Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 19, 1961 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 10
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Cots Homecoming Greeley Entertains Aurora Troians Fri. \VI:c:her the C.rcc'.cy High Wild- eats finish in ttie f u s t division will Ix: based on the outcome ol Ihc homecoming game W'itli Aurora Friday at ~-K p.m. at !HS. lii'ceh'y is presently in f i f t h place u i l h a 3-2 won-losl but is on the edge of Ihc first division. Aurora 13-1-1) is just a half game nhead id fourth place. At the s t a l l of the season Aurora w a s considered the lop challenger for Ihc Northern Conference championship, but Hoyal Shepherd's Trojans got off lo a sluggish start. Still Top Rated The r e p u t a t i o n of Aurora is stitl h i g h l y rated, and this is due lo a beefy, mobile line and to the passing of Don Sessions, senior quarterback. GroeScy has been developing into a better football learn ivilh ( each name. Add the importance' of homecoming, and Friday's liamc rates Ihc top one in the conference. Sessions la*l year gained All- Noi ;hoin recu^inlion. and this year he is considered the les[ passer in Ihe state. He fires a builet-likc pass and has found a cnuple of good receivers in end Mike Puisard ami right halfback Len Ackhmd. Acklund and fullback Tony Bo 7ich make Aurora's running game p r o d u c i n g . And the Trojans' of- fcn^c is considered the most ver satile in Ihe conference. Beefy Linemen Top lir.i-meii are 2lf-poiaid Tom O:T Hfons:vr and defensive tackles. To counteracl the weight these t\\o veterans present. Greeley Coach Bob K u l a is considering some lir.e manipulations on offense and defense. Juniors Louie Doll and John Browcr may he used at the offensive lackles. Doll has been possibly for the rest of Ihe season. NBA Campaign Opens Tonight NEW YOUK (AP)--Two of col- ege basketball's mosl successful coaches, Frank McGuirc and F.d- lie Donovan, make their professional debuts Thurs. as the IClh National Basketball sea.ion logins with a doublcbead- ·r at Madison Square Garden. Killebrew Wins Homer Exhibition P a j r e l O CllKKLKY T I M n U N K Thiirs.. Ocl. Ifl, 1 9 G I ; Qgf. r o jf TRIPLE THREAT by Pap' CIlAliLOTTE. N.C. ( A P ) llermon Killcbrcw. who playuu Ihe Association 1MJ:1 ' P M 'k during his mimr league days, belled nine home r u n s .Wednesday night lo win a borne urn h i t t i n g exhibition hero. With a new [cam in Ihc Chica-: Bogcr Maris. the Yankee out- ·o Packers a new schedule ofi'iclder ul» hit a rccoid 61 dur- M games per learn, and prop-cls ! i "K '!« I"'' 1 f*TM- c!o » lc(l ^M. h ' , , . 'as did the other member of the of an "old look" with St. I-ou.s.,^ of ^^ . Ijm GellU , c o f . anil Boston again favored in the n lc ]j a Hj mol - c Orioles. division races, the NBA s t a l l s 'i'lie three are on a five-stop with las Angeles playing Phila- tour of North Carolina, showing lo small New ^ork. f ' t h e i r batlin" 'Wednesilay night's exhibition. bark Sessions U(B. left halfback John Farler (165). right halfback Acklund I ICO) and fullback Bo- zieh (170). Defense--Ix(t end Roger Baird He reinjured his shoulder against .' (1751, ! P . ( I f i S ) . guard left lacklc Dennis Bennett left guard Dave Evans niidiflc guard O r r , right Bop.ich. right tackle Hall. r i g h t end Kelly, left linebacker Farler. right linebacker Kerry Motile 1!5. right safety Ack- lund and left safety Sessions. Passes From Pocket Aurora will