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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1967
Page 12
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Idaho Free Press 4- Caldwell News-Tribune, Tuesday, June C, 1967 - A5 Ann Landers "Mommy won't like the ones you picked--the handles are too short, 1 ' TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for the corretne*i of television program rest entire!/ upon the television stations. This newspaper can assume no responsibility for errors in the liilingi. Channel KBOI-TV TUESDAY, JUNE 6 Channel "T KTVB-TV / TUESDAY, JUNE 6 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Wslter Cronkite (C) 5:30 KBOt News Today 6:00 Gilllgsn's Island (C) 6:30 Red Skellun (C) 7:30 Petticoat Junction (C) 8:00 Away We Go (Premier) 9:00 Peyton Place 9:30 CBS News Special 10:30 Ten Thirty Rtporl 10:45 Sports Final 10:50 Thi Wealher 10:55 Movie Time "Paratroop Command" Richard Dakalyan, Ken Lynch, Jack Hogan 12:30 Morning Headlines 5fi* js^ ° con "H* 459.1505 3:30 The Fugitive 4:30 Mister Ed 5:00 Huntley-Brlnkley (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports 5:55 Business News 6:00 Tarzan (C) 6:^0 Tuesday Went Movie (C) "40 Pounds o( Trouble" Tony Curtis, Susanne Pleshette 9:00 Fugitive (C) 10:00 Nitebeat 10:20 Wealher 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) Syivonki (j£. COlOr *W^lrol " T U Mof nov«x 1 ¥ tmmtn - . CurtU-W«rh« Service ^-^ MONDAY THRU FRIDAY MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Benti Moralnj News 8:25 KB 01 Morning News 8:30 Jack LiLanne (C) 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9:30 Dick Van Dyke Show 10:00 Love of Life 10:25 CBS Mid-Day Kews 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital iil:30 As the World Turns il2;00 Password ^U«30 Houseparty (C) gUtOO To Tell The Truth BKttjtS KB01 News ifJJV) Edee of Night jnfiCO. : MUce Douglas Variety [·fj Show ?"^:30 Secret Storm WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 4:00 Jungle Boy 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronkltfi (C) 5:30 KBOI News Today 6:00 Diktari (C) 7:00 Green Acres (C) 7:30 Corner Pyle USMC (C) 6:00 Danny Kaye Show (C) 9:00 Virginian (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report (C) 10:45 Sports Final 10:50 The Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Vulcan, Son of Jupiter" Bella Cortez, Rod Hush 12:30 Morning Headlines 7:00 The Today Show (C) B:Z5 NBC News with Sander Vanocur 9:00 Snap Judgment (C) 9:00 Pat Boone (C) 9:30 Hollywood Squires (C) 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:30 Kye Guess (C) 10:55 NBC News 11:00 The Newly Wed Game 11:30 Let's Make a Deal (C) 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Days of cur Lives (C) 12:30 The Doctors 1:00 Another World (C) 1:30 You Don't Say (C) 2:00 The Early Show WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 3:30 The Fugitive 4:30 Mr, Ed 5:00 Hunlley-Brinkley (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Wealher 5:55 Business News 6:00 Star Trek (C) ·?:00 The Legend ot Cortei 9:00 Expo ' 6'r 10:00 Nit^beat Xews 10:20 Wealher 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) TO Fill JOBS FAST plaw "Help Wonted" ads. Call 466-7891 459-4664 now For on axperienced ad-writer. Midway News Notes Mrs. L.W. fiaasch entertained at dinner Mr. and Mrs. Car! Eaasch and family of Meridian, Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Raised and family of Kuna and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmidt of Kuna. Mrs. P.V, Johnson who has been a patient at Mercy Hospital has moved to Park Vie«- Manor. Miss Nettie Ulrich of Pasi- dena, Calif., is visiting a brother, J.L. Urlch, and a sister, Mrs. Ann Yoder of Naropa, Over the week end Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagers and children and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Roe and daughter and son camped out on Silver Creek. Evening guests at the J.L. Ulrich home were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Magee and daughter of Boise. The CL club met Friday at the home of Mrs. Olin Cossel. There were six members present, and the afternoon was spent with readings and a social time followed by refreshments. Over the week end the Floyd Suttles, Bob Stein family, and (be Dick Sutfie family camped at SUver Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Cossel wer« dinner guests at (he home of their son and daughter-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cossel of Marsing. At the Ralph (tower home on Tuesday was a picnic. