Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 24, 1976 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, February 24, 1976
Page 15
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Tues., Feb. 24.1976 GHKELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 15 Free water Cartons of free water were stacked near the dairy cooler at a Target store in Duluth. The water is being provided under an order by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals because the water of Duluth and other North Shore communities is contaminated with tiny, asbestos-type fibers. (AP Wirepholo) Italians demand exposure of Lockheed By ERNEST SAKLKK ROME (UPI) - A leading Socialist today demanded full exposure of any politicians bribed by the Lockheed Aircraft Corp. to favor U.S. over Italian warplanes. "If the United States was courageous enough to oust an unworthy president, Italy must have the right lo oust some unworthy official, whether high or low level," Socialist directorate member Paolo Vitlorelli wrote in the Genoa newspaper II Lavoro. Vittorelli's demand came on the second day of a Senate debate expected lo end Wednesday with a half-hearted vote of confidence in Premier Aldo Moro's new and weak Christian Democratic minority government. It.also coincided with a 24- hour strike in Rome and the Lazio region by an estimated one million workers protesting rising unemployment. The strike halted all public transport and closed schools, offices, factories, movie houses and many shops. Villorelli said his party wanted a thorough probe of allegations lhat the U.S. corporation bribed cabinet ministers and military men in the 19GOs to favor Italian purchases of Starfighter F104 and Hercules C130 planes. Italian newspaper reports said some persons named as Lockheed go-betweens were personal friends of President Cjiovanni Leone. "We don't know if very high authorities of the (Italian) state were involved in this chain of scandals, " Vittorelli wrote. "We don't know if ministers or high political or military officials were involved... We are ready lo assume they arc all innocent. But we have a right to know who is guilty and who is innocent." Vittorelli said if anyone atlempled a cover-up, "he would deserve to be punished even more sternly" than the allegedly corrupt officials. Moro on Feb. 11 dropped Interior Minister Luigi (jui, a fellow Christian Democrat and close political friend, from his new cabinet so Gui could clear himself of allegations he received Lockheed money when he was defense minister in the 1960s. The 24-hour ycnural strike was called at midnight by Italy's thrue biggest labor unions, representing more than a million workers, called the strike lo proU'vt tho dwindling job market in Rome and the surrounding Lazio region, where some 250.000 persons are unemployed. Italy, facing grave economic troubles, has 1.25 million unemployed nationwide, 11 per cent inflation and a sagging national currency lhat has tumbled 15 per cent in value against the dollar since Jan. 21. The strike came in the second day of a Senate debate on whether to give Premier Aldo Moro's 13-day-old minority government a vole of confidence. Politicians predicted halfhearted approval of the all- Christian Democratic parly cabinet Wednesday, hut said economic problems, Lockheed Aircraft Corp. bribery scandals und a dispute over abortion mighl soon topple it. "They call it the Lent government tocim?*. 1 many think it will not Insl until Easter," the Turin newspaper La Stampa said Monday. Easter comes on April 18. Gas utilities spokesman fears oil vote favoritism B) STAN BENJAMIN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON CAP) - A spokesman for municipal gas utilities said Monday that senators who received financial contributions from petroleum companies should refrain from voting on natural gas issues. Edwin Rothschild, acting executive vice president of the American Public Gas Association, issued u statement saying petroleum company contributions lo a number of senators "may have influenced their votes" in favor of ending federal regulation of natural gas. In telephone interviews, however, Rothschild conceded that his listing of senators was inaccurate, incomplete, and omitted senators who received oil company money but voted against the deregulation bill favored by the companies. Rothschild circulated a printed stalemonl initially naming 28 senators und alleging thai they voted for gas deregulation and "received illegal campaign contributions." Later, questioned by reporters and Senate staffers, Rothschild that at least seven of the senators on his list received legal, not illegal, con- Iribulions. He said the list had omitted two more senators who received contributions and voted for deregulation. Rothschild had listed 12 senators as allegedly receiving illegal contributions from two different oil companies, but he later said at least seven of these senators received legal contri- Houdini the raccoon raises trouble in newspaper plant MOBBRLY, Mo. (UPI) For six weeks, employes of the Moberly Monitor-Index newspaper must have thought Harry Houdini had been reincarnated as a raccoon. "It all started Christmas Eve," said Bob Cunningham, general manager of the central Missouri newspaper. "When we come in that morning there was a real mess and we found raccoon tracks. Since then he's been in the building every night. We figure he's reading the paper and that's why he's so darn smart." Cunningham built a box trap and baited it with sweet corn. For three straight nights, the coon entered the trap, worked over Ihe corn, lifted the door and left, fat and happy. Cunningham then called in a trapper recommended by the county conservation agent. The trapper baited two traps with corn. Same results - traps sprung, corn gone, coon gone. On one occasion, the raccoon fell through a ceiling grate into the business office. It climbed a plastic rubber plant, chewing leaves in the process. Then it headed for the pressroom, climbed atop the press and fell through three tiers of the "web," the moving sheet of paper on which the news is printed.