Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 24, 1976 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1976
Page 14
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14 CKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tues., Feb. 24, H78 Detente still main Soviet plank By CHARLES P. WALLACE MOSCOW (UPI) - Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev said loday detcnle remains the main plank of Soviet foreign policy, but warned that Moscow will oppose the United States if it interferes in the affairs of other countries. He also urged an end to the arms race -- "mankind is tired of sitting on mountains of weapons" -- proposed a worldwide treaty banning force in solving disputes and suggested Britain and France join the superpowers in guaranteeing Middle East frontiers. The 69-year-old Soviet leader, peering at his notes through rimless spectacles, made his remarks in a long and firmly delivered keynote speech at the opening session of the 25th Communist Party Congress. Brezhnev hailed the achievements of five years of detente as of "truly everlasting significance," saying "detente has become the leading trend, the main outcome of our party's international 'policy." Relations with the United States, he said, had taken a "turn for the better" and decisively reduced the danger of nuclear war. But in what analysts took to be a reference to the Soviet- American confrontation over Angola, Brezhnev said: "It is no secret that some difficulties stem from those aspects of Washington policy, which jeopardize the freedom and independence of peoples and constitute gross interference in their internal affairs. Having made his point on U.S. "interference," Brezhnev said: "I want to emphasize once more than the Soviet Union is firmly determined to ... further improve Soviet-U.S. relations..." Brezhnev looked healthy and spoke firmly on foreign affairs before 5,000 party delegates at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Occasionally stopping to sip water, he delivered the first section of the speech in two hours. Brezhnev resumed on domestic affairs after a 40- minutc break. Denouncing as a "monstrous lie" suggestions that Moscow posed a military threat to the West, Brezhnev said "the Soviet Union has not the slightest intention of attacking anyone." On the home front, Brezhnev conceded failure in two key areas of the economy -agriculture and the supply of consumer goods. The average Russian had three pairs of shoes "but the issue is not quantity, but quality," Brezhnev said. "Not everyone has understood that it is of tremendous political and economic importance" that the quality and quantity of consumer demand should be met. The situation in Ight industry "cannot satisfy us," Brezhnev said. He said capital investment in the light industry sector would be increased, and those responsible for production must meet demands. "They should remember the mood of the people depends on them." Admitting "th»re are no easy prescriptions" for increasing the efficiency of agriculture, Brezhnev said "We are realists. The qualitative transformation of agriculture needs time, money and efforts." The Soviet Union last year managed a grain harvest of only 140 million tons -- two- thirds of what it should have been. Brezhnev said there had been only one good climate year in the last five, but nevertheless called for an increase in grain output of 35 to 40 million tons. "We can do it," he said. "There were years when we achieved the figures." He made these other points on home policy: -- Workers' incomes would increase by 16-18 per cent. -- Efforts would be made to maintain stable prices for basic goods and decrease prices where possible. -- Increased importance should be devoted to foreign trade ties. Angolan refugees suffering the most By EltIK VAN EES PEREIRA DECA, Angola (UPI) - Th" terrible, dry racking sobs of a man who can cry no more echoed through the small circle of battered trucks in tlie center of this southern Angolan town. Friends said he had lost his son somewhere up north. "He doesn't know where he is," they said. "He got separated and we know no more." The man couldn't speak -- he just gazed fixedly ahead and sobbed. Tuesday evening p.m. G:30-2 Adam-12 4 Lei's Make A Deal 5 Happy Days 0 Play Bridge with Experts 7 Malcli Game 7:00-2 Movie 4 Movin'On 5-7 Good Times C 0|,ui Channel 9 Happy Days 7:30--5-7 Popi 9 Lavcrne and Shirley 8:00^1 Policewoman 5-7 MASH 0 Behind (he Lines 3 Rookies 8:30--0 Consumer Survival 5-7 One Day at a Time 9:00--2 News 4 City of Angels 5-7 Switch C Adams Chronicles 9 Marcus Wclby 10:00--2 Love Am. Style 4-5 News 6 Woman Alive 7-9 News 10:30-2 Outer Limits 4 New Hampshire Primary fi Woman 10:35-5-7 New Hampshire Primary 9 Mary Hartman 