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edson and daughter, Bonita, and her friend, Carma Stanford of Caldwell, Mrs. Ruth Thomas, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilde. Dinner guest at (he J.L. Ulrich home was George Wirick of Boise. At dinner at the Ralph Wilde home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hasinyager of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. F.W. McCormick of Nampa, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Grove of Nampa.' Mrs. Harold Nye now of Twin Falls visited recently at the J.L. Ulrich home. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith of Boise were guests at the Robert Gaskins home. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Decime of Pocatetlo spent the week end with his mother, Mrs. Alice Decime, and other relatives. Astrodome Comfort HOUSTON. TCX. lUPIt -The Houston Astrodome is the only major league baseball arena [o boast theatre-type upholstered seals, says American Seating Company, which has furnished chairs for about 20 major league ball parks. Dear Ann Landers: Let me begin by saying I am a 14-year- old girl and I don't know anything about the subject I am writing about. I mean venereal disease. I only know what I have read in magazines, and that's Hot much. Can a person get V. D. from kissing someone who has a sore on his lip? can a person get V. D. from the member of the same sex or does It have to be from a member of the opposite sex? For example, could Iget V. D. from itsslng my aunt? How can a person tell if he has V. D. without going to a doctor? Where would a teenager go for treatment Ifhedidn'f want his parents to know? Please give me some Information, I feel very ignorant and I can't talk to any adult about this. The kids In my crowd don't know any more than I do and they'd like some information, too. Thanks for your help. - CURIOUS AND NEEDING ANSWERS Dear Curious: First, It is possible to get V. D. from a person (male or female) who has a sore on the lip, but most people do not get it that way. The sore that spreads V. D. is an active chancre, which means the person with the sore has V. D. It is never a good Idea to kiss anyone who has an eruption of any kind. Even If if Isn't V. D. you don't need it, whatever !t is. It is risky business to try to diagnose your own Illness so I will not describe V. D. symptoms. If there is any question in your mind, go to your family doctor. He wil] in all probability (real you and not tell your parents. Or go to the City or County Health Department where they will be happy totreat you free of charge and not snitch if you ask them not to. (This Is the way it is In Chicago and in most other cities.) And while we are on the subject 1 would like to urge all teen-agers to cooperate fully with the health officials when they ask you to name your friends. This Is not rit-finking. It is your duty to tell the hsalth officer where you have been and with whom. The ONLY way to eradicate V. D. is to track down the sources of Infection and everyone who can, should help. Dear Ann Landers; I am the mother of two small children. We recently moved to a new house which I !ove, but staying home seven days and seven nights a week, 24 hours a daylsdrivlng me buggy. Cn weekends when my husband is home and my children are napping I have asked him for permission to go next door for a cup of coffee with my neighbors. · He says it is not necessary -that a woman should not be gadding about, that her place is In the home. My husband leaves at 8:00 a.m. and returns at 6:00 p.m. Ho bowls two nights a week. I feel It is only fair that I get out once in a while. U I am wrong, please tell me. If he is wrong, please tell HIM. - TIED DOWN · Dear Tied: He didn't write, so I am not going to tell him anything. But I am going to tell you to find a sitter and go with him on one of the bowllngnlghts, even If just to sit and observe. Or join a sewing circle, or a church group or a book review club -- something that will pro. vide Intellectual stimulation and a change of scenery. And don't say you can't afford a sitter. It's cheaper than a psychiatrist. Do you feel 111 at ease . . . out of it? Is everybody having a good time but you? Write for Ann landers' booklet, "The Key to Popularity," enclosing with your request 35c in. coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you wilh your problems. Send thorn to her in care of this newspaper, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, Middleton FFA 3rd in Judging MIDDLETON- Middleton was third in school placings in ihe Boise Valley District Future Farmers ot America judging contest. Those participating fromMid- dlelon were Phi! Anders, Richard Eager, Dan Gablca, Jerry Griffin and Tom young. Anders placed Ihird high Individual in ihe contest. Anders, Terry Crawford, Carl Seale and Jim Archibald, instructor, attended the Boise Valley District FFA election at Grand ViewwhcreAnderswas elected vice president. The