ranges set up by the jouncil. The new salary ranges begin at a minimum of 52,400 and maximum of $3.037 for grade I workers and goes up to a minimum ol $7,783 and ambximum of $9.M8 for pool. Consequently, the eonsenMis of the council appeared to be that I this $28.000 and Ihe $12,000 addi: tional the $250,000 in bonds would provide would give sufficient mar-j struction of a parking lot at thej A F(|rt Mor|an man and his 'wife were injured in a one-car ' mile east of Kun- A about 3:45 p.m I Francis John Keough. 69. was; j i u y i u c » u u i u K U f auiin-iciu i i i a i - i , ... . . ,,. , . ,, . ,, gin lo take care of the actual cost ad 'TM" ed .? ^ d Coun ft ' en , ° nrn Hnemt:il u-ilh a nnocihlo Imnil of constructing the pool. eral Hospital with a possible head I injury and cuts and bruises. His n - i i r · i · J i IIJU1 V dllU tUU dlHJ U I U I M . S , i l l i Bill Lannme, Javcees president. ;, ' . J~ . , '. ...i .u. ~ ..:, ·;,, ,.,:. ,: w 'fc. Pearl, 66, sustained a dis- told the council in Ibis regard i, Business Advisory Group Sheldon Brooks, 1630 22nd Ave.,,cil of the Small Business Admln- assistanl vice presidenl at ihrjistration. Weld County Bank, has hern His appointment was announced named to serve on the regional j by John Home, SBA admmistra- !Small Business Advisory Coun-:tor. " | Brooks will serve until Dec 51. 196.1. !li is also a member of the Colorado SBA advisory council. f* -- f Brooks joined tlie Weld County i Bank early in I'AI? as an assistant located hip and cuts and bruises. that, while the $238,680 figure in! · 'h^n-ik. the study was an eslimate. "I| Keough's condition was described] 'TMTM\ A 1956 Plymouth auto was very, think you will find it will be a very accurate one." Councilman Gregory made the motion the ordinance be passed on first reading. It passed by a vote of 5 to 2, Mayor Gordon Rissler and Councilmen Gregory. Clair Somerville, Stanlev Suther- the director of public works. Hand and Brown voting in favor. The new minimum and maxi- imum salaries are slightly hsh- Ole Kirk voted against the motion Councilmen Bob Derrington and as good by the hospiUil Wednesday morning. His wife was listed as "fairly good." The accident occurred when the right front tie rod of the 1955 auto Keough was driving broke, according lo Highway Patrolman George Miller. The car wenl inlo a borrow pit and hit a cement culvert. Damage to Ihe vehicle was estimated south of the y fire just 'Wheel Cale on X. llth Ave. about 3:37 a.m. Wednesday, firemen reported. mist ships as having passed rough to Cuba during the onth-long quarantine. One L«b- ese freighter under Soviet char- r was boarded hy a U.S. naval tarty. No ships were turned back, ml about six Soviet vessels be- ieved to have been carrying mis- les turned around after having icen headed toward Cuba. rewritten. I think this speaks well for the codes themselves and thei interpretalions made by the Building Inspection Department; personnel." er than the cily's previous minimum and maximum pay for Ihe jvarious salary classifications. Dag Stamps Back on Sale WASHINGTON (AP)-The sale of deliberately misprinted Dag Hammarskjold postage stamps ias been resumed following an out-of-cotirt settlement suit which ·lalted the sale for several days. The ' Post Office Department said Tuesday that Leonard Sherman, an Irvington, N.J., collector who had 50 of the original acci- They had composed one of the largest naval concentrations since the Korean War--an armada of carriers, cruisers, destroyers, attack submarines--and supporting tankers and supply vessels. The Defense