operate from the T- ," ,',!" · ' ,., . · K(iu: ill The other teams will be in ac-i ji n ,.js and Killebrew, Minnesota lion bv (be end of Ihe week, gel- Twins, now are lied with 46 bom- ting under way a season (hat wilPers each in lour nights of the s t i l l be lapping along when base-jtour. Gentile, who has both hands ball res.imes next spring. '(aped up because of blisters, has McGuirc, long-time w i n n i n g 35. coach at St. John's and N o r t h ] Gentile complained ol what be Carolina, is the new coach of (hejcallcil "the cheap balls" being Philadelphia Warriors -- a t o t - used in the exhibitions He said mal way of spollins; 7-foot-2 Wilt the trio was lold thai the base- Chnmhoilnin and cohorts. Dono-jballs would be (hose used in (he van lias the unenviable task of Class H Carolina league. trying lo shape the hapless .N'ewj "I don't believe 'they are." he York Knicks into seeking its 21 cf 7J B omcs 1;lsl season. Eddie of yourself." Boulder. in B ovcr " lcnnl Greelcy will be fourth successive victory over ora. In 1955 Greelcy won 20-13 and in 195C 41)0. Unst year was Ihe first time the schools met i n J J Norlhern play, the Wildcats winning 1:1-0 as Sessions' pass receiver failed lo hold onto the ball. A glance a! (irceley's individual statistics find Booth leading in six dcparlmetils. Besides touchdowns, conversions and total points, Booth · leads in carries with 138, rushing! Formation with Sessions l i k ' n f i i w j t l l r ,2r, yards and pass intercep-: screen passes. He will pass from ,(,,,,,, a winner, tak- ( said. "You have to swjnp that won only bell lo keep from making a O/e Miss Faces Two ]Mo/or Objectives like; fool r An"- can:c to the Knicks from SI. llon-j Ex-major leaguer Clyde K i n avenlure, where he had national- and Manager Jack JIcKcon of t h e , . , ly ranked powers the last sixiWilso:, club in the Carolina League By JACK C L A R Y |ond (o Michigan Male, and all Ihe.,, vcars. iwho are serving up the pitches,! Associated Press Sports Writer statistics i n . t h e world don t mean Mississippi's football team has a thing today to the Rebels. iit'Tbey may mean more next week Cooper Agrees To Meet Foley in Grudge Match two objectives this weekend Tulane, and. not necessarily order of importance. They arc: Get back the No. 1 ;Six Players in Disipline Move DETKOIT (AP) - Tiie Univer- Isitv of Delroit announced Wedne*. 'day six alMotcs--including Iwo inx ijurcd varsity football regulars- l u c r e suspended from school foi I the remainder of the fall semester, The first stringers were Joe Hcne, a tackle from Detroit, and Kob Uporlc. a halfback 'rum Wy- andotle, Mich. Both have been injured since the T Hans' opener and were not expected lu play ill Detroit's game Friday night with Navy. | Thomas ,1. Emmet, dean of men. said Ihc athletes were given an i n d e f i n i t e suspension for violation 'of campus disciplinary rules. New Mexico St. Gridder Bids For Scoring Lead NEW YORK ( A P ) -- Jim (PreacherI Pilot of New Mexicc State lias moved up as a chal lengcr to national scoring leadei Pete Pedro of West Texas S'.aU among majnr c o l l e g e football players. Statistics from the NCAA Scrv- i ice Bureau Thurs. show Pilot with 110 touchdowns and GO points. Pedro, held scoreless last week, ^remains Ihe leader with 12 touch- o t h e r individual dcparl- iniif'objcclive'No. 1 is accomplished.'"'TM'*. »«£' Cnmpbcll of Wash- 0!e Miss is not above taking a '"K'o" M a t e - pass caching hand from Notre