11:00--4 Johnny Carson 11:05-5-7 Movie 9 Mystery of the Week 11:30--2 Thriller 12:35--4 Tomorrow 12:30--9 New Hampshire Primary 1:30--4 News 1:45--1 Untouchables Wednesday evening p.m. 0:30--4 Hollywood Squares 5 Lavcrne and Shirley 6 Gene's Junction 7 Last of the Wild 7:00--4 Little House on 1 he Prairie (i Cookin' Cajun 5-7 Tony Orlando 9 Hionic Woman 7:30-0 Feedforward B:W -2 Saint 4 Chico and the Man :-7 Cannon r, Images of Aging j liarolta fi:'JO-4 Dumplings fi 00- -'l News 4 Peirocelli 5-7 Hlue Knight fi Great Performances 9 Siarsky and Hutch lu.00-2 Luvu.Ain.Style 4-5 News C Tall Ships Arc Coming 7-9 News 10:30-2 Thriller 4 Johnny Carson R Anyone For Tennyson? !fi::r .V7 Movie 9 Mary Hartman I ] ·')"· 9 Movie 11:30-2 Oulei Limits 12MXI 4 Tomorrow 1 :l;li-4 News 1:15 4 t'nlouchablre But there were no more tears. He is only one of about 5,500. .refugees who migrated south to Pereira Deca to avoid the shelling and killing of Angola's civil war. There is a French woman up at Pereira Deca's tiny hospital with its overgrown lawn and neglected look. Her daughter is also somewhere in Angola, hospital officials said, but she doesn't know where. She's gone a bit crazy through worry and fear, they said. South African troops patrol the town. They've not had to fire the guns they carry. Their mere presence is a deterrent to possible flareups between the refugees and the pro-Western black troops who want the well disciplined whiles to leave. The South Africans have turned this former farming center into a refugee camp, 30 miles inside Angolan territory, restoring its water and electricity. "They are our father and mother and our friends," said Daniel Goncalves, a farmer from Mocamedes, in southern Angola. "Portugal abandoned us but they didn't. We would give them anything to show our gratitude. But we have nothing to give." Tomas Oliveira sits on a camp chair beside his truck, Which is now his temporary home. "They are robbers," he said of the soldiers of the pro- Western National Union for the Total Independence of Angola. "They stole my brother's car, but he was lucky. A week ago they just walked in and cleaned out my store in Rocadas of two and a half million escudos (about $80,000) worth of goods." The National Union lias lost the conventional war against the Soviet-backed Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola and is conducting a guerrilla campaign in the south. Some South African soldiers said the National Union forces were undisciplined and terrorized the area to persuade the Angolan whites and South African troops to leave the former Portuguese colony. Col. Arend Mocllch, commander of the South African forces, said the refugees will begin repatriation to Portugal Monday. Once they've gone, he said, his men will withdraw, too, leaving behind this hot, lifeless town and its bitter memories. Eldest son slays family killer .BLUE MOUND, Tex. (UPI) -- Police today said an unemployed leen-ager armed with a deer rifle shot and killed four members of a family Monday night and was slain by' a fiflli family member who relumed home. Police Chief Gary Erwin said the bodies of the family members, all dressed in bed clothes, were found in four different rooms. AN were shot in the head. The assailant was fuuiiJ in (lie kilditm. Ei win said the teen-ager was shot by Hie family's eldest son, who had been visiting relatives. Erwin said he believed the teen-ager was burglarizing the home and was supriscd by a member, of the family. "It was a senseless, senseless massacre," Erwin said. "I hope I never see anything like this again. "There was nothing there to steal really. There was nothing of value in the house. They were just middle class people in a quiet neighborhood." The dead \vere identified as Wayne Joplin, 43, his wife Faye, 40, and two of their sons. Brian, 18, and Kevin, 6. The eldest son, Gregg, 20, who shot (he attacker, was admitted to a local hospital in shock. The name of the teen-ager was not released. Erwin said the assailant lived in his neighborhood and had never been in serious trouble. "He had had his ups and downs," Erwin said. "I think he dropped out of school a L'ouple uf years agu. He was unemployed. Bui he had never been in serious trouble." Daytime TV Schedule Monday through Friday Denver channels: KWGN ( 2 ) ; KOA-TV (4) NBC; KRMA-TV (6) PBS; KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) ABC; Cheyenne: KYCU-TV (5) ABC, CBS. a.m. 5:20-7 Pastoral Call 5:30--7 Sunrise Semester 6:00--4 Phil Donahue 7 CBS News 6:30--9 Lone Ranger 7:00--1 Today 5-7 Capl. 