Middlelon FFA chapter plans to take part In Ihe State Contests at Moscow June 7-9. Homedale Slates Annual Quarter Horse Judging HOMEDALE- The secondan- nual Homedale Quarter Horse show will be held June 16 and 17 at the Owyhee County Fairgrounds in Homedale. The show is sponsored by the Lower Snake Kiver Valley Quarter Horse Association with support from local businessmen who have donated trophies, according to Dave Putnam, Parma, president. Forrest Homer of Lemon Cove, Calif., will be judge for the show. The public is invited and no admission is charged. THE DEMOLAY Cross of Honor for outstanding service on the advisory council of (he Meridian Chapter is presented to Elmer Nichols, left, by Frank J. Kester, an executive officer of the Idaho Order of DeMoIay. (Horfon photo) HELOISE DEAR HELOISE: Heir's a little hint to help in the kitchen. It saves cleaning another pot and might come In handy when, you are using all four burners on your stove and need, one more. . . All of my family loves rice except my husband. Su before cooking rice (not instant, but the- kind you simmer 25 minutes) I peel one potato and cut It in quarters. Then, alter I bring the water to a boll. I stir in the rice and put Uie potato, piece by piece, gently in the water on lop of the rice. Next . . . en goes the lid, the burner Is turned on. simmer, and by the time my rice is done I also have a steamed potato. And the rice comes out absolutely perfect. It's never soggy because the potato takes up the extra moisture. Mrs. E. Schopf * * * Well, Mrs. ScJiouf, y o u really hit the luiit on (he head. I tried It and It's alwo- lutol}- great. (I prextuned that you just picked out yuur point wx \ftth your fori*pti before, you xtirnxl the rli* ant! served It.) Another way to grab a fifth burner out of the air Is t» use n double holler: You ran took curruts (or uny vcgelaMs) In the liottom of it double liollrr and Jump u can uf peas, etc. In (he top. And r e m (Mil li« r, folks, rannt'd (WHS Lire NOT sup- |Kised to bo rooked. Canned IK'iix an only siippostHl tu le 1IKATEI). Never let 'fin lull. Helolsn · * « DEAR HELOISE: I've found Hie bust way to keep down weeds in u rock gai'den is to put (in MORE broken rock - - p r e f e r a b l y about '$," in diameter. This will allow good drainage and the minerals lu the ,stH»e.s are v.-iluable to the plunU. I havi' a rock gurden with sovenil hundred plants and I don't spend half an hnur ;i \vri-k weeding. L. Hochheimcr, American Rix-k Garden Society » T 3 DBAR IIKLOISE: Here's ;i bright iiku fur your trips this coming summer. Whi'n yn'i pack, Lilwayrt put a ia your for soiled clothes. The soiled clothes go Into the pillowcase and right to the w'ii.shing machine when you get hume. U makes unpacking a lot easier knowing everything left in the suikase Is clean. Tills has been a great Kelp In mo. K. Kcnlt LET1EI OF LAUGHTER OKAR HELOISE: My dreams HIV getting bet- Id all the time nothing to do but iwitt Iti see If limy come true. 1). I). # » · IJKAK HELOISK: Here is another wonderful Idea for nytun net. If you have hanging flower bankcls and have thaible wlIJi the fail muss falling out, Just take out the pTMl moss and the plant, line the Inside of tlic basket with nylon net. then replace the |nNit moss and plant. No more wasted peat moss or mess to clean up. A Reader * * · DEAR HELOISE: When that fringe un your yard umbrella needs replacing, use white oilcloth or upholstery plastic. Make the new fringe by cutting strips of the plastic and making little .slits all along one side like a halr- comb. Then fasten it to the umbrella with a stapler. This looks nice and lasts so much longer than cotton fringe. I just fixed mine so it's ready for the coming season and urn very pleased with the results. Mamie Cniwdml 4 * · DEAR HELOISE: Fur those who wear elastic hose and have difficulty slipping them on, try dusting a little powder In them and it will make the hose go on so much easier. J. C, B. * * * DEAR HELOISE: Before I butter my cake pans and other baking dishes. I put them In the oven or over the pilot light for a few minutes. This waiTOs up the pans and makes it easier to spread Imnl butter or margarine on them. Mrs. E. Holland Meridian News Notes MERIDIAN-- Summer cabins called many to outings in the hills over Hie holiday week end. The Ross Hadfields w«?nt to their cabin ai Warm Lakewitii Miss Janet Harberl as a guest of Janet Hadffeld. Mrs. Merl Meyer went to Warm Lake to meet her daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Mrs. Leroy Meyer and Steve, Andy and Cathy of I.ewiston. The children accompanied their grandmother home to visit a week in Meridian and a week in Boise with their maternal grandparents, the Cory Bromets. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moore and Terri visited Mrs. Moore's sister, and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beddoes, in Salem, Utah, as they were going to Lamonia, Iowa, to bring daughter, Sherry, home from Graceland College. Sherry Moore is planning to take a summer course at Boise College. Mrs. Jessie Doss has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Eslielby, in Burns, Ore. Mrs. Eshelby brought her home for a birthday luncheon host- essed by Mrs. Eshelby and another daughter, Mrs. Dean Mayes. The other guests were Mrs. S,;sie Cairns and Mrs. Doyle McClure of Meridian and Mrs. Mabel Keeb otNampa. Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Clinecame from Baker (o join Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Bolkinam: Miss Ruth Cllne on a Memorial Day visit to Glenn Rest Cemetery in Glenns Ferry. The Cllnes also visited Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Knighl in Boise. PHONE «6-78!U or 459-4664 to place your classified ad, DR. MOLNER OH HEALTH EKG Won't Make Complete Finding By JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Dr. Molner: Can you have angina pectoris and still have a normal electro-cardiogram? Does angina show on an E. K. G.? - V. A. Tobothoiiestions: Sometimes. The E. K. G. (or E. C. G., as some prefer to call it) reveals many but not all the significant aspects of heart action, ft shows disorders of rhythm and of conduction of heart impulses. R also reveals changes in the heart muscle. It does not show everything concerning the heart, Thus we rely on X-ray, the stethoscope, symptoms, and certain more sophisticated tests for other purposes. Angina pectoris is pain originating in the heart. All angina patients, however, do not have the same kind of defects. Indeed, (here are cases in which it is most difficult to find any defect at all, yet the pain occurs. A very common cause, however, is insufficient ^ oxygen supply to the heart muscle. This can occur after exercise or after a heavy meal, both of these putting extra strain on the heart. When there is not enough oxygen to meet the demands at these times of stress, the pain comes. It is possible for such a situation to occureventhoughcircula- tion has nol been impaired tothe point of causing damage or change in the heart muscle, or altering heart rhythm. In such an instance, the electrocardiogram will appear normal. fn other cases, if the cardiogram is taken after certain specified exercises, it may show changes which would not be detectable otherwise. If, however, the anginafollows a coronary thrombosis (heart attack) a cardiogram definitely would show the changes resulting from the heart attack. However, having had an attack does not necessarily mean that you will have angina pectoris. It depends on the nature and extent of the trouble. Thus you see why "sometimes" is the only answer to your question. The above explanation may be clearer to you and others interested in the problem if you read mybooklet, "How to Take Care of Your Heart," which delineates the basic manner in which the heart operates. If you understand the heart's mechanics, you understand what types of damage can occur, what can be done to protect the heart, and how damage can be healed or corrected. For a copy of the booklet, send 25 cents in coin and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper. Dear Dr. Molner: Can anything be done if the vaginal canal has become too large for satisfactory sexual relations?-- D. R. Yes. This condition can result from repeated childbirth or birth of an exceptionally large baby. Reconstructive surgery can be performed to restore more normal dimensions. Surgery of this sort is per- formed by a gynecologist. Usually along with it, repairs are made for cystocele and rec- tocele which produce symptoms in the urinary tract and in bowei action. Dear Dr. Molner: When I was 5 (25 years ago) I had polio. It left the calf of one leg about % of an inch smallerthan the other. Would physical therapy be of any help in developing it at this late date? - B. C. Physiotherapy and exercise are always worth while, but best results are obtained within the first two years of involvement. Only a physiatrist or physical therapist couldgive you a dependable answer in a specific case. Dear Dr. Molner: What is the purpose ofthesynovial membrane of the knee? -- C.J.B. The synovial membrane lines all joints, including the knee. It secretes a fluid which serves as a lubricant. When irritated, the membrane secretes exces- .sive fluid and swelling results. Dear Dr. Molner: What can : do to stop pyorrhea? Would a moulhwash help? -- A.R. Pyorrhea is too dangerous to your teeth to fry home treatment. Go to your dentist without delay. To learn the major categories of prostate trouble -- symptoms; treatment; how to