Dame.' 1 ':""!' as a sophomore last sea- lping l's a [xrckcl of hlockers. in rushing lions with Iwo for 75 vards in re- , ,, , , , ,^ - n n lAnrora likes to ba\'e Ackhind or a n r l 2]n-iwu!ulcr Dennis Hall. ,, . . . . ,. ,. f . , 1 hit on dives, Defensively. combinations, but a 7-2-2 was used by the Trojans in last Friday's 14-14 tie with Denver's Thomas Jefferson High School. Greeley outlasted Boulder, 14-(i. in a Northern Conference game. Butch Hullcr has completed fl of-3ii passes, ,lcne Stenccl ha? caught five passes for 75 yards.] and Bob Sit/man has returned, . .. nine kickoffs for 17fi vards and: " cn fi cl ' eight punts for 57 yards. Physically Greeley will be in playing offensive guard. Dofcn- K«xl condition. Johnson has re- sively Doll and Tom Anderson covered from a wound below Ins - · - - · '-,, nr.d Doll has overcome f l u . Karlin Sidelined Tackle Frank Karlin, a .senior, has been ordered to the sidelines. By JOHN FARROW Associated Press Sports Writer LONDON (AP)-llenry Cooper, British heavyweight champion. challenger in their lits on or^Press poll, and t before March 31. The NBA said'.Wavc, increasing I hi if Patterson failed to do t h a t then.string to 20 games. they would declare the title va-! Despite a 47-7 victory overjlice ficlrl was invaded by Illousi M I I V . U I mi Wednesday--if Ihey need-;'" 1 "' . s e d one will, five'straight losses'*'.' 1 " ° f M"TM' ( I ; l a - TMTM r "P jto Ihe Spartans-wbc,, their p:ac- w. h » roc,^ h» gained he agreed Wednesday" to meet Xora'can'l. The NBA does not rccognize'llm'slon last wees. Olc Miss wentjwhooping stu.lcnts who staged a- - Follev of Phoenix. Ari.z. in n Ihc Patterson-Torn .McNcely bonl.from first to second, with Mich- rare, irnpromplu demonstration. , r p : ac- , by 2 . cw 'TMs yr,rd ? -3,C and Don Coffey n pas; leads in touch- with five. Frod Colvard of ., could for a decide world a 1002 heavy- lenger for a world heavyweight Among the homecoming festiv champion Floyd Patterson. ities will le a parade, alumni programs and a halflimc coremony. pionship caliber. Kddie Machen. r a n k i n g American another who Cooper, variously rated one 01 two in the list of challengers, ont-|"_ ln ^ nc Two booths have been erected for IP 0 '"' e(l Follc y '" I - on!oM in a con-fool 1 ":alumni lo register. Honored will Irovcrial 10-roundcr, Oct. 14, KiJU.j be Ihc oldest alumn to register) Folley now is rated the No. G-, of Phoenix A r i z , i n n'lhc Patterson-Torn .McNcely bout from first t o second, with Micn-|r_._ _. . . . content hern Dec. 5 - a'al Toronto on Dec. 4 as of cham-'igan Stale now No. 1. , Bill .Schoonover, Syracuse's first bopho.iicre The Rebels have put (lie m i s - s t r i n g halfback, was sidelined for.West Virginia is the fop punt re- sion in good hands-Hie offensclSatmday.xs game against Pennlturn man with 154 yards on seven defeated iu'd the defense. Roth have been'K'alc with a broken band, joining returns, and D:ck Drnmmond of Britain's Brian London Tuesdayjdynamic. The offense is rankcd'varsily performer Dick Easterly, George Washington^the kickoff re- r ;nighl, said before flying top-; nationally and the defense another halfback, on the sidelines.!"TM l o a d e r with five for 211 to take Tulane, which has lost three along with a flock of second team yarub. will plnv (he guards, while the' smaller Wildcats Gary Brown and Jene Sleneel will work at the lackles. Doll is a IWi-pounder and P,row- cr is 215. Anderson weighs about 