Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 21, 1962 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1962
Page 16
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Page 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wtd., NOT. 21, 1962, f rom By HELOISE CRUSE oi6e AM correipondenct pertaining to th Htloin column should bt milled directly to Heloiie King Featurti Syndicate, 235 E. 45th St, New York, 17, N.Y. Dear Folks: Health News Last year I wrote an article on a new way to cook roast beef which I learned in Peking, China. We were staying at a little Chinese Hotel which served the mos delicious roast beef that 1 had ever put into my mouth. One night the Chinese cook revealed his secret. Here it is: My name for it is "Peking Roist". It is cooked in coffee. It Is terrific. It is not necessary to' use an expensive cut of meat to make this recipe, and it's no trouble at all to cook . By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE Auoci*t«4 PI-MS Scitnct Writ* NEW YORK AP)-Ten years ago, a Nobel Prize scientist turned his lively curiosity to a gland which seemingly held few mysteries. The object of Dr. Albert Szent- Gyorgyi's interest was the thymut gland, located in the chest. Little was really known about it. 1 reaches its largest size when a erson is growing most rapidly Then it shrinks, and by old age may disappear altogether. Tht a! space is badly needed for sup- And best of all, when it's done, it will most expensive taste like the cut of beef. For this roast you may select any cut of beef. This is one place where the most inexpensive cut may be used to great advantage. I use boiling beef, chuck, or brisket. I sometimes mix two different cuts of beel in the same pot. I have found that when I do this it's even better! I personally like boiling beef and brisket cooked together. This way . .-. those who like all lean ment can cat the brisket, and should walk into your dining room right now. Due to the volume of mail Compliments and requests) we just had to repeat this one. Ladies, we do not keep back copies of this column on file So be sure to clip this and paste it in your cookbook. CU Will Expand Nuclear Physics .aboratory BOULDER--Plans for construe- on of a quarter of a million do!ar addition to the Nuclear Phys- es Laboratory at the University f Colorado were announced re- ently at a meeting of the Univer ity's Board of Regents. The laboratory houses the CU milt cyclotron, which is now in operation. President Quigg New on told the regents that addition hymus was considered to pla some role in growth, but there the matter stood. Now Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi and a Happy Eating. Heloise the fat from adds flavor. the boiling beef Take any cut of bref about 3 to 5 pounds. Use a large knife to cut slits completely through the meat. Insert slivers of garlic down into the slits. Those who do not like garlic can use onions instead. Both may be used if you wish. The Chinsec cook did use both; one onion sliver, and one garlic sliver, etc. Pour one cup of vineagar over the meat and make sure It runs down into the little slits where the garlic and onion buds have .been placed. Put this in your last wi refrigerator and leave it for 24 Room. V'to 48 hours . When ready to cook, place in a big, heavy pot-- iron if possible --and brown in oil until nearly burned on all sides! Pour two cups of strong block coffee over the meat. Add two cups of water and cover. Simmer on top of the stove for four to six hours. Season with salt and pepper twenty minutes before serving time. That's all there Is - to it, gals. This roast falls apart with the touch of a fork, no matter how tough your meat originally was And the yummy black gravy that you get will put those mashed po tatoes out on cloud nine. The gravy may be thickened or lef as is. If you like lots of gravy · ·"-.- some water may be added. . ;'x Another thing, if you cook youi o'/Jiroast too fast or the lid is no ·Alight enough, you may need som ..'