^The pressmen were furious. "We got lo thinking about our computers," Cunningham said. "Suppose he decided to put out the paper by himself." As a last resort, Cunningham called in Bob Smith, the foremost trapping expert of the Missouri Department of Conservation. Smith brought in a live trap and baited it with sweet corn and bubble gum. "Double Bubble is the best," Smith said. "It has a fruity flavor that coons can smell a mile away." The results can at best be called a draw. Smith found the trap sprung once, but speculated thai mice were the cause. He cxperimcnled with apples and candy bars, without luck. There has been no sign of the raccoon al the Monitor-Index for three weeks now. Cunningham thinks the varmint is gone for good. "He loft on his own," ho said. "It was the first one Bob Smith couldn't catch." butions from at least one of the companies. "I don't think that changes the principle involved," Hothschild told a reporter. In answer to questions, Hothschild said he intentionally listed only senators who voted lor u bill to end federal regulation of natural gas pricing, a measure opposed by Kothsch- ild's organization. He omitted al least two senators who allegedly received oil company contributions but voted against deregulation, and two who allegedly received contributions but did not vote. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been investigating the question of oil company campaign contributions. The names of many political figures have surfaced in testimony and documents, but evidence in the matter is not always clear. In some cases, for example, there has been testimony of delivery of a sealed envelope from an oil company representative to a politician or his representative, but no direct evidence to prove the envelope contained money or, perhaps, that the politician personally Report shows pill use increases heart risks Chinese rush fo greet Nixon By CHARLES II. SMITH UFI Senior Editor PEKING (UPI) - Former President Richard Nixon, acting like a political campaigner, strolled through Peking's massive Gate of Heavenly Peace Square today and almost was crushed by Chinese eager to shake his hand. Longtime residents said it was the first lime they could remember a visitor of Nixon's stature venturing into the square to meet ordinary Chine- Nixon planned to meet for the Uiird lime this afternoon with acting Premier Hua Kuo-fcng. They hf.ld more than four hours of talks during their first two meetings. Nixon took his slroll after touring Peking's historical museum on the eastern side of the square. When he first stopped to shake hands and talk, the crowd almost crushed him while shouting, "Welcome to China" and reaching to shake his hand. He talked to one man holding a boy in his arms. "How old is he?" Nixon asked. The father held up four fingers and said in Chinese, "fouryears." "What do you want him to be when he grows up?" Nixon asked. "Whatever our government decides," the father replied. "To answer the call of Chairman Mao." "Oh," said Nixon, "You mean whatever the party decides." As he pushed through the crowd, surrounded by Secret Service agents and Chinese bodyguards as well as reporters and photographers, Nixon stoppedfrequently, particularly when he spotted a child. He told one man, "I hope you will come to the United States some day. I will greet you then." "How old are you?" he asked. The man replied he was 30. "You have plenty of time," he said. Then moving his arms in a sweeping gesture he said. "You're all young. You all have time to visit the United Slates. I'm sure you will some day." While louring the historical museum, a jovial Nixon quipped about Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Wang Yen-chiu, director of China's Bureau of Archcologi- cal Research, explained the exhibits to Nixon and his wife, Pat. When he showed Nixon a sample of the first Chinese writing characters, dating bnck about 5.000 years, he said, "You will notice some of Ihcm look like letters of your alphabet." "Yes," Nixon said, "I sue. There's an '0', a 'C' and an 'S'." STANFORD, Calif. (UPI) Women who use birth control pills are increasing Iheir risks of heart disease, according lo a Stanford Universilystndy. The study published in today's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association also found the risks of cardiovascular disease may increase for posl-menopanse women who take estrogen hormones. Researchers, including Dr. Michael P. Stern of the Slanfnrd Hearst Disease Prevention Program, based Iheir findings on a study of 986 randomly chosen women in Nixon's trip stirs political controversy WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former President Richard M. Nixon's visit to China is stirring criticism from both sides of the political spectrum hut has won the support of Senate Majority I-eader Mike Mansfield. New Hampshire newspaper publisher William Loeb said he thinks Nixon's trip "is rather pathetic." Loeb, an outspoken conservative, told the Washington Press Club Monday night that Nixon is "attempting to pull up his image by going over there." He said, "I wish the Chinese would keep him." In Congress, Rep. Donald Iliegle, D-Mich., said in a speech on the House floor that "all America ought lo be outraged at the tasteless behavior of former President Nixon for his obvious meddling in U.S. foreign policy." Kicgle said, "What business docs President Ford have in providing Secret Service protection to a crook like Nixon, who is so shameless he still hasn't been man enough to say he's sorry to the American people?" Mansfield said Nixon's visit will help keep U.S.