175. while Brown is HO and Slen- eel is 155. Greeley's probable lineups-. Offense -- Left end Stcncol. left laekle Brower, left guard Brown, center Huppc 155). right guard] Anderson, right laclile nrower, lighl end Steve Hopkins (1SS). quarterback Butch Butler (HG! left halfback Bob Silzman I55). right balfliack liichard Johnson (15S) and fullback Micky Booth (IBS). Greeley's Defense I Defense -- Loft end Rot) Papish|could f u r t h e r scramble it or help and the graduation class with the most persons attending the gome. Additional seating in the end zones will be provided. Heavyweight in the. world and still is dangerous. Success for Ihe American probably would kill Upsets Are Aims of Northern Trailers The Iramccoming game between Sterling, (8: Boh Harms. Sterling. Aurora and Greeley at GHS is (he lop attraction in the Northern Friday, but the conference's second division clubs could quickly steal the spotlight. Northern championship congested, ami an upset The race is (I55\ left tackle Stcncel. left guard Anderson, right guard Doll. ;lhuinate one of the bidders. Friday's Northern games: Long- r i p h t larklc Brown, right end Herm o i l t at Enplewoorf. l.ovcland at man Libsaek d^7. left lincback-jsicrling and Boulder at Fort Morer Booth, right linebacker Ruppr.|gan. Fort Collins e n t e r t a i n s Den- left halfback Kenny Haggard ver George Washington in a non- 1155'. riiiht halfback Johnson and j league contest. I.ongrnont leads with nnnrcdi Cooper's chances of a title fight with Patterson next year -- and , loo?t the claims of Folley. The American thought he had defeated Cooper in that first fight and the r e t u r n gives him a ioC font 1 games, is now close ot tliejpcr formers. hop 10. | Texas Christian worked its all-'. . _ r\ r I i Doug Elmoie is in charge ot thejsophomore backfield of quarter-| LOI l O D e t e n Q offensive. He is successor to thelback Gary Mills, halves 1-arryj.i, . ., -p'z.1 graduated All-America quarter-.and Gary Thomas and fullback j Y Y O M Q S I l l I C back Jake Gibbs, who has hardly'Torn Crutchcr, along with injured! been missed. Elmore has gained quarterback Sonny Gibbs, in prcp- ! MILAN (AP) -- World junior NEW YORK ( A P ) -- I t could be 539 yards in ihe Kclx-ls' four vic-,aralion for the Texas Tech game, welterweight c h a m p i o n Dud- lal it's over already. The shor I.: lories, and has been handicapped,. Fullback Bill Mcrlini and end io Lei's litle defense Saturday ihappy scoson of the New York]''}' ''is (cam's greatness. lie j u s t ; l l a n k Large of Princeton Uan"crs that is hasn't been able lo play for an out of Saturday's game "We didn't skate, we li( ,,v t extended period in any one gamc,Colgate with injurie: Of Ranger Loss 14; Bob Silzman. Greelcy, 13: Si Mares. Sterling. 13; Les Williams,! Longmont, 12: Kent Nelson, Long- chance of revci.gc againsl Coop- f ^^ "^ 'Zl^ er, who has bad only five rounds ,. ' ·,,. , , . . . . ,,, of compelitive boxi.g (his year. afl ",. TM'- c ??W n i g h t s 5-2 ' fa J ipounding by the Jlonlreal Cana- The last time Cooper fought{ |j ens litle defense ..ill belnight against Eddie Perkins of againsl'Chicago has become the hottest while Cor- topic of conversation among Mil- The defense is a team proposi-'nell halfback Marcy Tino will ancse sports fans. ,(tion. Olc Miss Coach John Vaugbt miss the Big Red's homecoming The fight was first scheduled was in March when he stopped' monl. 12: Duke Pmilup, Boulder, n m m c i Joe Erskine of Wales to retain his British title. Promoter Jack Solomons' an- ement of ihe Kolley-Coopcrj( OUE |, Detroit _ : _ _ ._ TI..:I I ° The Hangers, v\io got off to a flying start, now face a two-game road trip before returning to Madison Square Garden against is blessed with enough manpowerlcontest against Yale after being for Sept. 7, but the Italian boxer with recurring knce ; faid his left hand was hurt in an for three f i n e teams. Isidelincd But still Mississippi ranks sec-'troublc. 