·Additional water. This does no change the taste of your roast ' However, don't let the roast swim ,as if it were a whale in the Pac 'fie! Never add more than one cu of water at a time after the mix turo has begun to boil down. We do not usually repeat bac columns, but this recipe is s delicious that you could serve to the Queen of England if sh Dear Heloise: For those who sew and want to make perfect gathering for the little ruffles that are so pretty; do they know they can set the sewing machine for the longest stitch, loosen the tension a bit, and then sew down the ruffle to be gathered? Look on the bottom of the stitching and you will see the thread is very loose. All you havi to do then is pull the loose threa and you can make the ruffle a loose or tight as you want, an" 1 sociates have discovered three cation for a grant of another $123 intriguing chemicals in the th mus gland. One is a powerful growth stun lant, and has been named pr ine. Another stops or slows growth, eluding cancerous growths in nimals. It's been named retine. The third chemical makes male nd female animals sterile, (or as Kg as they get injections of it. acts as a contraceptive. ad to new treatments for human isorders, including cancer. Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi, a native lungary, won the Nobel Prize in medicine' in 1937 for isolation of P arki "g facilities and landscap- itamin C, and is director of the "S- Institute for Muscle Research at -*».«» for preliminary studies the Marine Biological Laboratory, l ° ·xvt that future physics ft- it it perfect every time. Mexl Mrs. L. E. Van Horn Elected President Mrs. L. E. Van Horn was elec ed president of the Iowa Club a a potluck luncheon and meetin last week at the Blue Flam Other new officers are Mr John Binns, vice president; Mr Jesse Taylor, secretary; and Mr Hazel Keller, treasurer. Mrs. Arne Grosche was we corned as a new member by th 28 attending. The group san 'Abide With Me" in memory of s. Juna Franks. A program was given by Mmes. Elsie Franklin, Joe Robertson, and Charles Davis. atjtftflto HO.OOO already available to build a build- far life sciences research. Total cost is estimated at I1W.OOO. n spplicatioo has been submitted to the federal government for ilf of this sum. -{25.000 to continue campus development plan studies. --$61,000 for a comprehensive endscaping plan in connection with the construction of an addition to the University Memoria Center. An equal amount wil come from funds for tbe UMC construction. J^ES?** Residence Hall At CU To HonoH : ive Pioneers BOULDER-A new student res- dence hall complex at tbe University of Colorado will be namei in honor of five Colorado pioneers who were active in establishing the Univeristy 85 years ago. Board of Regents Saturday has authorzed naming the entire com plex, now under construction, in Pope John Intervenes for New Study on Revelation VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope, In the past, the Roman Catholic John XXIII intervened today in church has emphaiiied tradition the Roman Catholic Ecumenical! Council and ordered a new study of a controversial theological thesis considered important Christian unity. as well as the Bible as sources of God's revelation to man. Protes- The Pope said the thesis-on divine revelation and its sources- should be examined jointly by f or taut have held that the Bible is the main source. nonor of Col. Charles W. Kitt-1 the council's Theological Comnus- wrting laboratories. The regents agreed to allocati J123.300 from CU's building mi levy funds for the project. Appl cation for a grant of another $123 300 is being made to the National timated 2,550 pounds of roast torn 1 turkey will be stowed away by 1.880 inmates and 200 prison personnel at the Colorado Penitentiary Thanksgiving Day. Also on the menu will be 560 pounds of dressing, 9*0 pounds of potatoes, 110 gallons of gravy, !.