Department hac ted 49 Communist and non-Com dentally misprinted stamps, had Iropped his federal court suit. Sale of the deliberate misprints egan immediately with aboul 300.000 in slock. Postal officials said that in exchange for withdrawn! of the suit City Traffic Accidents Four non-injury accidents were reported on Greeley streets Tuesday. The time and place of each accident and the vehicles, drivers and damages involved were: At 6:00 p.m., alley behind 1016 16th St., a 1M9 sedan, Patricia Moss, 1016 16th St., none, and a arkcd liXifl sedan belonging to Donald Warner, 1016 10th 15. At 4:41 p.m., 9th Ave. and 22nd St., a 1059 sedan, David Gueck, 2022 9th Ave., $70, and a 1960 sedan, Leonard Scholl, 715 5lh St. $145. At 20th 12:12 p.m., 6th Ave. and St., a 1956 station wagon, Minnie McPhcrson, 2030 5th St. $00. and a 1955 truck, Charles Uitsch, 1814 12th Ave., $45. At 7:4!) a.m., 7th Ave. and 18th St., a 1955 sedan, Margaret D Kennedy said that Soviet Pre mier Khrushchev told him thir IB 1L28 jet bombers in Cuba ·hich remained a point of dis greemenl after the ballistic rock- Is were dismantled and shipped out, would be withdrawn within 0 days. Khrushchev, said the President, "agreed lhat thcselwhile stripe down one side, ilanes can be observed and count-1 Sherman had valued I ed as they leave." Sherman had received a pobla Schcmp, 1700 f,th Ave., $450, am inspector's sworn statement thatia l'J61 sedan, Glen Bursau, 171 Sherman has 50 of the original|5Ui St., $200. HamrnarskjoM misprints. Thcl idea is to maintain some part of the value of those particular stamps for collectors;. At least 4Ti of the 120 million four-cent stamps honoring the lal secretary-genera! of the United Nations had been printed with an inverted yellow plate, leaving a U.S. Planes :|ToAid India Move Troops WASHINGTON 'AI'l-Tlu un-'ivl SUitec is --"iKlinK 12 b of| the window. The burglary was reported the Sheriff's office at 11-40 a. Tuesday by Cam Arellano Eaton. Transmission Stolen Sherwood Langler of Rt. 3. Greeley. complained to the Sher-j iff's office Wednesday morning! thai someone had entered a shed at his place and stolen a 1952 Ford transmission with overdrive! and a six-volt battery. Depuly Sheriffs Al Enderud and John Hillman. who investigated, reported the burglary had apparently occurred about 2 a.m. Wednesday, when Mrs. I,anglw Mid she had heard a drive inlo the yard. The shed was not locked. The Atlantic Fleet, with Vinth S5M.OOO ships and planes, roiilinHy p;itiiils:niatkct. the western Atlantic anil bean waters. 1,'ni _; A broken nil-stamp pane ;it aboutll-'urce Iran.ipnri planes, wil in the stamp c o l l c c l i n g i A m r r i r a n crew? and maintrnani ' m e n . In Indi:i t i help India moi rrington laler explained he wasi a t $50 °- sympathy with the pool pro-' sal but voted against the mo-j n, because of his stand at the uncil's Nov. 13 meeting. At thai meeling Derrington ar- ucd the City Charter gave the uncil authority to issue revenue nds without a vote of the elec- rale and that it should not shirk s responsibilly in this regard connection with the pool revue bonds. n the Courts District Court 3 Divorces Granted Three divorces were granted by Donald A. Carpenter strict Court here Monday. They ere as follows: Mrs. Sharon S. Kau, 409 14th ve., from Robert I«roy Rau on ounds of mental cruelly. Ciis- dy of the couple's minor child as awarded to the mother and ie defendant ordered to pay $50 month for the child's support. Mrs. Sandra L. Schwingdorf ol wink f r o m Werner Dean chwingdorf on grounds of cruel. The decree reslorcd