speed recovery -- write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper lor his booklet, "The Pesky Prostate," enclosing 20c oin coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to cover cost of printing and handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Kuna Schools Sign Teachers KINA-- Kuna school superintendent, Harold Newman, has announced the signing of Gerald Van Order as music teacher and band director for Kuna schools in 1967-68. He has been teaching in Homedale. Mrs. Van Order has been hired for the remedial reading class in the junior high on a part time basis. Other new teachers under contract are Gene Davis, junior high athletics, and Glen Hughes, high school guidance counselor. Hughes will replace Sirs. Ron Van Order, who will be counseling in Meridian district where her husband is music director. Mrs. Carol Wesl will teach a first grade. According toNewroan'soffice, the only vacancy in the Kuna faculty is in the junior high math department, Youth activities begin at 7:30 p.m. on June 16. Youth classes offered include conformation classes for mares and geldings, showmanship at halter, western pleasure, reining, barrel racing and pole bending. These classes are divided for ages 13 and under and Mthrough 18 years. The show wilt continue at 8 a.m. June n with halter classes for stallions, mares and geldings. Performance classes, beginning at 1 p.m. June n will include cutting, working cow- horses, hackamore and bit reining, western pleasure, western riding, calf roping and barrel racing. Classes will be open to all registered quarter horses. This is the first of a series of shows at which Lower Snake River Valley Quarter Horse Association members may accumulate points for high point year and awards in halter, performance and all- around events. Homedale businesses sponsoring trophies are the Idaho First National Bank of Homedale, Frosty Palace, Owyhee Motor Sales, Paul Zatica's Buy- Low Market, Willis Electric, Homedale Supply, Homer Anderson, American Oil Company of Homedsle, Logan's Variety Store and J.W. Copeland Yards of Idaho, Inc. Anyone interested in sponsoring a trophy or obtaining entry blanks may contact Mrs. Uvon Maggard, Lower Snake River VaUey Quarter Horse Association, Caldwell, Route 6. Vote Slated On Proposal To Up Levy MIDDLETOS- Propertyown- ers of the Middleton school district will go to the polls from 2 to 8 p.m. June 12 at the high school to vote on a two-and- one-half-mill levy to provide funds to increase teachers' salaries. If passed, the levy will be in addition to the 30-raill levy already in effect for school operation. Absentee ballots may be obtained from the clerk of the district. Applications for absentee ballots must be written and contain the name of the elector, present address and trustee zone of residence. Ballots will be delivered or mailed to the applicant by the clerk. For passage, the levy increase requires a two-thirds majority. Election officials willbeMrs. J.E. Shepherd, Mrs. Charles Klahr and Mrs. Oliver Josephson. Oregon Colls Kuna Pastor KIN A- The Rev. Richard Powers will coricludehis pastor- ale of Ihe Kuna Church of Ihe Nazarene with the June 11 service and will move with his family to La Grande, Ore., to assume Ihe pastorate of the Church of Ihe Nazarene. Following his farewell sermon in Kuna, the church wii! honor Ihe family with a potluck dinner and program in the church fellowship hall. The Rev. H. Elvin Gilliam ot Council will replace the Rev. Powers. He will conduct the June 18 service in the Kuna church. Fargo Grange Sets New Library Hours WILDER--New summer hours for the Fargo Grange Library In Wilder are 2:30 p.m. to4:30 p.m. each Tuesday and Friday Mrs. Neil Wright, librarian, announced. Mrs. Wright said a new supply of books has been received from the Idaho State Library. Music Man HOLLYWOOD (UPI) _ Elmer Bernstein will compose and conduct the musical score for United Artists' "The Scalp- hunters." --BACKACHE-n Aching Muscles You long to ease those pains, even temporarily, until the cause is cleared up. For palliative or 'emporary.painrelieltryDeWitrs n .r a 5?, us lar ° ver 60 y^rs DeWitl sPillscontainananalgesic to reduce pain and a very mild f lu '«rc lo help eliminate retained liuidslhus flushing out Irritating pain causing bladder wastes. DeWilt's Pills often succeed wheie others fail. If pain persists always see your doctor. Insist on L OeWitfs Pills- Doctors and Dentists welcome First Security BANKAMERICARD · F I R S T SECURITY BANKAMERICARD Regulations oi their professional associations prohibit ·he publication ol names- many, however, welcome your First Security Bank Americard. We suggest you ask your doctor or dentist if he honors BankAmencard.

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