· redge. The buildings in the complex will be named for George A. Andrews, ision. the Vatican Secretariat for The thesis was prepared in a jreliminary commission headed iiy conservative Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani. secretary of the Vati- , four student residence Christian Unity. and a number of "» » Turkey on Menu At State Prison CANON CITY (AP) - An es Kittredge who served in the cardinals. His action, announced by « Anthony Arnett, Charles G. Buck- j spokesman, amounted to a sue- ingham and Marinus G. Smith. Icess for progressive elements in- Science Foundation. The allocation was one of seve totalling $3M.300 from buUdin mill levy funds approved by the regents. The others are: --525,000 to be added to $15.000 already available to pay the Uni- TO author of a bill for the rnment and financial support ofjterchurch relations. versity's share of rebuilding 2-tth 500 pounds of candied yams and St. from Arapahoe to Pennsyl- 2,080 ears of corn on the cob vania and installing walks, curbs The corn a a new Item this The discoveries may in time ot Folsom Stadium. and gutters. 24th St. is just eastjyear. It was grown on a prison nf Fnlsom Stadium. farm and put in deep freeie in --190,000 for construction of a new road from 20th and Broad- put in deep August and September. Warden Harry Tinsley sail 0 [ way to 24th St. at the base of Ob-|there are 164 more convicts in the prison than on Thanksgiving Day a year ago. servatory Hill and for supporting ' ' ' Voods Hole, Mass. He and Drs. Andrew cilities are coordinated with oth Hegyeli Pajtmu far Chrlrtmn. MM brary at CU. wti and MHrat* not*. Prttty «nd practical. Jack A Jill Sh*p er proposed facilities for the X Mi Avtnw.--AaV urst Colorado Legislature, was that . Congregation of the Holy Office. He also presides over the council's Theological Commission. The Secretariat for Christian I'ni- side the council. They had argued V B that the thesis either be shelved' 8 * 3 - ty is headed by Augustin Cardinal a German Jesuit considered or rewritten in the interest of in; P r °8 res! ;' ve By calling for a new joint study. he new universi.v. His bill was' --jincfuding Cardinal Bea's secretari- lassed by the second General so«*east corner of the campus, at. the Pope clearly underlmed They eventually will house 1.000 the importance of the thesis in by Assembly in 1877. Andrews. Arnett and Smith donated a total of 51 acres of land 'or the founding of the University] and each also contributed money to the original subscription fund The land they donated extends] from University Avenue and Broadway to the east and south to the University Memorial Center and the Chemistry Building. Buckingham gave $500 to the subscription fund and also donated $2.000 to establish the first li- itudents. First phase, for 500 students, will open next fall. current efforts to improve contacts between churches. The Kltttredge Residence Halls will be located just north of the Fleming Law Building in the HANDBAGS, GLOVES, JEWELRY CIGARETTE CASES AND MATCHING LIGHTERS LAY-AWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS Tht Jp 907 16th St. 353-4523 Next meeting will be Dec. 5, t the home of Mrs. Jessie Tayor with a Christmas dinner and ;ift exchange. and Jane A. McLaughlin discovered the two growth re'ulators in| thymus secretions. Earlier, researchers had looked 1 :or a growth hormone without success. Dr. Szent-Gyrogyi speculates they had used a cruder extract, which combined both the growth-stimulant and the growth] inhibitor, so no effect was observed. Promine, the stimulator, spurs the growth of tumors ir. mice and retine, the brake, made tumors regress, Dr. Szenth-Gyorgyi reported in the proceedings of the National Academy o r Sciences. Promine also made mice sterile, but recently the researchers found strong evidence that this ontraceptive activity was not due o promine but a different sub- tance closely associated with it They are trying now to separate he two chemicals, Dr. Sient-Gy- orgyi told a recent conference on Vicar Allen MILWAUKEE (AP) - The Rev James Allen of Picayune, Miss, was named vicar of St. Bonifac Episcopal Church recently, sue ceeding the Rev. James Allen now of Lancaster, Wis. he thymus sponsored by the National Foundation and National Academy of Sciences. 