the plain- Colorado News Briefs GOLDEN (AP) - Robert A. Newton, county clerk, disclosed Tuesday a possible $2,000 short age had been discovered in a "working fund" of his Jefferson County office. Newton said County Auditor Jerold Mittelstaedt will complete a detailed check Wednesday to determine if the money, and how much, is actually missing. He said the fund usually averages alwut, $3,200. Of a staff ol 12. fivcnnrmally handle the mon ey and two have the safe com lination. DENVER 'AP) - The Dcnv "ost said Tuesday a new 26-monll ·nntract has beon signed with th Denver Newspaper Guild aftc 'ive months of negotiations. The contract provides for weekly pay increase ol about $10 over a 2-ycar period. Guild mem- cashier. Prior to that he had sirvcd for a year as ·tssL'Jlant county supervisor for the Farmers Home Administration. He was county su- The vehicle, whose owner andjpervisor until he resigned the driver was Alejandro L. Lozano position 10 years earlier to move of 223 N. llth Ave.. was involved I in Johnstown ns a distributor for in a traffic accident prior to the;Continental Oil Co. fire. However, details on the nc-j cident were not available at po-|pj re | n Overstuffed lice headquarters Wednesday morning. Damage to the car was. estimated at $750 by police. Smoke in Aportmtnt Firemen reported the vehicle | was completely engulfed by lire Ixv J. WV.-;:, Grcclcy allorm-y, when they arrived at the scene, jhad a narrow encapc from po»- They used a booster line from ajsiblo suffocation Tuesday eve- umper engine to e»t!r.TMjish when an overstuffed chair Chair Causes Heavy laze. The firemen reported Ihe lire was possibly due to careless imoking. Soviet Mars Shot Said On Target MOSCOW 'AP - The spaceship s|ecding toward Mars will come close enough to lakt pictures, radio them hack to earth n his apartment at 1725 18th Avc. ·aiiRlit firs, apparently due to a cigarotte. Firu Chief Bruce ·'orbes reported Wednesday. West had gone to bed and was ;isleep wlien some people came ·ilong about 11:01 p.m. and taw imoke coming out of the apartment, Forlx-s said. "He was alona at the time but, fortunately for dim. the Ixxlroom door was closed and that kepi n lot of smoke out," the fire chief lidded. Smoke was so great when firemen from the No. 2 fire station arrived at Ibo scene, they radioed Station No. 1 for help and and then continue its flight as an two pieces of equipment were artificial planet, Tass said today. 5t ' nt frnm tll ° N " ' station, is now 4 million miles fromi ""wcver, it turned out that th« It earth. The spaceship, launched Nov. 1 on its seven-month journey, was reported traveling ncrnrdine to schedule. The announcement did not say how far it would miss Mars. ff's maiden name of Sandra I,, onway to her. Guadalupc Cruz of Kalon from Irs. Lucy Cruz on grounds ol mental cruelty. Custody ol Ihe ouple's three minor children was warded to the father. Mrs. Ingritl B. Iliiss filed a di- 'orce complaint against John lass. They were married in Den- r er. April 25, 1959, and have no :hildrcn. bcrs approved the contract during tile weekend. [ire was confined to the overstuffed chair and the station No. 1 equipment was not nmlod. The chair wan heavily damaged and there was minor smoke damage to tiie inside of the «part- Denver Salesman Gets $135,000 For Cab Mishap CHICAGO 'API - A circuit -wirt jury awarded $135.000 lues- day to a Denver salesman who flaimcd he suffered leg paralysis sfii"- a laxi-lruck accidenl in IflJP, The salesman. Holier! B. Mel- (ai.'e. 34. snid both his legs were paralysed .