-Chinese contacts alive. He also said he assumes Nixon will report to the State Department on his return. Meanwhile, some State Department officials reacted angrily to Nixon's toast in Peking which they interpreted as a slap at the Helsinki conference on security and cooperation in Europe, originated during the Nixon administration. During his toast at a welcoming banquet, Nixon said it was "naive" to believe that the "mere signing of a statement of principles or diplomatic conference will bring instant and lasting peace." He did not mention any specific conference or statement. The Helsinki conference last August resulted in the signing by leaders of 35 nations, including Russia and the United States, of a document calling for noninterference in any na- tion's affairs and a freer flow 6f information and people. The Chinese were hostile to the agreement, believing that it opens the way to Soviet expansionism, and some Stale Department officials said they 'viewed Nixon's remarks as an attempt to repay the Chinese for their hospitality and generosity in inviting him. But Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger said in Bogota, Colombia, that he does not believe Nixon's toast attacked American-Soviet detente. 2438 6th Ave. 356-5313 N. IT. bans Concorde flights knew of the contribution. Rothschild also conceded to a reporter that, by listing only the senators who voted in favor of deregulation last October, he was assuming that they might have been influenced by contributions which in general occurred at leasl tour years earlier -- and was assuming similar contributions had no influence on senators who voted ;igainst deregulation. - Rothschild's printed statement said that "until the qucs lion of illegal campaign contributions is resolved by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), SEC and Senate Ethics Committee," it might be better "if the senators who received such illegal contributions refrained from further votes on the natural gas issue." In later interviews, after revising the list, Rothschild said senators who received oil company contributions, whether illegal or legal, should not vote on gas legislation. Finally, Rothschild decided lhat "maybe there should not be any Senate voles on natural gas until it (the campaign contributions question) is resolved. Bj DAVID SHAFFEH Associated I'ross Writer ALBANY, N.Y. ( A P ) -- W i t h the British-French supersonic Concorde ready to begin flights to tin- United Slater, New York's legislature has voted to ban it from landing in the New York City metropolitan area. The bill approved by both houses Monday requires concurrence by New Jersey and the approval of Gov. Hugh Carey, who has expressed doubts about the Concorde but has not taken a position on the measure to ban the jetliner. Passed 139 to 4 in the Assembly and 4C lo 10 in the Senate, the bill would set new noise restrictions for planes landing al airports, including Kennedy !n- Unialiuiial, operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The noise restrictions are low enough that many current sub- sflnic jets landing at Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark airports could also be banned. But the legislation was written in such a way as to cover only plants not now flying into the airports -- a provision obviously aimed at limiting the bill's impact to the Concorde. British and French representatives complained at a legislative committee hearing last week that this aspecl of Ihe bill was discriminatory. U.S.TransportationSecretary William Coleman ruled earlier this month that the Concorde could begin up to four flights daily into Kennedy as early as March 4, as well as two flights a day into Dulles Inlernalional Airport near Washington. Carey had indicated earlier thi? year that hp was opposed to U.S. landings of the Concorde. Bui lately he has backtracked on the issue in public, and aides said Monday they were unsure whether he would sign the SST-ban bill into law. SPORTSMAN'S DISEST SELECTING A LOCATION FOR A DUCK-SHOOTING BLIND, TRY TO TIE IT IN WITH AN OLD FENCE, 8RUSM, OR OTHER OBJECTS WHEN NATURAL HEEDS, ET CETERA, AREN'T AVAILABLE. IN OTHER WORDS, DON'T ISOLATE THE BLIND IN THE OPEN. WATERFOWL ARE WAPY OF ANYTHING WHICH LOOKS UNNATURAL. "BV SCOUTING AROUND, YOU MAY PIND DUCKS CONGREGATED OFF A POINT OP LAND. THEN FIGURE HOW YOU CAN USE EXISTING OBJECTS TO. TIE-IN WITH A BLIND. Watsonville, Ciilroy, and Tracy, Calif. They found blood pressure and triglyccrides, a type of Mood f a t , were increased among women taking birth control pills thai use a combination of the hormones estrogen and progestagen. A rise in triglyceridcs was found in pills containing only estrogen. Such pills are used in menopause medications while birth conto] pills generally are a mixture of estrogen and progestagen. Stern, asked if the report would frighten women, said. "No, no more than they already are." America's best-selling, mid-size car is now an even better buy! Olds Cutlass got to be America's Number-One Intermediate by delivering value, features and quality at a practical price. 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