676 Boxes Your Share NEW Y 0 R K-A container-industry statistician says each per-1 son in the United States uses an I average of 676 folding boxes, 113 glass containers, and 236 metal cans a year. S T R O H E R G I n l o v i n g m e m o r y of our son and b r o t h e r Bill, who passed a w a y 4 years ago Nov. 21, lOitf. ; Y o u are not forgotten, loved : one Nor w i l l you ever he. As long as lite and memory last, ' \VR w i l l remember tlice. Your loving smile, your gentle fan:. No one can f i l l your vacant pi act;. b a d l y mtod by I);nl and M o t h e r Pnirey a n d F a m i l y Don a n d F a m i l y \VH1TK In memory of R n l p h W h i t e , v.\\t} p n w d a « a y 5 v e a r s ago, N n v . 21. W h a t wo would give to clasp i i i s h a n d T l i s h n j i p y f f i c f i t o SPH Tn h i ' i i r ' t i s voice a n d spf his T ) i ; i i ! t i r n n l PO much to ns. t j ; u l l y nii«sHl by his f a m i l y The New Pullover For Top Cats This is really the cat's meow...our new Top Cat pullover sweater from Jantzen has a modified turtle neck trimmed with a golden cat pin. It's matched to our all-wool Man Flannel skirt of proportioned length. Pullover 34-40, $11,98; Skirt 8-20, $11.98. just wear a smile and Christmas. . . In November? No . . luil it's sooner Hutu you think. This vKtr jrivi! 1o someoiip '!:·· I'KKHOUS OJFT of i l K . A K I N C . Tho (rift that can be used jiiid enjoyed the your round. NOW . . Is I ho lime t i sen about the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT of a l l . Come in, write nr call . . See how our special ( J i f f plan ran work for yon. Hearing Aid Service Co., Ine. Greelfy, Colorndo 100S 9th Ave. Ph. J52-0410 THE JONES SANTAS SHOP CO. LADIES' SPORTSWEAR ·24 Eighth Avt. Ph. 353-3333 Rid Scil Car 12 95 Racing cor thrillt with laftly fin I conitruclion! Eoiy to pedal. %' ilttl lub* frami. Flashlight Buy I" For cmergtnciei, horn* or car. Light haichromt fini.h, r«d "no-roll" h*od. Ltli 2 ctHi. Uakproof (ill 15 G a m b l e i pr* mium quality "D" e*Pi on metal-clad; ItokprooH for flaihlighh, loyt, ToUgoli opem. dotti on thii T o n V a toy. 12V.'Lell'tUtlbody. "GambUi" ip»ci«ll Built 1o toV* tot* ·' w.or. 34A.5 l /t* t!*tl body. Graphiti bttr- irji n«t4 no oiling. 700 ««*«d wood lot* »· car i fully Ml eh · 4 thai you (·« pkk up cwplilfd buildingil Toy Ttltphoni I 57 "tolk.o.loll.o-lolk", eyei nil, bill rlngt, Mod« of polyethylene, PoMbymmberlogel profeuioriol quality oil picture*! Set iOnloirrt ·II nece»IHe*. Luigagt Sit ·*-pc Dolly and Me let zlpl optn *qiily, laili and loill 'cautt ll'i ihirdy KlnyU A lilting lun« ployf ·! child rotki. Choir li hardwood with light mipl« tlnlih. 21'H. 5 Card GOIMI $1°° A'daeUw *och-01d Maid, Crazy tig* 1 '. Author;, Hco'li, Snap. Uh of family M 7h» hydraulic c raitei and dumpi body! WindtMtld wiper, air horn. Fomout Struclo. Set Include* 1 chain, hoi blonde birch fin- i.h, 15)20' luble top decorated In 2 colon. Snoopy Snlfftr 2" Comical, d«robli13Vi* ( 'ptt" for ogei 1-5, H* lagt and pawi ratal*! for th« liny cowboy to Iht fqmllyt Two-Ion gtnylne leather hot fUri, two cop gvmi. complel. cowboy wnnli dovbl. locltrf IfolKrr lioltlir «ith 1 pllloh, 6 bullfll. Spin Targd 57 I colorful high-impact platftC junglt animal* ipin when hit. Stt hot plttot, 3 cup do'li. MONOPOIY Clior Ih. rooJI Here eomeilheU-Houllfutk wllhlwalmlleriUlVi L, ihifdy "leet Topi In puth loyl! Pop- pap-popping woodci bolll de'lighl egn I lo 3, Sofe. il^plv. Doctor, lawyir, chanr.chitf-olt foil-movin Compttt*, 10' Triiytli 10 95 Kidi riolly go for lh» r*d, red color and lh» llfftV modern ilyling. Adivttabtt laddli. COOTIE GAME I 37 V/ho'll ht flnl to put C ooU log trht flit »(·/· on* IOT»I (· ployi il'i d rota) Rummy Riyil I' 1 For Ih* cord fofl en your liil. 30* iquart |OIM tn«lt, 100 (Vifi tfl 3 cotwi, ctirdi. 2-LB. FRUIT CAKE Priied colonial r«c- lp« tat, «h«V dH! of fruitl anJ ftuH. In lovely fid lit. ,c Stt i, J bolli. 910 10th Strett 352-9187

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