-m1 he *as forced lo| wrjir a back brace. He has since regained lull uw of hit legs, ho taid Engineers Get Third Seat on TWA Planes WASHINGTON (AP) - Trans World Airlines and its pilots ant flight engineers signed an agreement Wed. settling their long dis e over the makeup "I jet cockpit crews. President Kennedy ex isscd hope it will set an Indus try pattern. Sen. Chavez Buried in N.M.Wed. ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (AP) -National and Mali- digmtarif.s.i ncluiiine Vice President Lyndon li. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, wid homage to Ihe late Sen. Dennis Chavez Wednesday. More than i.OOO people packed the Immaculate Concept inn Roman Catholic Church for funeral j services lor Ihn 74-year-old Dem-; ocralic senator from Now Mex! It's SKI Time AT THE JONES ICO. Home 500 people were oulsido' the downlown Albuquerque chiirrh when Ihe hearse arrived carrying Ihe scnnlor's casket. 15% Tax Cut Would Cost State $7.5 M: Theobald DENVER 'API - Diri-clor ol ievenue Hulx-rt A. Theobald es- imnled Wed. reducing federal Income l.'iv p;ivmenK from inciimp taml by Ihe Male wniilrl reduce Ctilnnulo revenues rado's personal income tax by 15'frtim this soinrc to nlxnii $12.5 x-r cent would cost the slate|niilli"n. Theobald said. j iboul $7.5 million, a year. The director said lh- federal j Allowing cor|Hiriitims to (leiliuI pnernmcnl. which taxes offl|«i THANKSGIVING BASKETS were given In 19 fiimilu's Tuesday evening by 2fi mctniirrs of Ihr Pathfinders of (he Sevenlh Day ArivenIM f'hurrh and their parents Tins i? the M-niml \ear Ihe P.Vhfimiers hsvr delivered basUts. The proipf-i lir^rm on Hitilouecn. when the P;;lh- finHers viii'ii'-H ^p^eri co*"^ for ilf'ii\e:y In needy families before Tli;ink.givinp. Shown hw wfth two of thf Vsikf-ts lire, left to right: W:P AalUirg of HIP. Trusty TWIJUTS unit: Ijirille Walker of Ihe Larkette unit. Stm- Moll ol the K;II;T He,-ivr-rs unil .ind Neva Rae Wyman ( the Oilnntbinr nnil Dr. Urn N'elson. nilvivir for the PaihlinHers. said. "We are very appipf ia- l i \ e ol \.}}c help civer, us. on Il;illimei n We kn*iw Ihe flonali'ins uni'n m then will m.Vxe nih- rrs ll'M'py In 's 'ihnnk^ivnif; DoV '' '!,-if,;;rrf pho- lo hy I'riul KHworn. federal taxes frnm taxable income would cost Ihr sjalc .'incthi-r $7 million, he said. Theobald based his estim.iles or, tax figures for Ihe [isrnl year ending June .Hi. Hopuhliran Gov - elect John jlxivr. during the eamp.iii;n, urged redurlinn of sl.ilp income taxes! hy 10-15 per cent. Individuals paid J."iO,l41.'WI in islate. income taxes in the ]%] r,2 rale profits at TrO per cent, wci immediately take ball of Ihe np | liroxim.ilely $7 million lost In ('(ilnra.lo. Theobald nai-'l if Ihe Republican durnin.'iled new Icgislaluie votes a percentage reduction in lh- tax rate, it would help wealthier lax- pavers more than llwo with mod- rsl incomes "Even .illor the ndjustmenls were made in I'M." he said. "7 year and rnrpnrnlions paid M. per rent of Ihr laxpayrrs in Coin- W3.W8. raihi still pay 47 per cent of the Allowing Cdrpoiiilions lo dreliitl |in wve tax." Ski Shop -- 928 8th Avi. F e a t u r i n g the World'* Top N a m t G I n S k i i n g SKIS "Head" "Nnrlhlnnrt" "Kasllf" "Aluflex" SKI CLOTHING "Boirnor" "While K|;IK" "Sun Valley" "Hut win" SKI SWEATERS ".liinlwii" "While Slur" "MrilL'i" "K.I.S." SKI BOOTS "llcnke" " inner" "Mnlilor" "I.n Onliimilc" Complete Lines Of All Ski Accessories WE RENT SKI O U T F I T S -- SKIS. BOOTS, BINDINGS and POLES " JONES ,, SKI GOLF SHOP 928 8th Av«. Phom 353-3333

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