12: Bill Bowden. Fort Collins, 12 ; ;[ig| l t came as a surprise"lo Brit- Slecn Ronlov, Englcwood, 12. NORTHERN (Games through Ocl. 13) Conference Team Longir.ont isli experts, who thought (he Brit ish champion would try for a surprise to British experts, who b o u g h t the British champion would try for a warmup fight in They're in Chicago tonight visit Detroit Saturday. The Hangers, who haven't made the p l a y o f f s in three seasons, won three of their first four game Owner Says Celtics Won't " sl |Play in the South Again ind! ' ° BOSTON (AP) -- Boston Celticsias a friend wner Walter Brown was still volvcd anc' of (he players s a rcsidcnl of Ken( ' u " steaming ^Ycdnesrlay about the in- ·S- b } tuckv for the embarrassment of Icarlier match and he got a post- jponcment. Again last week Loi |askcd a week's delay because of Jan intestinal disorder. Loi has made such requests before when a major fight was upcoming, giving rise lo the legend .that he is su[erstilious and thinks postponements bring him luck. Perkins had no objections to the postponements. W L T Pts. Opp.iDecemlwr -- instead of tackling safely Silzman. Should Greelcy kick off lo Aurora Friday, senior Richard PC terson will (To Ihe kicking. Aurora's lineups: Offense -- Left end Pat KclU ]50, left (ackle Hall, left guar Mike Palmer UCfll, center Phi Goiwalcs '170. right guard Allen Henderson (!«). right tackle Orr right c:-.d Pnssard, I M S . o.uarter Deaths and Funerals the Fort Collins" .. 4 j Sterling :i N o r l h c r n J A n i o r a 2 4 0 - 1 record and faces anlGreeiey 3 .iclable Englewood learn,.Boulder 1 which on a given night could up-|Knglcwood set anyone. Engiewood has a l-3li.oveland record. | Forl Morgan .. Fort Collins is a half game in All f.ccond place with a 4-1 record. Sterling could deadlock Forl Collins either in first or second, depending upon Ihe outcome of its game ar.ri 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 0 . 1 3 0 . 0 5 0 Games Team l.ongmonl Aurora Collins 4 wood contest. lEngtewood 3 3 Lovcland has a 1-3 record, annVGrcclcy 3 3 Boulder 2 4 E K I C K S O N Mrs. A H e r t i n a Frickfon of 1502 Slh Avenue. Services 1 p.rn. Friday from Mac's D r a w i n g Iloon:. Interment Linn Grove. 81. volo. SCH\VAl:T?.KOPF W i H i a n i rtihwnrt/Vopf "I Windsor. ^ n r v i \ e * l hy tits w i f e . K l i z a b e i t i . a r i d tlio follnwini; rliijdren: W i t limn of Porllaml. Ori., Alex of Denver; Henry of l l p n v e r : Mrs. Klizalicth (leirpe of I ' o r r l a n d . Ore.: Jaci'li of Denver: Proida Hockcl of D e n v e r ; M r s . Ksrlicr Peilinoto of V.'hitc- fish. Mom.: Mrs. Millie Colcrr.aii of Anchorase. A l a s k a ; Holiert of Denver. Twenty-eiglil grand r' li i 1 d- ren. two creat grandcbil- drf-n. Services Saturday. 2 p.m. Zion I/.nh- f-ran Church. Wimlsor. [n- r e r n i e n t I . n k e v i c w Ccnie- tc-ry. Windsor, Sterling is 3-1. Boulder and Fort Morgan are buried in the second division at (his stage. f,ast Friday saw Longmont score a convincing and rude 33-0 victory over Sterling in the key game. I.ovelar.d blanked Fort Morgan. 