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Style 4 Take My Advice 5-9 All My Children 10:55-4 NBC News 11:00-2 -- I Dream of Jeannic 4 Somerset 5-7 Young, Restless 9 Ryan's Hope 11:25-6 Electric Company 11:30--2 Father Knows Best 4 Sweepstakes 5-7 Scjirrn Tomorrow 9 Rhyme Reason p.m. Noon--2 Perry Mason 4 Eyewitness News 5 News 7 News 9 News 12:30--1 The Doctors 5-7 As The World Turns 9 Neighbors 1:00--2 News 4 Another World 9 General Hospital 1:10--2 Movie 1:30-5-7 Guiding Light 9 One Life to Live 2:00- 4 Days of Lives 5-7 Match Game 9 Edge of Night 2:25--6 Electric Company 2:30-5-7 Tattletales 9 $20,000 Pyramid 3:00-2 Medix 4 Lucy Show 5-7 All In The Family 9 Merv Griffin 3:30--2 Lassie 4 Brady Bunch 5-7 Gambit 4:00 2 Mickey Mouse Club 4 Star Trek 5 Mickey Mouse Club 7 Dinah 9 Cross-Wits 4:30--2 Hogan'sHeros 5 Cartoons 6 Sesame Street 9 ABC News 5:00--2 I Dream of Jeannie 4 NBC News 5 ABC News 7 News 9 News 5:30-2 That Girl 4 News 5 News 6 Electric Company 6:00-2 Andy Griffith 4 To Tell The Truth 5-7 CBS News 6 Variety 9 Mike Douglas movie schedule Tuesday 1:10 p.m., Channel 2 -- Tlie unholy Wife with Diana Dors and Rod Steiger. 7:00 p.m., Channel 2 -- Gold Diggers of 1935 (BW) with Dick Powell and Gloria Stuart. 11:05p.m.. Channel 5 - Dirty Dingus Magee with Frank Sinatra and George Kennedy. 1!:05 p.m.. Channel 7 -- Dirty Dingus Magee with Frank Sinatra and George Kennedy. Wednesday 1:10 p.m., Channel 2 -Dementia 13 (BW) with Luana Anders and William Campbell. 10:35 p.m., Channel 5 -Kelly's Heroes, Part 1, with Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 -Kelly's Heroes, Part 1, with Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas. 11:05 p.m., Channel 9 -Strange Homecoming with Robert Culp and Glen Campbell. by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS DOWN 1 Venezuelan peninsula ( "Annabel (Paris landmark 11 Electric 12 - Pabt, Paris 1 Papal name Z Famous film critic 3 Half of a (Ham. 1 -- de France i Ready (2 wds.) thoroughfare t Old Latin (3 wds.) 13 Cook 14 Stockings, inSoho K Galley-proof notation 17 Prompt 19 Resting 22 Take offense 25 Marquis of infamy 21 Forlorn 27 Bum somewhat 28 Brusque 29 Hook and line's companion 30 Czech river 31 Work unit 32 Algerian city 34 -- esprit 37 Possess 39 Place -, Paris thoroughfare 42 Rotate a movie camera 43 French --, founded 1635 44 Nautical chain 45 Sinus cavities ^Quarter site 18 One, in in Paris (2 wds.) 1 Poetical adverb 8 Cathedral city 9 Golf instructor 10 Have some escargots 18 Alleviating 17 Football or basketball player §BD @E@ SSI § @ asnn snniira BQHDHG3 Yesterday's Answer 33 Former Mrs. Sinatra 34 Afrikaner 35 Jane Austen novel 36 Rocketeer Will! Paris 21 Brink 21 Stag 22 Make haste 23 Jewish month -24 As the Univ. 37 Make a of Paris choice is called 38 Method 27 Monsieur 29 Roman statesman- 40 One of the Bcbbsey twins fta**~~BdfeTO It of ml THE BRlPfiE OVER THE ODAL RIVER AT RICHMOND, TASMANIfl.BUIlT IN 1823, IS THE OLDEST SPAN 11*1 philosopher 41 Insecticide . MEERKAT of So. Africa, APPEARS TO HAVE A SEAM PROM THE MIDDLE Of irSCHIM DOWN.*' THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF ITS BODY- MAKING IT LOOK LIKE A STUFFED RNIMflL GAETC DESLYS THE FRENCH ACTRESS, STARRED IN ft REVUE ORIGINALLY HAWED "Sauoj Suzette," BUT THE TITLE WS SHORTENED BECAUSE "SAUCY" KftS CDNSIDCRED'VULGAR IN THE EfiKLY /90O's DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE- Here's how to work it: A X Y D I , B A A X R i s L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three Vs. X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of Ihc words arc all hints. Each day the code loiters arc different. CRYPTO«UOTES Z 0 K H ' D T M E A H B J C D H K H P G - V E M . H K U M E H G G , T M A H B D T M K H D T M E C K II F E M B P N M J D . C K D T M V J P D M N B D H D M B . - Hurrican Fifi in 1974 Congress voted war against T H E E O B. D E V Z H J destroyed 70 per cent of Hon- Britain in 1812 before learning Yesterday's Cryptoquote: AN HONEST HEART BEING THE duras' banana plantations, as that the British had already FIRSTBLESS1NG,AKNOWINGHEADISTHESECOND.-T. well as the lives of 5,000 Hon- withdrawn the orders in council JEFFERSON durans. to which America objected. (ei»76Ki« F«.i«,«s,ndi« PEANUTS By Charles M. Schulz 2-2 WEIL, THERE WERE THE5E THtfEE AlRUNE STEWARDESSES SEE. ANP THEY WEft ON RUNAIUW HORSES. SEE. ANP I HAP TO SAVE THEM... IHEAKP WTRlrYEP OVER TOR SUPPER PISH... AS SOON AS I SET ,IW CRUTCHES, I'.M SOiNS TO STARTHITTIM6 PEOPLE! HENRY By John Liney ARCHIE By Bob Montana HI AND LOIS By Dik Browne THAT'S WHAT I SAID.THE MOUTH THINS/ HES NOT (5OINS TO GET ME TO TRY AND SAY REFUSISASATION." REX MORGAN, M.D. INUTE, LOOK/ JUNE' IT WDUID BE V NORM DIFFICULT FOR ME TO STOP 8V TO SEE OR MORGAN TODAY AND I HAVF ID FLY TO THE COAST TOMORROW THERE ARE SO/ME THINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YWR BUSINESS By Dal Curtis

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