13-0, and Greeley downed Boulder, 14-6. Fort Collins roller) over Englewood. 47-12. Booth Ltads Greeley's Ricky Booth holds a commanding lead in the Northern Conference scoring race with 69 points. His nearest rival is Fort Collins quarterback Gene Grenz with 42 points. The others in the top 20: ! Tom Schaffter. FC. 26: John' Farler. Aurora. 26; Dwight Aus-; t i n , Ixmgmont. 23; Ken Acklund.| Aurora. 19: Gary Brunner, Sterling. 10: Karl Hamilton, Longmont, 18; Joe Vela, 1/ongmorit. 18. Tony Bozich. Aurora. 18; Bill Glazier. Englewood, 18: Vic Ruf, l-ovcland 102 122 167 ir,3 ftS 05 4:i 71 t.|!a tough man like Folley. 45' Earlier Wednesday the Nalion-ji'"""""""""_""'~~"' - j 7^:al Boxing Association of America'] Sports B r i e f s i 2|'told Patterson he must defend bisj-.------.- .--_..---..----' 55 |ln!e against Cooper -- rated No.I By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ^ P i e r c e Back Tops !l |Area Scoring, j p.'Not Ricky Booth · soi «! PIERCE--Pierce back Leo Sliil- incident." losing only (o Ihe Canadrens at C'dent at Lexington, Ky., Tuesday; Jo|les anii Silnl i ers lo i,| [ cam . iMontrcal 3-1. night when two of his Negro play-males Bill Husscll, L. C. Jonesi [")«« ers were refused service at a bo- and Al Butler about the refusal! '·'Ui! tcl coffee shop. =of service and ail five returned toj [)rn\V^ R p l p f l ^ P "The Celtics will never play^iheir homes Iwforc the exhibition! l u " 3 c i c u s c another exhibition game in the: 2amc ,\i| arc Negroes. j spoKANE \Va«h (AP) -- Don South or any other place w h e r e i n was t | lc se cond such incident N Cw . C onilie,'former'major league might be embarrassed," j i n a wcc k. Last Wednesday Bos-,, u r l c r wllo was 9 . 8 for the BY THE ASSOCIATED BOXING C A K A C A S . V t n t - i u u l . T -- M Mon.iaj- n i g h l i n ' h i s .second XK\V \OKK poll. · Circir.r.all pi'.cher J 1 Mlional I.i-nfnr cc Ihc i^r in Aisocia J they »i Brown said. "I didn't warn lu S u , on plnycrs wcr e retuscd service Slx)kanc I n d i a n s of lhc P a c j f i c ,down llicrc this lime. I had prom- a t a Marion, Ind., restaurant aft- Cnnst L e a g u e last season , y ised that after an unpleasant in-. er an exhibition game. Kve'cincsdav was given his out- ciden at Charlotte. N '' "···"""i"- i Iv when the bovs ..^.^ ^ -. . ,, , M u r t a u g h Can Rest I Oncral_Manager Spencer Har- 105 prcp has taken over Ihe area l ^ r "v r[i ;° n ^ cn i';»" h scoring leadership. Coachj jjgJ^IJ};^ ._ m . ..., previous- wcre embar- KRon rassed. ''fritd 2 .! "I'm not so hungry for money Sor ' :or ,that I'd arrange games where my ' ' ' ' ' ' embarrassed.'.difference a year makes, i After (he Genera! M s said Ihe move was made to PITTSBURGH (AP) -- What a let Ihc big right-hander "make .(lie best possible deal for him- Pittsburgh Pirates self." was the National ic's most valuable player in nraennnit Kentucky -- in Lexington -- apolo-i Murtaugh received more than 100 ' be players might Tom English reported Thursday.iioo""'i.n ll iwrt /il'ioiy 'i'n"'"i'h%' 'jsilVSa'Never again." Mulherin. according to the un-.E^i,"^ 1 '^ ^^"·K""""", Celtics player Frank Ramsey,!'TM! won the 1060 National League Ncv.'i official staiiMics, hail scored 54 : Bj;;irT^ K ^s5TM'^r^ M i''ri'«n'Sh'^o flayed at the University c f i p e n n a n l , Ihe manager DannyjLeaguc l ' Hlr " ) ll aec i" " lc race. ·!7, Englewood 12. The Schedule Friday; Aurora at Greeley. 7;45 p.m.: Lovcland at Sterling, Long mont at Englewood, Boulder al Fort Morgan. Denver George Washington at Fort Collins (non fcrence). Prep Football Schedules THURSDAY Non-Conference Longmont at Heath-Meeker, 4:15 jp.m. Skyscene FLOWER R A N C H · Arrangements · Sprays · Planti 2418 19lh Ave. EL 3-1545 Owner, Harold Adcoek Pueblo Centra! lAgain Tops Post Gridiron Poll DENVER (AP) -- It's Pueblo Central in the No. 1 spot in The Denver Post poll of Colorado hi; school folball teams. Sports writers and coaches gave Ihc Wildcats, only major undefeal-jNon-Conferenct cd unlicd prep eleven in the state.j Berlhoud at Wiggins 190 points. Colorado Springs Wasson drew 127, Lakewood 123, Longmont 121, Fort Collins 87, Denver Jefferson 84, Trinidad 83, Pueblo East 51, Pueblo Centennial 39 and Wheat Ridge 36. FRIDAY Northern Aurora at Greelcy, 7:45 p.m., r.omecoming. Loveland at Sterling. Boulder at Fort Morgan. Longmont at Englewood. Tri-Valley College High at Brush, 7:30 p.m. Valley High at Eaton. Windsor at Fort Lupton. Upper Plattt Grover at Pierce, Wellington at Galeton. Laporle vs. Erie at Frederick Evans at Johnstown. Estes Park at Plalle Valley. Weld Central at Lafayette. Lyons at Ault. Denver George Washington a Ft. Collins. the winter. ! the season ended, Murtaugh said try Club in Sclmo, Ind., has been |he would have a quiea winter at named PGA golf professional of in Chester, Pa. Ho had re-(he year. "·jiccived only three invitations for The announcement of the honor awarded the native of New Castle. Ind.. was made Thurs. by Lou Strong, presirlent of the Profes- N H L ,sionai Golfers' Association of 'America. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wednesday Results Montreal 5, New York 2 Thursday Gomes New York at Chicago Boston at Detroit Friday Games No games scheduled (API-East Pueblo's l l e n n i s team will take olong Ihe I student body's support, literally, iwhen it plays Wasson High Satur|day in Colorado Springs, j The Talons, school pep club, is sending 30 members or more lo cheer. A victory would give East High ils first South-Central League crown in any spoil. Thursday Games i i^i-t-mrt /,,,, ~, ., . , Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia at ,, PLEB '- 0 , ( A TM ~ ^ Col ? rMl ° Vow York . W o m e n s Bowling Association 'championships will open a week NBA By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Chicago at New York. Friday Games Los Angeles at Philadelphia Saturday Games Detroit at Boston New York at Philadelphia tv) Chicago at Syracuse Cincinnati at St. Louis learlier than scheduled because of |a record number of entries. | Instead of Nov. 4, the lourney'j first weekend will bo Oct. 28. '?,' 0 TM ! h TM ^ ««"»-'« more h BREAKS OF THE GAME - Five Syracuse football players have been sidelined with broken bones. Four of the five are, from left: halfback Dick Easterly, Syracuse; end Dick Bowman, Canton, Ohio; tackle John Paglio, South Euclid, Ohio, and quarterback Bob Lclli, Fiosellc Park, N. ,T. The f i f t h , injured Oct. 17. is halfback Jim Gaskins, Vienna, W. Va. (AP Wireplwto) In modern timas only two i«k-j eys have won with six mounts in one day at the New York race track. Alfred Koberlson bad a (or 7 day at Jamaica in 19-SI I and Willie Shoemaker went 6 for U at Jamaica on April 4, 1959. Guns, Ammnnilion -SARGENT K,SP©R.T A m SHOPM 1016 llh Ave. EL MS*?

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